Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Dog Poet transmitting.......

I’ve been getting some interesting emails. You might call them strange even. Mostly it has to do with people’s perception of me from a distance and my perception of me up close (grin). Over the last year, I have occasionally hung my life on a clothesline so that people could get some idea of the things I sometimes go through on my way out of here. I do it intentionally and maybe I shouldn’t. I’m aware that a certain segment of the people who read here get put off by some of the comments directed at me and I sympathize with that. I really do. As a result I’ve tried to illustrate flaws in my nature with the idea of humanizing a personality that is only experienced at a distance except for the random visits I get from readers.

I find these times through which we are passing to be difficult to navigate here and there. Most people have natural defenses in their psyche which protect them from invasion. I blew the doors off early on and it gave me access to many things on the other side. It also made it imperative that I guard the borders because all kinds of things can go in and out otherwise. Taking risks can pay off in a big way and it can also get you into trouble. I don’t want to feel like I didn’t make every effort to comprehend and understand as much as it is possible for me to and... I find myself thinking often these days that maybe I should have gone the recommended route; don’t take chemicals, follow certain disciplines, be moderate in all things and whatever it says on the blackboard for the course on Correct Spiritual Procedures 101. It didn’t work out that way.

This is a time of intense materialism. That means that the amount of dust that collects on the mirror is much greater than at other times. The physical pollution is matched by mental and emotional pollutions, compounded by all kinds of waves and pulses moving through the atmosphere. Right or wrong, I have felt it desirable to burn the carbon off of my jets on occasion. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. My perception is that the divine favors any effort to reach it. If you are just flat out intending to scratch and claw your way up the mountain, you are going to get points for effort, even if you land on your ass a lot of the time. Those who love much are forgiven much.

So I will find myself having a week of continuous chanting and visualizing along with whatever else I am doing. I get into a fine rhythm and find myself chugging along like a freight train across big open spaces toward a destination which I can’t see but can sometimes vividly imagine. There are periods in this process where I think it’s just what I should be doing and everything is orderly and slow moving. It reminds me of the times I would be heading up the Haleakala Highway toward one of the towns on the volcano. This is on the island of Maui. It’s such a gradual rise in the beginning that you might not even realize you are going uphill but when you look in the rear view mirror you can see the landscape receding far below. Deliberate spiritual practice results in something like this and it’s worked fine for all manner of seekers over the centuries.

Some of us are in a little more of a hurry. I know that doesn’t make any sense, speed-balling into a place of eternal rest, or whatever it results in. The idea is really to slow down I suspect but... sincerely looking for the divine means that you will go mad at some point. I don’t think there’s any way around that. Actually seeking to engage the divine... not just Sunday morning hymns and prayers but a dedicated all out endeavor is going to make you insane as far as the world is concerned because the world is insane and when you get really sane then you appear to be nuts.

So I get thrown from the horse now and again and I put it up here for wider viewing. I really do it so that the people who get put off by the kinds of comments I get will feel a little better for having seen it. I know that sounds odd or stupid but it’s what I do. You please one side and you offend the other. I’m thinking about learning to play both sides against the middle but I don’t even know what that means exactly and that might be a good thing. One reader (of whom I am quite fond) went off on me recently and accused me of playing to the crowd and compromising my message in order to be better liked. I didn’t know what he was talking about because I couldn’t see any difference in what I do. I hoped I might be improving but... whatever.

Being me, I have some idea of what I think when I am composing these things and my take on it is that I don’t think about it at all. I don’t think period. I sit down and start writing and then it ends. I check the text for errors, always missing at least one, which a certain reader is kind enough to point out to me pretty soon after I post it. I’ve acquired some helpful elves on the way through this period. We’re coming up on a thousand blog entries. That’s over a million and a half words; almost a Minchner novel. I guess I could go on doing this for decades, as long as I’m here. There are the radio shows now and there’s going to be video whenever I decide to plug in the camera that reader donations bought and start doing it. The musical recording end has suffered as has the novel writing end. I don’t know what to do about that. It seems like I should focus on increasing my income but it just doesn’t seem to motivate me, it’s not rational I know.

I try to provide a service here and I hope I’m doing that. Because I really do believe in the divine, I think it only fair to trust it to provide for all of my needs and... miraculously it does all of that and I have no complaints. I believe that you can do things for free, just give yourself away, as long as there is any kind of demand for that sort of thing and the rest of it will take care of itself. I tried to have a musical career and Bernard Stollman of ESP and his mad hatter of a wife screwed, blued and tattooed me and continue to. I tried to publish a novel and Mogg Morgan of Mandrake of Oxford Press released the book with the name misspelled on the spine and every header on every page. He also ignored the final draft and printed a rough copy. This ruined it for me and it took a year for him to put out the better version. I never got a dime. He told me he only sold so many books and I can find more than that amount for sale, used, on the internet.

