Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Know the End from the Beginning

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Summer is arriving but here it is gray and cool but not unpleasant. My guests have taken off for Basel for the art fair. I’m not much into art fairs since there is very little art by my definition. Most of it looks like something done by a school kid; the sort of thing pretentious people make noises about with a glass of white wine in their hands as they discuss mood and meaning. They find meaning where I find none and it’s mostly about their idea of their own insights. They swell with self importance and pseudo-intellectualism and talk nonsense. Lucky for me that most of that happens around here in a foreign language but it would all be a foreign language to me.

They’re not all that different from the people who talk about politics, war and the economy. They don’t know what they’re talking about either and I’ve gotten to where I don’t pay much attention to them. I’m not capable of it anymore. My eyes glaze over and my mind turns to deeper issues that most people don’t think or talk about.

My guests bring a new dimension to my being while they are here. Usually I don’t have anyone to talk about these things with. Both of my guests are very bright and informed and we have some spirited discussions.

We were discussing the subject of 9/11 and the mechanisms by which it is closed out in most conversational circles. I was saying how in most instances, if you mention 9/11, it’s not long before people want to move on to other things and look at you as a disturbance and someone to be ignored and marginalized. People get in trouble for talking about 9/11. They get in trouble at work. They get in trouble in family and social situations. They don’t want to hear about it. It makes them uneasy and they don’t want to be associated with the topic because it draws negative and undesirable attention.

In this world, these days, people often go along to get along. They want conformity and they want an end to the troubled nature of the times. Somehow they think if they push aside all the reasons and meaning for the conditions of the day that things will just got back into order at some point and none of it will make any difference. They like business as usual. They like ordinary predictable things. Most people aren’t going to go into Nature and take magic mushrooms with you. They instinctively sense that this might change them and it might bring up things they don’t want to look at. They’re right. They’re wrong about the essence of it but they’re right in a general sense. It will change them and it will bring up things they imagine they don’t want to look at.

People should be changed and they should look at certain things. They don’t need magic mushrooms to do it but there is such a blanketing of darkness over people’s perceptions and the ability to perceive things in their real meaning that it’s not necessarily a bad idea because it catapults you into a plane of awareness where you can see into things and not just glance off of them.

People don’t address the deeper problems and questions of their being because; in a certain sense this is what they are. Since most people operate on the level of the personality, which they think composes what they are, they are composed of the problems and questions. That’s why they can’t find solutions because they are the problem. In most cases, in respect of the deeper issues, there are no solutions except for a change in the people confronting, or avoiding them. This is why life provides conditions and times of change because people won’t do it on their own. The Apocalypse is necessary because people have become blinded by desires, appetites and a collective ignorance; a shared unreality that doesn’t actually exist and neither do the people sharing it. They don’t essentially exist as what they think they are. That is a mask.

Today’s world is filled with belligerent drunks and mental defectives who have embraced a lie and lumber through its environs like sleepwalkers in a nightmare. The public servants are a cartoon. The religious leaders are hypocrites and self serving fools. The corporations and banks are bloodthirsty sharks in a community swimming pool. Mass insanity doesn’t look like what it is because there is no normal for comparison. Crazy just gets crazier and looks more ordinary because that’s how it is and that’s all you see. Some of us are aware of this but we’re not welcome in the general affairs of the nutters who think that we are crazy. We’re not.

The cultures and the various societies that compose them have entered a terminal phase. It’s not a self correcting mechanism. Cosmic forces must be employed to readjust the conditions of life and they come around like clockwork because the state of the cultures and societies go off the rails like clockwork. It’s all a teaching environment and doesn’t make much sense unless reincarnation is the fact I believe it to be.

It’s pointless from my perspective to talk about all of the things that are wrong because they are too numerous to get into and the problems are all systemic and can’t be solved by available means because the whole thing is wrong and has to die a programmed death along with all of the shallow dreams of the people who move about within it.

The icons of our times are banal, vacuous and lacking in inspiration. Their tawdry lives hang like dirty laundry that was supposed to be washed but they skipped some of the steps in the process. We’re a joke and it’s not funny. It probably is meaningless because few people get the punch line and no one talks to them. They’re pariahs that remind people of things they don’t want to think about.

I believe in cosmic justice and all of the timeless verities that reside on some rarified plane and which precipitate downward at given intervals. I believe there’s a deeper meaning and import to life, regardless of whether anyone can see it. I believe in the greatness that resides as potential in the heart of humanity and I believe in other things as well. What I believe is no big deal in the scheme of perverted life. These things are an inconvenience to those who have sold their souls for material gain and the drive of self interest. I still have no idea why I am here and don’t even think about it too much. I believe in Love and Love believes in me because Love is conscious and resonates with what pertains to it and changes everything else.

