Sunday, July 30, 2017

In a Time of Universal Deceit, People Too Often can no Longer Tell if they are Lying or Not.

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In these times of material darkness, on the lip of the fall into a nova force transitioning of The Apocalypse, I'd like to do a reversal on that singular quote by the inimitable George Orwell; “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Let us say also, “in a time of universal deceit, people can often no longer tell if they are lying or not.”

There is a reason why so many people live in deceiving mindsets and and on deceptive terms. I could link together trends of generational change from one to the next but... one example should serve and if it doesn't then we will add more. Let's look at the 80's when the 'me factor' came into full bloom. This was the age of Wall Street excess. This was the time when traders went to the Four Seasons and other places and snorted coke off their table and ordered $2000.00 bottles of wine for lunch, just because they could. Conspicuous Excess was the name of the game. That is where it began to surface in visible form. Sure, the bankers and their parasite associates have been at it for a long while; the Federal Reserve act of 1913 comes to mind. Then there was the banker orchestrated Great Depression of 1929. These two events are directly linked.

Mark Taibbi who is one of the better writers on the subject has had a lot to say. This is a more recent example of the continuing and ongoing corruptions of the type.

But I digress... it was during the aforementioned time of the 80s. The ensuing generations became indoctrinated into the 'me first, you later maybe' mindset. In a way you could say that the size of the population has a lot to do with it. The more people there are the harder it is to know who you are and to stand out as an individual in any significant way. It accounts for the billions of tattoos that turn people into graffiti billboards so they look like the other millions of human billboards. I know it is subjective but these tattoos look terrible and now they are tattooing their faces. It accounts for the millions of piercings and ever and ever more bizarre sexual expressions because the undeveloped human ego has no way to present itself as itself, never even bothering to look inward and find itself where it actually is. It accounts for all the angry people waving signs under the direction of their paymaster George Soros and his demonic kin. The future does not look good for a large number of people. The fierce magnetism of material attraction is like moths to a candle flame. It is a suicidal insanity. It is prima facie evident. The first impression is right. It may lack in details but those come upon reflection.

Recently I have been under attack by one of the multitude of New Age types who never have a problem talking about something they have no familiarity with at all. The comments section here shows the progression of our interaction. Right off the bat I will admit that I probably didn't handle it as well as I could have. Then it went into personal attack mode on her part because she thought I was attacking her blog which I did not do but people don't read very carefully. I had only seen her blog briefly (winding up there by accident) so I went by to take a deeper look. Maybe I could understand what it is that motivates someone to launch this kind of diatribe where nothing has anything to do with the original subject and that was the presumption that all of professional football was fixed, which I disagreed with. Then I was accused of something that, like everything else in the exchange, is never made clear, about Zen Gardner. Then I got an email saying she has confused me with someone else. It's been painful to watch and experience. You know how it is when you get into a back and forth with someone and the truth proves to be unimportant to the exchange? It becomes utterly futile. Anyway, I went to her site and at the top of the page on the right is a “quote” from, 'higher self'. Then you go to the bottom on the right and you see some kind of channeled Q&A; it isn't clear who is involved in the exchange and then you go to the bottom and you see the About Me section and it all becomes clear.

Like thousands before her in the New Age Matrix she has now created something that will save us all; “To answer this need I developed EmoAlchemy - a variation of the ancient mystery school teachings. Like the alchemy of old which involved the transmutation of base metals into gold, taking full advantage of the current Ascension offerings requires the turning of base emotional states into (the gold of) higher frequency ones. It means constantly reviewing, releasing and integrating imbalanced parts of yourself in order to have a physically-successful effect on your biology, subsequently 'awakening' your dormant DNA. And part of what we're needing to survive Earth's rising frequencies at this time.” From this I intuited that it was going to develop into 'business as usual'. Sadly I was right, cause I then found this in the profile, “Because I can't help Self alone, I'm offering a range of services to this effect. This includes one-on-one counsellings, readings and group work. My spare time is spent: Developing my two decades long unfinished novel, improving my photographic skills and escaping on travel assignments. Still waiting to be commissioned on interplanetary/Inner Earth assignments, though :-) My motto of the moment: 'I'm considered perfectly sane - on my home planet of Sirius B'!” Yes, there's a map of the hollow Earth at the bottom of the page too.

At the top of the page you find the term, “Weekly Pearl of Wisdom” referring to her own statements. On the whole it paints a pretty clear impression of what has become ubiquitous in this field of endeavor. Here is the whole problem with the new age. They remove God from the equation and replace God with themselves. This has never worked and it never will work and it brings me full circle to the 80's and the viral madness of the time and how it has continued to go on and on and there can be no good end to all of this. It can make one despair for what seems to lie ahead. Today I saw a fake news poll by the Zionist owned and run Reuters news service. That's absurd, especially because one of the reasons that Trump did what he did in the first place is because in the military services and in the general public, there is an overwhelming support for taking the tranny-thing out of the military.

Personally I am not selling some latest version of New Age Coca Cola. I'm not selling anything. I'm giving it away like I always do, except for novels (new one due this fall) and music and I give those away too, to anyone who can't afford them through PDF's and thumbdrives, which I either have to take the time for or pay for and put in the mail. I don't mind and I hope I will always have the means to continue in this regard. I've got my flaws and I'm working on them. One of the reasons I publicize things that happen like this latest, is in the hope that some clarity will evolve and maybe people will get a clue about what they are really up to. The chances are slim because people have become so programmed in defense of their self interest that anything which throws a light on their enterprises pushes them into full false self defense mode. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that it is pointless to reason with certain people and even more pointless to argue with them. No matter how precisely you delineate to people the fallacies in their position and their lack of facts, they just weasel off in another direction and never address the actual issue that is under discussion. How do you make sense to someone who claims to channel one of the hardest working men in invisible show bidness, The Count De St. Germain?