The stories are more complicated and much more devious and dirty than I have the time or inclination to get into here. My disappointments were huge. I’ve stopped trying after that. It seemed like I wasn’t supposed to. I figure if anything is going to happen for me, that is in the hands of the divine as well and I am more and more disposed to trust that with every single detail in my life. I put so much work into my songs and my novel and they were both deliberately trashed and I can’t understand why and perhaps I never will. Now I’ve got half a dozen novels in various stages of completion and no enthusiasm to finish them. What I do is just sit down and write these things without knowing why and run them up the flagpole. I’ve met a lot of fantastic people this way and I consider that an honor and payment in full. In the end, it’s the enduring relationships that you made and enjoyed and not much of anything else. I feel like I’ve made some real friends here, though I may never meet most of them and that’s something that Bernard, Flavia and Moog can’t ruin for me.

There aren’t many other people who can be fully employed (and I am fully employed) at their occupation without any of the things that usually go with it. I suppose that’s an accomplishment of some sort. I wish I was recording all of these new songs I’ve written but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’ve got tangerines all over my desk here, along with the can of American Spirit and a cup of green tea with Tamari. Poncho’s out in the yard guarding the car which is the great love of his life. The computer is humming and it’s getting dark now. I’ll probably go get Poncho shortly and watch a movie or something.

I’ve had some really good moments here and I’ve got you to thank for that. You’ve made this worthwhile for me. It wouldn’t have meant very much otherwise and I want to sincrely thank you. I don’t thank you often enough for having given me this opportunity to talk about the things I love and which maybe some of you have grown fond of too. We’re sailing on a big ship somewhere on the heart’s ocean or maybe the tossing waves of the mind or maybe both. I don’t know if we will get where we are headed or exactly where that is but it has been a fine ride because of the quality of the company. Thank you one and all.

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Dammerung said...

I have read, somewhere else, that the problem of our age is people aren't materialistic enough. There is so much abundance available to the average American that they do not act as good stewards of what they have. They eat too much. They throw away perfectly good or easily repairable equipment. They toss their trash and cigarette butts any ol' place. I think there is a compelling argument to be made that people are not respecting the material world; that they aren't anywhere near materialist enough.

Anonymous said...

Les --

The problem of our age, according to this Soviet mind meld professor, is that degenerates run things. They apparently always have -- you want to read an amazing interview read this one on the science of degeneratology. I sounds like another of my lame jokes -- but trust me again - it ain't no joke, boss. The guy fled Stalinist Russian, came here to share his secrets and discovered, much to his dismay, that the self-same degenerates run things here. Made him very bitter -- I can imagine...



Anonymous said...

I like tamari on popcorn.

Chanting makes me happy.

Everyone thinks I'm a great guy. (until they get to know me)

My alter ego is "Old Jawbone."

Sometimes I feel guilty that detachment should feel so good. (wink wink)

And thank YOU, Les.

brobry said...

again, a decent post. you are very quotable! thanks for that. there is a term that is seldom used for people who seek the truth, and in the eyes of the world are seen as insane. we are UNSANE. sanity is overrated. look around you, do you really want to be like most people?

Anonymous said...

I'd just assume degeneratology has nuttin on ponerology.

Human devolution, by any other name.

"Human Devolution: a Vedic alternative to Darwin's theory"

by Michael Cremo (Drutakarma Dasa)

Hank said...

"Actually seeking to engage the divine… not just Sunday morning hymns and prayers but a dedicated all out endeavor is going to make you insane as far as the world is concerned because the world is insane and when you get really sane then you appear to be nuts."

Most of those that know me, and have for any period of time do believe that I'm "nuts". Those of more recent acquaintance are convinced that I have gotten a promotion from nuts and are now in the fruits and candies section.

There is no understanding from those who are attached to the material world for those of us that have little use for it. They simply can't understand our lack of "ambition". To the masses, there is just something wrong with those who do not worship stuff. They cannot conceive of success that has nothing to do with a ladder.

They never reach that, after you have spent a moment in the presence of the divine, what else is there moment.(grin)

Sometimes I feel like that guy in the zombie movies, where almost everyone on earth has become a zombie, and he spends his life looking for those few that are not. Searching for those who can still think and feel and understand him.

