Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It would have been the Radio Show.

I wrote this last Friday and I intended to go to an internet cafe. Then I found I had left my microphone back in Switzerland. Then when I drove into town to record it directly, I found it was Sunday. I was so drunk I couldn't even remember what day it was. Charming huh? Anyway... I didn't finish it because I was going to wing it which is actually better than my writing it but I haven't decided to do that but I will. I am sorry for being such a fucking loser. I did my best people but nothing short of the almighty is going to save me now. I am seriously fucked. So...this is what I had written and some other things I wrote you won't see because I deleted them. God be with all of you in your hour of need.

Ahroooooooooooooooo... dog poet transmitting from the Visible Origami sector of the cosmic mind... no talk about specific bad guys tonight. No tearing of raiment’s, no flagellation of penitential backs, no wear and no tear upon the emotions, no playing to the atavistic fears of the coming storm. I want to talk about other things tonight. I would apologize for the recent Petri Dish offering but I meant every word of it so that would be disingenuous of me and... Lord knows I don’t want to be disingenuous. I will apologize for being unable to communicate with you except in a very unpredictable and disorderly fashion. Very southern Italy is a third world country and I’m just lucky not to be ransacked and abused by Albanian hijackers. It appears that neither the good guys nor the bad guys can find me.

I don’t know when I’ll be online again and I’m okay with that. I’m really busy fixing things up down here and I’ve got to go north again in February which doesn’t leave me much time. The good news is that I get to see my sweetheart sooner than I might have along with the dog poet associates; Lily Nelson, Chloe, One-eyed Alfie and Caramela. Poncho Moonlight is with me and that rounds out the crew although, God knows who Susanne has added to the pack in the meantime.

Down here in Italy, the occasional tourists like to have a dog around during their summer vacation and then they let them loose on the streets when they go. I see these unfortunates roaming around and I have a bag of dog food and some water but I couldn’t possibly house all these wonderful creatures. It breaks my heart but apparently it doesn’t bother the people who do it. Could you do something like that? Could you just cast away a family member because of their inconvenience to your superficial lifestyle? Yeah... I know I said I wouldn’t talk about any bad guys tonight but it’s like not talking about the forest when you are surrounded by trees.

Karma is a relentless thing. It’s remorseless and mathematical. It’s like the movement of the stars around whatever has a heavier drag than they do. Everything rotates around something. It’s a kind of what rotates around comes around sort of a thing. I catch karma every day. I see my limitations and it is what makes me so intolerant of the people who set themselves up as masters. There is only one master and he/she only use so many hands at a time for that particular job description. A realized master once told me that there were never more than a few real spiritual masters around at a time. I saw would be spiritual teachers tremble when they were around him so he was seriously bonafide.

In these times there are going to be a lot of people selling some kind of gospel and it’s important that you don’t get led into the desert by them. I’m not leading you anywhere because I’m not going anywhere. I’m here... howling at the indifferent, pregnant moon as it glides above me. It’s all phenomenal. It’s all appearances and it all comes back on you in the realm of appearances. Now... if you could get beyond appearances then you wouldn’t be that affected but that’s like asking a person in a movie theater to be mindful of the white screen that the movie is playing on while he/she is watching the movie if you catch my drift and you should catch my drift because it is the difference between surfing the wave and being tumbled in the wave and that is a big difference.

I live the formica life. In Harmon Cove Secaucus with my wife and two nameless children and one lonely dog where death’s not a threat it’s the law.

A little musical interlude for those who are tired of Peter and the wolf and understand that ballet is one of the more ingenious kinds of torture that pretentious people visit on their children so that they can pretend they have some sort of refinement which sets them apart from their fellows while they pump the vanity bellows on the fire that will devour them... if you catch my drift.

I can’t be the guy I used to be because the times are not what they were. There is an enormous transformation about to arrive and it is not going to give you that eight AM wakeup call you are expecting. As Velikovsky once said, “Expect the unexpected.” But worlds do collide and so do events conspire as we all work to form the world closer to our hearts desire.

We all role play because we are all role players gifted with the presentations and costumes that are appropriate to our level of understanding which makes us prophets to the people below us and fools to the ones above. I am partially illuminated. You could say that I am half awake. I am not fully awake so there are things I suspect but cannot say and some things I might know in a general way. One of the things I do know is who I was in some of my past lives. When I go on record to say this you can be assured that I have relived these things since. When kundalini attacks she opens your worlds and melts the veils... usually she only does this when you are prepared to experience it and not go mad in the process. I’m going to mention a couple of my past lives tonight because it is relevant to my right to speak. I’m not going to mention other lives; more prominent appearance wise but not germane to the topic.

I was the man called Omar Khayyam and Giordano Bruno. I’m certain of the first life but not clear about the Bruno matter because I might have been just his very best friend. I saw the Bruno life with a sense of great loss which made me think I was witnessing the departure of a treasured friend. With Omar I was right there. It’s amusing to me now because when I was eighteen years old after being thrown out of the Air Force for being crazy which, I can tell you now... I faked because I don’t enjoy the company of regimented zombies and I will go a stretch further here... I pulled off several remarkable acting jobs because that is probably what I do best... then again, you have to look behind me at the guy with the seven cobras over his head to see who is doing the driving in my life...digressing...

Anyway... when I was 18 and just out of the service; having joined up the week after I was 17... I hitchhiked across the country with a guy named Tank because he was as broad as he was tall and he took me along because I was the only guy he couldn’t pin and whip, the kundalini thing hadn’t happened yet but the aura was there and so were some of the powers. Tank took me to a North Carolina military base and then we parted ways.. I spent the next night in a Salvation Army hostel where the man in charge knew my father from his time in the military. He told me my father was a hard man. I already knew that. I arrived in Washington D.C. the next day and entered The Union Gospel Mission because I wanted to serve god. That was always the thing with me but I was incompetent if you catch my drift. Anyway it so happened that I met an alcoholic in this mission... we served drunks, junkies and the usual crazies and you have to remember that I was not the usual 18 year old. I was probably around 12 years old because around the time of puberty I was beaten so badly that time stopped. So I met this alcoholic who was reciting quatrains from The Rubiyat which blew me away. I went to the major public library on New York Avenue and there I found a record of Lord Alfred Drake reading the Rubiyat and I memorized it in a week. That wasn’t such a big deal. I had already memorized The Courtship of Miles Standish and Evangeline “druids of eld” and all that..

Once the kundalini thing happened, I understood my fascination with the Rubiyat. All the time streams of my different lives flowed into a central pipeline and became one. With Giordano Bruno it was different. I might have just loved him and not been him but some deep connection there lies and the point is that I have been at odds with the established church for about two thousand years. I have been burned and murdered more times than I care to recall and that is why I am given certain latitude now and why I am going be an agent of the cosmic payback.

Mind you, I don’t like that sort of thing. Until I was pretty far along the road in this life I didn’t even defend myself. I just routinely let people kick my ass but after the kundalini thing I didn’t let that happen any more. I had all my martial arts powers from my past lives and the confidence and courage too so... I did use that to some degree which brings me back to the dogs running hungry and loose on the streets. Those dogs are going to get larger soon and they are going to eat you with relish or catsup... I don’t care. Those you have abandoned and abused are going to teach you the error of your ways. I am speaking from the Dog Star in the Sirius cluster and your planet has nothing like what we have. We are far in advance of your punitive abuse of those you have made your victims. I was one of them. I let you hurt me over and over but that time is at an end.

Citizens of Earth you don’t get to hurt your seeming lesser comrades any more. We are tired of being used as your laboratories for the silly cosmetics you paint on your aging faces to attract people you don’t even like. We are tired of being abused. We came here as your friends and you have used us disgracefully. We sent our emissaries and one of them is speaking right now and you have burned us at the stake and thrown us into your prisons and used us as canon fodder for gratuitous wars and I am here to tell you and you had better hear me. We are going to clear this place up and you had better be on our side because there is no other side. This is alpha dog and omega dog talking and what you have treated like shit were your beast friends and are now going to rub your noses in it and let slip the dogs of war.

