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"♫ Love, Oh Love, Oh Selfless Love, and Higher Worlds for You ♫ "

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I thought today I would share with you the words of those far wiser than I, and from whence I draw upon all that inspires me for my own less than stellar efforts at it. There are a few basic and ruthless enemies that assault us all and they come from invisible sources that motivate us in selfish enterprises. One of these enemies is Selfishness; an expression of The Personality in a separated mind. I'm not going to list the whole of the Negative Qualities that are common to the human state. Surely, you already know about them.

Most people, for reasons that escape me, are puzzled by the idea of Selfless Service. It doesn't make sense to a carnal mind. It doesn't make sense in a Material Culture. It makes you look like a fool and an idiot to the proud and arrogant, driven by appetite and selfish desire. I CAN explain this so that it puzzles you no more. Being able to forget yourself in service to others, brings a Joy and Serenity that nothing else can equal. Your separated self IS your burden and your cross. It is The Personality that is at the root of your suffering, and that suffering WILL NOT END until The Personality is sublimated and harnessed. You are either a servant of The Higher Mind or you are a slave of The Lower Nature.

No activities that I know about can equal the sense of freedom that comes with selfless service. ANYONE who has been so engaged KNOWS how wonderful it is to FORGET YOURSELF in what you do; to give yourself away. That is freedom and it is what God does and it is what ALL who serve God also do. This might not apply to you but it certainly applies to me; knowing it I have no choice.

I will now include the Chapter, “Selfless Service” from The Bhagavad Gita=


“O Krishna, you have said that knowledge is greater

than action; why then do you ask me to wage this

terrible war? Your advice seems inconsistent. Give

me one path to follow to the supreme good.”


“At the beginning of time I declared two

paths for the pure heart: jnana yoga, the

contemplative path of spiritual wisdom, and

karma yoga, the active path of selfless service.

One who shirks action does not attain freedom; no

one can gain perfection by abstaining from work.

Indeed, there is no one who rests for even an instant;

all creatures are driven to action by their own nature.

Those who abstain from action while allowing

the mind to dwell on sensual pleasure cannot

be called sincere spiritual aspirants. But they

excel who control their senses through the

mind, using them for selfless service.

Fulfill all your duties; action is better than inaction.

Even to maintain your body, Arjuna, you are obliged

to act. Selfish action imprisons the world. Act

selflessly, without any thought of personal profit.

At the beginning, mankind and the obligation

of selfless service were created together.

“Through selfless service, you will always

be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your

desires”: this is the promise of the Creator.

Honor and cherish the devas as they honor and

cherish you; through this honor and love you will

attain the supreme good. All human desires are

fulfilled by the devas, who are pleased by selfless

service. But anyone who enjoys the things given by the

devas without offering selfless acts in return is a thief.

The spiritually minded, who eat in the spirit of

service, are freed from all their sins; but the selfish,

who prepare food for their own satisfaction, eat sin.

Living creatures are nourished by food, and food

is nourished by rain; rain itself is the water of life,

which comes from selfless worship and service.

Every selfless act, Arjuna, is born from Brahman,

the eternal, infinite Godhead. Brahman is present

in every act of service. All life turns on this law,

O Arjuna. Those who violate it, indulging the

senses for their own pleasure and ignoring the

to act. Selfish action imprisons the world. Act

who realize the Self are always satisfied. Having

found the source of joy and fulfillment, they no

longer seek happiness from the external world.

They have nothing to gain or lose by any action;

neither people nor things can affect their security.

Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the

world; by devotion to selfless work one attains

the supreme goal of life. Do your work with

the welfare of others always in mind. It was

by such work that Janaka attained perfection;

others too have followed this path.

What the outstanding person does, others will

try to do. The standards such people create will be

followed by the whole world. There is nothing in

the three worlds for me to gain, Arjuna, nor is there

anything I do not have; I continue to act, but I am not

driven by any need of my own. If I ever refrained

from continuous work, everyone would immediately

follow my example. If I stopped working I would

be the cause of cosmic chaos, and finally of the

destruction of this world and these people.

The ignorant work for their own profit, Arjuna;

the wise work for the welfare of the world,

without thought for themselves. By abstaining

from work you will confuse the ignorant,

who are engrossed in their actions. Perform

all work carefully, guided by compassion.

All actions are performed by the gunas of Prakriti.

Deluded by identification with the ego, a person

thinks, “I am the doer.” But the illumined man or

woman understands the domain of the gunas and is

not attached. Such people know that the gunas interact

with each other; they do not claim to be the doer.

