Monday, August 03, 2020

"Presently THEY are in a Deeply Troubled Sleep that Borders on Nightmare. God is not Mocked."

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Whoever owns the media and entertainment businesses, as well as social media, HATES THE HUMAN RACE. I've seen enough to be able to call it for what it is. Not only do They hate us but they hold us in contempt as well. They have pulled out all stops on spreading unrelenting nonsense about the 'fabricated' COVID plague. Unfortunately, an alarmingly large segment of humanity is too dumb to think and chew gum at the same time. This makes the manner in which they chew gum, pretty disturbing.

I don't know if these people were like this to begin with. What I do know is that they are VERY EASY to program by applying pressure to basic human emotions. It is astonishing that after all the lies that they have been told, which have been debunked and exposed and continue to be exposed, they continue to believe them.

It's one thing to dumb people down and quite another thing to then set them at each other's throats, for the purposes of spiteful amusement and gain. The latest scheme that I am seeing is the sudden appearance of white supremacists, usually attended by a wack girlfriend and captured on cellphone cameras or exhaustively described by witnesses who are employed for this very reason. You have these 'alleged' white supremacists, screaming out racial imprecations that no real white supremacist would employ. It is almost as if the writers from central casting, who construct the scripts from which they get their dialogue, have decided to lampoon them as well as to highlight them, for the purposes of cultural unrest. The people who hire these bad actors, who play the white supremacists, have gotten them to mention Donald Trump's name every time they go berserk.

It is also clear that among the lunatics performing nightly acts of violence in all these contrived demonstrations that a good portion of them are employees of George Soros and other financiers of social unrest. What I presently see is as clear to me as clear can be. I would like to add that I have spent considerable time watching film of these events and reading the commentaries created by the paid skanks who are now in a frenzied competition to replace the former representatives of 'the world's oldest profession' with themselves. They are now well on their way to becoming classic models for all future and emergent prostitutes to emulate. It used to be that prostitutes had some inclination to at least appear to want to please their customers, even if, as was usually the case, they were faking it.

Now I come upon an article about all of these (handful of) fans of Naya Rivera having a memorial service, replete with many sheets of paper attached to a chain-link fence which contain handwritten testimonials. As you read further in the article it turns out that her appeal was due to her playing a lesbian character. I don't care one way or the other who anyone has sex with BUT when Normal is now painted to be abnormal and other forms of sexual congress are elevated to a higher status and when the youth is pressured to give their lives in the service of lifestyles where the preferred template of the social engineers is based on theatrical representations that have nothing to do with real life, I find it to be upsetting. What is really upsetting is how easily all of it is bought into by a population of clueless refugees from reality who want so badly to belong that it almost no longer matters what it is that they belong to or have to do in order to belong.

Attending all of this social programming is a soundtrack of the most aggressive and dehumanizing noise I have ever heard. All of this taken together as the infrastructure of what people now believe to be ordinary life and which is a recipe for disaster and it won't be long coming now. Every day I read the signs and the trends of the time and the outcome of it all is no longer in doubt for me.

The saddest feature of it all is that MOST PEOPLE are not like this but no one reports on it. All you see brought to your attention these days is a celebration of dysfunction and by now, all the attention whores realize that they have to become increasingly more bizarre to get the attention they hunger for. Okay... all of what I just said is a VERY BRIEF, Cliff Notes snapshot of the bad and the ugly. There is an enormous amount of it and one can get a good idea of what the manipulators want you to focus on by going to sites like TMZ, FAB, Page Six and many another, including ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Last year they were just sleazy and dealers in cultural pornography, now... they are downright EVIL, as well as flat out lying. It used to be that they were simply full of insinuation, innuendo, and allusion. Now they outright and flat out lie.

Consider the enormity of the industries devoted to the destruction of the human race. Consider the time and money being spent on keeping the public in a frustrated, troubled and disorganized state of elusive objects of desire and ever-intensifying fear. It is now okay to be a participant in behaviors that in every previous time when they appeared, it was a sign of cultural destruction; EVERY TIME. Why would powerful industries and rich and powerful individuals lend their support to forms of behavior that lead to their own, inevitable destruction? That is a very good question. The truth is that people are asleep AND possessed. Presently they are in a deeply troubled sleep that borders on nightmare.

There are two forces at work in the invisible and visible realm; two seemingly different forces, or let us say, more correctly, one force being employed in two diametrically different ways. It seems CLEAR to me that horrific and catastrophic events are upon the horizon. What is a person to do? Yes... you can, if you are able, move as far away from the obvious locations where it is going to be the most intense and MAYBE... MAYBE it will all run out of steam before it gets to where you are. Two and a half million NEW people bought guns in the last few months. This is on top of the millions who already own guns.

I want to point out that NO MATTER WHAT it all looks like and NO MATTER WHERE it looks like it is headed, it DOESN'T HAVE TO INVOLVE YOU! Unless it does... even then... if you know who to call and you call soon enough, the impact and effect could be remarkably reduced, or even no longer be pending, in this time of indescribable Grace, which is present to offset the seemingly inflexible Karma of the times.

