Monday, September 20, 2021

"Hope Springs Eternal. They Say Evil is Nocturnal; When You Don't Know What It Is in the First Place."

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I've been thinking about what people believe and how they came to believe it. Take a look at the various mindsets that proliferate in a country at different periods. Common, shared beliefs come into play and become a Life Commercial that screens in your head. It's like a commercial jingle that you can't stop hearing. It is likely, not true, but it is catchy. This results in imprinting on the consciousness. Mantras are intentional efforts to do just that. The Major Arcana of the Tarot are considered to be pictogram archetypes, but that's not the whole story.

There is an arrangement called the Tarot Tableau. Excepting The Fool, which is apart from this arrangement (but not really) you have 21 cards. The first seven can be considered to be Forces. Arranged just beneath these are the mediums, or you might say Channels that the Forces act through or process. The last seven are conditions to be rectified or created and maintained. By example, The Magician, which is the first trump, operates through the Strength card process, and that sets right the absurdity pictured by The Devil card.

One could go on and on at great length, concerning the implications of one set of cards working through another set, to bring about or to correct what is shown in the last set. We won't be doing that. The advertising and fashion worlds also work with their own Tarot. Government too has its systems, and different systems of government have different systems of thought that they employ through specific laws and customs. What you see around you comes from what you cannot see, unless your spiritual senses are activated. That happens through the practice of austerities, disciplines of one kind or another, and also through the experience of psychotropic drugs. In the last case, the results are not lasting... usually.

You hear people saying that you can do anything you want to do. You can become anyone you want to be, and that you can master ANYTHING you give consistent energy and attention to. ERRRRRT! (buzzer sounding) No... that is not necessarily true. It can be said that all of them are sometimes true, but not always. Your Karma controls the likelihood of what you may want to do. It controls, certainly, what you may become, and it controls your ability to be determined in the pursuit of the mastery of any material form of expression. Spiritually... now... that is another thing because you have help. Yes, you could say that help is available for anything, but... what does your karmic curriculum vitae say?

I read an article once about a study that was conducted about the disbursement of money. It concluded by saying, “If all the money in the world were given out in equal amounts to everyone in the world, it would all be back in the same hands in 60 days.”

I think what I am talking all around and trying to say is that one should first discover what one is disposed toward, and then to do it with all their might. Yes... that might include criminal enterprise or excessive self-indulgence, BUT... apparently, Heaven does not like it when people are lukewarm. In other words, if you are passionate and determined; let us say focused on what you are doing, if you are going in a good direction, you will get there rather quickly. If you are going in the wrong direction, you will also get there quickly, and to your dismay... BUT... then you can be redeemed and reminted as what you are essentially, which is not evil at all, though... sometimes certain people are compelled to do evil in order to discover what is good.

I am NOT promoting Evil. I am being a realist based on observation.

I am saying that the way The World, collectively (most of them anyway) sees and understands life, and itself, is well off the mark. See... we have physical bodies that must be maintained, and also... the physical body is inclined toward pleasure and material gain. It works in tag-team fashion with the heart and mind. It WILL mislead you because everything it wants is not good for you long, and even short term, depending. The World thinks through The Body, and that is how you get a marketplace of Things that have to do with The Body, whether to eat it or wear it, live in it, or drive it. There is even an entire sector of the marketplace that has to do with bodies coming together in space.

If you are following the appetites and desires of The Body, you are on your way to becoming a slave, and also vulnerable to all of the toxins of The World as well. You are bound for suffering because you chase pleasure and have an aversion to pain. Now... I KNOW there are many people who do not want to hear this, especially those with a vested interest in the marketplace, and who also may be slavers or... well... who knows? In this time of mass possession and the varieties of hysteria; due to The Avatar cleaning all of the other planes of being, you don't know who anyone might be. That is not a problem if you know who you are.

One thing we do know, and it is self-evident, people are getting crazier in a visible way. Some of this crazy is caused by people who no longer know who they are. Materialism causes a great deal of it. Fear starts to intensify and amplify, this produces the particular rage that comes from Fear. Once again, we could go into more particulars here but these posts have space constraints. Yes... I am the reason there are space constraints, so... there are space constraints.

The crazy is also generated by hopeless wanting. It is generated by terrible living conditions in the face of those with everything, and much, much more than they need. These and a litany of others are being intensified, and amplified, primarily in the Advent of The Avatar. People are waking up, and many of them are freaking out as a result, because what they see can terrify them or make them loathe themselves or others. Awakening does not mean you see ONLY beautiful things. Awakening means you see much more than you did previously, and then you don't like what you see and you begin to react without understanding. Some like it very much, and that reveals what we are inside.