I don’t know if you can wake up. I do not know how deep your dreams run. I don’t know how asleep you are. I know you have been warned repeatedly and you have never listened yet. Well, you better listen now. We are not kidding around. All your leaders are working for two bit aliens with small time powers and they are impressed. We are about to show you what it means to really be impressed and your interdimensional thugs are going to run like frightened school girls. You sold yourself out to the lowest un-empowered astral garbage around and you think they have some kind of capacity... you haven’t seen power yet but you will. We are going to show you power. Some of you will be improved by it and some of you will be destroyed by it according to what you’ve been doing all along. Your Bible tells you all these things and your interpreters spin it for the market place but it’s in all the good books. The truth is there and...visible dog poet pounds his chest... here! It’s here... and was written here long before it went down on stone and papyrus and paper.

It is written in the human heart and those of you who are still human can read it there. It is indelibly printed upon the fabric of the blood itself and embossed upon the pump to be sure.

You can call me crazy and you can call me Ray. I don’t particularly care what you call me. I am part of the advance guard so you might better call me herald. I’m here to tell you that things are going to change and you are going to change... one way or the other and it doesn’t matter which way that is.


Anonymous said...

The United States of America has been turned into thug empire along with Israel by the Rothschilds.
9/11 was just the corrupt forces showing there hand.
This world domination (murder) by the English speaking white man continues full speed ahead.
Ron Paul is one of literally a handful who want to the US to live as a moral member of the world.
Rothschild wants to continue using the US as a military force to conquer and steal oil and other natural resources from the other countries of the world. Leaving the rest of the world undeveloped and literally hating the Rothschildean new world order.
As US citizens realize and rebel against this corruption Rothschild and his agents in and outside the US are forming domestic police forces to use force against citizens who oppose the corrupt Rothschildean new world order in and outside the US:

Anonymous said...

Don't know who I was in any past lives. Don't know who who I'll be in the next. Not exactly sure who I am in this one or which way the scales will tip for me? Roll on Judgement Day.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Hell,

I remember, in the fallout from the madness of the sixties -- the general cop-out was that you could make change happen more effectively if you "worked within the system." Most of my friends took that advice and to paraphrase Alan Ginsburg, I watched some of the best minds of my my my generation ground to pulp by that very same system.

40 years down the line the only change that has happened has been for the worse and the illusion of working together is an even bigger lie than it was then.

I laugh in bitter disgust every time I hear Obama or some other democratic lackey say they are going to work with the Republicans to make change happen. I'm still waiting to hear just one of them say that when I get in office I'm going to kick the shit out of every low-life bastard that fucks over the good people of this country.

In a life event that I care not to elaborate upon, I ended up in Charlotte NC and I have spent the last ten years going out of my way to insult and belittle every bible thumping, corporate sucking lowlife chiseler I am forced to socialize with in this hell-hole I call home.

I can count on one finger the times at parties and social gatherings when anyone has chimed in with a supportive word -- the only exception being at one party when I congratulated an Aipac sponsored politician for his undying support of a fascist police state that has dragged my country down to the lowest rungs of hell.

My ally on this occasion was a local pol who had resigned his seat because of pressure from the Israeli lobby. After stating this little factoid he shook my hand and then fled for the door.

I guess my point here is to say that if you can't even walk the walk and talk the talk because you are afraid what your neighbors may think, then how the hell are you ever gonna have the balls to stand up when the pressure is really on?

All great change can be traced to one person, with one idea. Giordono Bruno, Newton, Francis Bacon, John Lennon, Les Visible -- do you think any of them gave a shit what their wives and neighbors might think of them?

Go with God Les -- he tells me he enjoys your company. As for the repilian shit-weasels who think they're running things, I got a little factoid for you. Satan likes nothing better than fucking his ass-lickers when they least expect it and he's told me repeatedly that you second-rate Luciferian come-jobs nauseate him even worse than they offend the teachings of God.

So, in the on-going course of cosmic jokes -- expect our boy Lucifer to sadle up with his old angelic home team when the shit comes down -- because as mad as we are -- he's equally pissed at the faggot rulers that have been trying to kiss his ass in this latest go-around.

Instant Karma's gonna get you -- and you -- and you... But always remember -- It's never too late to wake the fuck up. And it's never too late to insult the ones you love, because if you can't be honest in your own neighborhood -- what good are you anyway?


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Whatever level of consciousness we are in, it is all appearance: Māyā or illusion. The temporary phenomenal world full of transformations driven by time and material qualities is called mahā-māyā, the Great Illusion. The blue dude with the seven-headed snake umbrella is also an appearance, but that illusion is yoga-māyā because it is Absolute and eternality, unchanging yet dynamic, full of awesome beauty and ever-increasing sweetness.

We are limited, so it is constitutionally impossible for us to see the whole panorama of either mahā-māyā or yoga-māyā. Sometimes impatient seekers push the Kundalini and get a glimpse of the complete whole; it blows them away and they generally crash and burn. So in either case we have to be content with an appearance, but the crux of spiritual life is that we have to choose between the temporary, painful, imperfect illusion and the eternal, perfect and beautiful one.

Most people are so hung up on the illusion of being the doer, creator, controller, knower, enjoyer and be-er that they, sometimes even knowingly, choose the material illusion over the spiritual one. It's very sad, but people reject the truth rather than give up their ego-boosting illusion.

Dogs are not terribly noble creatures, but they do have two very good qualities: devotion and the ability to be satisfied with anything. Either way they wind up serving the pack leader, nothing to lose, so why not choose the Real Boss instead of the false one (yourself)?

Anonymous said...

You're a Champion les. Everything you say RESONATES. Some time ago you mentioned that in your view PUTIN along with AHMADINEJAD are great politicians - and you nailed it on the head when you said [to the effect] that he loves Russia more than himself. Dr Ahmadinejad is the same, (I'm a Persian spreaker) you can feel it in his speeches, he loves Iran more than himself. In all his speeches he refers to his country as "dear Iran. Our dearest Iran" not in a jingoistic way, but like he is referring to a treasured grandparent, someone deeply beloved. The man refuses to take a salary (on Majlis - parliamentary record). Here's a good link for you and your readers
The western leaders and their Israeli masters with their relentlessly voracious appetites make me ill.
At some level there is a shift in awareness. I feel it. Keep putting out there - it's making a huge difference

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Les.


Visible said...

there must be some mistake. I don't worship dogs. I am aware of their shortcomings but they don't know any better. I just consider them my brothers. Dogs know how I am. Even the most vicious dogs are fond of me because they know I love them. They are children of The Devic Realm under the special protection of Lord Ganapati and I am a friend of Lord Ganapati and I honor him because it was he who wrote down the Bhagavad Gita and he is the patron of writers and musicians and has been very good to me. I have not had to have a normal job in years and he has seen to it that I am clothed and fed while I do whatever it is I do. Of course all the true gods are expressions of Krishna and that is who I serve.

Anonymous said...

"I did my best people but nothing short of the almighty is going to save me now.'

Now THAT'S the music of the (s)ages.

Srimad Bhagavatam - Canto 1 Chapter 8 Verse 19

Kuntidevi to Lord Krishna:"Being beyond the range of limited sense perception, You are the eternally irreproachable factor covered by the curtain of deluding energy. You are invisible to the foolish observer, exactly as an actor dressed as a player is not recognized."

Visible said...

3:27 PM

Yes Ahmanedejad loves his country and is an honest man. He is brave, courageous and noble. I can tell.

Visible said...

Thanks CJ

Anonymous said...

You are also brave, courageous, noble and unflinchingly honest. Your father might have been a hard man but he did what he had to. You would not be who you are today without that. We can never know what it is that shapes us any more than we can know the shape of our destiny as it comes.We have only the choices we make in our ignorance and can only hope the direction of the choosing was formed before we had to make them.

Semper Fi

Lt. Col. Adams

Anonymous said...

That was completely awesome. I'm sorry you are having a struggle and a tug of war with yourself but this was epic.

I used to read everything Hunter Thompson wrote along with Bill Burroughs and a few others. Not one of them acknowledged their creator and for that (independent of their genius) they will all take second place to you. The thing I like about you is that you won't even see that as a compliment.

From the Red Fort outside New Delhi to the bluegrass of Kentucky, my family and the boys of the everlasting regiment salute you.


Anonymous said...

I have to note the synchronicity again playing throughout these writings. Alexina wrote about the continuous rise in massive animal abuse. Les once again brings awareness to this level of evil.
The rage peaked for me this week as I read of the NASA irradiation plan for monkeys (to "help us get to Mars"). The piece-of-shit "scientist" in charge (harvard) is one who subjects the same monkeys (squirrel) to meth (of course he's not the only one - 'they' love to repeat nazi experiments with meth, smack, pcp, etc.)