To get someone to see what they are up to you have to be able to bypass their investment in the false self they have constructed to give themselves validity. The problem is that the majority of their investment is in this segment of fabricated self. If it gets removed they don't know who they are and if it gets bypassed they think you are talking to someone else. I went looking for channeling St Germain for a fee. Man! Where does he find the time? Here is a problem I have and it is a real problem. I haven't been able to find or fake the patience and tolerance necessary for me to be understanding of these people. I have a real problem with defrauding people for money under spiritual pretenses. I wish I were wiser or more evolved and the fact is that I am not.

I'm thinking maybe I should stop writing these blog entries for awhile. I've been putting up one a day now for awhile, with the occasional lapse and I'm thinking they are less appreciated in volume. It looks that way anyway. If I just put up something every couple of weeks or once a month, maybe that is better all around. This way I can finish my other project a great deal quicker too. I'm mentioning this in case you don't see me for awhile. If I don't measure what I do against the level of interest involved then I am a fool.

Perhaps this is the right time to make a general announcement, if you are a proponent of the new age it is probably a good idea for us not to have anything to do with each other, our values, ideas and aspirations are far too dissimilar to result in anything useful between us. In this location the emphasis is on the ineffable, not on ourselves. In this location we believe that we are mere servants and have no interest in being anything else. In this location we would prefer to keep the focus on the one who makes it all possible in the first place. We're not interested in much else except in passing; like a curiosity held up to the light and considered for a brief space of time with the caveat, “isn't that interesting.” after which we put it down where we found it and forget about it. Only the ineffable holds any importance for us here. Temporary things like football season are just that; occasional amusements that have their moment and then fade into a deserved obscurity. We mean no censure and no ill toward any other living thing. We are just trying to find our way in this world on our way to another. Nothing that goes on here has any meaning for us unless it has to do with that process. There's no getting around talking about everything under the sun at one point or another here but to presume that any of it have more than a transitory or relative importance would be a mistake. It's all a dream. One day we will awaken, some of us sooner than others.

At some point the ineffable will gather all creation back into itself and go into a state of rest until the time comes to expand forth into another series of dramas in which the separate pieces pursue their author and are pursued by their author for the purpose of experience and... ultimately, realization. It's all a strange love affair that spans very impressive lengths of time. May good fortune attend you all on your way.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Everyone we have Ever Loved, we Loved because The Ineffable was in Them.

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"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" as a witty Frenchman once said. The wit of the French is undeniable. Perhaps it's in the language the way you sometimes hear, “maybe it's in the water.” It could be in the countryside itself. There are few places on Earth as pretty as the French countryside, especially in the South. It had been my hope to live in Rennes-le-Château which is in Languedoc Province. Yeah, the Knight's Templar were there and I kept hearing that the kind of thing that later happened to me in Italy would have happened there too, perhaps even more dramatically. This posting isn't about that though... I'm sure we all look back at times, wistfully... the things that could have been. I'm sure there's a phrase in French for that too, something like... Le choses qui auraient pu être.

The French language is in use in other lands as well. The motto of the Knight's of the Garter in England is, “Honi soit qui mal y pense”, which means something like, “evil to him that thinks evil. As is typical with certain long lasting societies, there's a deal more going on than the surface indicates. One of the Grandmasters of that society was Dr. John Dee. I know Dr. John Dee from my occult studies. He was alleged to have invoked the devil at one point. As usual, there's more to the story that we know from cursory observation. Once again the reason I suggest that the reader read biographies is the wealth of information that not only reveals the nature of certain characters but crosses over into areas that one wouldn't imagine were relevant. The real reason I recommend biographies is because the story of their lives leads directly to relying on the ineffable because these biographies give the examples of what happens when you do and when you don't.

I have no idea why I started this posting off in this manner; what it has to do with France, or the Knight's of the Garter, or Dr. John Dee but... it's all interesting information and you'll know more than you did. Will that have any relevance down the road? I've no idea, especially since life is on a case by case basis. One of the reasons people come in and out of our life is that each of our karmas is different. Two people can be standing right next to each other and something can happen to the one and not the other. Like the Bible says; “two men could be standing in a field and one is taken and one is left.” I'd think about that phrase were I you because that is one of the linchpins of the statement, “Rely on me.” It's funny when you go to the meaning of linchpin that the first definition you get has nothing to do with the general function of a linchpin. The meaning given is that important.

We've had some kerfuffles around here lately and in former times I would react at the level of the condition and... that may have been neither wrong nor right but it did lack finesse and compassion. I thought trying to act like anyone else with all the suitable flaws would deflect certain presumptions that some people make about me, elevating me to a status that was undeserved. It didn't do anything except alienate the people involved, despite, on occasion, their being at fault to begin with because two wrongs don't make a right. So, I've learned and now I strive to be better, though I fail because that is one of the consistents on my plate. Now I wind up instead having to get into acrobatic back and forths, which don't do any good either but hopefully they do a lot less harm. This is my way of saying that it's fine for people to come here and air what is important to them, even if it may look ridiculous to me, it's altogether possible that I'm wrong and I want to keep that uppermost in my mind from now on. Sometimes I am so sure I am right and sometimes it turns out that I am not. Even if those sometimes were considerably less often, that doesn't matter. It's not enough to do the right thing sometimes. We have to try to do it all of the time.

One of the things that we all notice once we have lived long enough is that one of the chief problems we all share is inconsistency. I liken it to the gruesome Sisyphean circumstances that we all experience as we try to make our way in this life. This is because we are inconsistent. One day we're fine, the next day we're not. Once again, we have to rely on the ineffable. I say this a lot lately, that and that I am speaking from experience. The two are intimately tied together. The reason I am committed to relying on the ineffable is based on my experiences that led me to that realization. Maybe there is some other venue, some other path out of this veil of tears but, if there is, I haven't found it. I did find the rock solid truth of relying on the ineffable and since I came to this epiphany I get new evidence of the value of it every day. I can only compare it to having been in prison (which I have) and being let out.

