Friday, August 27, 2021

"They are Captured in the Thrall of Maya, Out of Which God has Woven The World."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Most people are focused on the negative appearances of these times. They see the dancing shadows of The Horsemen and they get all aflutter. Yes... they have a menacing aspect. They will also suck you in, as does anything you pay too much attention to in this Temporary World. When I say 'temporary', I mean insofar as your being here. We come and go. There is not much you can do about that unless you are one of the exceptional ones, who understands the arcane reality of the statement, “We shall not all die, but we shall all be changed." One of the secrets of eternal life is endless change in the manifest, while Changeless behind the appearances, just as God himself is.

The forced migrations, initiated and carried out by The Usual Suspects, the accelerating chaos on urban streets, the Halloween virus, and Death Star Vaccines, the much richer rich and the much poorer poor, the materializing apparitions of WANT pending, the ever more vile depravity, the homelessness, and the increasing disconnect of rootless surrender monkeys; surrendering to drink and drugs, to Fear and Despair, the wholesale rape of Innocence. There's a lot on your plate, Humanity. The whole of it is breaking down.

That doesn't sound good, does it? That everything is breaking down? The Age is Changing. It's been around two thousand some years since the last time it happened so... you might not remember what it was like when The Avatar came to set it all in order The Last Time, and the time before that, and before that, and before that, going back into the faint, faint echoes of an unimagined past. Nothing ever totally disappears, there is always some resident vibration of it. This accounts for The Akashic Records. The Akasha is The Aether. That is the primal material from which all forms are made by precipitation downward through the four planes of transition; Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah I believe they are called. Other traditions have other names for them.

Consider Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt. In the Vedic Tradition, they are known as The Three Gunas of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. The seven chakras are the seven stars (planets). The parallels are remarkable. There are many roads up the mountain, but once you attain the heights you can see all of the ways down.

B.O.T.A. deck The Hermt

That's why The Hermit holds out his lantern of Inner Light, to guide the seeker upward. The very stars in the sky are vibrating centers of Inspiration. The whole world and all the world's beyond and within ARE CONNECTED. Once you work out how to be in harmony with all life, you are on your way. It is actually a simple process. We complicate it because we want to cut corners for the purpose of Self-Interest. Once that is gone, you will have no further problems getting it.

My point with all this preceding verbiage is that The Cosmos is an Arranged Composition. It's like a musical score. If the sounds and cries of The World have captured your attention then you cannot hear this music. Most will say, “Well, if I can't hear it then it isn't even there.” That's a nice tidy perspective for you.

Yeah... it looks like a hurricane of misery is on the horizon, and for many, I would have to concur. It is the direction they are headed in after all. Isn't it? Aren't they sucking through the straw of the false self the sweet juices of the pleasures of The World? Aren't Fear and Appetite warring for supremacy in their separated minds? What is it that inspires Humanity at this point of runaway Materialism? Feeding, Rutting, parading around in Self-Importance? Oh... there's a laundry list to be sure.

I am not seeking to knock Humankind. Being deluded is a vulnerable place to be. Some will cry about unfair advantage, the privileged rich, the fortunate, the masters of material excess. Meanwhile, tens of millions follow The Kardashians, profane rappers with low IQ, amoral sport's figures, Celebrities of every stripe. How desperately they wish to be like them! They will be, give it time. Everyone gets to do everything here for as long as they keep coming back for more. So... it didn't come to you in this life? You'd better get to work now on the next one.

Sadly, there is nothing worth having that lasts here. It is all decomposing in slow-mo (and not so slow, Mo.) this very moment. Past relics of vanished civilizations lie buried in the strata of The Earth. For a time they were hustling and bustling and flushed with success, and then? It was all gone. It happens over, and over, and over. These are all film reels for The Purpose of Demonstration. You are supposed to get a clue about the Temporary Nature of manifest existence. Unfortunately, deeper reflection is curtailed by the cries of, “Eat! Drink! And be Merry!” Rock on, you poor intoxicated fools.

Love is the elixir of Immortality, but it is very hard to explain this to people. It is hard to explain selfless interest to the self-interested. It is quite difficult to extemporize upon the up-side of Impersonality. “How does that work?” They ask. Well, you see, you let go of everything that is holding you down, and to which you are ATTACHED. You walk away from one world into another by a simple change in awareness. Carnal minds see no future in relinquishing their carnality. They believe that Liberty is License. They hate the people they most wish to be like. They see absolute sleaze bags prospering and living riotously and do not understand why they don't get to do the same. Oh... they will. They will.

They will get to plunder and violate, seemingly without consequence, until the meter runs out, and then they get to play all of their victims for the next creep who wanted to be like them. You don't get to be anything without some cost, sometimes without a great deal of cost. The idea of living a simple life with few wants seems defeatist to them. They are captured in the thrall of Maya, out of which God has woven The World with all its glitter and tinsel. All aboard!!! All aboard for the Boulevard of Broken Dreams! I rather prefer ♫ People get ready, there's a train a-coming ♫ That's more my style, but you will make your own choices.

I would be pleased to no end to live in a cabin in the woods beside a still lake; somewhere that I can picnic with my Invisible Friends. People who are familiar with me will tell you that I do have Invisible Friends. They have ways of making their presence known. I'm not The Lone Ranger (though I am a Ranger). Anyone can have Invisible Friends, and most people do, when they are children. Love... the finer and more selfless love will bring you to Regenerated Innocence. That is the upside. Senility is the downside alternative chosen by most.