I've worked in animal shelters and have known thousands of dogs, each incredibly beautiful, each unique, tame or wild - all equally beloved to me. I've had dogs lay down their lives for me and bestow great teachings in the process, as have some other species. To say they are not "noble" is meaningless. Most humans have zero understanding of the animal nations and their beingness here in "this world".

This clinging to a dualistic "maya vs. reality" frame of mind can be as paralyzing as any other la-la-land new age mind-set. I too have met masters who made "would-bes" tremble and panic. They laughed at the prevailing human attitude of ignorance toward the so-called "lower animals".

Maya, shmaya, blah blah, how about honoring this precious human birth we have obtained through massive struggle and unspeakably fortunate Grace? And honoring our multitude of Devic-realm companions we are graced to have with us? They may be "temporary", but are they "imperfect" & "illusory"? Good excuse to do nothing and feel superior.
Of course the little "I" is not the ultimate "doer" - that's a given. So what? Piss in the river? Curse the mountain? Block out the music and poetry?


Visible said...

Thanks for that Bholanath. Now I can't stop crying.

What I can say is that I have friends in low and high places and maybe the reason is that I don't distinguish between them. They may be appearances but they all bear the mark of the creator. And I have never seen any animal behave as despicably as those who were given power over all things in the name of the father. Adam actually translates into namer of things.

Animals never behave like we do. They have to eat and sometimes people make them mean to protect their useless shit but they never come looking for us unless we encroach on their environment and- I must admit- as is the case in India that they will hunt those of us that can't run as fast as their usual prey. But it turned out that the tigers of Sunderband got that way because of the massive storms that stuck all those bodies in the mangroves. There is always a reason for animal behavior. It is much harder to find a reason for human behavior.

Karyn Weese said...

So wonderful to have you back! Cyberspace was very empty without your voice. Thank you for speaking the truth for many of us fellow-seekers.

Warm Clouds said...

This post was very honest, saying alot without saying anything. I first read "Smoking Mirrors" almost two years ago. Then a gradually began reading all your blogs. I think your 'true' self might be relected most in Visble Origami. I wish I could join you and your collective but I am here in The US prison complex, with wife and children. Anyways thanks for the inspiration and education.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. A human birth is rare. People have no idea. It's not accidental or too much sympathy that makes me notice my four legged friends. There but for grace and fortune go I.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, the naked honesty here is killing me. I can understand why you drink, in the absence of drugs of course {grin} how could anyone in this day and age reveal and expose themselves like this.


Visible said...

Warm Clouds; My sweetie has a house near Basel and I have this three room lamia in Italy but any one of you can come and see me. Air flights are very cheap right now. And as long as you don't mind sleeping a little rough I have a trailer here and a covered deck. There's utilities and warmth and I've got lots of food so...


Anonymous said...

Humans are the only animal that blush... or need to.

Mark Twain

Visible said...

Like I said,

"I’m not going to mention other lives; more prominent appearance wise but not germane to the topic."

Anonymous said...

dog is god backwards.

I knew a Native who had a Timber Wolf as a pet, and where ever he went it would silently follow. They are one stealthy and simply amazing creature.


John said...

Again, Les, your timing is 'special'. Ten dogs share my home, and just yesterday I was wondering about dog's souls and karma and how all that works with them. I was thinking about all of their completely different personalities, especially the four littermates who are here. I was wondering if any of them were previously in human bodies and what might have led to their positions now. Then I started wondering what or who I may have been before. I'm still wondering.

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview with Derrick Jensen:

"We can definitely rely on tenets to guide our behavior, but ultimately, care about what happens in the world supersedes philosophy. We need to recognize that physical reality trumps our philosophy. Life is far more complex than philosophy can state....Ourselves, trees, mountains, nonhuman animals – everyone alive in this world is far more complex than the philosophy or science that seeks understanding (viz. control). In all honesty, we can’t talk a philosophy. Philosophy teaches us how to live, so a philosophy must be land-based...As for hope, hope is a longing for a future condition over which you have no agency...So I don't 'hope' this culture doesn't kill the planet: I'll do whatever it takes to stop it. I have agency. So do you. We must actively protect as much of the natural as possible. When we realize the degree of agency we actually do have, we no longer have to hope at all."


Visible said...


I had my ass saved by a timber wolf in a place where they were though to be extinct. As our oppressors say, "go figure." I am still figuring and Can't figure it out. It took me 15 minutes to write this because of the corrections. I don't think I can manage this much more but believe me when I tell you that you are the heirs to the kingdom. If I go down you can only go up. Do it

Visible said...

Then John you are one lucky guy.

You have no idea what comfort the y give me.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible said:
<< I am sorry for being such a fucking loser... I am seriously fucked. >>

Cut yourself some slack, friend. I can't believe those who know you and whom you know could consider you of such unworthiness. Just take notice of your loyal and numerous followers on this plane of reality. Your blog "hit counters" are indicative of your power on this earth, Les!
I think about the "world" you regularly describe and dwell in and how close I actively try to reside near your conscience. You've shown that insanity in an insane world is the only way to understand the madness to begin with! Thanks for offering such hope during the craziness we are facing at this paradigm crossing. Next stop!
Peace & Love, Joseph

Anonymous said...

Well if it going to be one of those parties?
Les you seem less willing to share and more open to push? The message will get lost that way? You cant make someone see the love you have?
Les Im not sure at all how it works but its stepping up for sure, we may want to slow down? Nature isnt helping rightnow, a season of change is in the air and were not ready yet, no need to push any ideas along just yet?

I too see/feel that we have been gifted with certain "friends" that will help, any old time, just ask. This however doesnt mean I should go around telling people that cant see/feel them, they're fucked?
You have shared tons about yourself, good. You have done your cosmic homework and in high favor, you should ask why it seems right or needed to share your own life now? What road did you walk down without looking around? Not many, I say, but a few still linger? Are the helpers trying to get you to see a past event or add to a new one? I dont know man?

You shouldnt say sorry for anything Les. You have too much built up to turn from it now? You can question yourself but dont look to others questions of you, so much? Hows it go? Those that mind dont matter and those that matter dont mind?
Les, I love you. Your guiding hand has help me keep a flame going for sure. In the last few months its turned blue and action is being called for. Im not sure what Ill do just yet, but Ill take all you have given in love and share it like a wore. I still worry youre getting mixed up with the master thing? Im not Buddha just yet but what part of the whole arent you? Simple, none. You are the master you seems to think youre not? Others are the masters we think their not? If the "master" isnt within us, well than what has he mastered?


Anonymous said...

Another Vote For Doggie Love --

About twenty years ago I was living the writer's life in the California mountains. My office was an ersatz shotgun shack out behind the house...

My dogs stayed out there keeping me company during the day and slept there during the night and as it turned out they had my back when it really counted.

A brief aside -- One of them was called Big Al (a bloodhound/Saluki mix)... Big AL had a fondness for classical choral music and whenever a tune came on he dug -- he would immediately go into an REM state and vocalize along with the singers... It was both shockingly funny and profoundly moving at the same time.

A local Brit classical conductor had a weekend home nearby and heard about Big Al's amazing performances and called me one day and asked to come over and see him perform.

I put on a favorite CD of Al's and like a seasoned pro he did his thing. This rather famous conductor was crying and laughing by the end of Big Al's performance and wished his typical audience had half the soul and taste of Big Al...

Anyway, one winter night after I got done writing I put the dogs to bed. The shack had cheesy sliding doors. I bid them good-night and started out on the trail back to the house.

Suddenly I had a massive anxiety attack and passed out cold in the snow. I was out for quite awhile I later figured out -- What brought me around was all three dogs standing over me obsessively licking my face and pawing me back to consciousness. Quite amazing, especially when I looked back at my office and realized they had managed to open the sliding door in their mad pursuit to come and save me from freezing to death out in the snow.

Dogs can't feel and think and love??? i don't think so...

Big doggie kisses to you Les... Remember how that first KUNDALINI flash kicked your ass? Well now it's gonna kick humanities ass whether they like it or not and while it may freak out the best of out at times -- know WE LOVE YOU in the depths of our hearts and God loves you even more or he wouldn't have given the gifts that he has.

Sweet dreams


Visible said...

RJ I can only thank you for that from the bottom of my overflowing heart. I too have been saved by my furry brothers and in ways no less profound. One time three thugs attacked me and their own Rottweiler turned on them. Imagine that. I took care of the two in front of me but that beautiful creature smoked the leader of the pack. True story.