Awakening is not unlike waking from a dream. In many cases, you simply have awakened into another dream. There are some number of dreamscapes that have to be surmounted and passed through before the sort of awakening that is demonstrated in Nirvana or Realization occurs. This means that it is not going to be all Hunky Dory everywhere. HOWEVER... you can choose what you do about it, who you associate with, what you get up to, what your aspirations are. This and much more is all in your power to accomplish. It does not take a rocket surgeon to reason out that if you are doing bad things you are headed in a bad direction and you will arrive at an unfortunate end. The WHOLE THING IS PROGRAMMED! The reverse is true as well.

How you wake up to something has a great deal to do with what follows. Yes... there are all sorts of theories about it. People explain cultural phenomena through the filter of their understanding. Hope springs eternal. They say evil is nocturnal; when you don't know what it is in the first place. They are telling you what they think they know. A great many of them are getting paid for this. Some number are given electronic podiums to expand on it, and to generate an economy because... it is all part of the marketplace. You have to step out of the marketplace (first in your heart and mind) OR... you have to be in it BUT NOT OF IT. Each of these can be handled with alacrity if you are not the one handling it.

So I have something that some might call a theory, BUT... I happen to know, via direct and repeated experiences that God is Real, AND consciously resident in all of us, whether we know it or not. When we know it... ah... yes... well then, it comes and takes over your life. There is no way to stop it. Once the kundalini is awakened, IT WILL find its way, and NOTHING can stop it. Some consciously reverse this process. They are the present source of a great deal of the world's harms. They are one of the reasons The Avatar is coming.

I know that I mention The Avatar a lot. Well... The Avatar is a world-transforming force. He can simply look at you and you will be literally in paradise if he looks at you that way. Perhaps he looks at everyone the same way, but there are a multitude of gradients in the kinds of responses we will have to him.

I just feel that there is no bigger deal than The Avatar. I'm not going to go on tour and talk about it (grin) but I will mention it here, especially at Origami.

(There is something very odd about this missing girlfriend in Utah whose boyfriend came home without her. There even seems to be a reality TV aspect. If some really bizarre resolution occurs I would wonder even more. You know a movie of the week is coming. I don't mean to diminish the event, but this is getting a kind of media coverage that can mean only one thing, either it is a distraction from something else or it is something else. Didn't make any sense, did it? That last statement. That's kind of what I mean)

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My idea of waking up is; this place sucks, I don't like the game, I'm gonna play as little as possible, I'm just passing through, so I'm in the waiting room for the gate to the next realm to open. What ever happens with this place ain't my problem, and if this place is all you care about (Not you personally.), I want as little to do with you as possible.

Non-compliance with the social order in every way possible is the way to go. If everyone else does it, don't; and the other way around. Feed the realm as little as possible in every way. Hence I live a virtual life most of my discretionary time.

Nostrils up!

Ray B. said...

Vis, a blog promoting understanding. Thanks!

Vis: "Awakening means you see much more than you did previously, and then you don't like what you see and you begin to react without understanding. ... Once the kundalini is awakened, IT WILL find its way, and NOTHING can stop it."

In some ways, these times remind me of the 60s and 70s. Then, there was a large number of people trying-out different means to Enlightenment. A smaller number actually got their Kundalini rising. In turn, many got in trouble (physically and emotionally) because they were Not Prepared for the rising. Remarkably, there were even a few books published on what the Kundalini experience WAS and How To navigate-through the 'phases'.

Today, though, the Darkside has pretty much removed that kind of knowledge/literature from the West. So, when the overall energy-rise provokes some folks into a Kundalini rising, they are totally clueless. (Sad.) Hence, the outpouring of strange behaviors and illnesses. Kundalini risings can be good in the long term, but not much fun in the 'working-through' stages. (Especially, if you have no clue Why something is happening...)
Vis: "Perhaps he [The Avatar] looks at everyone the same way, but there are a multitude of gradients in the kinds of responses we will have to him."

When I first ran-into what I call (Real) Elves, there was a phenomenon which occurred because their 'natural range' was at the Level of our Souls. In effect, they mirrored what-you-were (what you were 'carrying') back at you. Someone with minimal 'garbage' within them would see a cool Being in front of them. Someone with maximal 'garbage' within them would see a fearsome Being in front of them. Same Being, just them mirroring...

I suspect that the pressing-in of The Avatar will 'generate' a similar response. You would see what you are Holding, for better or worse. "The Avatar" can be viewed as a many-leveled individual, or viewed as a collection of like-minded entities on different Levels. The commonality is that any 'reflection' will probably be spread across many Levels. Interesting Times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"...but this is getting a kind of media coverage that can mean only one thing, either it is a distraction from something else or it is something else." That makes perfect sense to me,indeed my mind works that way quite often.
Oh my,perhaps I'm one of the crazies.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Scroll of History is Hard to Read, So Steeped in Blood and Tattooed with Boot Prints as It Is."



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