It's different than being in prison and it isn't at the same time. In other words, it's not being in prison that confines us, it's our minds that confine us and that is why so many people are in prison who are not behind bars. I'll tell you a little story that had a dramatic impact on my life. It's too bad I haven't remembered it as often as I should have. A few decades ago I was in The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. It is presently the headquarters of Homeland Security (grin). You have to understand something about this place. I was there for 22 months. It's where they put the people who are too psychotic to be kept in prison. There were serial killers and all manner of wack jobs. I won't even tell you some of the things I heard about the people who were in there. The ineffable protected me all through my stay. I ate once a day and meditated for hours each day. I got so high that I was in states of continuing bliss for significant lengths of time. My friends would come to visit me and they all looked more confined than I was. I often had to comfort them instead of the other way around.

The day came when I was released and I remember going to the bus station on New York Ave. and I remember getting on the bus and the bus ride to Richmond to see my girlfriend Darren who faithfully visited me every week when I was in there. While I was on the bus and in the bus station I could see how chained everyone else was. I was free but not just because they had let me out. I was free while I was in there. The ineffable had set me free. I wound up at a halfway house in Atlanta. It was the house that used to belong to the Coca Cola family. In the basement was an old two lane bowling alley. During the few weeks that I was there, before I jumped parole, all the rest of the people in the place came to me about their lives because, I was free. I used to go to the park and people would come out of the blue and seek me out. I did nothing to bring this about. While I was in the halfway house I turned the head of the place on to acid. He told me he wouldn't tell the authorities I was gone for a week after I was gone. Similar things happened with the psychiatrist at Petersburg Reformatory, a gladiator school where I was confined for awhile before St. E's. The same thing happened with the warden who would come and play chess with me now and again.

This isn't about the remarkable things that happened around my confinement. I've left out the really outrageous events. They are the stuff of supernatural movies and they were a daily occurrence. This isn't about that. It didn't take all that long for me to be confined again, within my mind and that is how I know about these things. Nearly everyone is in prison. We live in a world of illusions and the ineffable wanted me to realize how precious the gift was that I was given and the only way to do that was to take it away from me again and put me through seven kinds of miserable shit so that when I was free again I would understand it and never take it for granted. I am not yet free again but it is right around the corner. Maybe there are some spills and thrills on the way. That's fine. The reason for bringing any of this up is that it is possible for all of you and this time in which we live is the most opportune that can be imagined because of the degree of difficulty involved but you don't have to worry about that and the conditions and circumstances are beyond you anyway, or let me put it like this; they have proven to be so far, haven't they? Like I said, you don't have to worry about any of that. All you have to do is rely on the ineffable and declare that as a state of intention. The ineffable will hear you and work out your situation with all expedition. This could involve a degree of suffering but you already are suffering, right? Meanwhile, the suffering that might be involved is suffering certain things being taken from you that you don't need and don't want but the subconscious attachment is what triggers the suffering. Cut it loose!

The reason I am telling you to rely on the ineffable is based on personal experience and I went through those experiences for the sole purpose of telling you, that is why the ineffable put me through it all. This is why I have told you a small part of what happened to me and why I left out the really off the charts events because it isn't about the dynamics except for the dynamics bringing me to this. The ineffable loves us all equally and the only thing that affects that is that we do not love the ineffable equally and that is the key. It is the ultimate quid pro quo. The degree to which you can love the ineffable is the degree to which the ineffable's love for you can work effectively and that is the key to your freedom. Let me explain as simply as possible how you can amplify your love for the ineffable beyond anything it has ever been. The truth is that everyone you have loved you have loved because the ineffable was in them, shining in their eyes and smiling on you. It has always been the ineffable but we have been unable to see it and that has been the key to our suffering and separation. It can end today. The ineffable is in everything we love and we only have to see this.

The first French phrase means, “the more things change, the more they remain the same.” and the second one you know already. That phrase is 'things'. It says nothing about you and what fashions the bars that confine you is appearances; the shape of the way things look and your predisposition to believe them. Don't believe them. Believe the ineffable who is behind all appearances. The Great Lord Ganesh is often shown with a snare and an ax. He is both the confiner and the liberator. It is up to us which role he plays. It's a good way to end this transmission.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Of Quantum Leaps and Wheels of Fire in a World of Temporary Gain.

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In the manifest, what we see comes out of the invisible and that means precipitation from the Supernal and Infernal realms. Consequentially the world at present is a reflection of expressions that represent an invisible agenda that is in high gear. You see it in the emerging class of low brow sociopaths that are all over the place. When I say all over the place I mean, all over the place. When we see certain expressions in what could be termed 'the lower classes', it's a sure bet it's flowing into their world from the upper classes, which are the real bottom feeders who draw their appetites from Leviathan and other quasi-mythic locations. I say, 'quasi-mythic' because such forces exist but they may be different from the allegorical personifications given to them.

The morphing of the culture as it occurs in the day is a calculated affair and what we are seeing promoted in the Satanic Media of the present is only a prelude to what is to come, if it is permitted by the true authority. It isn't like things of this nature haven't been going on in the margins of existence for a long, long time. They have. All kinds of things have been going on for a long time but they have not been being legitimized, elevated and promoted with a fury by the Satanic Media for a long time. The agenda of the Satanic-Zionist-Atheist-Deep State cabal has been on the drawing board for a couple of hundred years or longer but they had to set the stage in order to go turbo with it. They had to set the right environment in place before they had the confidence to launch a full on assault against the well being of humanity. Materialism has helped them in that respect but what has really helped them is the ineffable stepping back and letting them race forward in reckless hubris toward an end they are convinced is now guaranteed. It's not. “Those whom the God's would destroy they first make mad.”

Evil destroys itself. This is a cosmic verity and... it takes with it everyone it has convinced of its power to meet their own desires, however, desire is the agent of God's will. What that means is that all desire serves the interests of the Supernal hierarchy. So it is and so it will ever be; t'was ever thus.