The problem, as I see it, is that most people simply don't believe in God, except as some far off absentee Heavenly Father. Once again, let me remind the people with no short-term memory that I am NOT a Christian. I am Vedic in disposition. All the other religions came out of that one. It's all water from the same pipe. If you are a scoffer and a cynic, then welcome to the world you have created for yourself. I KNOW God is REAL. I get evidence, certainly many times, every single day.

How did I accomplish that? I went looking for it to the exclusion of everything else. I took no thought for having a home or property. I don't even have insurance cause there's not much to insure except for some musical instruments. I live on very little because there is very little that I want. This makes me a rich man. My pleasures are NOT derived from the endless sex act of material life. I didn't come from here, so I'm just passing through. In that respect, so are you.

I just wanted it more than anything else, and... THAT IS ALL IT TAKES! “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.” I can confirm that this is true. If you are having a hard time here, you should consider what you have made important to yourself. What hostages to fortune do you have? What ties and weighs you down here? Cut it loose. Better to be a free man than a bird in a gilded cage whose greatest hunger is for FREEDOM.

I don't know how this is all going to work out. I know that it WILL work out, though not to the satisfaction of everyone. It might be a good idea to find out what a Hungry Ghost is. There are a great many of them running about trying to taste what they have no tongues for, to touch what they have no tactile sense for, and so on. Most passionately they are looking for unattended and abandoned vehicles. This is a CRITICAL TIME spiritually. Don't concern yourself with APPEARANCES. Look deeper. God is very present in times like these. Good Grief! He's coming here personally to sort it out! Surely you can see the inexplicable difficulties the predators and Usual Suspects are having? No... not all of them, not just yet. Stick around, it's going to be The Real Hollywood filming for The Purpose of Demonstration.

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a nobody said...

To be the Hermit with the lantern is a fond wish but not that important.
You can lead a horse to the water but if they didn't see it on teevee, so sad.
Keeping a bolt out bag and fresh pair of shoes for when family says get vaxxed or else and I won't look back because a pillar of salt is nothing to be.
To be in ecstasy by the mountain stream with long gone friends who have returned as animals that is the greatest wish and I will have to make it so with some help from the Source from which all things depend.
The Source is dumping ocean freighter containers of spanners in the works and it is beautiful!
The usual suspects have reached the end of the line of their world conquering pipe dreams and as you stated many years ago there are Cosmic Guardrails in place to keep any one cabal from conquering it all.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very good VO. Thank you.

Vis: "Once you work out how to be in harmony with all life, you are on your way."

May I recommend a good book on exactly that? Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered by Machaelle Small Wright is a small gem. She is 'in touch' with various Unseen Beings who control the Nature World. She works in harmony with them. For instance, on her farm, she made a kindly 'deal' with those Beings. When she was planting a field with one crop, one row was designated for the creatures who eat such a crop. The other rows were hers. And so it turned out: One row was massively eaten, while the remaining rows were pristine. (For the record, no chemicals.) How would you like to live on a planet 'governed' by those principles? (I met her long-ago on her farm. True to her book.)
Vis: "Past relics of vanished civilizations lie buried in the strata of The Earth. ... These are all film reels for The Purpose of Demonstration. You are supposed to get a clue about the Temporary Nature of manifest existence."

In an alternate viewpoint, I would say that they are monuments to Experience. By that, I mean that we worked our way Down through the Consciousness Levels in order to Experience whatever was available at each Level. We experienced lives (so to speak) on downward-Level after downward-Level, blocking-out whatever Skills we had which would show the Present Level to be 'escapable'. (Kind of 'living' on the different floors within the Department Store often mentioned by Vis.)

Earth Plane is the Bottom Level. Our Spirit had a ball here: Being Father; being Mother. Being a baby; being a teen; being an adult. Making physical love. Building. Each 'aspect' had both positive and negative sides, as we knew 'coming down'. You build and you destroy. You love and you hate. All for the Experience.

By the end, we are kinder, gentler creatures. We have learned Compassion the hard way: by physically experiencing both sides. We now have a certain 'attitude' which Higher Beings (both good-guys & bad-guys) - whom have never Experienced this - cannot have. I believe this is the desired 'end result' of Experiencing. Perhaps, all-God has something up his/her/its sleeve...

At some point, we have had enough Experiencing. The experience-coffers are full. That is when and Why we yearn-to-return: the task is done. This also explains why others Will Not awake. They are not done Experiencing. Awakening would be counter-productive to their Soul Edict. Give it Time...
Vis: "It might be a good idea to find out what a Hungry Ghost is."

Yes, indeedy. Also, a Hungry Ghost is a Being who is 'cowardly' about taking a full, physical life, Down Here. It hopes to reap the reward without having to 'pay the price'. It is a little like watching TV versus experiencing the world. (I saw multiple TV shows on Machu Picchu. The reality, when I visited, was FAR more exciting.) So, not to worry: the Hungry Ghosts will be Down Here soon enough...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't come from here, so I'm just passing through."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I say the more things fall apart, the better. What was/is doesn't work. It needs to die, and I'm watching it. I wish the power to 'life-support' could be cut yesterday, as opposed to forcing us to wait for the few months or years that we have left; though I admit I'd rather be on the Otherside as opposed to here even after the new era. After all, this realm will still be fraught with many limitations compared to the Otherside. I mean, wish me luck with that tail and nose hair coat here no matter what the age; huh? And if you do have an Akashic Library Card here, wouldn't your brain have exploded?

Anonymous said...

@Ray B,
Nobody can match Visible’s resonant imagery but sometimes your comments here give similar insight.

Snordster also adds weight...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer Burn Brains."



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