Tuesday, August 17, 2021

"EVERYTHING that Happens Here was Blueprinted for Construction at a Previous Time."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Chaos Theory is how Neo-liberals celebrate The Cosmos. It's also a form of Satanism. For that, they have Chaos Magic. These are terms grafted over older practices. Nothing has really changed or been improved. Chaos theory is a device that atheists use to explain existence to themselves. It's kind of like the last refuge of idiots in perpetual denial. I can think of a few sites where this is going to get a Hot Welcome.

Crazy is the fashion statement of the moment. In honor of that, they have Freed Britney; ♫ Still crazy after all these years. Whoa, still crazy ♫ The political theater is now Theater of the Absurd as Tucker explains.

I saw Secretary of State, Tony Blinken and immediately I wondered what happened to Winken and Nod? The Cultcha is in Free Fall. This is happening in formerly Christian America. Yeah... let's save the rest of the links. I just thought I would give a temperature andpulse reading. Maybe I will find the hidden kingdom of COVIDIA. It sounds more like an STD than a new name for The Common Flu.

It is not as if the family-oriented American Dream has gone off the rails. It is that the suffocating media on all sides of us, the government and its agencies, the religions grabbing for floating water coolers in an angry ocean, and the completely depraved and uninspired entertainment businesses that have banded together to tell us that not only is it off the rails but it SHOULD BE off the rails. Off the rails is not the same as Off the Hook. The same Usual Suspects either own and operate or invisibly control all of these. What we are seeing is what they intend for us.

What the Hell, one more link because Irony is something I find much satisfaction in. In that link, we have one of the most corrupt and evil individuals on the planet exhibiting what happens when primal darkness starts calling the kettle black (racist?).

My... my... it is really ramping up. New Zealand just closed down the country because of A SINGLE CASE OF Common (re-branded) flu. It's not even flu season now but they got plans for that. Who will prove the stronger? Will the Usual Suspects be able to turn Earth into Hell Planet, complete with Pinhead and his Legions? Will the Cenobites take over? Will males be surgically-abled to reproduce after involuntary mating with Cenobites? Why not ask that Kentucky restaurateur.

Is it worth it? Is it worth it to be a famous celebrity? Does the life shine in a glamorous light where all your needs are attended to? Then why do people like Better Midler and Rosanadana Arquette behave like snarling wolverines with garlic-rubbed hemorrhoids? Why are these entertainers and politicians so internally harassed? You can see it if you have the magic glasses. Why are they all gender-confused and so nasty? Someone... or something is controlling them. They are NOT in control. This is abundantly clear.

Evil has ALWAYS been around, even if you were to say that we are often mistaken about what is Evil and what is Good. Presently, MUCH that is Evil is now considered Good. It is promoted as the new paradigm. America is in real trouble because of The Bankers. It is whoever is controlling the purse strings who is responsible for all that we see, which is so distasteful if you are still rational.

The Bankers are the Problem.

If you ever need to understand WHY conditions become the way they do, you have ONLY to study who it is that controls the money. They are the ones who set the standards (lack of standards) by which we live.

I can understand why so many people are so uneasy. I can understand the fights at airports and on planes, in fast-food restaurants, at sporting events, and at sundry locations. It reminds me of Jagger on the stage at Altamont when all Hell was breaking loose and he was saying, “Peace, Brothers, and Sisters.” Then he took his studded belt and began lashing the stage and singing Midnight Rambler. Of course, he again would call out for Peace among the brothers and sisters. He had to do that a lot because The Hell's Angels were in a frenzy with their pool cues, and the crowd was psychotic with bad CIA LSD.

The country itself is in similar states now. They are also on bad drugs, bad food, bad entertainment, and DEFINITELY bad news. It's going to get hot because that is what the Money-Men want.

