Friday, August 27, 2021

"They are Captured in the Thrall of Maya, Out of Which God has Woven The World."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Most people are focused on the negative appearances of these times. They see the dancing shadows of The Horsemen and they get all aflutter. Yes... they have a menacing aspect. They will also suck you in, as does anything you pay too much attention to in this Temporary World. When I say 'temporary', I mean insofar as your being here. We come and go. There is not much you can do about that unless you are one of the exceptional ones, who understands the arcane reality of the statement, “We shall not all die, but we shall all be changed." One of the secrets of eternal life is endless change in the manifest, while Changeless behind the appearances, just as God himself is.

The forced migrations, initiated and carried out by The Usual Suspects, the accelerating chaos on urban streets, the Halloween virus, and Death Star Vaccines, the much richer rich and the much poorer poor, the materializing apparitions of WANT pending, the ever more vile depravity, the homelessness, and the increasing disconnect of rootless surrender monkeys; surrendering to drink and drugs, to Fear and Despair, the wholesale rape of Innocence. There's a lot on your plate, Humanity. The whole of it is breaking down.

That doesn't sound good, does it? That everything is breaking down? The Age is Changing. It's been around two thousand some years since the last time it happened so... you might not remember what it was like when The Avatar came to set it all in order The Last Time, and the time before that, and before that, and before that, going back into the faint, faint echoes of an unimagined past. Nothing ever totally disappears, there is always some resident vibration of it. This accounts for The Akashic Records. The Akasha is The Aether. That is the primal material from which all forms are made by precipitation downward through the four planes of transition; Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah I believe they are called. Other traditions have other names for them.

Consider Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt. In the Vedic Tradition, they are known as The Three Gunas of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. The seven chakras are the seven stars (planets). The parallels are remarkable. There are many roads up the mountain, but once you attain the heights you can see all of the ways down.

B.O.T.A. deck The Hermt

That's why The Hermit holds out his lantern of Inner Light, to guide the seeker upward. The very stars in the sky are vibrating centers of Inspiration. The whole world and all the world's beyond and within ARE CONNECTED. Once you work out how to be in harmony with all life, you are on your way. It is actually a simple process. We complicate it because we want to cut corners for the purpose of Self-Interest. Once that is gone, you will have no further problems getting it.

My point with all this preceding verbiage is that The Cosmos is an Arranged Composition. It's like a musical score. If the sounds and cries of The World have captured your attention then you cannot hear this music. Most will say, “Well, if I can't hear it then it isn't even there.” That's a nice tidy perspective for you.

Yeah... it looks like a hurricane of misery is on the horizon, and for many, I would have to concur. It is the direction they are headed in after all. Isn't it? Aren't they sucking through the straw of the false self the sweet juices of the pleasures of The World? Aren't Fear and Appetite warring for supremacy in their separated minds? What is it that inspires Humanity at this point of runaway Materialism? Feeding, Rutting, parading around in Self-Importance? Oh... there's a laundry list to be sure.

I am not seeking to knock Humankind. Being deluded is a vulnerable place to be. Some will cry about unfair advantage, the privileged rich, the fortunate, the masters of material excess. Meanwhile, tens of millions follow The Kardashians, profane rappers with low IQ, amoral sport's figures, Celebrities of every stripe. How desperately they wish to be like them! They will be, give it time. Everyone gets to do everything here for as long as they keep coming back for more. So... it didn't come to you in this life? You'd better get to work now on the next one.

Sadly, there is nothing worth having that lasts here. It is all decomposing in slow-mo (and not so slow, Mo.) this very moment. Past relics of vanished civilizations lie buried in the strata of The Earth. For a time they were hustling and bustling and flushed with success, and then? It was all gone. It happens over, and over, and over. These are all film reels for The Purpose of Demonstration. You are supposed to get a clue about the Temporary Nature of manifest existence. Unfortunately, deeper reflection is curtailed by the cries of, “Eat! Drink! And be Merry!” Rock on, you poor intoxicated fools.

Love is the elixir of Immortality, but it is very hard to explain this to people. It is hard to explain selfless interest to the self-interested. It is quite difficult to extemporize upon the up-side of Impersonality. “How does that work?” They ask. Well, you see, you let go of everything that is holding you down, and to which you are ATTACHED. You walk away from one world into another by a simple change in awareness. Carnal minds see no future in relinquishing their carnality. They believe that Liberty is License. They hate the people they most wish to be like. They see absolute sleaze bags prospering and living riotously and do not understand why they don't get to do the same. Oh... they will. They will.

They will get to plunder and violate, seemingly without consequence, until the meter runs out, and then they get to play all of their victims for the next creep who wanted to be like them. You don't get to be anything without some cost, sometimes without a great deal of cost. The idea of living a simple life with few wants seems defeatist to them. They are captured in the thrall of Maya, out of which God has woven The World with all its glitter and tinsel. All aboard!!! All aboard for the Boulevard of Broken Dreams! I rather prefer ♫ People get ready, there's a train a-coming ♫ That's more my style, but you will make your own choices.

I would be pleased to no end to live in a cabin in the woods beside a still lake; somewhere that I can picnic with my Invisible Friends. People who are familiar with me will tell you that I do have Invisible Friends. They have ways of making their presence known. I'm not The Lone Ranger (though I am a Ranger). Anyone can have Invisible Friends, and most people do, when they are children. Love... the finer and more selfless love will bring you to Regenerated Innocence. That is the upside. Senility is the downside alternative chosen by most.

The problem, as I see it, is that most people simply don't believe in God, except as some far off absentee Heavenly Father. Once again, let me remind the people with no short-term memory that I am NOT a Christian. I am Vedic in disposition. All the other religions came out of that one. It's all water from the same pipe. If you are a scoffer and a cynic, then welcome to the world you have created for yourself. I KNOW God is REAL. I get evidence, certainly many times, every single day.