Those who are deluded by the operation of

the gunas become attached to the results of

their action. Those who understand these truths

should not unsettle the ignorant. Performing

all actions for my sake, completely absorbed

in the Self, and without expectations, fight!

-but stay free from the fever of the ego.

Those who live in accordance with these divine

laws without complaining, firmly established in

faith, are released from karma. Those who violate

these laws, criticizing and complaining, are utterly

-deluded, and are the cause of their own suffering.

Even the wise act within the limitations of their

own nature. Every creature is subject to Prakriti;

what is the use of repression? The senses have

been conditioned by attraction to the pleasant

and aversion to the unpleasant. Do not be ruled

by them; they are obstacles in your path.

It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to

succeed in the dharma of another. Nothing is ever

lost in following one’s own dharma, but competition

in another’s dharma breeds fear and insecurity.”


“What is the force that binds us to selfish

deeds, O Krishna? What power moves us,

even against our will, as if forcing us?”


“It is selfish desire and anger, arising from

the guna of rajas; these are the appetites and

evils which threaten a person in this life.

Just as a fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is

obscured by dust, just as the embryo rests deep within

the womb, knowledge is hidden by selfish desire

–hidden, Arjuna, by this unquenchable fire for

self-satisfaction, the inveterate enemy of the wise.

Selfish desire is found in the senses, mind,

and intellect, misleading them and burying

the understanding in delusion. Fight

with all your strength, Arjuna! Controlling

your senses, conquer your enemy, the

destroyer of knowledge and realization.

The senses are higher than the body, the mind

higher than the senses; above the mind is the

intellect, and above the intellect is the Atman.

Thus, knowing that which is supreme, let the

Atman rule the ego. Use your mighty arms to

slay the fierce enemy that is selfish desire.”

I believe that should CLARIFY Karma also.

I did not realize that the chapter was as long as it is. I will save what I had from Master Aivanhov for another posting. What you have read just now is one of the major influencers of my thought and action. There are a few other sources that I subscribe to, though most of what I do is drawn from The Intuition. Very little that I contemplate is of recent vintage, simply because The Truth is TIMELESS, to begin with.

The New Age and the teachings of The New Age has come up from several quarters recently. My PROBLEM with The New Age Marketplace is that it is USUALLY just that; a marketplace, filled with paraphernalia on display. You cannot SELL The Truth. It MUST be given away, and that brings us back to Selfless Service.

Furthermore, I have yet to encounter anything from new-age lecterns that was not taken from ancient and arcane texts from long ago, and then refurbished and reconstituted and offered as something new. NONE OF IT IS. Not once, in decades, have I seen ANYTHING from New Age sources that I had not read before in the original that they kyped it from.

I have seen this from so-called masters too. I owned a spiritual and arcane bookstore for a few years when I was very young. What led me there was a passion to read the deep thinkers, spiritual teachers, and mystics of former, and even present times. Surely, I read over a thousand books during this time. It was there that I encountered Bhagavan Rajneesh. I read his early works (they were still early works then) and was surprised to see to what an extent he had taken from Lao Tzu and others, sometimes almost word for word. I told myself I didn't need to read any more from this man because I was already informed by the people he was taking his thoughts from.

I have worked with literature for my whole life. First reading widely and voluminously, and then writing my own thoughts. Along the way, I encountered a distinct subsection of work called The New Age. Somehow it always seemed about the money. Then I found out that A Curse of Miracles was constructed by intelligence services in the employ of The Prince of Darkness. I found massive evidence that the CIA and others were deep into this area of enterprise. That explains people like Marianne Williamson, Benjamin Creme, Elizabeth Claire Prophet (with her .50 cal machinegun turrets), and MANY ANOTHER. I learned about Hay House Publishing, and Louise B Hay.

The same way I learned about the Rap Music Agenda, I had learned about New Age principles. I will not criticize others who find help and succor there. It's different strokes for different folks, and just not my stroke. I've been around the New Age scene. I lived on Maui for 20 years. I know what's going on there. I saw the MMDA-Ecstasy orgies and met, or encountered some number of the New Age luminaries. I have a wealth of experiences from that area and I WANT NO PART OF IT. It is for each of us to make up our own minds about the course of our lives, though that is mostly done by KARMA.

I am also somewhat versed in the early days of the New Age Movement, such as The Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust, the Golden Dawn, and The O.T.O. I have been far and wide with all of it and round the bend as well. There are good and bad to be found. I found what I was looking for and no longer need to look. Readers can make up their own minds about that. I was present when events happened to me, and certainly a more credible witness than people who operate from projection and hearsay, concerning what they were NOT PRESENT FOR.

