Friday, September 10, 2021

"We are Surrounded by Evidence of Eternal Life but the Temporary Senses do not Report on It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can see from the reactions to Biden's (well, it's not him; he's complicit but a Tool) sweeping vaccine mandate...

...AND the state of common life in Australia that one could understand grim fatalism setting in here and there. Meanwhile, the dawn is breaking somewhere else. There is something we have to get our head around, and that is that everything is scripted and directed, even when it looks like outright chaos. The World IS being set in order, REGARDLESS of how it looks.

It seems more and more certain with each passing day that False Flag Season is upon us. Yesterday I got a comment at Smoking Mirrors. I am including it here because of how very odd it is. It's like something Mother Shipton would say if she were using Hip-hop to communicate; are you familiar with Mother Shipton?

“I was thinking twenty years back when CongaLeisha Rice told Willie in Kalifornia to 'keep his ass offa planes next week'. I try to warn my homies in Chicago, but they wont listen. There are three zioholydays next week or so and the Great Reset is looming larger in the rearview diabolic mirror.

BlackRock sits on top of $9 Trillion in assets. It is run by tribesmen Laurence Fink & Robert Kaputo, inventors of mortgage backed securities. They think nothing of building 40,000 rental homes in a shitload of subdivisions...enuff to create a national lumber shortage on its own. Most important, BlackRock owns Sears Tower, er, Willis Tower, home to a slew of big name anchor tenants, like United Airlines & a score more.

My polak potato head brain having a magnetic anomaly like some kind of Coronal Mass Ejaculation, but moreover a different CME. Me feeling it to be the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Dr. Klaus Evil, sitting in his goofy black winged Star Trek tunic gets to thinking... hmmm why not work with the BlackRock boys in taking down Willis? Best place for the cascade to start.

But hey, dont just pancake da muffa, thats so Y2K. Why not do a lumberjack thing. When somebody is good with a chainsaw they can drop a huge tree between buildings. So set the cutter charges so it topples on the CME where trillions in derivatives, futures, puts & calls can be trashed faster than the Pentagon's $2.4 trillion & all the bean counters that were getting subpoenaed next day. And dont stop there either. Let the mayhem roll down LaSalle Street Canyon until it does a Pompei to the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. Yeah, thats the ticket, all the bullion gets vaporized, yeah, yeah.

First New York, now Chicago. Its its the the Second City!!!”

It was sent in by someone called, bigloner. I'm not convinced of the events depicted. I just thought it VERY eerie. It struck me. As you know, I rarely... in fact let us say, almost never, include comments. They are already in The Comments Section.

I watch trends and patterns, in events and in general human life as I observe it in the process of inevitable change. Sometimes it weaves precariously to The Left, like now. Then it swings precariously to The Right, like what is to follow, and sometimes it goes right off the road (which WILL happen in places), and sometimes, it rights itself and all is better than well; which WILL happen.

From watching trends, I see the near-hysterical, global press to inoculate The World with a vaccine that IS NOT A VACCINE! I see that it is not going to work. The Courts won't even let it work. It's a bluff to intimidate the uncertain; don't be uncertain. HOWEVER... because THEY will not be denied, they are going to have to come at it from another angle. Because they are DRIVEN, and POSSESSED, they could not stop themselves if they wanted to, and some of them do. Given their situation, they are also desperate, They need enough people to be dead so that the peasants can't storm Dracula's castle. It sure has all the indications of a False Flag Season. By means of deception.

Biden's reputation is through the floor and into the sub-basement. THEY KNOW they will have to do something fairly soon. I wonder what interstellar screw-up they intend for The World, AND what Mr. Apocalypse will do with it? Yeah... see, here's the thing; Mr. Apocalypse is moving more and more into Direct Action. He is incrementally more present and more powerful now, as his scope of enterprise widens. He's also on The Inside of us as well as on the Outside. This is what I meant by, DRIVEN and POSSESSED. God directs ALL traffic to its Appointed Ends. The end result is resident within the intention of The Actor. We are ALL actors.