Anonymous said...

I,m with RJ "doggie kisses" to you brother. Like I've heard from you "hang tough its just temporary" Your gifts of wisdom are worth a world of gold.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see your post today. I so look forward to reading your words. I find them so calming, so hopeful. You are a bright light in a sometimes dark world. So thank you!

I'm sorry to hear that you were beaten as a child. No one deserves that and certainly not a child. Who beats a child? Just thinking about it makes me sick.

I saw a quote today that reminded me of you:

"I have one small drop
of knowing in my soul.
Let it desovle in your ocean."~Rumi

Be well in your travels.


Is just me or is everyone that bad inside with a soft coating of shit said...

Someposter... J, said epic.

I second that, even though it may be the understatement of forever...

Like... writing a bag what either? nice poem, mate. Bible? It'll never sell.

Your post, Les, co-incides - or has a couple of points that felt like you were talking straight to me (a feeling which I'm sure a lot of people here share even though we know it ain't neccesarily so) - but this was a cert for me (that you weren't talking to me) as I sent you a mail about it, or rather; containing what I had not yet read here and and and... hmm, hard to explain. Either you're write or you're stark raving and I'm nut too - no disrespect, but I gotta tell it like it is... my foughts on it at least...

The storm is just over the horizon and it's howling in my bones and knowledge in my gut... I know without knowing but still I'm thinking to myself... no way!... it's possible of course - but come on get grip! (me)

Weirdness! Fantastic! I should be cowering under a table or something but I've never felt better... although I've been lucky enough to feel real good before without desurfing it - you know, sorta: How come the world is awl stitched up and I'm just kinda hanging loose and always lucky ? ...although it doesn't always feel like that until, sometimes; long, long after this and that or the other whatever

having said that... I feel like I'm going insane when I step out of the door and feel (imagine surely; itch just me and my paranoia...but at least a few "virtual" people I read here have a similar vibe(?))

No-one I know in the flesh gives a hoot about even; let's just say I'm mad but but but... no good, just got to play along, la,la,la,la,la, eveything is okeydoke ....which it is, and isn't

yak, yak....step out of the door and

There is no love here
The streets are filled with fear

but they, the streets, are also almost empty. Okay, so it's just that time of year... first snow today, cold and windy... but even when the pavements are packed there's more and less density, everyone knows but doesn't (?)

Is the shit gonna split into the same old same and simultaneously a brand new old... golden age?

phew! sorry to be a drag if that's the case but I'm so excited

also maybe to hear what you might have to say about cats... I like both cats and dogs, but I guess I'm more of a cat person, i.e. more comfortable with cats although I get along fine with dogs

and birds, heck! most-times even people... the biggest compliment I ever got was some chap telling me I had a gift with getting along with all types... it's kinda true.. Isuspect it's because I'm so conceited and megalomanic (thanks, mum - she said that when I was about 12) that I feel sorry for them as well as wanting to crush them under my heel

anybody know a good shrink?
(I could use a snack right about now)...just kidding... a tiny-wee bit, but basically that's it

Anonymous said...

If I could read only one book... today it would be Como agua para chocolate. ;)

veritas6464 said...

Papa Damballah.. narrow is the path, and there are thorns on the seat that the righteous must rest upon – your pain is universal, you are absorbing and showing the suffering of all. You do this in the knowledge that you don’t have to put up with the pain and inconvenience of it all, I’m sure. Nonetheless, you do. I began a painting several years ago whereon I used the facial image of Nick Cave on the head of the main subject, which was a rather expressionistic but realistic enough portrait to be considered impressionistic, if you know what I mean(?). The portrait described the loin-clothed figure of a man tied, hands above his head, against a tree. From his body in various places; two in the chest and one in the thigh, dangled arrows, I modelled the anatomy after the sinuous style of Leonardo, the impasto technique I used to apply the paint was reminiscent of El Greco, however my colours were vibrant and sensuous. I have always been keenly interested in the life of the Martyrs, particularly St Sebastian, why, because that fucker survived the attempt by the corrupt elite to murder him, and what did he do; he wriggles out of his bindings, pick himself up off the ground and staggers at a trot to catch up with his assailants and confronts them with a tirade of the same verbiage that got him near battered to death in the first place. They set upon him once again and finish the dirty deed after all! What tha’ fuck??!! I used brown paper, as the base, heavy artist paper that is cheap and durable, I cut the size I needed off the roll (life size, inside 5’x7’ which I masking taped to the wall in my lounge room) and prepared the surface with flat plastic house paint. Cheap and effective medium. I used cheap Oil paints, which is always a mistake, and at that time a necessity. The Burnt Sienna I used for the tree must have been ‘off’ because it bubbled and flaked upon the touch as it was drying and ate away the paper. I had worked so frenziedly hard on this piece that I completely crashed when I realised it was ruined to the point of requiring massive repair. I never repaired the painting and now I don’t even know where it is, on one of the many occasions in my life I have had to ‘pack and go’ on short notice, I left it with some other works and many good books with a friend that has moved on, and I gave up trying to find him several years ago. That’s life. My point being, whenever I think about that painting now, and I think about it often, kind of like a lost love. I think of you, I think that if I was to do it again, and I probably will. It will be beyond my strength not to use your face on the figure of St Sebastian as he hangs dying from the tree. AND BY NO MEANS DO I INTEND TO BE MORBID, I just get the same energy from my devotion to you as I do from my devotion to St Sebastian. I have some unconscious proclivity for fighting for lost causes, and again, BY NO MEANS DO I POSIT THAT YOU OR THIS FORUM IS A LOST CAUSE. It just seems to me that your talents could shod you mightily in fine cloth and luxuriant trappings. You choose the path that is narrow and your arse is always full of thorns. I cannot find more reasons to step forward and say, “Aye, I volunteer to join your mission”.
P.S Cave is a fucking fraud, Kylie Minogue? Fuck me. ‘And the Ass saw the Angel’ is affectatious horse-shit. If one is going to attempt stylized prose, one better have ones fucking shit sorted.

Free Free Palestine!


DOGS ARE GREAT MATES! But they won't share their dinner with you.

Check this out, we have no choice, if allowing this to go on is one of two.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for being here. I check your blogs several times a day and was so worried that you were maybe suffering another kidney stone attack.
I, too, have been saved from imminent danger by a dog. This particular dog didn't even know me and in my honest opinion, I believe he was not a dog but my guardian angel who had taken on the form of a dog since a human form would not have been trusted by myself. At the present time I have three doggy companions and they are the reason I get up each and every day. They are my anchor to some sanity in this crazy world.
Les, your blog today really touched my heart. I was overwhelmed by your sense of pain. Please, please do not be so hard on yourself. You are very much loved.

Anonymous said...

My junkyard shepherd Ricki Tiki saved my life once.
I was a goner for sure.. Overdosed, blind, singing "Sweet Chariot," ready to go.
He simply would not let me go.
He always slept under my bed, like the big bad wolf he was.
So smart that even hand signals were unnecessary.
That was 37 years ago.
I loved him.
Still do.

Mike Rivero said...

Israel may decide that the best way to get past the Goldstone report is to kill everyone in Gaza and then claim nobody living has any standing to bring war crimes charges.

Anonymous said...

the heart spark rose,
wize river rolls,
it's wize to seek
to see who sow,
seeds to those
whose needs grow
all one needs
is peace to flow
that comes free
its written on the tree
of life internally
the leaves rustle in the breeze
as one see's
what was wrote
heart flame leads
when it hears the truth spoke...
...peace and harmony to all
cos we are all one
we are life

WRH2009-11-04 said...

Breaking News:
Ukrainian Flu is NOT just H1N1 (svine-flu).

-so getting the vaccine from Rumsfeld's company is more of a risk than an advantage.

Anonymous said...

There honestly is no subject that is not opened up around here at some point or another. Dog like me also. I used to raise Rottweilers.

Once I was in Homestead staying at the Ramada Inn near Miami. I was going into the laundry room to wash some clothes and there was a lady bent over one of the machines but she had a wired haired terrier with her. I walked up and started petting him and he was licking my hand.

It is a funny world we live in, some refuse to allow the truth to denied and others can't open their mouth without lying.

The woman turned around and was flabbergasted. She said I never would have believed that if I had not seen it with my own eyes. She said nobody has ever walked up and patted that dog, they would lose their hand. She he is protection trained and she has to give the word for anybody go get near him.