Les, you have provided an oasis for the intensely sane, where for brief moments we can come and share with other non zombies. A place where we can know we are not alone. Where as some of us can do very well hermitizing ourselves in the physical world, I know for myself, I am compelled to seek out mental and spiritual contact. There is much I don't know about this life, but I know that being alone is not it's purpose. If it were, we would all have our own planet.

I too have met many fine souls here, and shared some wonderful thoughts and feelings. I have been rewarded well beyond any expectation I may have had when I typed my first comment. Les, you in particular have been an inspiration for my mind and spirit in equal measure, and I thank the universe that made you. I hope that when you are counting the friends you have made here, you will count me among them. I know I would be proud to count you among mine, any time, anywhere. Until my mind and or spirit needs further sustenance peace be with you, and all who come here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts to ponder today. Yes, what you do here, Les, is not designed to make you rich, but then again, being rich on this materialistic planet is probably an impediment to any spiritual growth. It is only when we experience great suffering that we can empathize with others and feel compassion towards all sentient beings. I went through an experience where I was very rich (monetarily speaking) and then subsequently lost almost everything due to a greedy bent in my nature. Only then did my heart open up to the suffering of others and I cannot wish that pain or any other pain on anyone. Also, being rich made me realize that it is not all it's cracked up to be, you still have to live with yourself and all of your flaws. All of life is a matter of gain and loss and the secret is to be impervious to either one, along with a whole lot of other qualities.
Les, your role here as a teacher is highly valued. We, who are your students, know the gem we've discovered. This is not to say that you have been placed on a pedestal and worshipped. However, we can ponder your words and learn from them as you do have that ability to put into words the feelings that most of us carry around with us about the insanity of this world. It helps to read your thoughts and to know that there are many others who recognize the truths you are expounding.

Anonymous said...

dr klimov,
what a good fellow he has just described what the west has been going through to a tee.this bloke should be in charge of something.
even king of something
he is definitely one not to be fooled.

Ben There said...

Right up there towards the tip top of my personal list of Best Things Ever is "Visible Origami", and you know I mean that sincerely.

Glad your still at it and damn glad that we met (in spirit anyway).

Visible said...

There is a new post up at visible-stream-of-consciousness.

The Frayed Angels.

Anonymous said...

yep I know what you mean
I've seen some of the things
I know you have seen
and many here too
all of you
everyone has their perspective
their point of view
so I make a poem
and send it back to you
sometimes its a mess
but it helps to progress
the flow through my chest
in the good ship
that sails the sea's
of the west
through the fog of the atmosphere
over high waves
to low sea's
on the pole
the flag is raised
humans aboard
who feel truth
respect the earth
we have got nothing to lose
at times the sea rages
but thats alright
sometimes its calm
and sometimes bright
who knows what we see
its different in
a different light
through storms,
through different skys
sometimes navigate
by star light
the measurements equations
lifes different stages
puzzles mathematics the sums
that life raises
inner insights
true people confide
magnify multiply
all the different angles
true sight
this site

Anonymous said...

Hank wrote: "Sometimes I feel like that guy in the zombie movies, where almost everyone on earth has become a zombie, and he spends his life looking for those few that are not. Searching for those who can still think and feel and understand him."

I just watched "invasion of the body snatchers" and had the same thought occur to me that I keep searching through this life to find those who aren't yet zombies...who can see. Aside from my hubby and a few family members, I see only zombies around. I was thinking the other day that the DSM should have a special diagnosis that involves loneliness for people who only or mainly seem to be able to connect with people online. But it's not because they are schizoid or something, but because most people are zombies, and you can't really make friends with zombies.

I don't post very often, but I assure you that I read your columns, Les, and everyone's comments and poems, and feel very connected to you all. People who want to know the truth, who care about justice, and who are intelligent enough not to believe all the lies all around are simply rare. Or else in-person transactions do not allow such risk-taking. Well, that's what I used to think. Inevitably, even when I took the risk, I'd find out that, yes, they believe the gov't story of 9/11. Yes, they think that we're in wars for a good reason, even if they themselves don't think they understand it. And so on.

It is a time of thanksgiving, and I'll say I'm thankful for this little community.

E Vero

Anonymous said...

the frayed angels --




Anonymous said...

that poem you wrote
is a peace of art work
it should be displayed
in the finest art house
in the world
beautiful neil

Anonymous said...

I'm coming rather late to the party having only discovered you a few months ago, but I wanted to thank you for your postings here. I think your simple message of looking for the divine in everything is something that we need to be reminded of over and over again because the world is so chaotic and it's so easy to forget.

