Thursday, August 05, 2021

"The Brotherhood of Light and The Fellowship of the Initiates DOES EXIST."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Everything in our OUTER life is a reflection of our INNER life. Most of us live in some state of conflict with ourselves; the heart wants what the heart wants, and applies no reason or logic. The Mind strategizes and conspires to come near to the heart's desires, or The Mind reasons that the heart's desires are not good for The Mind. The Will is alternatively the tool of one or the other.

To TRULY succeed in life, you need to bring The Mind, The Heart, and The Will into harmonious accord with each other, which creates a resonance with Heaven. Unless you have this synergy at work, you will be torn to pieces or worn away by the conflict between them. You cannot reach the goal by being at cross purposes with yourself. This also generates external antagonisms with manifest existence.

When you have The Mind, The Heart and The Will all on the same page, you are resonant with The Living Book of Nature. How do we bring each of these forces into unity with the others? The Separated Mind is to some degree at odds with The Spirit, though it is cosmically intended to be the vehicle for The Spirit. The Heart is cosmically intended to be a vehicle for The Soul. The Will is cosmically intended to be a vehicle for The Divine Will. We are, left to our own devices, worse than useless. Without guidance, we will soon be off the road.

We are either consumed in the plots of dream dramas, that cycle endlessly and fruitlessly to disappointment, or we are ALIGNED with The Will of Heaven, and so rendered an ambassador or emissary of the same. There is NOTHING confusing about this. You are EITHER in harmony with the Celestial Hierarchy, or you are at war with it.

Suborning our personal will to the cosmic will can be a laborious process. It takes a good deal of defeat and trauma to render us true supplicants of The Invisible Kingdom. If you cannot see, and feel, and hear Heaven, it is because your senses are runaway horses, seeing, feeling, and hearing The World instead. These horses KNOW who it is that rides upon them, and are ONLY obedient to The Divine.

We are, either... dark vessels that cannot be seen into, and from which nothing shines, or we are a stained glass adytum, from which the beauty of The Celestial Realm shines UNHINDERED. Do not hide your light under a bushel.

What you see and read here is not for everyone. Sometimes it pisses people off. They are like the man who considered himself rich and who wanted to know how he could serve Heaven. Jesus told him to sell all that he had and give it to the poor. He walked away troubled because he possessed much of material value.

I am no one of any great consequence. I am someone who lived riotously and danced wildly on precarious ledges. The saving grace of my journey in this round is that I NEVER stopped looking for God, speaking of God, and celebrating God. Yes... some of my methods were strange and contrary to the usual protocols. I was something of an Aghora for a long time, and Mother Kali was never far away, nor Smashin Tara. One would have to have been a lunatic to have done some of the things I did, though I have never gone so far afield as Milarepa.

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I only mention Milarepa as an example of God's capacity for forgiveness and redemption.

We CONSTANTLY measure God with an Anthropomorphic yardstick, as if we compared in essence and in substance with God. We do not. Potentially we are all sorts of things, BUT NOT YET! Potential is potential. You CANNOT (well, of course, you can) limit God to your own narrow perspective. This is where people screw up and contend with each other about how God is this or that, all based on their view of themselves. God is NOT like you, but you can be more like God, simply by getting out of God's way. It is a simple thing, you either get out of God's way or you are in God's way, and that is also a matter of degrees. You are a rock in the stream of God's ever-flowing and incomprehensible Love. You WILL BE worn away in time.

Do not get in pissing matches with swine or barking dogs. It is pointless. Yes, there is much tragedy all around us, and a great deal more of it is coming or pending. One's heart can ache with the desire to help others, but you had damn well better KNOW where you are going before you start leading others there! Some are simply not ready. It serves no good to drag others kicking and screaming into your self-imagined vale of all-knowingness.

On our own, we are NOTHING. We only become something when God lights us up. There are arguments about whether we discover it, or simply reveal what was already present. I don't concern myself with arguments. To argue is to have missed the point. All these disgruntled souls who consider themselves atheists, and are at war with Heaven, have a problem with RELIGION. Only neophytes confuse religion with God. Whenever you see these chronic arguers, or Doom and Gloom merchants, going on about how we are all screwed, WALK AWAY. These are damaged units and they are spreading their misery like dung on toast.

Everyone you see (with rare exceptions) is contending with others about something they don't understand in the first place. If they did, they would not be contending or arguing. Yes... the desire to help others can be very strong, BUT... one must be perspicacious in the extreme to know whether they actually are helping or hindering. Good intentions can get you into a whole lot of trouble for The Purpose of Demonstration.