How did I accomplish that? I went looking for it to the exclusion of everything else. I took no thought for having a home or property. I don't even have insurance cause there's not much to insure except for some musical instruments. I live on very little because there is very little that I want. This makes me a rich man. My pleasures are NOT derived from the endless sex act of material life. I didn't come from here, so I'm just passing through. In that respect, so are you.

I just wanted it more than anything else, and... THAT IS ALL IT TAKES! “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.” I can confirm that this is true. If you are having a hard time here, you should consider what you have made important to yourself. What hostages to fortune do you have? What ties and weighs you down here? Cut it loose. Better to be a free man than a bird in a gilded cage whose greatest hunger is for FREEDOM.

I don't know how this is all going to work out. I know that it WILL work out, though not to the satisfaction of everyone. It might be a good idea to find out what a Hungry Ghost is. There are a great many of them running about trying to taste what they have no tongues for, to touch what they have no tactile sense for, and so on. Most passionately they are looking for unattended and abandoned vehicles. This is a CRITICAL TIME spiritually. Don't concern yourself with APPEARANCES. Look deeper. God is very present in times like these. Good Grief! He's coming here personally to sort it out! Surely you can see the inexplicable difficulties the predators and Usual Suspects are having? No... not all of them, not just yet. Stick around, it's going to be The Real Hollywood filming for The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"One Can go Mad Trying to Drink the Knowledge from the Ocean of Endless Knowing."

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All that we aspire to is within us. That means The Divine is right there at all times. We cannot know this if our attention is on other things. After a time, as The Dream takes an ever greater hold on us, The Divine becomes like a dream... far away. However, every now and then, one of us finds The Divine again and The Divine lives in them. This is going on in this world all the time. They are a rare breed. You are fortunate if you have met one because they can take you with them if they are so disposed. Then again... Karma, always Karma, until it is no more. They can help you with that too.

Some call it The Brotherhood of Light. Some call it The Great White Brotherhood (except that is now racist, even though it only refers to forces of The Light) some call it The Initiatic Brotherhood. It's been around for a very long time. Shambhala is one of their main ports of call, but there are numerous others in finer and finer atmospheres. One can learn about them if they are of a mind. The column of light goes up and in forever. There is always someone ahead and someone behind.

When The Divine is consciously resident in someone, it is The One. There is only one. It is because of this that The Wise immediately recognize one another because they are looking into a mirror. The same thing happens when they are looking at you. They do not discriminate between life forms. They merely understand them. They are resonant with The Divine in everyone. Even those deeply sleeping can feel it tremor in them, even if it is well after the fact.

Of course, there are degrees of advancement among Masters. Some have a fuller presence within. This is the nature of it. The ineffable slips into you and makes himself comfortable and then he expands in a widening aura that can take many generations to come to flower. Still... as Krishna said= “Success is SPEEDY for The Energetic.” It was said that The Buddha's aura extended from his physical body for many leagues. A league, for your information, is 3 miles. Imagine that!

The aura of The Sun extends far, far beyond that. As you can see, by this comparative, there are degrees of advancement, ever on and on. One evolves and ceases to be human. One eventually becomes a star on the vast carpet of night, spreading light in The Darkness. The Light, after a certain point, appears as darkness because it cannot be seen with mortal eyes.

We have The Eternal resident within us. It is always there. We would not be alive otherwise because The Eternal one is the life in us. It is The Recognition of this that is The Key to Everything. If your attention is on The World and its moments of uproar... well, there you are. If your attention is on The Divine... well, there you are. Concentration is the secret of the magical art. In one way or another we are all practitioners of the art; Bad Practitioners and Clumsy Dancers, but we are here to Learn. What we learn depends on what we give our attention to, and our desire makes some things more attractive than others. Some of us are wise enough to Unlearn, and as we do, the hooks and tangles of The World melt away. We willfully enmesh ourselves into the sticky strands of The Web. It takes a real artist to free us.

Those who call out from within ARE HEARD. Depending on how far you have drifted, it can take considerable time to return to The Islands of Sanity, and ONLY The Winds of God can blow you there. Ramakrishna said something like, “We must lift our sails to the winds of God and let them carry us home.” That's not verbatim, but the meaning is still there.

The force of illusion must be great indeed. People everywhere are caught up in The Dream. Meanwhile, the power of Divine Liberty is flowing, through and around the squalor and depravity of these fallen times. Look on the bright side, it had to happen. There has to be something to save, right? One is better off by making the determination to be saved by doing the groundwork that is required. Don't blame me. I didn't make the rules. It used to be that I didn't follow any rules unless I saw a good reason for it. Of course, I didn't know what the rules were. I do now, at least a little.

I wonder sometimes at what real masters can see. Early on, when I arrived in Philadelphia at The Guru Bawa Fellowship, I lived a few blocks away in an apartment. One day I was called in to see Guru Bawa because one of his translators had made a complaint about me. I can't remember her name, but she had this boyfriend, Bill Still, who had some rather unusual personal habits. We won't be discussing those today (grin). He also liked to smoke pot. He liked to smoke pot at every opportunity. His girlfriend, the translator, concocted a story in her mind that I was providing her boyfriend with pot. It was a common event in my life, for some time, to be accused of things I did not do. Bill had gotten the pot from Larry Schwartz who lived at my apartment.

Guru Bawa started lecturing me about drugs. I tried to explain it to him but you can imagine what I was up against when the person translating was the person accusing me. I was unable to make the truth evident to Bawa. Why couldn't he see through what was happening? I tell this story to point out something I then noticed several times as my life continued. We ONLY know what we are permitted to know, even Masters only know what they are permitted to know. Bawa was known as a saint, more than as a master. Saints are those in which Regenerated Innocence has been realized. They can also be masters, but not always. My point is that there is as much, if not more complexity in the invisible world, as there is in the visible world.

One can go mad trying to drink the knowledge from the ocean of endless knowing. Simplicity is ALWAYS the best course to take. Knowing unnecessary things can get you into unnecessary situations. These days we know a great deal more than we used to, and not all of what we know is true. Many people are living their lives based on what other people have told them. Tell the truth and you will be in small company. Tell a lie and you might have a line outside your door.