About Chicago ♫ a Hell of a town ♫ You recall that Mr. Cool and Slinky came out of there and became president. You recall that Rahm Emmanuel, one of the 9/11 players was the mayor there. Now they have Mayor Leadfoot, and crime in prime time. A False Flag would fit in that equation, amply nourished by endemic corruption through the whole of its government, but then... so would Seattle and Portland.

I do not consider myself a soothsayer who sees into the future. That IS NOT my department. I speculate, of course, everyone does. Mine is the fruit of watching trends and patterns and drinking at the underground springs of The Intuition. We KNOW that something dramatic, and even spectacular WILL HAPPEN because it ALWAYS does in times like these.

We are moving at the speed of thought into the Age of Aquarius; The Age of Brotherhood. That certainly sounds like the foundation for a Golden Age. It could still take a while to get there because the other parts of ourselves have to catch up with The Mind. Let me again state that there is ONLY one mind. We tell ourselves otherwise, and that is part of why we broke away from The One Mind; shattered mirrors. Becoming aligned with The One Mind is the key to telepathy and all the other supersensory abilities.

You don't get these at Walmart, and they aren't handed out to just anyone. You have to earn them through Grace, Austerities, and the like. This means they can be in the possession of both good and bad actors. Unfortunately for the bad actors, the viewing screen is distorted, so they don't see what they see as it really is. Also unfortunately for the bad actors, this is a specific time of sorting out, of judgment, and resolution. Resolution follows Resolve. Also... and this applies to all actors; this is an apocalypse. All bets are off in an apocalypse. In an apocalypse, it is what it is. Other times, the prevailing dream currents inspire the daily, walkabout life. In an apocalypse, you wake up. You don't turn over and go back to sleep.

The anniversary of the Israeli False Flag on America is coming up on Saturday. The Kalifornia recall election takes place on Tuesday. That election is a great deal more important to The Underlords than one might think. It is a REALLY big deal. Then there was the Texas abortion law, also brewing in other states. The election reforms are coming far and wide across the land. You see two different dynamics at work simultaneously. You can't stop The Future. The Past and The Present have both signed off on it.

There are a few (maybe more than a few) things I seek to avoid. One of them is Fearmongering. I don't want to wind up at Natural News. At the same time, I see what small part of it all is revealed to me. I think a person should be aware and prepared within. Be watchful.

I don't know how it will all sort out. What I do know is that it WILL BE sorted. How that impacts on you has to do with where your treasures are, and whether or not you are attached to the fruits of action. The whole of it is very clearly explained in scripture if you know where to look. There's nothing new about any of this. It's come and gone many times. Usually, people destroy themselves, no matter what they blame it on later. All death is suicide, actually, brought about by Karma fashioned to that end. If one could change endlessly and effortlessly, they would not die, they would simply change.

Behind all change is the changeless. Resting in that which does not change, one manages what changes by ADAPTATION. There really are people who have been alive for centuries. They do not appear on The Offal Winfrey Show. We are surrounded by evidence of Eternal Life but the Temporary Senses do not report on it.

What is it that Michael Tyson said? “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Be watchful. Be watchful. Be watchful. Scripture in all bonafide traditions tells us this. Pay attention! It is the difference between Life and Death. You could say, “but I thought it was all Karma?” Yeah? The propensity not to pay attention is Karma. Happening to be where you are, and doing what you are doing; that's Karma too, and not paying attention to what you are doing is also Karma.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for a very pertinent Origami (spiritual and temporal)!

Vis: "I can see from the reactions to Biden's (well, it's not him; he's complicit but a Tool) sweeping vaccine mandate..."

(a) I like how The Saker labels him: He uses Biden when talking about the barely-here person, and "Biden" when it is obviously the Deep State talking - with Biden as the barely-here mouthpiece. Clever.

(b) The first fallout of the "sweeping vaccine mandate" has occurred: Apparently, USAF fighter pilots are quitting in droves. The totals are still unclear, but the percentages are substantial. To be crystal clear, these are 'elite' pilots who require years and millions of dollars to replace. Each. So, in one shot (hah!), "Biden" has reduced our available fighter force by say a third. Not so clever...
Vis: "There is something we have to get our head around, and that is that everything is scripted and directed, even when it looks like outright chaos."