Here is the critical and possibly the major conundrum we all deal with, we allow ourselves to be convinced of the power of appearances. We may talk a good game within our own minds about how we see what is happening right in front of us and that our awareness of this protects us from its influence but it doesn't; certainly not in the long term because appearances are relentless and the people fabricating them know this. Life operates on bio rhythmic principles. Sooner or later you have these weak moments and they get into the subconscious and they create an atmosphere of fear that comes out of inner conflict; a house divided and that is why... ultimately... and it really should be now, we must rely on the ineffable in all things. ONLY the ineffable knows the ins and outs and the ends and the beginnings of everything.

We do not know this but our resident fear causes us to doubt the ineffable because we doubt ourselves. We have to realize that the ineffable has a great deal of faith in us and this is something we have not realized, or accepted yet; “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

I'm really into dwelling in the house of the Lord forever. It's a big thing for me. It could be said it is the biggest thing but you don't get to dwell in the house of the Lord forever until you have been made fit for that honor. There is no one in Heaven who does not have the proper credentials. There is no one in Heaven who does not deserve to be there. A large portion of those who are in Heaven are temporarily there. They are 'on the meter'. They have earned a period of residence based on good works and merit. They are not guaranteed eternity and I don't care what the fundies tell you about the easy way to Heaven; just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. This opens the door for all kinds of heinous abuses and we've seen enough of this that I don't even have to detail it. I could point out things like holy wars and the systemic corruptions of the churches as they have exhibited over the centuries with their plaster saint, feet of clay, unbridled hypocrisy, rank sanctimony yadda yadda and so on and so forth. The churches are the business end of a non existent deity. As I have said many times, the God that the atheists don't believe in doesn't exist.

One features of these times that has not been pointed out often enough or with sufficient gravity is the sheer volume of the population that is present on this planet at this time. This warrants deep consideration from anyone who is capable of it. The other feature is the ubiquitous press and access of Materialism on all sides; or did I just double up on saying the same thing. No doubt I have my reasons and they probably have something to do with emphasis, probably. The important thing to take away from all of this is the significance of these times. They are so significant that it is an impossibility for me to present to you how significant they are. I have mentioned before about quantum leaps and I am now going to mention it again. You are familiar with, 'degree of difficulty'? Of course you are. Well, the degree of difficulty has never been higher and that speaks to the compensation of one's spiritual efforts at this time and that speaks to the intensity of the efforts being arrayed against you by those whose job it is to do this because they get paid in a kind of twisted spiritual currency for every soul they can intimidate or lead astray. The stakes are higher than I can possibly express to you but I can try...

Consider the suffering you have endured in this life. Consider the suffering you have witnessed and heard about in the lives of others. Consider the fact that residence here is the result of reincarnation and that it is, in a sense a wheel of fire that turns and burns on the oil of human suffering. Consider that it isn't just one life one should take into consideration, it is the possibility of life after life that is experienced in bouts of suffering which occurs as a purification rite, in order to prepare us for residence in world's beyond this one... but which is compromised by our capitulation with appetites and desires as they present themselves and they do present themselves and life is a bio rhythmic construct wherein moments of weakness present themselves at regular opportunities.

Think of your life and those moments of strength and weakness and marvel at the lack of consistency in all of us that made so many things possible; that made so many things occur that we would rather have not taken place. Consistency is a gift from the ineffable for being consistent with reliance upon the ineffable. It's really math and this is a fundamentally math based and perpetuated universe. The problem we find ourselves always confronted with is that we're not that great at math because our figures are always compromised by the way we want to see things because that dovetails with what we think we want. A great deal of what we think we want has been programmed into our heads via telepathic invasion. We minimize the impact of peer pressure and thereby make ourselves the victim of it. Far too often we go along to get along but we never wind up getting along because sooner or later spiritual imperatives come into play and we find that we cannot go along to get along because of what we are getting along with for the specious reasons for which we are doing it, without being aware of them in the first place because of those automatic imperatives that bedevil us all.

I have to remind myself over and over and over again to pay attention and yet, over and over and over again I fail to pay attention because there are invisible forces whose job it is to distract us at critical junctures and once again, I have to point out the necessity of relying on the ineffable. I have to also refer back again to the time I was in Italy when this portion all began and in which the ineffable used to say to me over and over on every walk I took down those dirt road between the ancient rock walls to either side, “rely on me, rely on me.” Had I known at the time how truly important that turned out to be I would have fallen to my knees in any one of those moments and embraced that completely to my heart and my every movement from that point on. It would have saved me a world of grief to come... and go. Still, I would most certainly not be where I am today and I REALLY like where I am today so the ineffable knew, even then that I had lessons to learn before the impact of “rely on me” would take root.

I mention this to save anyone who reads this some measure of what I went through and there is no guarantee that will happen either... heh heh but it's a thought to consider. The more you rely on the ineffable the more the capacity to err will be taken out of your hands. All of our suffering is self manufactured.

Well, I'm glad we could have this little talk today (grin). I assure you that everything discussed here is of the most supreme importance to me and I learned these things through bitter experience and it has had such a profound effect on me that I don't want anyone else to have to suffer the same. Rely on the ineffable. Rely on the ineffable. Put all your eggs in one basket and as Yogananda said, I paraphrase, 'put all your troubles and concerns in a bag and throw them in the ocean and then throw yourself upon the mercy of God'. That's a terrible paraphrase but it will do.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Some Reflections on an Extended Departure from the Usual Presumption of what Passes for Reality

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There was an evening, a few years ago, during my six week break from material reality when an assemblage of Gods and sundry appeared on the back lawn of our house in Italy. The deity part of the equation was arranged in a row but they were all in shadow. Somehow I knew who each was but could not see them. I could feel them. To my left was a large cactus plant. As far as cactus plants go it was huge. It was the kind of plant that you get cactus pears off of. Standing at the far side of the plant was Vladimir Putin. He never said a word the whole time. Up on the patio, on the other side of some trees and similar was Satan and the Anti-Christ. I learned that evening that I had saved the Anti-Christ's life centuries ago, at the loss of my own. He was of the opinion that he owed me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for the Anti-Christ to consider himself in your debt. He had a terrible burn scaring on one side of his face. I can't remember if that got discussed or not.