I find the divine in your writing and wanted to thank you for that and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


ThanksForTheTruth said...

Les, you are richer in the things that matter eternally than most or all the people flush with material wealth.
Material wealth only slows down and distracts those seeking the divine truth about the meaning of life.
People who move beyond material wealth - as one must in the sucessful quest for the holy grail of life's meaning - ALWAYS leave material riches behind them.
Jesus, Ghandi, MLK jr and anyone whoever said and wrote anything lasting and real left materialism behind them.
May God continue to bless you.


P.S. John Morales was materially very wealthy - look how one little blow-torch ended things for him.

Anonymous said...

hello people
soul adventurers,
truth defenders
a jungle adventure
thats where we go
to see the inventor
the north wind blow
to howl the heart
raw the sign
plant the seed
back through the minds
of all the blind
so they can see
with accuracy
natures truth
a catastrophe
with no empathy
we'll never see
who we will be
meta physically
our true self
until we be
in harmony
freedoms free
take a flower
by the power
of inner sun
the mighty breeze
blow awake
fly seven sea's
like a bird
scatter seeds
seeds for all
for all your dreams
thank you wise men
for what you teach
another lesson
that can be reached
if we go
and practice flow
it carries on
it never goes
from your pupil

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh the flow this place has, time to bust out indeed, our new home frequency is approaching us, or are we approaching it? i'm not sure but one thing i think may be happening is that we are saying hello again, to god

peace and thank you Les and all here

Anonymous said...



Degenerates hate normal people.

It is pleasure for them to watch how one semi-insane sadistical leader, chosen by them, goes to war with another semi-insane sadistical leader of another country, also chosen by them.

Millions and millions of normal people are dying for the joy and sadistical pleasure of degenerates...

Masons, Illuminates etc - are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistical inclination of the person - promote him into the real world of power.


Again I must point out that we use term DEGENERATE as strictly medical term (in russian - VIROZDENETZ, VIROZDENTZI) and NOT as an offensive word.



Anonymous said...

more quotes of the decade from the





Everybody can do quick self-test.

3rd stage of degeneracy (inborn physical deformity) and 2nd stage of degeneracy (mental illnesses) are so obvious, that we will not talk about them here.

What is left - 1st stage of degeneracy (sexual deviations).

In our modern times many sexual deviations (under pressure from degenerative mass media) became a norm.

Position 69 is recommended in US schools as good birth control method. Many healthy members of normal community are doing that. So, how to check yourself out for abnormal sexual practice?


Try to do IT normally (in missionary position).



Do not try to imagine when sleeping with your girlfriend - that you are actualy sleeping with your boyfriend, or dog, or pig.

If results are POSITIVE - you have nothing to worry about.

You were just brainwashed by degenerates into doing stupid things.

Or - if "YOUR FAMILY TREE" is obviously dying - somebody did not tell your mother and father that they were adopted (or you are adopted).

If results are NEGATIVE - then help you GOD.




psychegram said...

Geez Les, that felt like you were saying goodbye or something....

Anonymous said...


I once was a teacher. The rewards I received lie only within me. There were many. Students who would look me up years later to thank me. Those are the medals I wear. As they were with me, I feel to you. You have given me much and have had impact. I hope that the hundredth monkey was here tonight.

I have been going through somewhat of a journey of late that is getting more mysterious and yet more divine. The light will win out no matter what path is taken to the eventual destination. We are all one and it is there that we will be.

I have done a tremendous amount of reading and research in the last months with an increasing frenzy as the sense and awareness approach the apocalypse. Much of what I have read and seen confirms and validates your writings. The truth is the truth.

I have also come to the conclusion that there are many false sources of information being generated to make it more complex to see the truth. It also feels like a game with clues being distributed widely with the goal of connecting all of the dots.

The future is still a spectrum of possibilities.

Love and light,


Anonymous said...



Question #5: Why don�t you suppose that all of us are degenerates?

Your question reminded me story about old PROSTITUTE summing up her life philosophy in one sentence:



Same goes for philosophy of THIEVES, ALCOHOLICS and DRUG addicts.

They HONESTLY believe that all world are same as they are.

Of cause, there are thieves, prostitutes, alcoholics and drug addicts out there.

But there are also MANY NORMAL PEOPLE.





I can't tell you how much I love this guy,



Anonymous said...

+professor dr. Gregory Kliov


Question #6: What about IMF ?

Power and structure of DEGENERATIVE SECT in the WEST is basically SAME as power and structure of COMMUNIST PARTY used to be in the EAST (ex-USSR).