In times of darkness, the man with a flashlight is king. You don’t negotiate the darkness with darkness. You negotiate it with a light. Darkness does not illuminate itself. Ignorance does not enlighten. Greed does not result in abundance because there are higher rules and appearances are deceiving. There’s no enjoyment in the finest foods and the finest things, if it tastes like sawdust and is composed of shit. The principal illusion of the prosperous and powerful is that they are better off and live in some unique and private world. They live in isolation, so that would be private. Their chief relish is that you think they are better off and they feed on that because they don’t have much else.

I don’t know how it sorts out. I don’t know what’s coming because everything is about lessons and teaching moments and that’s the primary intent of the cosmos, not all of the smoke and pageantry. Maybe we’re all doing our best but that is a terrible thought. The long range of the plans of the universe, cover too great a vastness of time for any individual consciousness to get a grasp on. In any case, there is only the moment and ever will be. Finding one’s harmonious accord with the moment is the main thing and that’s not relevant to the schemes and dreams of those who grant pariah status to everyone who has their best interests at heart.

I do know that it all works out; even if that means it doesn’t work out the way most people want it to. Most people don’t know what’s going on anyway and that’s probably why. Trauma and transformation are the generator of lasting and meaningful change in nations and individuals. That’s the operative status of our present residency. Make the most of what you have but first discover what it is that you possess.

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Short Coming, Long Time Going

I’m trying to remember something. I thought about it yesterday but now it isn’t coming to me and there are so many reasons to go over to ‘mirrors’ and bypass ‘origami’. I think what I wanted to talk about had to do with shortcomings. Most things do, because it is out of our shortcomings that our miseries proceed. Everything that affects us negatively comes out of our shortcomings and all that causes us to prosper comes from the higher qualities of our being.

If you want to change the world and if you want to live in a better world, then Job One starts with you. Read the Witter Bynner version of The Way of Life. It’s an operation’s manual. You put that at ground zero in your being and then... if you have to have a religion, you layer that on top. If you want to be a member of any order, if you want to operate in any profession, you read that Lao Tzu and then you put your mufti on and you go to work and you can change the world. You will never change the world until you change yourself.

All the problems that you see in the world around you are because people did not change themselves before they set out to change the world. As a result they became historical lessons. Was the cost of what you did worth what you wound up with?

I’m not a survival expert but I know people who are and... more importantly, I am aware of where the real information comes from. Real information is based on personal sacrifice because individuals can get nowhere without the cooperation of their fellows. Everything you do comes down to what purpose you serve. If you are not asking yourself questions in concern of this then you will inevitably fail and screw things up in a small or large fashion. You can think of the universe as a design on the human body. Banker mentalities are anal retentive and get colonic cancers and visit the same upon the population. Warriors attack the heart against the essential purpose of the heart and so the heart attacks them and strokes figure into that as well. The most pervading malady of the times, in times of material excess, is stress. Stress is generally manifesting out of the ‘personal will’ thing and in times of material importance, over more refined visions of operating systems, stress is what the engine produces.

Tool and die people and dreamers need to work together. This is one of the reasons that I like Jacques Fresco. People come around howling about Masons and Illuminati and connections back and forth with six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. It is the integrity of the individual that matters and ‘by their works ye shall know them’. This is why Mother Teresa doesn’t get a pass and why Wild Life Funds and Carbon Tax scams are bad news, pretending to serve the interests of the defenseless and those trapped in misfortune. I suspect there are many bankers and other material feeders, reincarnating into those roles, but our job is not to condemn or ignore these people or to say it is their karma. Our job is to show them the way.

You lead by example. Do things correctly for the greater benefit of all and you won’t go wrong. Then you come up against special interests and powerful banking and corporate lobbies who want to fashion the world into a prison camp. That is how they do business. I assure you there is enough for all of us here. Nature is abundant. However, when Nature sees you acting like a cheap sonofabitch, at the expense of your fellows, Nature has to address the imbalance. This is why the control of information is so important to the bad guys. Look at who is controlling the information and you will know who the bad guys are. What we are told is happening is for the purpose of influencing our reactive behavior and that is why stepping away is the solution.

You step away from the jobs and taxes. You refuse to fly on airplanes. You get the whole world to walk away from the constructs of what the self-chosen rulers of the manifest superimpose upon us. The result is that the machine attacks Libya, to prevent maverick activity and this extends into the drug worlds, where entrepreneurs are not wanted because they have a better product. It is the same thing with the energy companies and the entire construct of corporate domination of ordinary life.