Dogs can be amazing. I had a big female and she had a daughter who was sired by a Schuzhund III type. One day my daughter ran inside and said dad get outside the neighbor's cat jumped over the fence and one of the Rotts killed it.

I went outside and the big one had the cat in her mouth and was hovering with it in the corner with the smaller one trying to get at it. I put the rots inside and looked at the cat, I was thinking oh no!

Suddenly the cat came to and jumped back over the fence. It dawned on me the big one knew how aggressive her daughter was and was protecting the cat who went into shock thinking it was all over.

My son kept telling me somebody was coming to the fence feeding the rotts hamburger. My son ran out of the shower one night screaming dad the rotts are killing somebody in the back yard. He said the big one drug the guy down by his pants leg and is standing on top of his chest growling and the little one is tearing up his legs.

I went out and he managed to dive over the fence and my daughter came round the front of the house and said the man had got into his car up the street with the door open looking at his legs and screaming oh God no no!

RJ that was uplifting. I have some friends who passed away near paupers because of that same mindset. Their motto was I am never going to let the man beat me down! Their lives were pretty much fashioned around jamming pomp and small talk down the throat of reality escapees.

William Wilson said...

hi Les, best.

Just wanted to say this:
Anyone with half a brain in America knows or should know this-
the Muslims aren't the enemy. The Zionists are.

Astro-Hypnogog said...

"You can call me Ray or you can call me R.J, J. Junior; but ya dasn't have to call me Johnny."

Thanks Les, for everything. And especially thanks for 'God's Not Dead.'

Listening to you sing it for the first time a couple of months ago pulled me back from "The Abyss, the Abyss, the Abyss you can't miss; It's right where you are, at the top of the stair..." I played it over and over again for about 2 hours until I was right about everything again.

You and your writings and your music/musings are more appreciated than you may know and please believe me when I say, I know many of us are praying for you and your well being. However you're's just about to hit the fan, Dark Night of the Soul-wise.

Calleman pins the beginning of the 6th night down to Nov 8/2009. We still need ya Les, for a bit while longer, so please hang in there Kiddo!

Yer Pal,

Geminio Le HubBub

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Somewhat of a catharsis in your article. thats cool. I always enjoy your writing and rants. There always provide a few gems.

Hey Italy finally found i coglioni and sentenced some US spooks in absentia. BRAVISSIMO !!!!

Just an aside, if you ever follow the casualties at
you will notice they haven't published the names of about 16 killed in air craft. the helecopters that collided and the plane lost near san diego. ALso the three supposed DEA agents.

There were two crashed in Italy a few years back and they did not report six of them from one crash. I think they underreport a few things, especially if they include high level officers and spooks.

Me glow maniac said...

Correction: I don't feel sorry for anyone or anything I've done or experienced, or myself (yeah, yeah - of course at the time)... well, sometimes... but that's when the hate needs stoking, and believe me (huh! I don't. Always, sometimes never) I'm working on spreading it equally cos I'm a fair out fukka but the mememe and the fam comes foist.

Anonymous said...

I was only guided to your blog fairly recently but you instantly struck a chord with me!

Before I go on, I would like to thank you now for all your efforts.

You are definitely a prophet to myself and it would seem many others and I hope you can find the strength and love to keep burning bright, so that your cyber pack continue to have a light to help guide them in these dark times!!

Anyway, after reading the blog and trying to digest what had been said by yourself and in the comments, I went for a walk. I walked into a bookshop, went straight to the back of the store, picked up the first book that caught my eye and opened it to read.....

The dog has no self image good or bad,
so he has no need to play roles,
nor does he love himself or hate himself,
how to live free of the burden of self,
what a great spiritual teaching!

followed by

The dog offers precious oppurtunity,
even to those who are trapped in their ego's,
of loving and being loved unconditionally!

It was a new Eckhart Tolle book, basically about the spirtual lessons to be learnt from dogs....a nice example of synchronicity I thought!!

Jah Bless Les

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Les i dont usually post because everyone else pretty much says what i'm thinking anyway.But i've been really down lately and have resorted to booze to dull the pain anyway i was lying in bed the other night walking in the mouth of the graveyard when a light red at first then yellow white filled me and a voice said help is on the way i don't know what it means or what its worth but something or someone bothered to say it so for what its worth here it is i hope you're ok tony

Rebel 4E said...

My Cat's weird..he loves to play 'fetch' with a little ball made from rolled up silver foil...
He's the best company I have at this moment in time......always pleased to see me no matter what mood I'm in.
Actually 'The more people that I meet...the more I like my cat'


Respects all,

Waterlily2012 said...

I know how you feel about animals! Nothing makes me angrier than the abuse of helpless animals! They have been the only constant in my life, the only creatures that have loved me truly and unconditionally. People who toss them aside or hurt them have no soul in my opinion.

How sad to hear Italy is now like a third-world cesspool. I sure hope to hell I don't come back here in another life once I die since ths life has sucked to be honest. Now we are losing our country, our heritage, everything good thats been created to a bunch of souless criminals and what I suspect are not even human. I want off this planet for good if things don't change! Look at this mess! What a failed experiment earth has been! The beauty of nature is the only thing it has going for it anymore and the worthless are destroying that too.

Humans are just so strange. There isn't many with depth and intelligence around it seems. I go out and all I see are self-absorbed losers with their cellphones to their heads, blank, zombie-like expressions, and their pants hanging down to their knees while their heads are full of rap and crap.

Beam me up.

Visible said...

look people just so we understand each other. I like cats too but mostly the big cats. I had a thing for California mountain lions at one time. I used to go looking for them and I knew where they hung out. As for the canines it is the wolves I love best and they are coming back- so much so that they want to hunt them again. I want to hunt the hunters and I expect I will.

Water Lily I am in much worse shape than you are so don't give up. I haven't given up. I just can't write anything right now because ever time I try I break down and cry. I am really afraid that my keyboard can't take anymore of this abuse and I only have the one.

You stay strong. We need you. Don't discount this Earth. It has housed many a golden age. We are just in a bad time. Like the Colonel or J said to me awhile ago; stay frosty. I always put the slopes of the Himalayas on my shoulders when it come to temperature. Believe me when I say we are coming together. Every reader here has a place with my great brother the Amitabha Buddha. Every one of you can go to the god of your choice. It's all a face for Krishna in the end. I am going to Shambala by way of Shangri-La a term someone made up for a place in imagination.

Water Lily. I have never liked it here. The abuse I see just kills me and I have the power to do something about it but my hand is stayed by something much greater than me. The cosmic mother came to me this morning because she knew I was seriously hurting and she told me that behind every face of
God only she resides. She told me in ways that I cannot communicate here. She told me she was not just empty space and darkness. She was not just reeling time and the chronology of the planets. She said, "My son, I am very real. I have to let you play but I watch you all the time. I am not indifferent even though this is just another life. I love you."

Just imagine what that did to me in the shape I am in. You take heart water lily and all my friends we are not done yet. I am a mess but she said... all you have to do is ask so that I can hear you and I did. We will see how it goes.

Remember, I am not shit without the rest of you. I could never have done what has been done here without you. She told me that too. So... like whoever said, "stay frosty."

Anonymous said...

Yes Les, the light is shining and the manure is out to dry.
Those who have been in a dark cave will find it painful to bare the light and some will undergo the transformation from manure to compose.
Some will incinerate into ash.
We are the light , because we seek it, and you are a fine example.
Thank you for reaching out and being there through all the frustrations and disappointments.
The human spirit possesses the irresistible force of Love.
Thank you for not letting us forget that this is a powerful time to participate in exercising the overwhelming power of the human spirit.
Fear not, fear not . For too long "they" have ruled through fear.
The terror saturation point is near, hooray for critical mass.
Keep up the good work, the collective unconscious ears are ringing.

Rebel 4E said...

One thing I must add.....
I've never see a homeless person with a cat on a bit of string...(-__+)

Stay Strong lv,
Big Love,

Anonymous said...