Any SOVIET organization for INTERNATIONAL PEACE and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT used to have many members of technical staff (REFERENTS) usually on the low levels of structure AND few HI-FI COMMUNIST leaders in KEY positions (DECISION MAKING LEVEL).

Can you imagine that ANY IMPORTANT SOVIET ORGANIZATION will have NON-PARTY member in KEY position?


So, my guess will be that 90% of leaders of IMF are certifiable HI-FI members of DEGENERATIVE COMMUNITY.

The bulk of IMF PERSONNEL are probably technical specialists who are smart enough not to question motives behind �strange� decisions and recommendations made by there leaders.

I could do this all night

Maybe I will -- This should be an awards show


I can't help myself



In the government they will always fight UGLY DEGENERATES, like policemen fight criminal elements.

BAD DEGENERATES in the government will behave like nothing is happening and will not do anything to stop UGLY DEGENERATES from attacking community of NORMAL people.

THE UGLY DEGENERATES will usually attack GOOD DEGENERATES, because GOOD DEGENERATES are like immune system which can recognize, find and neutralize THE UGLY.

After suppressing GOOD DEGENERATES - THE UGLY will ultimately declare FULL BLOWN WAR against community of NORMAL people.


Thousands of years before them, GREEKS put it like this: SIMILIA SIMLIBUS CURANTUR

Practical Americans translated it: IT TAKES A THIEF, TO CATCH A THIEF.

How you can determine which DEGENERATES rule in a particular country?

Same way as we can determine if there is a cat in the barrel.

We will place a mouse in front of the barrel and watch the reaction.

Let's put our mouse in front of a government:

How is the government reacting to the HOMO movement?

How is the government reacting to the DEATH PENALTY for other DEGENERATES
(brotherhood of the criminals)?

How well is the government protecting members of NORMAL community?

How well is the government protecting members of DEGENERATIVE community?

Simple questions. Simple answers. Simple test.

Same test can be also applied to other groups (MASS MEDIA, ART, SCIENCE, ARMY).

This will give you clear picture - which organizations are totally occupied by UGLY DEGENERATES, which are stagnant by BAD DEGENERATES, and which are under control of GOOD DEGENERATES and are VICIOUSLY FIGHTING BACK, protecting themselves and well being of COMMUNITY OF NORMAL PEOPLE.

You can ask me - can NORMAL people be in the government?

My answer will be - THEORETICALLY �YES�. But in practice - if NORMAL person will get to the top - HE WILL NOT (COULD NOT) STAY THERE FOR LONG.

S VOLKAMI ZIT - PO VOLCHI VIT. (If you come to the wolf pack - behave as a wolf).



Anonymous said...

"Holocaust Denial is Pervasive, Growing, and Doomed"
by Michael K. Smith – legalienate.blogspot November 22, 2009

New York City -- Speaking from the Bellevue psychiatric ward where she is undergoing evaluation for advanced schizophrenia, Holocaust Confirmer Deborah Lipstatic today declared, "The situation is critical and victory is at hand" in the war on Holocaust heresy.

Lipstatic, Professor of Victimology at Coca Cola University in Atlanta, insisted that Holocaust denial is not a legitimate field of study and entirely worthless intellectually, which, she said, explains why she devotes herself night and day to refuting its claims.

This year marks nine years since historian David Irving lost his libel suit against Lipstatic, who chronicled her battle against him in her book, “Money Can't Buy Love But It Can Buy The Courts - How I Single-Handedly Defeated David Irving With Swarms of Lawyers and Researchers and an Avalanche of Holocaust Industry Cash" (Orthodox Books, 2000).

Legalienate's editors were generously granted a lengthy interview with her on the recently proclaimed Holocaust Obsession Day, which lasts for 24 weeks instead of what Lipstatic called the "stingy" 24 hours of the standard day. Speaking from the isolated back ward where she currently resides, she explained how to make failure look like victory, why freedom requires adherence to a single view, and how Holocaust denial plays a crucial role in forging Jewish identity, especially among gentiles.

LEGALIENATE: Nine years later, how would you characterize the Irving trial?

LIPSTATIC: It was a resounding victory for the world inside my head. I went head-to-head with the world's leading Holocaust denier and I single-handedly won a judgment stating that historical facts are not to be determined by the courts.

end part one

Anonymous said...

part three

LEGALIENATE: I see. You're sure there's no point in debating your opponents?

LIPSTATIC: If you try to argue with a person who is committed to a completely illogical premise, then you're lost to begin with -- you're already sucked into their world of fantasy.