Outside of all-God being ultimately in control of everything, there was a provocative/enlightening scene in the third John Wick movie. (Yes, it is ultra-violent - but with some interesting thoughts on gangster 'ethos'.) JW and a top baddie go to meet in a neutral square. 'Civilians' are just milling-around the crowded square. ***Spoiler Alert*** Then, at a signal from top baddie, ALL the civvies stop and face JW. The entire square was occupied by underlings of The Boss. Pre-planned. Consider that scene, when thinking-about what we are facing...
Vis: "It sure has all the indications of a False Flag Season. By means of deception."

Yes, indeedy! "By way of deception shall you make war." We all know from what 'organization' that phrase originates. (And yeah, I have been keeping an eye on the Sears Tower for many years...)
Vis: "I wonder what interstellar screw-up they intend for The World, AND what Mr. Apocalypse will do with it?"

Interesting, the use of the word interstellar. Is it being used in the abstract or in the concrete? If some of my 'contacts' are real, certain civilizations may not be okay with the mass-inoculation of a species under false pretenses. Especially, if it is being done as some form of "Sayonara", bring-down-the-building gesture. So, we may be seeing some out-of-this-world involvement, clandestine or overt...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Forgot: In today's column, The Saker mentioned, "North Stream 2 has been completed today; all that’s left is a bunch of paperwork..."

This is a Biggie to US/NATO/UK/Euro Deep-State types. It virtually demands some form of push-back. So, look for 'Something' to occur which will force Germany to shut-down NS2. Interesting Times...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

To me, it looks like slum clearance of the willfully ignorant and misprioritised.

I can't imagine WANTING to be here for hundreds of years. This place is GARBAGE compared to the other side of the Vail.

But hey. Repeating again, I'm already dead and waiting for the body to catch up. Second best way to be, me thinks. It has many advantages.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago things changed. Idiots, liars, cheats, thiefs, murderers, and assholes took control because dumb fucks stood back in awe of caitiffs. Too ascared to do anything because they would loose their jobs. Sold their souls to the devil for a buck. Well this is where we are at now. A total disgrace to heaven. Cowards the lot of us.Talk about the avatar all you like but cowards are a disgrace and no avatar will ever help a coward. As it should be. Interesting thing is that you read the post before you delete it, so the message gets past (passed) to you anyway. Good luck with your mystic ...ism..s.
From grease, or fat. Zorba via VPN Nordstar

robert said...

Visible One,

Reading your mind through the transparent prose you emanate is a positive energy experience.

A clear example of how the inner life can be expressed with minimal effort, after years of trying too hard and learning to be still, of course!

How we may serve by doing the thing we were granted the insight to do, while being in the moment.

When Lao-Tzu said "the way to do is to be" he was dropping the veil in front of us.

In western society, being was dominated by doing, at all costs.

We are instinctually in gratitude or appreciation when the Divine gets through to us from centerville into the wilderness of human miscreation.

Let me again state that there is ONLY one mind. We tell ourselves otherwise, and that is part of why we broke away from The One Mind; shattered mirrors. Becoming aligned with The One Mind is the key to telepathy and all the other supersensory abilities

Many people in this time have had to wall off their minds from the onslaught of intrusion from the collective madness and from that place, began to distrust their intuition sifted through the screen put up just to have some peace of mind, which became a piece of mind, loosely connected to the One.

When the pain of separation exceeds what our limited minds can bear, they break their shell and the Phoenix chick emerges.

Behind all change is the changeless. Resting in that which does not change, one manages what changes by ADAPTATION

Could not be said more simply or concisely!

How to be in the world but not of the world.
How to use cosmic leverage to move mountains of miasmatic bullshit.
How to serve as an operative for higher frequencies to break up grime like an ultrasonic cleaner!

{why exposing fetuses to ultrasound has been yet another death cult degradation...)

What could be more exciting than to discover how we were in our own way, trying too hard, wasting our time and finally, how to be a conduit for perfect action through perfecting our being here now?