As I state and do believe, I DO NOT KNOW. All the waterfalling words here, leap spontaneously from within, and I cannot hope to be correct at all times, so TAKE WHAT IS USEFUL and leave the rest, and you have my apologies for being less than comprehensive now and again. I am doing the best that I know how to do, and (grin) as I have said already, I don't know. I do have good mentors and it is these that I seek to share with you. Whether I fully understand them is another matter, but this should not inhibit you from understanding them.

I used to be surprised that certain readers would cherry-pick, and take my words out of context for whatever their reasons are or were. These days I understand far better than I did what motivates certain people. I also get that people become inflexible over time, and cease to be capable of objective thought. You have to be watchful about how you go about this sort of thing. If someone has fallen into the water and cannot swim, you must approach them from behind and finesse the operation in such a way that you can pull them to shore and not, instead, succeed in drowning both of you. Panicked souls have a lot of strength and force when they are trapped by conditions beyond their capacity, and the survival instinct kicks in.

For a longer period of time than I wish it had been, I made my way, self-crippled by an arm tied behind my back and a game leg. These are no longer in that condition. I am a recipient of Heaven's Grace. Having made a mess of it on my own, God saw fit to take mercy on me. I cannot act less so to others. At the same time, I am not compelled to drown with them.

We are all so convinced that we see life as it is, and we do not. We have simply talked ourselves into it. We are dreaming. This dream is about to get very real for many people, but they will STILL be dreaming. Fortunately, one of the main rap partners of Mr. Apocalypse is AWAKENING. Like it or not, we are ALL going to be changed, in either pleasant or painful fashion, due to being unresistant or resistant to the unopposable will of Heaven. It is up to us how this experience progresses. Don't limit God to the paucity of your own understanding. God is immeasurably beyond your own ideas of Mercy and Forgiveness. He is splendor upon splendor everlasting. The Mind is beggared in its efforts to comprehend, while The Heart COULD BE overflowing with Divine Luminous Wisdom.

Guru Bawa once said to me, “Get wisdom at any cost. Steal it if you have to, but GET IT!” He said that you should seek Divine Luminous Wisdom and The Qualities of God beyond all else. I agree with him. I recommend that all readers who are unfamiliar with this saint search out photos of him and consider his appearance. They found him in a tree in Ceylon (it was still Ceylon) many years ago, already old and with a white beard. I met him decades later and he still looked the same.

Guru Bawa

Peace, Love, Understanding, Serenity, and so many of the virtues and higher qualities are THERE TO BE FOUND, IF... you know where to look. Examples of our own possibilities are to be seen in the images and lives of illuminated souls. You MUST have a higher ideal. You MUST have an icon that you emulate and which draws you to it, where Spiritual Galvanoplasty can occur. The Brotherhood of Light and the Fellowship of the Initiates DOES EXIST. You've got to make enough racket (grin) to get their attention. I remember hammering on Heaven's door and whatever agency it was that responded would say, “Scat! Don't make me come down there.” I said... “Oh please do. Please do.”

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. Loved your last post, too. Tried to comment, may have forgotten to hit 'Publish. . .'

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very brilliant column. Appreciated!

I always come back to the question of why we have big-enough brains to have free will (such that it is) at all. In Nature, bacteria seem to function on an automatic level. So do trees. So do fish. So do reptiles. And so on. Humans seem to have choice in how they direct their attention. If this is coming-down from all-God, Why?

The best which I have come-up-with ("I Don't Know") is that we serve some function. I suspect that we are 'anchoring points'. We are anchored deeply within SpaceTime. Unlike astral beings (and up), we cannot flitter-about, wherever our desires take us. We are pinned (unless we are Awakened). Counterintuitively, this might make us 'valuable'...

Think of it like all-God is 'looking out' through our sensory apparatus all the time. It is just that there is usually not much worth paying-attention-to, most of the time. (Sorry.) Plus, most of the time, we are not listening to any "turn left and look down" commands from above; we are self-oriented sensor-banks.

I believe we can be of most worth (Down Here) by embracing the possibility (hah) that all-God is 'looking out of us' all the time, and maximizing the usefulness of that situation. Many times, I have viewed an unfortunate situation and dropped into the following 'role': While holding attention on the scene, I ask of all-God (or Helpers), "Is this the way you really want this?" After a bit, I get some form of 'checking-in' sensation. Then, it is like someone is 'looking out' through me. A further bit of time passes, and then I either get a 'walk on' sensation (meaning not pertinent to me) or a 'stay and meditate' sensation (meaning being used as an anchor point). If the latter occurs, interesting things can happen.