Satan looked a lot like the director Kevin Smith. He even had one of those black leather trenchcoats on. Lady Tara was among the deities in a row on the lawn. I think that was the last time I spoke with her until now. I can't remember what got said. I know I extended my greetings and that I was incredibly pleased that she was there. I have been in love with her since I first encountered her and so it surprises me that I have been mostly unaware of her for years until now. I'm certain this was engineered.

A small digression is called for here. Satan was extremely pleasant toward me during the whole affair. Over the course of following days I found myself thinking, “Well... it's not impossible that Satan could be friendly toward me.” At some point the ineffable said something along the lines of, “Be careful, Visible, Satan is NOT your friend. I seem to remember that this point got made to me later on. I don't remember what the circumstances were. I do remember they weren't pleasant.

So many things happened during this period that I have only partial recollection of events. I do remember one very funny moment. Someone had given me a jacket that was meant for The Avatar of Love. The Avatar of Love, so I was told, appears infrequently among avatars and is considered to be ten times as potent as the rest. As I understood it, the jacket possessed immense power. For whatever the reason was, at one point I turned and tossed the jacket to Satan and said, “Would you hold this for me for a moment?” The whole room was filled with cries of fear and outrage from everyone present and the most prominent cry was, “No!” Satan held it for a moment and threw it back to me. I remember someone asking him why he did that and he said, “It doesn't belong to me.” After that, whoever it was that was in the room at the time and there were quite a few, were giving me the strangest vibrations along the lines of... “how are we supposed to take this guy?”

I was in some version of this altered state for six weeks. It is hard to imagine that now. How is it possible that I was allowed to continue like this without any outside interference? At one point I was walking a mile and a half past all of these houses to the main road and back and speaking loudly at times and no one noticed. It was as if I was not even visibly present. I remember walking naked outside and around on the grounds and Geno, the farmer who lived across the street could easily see me but he never did.

At one point I got into my car and drove into town and I was in a small market and while I was walking down an aisle, a part of myself broke off and I could see this shadow form that then accompanied me everywhere I went and became a separate entity and we had quite some number of conversations. I believe that would be called a schizophrenic break. While experiencing this and far more extreme things, I was never troubled or frightened. It seemed perfectly fine to me. I had already gone mad years before so such things never troubled me. I've had apparitions appear and very frightful things. I have had, ten foot tall at the shoulder, Tibetan devil dogs appear in holographic form to either side of me and I was told that they are always there, I just don't see them.

One of the most fantastic experiences like this that I ever had was when I was somewhere around Indio, California and I saw this short road on the map that led to a major highway. It looked like no distance at all but it turned out to be around 40 to 50 miles. I started out on this road with this fellow I was hitchhiking with and we got some miles into it through some large orange groves. I remember picking oranges off the trees and putting them in my sleeping bag. Occasionally cars would go by but no one stopped for us. Then a police car appeared. This was a number of miles outside of Palm Springs but it was a Palm Springs police car. That fellow and I had been in jail just the day before. We got arrested on some property up in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains where we were staying with a couple of underage female runaways; don't worry, nothing happened. Visible was a sanyasin at that time.

Anyway, the cop pulled over and he recognized us because we had just been in the jail and... for whatever the reason he took the fellow who was with me with him and left me there alone. Night was coming on and I was right on the outskirts of a haunted Indian burial ground. Soon the canyon walls, the sandstone cliffs rose up all around me and night was falling. I wound up walking through this without cease until dawn. At a certain point after many electrifying experiences, I came out of the cliffs and saw off in the distance, lights passing and thought, “Great, that's the highway, it can't be far now!” It was at least ten miles and a couple of hours later before I got there. Before that, these enormous winged creatures appeared in the sky. Their beating wings made my cape blow all around me. It was near as terrifying as anything in my life before or since has been. Suddenly, for no reason I can think of, I turned to the sky and said, “Hello my friends! How are you?” and I began dancing and laughing and what do you know? They accompanied me nearly all the way to the highway, as my protectors and friends.

Imagine being out in literally the middle of nowhere, when gigantic bat like creatures appear and make such a commotion that you probably could not hear yourself scream; not that it would have done any good, when... a personality you had seen manifest in yourself at other times but given that it was something of a goofy expression, you didn't pay much attention to it when it showed up on occasion, clowning around, turned out to be a powerful source of defensive magic in a time and location where you might have been shredded had it not come around. Life... my life anyway, is full of surprises like this where what seems to be is not what is and what is has one level after another, above and below, much like the platforms in a video game.

More and more these days I am becoming an ever firmer believer in the fact that we all live in a self created world of the mind projecting it upon the screen of existence; a kind of movie if you wish. I can see the dream weave that we move through, like characters frozen in a Chinese carpet but in this respect, moving... moving like magical characters on a magic carpet. It's one of the things you notice on LSD... everything is moving and you are able to see this once a certain stimulation of the pineal gland takes place. Both the pineal and pituitary glands are treasure houses for those who know how to make them do that little flamenco dance of theirs. I sometimes think of them as lovers in a tight embrace, though they could just as well be enemies but most often are characters 'frozen in flight' at a certain place in the usual journey. One could say your life is over at this point, even if you live in the echo of it for years afterwards. Realized yogis have known about this for a long time.