Ignore the human in limbic thrall behind the curtain and help usher in the awakening audience to the greatest show on earth!

Rise above or sink below
Feel the love or fuck with fear
See the One or be blinded by shattered shards
Be the way or do our own demise

We are here for reasons far beyond our pay grade
We will regain the trust in life we had in the begining or end it all
We love as One
We love....

Visible said...

I see, well... actually I don't, and what does your VPN have to do with anything? I am guessing this is a part of the new trend to mess with me. What message? Why wouldn't I read the comments? Yeah... all is not right here, but I let it 'passed' so that the readers for whom this might prove an interest, know, now and then, what these things look like. Meanwhile, we continue to continue; not much that anyone but God can do about it. That is the truth of it.

Visible said...

Good one, Robert.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Anonymous @ 5:58,

"20 years ago things changed."

Yes, but who was in control did not.

"Talk about the avatar all you like but cowards are a disgrace and no avatar will ever help a coward. As it should be."

Says who? Or more properly, where is it written and who enforces it? It is sometimes just a little bit of help or inspiration that will turn a coward into a hero. A potentially actionable hero. Even when there is nothing they need to do but stand ready.

"Interesting thing is that you read the post"

Of course he reads them. How else would he decide whether or not to post it? Duh. If you think you are clever by getting him to read something, well, I don't see that as a major accomplishment. He is clearly a voracious reader.

Greetings to Greece though.

Mr. Nah

Duntoirab said...

Just a wee note of appreciation for hooking me up to the Impersonal Life document. What a life changer, I have been working with it and things are happening.

Commands, sort of, just appear in my mind to go help this person or smile at this person and before having time to look at the pros and cons good things happen, as said here many times, selfless action brings rewards, in terms of joy and sometimes tangible things.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

I gotta say Mr. R.B. that we shouldn't have to rely on any kind of interstellar intervention in order to achieve higher justice. My belief is that there will be some sort of special international tribunal set up to investigate and try US clandestine activities over the years. It is only a matter of time before the US loses its absolute veto power in the UN, and Israel loses its protection.

May they be merciful on the innocent who were aware and tried to warn people, may they also be merciful on the hoodwinked who show remorse, let all the anger be focused on those who are the orchestrators and coordinators and those who remain ignorantly defiant.

LV, the last time you embedded a comment in your column, it seems to me, that too many took it as yours and it took several other columns to straighten that out. bigloner does bring up the point, in his(/her?) poetic way, of the unaccountable money from Rumsfeld's 9/10/01 speech. I think we have twenty more years of unaccountable money that ultimately doesn't turn out to be untraceable.

We used to spell it 'polack', and there used to be a poster here way back when that had the initials CME, who I nicknamed 'Coronal Mass Ejection' for his long and intense postings.

What would be awesome is if everybody in Chicago all the sudden decided to be as nice as possible, turf wars weren't cool any more, no shootings allowed by the culture, and dammit, little old ladies ought to feel safe walking down the street, and everybody says "Good afternoon, ma'am." Drop to zero shootings/deaths immediately and from now on.

Anybody here from Chicago? Get the word out.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

Ah Yes, Mr. Nah- I had forgotten all about that. That was a bit of a mess, AND... The Elf had even changed the density and kind of the type and it still did no good. I do not seem to learn as quickly as I would hope to.

Ray B. said...

Mr. Nah, my interpretation of the situation 'on-the-ground' is a little different than yours. I suspect that we are looking at a worldwide-control 'culture' that has been in-place for a looong time. (Could even be interstellar in origin, like a modern view of the fabled Anunnaki.) As such, I do not believe we will be seeing any human-originated 'justice'. That would be exposing the real perps. Ain't gonna happen... (Again, as Charles Fort stated, based on his research, “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property.”)

To get any 'justice', we have to get outside the embedded System. Vis has presented the Up option with The Avatar. Higher Influences. I have mentioned many times - based on Cleanings which I witnessed my Higher Self and Others doing - that an Up option is probably in-the-works.

However, there is also the Out option. I suspect The Avatar is not limited to one Solar System. Tap-in here and insert-thought there, and interstellar folks may become (more) interested in our situation.