Is this what we are to expect? Are we entering the dimension of Road Warrior? Peace... Brothers and Sisters, for real this time. Heaven is watching and listening. A Great Harvesting is coming. There is NEVER a time when Heaven is not in charge, regardless of appearances and EVERYTHING that Happens Here was Blueprinted for Construction at a Previous Time. The end times of the Kali Yuga is a period of Cosmic Payback for debts outstanding in other lives. This is something that I do know. And it doesn't really matter if anyone else knows it. If IT IS, it is. If it IS NOT, it is not. I depend on that and seek to align with The Real, as any sane person would do. Unfortunately, many have no idea of which is which anymore.

The last four nights here have been filled with the same mysterious lightning. Last night was the most furious yet. In the North-East, the lightning was CONTINOUS without pause for hours, and it was counterpointed by lighting at the margins ALL AROUND. I have never seen the like. In the five years that I have been here, nothing has come close to this. Nowhere that I have been have I seen the like. This is NOT normal weather. I have my own idea of why this is happening. Others will have their theories too. At the moment, they are theories and no more than that. It amuses me when people insist that they KNOW the Reasons for... well.., pretty much anything. Don't you dare tell them differently because THEY KNOW. We'll see about that. We will Most Certainly see about that in due course.

What you are seeing is an en masse nightmare being experienced by large numbers of people because a small group of malicious incompetents are toying with The Dream Web. They THINK they are running things. What they are doing is getting themselves stuck in the viscous slime of the web, and the more they rage in a furious effort to control what they do not understand, the more tightly they are being bound, and the more they alert The Spider. Some will be liberated in these times, many others will become more and more arrested and confined and drained, and some will tread water in uncertain seas. You can imagine that the sleep of dreams takes place on an ocean. This ocean is never still or stable. No ocean is. You want that, go to a mountain lake. No... they are not stable either, they simply APPEAR to be in the brochures.

The absurdity that is taking place at this time is hard to believe and it keeps getting worse. For me, it is a moment of denouement as the climax approaches. There IS a finer and higher logic to it all, but those trapped in the perspective of a single lifetime cannot see it. There are conscious lights in the air above us but they are not seen either, nor are the ones within. The POWER of Heaven is an absolute. NOTHING can challenge it. Sometimes the appearance is given of some monstrous foe, but that is nothing more than cosmic show business, something done for the purpose of folk tales and allegories to follow, and none of them widely understood in the way they were intended to be. You can find as much wisdom in fables and nursery rhymes as you can find in a religion. Religions are A BLIND.

You are caught up in A Magic Show. That is all it is. It is a recurring performance by conjurers and wand-waving nutjobs on their way to an insurgency of dancing brooms carrying pails of water. Why has it gotten so out of wack so quickly? We have explained this before. When The Avatar comes down through the planes he sweeps out the long ensconced nests of Evil Influence. They are DRIVEN downward until they take form (or take a form) on this plane. This is for the purpose of cosmic justice and it happens at regular intervals. If you are caught up in the limited perspective of a single life you have no memory of the last time it happened. It has happened before. Everything has already happened before.

There are so many people in these times who are passionate about righting wrongs that they probably caused themselves at another time. There are so many people losing their minds because there is no firm foundation for them. They have abandoned the inner sanctuary and convinced themselves that the solution is OUT THERE somewhere. It most certainly is not.

All I can tell you is, ♫ He's got the whole world... in his hands. He's got the whole world... in his hands. He's got the whole world... in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands ♫ Believe it or not. That's up to you. I've made my own arrangements.

End Transmission.......