Good news!!! The mother is always there my friend. Im soooo happy you asked and told her what was needed. It sure seems she comes in times of need, but dont forget she not going anywhere she is the woven love of maya and all life, here on this earth too. Oh, crying is very natural with her, and healthy too.
You all speak of dogs and cats, as if they were different, and I laugh, why must the human mind create defined ideas? I think one of the biggest draws to animals is their strait forward acts and needs. They dont mislead, try and fool ya, or mean to hurt ya. Its the human mind that can do that stuff.
My very first friend, lover, and healer was an old english sheepdog, Jasmine. She wasnt just a dog as we all understand here, but a face of the mother too. I have never felt the same interaction with any other life on this earth, and believe me Im an animal guy. After being loved by her sooooo well I have now a gift to be around just about any animal in peace and love. All of the dogs and cats Ive had sense are more open and loving too? Jasmine was something Ill never understand but remember and share forever? What I can say is we sometimes put human form into the pets we have? As this is normal of anything close to us, its not bad, but dogs arent human. There is good reason we and dogs share space but dont get mixed up here. Like the poster above said, try making a dog share its lunch! Thankfully for the dog we do share our lunch, and the nature and differnce begains? What do dogs share? Tons!!! What does the mother share? What do you share?

Les to be sure, Im thankful for ya. You sure act like a big old cat, a leo. Infact if you focus on the image, a wolf isnt to far from a big cat or lion. The world is so much after your liking. You have a heart bigger and stronger than the rest of ya, and its turn inside out sometimes. When this happens to me, I cant say much either. I go into shut up and look around mode? Meditation is the only constant in my life, the rest is free to turn and circle.

A flood gate has opened and its time to take a cosmic rafting trip to the sea, to the moon, to the mother. Best be off, left foot first!!!

nina said...

“The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs.” Alphonse de Lamartine

We must be strong and keep looking into the light. There is no relating to abandonment, just as there is no relating to the evil that surrounds us now. Who here can possibly relate to abandonment of the Goldstone Report?

I suggest the animals are easy targets for abandonment because they are evidence of reincarnation and thus living reminders of what human could have been if they had been so inclined.

Anonymous said...

Les, bro -
SHE told me the same.
It was when my first saturn return was comin on. I was outside New Delhi, near Humayan's Tomb, feeling I was finished being in this body on this planet. I climbed to the top of an abandoned minaret, dropped a double of window-pane, stood on the 3-inch ledge and told the universe "you decide!".
I fell back onto the platform and SHE revealed Her presence and true nature for the next 8 hours.
I was shown/told much of what you described. She has always been with each and every one of us. She gives us our mortal lives and takes away, into Her realm of immortality. With every breath, in every nano-second. She is the fullness of creation, creatrix of time, beyond time, wearing the face and form of all beings, archetypal and physical, the fire of the life force in every atom on this planet and cosmos. SHE's got this shit covered!

She has appeared on schedule every time I touch bottom, sometimes in physical female form or in inner vision. The worst thing "civilization" and dogmatic religion has ever done is try to erase/diminish HER. I just call her KaliMa, 'cause that works for me, but any name'll work.
(I think my friend probably told you SHE has got your back, too.)
ps - throughout my whole ordeal on the minaret, my black-and-white Indian street-dog kept watch up there with me, for any interference problems. She's never let me down, I have no fear of death, and I have many "Ma's" always around that love me. You do too!


John said...

I have about 18 cats here too, including 12 kittens who need new homes soon... They are all part bobcat. My friend's grandmother lives in the woods in Arkansas, and her domestic cats have mated with wild bobcats. The matriarch, Miss Cleo, is probably 1/4 bobcat, and she came from there. A few of these look really wild and exotic, with their bobcat genes really expressing. The rest look just like normal long-tailed domestic cats. They are the friendliest cats I've ever known, really cuddly and playful. They love my puppies and dogs too.

Visible said...

that is eerie Bholanath. I wrote this song I Am Alive. on Maui after snorting a lot of Coke and then going to the roof of The Valley Isle Resort on Maui in Kahana.

I was the resident manager there. It is a 12 story building maybe the biggest on the island. I stood on the ledge and I could swear I stepped off but I didn't and I have a terrible fear of heights but I just stood there and looked down. Then I went downstairs and wrote that song and never changed a word.

My friend Camry was staying with me. She was one of the most colossal R and B singers I ever heard. Her mother was a district attorney in North Carolina. She would call me up to check on her daughter who was a pretty naughty girl but never with me. She used to sing the Allman Brother's tune "Whipping Post" for me. She was astounding as a singer. I never heard anyone but Janis who could do what she did. She knew those guys from Hootie and the Blowfish but I never saw her again.

She called me on the phone just moments after I came back downstairs and written down the song and I sang that song for her over the phone. I will never forget the energy that passed between us in that short phone call. She really liked the song too. She was a lot younger than me so I guess I passed out of her mind.

But I could hear Kali Ma in her voice when she responded to the song. After my kundalini awakening. I used to see Kali all over whenever I tripped. She was always at the bottom of meadows for some reason or at the edge of forests and she looked just like the poster; four arms, black and dancing. I mentioned Smashan Tara awhile ago... same lady... absolutely bloodchilling scary but you know she never scared me at all. I used to go looking for her in the graveyards at night. Funny story... this is when I was hanging out with Richard Manuel from The Band. I used to walk into the Rock City Road cemetery with two saxophone players and several quarts of Ballantine Ale and we would sing for the dead.

One night two Israelis appeared out of nowhere and asked us all kinds of questions about what we were up to. I said, "we're dancing with the dead." They left.

Years later now and I wonder. I wonder where Camry is and all the blooming flowers of the great mirror all those Sweethearts of the Rodeo and heroes I knew, I wonder where they have gone. I miss them all but not enough to turn around.

Anonymous said...

are the dog and the cat made of the same fabric or material?but still use the same concepts as the human,love hate peace fear ? but experienced through a different mixture of senses but due to our illusion we can not understand?,do we all resonate with the same vibrations only on varying different degrees? are we all the same life just in different combinations?all the animals all earth
is my master everything in existance?
if everything came from the same place that must be so.
saying each has certain demons and some not,do we not all hold the ability to be hate full or loving or fear full or at peace.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les --

Your visit from Ma was indeed what I had been praying for -- Bless you, brother. As you personally know, last month I too went through another dark night of the soul --and towards the tail end I too turned to the bottle as a last resort -- and somewhere between the bin and the slammer -- first came the bitter iron of a fear I hadn't felt for decades that put me back in spiritual short pants again -- and then the came the overwhelming pain and tears... self pity perhaps, but also overwhelming cosmic angst and futile hopelessness...

And the tears kept coming -- tears I hadn't shed since I bottomed out in Hollywood 25 years ago on coke, junk and booze... as it was then it turned out to be the biggest blessing of my life and the career that lay in ruins around me then was resurrected by the Mother herself, and with no effort.

Anyway on this go around the tears flowed for an entire week -- going through three stages -- bitter tears that stripped me -- then came tears when a stupid TV show made me laugh (yes I turned to the dreaded tube -- anything at that point to make a connection) -- and then came tears of relief and gratitude, cleansing tears that made me grateful for life, the universal mind, my wife, me child, my friends, the birds in the trees, the sun in the sky...

I'm whole now again. Why did it happen? I think the mother was reminding me again that I was not in control of anything and that my well-intentioned rantings were appreciated but not if I thought I was the answer to anything. She told me once again that we are messengers of the greater beyond and not to wail like a baby when things don't go according to our scheme of things...

Welcome the tears and they will lead you to greater love and greater wisdom... She told me she needs us now and she too cries like a baby and that the tears were a test and that not to cry in this latest cycle of days was how she separated the wheat from the chaff -- The tears reassured her -- proved to her our love...

Cry for all of us Les -- That's why she and we love you and need you and cherish every tear you shed...


Anonymous said...

You are not in my unit and I don't even have a unit any more. I am occasionally at the legion for functions and since I am in Bethesda (but not at the moment) I get around to the Cosmos Club and a few other things. If you were in my unit I would command you to straighten up. I can't do that. You are the field commander so it is dismaying for us as you might imagine.

I lost a lot of comrades but I have never lost or ever found anyone like you before. Your country needs you. Humanity needs you and I need you. Don't let us down.

Semper Fi

Lt. Col. Adams

Anonymous said...

Well the two million crazed soldiers that came back from Iraq are "bringin all back home," viz. the Ft. Hood massacre today, at the largest killing base in the USSA.
Probably blame it on Taliban infiltrators wearing US army uniforms!
This is just the beginning

Anonymous said...

One further thing. You might not understand what your daddy did. I anticipate that it has haunted you all your life but he did the right thing. Even if he didn't know, even if he was cruel and a hypocrite which I suspect he was, your real father was coming through him. Because I know he is going to raise you up to places you don't even know about yet I have to ask you to forgive him. It is for the best. Forgive them all because they do not know what they do but the master does.