Of course, there is also an Up and Out option. That would be interesting...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Mr. R.B.,

I have commented in the past that we have differing perspective on that which is only perceived, not directly seen. There is no proof I can provide to assert that mine is more correct or superior, nor that we are, or are not, viewing the same thing from different perspectives.

The news you bring does bring me joy and aligns with my perception that things are indeed improving rapidly under the surface. I also believe, and concur with, that the intent is to keep it as hidden as possible. Things are just going to start getting better. People will finally see some justice being administered and our resources and labor not being drained on misadventures, and that will improve the environment tremendously.

The words "shouldn't have to rely on" does not imply preclusion. Who knows, maybe that is exactly what is going on. So, if it is clandestine by upstairs friends, we should respect those wishes, shouldn't we?

The Bible does talk openly about a harvest, and the wheat being separated from the chaff at harvest time. Sounds like a farm metaphor to me. Your notion of the implication of what an alien species might think of forced vaccination and if the exceeded some sort of intervention threshold, made me pause a moment and really think about that. What if.

Mr. Nah

P.S. Lt. PTB, I love this place. Not sure I would feel the same living in SF. Go on a road trip, find a nicer place to live. How does that phrase go, oh yeah, "Get yourself some popcorn, it's going to be a long movie, and you want to be comfortable." For instance, if you opened up a barber shop in northern Minnesota, you could undoubtedly harvest enough nose hairs as a side service to make several coats, and get paid for doing it!

P.P.S. Another thought on Chicago, and all urban areas world wide really. New rule: All urban gardens/farming are safe. Enforced by all gang members no matter whose territory. No vandalism, no theft, no expectation of reward other than seeing your community help feed itself with healthy food. All empty lots are fair game. Green the place up, watch the plants grow. Give the community something positive to talk about.

Write up a flyer, be creative, post it, and see what happens.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #13

I don't live in Frisco. I can see it if I climb up the hill across the Bay. Also, being an NDE case, I HATE this place. I finish my life sentence under protest. All I see is limits, inconveniences, stupid illusions and more stupidity than I can imagine was possible. But I asked for it. In fact I begged for it. I was rudely reminded of that during my NDE. I was also reminded I would regret my decision. Yup! But hey! At least I got a desire to return to this place for the umpteenth time outta me.

Damn those different perspectives on the Otherside. I have a recollection of this being a game to me then. Now I see it as a lesson in Stupidity 101, though opinions obviously do vary.

Anonymous said...

Re #14

I am so sorry, I wish there was something more effective I could say. I've had a few close calls so to speak, that led to serious reflection, but no NDE. I am an experienced Psychonaut, but that was in the early days. Just mention it cuz of the SF connection. Honestly, I meant a lot broader. Please dear, things are getting better, they really are. If they weren't going to, then things would be a lot worse already.

Mr. Nah

P.S. CERN and HAARP are really escape attempts. They won't work, but may bring unwanted attention, a la, Mr. R.B.'s presentation.

Bill said...

Most every time I come here after reading the article I feel great. I feel fantastic and then I check the comments section and I do not feel nearly so good. Once I have read the comments it gets clear to me that the craziness Viz talks about is all over the place now including here. I don't want to upset the other visitors here but some of the stuff I read here would be bad conversation by comparison with the already terrible conversation in some of the worst films I have seen. If what you are depending on is what you are talking about I recommend serious life insurance on the off chance that someone might benefit at some level from no good can come from otherwise. Sorry but that is how I feel.

Anonymous said...

This one was truly helpful in my getting through a rough week, Visible.
Thanking you & all the commenters and sending each One much love.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Transitory It Is... Because of Your Sense of Time. It is an Amusement Park for the Carnal Mind."

bigloner said...

Cue VoiceOver - Bogart....There'll always be Paris. Nawh. Joseph Cotton....I remember Vienna. I mean, I remember Chicago....In glorious Black & White. See Wayne Miller's circa 1946 - 1948 'Chicago's South Side' photo essay book. Cover pix sez it all. Tonite I mourn for old Chicago.