All of us are walking around with the object of our pursuit present within us. It is easily accessible, but it might not respond as we would like. It does not appear accompanied by conditions we insist upon. It only appears when those conditions are not present. One can learn nothing when filled up with all kinds of information that contradicts what is real within us. This is the separated mind at work. You have to free yourself of everything you previously permitted yourself to be influenced by. If you intend to build the new, you must tear down the old. Fortunately, you do not have to concern yourself with this because that process is carried out by The Guardian Angel.

I did have a reason for bringing this up today, and I assume that you come here because these things interest you. Let me share again, with a little more detail, what I do each day. I am not suggesting that this is the answer, only that it works for me. We ALL share in common certain necessary forms of behavior. We all eat. We all excrete. Most of us engage in some form of sexual congress. We all sleep, and, most especially, we all breathe. These are common behaviors, daily events we engage in. Some of us eat more than others, and the same applies to the other behaviors. It seems to me that in these acts lies immense opportunities to Spiritualize them. I am prayerful and affirmative with each of these as if they were a divine ritual. This means every time I perform one of these actions, with the exception of breathing, I do so... but I compensate for this by an unrelenting remembrance of The Presence of God.

My ONLY focus of sexual attraction is now for The Divine. A little study into arcane laws will tell you that “As Above, so below” exists in ALL WAYS.

I hold The World as a projection of The Mind, and I watch how I label and define anything. Unless God is with you all the time, in a conscious resonance, you are intermittent and inconsistent. It will take longer, and the lack of persistence will tell on you. This is VERY CRITICAL at this time because The Winds of The Avatar are blowing, and if you can lift your sails to it, you will have the power of God at your back to sail you Heavenward. Conversely, there is a whirlpool of regression swirling, and it is sucking everything not anchored, down into the recycling machine. That's just how it is. You can see it in all the media and in the attractions of The World. It is a suffocating death grip. It is cultural Fentanyl. Another time I will talk about my experience with Fentanyl. It is a Death Cruise, an engineering feat to make death appear desirable and as a comforting friend.

If you make every event in your life dedicated to The Divine, all of your acts will become divine. Yes... it might take some time, but if you are determined it can seem like no time at all, and there is a righteous joy and satisfaction that attends the thoughts, and words, and deeds of the committed soul.

End Transmission.......

A few links for today. I don't have much for some reason, but the internet is jumping with news. You can find plenty at The Truthseeker.

Friday, August 20, 2021

"Evil is in the Beginning Stages of Destroying Itself as a Precursor for the Coming Age."

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The Usual Suspects have initiated a campaign and they are crying to the government and law enforcement about acts of aggression committed against them, most of these events are put up jobs or never even happened. They've convinced the police in several jurisdictions that they need protection, and being the ultimate squeaky wheel with deep pockets they are getting it. They are also forming their own police departments. A lot of this will come in handy after the Communist takeover that they are constructing in this country. They will fail though.

They are uneasy, however. They don't know why. It can't be from anyone in this world because they run the place in many locations. The point of my bringing all of this up is that what is coming for them is not something they can protect themselves against. Not all the money and men with guns in the world can protect them from what is coming because their enemy is within. Because of the nature of these times; The Apocalypse, The Awakening, and The Coming of The Avatar, certain forces have been set loose in The World. Depending on what you are and what you have done in this world, these forces will affect every group and individual differently.

The people of which I speak are being driven mad. They are going incrementally and IRRESISTABLY crazy. Others are being brought to new states of sanity. You can see it happening right in front of you at this very time. It is visibly evident and it is intensifying. I speak only of those specifically engaged in harm to others. There are others of their demographic that will not be affected because they are not engaged in harm to others. This is also going to be happening to major political figures, entertainers, and people of all walks of life. Evil is in the beginning stages of destroying itself as a precursor for the new age.

People are being revealed to themselves. There is nowhere to run or hide from that. Mr. Apocalypse is roiling the waters of the human subconscious, and all manner of THINGS are coming to the surface. If you have concealed monsters within you, you will encounter monsters. You will be convicted or exonerated in the court of your own awareness, with your conscience as the District Attorney. If you cannot withstand the force of your own self, you WILL be driven mad.

When one looks at The World, it is easy to take the view that everything happening is the result of acts initiated by Bad People with too much power. This is not the case. All that is taking place is permitted by the Supernal Realm for The Purpose of Demonstration. All one could ever wish to understand is most perfectly expressed in the Tao Te Ching. I have NEVER seen it more clearly stated.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Why specific trends appear and certain events occur has to do with the intricacies of Karma. This Karma demands that precise conditions appear in order for the cosmic lesson to be learned ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

You hear talk about The Laws of Nature. Perhaps you have heard about The Law of Attraction, The Law of Correspondence, and The Law of Cause and Effect. There is also The Law of Compensation, of Relativity, Rhythm, and Polarity. All of these have some connection to, “As Above, So Below.” There are also a number of other laws that ARE NOT in the common parlance and have to do with the higher energies of The Sun and The Moon. Yes... you can find various relationships of The Sun and The Moon in the laws previously stated, but there are Celestial Verities, which are beyond the ken of the mortal mind.

The Laws of Nature that we are aware of are the smaller portion of the whole of The Laws of Nature. Sages and Masters are familiar with these hidden laws, as are other illumined sorts who have convinced or compelled Nature to reveal her secrets. When I say, compelled, I do not mean it in the sense of the ordinary understanding. You can't strong-arm Nature. Sure, you can bulldoze her, and shear her. You can dig and mine her and build cities from her resources, BUT... the finer aspects of her will REMAIN HIDDEN from The Profane. There are a great many more of The Profane than there used to be. Such are the consequences of Materialism.