How about a few links which include people going freak city for MONEY, entitlement, and sump-pump hypocrisy

Via Fox News
♫ C'mon and take a free ride!
C'mon and take a free ride ♫
Won't you help this courageous self-serving, gender-bent fellow to LIVE HIS OWN TRUTH? Someone will=

Lady Gaga's dog walker is homeless months after living out of van, asks public for financial support

Via The Real History Channel
Mike continues to tell it like it is;
NY Times: Diversity Rises in Georgia, with Whites Making up Only Half the State

Via Page Six
The video speaks for itself. The fat angle is only a cosmetic accessory of literally putting lipstick on a pig

Lizzo breaks down over fat-shaming, racist reactions to ‘Rumors’

Via The West's Darkest Hour
You can argue about this and that will mean you are governed by fear or a conscious part of the problem. This was written 20 years ago
“Seeing The Forest” by William Pierce


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for a 'magical' column. Appreciated!

Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield and NYU clinical professor Dr. Marc Siegel had an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal. From the ZH article:

"What does bear investigation, they write, is the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 was 'taught' to infect humans using humanized mice (grafted with human tissue and immune cells) in order to test whether the virus's 'cleavage site' was manipulated to more easily infect a human cell."

It is refreshing to hear insiders pointing-out the 'gain-of-function' research done at the Wuhan lab, although some sources have followed-the-money to show that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was funded to conduct this 'research' by Dr. Fauci...

(And as always, treat any newspaper as probably owned or controlled by The Opposition, and pushing some Agenda.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"The end times of the Kali Yuga is a period of Cosmic Payback for debts outstanding in other lives."

Very true.
10 years or more ago, when I looked up the sky and asked to end all the debts that I owed to others and vice versa, things happened.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention debts accrued in this life as well.
And round and round and round she goes..

Anonymous said...

Talk about fearless and crazy. Watch this...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

First para graph brings Elric of Melniboné to mind. Drag Brunches? One of those chicks coulda stood in fer Divine in Pink Flamingos. One of the strangest films I ever saw. As for the Soros/Jinping thang, I laughed when I first saw that on whatever site I saw that on.

Family. I personally think the concept is more trouble than it's worth. I'm a workin' nose who does NOT like the idea of bein' financially dependent on someone else, though I did spend a few months of my life with my other nostril supportin' me when I was out of work. Drove me nuts. I used to do tons of overtime until I became involuntarily semi-retired (workin' part time) at 48, and the last thing I wanted was to spend what little discretionary time I had, and the extra income I had on some theoretical time consuming, expensive, disruptive, stress inducing, annoying biological accident. In fact, I can't understand in the slightest why anyone would. Of course I made sure at 19 I would be free from such a nightmare, thank you Planned Parenthood.

Then again, I've come to the conclusion long ago that life itself is more trouble than it's worth. But it will feel so good when it's over.

I wish we had more electrical storms. If we're lucky we might get one a year. Most of the time those don't last. I think the last one was artificial and it existed for burning half the state up. Our skies are kinda hazy right now even, though the fires are a lot further away that the 20 miles of last year that were a tad unnerving.

Great post. So was the last one. I tried to comment on it, but I must have missed the publish thingie. I'm a bit inattentive to a lot of things I do, hence. . .

Anonymous said...

Used to love blasting ELO's "Fire on high" during storms, till one of those bolts wiped out every electrical thing we had - even the ones not plugged in. We all lived, and learned.
Had insurance,but the ONLY thing they didn't wanna pay for was my stereo - but they did, after I arrived there.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Existence is a Performance Scored by Angels and Composed in a Heavenly Mind."

Visible said...

Neither you nor I have any hard evidence of when an age comes in. Furthermore, IF we aren't going backwards it will Satya Yuga, not Dwarpa. We don't know that either. What we do know, whether we are OFFICIALLY in Satya or still in Kali we are still in the cusp period where all the unwindings have not yet unwound.

According to EVERY SOURCE I have studied, the new yuga DOES NOT COME IN until The Avatar appears. It is the appearance of The Avatar that sets off the transition. Again, I do not know the details. I do know what I have discovered in the teachings and writings of illumined sages who are DIRECTLY connected to the affair. I prefer to go by their pronouncements and SIMPLY LOOKING at the state of The World at this time, it is obvious that the Kali atmosphere is present indeed.



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