All the wisdom and serendipity of this world and the holographic overlays of its variations on the theme, be they denser or more refined, are available to anyone who possesses the keys and knows where to put and how to turn them. This has been around since the beginning. It is an interesting metaphysical truth that the more you move into the density... or more materialized versions of it, the closer you are to Hell. Hell is associated with fire and heat and as we all know, pressure creates heat, ergo, material density and in the opposite direction, the cooler and less dense and wide open spaces of Heaven and the liberation and freedom that this suggests are there.

Life is a projected construct built out of simple and enduring equations. There is a right way and many, many wrong ways. As we have mentioned a time or two, if you look into the origin of the word 'sin', it means 'missing the mark'. That's all there is to it.

Let me point out the most significant truth of the matter. There is an indecipherable complexity to existence that has dumbfounded even the most intelligent among us and the smarter you are, for some reason, the more complex it can be. You can run around in Byzantine circles, until you are so snagged up in the brier patch that you can no longer move, nor extricate yourself ...and then Death comes around and does you a big favor. Why not take the easier (it's never easy but it can be easier) route and simply employ love? Seek out the source of Love, which is also the source of light and life and let it be the medium through which you engage life. As you more fully embrace love as the mechanism of your expression, Love, which is conscious, will embrace you. Love is relentlessly looking for vehicles to define itself through; not specifically for your benefit but for the benefit of everyone you run into. Love is a contagion, no different than any infectious disease. The thing is that you are letting it use you, instead of you trying to use it. Remember, Love is conscious and it knows what you are up to, far better than you EVER will. If you let love use you instead of the ubiquitous selfish manner that is what is generally demonstrated in times of material darkness, then you will moment by moment, step by step, be on your way into the ever more rarefied wonderland of selfless service which is a joy beyond description. On the surface it seems like nothing going nowhere but... that is why so few are so engaged. Once again-

it is the overwhelming seemingness of appearances that befuddle the eye of the confused observer. Don't try to figure it out because you can't. Love is going to take you beyond your depth and teach you how to swim and cavort in the immeasurable kingdom of the supreme enjoyer. He needs every willing conveyance. Start now so that the never ending can get on the way to never ending.

End Transmission.......

Clumsy mixed martial arts thugs will never beat an experienced boxer; not that I like either one of them very much. One is a dancer and the other is a less elegant puncher. You may well wonder what the hell this is doing at the end of the posting. I am wondering that myself. I keep running into it and all these uninformed and self important people keep saying that Connor is going to win. It is obvious that they are shills working to shift the odds while they talk one way and bet another.

I know this is a strange post and it would be easy for anyone to presume... 'yeah, that guy is crazy'. Things are seldom what they appear to be.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

We are the Beatable Foe to Subdue and Live the Possible Dream

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Greetings one and all and welcome to Visible Origami. We'd like to address a number of concerns that have come to mind in recent hours. As some amount of you know, there is a telepathic communication network that exists world wide. It is the medium used by certain dark forces to sway the minds of the unwary at a subliminal level. You might liken it to the strange urges that materialize in all of us now and again; “whoa! Where did that come from?” Being as this is an apocalypse and one of the greater of its kind that has been around in a long, long time, those who nestle in the shadows are well aware that a new broom is coming and that is the instrument of the Avatar. Think of the solar system as a very large house that has been around for awhile. Think about any house that hasn't been cared for, that isn't filled with industrious (possibly even anally retentive types) who scour and dust and clean because it is important to them. Imagine a house larger than any house you can imagine and you can imagine how there would be places that get overlooked over the course of centuries and longer.

The Avatar is coming with a new broom and duster and a vacuum with every possible attachment and he is going to sweep every corner clean and those resident in these locations, be they terrestrial, lower astral or inter-dimensional, know he's on the way. That's why they are trying to get their dirty work done now. Their time is limited.

Around every 2,000 to 2200 years an incarnation from the spiritual sun visits this planet; sometimes the force is expressed in multiples across a particular length of time, as was the case with Christ-Buddha and Lao Tzu all appearing within about 600 years of each other. It's said that Buddha lived in Nepal between the 6th and 4th centuries Before Christ. Lao Tzu was supposed to be around in the 6th century. Usually the Avatar is a single unit and not always in human form; consider Vishnu in that regard and some of the predecessors of Rama/Krishna... fish-tortoise and sundry.

This time around... it is my intuitive take that the avatar will manifest in the human heart. This does not exclude or preclude a singular form in attendance as well ...but the wider impact will be in the form of the promised Brotherhood of the Aquarian Age, in those hearts capable of awakening. One of the instruments of the Avatar is, 'the internet'. Of course an apocalypse always includes an avatar in some fashion, given the 'revealing', 'uncovering' and 'revelation' that are all hallmarks of an apocalypse but this apocalypse is a greater apocalypse, just as the cycle we are leaving and the one we are entering is the closing and beginning of a greater cycle of 26,000 years. It has been rumored (but not widely at all) that this is also the closing and beginning of an even greater cycle than that so... we have that 'wheels within wheels' thing As is the case at times like this, we are presented with a moment of GREAT OPPORTUNITY. I cannot capitalize that phrase as large as it actually is. It is so large that is probably can't be seen at any distance. This is why there is almost 7 billion people here at this time, though most of them no longer remember why they came and too many came for the wrong reasons as well. Just as this is a time of great spiritual opportunity, it is also a time when the possibilities of sensation and the experience of it are at a maximum level of amplification. The chance to do most anything physically and metaphysically are here. One can make a leap of such power and distance at this time that it would be foolish of me to attempt to express it. I would fall short.

Too many people believe that they have already failed, or are beyond salvation and this is not so. Where there is life there is hope. Change can happen at almost any point, keeping in mind, as a hexagram in the I Ching says; 'difficulty at the beginning' and one must remember that it never seems so difficult as when we are 'trying to change'. Perhaps a deep intensity of the heart to change is all that is needed and the work gets done by those agents of light who exist for that purpose. So long as one believes they can or are doing anything under their own power; sometimes they will be successful and sometimes not but... when it comes to more esoteric matters, assistance is almost certainly required and definitely is simplifies and eases (not to mention- guarantees) the process.