I marvel at how difficult it is for most to understand the reality of The Avatar. Most do not even think about this, and many there are who doubt the REGULAR coming of The Avatar at predictable intervals in time. We have all sorts of records of previous visitations. Hard-core Materialists will argue that there is no real proof, just a few books, and traditions, written and established by the deluded. They are not the ones who are deluded. The ones who are deluded are the ones who claim to know everything and who, in fact, know nothing. You cannot converse with them and have any expectation of a reasonable outcome. They have convinced themselves that there is no higher authority than themselves. They are certainly wrong.

Those fortunate enough to be present when The Avatar is present, are in a position to avail themselves of his Grace and Mercy. This is supremely important because a Time of Tribulation is about to come upon The World; has already begun to come upon The World. It will have the usual features of psychopathic overlords, epidemics, wars, natural disasters, and mass insanity. That is to be expected. On the other hand, there will be a time of joyous renewal for those who have had the good sense to hitch their wagon to the star of The Avatar.

I cannot account for the intentions and behavior of others. I can see how it comes to be as it is, but the completely irrational acts are a sorrowful mystery that I must lay at the feet of their Karma. As previously stated, Mr. Apocalypse is shaking it everywhere, Boss. Either you surrender to the force of the Lord of Light or you will be driven to seek shelter in dark places. Being in the advancing stages of Crazy will not help the ambiance. I am a fool and I have no excuses for it, nor seek to make any. HOWEVER... in this one matter, I am not a fool. I have no intention of resisting an irresistible force. Furthermore, I am in love with it, so resistance is out of the question. I'm putting out the welcome mat at every point of my being.

I have a small idea of what is at stake here. I am aware that those who do not make the cut will be sent to the wardrobe department on The Moon, to be suited up for a series of lives to come. Even this is not a total disaster if... well... it depends on what roles you are being suited up for. Shepherds are always in short supply. The same cannot be said for the predators. The Initiatic Brotherhood is ALWAYS present here in the service of Heaven and Humanity. One could be getting suited up for that, or simply wear the same suit all the way through the age. Once again though, you have to make the cut.

Personally, I am more interested in The Western Pure Land, Shambhala, Brahma-Loka, and Vrindavan in The Spiritual Sky. Still, we are our brother's keeper, and incarnating for that purpose, regardless of the darkness in this world, is a fine aspiration, and will NOT go amiss in The Highest Court that is not On the Land. There are many avenues one can take, just as there are many exit portals in the body. You simply work in the direction of your desire and it will materialize, if not here, then... somewhere.

When The Avatar comes, not IF, but When, he brings many things. He exudes the perfumes of Eternal Spring. He speaks like water flowing over rocks in a stream. He brings True Peace and Unbridled Joy. He brings FORGIVENESS, and the opportunity for a quantum leap in Spiritual Evolution to those bold enough for the challenge. His powers of healing are LIMITLESS. His Mercy is beyond human understanding, and he is your best and your ONLY FRIEND who, upon meeting him, is proof that you never before knew what True Friendship was.

Why... Why would anyone sane not leap at this RARE and remarkable opportunity? We are deceived is why. We are conflicted with doubt and distractions. We are looking down instead of up, and... most especially, not looking within. That is a real thing, you know? The Kingdom of Heaven IS within you. I pray each day to be able to wear The Qualities of God and to carry the Kingdom of Heaven within me wherever I may be. I KNOW, that if I am relentless in my prayers; if I possess Faith, Certitude, and Determination, it is simply a matter of walking the talk. You MUST BE convinced within of the certainty of it, and IT WILL HAPPEN. I'm telling you, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard of the wonders of his kingdom, in which there are a great many mansions. Think of the size of our galaxy, The Milky Way. Next, imagine how vast this universe is when The Milky Way is no more than a mere fragment in space. The mansions of Heaven abound in the far reaches, both outwardly AND inwardly.

I think of The Amitabha Buddha as being most similar to The Christ, only presenting in a different form. One should read the story of what austerities and unfathomable patience this celestial employed. Now... that's what I call dedication. I can't even imagine it. We have heroes aplenty to emulate if we are so inspired to do so. Unfortunately, in Times of Material Darkness, our heroes are a shoddy bunch. RAISE YOUR SIGHTS!!! Let your soul have unhindered access to your heart. Enter the wonderland of your interior, where the resonant vibration fills your being with an ecstasy far, far beyond those of pedestrian amusements.

The Avatar is bringing many gifts. He comes to reward or punish. It is better to be on the one side than on the other.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

"EVERYTHING that Happens Here was Blueprinted for Construction at a Previous Time."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Chaos Theory is how Neo-liberals celebrate The Cosmos. It's also a form of Satanism. For that, they have Chaos Magic. These are terms grafted over older practices. Nothing has really changed or been improved. Chaos theory is a device that atheists use to explain existence to themselves. It's kind of like the last refuge of idiots in perpetual denial. I can think of a few sites where this is going to get a Hot Welcome.

Crazy is the fashion statement of the moment. In honor of that, they have Freed Britney; ♫ Still crazy after all these years. Whoa, still crazy ♫ The political theater is now Theater of the Absurd as Tucker explains.

I saw Secretary of State, Tony Blinken and immediately I wondered what happened to Winken and Nod? The Cultcha is in Free Fall. This is happening in formerly Christian America. Yeah... let's save the rest of the links. I just thought I would give a temperature andpulse reading. Maybe I will find the hidden kingdom of COVIDIA. It sounds more like an STD than a new name for The Common Flu.

It is not as if the family-oriented American Dream has gone off the rails. It is that the suffocating media on all sides of us, the government and its agencies, the religions grabbing for floating water coolers in an angry ocean, and the completely depraved and uninspired entertainment businesses that have banded together to tell us that not only is it off the rails but it SHOULD BE off the rails. Off the rails is not the same as Off the Hook. The same Usual Suspects either own and operate or invisibly control all of these. What we are seeing is what they intend for us.

What the Hell, one more link because Irony is something I find much satisfaction in. In that link, we have one of the most corrupt and evil individuals on the planet exhibiting what happens when primal darkness starts calling the kettle black (racist?).

