Tuesday, September 28, 2021

"It is a Wonder of Self-Abuse by Proxy, Projection, and Hunting Down the Hologram."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Awakening is a real happening. I am personally experiencing it, which is ALWAYS my criteria for judging whether something is real. First... (with anything) I see it, with no positive or negative aspects, until it clearly reveals itself. Then... whatever action it demonstrates, teaches me what it does. I am also observing the awakening all around me in The World Real, and The World Virtual. Not everyone is having a positive experience. Many are driving themselves to lunacy with emotional torment and mental fabrications, and ALWAYS wanting; endless wanting. Our hearts and minds are more powerful than most are aware of. I am watching cosmic justice at work everywhere, even if I do not understand it, I do not doubt it.

The Awakening is an overall Positive event. It is NOT welcome or much enjoyed everywhere. It is making some folk VERY angry, and bizarre spin-offs, such as Wokeness are part of an anti-awakening culture. Most of that is inspired by The Satanic and Communist manifesto working its way through the minds of The Sleepers.

Awakening always precedes cosmic events. It is one of the reasons I am so certain of the Advent of the Avatar. I wonder whether most people can see how crazy it has gotten. One gets a more certain sense of it apart from it. When you are caught up in it, you are reliant on what it tells you, and the truth is NOT the stock in trade of the world at large.

How am I most noticing this Awakening? I am noticing it in myself. Insights I have never had before are coming to the surface of The Mind. I am noticing it in The World around me. From my perspective, it seems impossible to me that anyone can miss it. It seems that people are attributing these startling transformations in Life at Large as... Something Else. Here is why that is happening. Humanity is NOT all on the same level of Awareness. Some are deep into its brutish aspects. Some few, are detached from it completely, the rest of us are at various stair-landings between them.

Your level of Integration with The World determines how you see it. If you are resident in Thug-World, you have found yourself in a supermarket of violent opportunities. If you are in Gender Confusion-Land, you have a theatrical wardrobe, filled with costumes you can wear for your imaginary play-dates. If you are enraged against men or enraged against women, you can find combatants at every turn.

Some hate others of a particular race. Some hate the members of a particular religion or in some cases, what is masquerading as a religion but has no connection to anything religious. Hatred is Love Suppressed. Love makes one appear vulnerable. Hate gives for a better preparedness against the dangers that SEEM to be everywhere. In Negative Times, negative emotions predominate. One can see the downward spiral of the culture, via the negative vortices, riptides, and undertows that move through the present social disorder. How do you escape the Scylla and Charybdis traps of these times?

The effects of these vortices, riptides, and undertows are easy to see. We see it in the aftermath of a weekend in Chicago. We see it in nihilistic enterprises like Antifa. We see it in cities inflamed with race-hatred, riots, and random violence. We DO NOT see the vortices, riptides, and undertows themselves. We see the effects of them. You can't see The Wind, but you can see what The Wind does. It can tear structures to pieces. It can also cool you on a hot day.

This same argument can be applied to constructs such as a Divine Presence. You cannot see the Divine Presence unless it expresses through a physical vehicle. Just as one can see The Devil's Work in Antifa, Gender-bending lunacies, forced immigrations, set off by acolytes of The Frankfurt School, assorted mayhem, and identity suppression at schools from the elementary to the post graduate level, we can ALSO see The Divine in every helping hand extended to another in times of need. We can see God in each other if we have confirmed his presence within us. We can see Good in expression in millions of little kindnesses, demonstrated through both polite and kind behavior toward each other around The World each day.

Evil is temporary. What evil really is, is unharnessed or misdirected force. The Awakening is causing EVERYTHING we see and hear, near at hand and in the distance. Not everyone is responding to The Awakening in a positive fashion. Some are angry that their sleep of dreams has been disturbed. Some do not like The Light that now shines in places it has not previously visited. Some are outraged that their schemes and plots are being exposed by Mr. Apocalypse, who works with The Awakening, to prepare the ground for the coming of The Avatar. Never has the human heart been so collectively conflicted as it now is.