War and the miseries it brings are not the sole creative province of bankers and profiteers, Satanists and the like; men want to go to war, in search of personal glory and some kind of manhood confirmation; not to mention the darker possibilities that war legitimizes. People are fools, especially when they are young and depending on their aspirations and intentions, often worse than fools and depending on the degree of the impact of the force of materialism, the greater and wider the influence of it, the more likely that the greater number of us will fall into painful and perpetuating error. This is basic math, no matter the metaphysical aspect of it.

A lot of people are in a rut... this is one of the reasons that I wrote the Blockchain post over at Dark Web News. Some of you are savvy in areas of finance and its arcane potential; you might understand what's possible with these new crypto currencies. A few years ago, when I first encountered them, Bit Coins were selling for three dollars apiece, now they are at 2500.00. Some are neither savvy nor lucky but they gamble nonetheless and when I say gamble I mean the whole gamut of what's there to gamble with, including ourselves. Some of us are inventive and creative and can build a house, run an electric line OR... possess the potential to learn. We limit and inhibit ourselves. Many of us embrace failure. We lack the requisite faith in ourselves to accomplish something and that includes a lack of imagination as well. Far too many of us use the internet for pedestrian entertainments or sexual titillation. To get an idea of how widespread the appreciation for porn is, simply go to a torrents site and look at Recent Torrents. Don't do this unless you are somewhat familiar with torrent sites because bad things can happen with your computer and you need to know the terrain. I'm not putting in a link for this very reason. Take my word for it, a significant portion of internet traffic is porn.

Let me add a caveat to the crypto currency consideration. As the readers knows, I have no real resources and am not invested in these areas, nor am I saying everyone who owns a house should go and get whatever mortgage they can and invest it all. Nor am I advertising greed or seeking to inspire the quest for material gain but I BELIEVE there is nothing wrong with wealth if you know yourself to be a 'steward' of it. I would have no problem with millions any more than I do with nothing. It is unfair to censure people with wealth just because they are rich. There are a number of fantastic people with money who do real good. I do not speak for everyone here, only for myself but I have no problem with money or the people who have it. I have no problem with the people who are cheap and selfish with it but... they certainly do (grin). Don't exist in a state of poverty mentality. Abundance is something the ineffable understands and dispenses routinely. Your turn will come. See that you give a good account of yourself.

People defame themselves in their own mind and weaken themselves with superficial and petty self indulgences so that they lose their self respect and no longer believe in themselves if they ever did. Too many people are living on a margin and fearful of what tomorrow may bring. Their economic status is very shaky. They can't find a good job etc... yadda yadda. I want to give you one example of what is possible for anyone and this is ONE EXAMPLE. Please do not be put off by the infomercial aspect of it. It seems like everything of the kind is packaged in similar fashion these days but I NEVER let something like that interfere with my appreciation of a good idea. Also, please be patient because if you don't have a really swift internet this might require your waiting all through it for it to load at different points. If you are familiar with 3D printers then you will see the potential of this. I have communicated with the source and asked about the possibility for a miniaturized edition; something like a Dremel flex shaft tool; not everyone has the room for this but... just think about what you can do if this does what it says? ...and it comes with a 60 days no questions asked policy. You can't lose (not much anyway) and it's ridiculously cheap compared to what I have seen and expected. Here is a complete cottage industry resource for someone AND this is only one opportunity. We JUST DON'T SEE!!! We don't imagine or believe as we should and if we did we would also possess the industry, enthusiasm and love of enterprise that we require.

I want the reader to imagine, visualize and bring into being a better life for themselves and here is one route; should it prove to be authentic and you need 500 dollars and the will, plus whatever the wood is going to cost to get going. The whole world is connected now! You can get all kinds of exotic woods for whatever you can come up with creatively. If your concerned about despoiling endangered forests there are many commercial operations going on where this will not compromise your political correctness virus.

Just because there are crazy people on all sides and revolution in the air... just because the metaphorical skies threaten... just because seemingly powerful forces are at work to kill and enslave entire populations and Armageddon seems around the corner and there are doomsayers on every corner does not mean you have to buy into this shit. It could well have nothing to do with you. Let the love of the ineffable lift you up, however it may be that you in a heartfelt and sincere fashion imagine the ineffable to exist, in whatever format, or discipline or doctrine. NOTHING is as powerful as the ineffable. Not all the forces of darkness that ever were can affect the will of the ineffable one iota. He can create and then raise his little finger and destroy all the armies of the world (visible snaps his fingers) like that!

I'm not saying you should get a Smart Saw, or a 3D printer or anything in particular, or that you should get a gun. I'm saying there is no reason for you not to be living a life of fulfillment and joy in the manifestation of something of value in every day that presents itself to you. There are so many possibilities out there. There are so many new avenues you can dance and sing your way down as you put your energy into whatever it is that you Love doing and the mere fact that you Love doing it insures and guarantees that you will be successful. Loving what you do is proof that it will flower and prosper because God... in more ways than any one of us can imagine... is Love.

I'll leave you with a most interesting film that bears watching with some amount of attentiveness because it covers a lot of ground while being entertaining in a way you might not have run into with any frequency.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Powers of Light are Greater than all the Powers of Darkness that have Ever Been.

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{For starters, my apologies to the readers for the state of the blogs and the website. Some of you can't find them anymore so you probably won't be reading this anyway... and some of you can't comment so I won't be hearing anything from you but... sooner or later this situation will right itself and what passes for normal around here will be operational once again. I don't know when this will be, there really is no telling but we will show up most days regardless of the situation and keep doing what we do because nothing is going to change that other than no longer being around and that might not change anything either (grin), relatively speaking. There are other projects that have needed attention for some while and maybe we can get to them now.}

In the process of being here and doing this over the years we've written about 4 to 5 million words, maybe more, probably more. I'm guessing in all that time and with all those words, the majority of them were just words, perhaps the kind of filler that goes into foods for the same purpose as fiber (grin). Meanwhile some of the time something useful has slipped in and from what I have heard many many times, has done some good... been useful and I can think of no higher calling. Of course I have fallen short any number of times but I maintain and always will that the only real failure is a failure to try.