My... my... it is really ramping up. New Zealand just closed down the country because of A SINGLE CASE OF Common (re-branded) flu. It's not even flu season now but they got plans for that. Who will prove the stronger? Will the Usual Suspects be able to turn Earth into Hell Planet, complete with Pinhead and his Legions? Will the Cenobites take over? Will males be surgically-abled to reproduce after involuntary mating with Cenobites? Why not ask that Kentucky restaurateur.

Is it worth it? Is it worth it to be a famous celebrity? Does the life shine in a glamorous light where all your needs are attended to? Then why do people like Better Midler and Rosanadana Arquette behave like snarling wolverines with garlic-rubbed hemorrhoids? Why are these entertainers and politicians so internally harassed? You can see it if you have the magic glasses. Why are they all gender-confused and so nasty? Someone... or something is controlling them. They are NOT in control. This is abundantly clear.

Evil has ALWAYS been around, even if you were to say that we are often mistaken about what is Evil and what is Good. Presently, MUCH that is Evil is now considered Good. It is promoted as the new paradigm. America is in real trouble because of The Bankers. It is whoever is controlling the purse strings who is responsible for all that we see, which is so distasteful if you are still rational.

The Bankers are the Problem.

If you ever need to understand WHY conditions become the way they do, you have ONLY to study who it is that controls the money. They are the ones who set the standards (lack of standards) by which we live.

I can understand why so many people are so uneasy. I can understand the fights at airports and on planes, in fast-food restaurants, at sporting events, and at sundry locations. It reminds me of Jagger on the stage at Altamont when all Hell was breaking loose and he was saying, “Peace, Brothers, and Sisters.” Then he took his studded belt and began lashing the stage and singing Midnight Rambler. Of course, he again would call out for Peace among the brothers and sisters. He had to do that a lot because The Hell's Angels were in a frenzy with their pool cues, and the crowd was psychotic with bad CIA LSD.

The country itself is in similar states now. They are also on bad drugs, bad food, bad entertainment, and DEFINITELY bad news. It's going to get hot because that is what the Money-Men want.

Is this what we are to expect? Are we entering the dimension of Road Warrior? Peace... Brothers and Sisters, for real this time. Heaven is watching and listening. A Great Harvesting is coming. There is NEVER a time when Heaven is not in charge, regardless of appearances and EVERYTHING that Happens Here was Blueprinted for Construction at a Previous Time. The end times of the Kali Yuga is a period of Cosmic Payback for debts outstanding in other lives. This is something that I do know. And it doesn't really matter if anyone else knows it. If IT IS, it is. If it IS NOT, it is not. I depend on that and seek to align with The Real, as any sane person would do. Unfortunately, many have no idea of which is which anymore.

The last four nights here have been filled with the same mysterious lightning. Last night was the most furious yet. In the North-East, the lightning was CONTINOUS without pause for hours, and it was counterpointed by lighting at the margins ALL AROUND. I have never seen the like. In the five years that I have been here, nothing has come close to this. Nowhere that I have been have I seen the like. This is NOT normal weather. I have my own idea of why this is happening. Others will have their theories too. At the moment, they are theories and no more than that. It amuses me when people insist that they KNOW the Reasons for... well.., pretty much anything. Don't you dare tell them differently because THEY KNOW. We'll see about that. We will Most Certainly see about that in due course.

What you are seeing is an en masse nightmare being experienced by large numbers of people because a small group of malicious incompetents are toying with The Dream Web. They THINK they are running things. What they are doing is getting themselves stuck in the viscous slime of the web, and the more they rage in a furious effort to control what they do not understand, the more tightly they are being bound, and the more they alert The Spider. Some will be liberated in these times, many others will become more and more arrested and confined and drained, and some will tread water in uncertain seas. You can imagine that the sleep of dreams takes place on an ocean. This ocean is never still or stable. No ocean is. You want that, go to a mountain lake. No... they are not stable either, they simply APPEAR to be in the brochures.

The absurdity that is taking place at this time is hard to believe and it keeps getting worse. For me, it is a moment of denouement as the climax approaches. There IS a finer and higher logic to it all, but those trapped in the perspective of a single lifetime cannot see it. There are conscious lights in the air above us but they are not seen either, nor are the ones within. The POWER of Heaven is an absolute. NOTHING can challenge it. Sometimes the appearance is given of some monstrous foe, but that is nothing more than cosmic show business, something done for the purpose of folk tales and allegories to follow, and none of them widely understood in the way they were intended to be. You can find as much wisdom in fables and nursery rhymes as you can find in a religion. Religions are A BLIND.

You are caught up in A Magic Show. That is all it is. It is a recurring performance by conjurers and wand-waving nutjobs on their way to an insurgency of dancing brooms carrying pails of water. Why has it gotten so out of wack so quickly? We have explained this before. When The Avatar comes down through the planes he sweeps out the long ensconced nests of Evil Influence. They are DRIVEN downward until they take form (or take a form) on this plane. This is for the purpose of cosmic justice and it happens at regular intervals. If you are caught up in the limited perspective of a single life you have no memory of the last time it happened. It has happened before. Everything has already happened before.

There are so many people in these times who are passionate about righting wrongs that they probably caused themselves at another time. There are so many people losing their minds because there is no firm foundation for them. They have abandoned the inner sanctuary and convinced themselves that the solution is OUT THERE somewhere. It most certainly is not.

All I can tell you is, ♫ He's got the whole world... in his hands. He's got the whole world... in his hands. He's got the whole world... in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands ♫ Believe it or not. That's up to you. I've made my own arrangements.

End Transmission.......