Content of his book was a couple years before my time, still, for me the early 50's thru early 60's were a near carbon copy of Miller's book. My memories are in B&W for that period. It wasn't perfect harmony, but ebony & ivory were living in practicality. Most families didn't own cars & used public transportation instead, leaving their neighborhoods & traveling on bus or 'L' thru a range of ethnic areas. There could be cool stuff everywhere.

A decade earlier a polish Jew named Bennie Goodman, family of 12 kids was born in the shtetl. Gene Krupa was another poor Polish boy who wanted to play horn but could only afford a drum set. His parents had him studying for the priesthood but he jumped ship & became a jazz drummer. In 1938 Krupa was the drummer in Goodman's Band for the extended recording of Sing Sing Sing at Carnegie Hall, 1938. Chicago was chock full of jazz & blues... mostly jazz back then.

One 1964 Saturday, a trio of polish boys from the south side decide to head downtown. Weekdays there were express buses, but weekends most the the routes were local slo-mos rolling north thru the south side. You could wait for an express or hop on the slo mo. In the end they arrived at about the same time. So then, riding the local, well there really wasn't a shitload of gangs, just startup Blackstone Rangers & East Side Disciples. Almost no bystander dead / no impulse control issue wildass sideway shooting, just kinder & gentler beating & intimidation. Bus stuck at long stoplite. All the windows are open because it's hot before noon. There's a liquor store, stenciled sign in window reads Mighty Fine wine, $1.69 gallon. There are jugs in the window, clear glass with white screw caps. Label on jug is in stark B&W has big bold M & F with smaller typeface hard to read. People simply tell cashier they want a gallon of dat MuFa wine. Next door is a corner dive, entrance rite on the sidewalk intersection with one of those diamond plate cast iron thresholds allowing entrance from N-S or E-W & a heavy cast iron pole holding up the apartment above. Doors blocked open & inside the dive is a guy sitting on a cane back chair, practicing guitar by himself. The tavern's window is kind of tempera color painted with like a weeping willow, cat tails, floating logs & jumping catfish. Above the painting it sez 'Muddy Waters Playing Tonight'. That's the Chicago I can mourn for.

bigloner said...

.........Guess it's time to reflect on Willis. What would Dr. Evil do? Hope there's journalists out there worth their Pink Salt. Did they check for construction permits? Video archives? Any double entendre indemnity insurance payable to lucky Laurence? When's the last time any alphabet agency did an isotope flyover check? Think they toned them down a tad after several Israeli Embassies showed up as hot spots, yes?

But first, you need your fall guys, as future events cast long shadows. Domestics of course, but who at the top? Maybe some kind of White Hat military General Jack D. Ripper.15 years back, late August early September 2007. A B52H left Minot AFB for Homestead AFB carrying 12 AGM-129 cruise missiles in two underwing pods, six missiles per pod. A pod of six were dummies. A pod of six had W80-1 variable payload nuclear bombs inside the AGM-129s loaded in stumblebum error.. Six of these left Minot, but only five arrived at Homestead. Where is #6 W80-1? Shortly afterward there were multiple accidents and suicides of the ordinance handlers & pencil pushers. Earlier working links now come up 404.

Working with the mideast's only democracy in theory it would be possible to rig a building with a mini nuke below the cutters. Somewhere opposite in the resulting rubble would be found the outer casing or maybe an entire W80-1 'that failed to detonate'...kinda like a pristine passport floating down from WTC. This would justify a purge of the military & persecution of redstates, rednecks & anything anybody constitutional. As for my earlier post, 20/20 hindsite, it would be asking too much for Willis to topple on CME, rumble north & take a jog to Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. Only a magic bullet could do that. More doable & scary would be for the whole mess to fall west / southwest. It would take out rail, expressway feeder & the main post office. Think that's more efficient collateral than a regional FRB. Radiation track is nearly impossible to call. A Yom Kippur kold spell could bring in north winds, yet outer bands from a gulf disturbance could bring high summer like winds south by southwest. I wish this were a Bruce Willistower screenplay, but a sad part of me feels not. What's in your wallet & what sock drawer is the potassium iodide in?

Visible said...


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