There is a POWERFUL MAGIC that is loose in the world and it's been loose since we got here. It's been called Maya, the dream web of desire (I call it that- grin) and other names. It is that force that causes us to be deluded and an inmate in the penitentiary of the mind. It takes an extraordinary and relentless effort to break free of it and you still can't. All you can do is come to the point where you have come to the attention of the Divine Mother, in order to appeal to her to set you free. I know a good portion of the public would think me to be deluded for saying this but I happen to KNOW it is true. I KNOW this and have been in conversations with representatives of that very force. SO... there is a basic and ancient power that enthralls the human mind through passions and appetites and the gamut of mindsets. The only sane mind is a completely empty mind or a mind fixed on a single image of The Divine. EVERYONE ELSE is crazy to some extent. I know how that must sound to the people who don't understand what it means but that is just how it is and I am not the only one who has said so. Others... far beyond me in spiritual advancement have said the same in different words. In fact... all of them who are associated with the true light ARE IN ACCORD.

SO... there is this basic power and there are two distinct associations who operate in a particular relationship with that power. One of them uses this power to feed upon and enslave humanity and the other works to free humanity from the influence of this power. Of course, this power is critically necessary. We would have no world without it and it provides a useful service, until one becomes tired of it, if one ever does. Some do not.

People can talk about Maya and the web of illusion, the dream web, which is not unlike a spider's web with THE SAME END RESULT (literally) but in reality (heh heh, ironic term, I know), in reality, they depend upon and rely upon the web for everything and it really is an 'until death do we part' sort of a relationship. Here is AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION; pretty much everyone is a hypocrite in that they say one thing and mean another and say one thing and do another. People talk far too much and say too little of value because they are mostly always talking about transitory, ephemeral phenomena that has little meaningful value, but it is the way they pass time on their way to what they know not. I am not seeking to demean anyone here. I have my share of faults and I now know that there is no correcting them BECAUSE I have them for specific reasons and only by the will of God will they be removed and only at the appointed time.

I don't know what the details are with everyone else. My situation is somewhat different from that of most people in that MY ENTIRE LIFE and just about every minute of it has to do with the ineffable. Rarely do I have any escape (nor seek to) from this because it is palpably present at all times. This was not always the case. I spent some years trying with all my might to escape the permanent state I was left with after my Kundalini episode but nothing worked.

Eventually, I stopped escaping, only to be told I had no choice about any of it in the first place. I literally live in a state where everything I do has something to do with the indwelling. I guess it inevitably comes to that. I spend my days in conversation with the designated representative assigned to me and the occasional visitations from others of his kind, otherwise I am working as I am right now and as I will be on something else as soon as I am done with this and it is mostly all a joy for me, despite the immanence and awesome presence of massive imponderables that I can hear and feel moving in the vastness of the space surrounding. It leaves one with a state of perpetual insignificance, which is not at all unwelcome. To be able to enjoy a realistic perspective on my mote-like state in relation to entities like The Sun and other living beings, so far in advance of myself that it is impossible to contemplate it, is a wonderful thing for me.

Of course, there is that Advaita view where I AM ALL THAT but it never applies to me, nor do I intend for it ever to do so. I don't care if it's true or not. I just want to be a good and loyal servant and occasionally a friend and nothing more, ever... EVER. I can't imagine a higher state than that of perpetual servitude to the everlasting. Anyone who shares this in a similar fashion to me knows what I am talking about. I've never felt a greater joy or freedom, even if it did include a near unbearable length of suffering to get there.

I am sorry that I was compelled to talk about all that got mentioned in the first part of this posting but it was unavoidable in the context of our present state in the midst of tumultuous change. I didn't go into much detail at all concerning the level of depravity presently in operation AND THEN? And then there is that considerable body of good and decent people that are being lined up for target practice for offenses they had nothing to do with, or so one would think from a surface analysis of visible evidence. Even though I can't see it, I know that it is all perfectly arranged down to the last jot and tittle by the one who notes the falling of every leaf and sparrow. The key point is to grow as close to THE ONE as can possibly be accomplished.

It is late in the day, my friends and we've yet to see how really far out it is all meant to get in the course of this year. How God intends to resolve it all, I do not know. I suspect that it is going to occur differently for different people and different groups of people and that ALL OF IT will have to do with one's proximity to THE ONE. I tremble sometimes when I look at the world and reflect on the Biblical phrase that... GOD IS NOT MOCKED. That gives me pause every time it passes through my thoughts. Never before, I think, is so much individual Karma going to be worked out in such a simultaneous fashion as it soon is going to be. It will be individual and it will be collective and it will be surprising for the most part, probably VERY SURPRISING.

We tend to forget that God is intimately involved with us at all times, irrespective of what we might think about it. He is waking many of us up from the inside, by increments and it has nothing to do with being Woke. That is just the ass end of the old world on its way out. It is a death rattle of sorts.

This posting has gone on considerably longer than is the usual case. I think there is something that I keep wanting and trying to say but can't find the words to do so. I suspect there are no words. The closest I can come is to say that the hour is late and that we should mind how we go.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"Complexity is a Veil that Conceals the Light of God from those Engaging in It. No One can Say what God Is."