How about a few links which include people going freak city for MONEY, entitlement, and sump-pump hypocrisy

Via Fox News
♫ C'mon and take a free ride!
C'mon and take a free ride ♫
Won't you help this courageous self-serving, gender-bent fellow to LIVE HIS OWN TRUTH? Someone will=

Lady Gaga's dog walker is homeless months after living out of van, asks public for financial support

Via The Real History Channel
Mike continues to tell it like it is;
NY Times: Diversity Rises in Georgia, with Whites Making up Only Half the State

Via Page Six
The video speaks for itself. The fat angle is only a cosmetic accessory of literally putting lipstick on a pig

Lizzo breaks down over fat-shaming, racist reactions to ‘Rumors’

Via The West's Darkest Hour
You can argue about this and that will mean you are governed by fear or a conscious part of the problem. This was written 20 years ago
“Seeing The Forest” by William Pierce

Friday, August 13, 2021

"All You Can Do is To Go the Right Way Yourself and LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS!!!."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Possibly, and in some cases, very likely, there are those confused, and wondering how there could possibly be a Golden Age coming, given what we see on a daily basis. The most ignorant and debased among us have been appointed to be spokestards for the rest of us, though most are paying little attention to begin with. The World of the present is like a gigantic supermarket that glows and radiates attractive force. The shoppers are aflame with appetite and desire, for products, daydreams, and each other, unless it happens to be Walmart.

If you could see them with the infrared eyes of a werewolf (or any wolf probably) the shoppers would all look like that little flame character that you see at the gas company. This is going to result in weeping and panic when a large percentage of what they are used to is no longer on the shelves; the shoppers, not the werewolves. The werewolves will be in Fat City.

In recent times we have grown accustomed to being assaulted with slogans; “Men can be women and give birth naturally,”. Monsters in hellish landscapes give birth to SOMETHING, so it stands to reason that people who CAN'T give birth to actual human progeny, do give birth to SOMETHING. “Black Lives Matter”, except to other black people, since they are killing each other in record numbers. We are all free to live our own truth irrespective of there being no such thing.

I am thinking about adapting Joni Mitchell's song “Both Sides Now” to modern circumstances. “I've looked at sex from both sides now.”

♫ Flaming strands of demon hair

and soft stool ice cream in the air

and barbed wire tattoos everywhere

I've looked at sex that way.

But now the darkness blocks the light

Hate is born for all things white

So many things I might have done

but sex got in the way

I've looked at sex from both sides now

from in and out and from behind

it's sex illusions I recall

I really don't know sex AT ALL

Goons and freaks and bondage wheels

the stoned and fucked up way you feel

these fairy tales are nightmare bound

I had my sex that way

The ones who bent me were so slick

I see now I was really sick

I hung myself in tranny-land

with ropes I wove from sex ♫

I could go on and on, but it would only make me angry and tired. This could and should be The Transgender Liberation Front Anthem.

PETA is now becoming one of the major killing zones for animals, and they have started taking people's animals from them for the most preposterous reasons. They took a man's lion away from him because it loved him too much. Everything these days is an example of dreadful irony or toxic hypocrisy. How can we expect a Golden Age to emerge from this?

Well now... what you see is not what you get in the end. As the Ignorant, Sexually Deviant, and Terminally Ambitious have taken over the airwaves of a compromised media, nothing is what it seems to be. The real meaning of the dramatic changes we are experiencing is not easy to see. This applies to longstanding terms and conditions, bandied about all around the world in politics and religions. For instance, the spiritual meaning of Jihad is the cleansing of unrighteousness from one's own being. It is not the meaning being given out to those who are paying little enough attention already. Abolish borders is actually about abolishing your own borders within as a precursor to The Age of Brotherhood.

Don't be deceived by appearances! Just because manifest conditions LOOK a certain way, does not mean THEY ARE THAT WAY. Most of the time people identify aspects of life according to their own preferences and prejudices. If it is something you can eat or hump, then that becomes the currency of understanding for those who like to eat and use each other for trampoline practice when they do The Horizontal Hula. The doomed and out-of-control troglodytes and thugs running around the world and performing mayhem on the unwary will not be around all that much longer.

The ravening zealots will not be around much longer either. All of the slogans and propaganda being disseminated at a wide reach is fabricated by The Usual Suspects, and as we can see, their intentions are to destroy whatever social harmony may still be present, and kill everyone not in agreement with them. It turns out they are also behind The Vaccines. Look it up! What do you know? It turns out they are behind just about everything that plagues existence at the moment; as has plagued existence over the long term. This is because they are agents of The Prince of Darkness. There is NO LONGER any doubt of this. It is self-evident. We are presently suffering from The Race Hustler Industrial Complex.

Huge agencies have been founded by the ones who print the money in order to fight the conclusions being reached by YOUR LYING EYES. I, and others, are telling you things are not what they seem and THEY are telling you what they want you to think.

If you have the patience, and if it matters to you at all, here is a site that has almost 200 pages of researched revelations, concerning The Usual Suspects and Evil in this World. Maybe you might put this aside as a reference source if you should find yourself in need of a wakeup. They have all manner of interesting articles. I'll just leave the subject there for your consideration at some later date, perhaps.

Most of us DO NOT WANT TO SEE what is really the case. It makes you liable for what you know. It can at least make you very uneasy. People would rather go down to the barbecue joint or some meat-rack accident zone, and not have to THINK about any of the unpleasant realities of life at the moment. “Maybe it will change! I'll just keep my head down until it does.”

Unless you are aligned with Heaven, you will be forced to make an uneasy truce with forces in which no peace has EVER been present. You become a pinball in an arcade game for the amusement of sociopaths. Appeasement has NEVER WORKED. I usually consider, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves” to be a good operating mantra. Don't pick fights you can't win, and the ONLY way not to lose is to pick the side that has ALREADY won. I cannot explain how this works to someone whose resistance to the living truth within is their main course of action through the field of play. I can talk about FIRE to people who have not seen it, but it is like trying to explain physics to a tribe of Brazilian headhunters. They have their own way of understanding existence, and it works for them, within the framework of their society.

Some of us... just a few of us, are born as predators and there are demographics where the percentage of predators is much higher than it is elsewhere. Some of us are raised to hurt others, and in some locales, it is a group enterprise. I have turned a more penetrating eye to the low-jinks of a certain group of people in recent days, and I am truly stunned by the patterns of behavior I am observing. They are The Bad News Werewolves with rabies. That is a perpetuating thing.