Usually in times of darkness those who are mind controlled from fundamentalist dogma; religious or political, go down with the ship. They didn’t have the drive, intelligence and heart to sacrifice in order to survive. I live in the mix, but I have lived with the understanding that I live according to certain principles and am very adaptable to changes in circumstance. I don’t buy things that I don’t need. I have been deceived as much as any of you but I am not allowing deception to continue to order my day. It’s not going to happen anymore and this is a significant point. You can change. You can do it today.

Cut back on senseless craving and most certainly investigate the effect of alcohol and Kali Yuga diet on your life. When you hear a lie, you can respond directly or surreptitiously in your mind to it. Don’t feed it and don’t give it a home. Lies are looking for places to live. Don’t let them stay at your house. Imagine your desires as being like a gas burning stove. Turn down the flame and see to the basics of what life is about.

If food costs sky rocket and if fuel becomes hard to get well, I only need certain things to survive and I don’t have to go anywhere. That is how I am designed. I already left those places where conditions did not meet my basic requirements.

You need to ask yourself, “How much suffering am I causing”? You need to look at what it is that you do that affects the world around you negatively and change it. This change is not easy because the world is streamlined to make you continue. You have to find a place to stop and consider the road that you are on. Two worlds are in operation at this changing of the age. One world is going and one world is coming. The transition should be simple and easy. Get rid of everything you don’t need and stop acquiring more. This alone will affect the state of your physical and mental health in respect of the challenges that are coming. So many of the maladies that people suffer from did not even exist in former times, they are a product of these times. Other times had their own horrible contagions that came about through ignorance of the proper operation of living but... these conditions were not the same everywhere, because the lives being lived were not the same everywhere.

Look at the impact of Moorish culture on our world from its fabled genesis. Look at every culture that was changing according to certain dynamics. I am not suggesting this ‘example’ as a template. I am saying you need to open your eyes to the direction that life is moving in and it has to do with living a certain way. It has to do with living in harmony and not operating as a predator. Some of you believe in divine activity and some of you do not but that doesn’t change the game board. Some things work and some do not. Some things are set up to profit the few and to leave everyone else buying lottery tickets.

Wishing and hoping doesn’t get things done. It would be different if you were just starting out but you are in the middle of it, so you have to cut your losses. Do you cut your losses on the backs of others, as we see in operation at this time, by those who should not be hard to identify or define, or do we do the right thing? Here’s the important feature of this posting. Doing the right thing just might save your ass.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Higher Love and the Mastery of the World

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Love motivates me. I study myself constantly and the same goes for studying other people. I rely heavily on vibrations when determining people’s motivations and whether they can fit into my little world. In the eleven years I have been in Europe I’ve had less than a dozen visits from people. I never go out looking for companionship or conversation. I often have nothing to say to people because their minds are either made up or they don’t care anyway.

Love is a vibration. I think of it as cosmic vitriol, or the universal solvent because Love reduces everything to itself. It motivated creation (if one can say that and if it wasn’t random-grin) and it maintains creation. It also destroys creation out of Love. Death, for instance, exists for people trapped in the briar patch of attachments and ignorance. It’s Nature’s way of saying you’ve gone as far as you can this time around. Life’s only about one thing and death is the answer to it when you fail. As important as this one thing is, it is the very rare individual who takes it seriously.

Things that I am going to say today should be glaringly obvious. I would assume, as far as the readers here go, that these are things we take for granted and would give a reflexive “yes” if questioned about them but... we seldom put them into practice, because of ingrained behavior patterns. This is why governments and societies seek to program us. Most of the world is running around on auto-pilot and going in circles. That is the treadmill of redundancy that defines the ordinary human life. As a child and for a time as a youth we have a certain freedom and latitude in our thoughts and feelings. All too soon, this begins to close up, until be are just going through the motions. We think we are acting freely and expressing ourselves the same as well ...but mostly not; mostly not.

Love motivates me because it is fluid. It’s like water on a rock. Think of the rock as your behavior patterns and not just from this life. Some ingrained behavior patterns are deeply set. They can be worn away over a long period by the wash and drip of the waters of love, or they can be hot-housed in their trend to disappearance, by certain determined and consistent activities and focus of the mind. Everyone is being acted on by the world and what responds within them. Few are consciously engaged in it. Our awareness of our state of mind and the meaning of events and conditions is very important. We don’t think about awareness, save for the times when circumstances demand it. If we did, we’d be connected to the force that materializes everything we encounter and verifies our reactions and conclusions about meaning.