LEGALIENATE: So, it's like imaginary numbers in mathematics. They don't really exist, can't exist. After all, what's the square root of a negative number?


LEGALIENATE: So math teachers who force kids to study that stuff are nutcases who can't face reality. The kids have ample reason to turn them in.

LIPSTATIC: Right. They're defaming the rational numbers. Have them call the Simon Wiesenthal Center. They have a program to extradite them to Israel to stand trial for numerical anti-Semitism.

LEGALIENATE: How has Holocaust denial changed since your trial and book?

LIPSTATIC: Well, recently we've seen the emergence of both "hard core" and “soft-core” denial. Hard-core denial is saying, "I need forensic evidence of mass gassing chambers before I can believe in them." That's hard core because once you get on the slippery slope of requiring material evidence for your beliefs it becomes addictive and you stop believing just for belief's sake, or because there are Holocaust specials pouring out of the TV twenty-four hours a day, and you start thinking, "Why should I believe in something that no one can show me the material basis of?" The next thing you know you don't believe in UFOs or penis-enlargement, and the entire basis of civilized order collapses.

LEGALIENATE: Right. And soft-core denial?

LIPSTATIC: Soft-core is more subtle. It's “Why do we have to hear so much about the Holocaust?” Or "Haven't the Jews done anything other than be exterminated in Nazi gas chambers?" The person who makes this kind of remark is gullible, not hateful, so they're worth talking to. Just tell them, "You have to hear constantly about the Holocaust because it's the only historical event that ever had any real importance." But if they don't buy that, brand them an anti-Semite and hound them mercilessly. It's for their own good.

LEGALIENATE: How do you respond to those who compare Nazi treatment of the Jews to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians?

LIPSTATIC: You have to zero in on what genocide is – you can say, "A genocide is something done to the Jews, never by them, or a lesser genocide done to lesser people, but which is endorsed by Jewish groups to help take heat off of Israel. Like Darfur." The point is that only Jewish suffering counts. Gentiles are thick, so you can't make this point too often.

LEGALIENATE: Is Holocaust denial on the rise?

LIPSTATIC: Definitely. Holocaust denial is pervasive, growing, and doomed. It is incredibly serious that it is taking over, but at the same time utterly trivial and quite meaningless. We must ignore it and crush it - right away.

Michael K. Smith is the author of "Portraits of Empire" and "The Madness of King George" (illustrations by Matt Wuerker), both from Common Courage Press. He can be reached at


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Last updated 25/11/2009



Anonymous said...

part two

LEGALIENATE: But wasn't that obvious from the beginning?

LIPSTATIC: Not to me it wasn't.

LEGALIENATE: Have you solved the problem of Holocaust denial?

LIPSTATIC: Of course not. But we did provide precise explanations proving that what Deniers say are complete deviations from what we say. We didn't prove what happened, and nobody else better either, but we proved that what they say happened could not possibly have happened if what we say happened, happened. And to quote George Bush the Elder, "what we say, goes."

LEGALIENATE: I see. How do you advise people to deal with Holocaust deniers?

LIPSTATIC: The first way is to see if the facts prove the case: If they say “At this meeting Hitler said X, Y and Z," you can go and check if they changed the date. If they say Hitler said X, Y and Z on a Wednesday, but it was actually a Tuesday, you can be sure you are dealing with lying scum and dismiss their argument.

The second way is deductive reasoning or logic. Deniers will say that the very fact that there are so many survivors proves that the Holocaust couldn't have been as ruthlessly efficient as we say it was, because if the Germans were all-powerful and utterly determined to kill every last Jew, how did more than a million Jews survive?" You counter that by saying that there were a lot of miraculous escapes, because the Jews were plucky and determined and learned to jump off the transport trucks just in the nick of time.

LEGALIENATE: Why weren't they gunned down?

LIPSTATIC: They ran between the bullets.


LIPSTATIC: The third way of refuting Deniers is by citing the facts: If they say, “How do we know there were gas chambers?” you can say, “Let me show you the German plans for gas chambers.” But if they say, "Where is the forensic proof of the gas chambers themselves?" you can reply, "Let me show you Israel's plans to have people like you extradited and put on trial for Holocaust denial." That clinches the argument.

LEGALIENATE: Why don't you debate deniers?

LIPSTATIC: It's like trying to convince a member of the flat earth society that the earth is round. There's no point.

LEGALIENATE: But you can show a flat earther a picture of the round earth. Do you have a picture of a mass gassing chamber?