The Good News is that The Avatar is coming and so is the fleshing out of The Age of Aquarius over the decaying corpse of the Piscean Age. The levels of corruption are presently at a higher level than at any time since Babylon. Sodom and Gomorrah are REAL, insofar as eternally transforming matter can be considered real. Let's say it is relatively real and it does hurt if you hit it at any speed.

Then... there are times when it hits you. Whaddayaknow? It's Friday the 13th. If the mouse stays in its hole the cat can't get it. If you keep your kitchen clean the vermin won't come. If you scour corruption from yourself it has no power over you. EVERYTHING in this world affects you according to the way in which you identify it and according to WHAT you associate with. That is the cost of doing that form of business.

You can't tell people who are hostages to their senses that there is an invisible world, impressively populated by entities they can't see. Depending on your level of conscious awareness, on that depends the quality of the life forms that are around you. The invisible nasties DO NOT come around where there is a particular concentration of LIGHT. Most of the time we invite them in on The Avenue of Appetites. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. It is VERY SIMPLE!

If you permit Heaven to shape you then Hell can't touch you. Each radiating chakra that is associated with your being opens into an entire floor of specific life forms and possibilities of experience. It is like taking the escalator to a different level of a department store. It is as impossible to explain this to people with no reference points as it is to explain Fire to those who have never seen it; much less how to prepare the Fire, and cook on it.

Hard as it may be to believe, all of this will be worked out one way or another. People will go to the location their intention, and direction takes them to. You can't tell them they are going the wrong way. They will get angry with you. All you can do is to go the right way yourself and LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS!!!

End Transmission.......

Sorry about posting a Petri Dish where an Origami should have been. I seldom know what is coming down the pipe.

Some links for your consideration=

Web Page Capture from Via
fully vaccinated man dies but it could have been worse
Fully vaccinated man dies of COVID-19, daughter says he was cautious


Kicked out & banned from @fourtwentybank in Palm Springs CA for trying to use the mens bathroom as a transman 😓😡 #discrimination #lgbtq #stitch #ftm

♬ original sound - Dev

Via The Real History Channel
This is a brilliantly researched and written article=

Via Fox News
This sounds like it will work as well as their other strategies. Do they think the Chinese and the Russians won't tell them about it?
Rebecca Grant: Battle for Afghanistan – Taliban could be defeated by this brutal strategy

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

"Succor, Safety, Sanctuary and The Like are ALL Available if You Know Where to Look."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

People often argue about traditions and systems, which they believe are outdated or unduly confining or... shudder... racist. You are now witnessing what happens when traditions and systems decay and fall. It seems they were providing a useful function after all. This Great Change, like the changes in the weather, is the result of cosmic events and they come round like clockwork. Did you not wonder why there is almost no record of previous civilizations after the passage of time? We've hardly any evidence of Atlantis and Lemuria, which were predecessors to what we do have a revisionist record of. Except for Plato and few others, whatever there was, burned up with the Library of Alexandria. Here is what is soon to be coming from MANY places around The World. In an apocalypse... much that was previously hidden is uncovered.

Prior to Atlantis and Lemuria, there have been countless dramas that played out here. They came and they went, just as you have in your calliope of lives. None of these things were new. They were only variations on a theme. The greater objective of existence is liberation from it on planes of disorder. You are presently resident on a plane of disorder seeking balance, and balance has gone missing.

When traditions, and systems, and cultures pass, as their season comes to an end; disorder is the fruit of it. They simply waste away due to the corruption of form, or they are devoured by pestilence or war. People waste their entire lives arguing about what did or did not happen with others who know as little as they do. Once people have convinced themselves of something, they set about arguing over it. Perhaps they think this will give it the patina of legitimacy?

The world is filled with books written by people couching opinions in fabricated evidence. Almost NO ONE knows what they are talking about. Some have read many books. This gives them the profile of a pundit. One of the things I have begun to do, where previously I paid little attention, is read the comments that follow articles at different sites. This permits me to take the street-pulse of the moment. Here is what I have noticed. There is an ever-increasing number of VERY angry, and VERY frustrated people. There is also an ever-increasing number who are INSANE.

This insanity is the real pandemic. The powers that think they are, are dedicated to feeding and accelerating the madness. They know which buttons to push. They think they are maintaining their places. They will be victims of the mob when the insanity becomes exponential. 5G is a real asset for them. Of course, they have directed energy beams and other technologies that serve this purpose. They also have cabals of magicians who work each day at creating passion-driven thought forms that move through the herd mind. You see this when there is incitement to riot or in the run-up to war.

All of this SHIT comes and goes on a daily basis. It is a cosmic biorhythm. People are born and then they age and die. Cultures rise and fall. Mountains rise from the seas. Over a long time-lapse moment, mountains crumble into the sea or are worn away by wind and rain. It has been like this for time out of memory. Given ubiquitous mortality, it seems reasonable to say that there is no real LASTING profit in the present or the future. It will ALL fade AWAY. What's the point then? It is irrational to strive and contend against your fellows in a Zero-Sum Game. Yet, nearly everyone does or they are beaten into the pavement.

It makes me laugh. It used to make me weep when I would encounter the endless arguments that come to nothing. The sham and pretense of this world is a thing of wonder. People are deceived by the reports of the senses, and then their undisciplined imaginations take over. Their WILL is compromised by the pursuit of pedestrian desires, and due to the state of spontaneous convenience, they are subsumed in frustration. Mostly because there is no THERE there. All one's hopes in the terrestrial are replaced by loss and disappointment. It is rare when this is not the case.

What is the status of those few who are not troubled by such things? They have hope of a hereafter, even if that hereafter occurs HERE, as is often the case. The carousel of lives, all based on what preceded them, CONTINUES.