People don’t explore the nature of love very often. They mostly just experience it; should it happen to come along. People define Love as something it is not, mistaking it for desire and conditions of attachment when it is the primary liberating force. If people were to study Love, they would find that it is conscious of itself. I’m speaking of real love, not what passes for it in the field of contemporary attractions, in a time of darkness. It is the perversion of this force that accounts for all that is wrong in these days. That is why there is so much fear because of the absence of real love. They displace each other- Love and fear-, and cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Love, like anything, increases in power and presence by the practice of it. Just as no water comes from an outdoor well, when you first start pumping, Love does not suddenly appear when you (metaphorically) snap your fingers. Just as with an outdoor well, when the water first comes it is often dirty and discolored. After a time it runs clean and with greater force and you can take your hand off the pump and the water continues to run. There is a great deal of literal truth in all of this.

We’ve heard all the sayings; “Love is all you need”, “God is Love”, “Love rules all”. Well, I don’t have to list the many similar sayings that have been around since we’ve been around. Yet... we don’t routinely speak and act in the awareness of this. The job of the world is to take our eyes off of it. The world is actually employed in certain strategies to our detriment. This is something else we’re not generally aware of and should be, because then we could look out for it.

I knew that I was going to be somewhat successful at certain things because Love motivates me. Love impacts and impresses on life and you can see the truth of that in the lives of any number of people who have passed through here and whom love motivated. Love has a lasting impact on conditions, without and within. It is somewhat overwhelmed in these times, or appears to be but... appearances are deceiving. Love can be very surreptitious and unpredictably insistent. Everything that goes counter to Love, makes itself vulnerable to the power of Love by its actions.

Love is an investment bank and for those whom Love motivates and inspires, the investment grows. It can take considerable time for Love to materialize, because Love has to set the stage and also test the carrier. It has to modify and shape the carrier because Love doesn’t accept bad representatives. Love has to reduce or eliminate self interest and a host of qualities that diminish and compromise it.

Love is the greatest power on Earth. There is no greater. It holds and motivates the planets in their courses so that the will of Love can be fulfilled. Love speaks to us in music and when it is not speaking to us in music, the times are dark, as they are now. Love is the dawn that rises upon the darkness and Love is rising. As I said, Love is conscious and knows of its own existence. It has an agenda and it weaves every other agenda together to demonstrate itself. Love is the essential heroism, because it does not think of itself and since it cannot die, it is fearless. I could mention that fear smells to animals like anger. There are many interesting relationships and coincidences in life. We should be more watchful and inquiring.

When you inquire of Love, love speaks to you at your level through experience and often through the words of others. Love can appear in people and be the voice of the divine and you look a moment later and it’s just what’s his name again. I’ve had this happen and I am sure some of you have as well. Love is the key to a magical land that exists, within the dimensions of this one, but is unseen without the eyes of Love. Love grows with application. It grows and grows and grows and it consumes, turning the bearer into itself. We should know these things and we do but there is a disconnect, a cognitive dissonance that intrudes between Love and ourselves. Open your eyes. Well, the eyes open automatically as the heart does. Love knocks on the door of the heart all day long and presents situations in life for Love to respond and grow into. This all goes on in the magic land of Love when we inhabit it. Otherwise we live in a world of fear and confusion. Love will make you suffer from its absence so that you will seek it.

Love takes everything we have and anyone not willing to make this sacrifice will not get love. They will get a simulation, which reflects their level of self interest. Love takes everything, because Love is the liberating power and you cannot be half free or somewhat free. That is the measurement by which you are bound by the things that deny Love expression in you.

When Love takes possession of you, or has worn you down to where you cannot resist, Love shines from your countenance and it veils itself too, because Love is a master of disguise as it goes about in its work. It has to be because there are many who would kill love, though Love cannot die. Those who imagine they have killed Love, have done no more than to water the Earth with their retribution. That is why the highest act of Love is sacrifice. It sacrifices itself over and over again on in the hopes that you will realize its presence and power. Love is always looking for a ride but we’ve got our car filled with other passengers. Love rides shotgun.

All these things should be evident, plain as day, but they are not. Take a walk through the world and observe the absence of Love. Love is around but it is concealed from the sight of those who will not allow it to possess them because of fear. Ironically, the only time you need to fear is when Love isn’t present. Next time you run into Love- and you will, invite Love along and see what happens.

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(pretty appropriate I think)
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