So, I suspect our big-brain and freedom-of-choice is a feature, not a bug...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Mr. R.B., are you saying that my dog is incapable of free will?

I would have to disagree strongly. Honestly, if that is your behavioral opinion of our fur bearing friends and relatives, I suggest you get out a little more and do a little interacting and communication attempts. It can be very rewarding.

Now, if you get an awesome body buzz, that might be the Holy Spirit.

Mr. Nah

Sukh said...

The article Vis linked to described the controversy but didn't include the image in question for obvious reasons. I was curious so here it is (scroll down a bit):

UFC fighter Darren Till triggers the transgender crowd

Ray B. said...

Mr. Nah, I'll choose to sidestep your insulting tone. If you re-read my comment, you might notice that I left a gap between reptiles and humans. That was because 'furry' mammals increasingly show signs of self-will. Not to mention cetaceans. We used to (illegally) feed a herd of deer. They had wonderfully-different personalities. I also was a 'provider' for different dogs and cats over the decades. They ranged from ones with high-intelligence (you could see it in their eyes) and resultant self-will to those who seemed to be nearly hard-wired (same reactions every time). Much like humans. So, I am well-aware of (and have loved) our "fur bearing friends and relatives." Back off...

It is interesting, given my whole comment, what you chose to concentrate-on...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Mr. R.B.,

I concentrated on "Free will" and your apparent anthropocentric denial of it in animals. This, of course, dovetails directly into the "Animals don't have souls" proposition. I'll spit on that all day long.

Yes, I have disgust for that attitude. I don't know you personally, only from what I've read. I'm not sure what to say about some of your interpretations of the hidden world, they don't quite align with mine, but I do know the weirdness is real. As real as meaning can be carried by in-form-ation.

Yes, matters of free will, self, identity, sentience (corporal and non-corporal), "soul", spirit, consciousness, conscientiousness, morality, ethics, and the Law, are very dear to me. I don't think brain size are necessarily correlated with these.

Then you throw out the term "self-will". You'll have to define what you mean by that, particularly in respect to free will, before I can comment any more meaningfully. We had Cichlids (colorful aquarium fish) in college which engaged in incredibly complex social behaviors. If you are going to use predictability as an indicator of lack of free will, well, I think that is quite lacking of a criteria.

Feel free to use the term "deterministic", or its counter "nondeterminism", but please do then provide the dependencies. I can tell you from past discussions on this issue that "free will" is as tough to tie down as "truly random".

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Let me add though, your news that the local good guys are taking over and bad guys are converting to good guys is very welcome news indeed. That is my perception too, and the reason I keep saying I am optimistic like Lt. PTB.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

"Human beings have “budding consciousness.” A bud appears shrunken, but it has the potential to bloom into a flower. Human consciousness has similar potential; it appears shrunken like the animal’s, but humans have the innate ability to develop their consciousness to an almost unlimited extent, up to the point of knowing the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

"Other species do not have this special ability. That’s why the Vedic scriptures consider the human form of life the most elevated. Indeed, all scriptures consider human life especially sacred."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"If People Only Knew how Impressed Heaven is by Gratitude They Would Show More of It."

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Well Anonymous @ 6:42, I appreciate the attempted anthropocentric justification.

First, from your article: "Gradually each fallen soul evolves through the various stages of consciousness—covered, shrunken, and budding.". Ergo, animals do have souls.

However, I don't buy the notion that somehow a "lower soul" is insulated from contact with God.

This entire piece smacks of two certain signs of religious connery:

1. "You are so special..."

2. "You need to sacrifice..."

'Nuff said for now.

Mr. Nah

robert said...

Visible One,

A beautiful piece of origami: word symbols on a virtually flat page folded into meaningful shapes we can appreaciate with our spatial capacity.

You are a rock in the stream of God's ever-flowing and incomprehensible Love. You WILL BE worn away in time.

Truth without clothing only nude not naked!

One's heart can ache with the desire to help others, but you had damn well better KNOW where you are going before you start leading others there

Amen brother! How many are back here for redemptive remediation for leading others astray from over zealous personality plays?

The Mind is beggared in its efforts to comprehend, while The Heart COULD BE overflowing with Divine Luminous Wisdom

This sharing hould put people in mind to get out of their heads and feel the true size of their hearts' desire!

Anonymous said...

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead is sac-cid-ananda-vigraha.



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