LIPSTATIC: No, but it wouldn't matter if we did. Deniers are irrational. They think absence of evidence is evidence of absence of evidence. They're completely irrational.

LEGALIENATE: How are they successful then?

LIPSTATIC: The usual way. They confuse people with convoluted explanations that lead nowhere. Remember, Holocaust denial is anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitism is hatred of Israel, and hatred of Israel is anti-Jewish prejudice, and anti-Jewish prejudice is congenital in Gentiles, so it's impossible to eliminate, but we must try to do the impossible because it's ennobling and we owe it to the victims of the Holocaust.

end part two

Anonymous said...


I came home to Ohio for Thanksgiving. It reminded me of the anology of climbing the mountain and looking back to see your journey.

I felt critisism for my non-materlistic lifestyle. With each day care less for what I have. It is not cars and such that we take with us, it is something much deeper.

This place that you created for us to gather is like a ancient travel lodge in some remote land. Where travelers gather to talk and rest. Comparing stories of journey and looking out at the world. Our paradigm shifts with each story and the light within us gets ever brighter.

thank you.


Zellie said... know the quote..."If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there" the destination ain't the goal....keep on truckin my friend...

Anonymous said...

you do provide a real service many a time i've been battered by the wrongdoers in this country and then have read something you've written and said yeah that's right and you have sailed me through you are a real light in the darkness thank you for that

Anonymous said...



Do you think that ETERNAL PLOT exists?

Eternal plot ...

You see DEGENERATES are like microbes of plague. They destroy healthy body and die with it.
They are like HIV virus, which destroy immune system of the body and bring it to death.

Do microbes have a plan to kill human organism? Do HIV virus have eternal plan to destroy immune system?

I do not think so.

It is just in their nature - TO DESTROY.

Now, if somebody will put containers with plague microbes into strategic locations such as subway stations or airports in order to infect and kill as many people as possible?

Do THEY have a plan?

If somebody is placing DEGENERATES into key strategic positions such as MASS MEDIA, ART, EDUCATION, ARMY?


You tell me...

Anonymous said...



Can Russia have a normal government?

Your question about Russian government (or ANY government) bring us to the ADVANCED part of this discussion.

You see, BASIC part makes us aware of existence of huge community of DEGENERATES, fact - totally unknown to the community of NORMAL people.

ADVANCED part of this discussion will show us, that within DEGENERATIVE community THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEGENERATES.

They can be GOOD, BAD or UGLY.

Again I should state that term DEGENERATE is strictly MEDICAL term (VIROZDENETZ) and
should not be treated as offense.

For example - PETER ILYCH TCHAIKOVSKY was obviously a DEGENERATE.

His abnormal sexual practice and absence of healthy kids are clear indication of that.

But at the same time he wrote excellent music and was nice, quiet and well mannered person.

His music was not DECADENT and he did not promote DECAY in art.


This allowed us to put him into GOOD DEGENERATE category.

You will ask me - what does absence of kids have to do with it?

You see, even if father (or mother) was a GOOD DEGENERATE and did many good things in this life by successfully fighting DEMONS OF DEGENERACY - THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THEIR CHILDREN WILL DO THE SAME.



Remember famous book by ETEL LYLIAN VOYNICH �OVOD� ? Father was ARCHBISHOP, but son became a REVOLUTIONARY and story end in tragedy?



Once this is understood, we can continue with your question about NORMAL government.

Can a person with NORMAL legs muscles PARTICIPATE and WIN in the race?

Yes, he can. On the LOCAL school level.

He can also participate and win at TOWN level.

He can participate and MAY win at REGIONAL level.

He can participate and has NO CHANCE to win at NATIONAL level.

He COULD NOT even participate at WORLD level competition.

Did you get the picture?

Only person with ABNORMALLY developed legs muscles can participate and has chance to win at NATIONAL or WORLD level competitions.

Same things apply to the game of POWER.

ONLY PERSON WITH ABNORMAL POWER DRIVE (suppressed sadistical homo maniacs)


I promise I'm done -- I'm going to go learn Russian so I can call the good doctor up and tell him I love him and that Hunter Thompson, Bill Burroughs and Bill Hicks would be all be proud --


Anonymous said...

this humble peace
work for bumble bee
and butterfly
and for the tree
for the sun
it grow the leaves
for the sky
with harmony
for the hum
of the earth
lots to do
natures work
scatter seeds
within the dirt
mother nature
heal the hurt
with medicine
essence mend
presence flow
smell flower scent
river weave
charge into sea
raw forth
release free
through the north
point of pole
through the south
the wind blow
nature old
take hold
better learn
from masters scroll
I sweep the steps
sleep under tree
a humble servant
humble peace
who works for butterfly
and bumble bee's
all of nature
even fleas

...peace and love to all....