Some minds will read what is written here and their material minds, magnetized by dust, will cause them to rise in dispute. They do not know what is real and what is not, but they are convinced of their own arguments about... whatever. Bad things are going to happen to MANY people in the short term. This DOES NOT have to happen but IT WILL. Those so convinced of whatever delusions propel them through The Dream World are not to be deterred because they want what they want, and they want it now.

I am in a fortunate position because I DO NOT KNOW. I am viscerally certain of this. How then is it that I write so voluminously? I know someone who does know. There is nothing special about me but I did find something special, priceless, unique , and everlasting. Now the argument makers will assume I am talking about some religion. What I am talking about is Ageless Wisdom and I have met the caretakers. This is possible for ANYONE who desires it more than anything else. That is the ONLY requirement, other than a particular state of Purity.

I make no claims of any exceptional state of advancement in respect of Ageless Wisdom. HOWEVER, I do know that it resides within me, as it does in everyone. It IS accessible AND... you will get nowhere without certain qualities that also stand as credentials and a form of passport that is written into the fabric of one's being, and which radiates out from the suit of clothes we call our body. Most people could care less about these things and especially in Times of Material Darkness (blindness).

These blogs exist as a communion zone for those in search of it. They are not zones of contention, strife, acrimony, or argument. These blogs are a “take it or leave it” zone. Here is a comment that came to me through several avenues, due to the petitioning of the author.

The following was NOT WRITTEN BY ME.

“I know now where you are coming from.

This is brain washing.

Let me explain


The HINDU “Religion” or more correctly Culture and Tradition of India is one of the worst on the planet. All you have to do is go to the north of India and Kathmandu the capital of Nepal to see the depravity of the people. Mother Kali otherwise known as the Dark Mother (or Smashin) is really dark (see the people who practice around Kali). Milarepa was a murderer. Buddhism has misled a lot of people in the west. So has the hypocrite Dalai Lama.

Lets talk about the Guru Bawa. Sufism, as I found out travelling in the middle East, is considered an Islamic Shamanism by most traditional and progressive Muslims.

GOD = The one we sacrifice to (Old German). Greek word THEOS the same. Originally sacrificing children as per the original Jehova the god of Israel and the tribes of Judah — CRONOS — Saturn (Roman) – Jakhvue – the Greek Iakhe.

OUTER & INNER LIFE. There is no such thing.

MIND, to distinguish from the brain, is a misnomer by the new religion of science and psychology.

HEART: Heart is not a seat of anything except pump blood. This was taken again from the dangerous study of the CHAKRAS. I implore people do not go there. Many people have messed up their lives because of it.

[NIRVANA]: the ultimate destruction of the self (Soul?). The Sentient Self is more accurate.

WILL: Will and freedom do not exist when the self is in a biological body. Will and freedom are the prerogatives of the CREATORS. There are INFINITE NUMBER OF CREATORS. This is according to the dynamic universe a basic 6-D wave (see 6-D wave theory and 6×6 Tensor, that explains the quantum field space – and also the big bang and gravity, see Quantum fluctuations and quantum entanglement at infinite speeds – the explanation of consciousness. The electron is the smallest stable electromagnetic unit we know that exhibits consciousness and it is due to the entanglement that enables it to be in rapport with everything in the universe instantly). The 6×6 wave tensor is minimum required but in reality because of the nature of the phasic (phasic as regards the REAL 3-D) complex field it is of infinite dimensions hence non-deterministic differential equations. That is how quantum mechanics work. They are Statistical mechanics with weighted probabilities.

The Electromagnetic field space has its own unique speed, that is the product and contraction of the expanding universe at infinite speed and the attraction of the nodal forces (gravitational bending of space). The Electromagnetic space is ENTROPIC and is governed by the speed of light (and h the Plancks constant which can be CALCULATED using the existing Electromagnetic Theory).

LIVING BOOK: This has its roots purely from the Torah, the Bible and the Koran.

SPIRIT: Originally meant quantum field space and quantum field entities. They are the result of the UNIT IMPULSE and the fundamental Principle of indiscriminate expansion what we call INDISCRIMINATE LOVE.

HEAVEN: Quantum Space.

CELESTIAL HIERARCHY: There is no such thing. There is one creator in this sector of the universe. The realms of the CREATORS do not intersect.

INVISIBLE KINGDOM: This is a subject on its own. The mechanism of vision, etc.”

Someone went to Wikipedia and various internet grab bags and mostly cut and pasted this screed which contradicts itself and is pompous and preening at the same time. Something is missing, however, there is no following statement of actions to take or courses to follow. This is because the author doesn't have any. He has no solutions, only unrelated statements that clarify nothing.

If they ever harness the power of Windbag, I suspect we could power a great many living spaces. A similar untapped resource is the friction that is created by rubbing flesh when the obese walkabout. I was thinking about something along the lines of the generator attached to the wheel of a bicycle to provide a night lamp. As sarcastic and ridiculous as this may seem, it will work easily as well as the tech of the Green New Deal, though storing it might be problematic. I can't say it's clean energy but it is energy, though the obese are not known for taking long walks.

Why did I suddenly “right turn, Clyde.” in this posting? I really want to address the creeping insanity that is replicating around the world. You go crazy when you resist the inner director. Some will say there is no inner director. More and more, I am noticing people whose only motivation is to be noticed. It reminds me of Reality TV, which possesses NO Reality at all. People are attention seekers because it can lead to NOTORIETY and then MONEY. Notoriety is NOT the same as Fame. I am reminded of those who strive with all their force to get on stage but did not bother to acquire any talent beforehand.

Succor, Safety, Sanctuary, and the like are ALL available if you know where to look and don't mind leaving your PERSONAL baggage behind. Otherwise, you are an over-burdened cripple using their cross for a crutch. I refer to this body in which the spirit is crucified by PERSONAL ambitions. Achieve IMPERSONALITY and you WILL be made free of Suffering.

End Transmission.......

I have (what I believe to be) some interesting links today-

Via The New York Post
Behind every not so great man is a not so great woman=
Ex-colleagues blast Gov. Cuomo’s ‘mean girl’ Melissa DeRosa

Melissa DeRosa