As time has passed we have moved from occasions of fire and brimstone... bizarre digressions and flights of imagination and always an ever increasing mention of the ineffable who is the single important feature of everything that takes place here. There is nothing I can add at any time now or in the future that is as important as the constant reminders here of the ineffable. Anyone who has come around here on any regular amount of occasions know some measure of my struggles in this life. I can say with an honest assurance that less than half of the reality of them has ever been presented here and yet I have persisted against all odds and oppositions and have been able to continue in this work and have come to a place where the struggles have diminished to the point where they are negligible by comparison with everything that came before and to such an extent that I hardly remember the country through which I passed. I know with an assurance born of experiences that faith in the ineffable will take you through every test and trial that you may encounter. Never despair and never give up and you cannot fail.

I have yet to come into those illuminated spaces that lie beyond the reach of this vale of tears for any length of time but I have visited a time or more and I have made that contact which is more valuable than all the riches on Earth and I am certain now, at this point, that it all happened so that I would be in a position to tell you about it and you could know that it is possible for you as well. I am living proof that it is positively so and real and all I ever did was to keep going. There's nothing special about me. I'm not the only one who never gave up. I'm not the only one who has had such obstacles put in their way. I'm not the only one who ran out of gas, or got trapped and had miracles occur. Miracles occur every day but we do not see them. We are lifted out of untenable conditions and forget it ever happened. We attribute it to luck or something. Time passes and we don't think about it.

We are surrounded by the majesty of God on all sides and we turn our attention to trivia and superficial interests. It is baffling to me that so many people have gone in this direction. I am astounded at the millions of fingers hammering on cellphones. My cellphone sits on a shelf and sometimes I have to charge it half a dozen times before I use it. I walk down the street and I see the trees reaching for the sky. They know what's going on. I see the flowers in bloom and Lady Nature radiant in all of it. All life lives in praise of God whether it knows it or not. No heart will be left unstirred eventually. In time all minds will be emptied of vain preoccupations, all hearts will be humbled and made contrite. The madness of present times will pass. All things do, eventually.

If we live in the mental pictures of the passing moments as they are presented to us then we will live in degrees of fear and uncertainty because that is what is being broadcast from the invisible conning towers of the sphere of darkness. This vibrational imagery covers the Earth and searches out the subjectivity in all minds. Unless you are defended you are defenseless. What is it that stands against the powers of darkness forever and at all times? The power of light. What is the power of light? It is what is also being broadcast at all times by the governing hierarchy that is a manifest extension of the Avatar which is a manifestation of the unknowable and indefinable source of all things and which is always resident, even when we and all that surrounds us is not; and that happens on occasions, like during The Night of Brahma.

If these things are true, and they are, then... does it not make sense to align yourself with the ineffable? What else in all this world and every other world, real and imaginary, other dimensional and whatever can be named and not named can have any relative importance? What is it about the general human mind that does not get this? Certainly there have been those across the reaches of time who have understood this and there are those who get some awareness of it in every time; there are those who faithfully attend worship services on the particular days when they occur. There are those who immerse themselves in certain forms and good things can happen for some while bad things happen for others, including those who are running the show. Here is a good example of when things go very wrong. If you want details, the whole book is here. (Go to the bottom of the page and follow the guides.)

In this movement there were people who chanted all day long and engaged in selfless service for long periods of time, observed brahmacharya and seemingly followed every rule and... look what happened. Look at the fundamentalist Muslim world and its correlative in Christianity and you will find those relentlessly devoted to 'their idea' of what God is and what God wants and people die all over the world because of their interpretations of the will of the ineffable. Something is wrong with this picture and that is what the individual has to figure out for themselves and for myself, nothing is more effective than a true master and one must find such a singular soul and they are there to be found... sincerity... intention.... determination... faith and certitude. Gain these and the light from your being will attract such a being, the same as blood in the water will attract a shark. I guarantee this because I have done this. It is true that the effect of past lives can weigh heavily on one's abilities but the idea would not attract you if you were not able to accomplish this. This is an important feature and you must use this to encourage yourself when it is needed.

In my own case I have made many an error of judgment and action but my master has never left me. A true master knows the ins and outs of all that may and may not happen and is committed to your success regardless of your failings and shortcomings, which exist for the reason of the story that attends your course and afterwards exists as a lesson for all who encounter it further on. The tale of Milarepa stands as a classic example of how wrong one can go before they come right.

Nothing can stop the one who knows that nothing can stop them. Milarepa is but one example of what difficulties can stand in the way of liberation. Given these examples you can well imagine that you are most likely not one who has trespassed to the same degree. I tell you these things today so that you do not lose heart. It is also important to remember, as some of the other examples show that there are many movements in this world of delusion at this time that are like powerful ocean currents and a person who is not fixed in their course can be swept up and carried away by them.

I don't like to use myself as an example but the record of my failings and continuance should serve to encourage those of you who have not experienced such dramatic twists and turns. Let the power of your light shine within and it will draw the master as a moth is drawn to a candle... but not with the same result (grin). The power of your light is determined by the quality of your love as it is expressed in the day to day in your thoughts and words and actions. It is accelerated by the intensity applied. Of the very few things that I know, these are some of them and I know them by having experienced them.

You are inspired and motivated by that which you devote yourself to. If it is legitimate, you will be legitimate as well. High on the list of qualities to possess is 'discrimination'. This leads to the most important acquisitions that anyone can make... the qualities of God; discrimination is one of them. Ask for them. Seek after them. Long for them more than anything. These qualities are conferred. They are given by the one who possesses them. Find the one who does and you will require nothing else.

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