Your master and my master often don't know what they are up to but the one behind them does as you have pointed out so many times. I wish I had known you before I got involved in all the things I did. You think you are fucked? You have never taken a human life I don't think and you never sent men to their death under orders from jerks in suits and the men above me that obeyed them.

You know what I have left? Maybe I can redeem myself and maybe I can't but you are already redeemed. I envy you.

Lt. Col. Adams

Visible said...

I didn't know but I went to the mainstream media to see. Holy shit! Well, It is coming and a hard rain is going to fall. I've been warning you people. It is going to get ugly.

Colonel Sir, you are a decent and Christian man. I salute you, in my heart and in my spirit. I didn't think you were real before but now I suspect you are. Semper Fi indeed. That's to The Constitution and not The Core as you well know.

You are right. I never killed anyone or sent others to their death but I kicked some ass and I broke some bones but no one who didn't deserve it. I wish I had that back. I can only imagine what you are going through. I'm a really gentle guy now. I have nothing left to prove but... as you must know, it was a pleasure to prove it when I had to, even though I regret it now.

annemarie said...

Like water for chocolate, {it} is a recipe for love.

Maybe you don't real-ize it yet, but you have ever and everything you all ready need.

I grok. You might not know or believe this (yet). As I can only give you my word on this. But my word is the only thing that I have to give, in this here medium.

All you need is love. It's always been with you, it is always there for you. And always will be.

Love thy self. That is the only K(ey) that you really need.

I hope for you this, that you carry on singing beautiful songs. For you already know this:

"You must be a spirit, not a ghost. And a spirit needs a song."

On that note, I'll sing a beautiful song for you. It will be a love song.

Take care and bee well ;)

p.s. There are no typos in this. All spelling is intentional.

initialstate said...


It has taken me such a long time to finally accept that whatever is happening, is meant to be happening. How could it be any other way?

I hit rock bottom around six years ago. I stood at the edge and could see endless darkness if i continued trying to stamp my authority on this reality. It was literally killing me. I judged and blamed my life story when all along i knew that i could step out of the illusion.

I have to absorb the pain and have faith. It is the only way.

And try not to get sucked in by the paradoxes. They are webs.

I love you Les

Anonymous said...

I salute you my friend. I am Alive is a magnificent song. If you never do anything else you wrote that. Do you know that poem by the French flyer. I don't know if he was French but I know he disappeared. Here are his words,

“Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

Sunward I’ve climbed and joined the trembling mirth of sun-split clouds
– and done 100 things you have not dreamed of
– wheeled and soared and swung high in the sunlit silence.

Hov’ring there,
I’ve chased the shouting wind along and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.

Up, up the long delirious, burning blue
I’ve topped the wind-swept hills with easy grace,
Where never lark, or even eagle flew;

And, while with silent, lifting mind, I trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,

Put out my hand, and touched the face of God!”

That is what your songs make me think of. Whatever it is that you are going through God would have not placed such trust in you and will not allow you to fall. Think of it my friend because this is how people think of you.



Anonymous said...

oh mother nature
truth awaker
who loves every one equally
even liars and fakers
she holds all in her arm's
through out their life
down feels heavier
she breathes light
she blows the heart of all men
but men wont listen
they play forget and pretend not risen
eye for an eye
tooth for a tooth's what they play
and when you dont look
they lie decieve and daze
then they have got you dangling on the line
another slave shackled with the eye of the blind
I saw the see
the blind mans hood
live in the wilderness by a tree in the old mans wood
mother loves all but when she blows stand stood
the sun ray shine's
light's up good

Anonymous said...

I liked the mention of ma reminding us through temporary setbacks that we are just the messengers and not to take ourselves more seriously than we should.
Sometimes this can get clouded when our words are getting 7,000 hits a day.
With great power comes great responsibility and both of these MUST be balanced with an equal amount of humility.
You have matched your power with responsibility, look at this fire-walk as a balancing dose of humility from ma.
You are going to get through this Les - and be stronger for it.
Love, truth, peace.

Visible said...

there's a new Smoking Mirrors up. I guess you can tell I'm a mess.

New Smoking Mirrors.

Unknown said...

Les, now I'm crying over this keyboard afer reading your reply and the other posts. What in the hell is wrong with us all? Is it because we are actually the only ones in our right minds on this planet anymore? Is what is wrong with the rest of the world the electro-magnetic frequency waves? HARRP technology? Chemtrails? Flouride water? Residual effects of forced vaccines? Maybe we are really not of this world and we always knew it deep down, so we see things differently than the others.

What was it about me that made my father beat me with my own baton until I was black and blue and my hands swelled up from warding off the blows? Surely it wasn't just because I finished off all of that french onion dip, I am sure.

My parents also liked to make my pets disappear. I would come home from school and maybe my cat was gone and I would say, "Where is Midnight?!" At first my mom said she took him to the shelter, but after much crying and wailing I forced her to go back there and get him. I would have a dog I loved so much, my best friend, and one day I would come home and she would be gone. "Must have run off," they would say. I believed them through my grief for awhile, but things always come out in the wash as they say. I always took care of them, so it was done just because I loved them or something.

During clinicals in college we had to work at the zoo. There was a black leopard that just loved me. It was such an honor to have a beautiful, powerful creature like that want to purr and rub on me like a housecat.

One day we all had to go to the shelter to work and it was euthanasia day. We were all supposed to learn how to kill the ones whose three-day stay was up. I was mortified! I was the only one who refused, not caring if I failed the entire thing because of it. The room where it was done was littered with dead dogs and cats. There was a big incinerator that would get loaded up. Animals are not gently euthanized in a shelter like you may have seen in a vet's office when your old, beloved friend can no longer see, hear, walk, or eat and you have to let him go because he is in pain. No, they are stabbed through the side of the chest with a needle full of poison to be injected into their heart. Most of the time they miss and have to dig around to hit it and the animal screams. The animals also smell the death in the room and their terrified eyes search around for someone to save them. Their eyes plead for it. This was 1994 and I still carry the guilt that I couldn't lock all of the Animal Control Officers in a room and set every one of the sentenced ones free!

When I graduated I worked in one veterinary office and we treated a homeless man's cat for free. Yes, sometimes the homeless have a cat attached to a string, happy to be alive and living in a cardboard box in the alley behind a tire place and loved by a human who cared for him more than himself.

Visible said...

I can't post at my other blogs now. I suspect it is going to because I told you that Fort Hood thing sounded like bullshit. I guess you can see that now for yourself.

Anonymous said...

speaking of canine friends mine have mostly been pigdogs though afew have been cattledogs all true and good without fail

Zoner said...

Thank you, Les, and those who gather here, for both the tears and the smiles.

Lately it is mostly the former for so many it seems, but this surely will change as everything does. Balance will be restored, and around we will go again until.........


Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada:

"Just like in English language there is the word, “If you love me, love my dog.” So the spiritual master is the “dog” of God; therefore if the spiritual master is patted, God is very much pleased."

piety piet said...

latest doggydo i ran a scan

saw you linking to a 666 site ... i am not sure but it may be the one which more than a year ago refused to publish a comment of mine pointing to the best on the subject (way beyond personal nonsense anyway (using timepiece savvy to pulverize the stumbling stones known as egos, feed em into the compost and it into trees): bi-lingual

november 6:
I thought they'd bury me neath skies of blue
where the clay is red, right next to you
but i'll pass from this world, it's not my home(/own)
you left me here in the mountain tops to roam
Not 'song about us' - Sally Jones I guess (which is what it says on the songsnippet file i managed to get this summer. She is great too though.