The original definition of Sin is, “missing the mark”. You don't hit what you have aimed at, because your aim is off. Human behavior is like this. Sometimes people do not know what the right way is, given that people are doing things the wrong way all around them. Self-interest causes a great deal of this. Self-interest forms its operating perspective according to WHAT IT WANTS! This requires a misshaping in the way one interprets life. A selfless persona has no problem with it because they are in competition with no one. They KNOW there is more than enough for everyone. Nature operates according to an Abundance Dynamic.

Imagine that you have a large apple or avocado tree on your property. If you have seen either of these trees filled with ripened fruit, you should know that there is no way your immediate family can consume so many avocados or apples. I have had access to both of these, so I am familiar with how many fruits there might be. These trees also serve The Insect Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, and the birds of the air. There is always more than all of you might need, and fruit is left to rot on the ground. Sometimes there is more than all of these kingdoms can consume. I have seen this with my own eyes. Yes... over time there are life forms that will consume everything remaining. That has no bearing on the Abundance Dynamic.

People make themselves poor with a Poverty Mentality. They are driven in their desires to possess more than they will ever need, because of a desperate insecurity. Some rich people are haunted by Poverty Mentality. You would, no doubt, be surprised at how little I manage to live very well on. How is it that I live so well as I do? It is mostly due to the investments I have made in life, by not spending my life acquiring things, and INSTEAD, not holding on to anything material as something I cannot afford to lose. The real reason I prosper is because I have a relationship with The Hidden Side of Life. I am not the only one to discover what casting your bread upon the waters, and “doing unto others” will result in.

In the first half of the last century, there were several prevailing theories that turned into faith-based movements. There was the “I Am” society, where things went wrong for some. There was Prosperity Thinking from people like Ernest Holmes, Napoleon Hill, and many others. They proved the validity of Prosperity Thinking in their own lives. Ernest Holmes was a remarkable fellow with his Science of Mind philosophy. He blew a lot of minds among the rich and well-connected through Practical Demonstrations. I am not promoting any of these. Sometimes people misread the operating manual, as was the case with some of the “I Am” proponents. Then there was Joseph Brenner, who DEFINITELY left The World a better place for having been here.

You can't say that any one movement or another was entirely bad because some good came out of them, if only for The Purpose of Demonstration. Evil, most times, is simply something we do not understand and have not yet learned to effectively harness. The Lightning was such a force, much feared. Look what we have accomplished with electricity since!. Many times, Evil is simply people misdirected and going the wrong way. Sometimes a bent character or malicious intent is the cause. Often people just don't know any better. They learned from people who also did not know any better. ALL of the chaos we presently see in manifest life WILL be resolved. As The Buddha said, “Only pursue an offender to show him the way.”

For so long as people insist that what you see is all there is, they will be wandering BLIND. What you see IS NOT ALL THERE IS, not hardly. Having enjoyed the psychedelic experience for decades, and being involved in spiritual disciplines throughout, I have seen with my spiritual senses, all manner of other life forms that the physical senses will not reveal. How about sound? You can't see sound either. I used to proselytize about the metaphysical discoveries that I had made. I have learned my lesson and I now carefully study the audience, when in person, because there is no future in explaining lawnmowers to Brazilian headhunters, or any number of modern Luddites. Time, and The River, and the eternal song of Heaven, will... EVENTUALLY... handle and transform... everything.

You can't tell anyone anything unless they happen to be READY to hear it. You can drop depth charges, and make innuendos. At some future time, the depth charge will go off. We are ALL of us, seeding life with future conditions and events. Don't plant ANYTHING that you do not want to grow and prosper. It CAN, and often DOES get out of hand. A large percentage of the people have made up their minds about what is and is not, based on what someone else told them. Eventually, however... they come up against WHAT IS, and adjustments are made; like it or not.