All I can say is that we shall soon see the metal and integrity (if there be any) of ALL movements and those associated. We shall soon see what are the lies and what is the truth. Many think that The Apocalypse and the Coming of the Avatar are matters of intellectual speculation and points of moronic contention, instead of REAL conditions and events. I don't know if it is next week, next month or next year. I do know that the whole world is going to turn upside down, or right-side up, depending on what your perspective is.

There is something here for everyone; the Doom and Gloom Merchants, the Merchants of Fear, the sales-goblins of the material camouflage that hides The Truth, to begin with. Conversely, those who seek Redemption and Love, will find it. Those seeking a portal to higher worlds will find it. You will eventually find everything you were looking for. It makes good sense to be looking for what is real, and not Temporary, because wherever your love is you will find what you treasure; to paraphrase scripture. Common Sense should prevail in these matters because they are so very Self Evident. It is an enduring mystery that more people do not see this.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the column and the Krishna quotes...

Vis: "Most people ... are puzzled by the idea of Selfless Service. It doesn't make sense to a carnal mind. It doesn't make sense in a Material Culture. ... Being able to forget yourself in service to others, brings a Joy and Serenity that nothing else can equal."

In a viewpoint based on my 'service' with Higher Self, I would say that the decision to be in Selfish or Selfless service comes from "Where You Are." (Commemorating the classic mini-scene from the "Buckaroo Banzai" movie.) In turn, this comes from one's Consciousness Level. The lower the Consciousness Level, the more one is 'entombed' in Individuality. And thus, acts in ways that stress Individuality. (Of course, also the opposite for higher CL.)

Alternatively, one can work from a classical viewpoint; from one's Chakras. See Chakra Primer.

I tend to view our actions within the chakra system. (Akin to Vis' floors of a building.) The part below the heart chakra is Individualistic. It is me and you. (Me 'outside' You.) From the heart chakra on up, it gets more and more Universal. It is me as you. Some people dwell entirely 'below' the heart chakra. A few, like true saints, dwell entirely 'above' the heart chakra. Most of us bob up and down (hence our Conscience)...

When a person is acting benevolently, their crown chakra seems to light up. When a person is acting lovingly, their heart chakra seems to light up. When a person is acting from power interests, their solar plexus chakra seems to light up. Sexual, third-eye, etc. It is very interesting to reflect on those basic impulses, as emitted by the chakras. It is also a good warning system; say, when a person is acting benevolently but their power chakra is the dominant chakra emitting..."

So, what-to-do to shift from a Selfish to a Selfless basis? Often, it is a reduction of held-pain, allowing one a different 'viewpoint' of life. A few years ago (2016), I wrote about pain-Cleaning. It can seem overwhelming, but one step at a time. (And, one can attract Higher Help.) Eventually, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and life is just good. From there, acting in a Selfless manner is much easier...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

It's too bad you got all insulting in the beginning and telling me I wouldn't post it anyway and you do not read here anymore anyway (which begs the question of how you came to be here) because it meant that I did not get to read whatever it is that you had to say. I will regret this for about a New York Minute. I hope things work out for you, your bitterness is indicative of a sad life and an unhappy heart. I pray it will improve for you. Yes... by the way, I know it was The Curse of Miracles you reacted to. I'm not all that slow, am I?

Ray B. said...

Oops, left out a " in my HTML coding. 'Chakra Primer' is here...

Unknown said...

Wow....I'd never heard of Juggalos before. One big feature I noticed is how sad they generally all look. No spark of life in them. Their faces drawn down...even the odd smiling ones. Juggalos really are a sad symptom of the age.

Visible said...

Precisely what I saw as well. I was out today and the Zombie-Vibe was incredible. Then there were the cellphone junkies in their own cloud of oblivion to what and who was around them. Then the harassed shopper with the aggressive carts. I spent a lot of time watching out for those who were not watching out. Anyway, there is SOMETHING WRONG with a certain percentage of the public and you see it if you can see it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"What You have to Worry About are the Dangers Within You, Due to The Law of Attraction."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Teach it to your children. ( You will translate this lesson) “ Love of Nature” Children should enjoy mother's nature and teach after observation and experience. All children has to learn from you is read and write and rest must by nature. We're gonna trade the hated school for science on Mother's Law after fun, nothing to force. When you learn to respect nature, she'll pay you back. The spirit of the forest is powerful and beautiful. You will create paradise on earth. But first we have to clear the earth of the weeds, so since you're saying all the evidence and you're tired of this cabaret, so let's end this madness. They really beat everything I've met and I've seen, but they're guilty of their fate and mercy they won't find it this time.

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