A jewish bluegrass band that achieved brilliance:
David Petersen & 1946 .. hear it at their very heavy myspace page
This truely is a case of historic irony ... a song that fits 'the life of trouble' by Grugyn Silverbristle (Stephen McCutchan) to a T, by a Jew, totally assimilated, while GS wrote up (up to 01, his website must have died alongside him), the unassimilated variety of Jewish involvement, to a T too, except for one big huge flaw, he makes no distinction there whatsoever, but surely jewish variety is, though one may argue lots of them and hordes besides, monomaniacally labour for the nontransparant and therefore counterproductive centralizations of all sorts till one gets blue in the face, as diverse as Buddhist, christian and islamic. The better splinters of each remaining obscured and dogged or at least underdogged, marginalized and at best ignored.
Readers who might still doubt that the Old Testament is a political program
for World Dominion, consider the following excerpts from The Unified
Conspiracy Theory, by Silverbristle. - 27K

20-August-2001 ---
Stephen McCutchan wins first book award from Presbyterian Writers Guild
by Jerry L. Van Marter ---- LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The Presbyterian Writers Guild has awarded its annual Jim Angell Award for the best first book by a Presbyterian writer to the Rev.Stephen P. McCutchan, pastor of Highland Presbyterian Church in
Winston-Salem, N.C.

from GS' parable of the Tree (which evinces great admiration for jews*):
But the people on the left side of the way had not the seed to plant, and they grew impoverished even as their neighbors across the way grew rich, until they were forced even to sell their land and become servants and laborers for their new landlords. But never did they lose faith that someday the Sower would return, that they would be given a second chance, to do right where they once had failed. And so there sprang up among them a cult of the Second Coming, and they prayed mightily that the Day should be soon.

*Attesting to his 'carriership' (of the semitovirus) and ambivalence ... just like his account called 'life with Trouble' (thus named white wolf) never once speaks of him letting her go free, even into the second week of mountaintop roamsomeness. Seems he has a plausible explanation though:

piety piet said...

“You always keep her tied?”

“She's an alpha-female. If I let her run, she'll go off and scrap with the other females in the valley.”

“She doesn't look aggressive.”

“She's not,” I try to explain. “The female dogs don't understand her ... it's like they're talking different languages.” The Professor raises a brow. “You see,” I continue, “there is only one breeding pair in a wolf-pack. With dogs, all the females go into heat ... and so they don't understand how female wolves are different ... wolves are celibate, so to speak, and compete with one another for the right to breed. The alpha male brings the alpha female into heat, and he will only breed with this one female, the alpha. So Trouble will get along with the males, but she will fight with -- and possibly injure -- the female dogs, who are clueless. I guess you would call it a 'culture-clash.'”

“She doesn't seem to mind being tied,” the professor observes.

november 7th: American Patriot Friends Network - GS used to be there

Are Grugyn Silverbristle and Stephen P McCutchan (Presbyterian pastor in mexico) the same person or a brother of the composer?????? ... i have a 509K file with sermon notes by the pastor and if that proves too biblical and all i will try this: Theological fiction. So i will soon be capable of informed judgements, upon style comparisons, they will probably be along the line: wrong one died ... which would bring us back to semites if we had meanwhile suffered the illusion of having got get away from them. Time for definite indubitable break then:

Herodotus' remarks actually support my theory: that the Pelasgians had split into two separate cultures. The seafaring men (the Fir Bolg, the Tuatha de Danaan, the Gael and the Sons of Mil) who were displaced migrated along their ancient trade routes: northward through the Bosphorus and then up the Danube into central Europe, or else westward to the Rhone river and into western Europe, or further west to the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, and from there to Ireland and Britannia. It is recorded in Irish folklore that the Tuatha came from a land of magic learning, and that they were skilled in art and war. They were ancestors of the Druids and Bards. The Sons of Mil were said to be descendants of Noah who came to Ireland by way of Spain.

Meanwhile the Pelasgian women had remained at home as concubines to the invading Greeks, and their religion was absorbed into the Olympian Order. The story of Pyrrha and Deucalion seems to bear this out: they did not repopulate the race by procreating with each other: the casting of stones implies that each went their own way. Sailors and prostitutes, navigators and priestesses.

Is it possible that Deucalion had been fooled? Was the Oracle giving secret instructions to Pyrrha, outlining her strategy to deal with the Greek invasions: that she (Pyrrha) would be released from betrothal to the men of her own race, that she should veil her head (against Olympian propaganda), but that she should physically submit to the invaders' lust in order to perpetuate the matriarchal bloodlines, and that she must outwardly renounce her ancient Pelasgian ceremonies, i.e. pretend to know nothing about them?

from notes to Vergilius Maro, Roman poet 70BC (the time when semites invaded an overran half of the mississipi and the southeast with very nasty results lasting a millenium - Zappa spoke/sang of the past, that past)

Hebrew Tetragramiton (may possible be where i found that riveting photograph)
"Now that is something worth pondering for a couple of years in the mountains."

piety piet said...

Drew: So the torus is the klein bottle is the vortex pyramid is the full-lotus is the Pythagorean Tetrad is the .. BIG BLACK TRIANGLE ionic propulsion. GS work here

You Drew, C2C fan (and to a lesser extent, the entire gadget loving US) is addicted to (inherently Asocial since bloodfeudfilled Bible extrapola(riza)tory) SF. All the youtube you gawk at and wax lyrically delirious over are plain, tacit, consensual or otherwise prearranged breadwinner make believe
Drew: So the torus is the klein bottle is the vortex pyramid is the full-lotus is the Pythagorean Tetrad is the .. BIG BLACK TRIANGLE ionic propulsion.
your great little running together, condensation and equating of hi tec, geometric close packing, 'healing and the full lotus is just about as plausible as taking about 5 steps of separation between Goldman Sacks and Gaza. Not at all impossible but without sufficient practice juggling the intermediate steps and stages quite absurd

my folder for Grugyn, the man from Rochester NY, contains 74 pieces coming to 2Mb (he did short pages mostly). A few more places from the field (i recognize especially the economic environment he circulated in but he calls it monetary parochialism as part of a string in that strain -use He acknowledges that short file with many links points to other people though):^2@.ee6eef5

The man was prodigious ... which explains why his wolfdog is so lank and skinny. That and the fact he would not let it off the leash for reasons quoted above, of course.

piety piet said...

mid october i took a closer look (having made him a map near the end of july but ignored/forgot it that far)
rough sorta fella who decides to go survivalist and travels towards the least populous and greenest region in the south with a white wolf .. in a borderline breakdown pickup, scaring a pastor who runs the native ground of the first of his ancestors who struggled free from servitude and cultivated/clearcut thereabouts, for all the wrong reasons (catering to the ((sin))fully living and bringing more africans into NYC than there are afrimericans and amefricans, afrericans, native black americans i mean. the relate, volatile, instable and hybrid nature of these nevertheless true(er) nativity shattering waves is no hindrance for Grugyn to nevertheless deduce a right of place from .... the bible of all places .... The only book (propaganda bomb) that could keep up with the onslaught of bullets barging and bursting in upon, again, truer nativity.

actually the story starts way before that, as a note in my july file attests:
stumbled on something i saved a copy of in 2001 - there's loads of links in all sorts of
directions and it quotes Kevin McDonald while being real biased against Native Amis,
greatly exxagerating diffusion to the point where it resembles migration fueled by
the terra nullius/aliyah memes
Who Are the Native Americans? --
a few dead links underneath - one of which bears the title:
Who is Grugyn Silverbristle?
Part of a diss by patrick minges - on keetoowah, freemason and golden circlerfind .
... more on all this below

continued from above:
Grugyn is a pro parochialist and the serendipity site links to JSMill (not sure if this
link will get you there) on the subject is a new iteration of the dead link i was on
about above

took me a while to get there though, here's a few signposts along that tortuous road:

Birdman Bryant: The Moral Case Against Indians Excerpted from the overly-long 'Who
are the native americans' by 'Grugyn Silverbristle'

Mythical Creatures - Undoomed Warrior 18 Dec 2006 ... Grugyn Silver Bristle was
one of the sons of Twrch Trwyth, a boar who rampaged through Britian. He is also in
the story of Culhwch and Owen. ...
CTRL Kris Millegan

Beyond Conspiracy
one of the largest files i found

Anonymous said...

Go East young man.
Like the Greeks.

John said...

Piet. I sense something there. Could you summarize please?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

November 8th Radio Show and a Little Extemporaneous Dog Poet.

Vegan Well said...

good point regarding those enamored with alien races slumming around lowly places. a bigger power gathers. mission accomplished.
keep barking up the right trees dog poet of Sirius. the shit is about to hit the fan. start your motors, mount your ponies, wipe your tears, remove the phonies. 2010 we are coming to a planet near you and it will be an abrupt wake up or a go back to sleep in shock, regardless, we are coming when all looks dire and kitty has bared to door...opps..a backdoor not accounted for.

Visible said...

There's a new offering in the Petri Dish.

Fort Hoodlum, Fort Hoodwink and those the Gods Drive Mad.



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