Anonymous said...


link to: Doctor Gregory Klimov --
Esteemed and wise


Anonymous said...

sat by mountains
under tree
walked the valleys
went to the sea
trudge the road
along the path
of destiny
the destination
one day we'll see
who knows when
the lesson teach
but teach for sure
who knows why
lets ask the birds
who fly the sky
in the breeze
they tell no lie
off to the clouds
they fly high
then back to earth
they do their work
but so must we
so we see
to unify
so all can be
we live as one
a family
a unity
of all life
the guiding force
harmony to all....

Anonymous said...

so come and sit
sit down with we
all of us is family
that we see
nature touch
here take a seed
plant a flower
your heart will read
open door
for eye to see
nature look
sit on her knee
and breathe to life
and release
living light
our guiding force
our nature lead
dont go against
we wont receive
learn a lesson
dont deceive
cos it feel right
to receive the light
better learn
see with the sight
from a pupil
humble peace
who work for butterfly
and the bumble bee's

...peace to all....

Visible said...


Yeah, I read it later and it sounded like a suicide note (grin). I guess I was a little maudlin or something. I'm always surprised to see what shows up. I went to write a Smoking Mirrors today but nothing showed up. That is very rare so... I moved on.

Anonymous said...

Here's a real gem which only takes 16 words.
In the immortal words of Stevie Wonder..

"When you believe in things that you don't understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain't the way.."

Sixteen words, sixteen words... now where else have I heard that...?

Oh yes...

Anonymous said...

hear you rj

that is some sort of scientific formula applicable to any
society, how ever large or small,a check list, klimov can have tea around my house when ever he wants.
love all neil

Anonymous said...

Les...I always benefit from your posts...something always rings true. You are right, the world is insane. So honestly, it is a blessing we don't fit in! Thanks for all you do.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving Les. Another fine blog entry, but how sad you got involved with greedy little rat bastards who took your music and book's profits! That even happened to Michael Jackson, so you are up there with some big names. I am not a MJ fan but thought of it when I read what has happened to you. He had quite a mouthful to say about some of "those" kind of people and there is a video about it on YouTube. Nicholas Cage also had a lot of his money taken by greedy little rat bastards too. It appears talented people like yourselves have the buzzards circling, which is hard to deal with. We are thankful you are now here with us for the meantime. Maybe self-publishing one or five of those unfinished books when you finish them is the way to go.

Besides, materialism has ruined many a soul. Living off of the land and next to nature is the best thing to do. The vicious cycle of having to have money keeps people a slave to the beast system.

What could be better than getting a fuzzy blanket, a fuzzy-faced dog, curling up and watching a movie anyway?

Have a wonderful holiday and week and I enjoy your blogs very much. You are appreciated! :-)

Anonymous said...

Something linked at WhatReallyHappend that Les and people here may really like . . .

Apologies for being off-topic.

the proprietor said...

Ahh, green tea and American Spirit. That used to almost constitute a full day's diet for me. Between working and green tea and a couple of cigs come evening, I would almost forget to eat. I used to tell people I smoked healthy cigarettes and they didn't believe me.

Occasionally I would try going back to Big Tobacco Inc. products, and instantly I'd find myself hacking up huge rubbery wads of phlegm. Mmmm.... Back to NAS.

Eventually, though, I got into an anti-allergy detox program with a chiropractor/nutritionist and he told me that (in addition to several foods and many psuedo-food substances and chemicals) even organic tobacco, even occasionally, had to go if I want to succeed with this program. He said it was triggering an allergic response. Something to do with being in the nightshade family. So now I don't smoke. I was never a big smoker but I was a daily smoker and, although it was only two or three a day, I "needed" those two or three a day. But I found it's not so hard to quit smoking if you a) have accountability to someone and b) are on a good broad-spectrum nutrition supplement that provides the neurochemical balance. I do occasionally miss it, but that's more because my hands get bored or because I miss having a socially acceptable excuse to take breaks or be social with strangers.

Visible said...

There's a new Petri Dish up-

Defending Iran and Condemning the West.

introspeck said...

Les, your blog is a wonderful gift - thank you for giving.

I read your blog regularly and some days it just hits me right between the eyes.

It's as though it's not you writing it and me reading it - just a message that you and I both needed, which just happened to transmit through you.



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