I KNOW that God and his angels are real. I've had far more confirmation moments than I can remember. Some are not looking for that and they will find it only through trauma and disappointment. If you visit certain websites over a course of time, you will UNDOUBTABLY come across sad, disappointed, and angry people for whom life did not go as they would have wished it to. They no longer care about finding a finer theme for living. They are much more concerned about pissing on The World around them. What the up-side of that is, I do not know. It is a wonder of self-abuse by proxy and hunting down the hologram.

I've been doing this specific enterprise for 20 years now. Some people have their own impressions about WHY I do this. For them, there is no up-side either. Where's the money? Where's the fame? Where's the profit? The profit is in the joy of doing, and in celebrating my creator. I have an audience of a few thousand, more or less, with every posting. It used to be ten times more than that, but I don't cut deals with the darkness. It is for the majority of these readers that I do this work. It appears... over the course of time that it has proven useful to many. If it is not useful to you, then why not go where it is useful to you, whatever that may be?

I have found the value in my life through service to Heaven, which has the full measure of my devotion. Aside from what opinion Heaven may have concerning me, I don't much care about what The Peanut Gallery has to say. I do care about those who are tormented by the absence of anything meaningful within them.

Some are insincere and see insincerity everywhere. Some are angry, and this is what they see. Most everyone sees and interprets their life experience through The Personality. The Personality is a blind man groping himself in the darkness and thinking it is someone else. This strange frottage will continue until the light breaks within. For some, that might be a very long time yet. This is how we get to Unbearable Compassion. May the coming of The Living Light ignite your wick within, and may you come to see what has been, so far, hidden from your sight.

A new dawn is breaking, and the inmates are going nuts. You will see more and more of it, and it will become increasingly ridiculous, until it breaks down, and disappears as if it had never been here, to begin with.

End Transmission.......

A few, and more... links- screen capture moments of the present plowing itself under=

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Josiah Zayner


Ray B. said...

Vis, an Awakening blog. Thanks!

Vis: "Hatred is Love Suppressed."

True. On "Ray B", I see it in two components: (1) Something was 'turned off'. (2) There has been an accumulation of Pain.

(1) Up on the various Invisible Planes, fantastic 'devices' exist. They correspond to our mechanistic devices only in that they aid and support higher-plane efforts. Some support Consciousness itself. When all-God was 'tunneling' its way Down Here, there were all manner of assistive devices for maintaining higher-consciousness on a level lower than would ordinarily support that level. (Do you believe the Egyptian pyramids or the Peruvian Sacsayhuamán complex were really built with copper chisels and massed labor?)

Over the Eons, various devices were 'turned off'. Certainly all-God's Plan. May have been through neglect, Darksider actions, or unforeseen circumstances. Regardless, those Beings incarnated on levels lower than their 'native' levels were now isolated and degrading in Consciousness. (Why we cannot build Pyramids and such today. And note the unbelievable fit of ancient pre-Inca gargantuan stones.)

(2) The 'art' of feeling-through Pain has been almost lost. Pain (and it's offshoots of fear, anger, sadness, etc.) drags-down Consciousness and - as Vis noted - minimizes expressed Love. And in our culture, enough (held) pain is swapped back and forth that it grows like a plague.

The good news is that various 'supportive' devices are being brought back on-line. I have 'seen' a few restored myself, via Higher Self. This allows trapped Beings to escape 'upwards' if they want to, and Beings which are now 'dumbed-down' to regain their potential. Cool.

Also, the raising of energy will 'force' held-pain forward, to experience it through. Expect strange times as this held-pain is worked-through in all manner of ways. (Better to feel-it-through than to have all kinds of drama on earth-plane.) Then, lovingness will increase.

All in all, times will soon be better...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Just ran across this article by John C Dvorak: The Great Fealty Test: Covid-19 lockdowns, shutdowns, and vaccine mandates are a test of public obedience. (Don't know Dvorak's views; saw this on another site.)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Avatar Detox.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"ANYTHING is Possible when God Materializes, Which He Does in EVERY AGE."



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