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Greetings, my dear friends! I will write today concerning “The First Church of the Presence of God.” I suspect that some of the readers might be somewhat misinformed about my intentions for this church and I thought I would clear that up. I have no real desire to create any form of an external church in the traditional understanding of such a thing. My feeling is that we are each of us, ALREADY, that church. Our bodies serve as the external building in which any worship would take place. In fact, the body has already been named in that regard as the Adytum. This has, generally, been defined as, 'the innermost sanctuary of an ancient Greek temple.” It is actually the sanctuary of one's own being.

The Adytum is, supposedly, a secret and sacred location that is not accessible to the laity. This means it would be a place where the (hopefully genuine) priests, apostles, disciples, initiates- or whatever term you feel disposed to label it with, would gather. To me... it means the actual body within which one communes with The Indwelling.

One situation that one ALWAYS encounters when seeking to explain features of spiritual and religious import, including ceremonies and traditions of worship, is that there are many people who are already completely brainwashed by a particular church doctrine and anything that does not conform, absolutely, with what they have determined must be true, is an infidel, a heretic, a pagan, an apostate or... as with the definition of an adytum or anything else; simply insert here what you wish to call Outsiders and anyone following a path that is not the path that you have decided is the ONLY true and valid path and about which you are certainly WRONG. Many a path leads up the mountain to realization and at that point, one can see all of the ways down. I've been saying that for decades and am an even more certain believer of it than I was originally.

I am completely disinterested in founding an external church. I hold no burning desire in that regard and for all of the petitioners of The Almighty, in all the various structures and garbs, dogma and cant of crystallized traditions, there is to be found ample succor and security in numbers among the commonly agreed-upon tenets of their creed, however diverse from another they may be. I've no use for any of it and even less use, if that is possible, for generating a competitive system.

There is one God Almighty that I subscribe to and he is the author of all other legitimate religious traditions that he brought into being for the good of those present, in the times and locations where it came into being. I look at religions as being akin to a theatrical wardrobe department where there are contained the outfits that God wore in that time and place. Also hanging there are the rules and regulations and inspired teachings that were the product of whoever was the founder and his disciples who were present around him and who followed after as well.

I have no quarrel with any religion. I could find all manner of things to argue about but I don't argue. I don't argue because I HAVE FOUND, CONCLUSIVELY AND INARGUABLY... WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. I found it inside of me, after having met someone outside of me who is now present inside of me and who directs me in every situation that arises, whatever that may be. There is no shortage of others out there who... because they are followers of a strict and inflexible doctrine, that defines anyone not like them as WRONG, who will also tell you that I am wrong, regardless of whether I say anything or not. Simply that I do not have similar training wheels on my bicycle to the ones on their bicycle is all it takes for me to be hereafter and forever WRONG.

Unlike the rigid adherents to all fundamentalist doctrines, be they Judaic, Christian or Islamic, the one I follow does not make war on others, torture and execute unbelievers, or ruin the childhood of countless generations by spinning fear-based diatribes of a hard-nosed, hard-assed God, who is the anthropomorphic extension of their own fantasies and failings as human beings. Religious fundamentalism, no matter where it occurs, is diametrically contrary to the reality of the one who created us. This is true also of the Fundie Hindu and Buddhist traditions, that interfere in the lives and freedoms of others. There is a finer template to be found in the esoteric teachings that attend each of these faiths but they are not much mentioned or participated in by the rank and file. These large bodies of religious groupings that account for what little understanding is possessed by their members, exist for the sake of controlling the populations of the world. It is the same with all of the other systems which exist in these Times of Material Darkness.

I know there are people who think I despise the New Age doctrines which are so popular these days. That's not 'entirely' accurate (grin). The curious truth about NEARLY EVERY proponent is that they have bought into the concept that THEY ARE GOD. They attempt to cover themselves by saying, “We are all Gods” I'm not saying that from a particular perspective this isn't true. It may well be... in a potential sense BUT... no one... NO ONE, who is in any position where that might apply to them, goes around saying it. Jesus Christ would get a pass on this account but ANYONE promoting this meme, lacks Humility and I can tell you AND I know it to be true; God goes flying out the door when there is no humility present. This is a COMMON FEATURE of all true and realized masters... just as it is a universal truth that no real master goes around calling himself a master because... because? Because he is intimately aware of the power and splendor of The Indwelling and his own significant shortfall by comparison.

Anyone... ANYONE and EVERYONE who is a real master, is hosting the same cosmic persona as every other. There is NO VARIANCE here. Yes... they may APPEAR to be radically different from one another but that is due to their hosting of a unique aspect of The Divine. Rare indeed is one who possesses all of the qualities of The Divine. Avatars are the ONLY exception. There is every bit as much of a pecking order above as there is here below.

I've had people disown me for calling a certain New Age system; 'A Curse of Miracles'. Unlike them, I bothered to put A GREAT DEAL of study into its origins. Why do people get all hot and bothered when one puts a load of buckshot into the ass of their sacred cows? It is because of their investment of time and self. ANYONE who has a big investment in a literal presentation, such as a book, or the alleged powers of certain ceremonies and rituals is misled AND this is the origin of Fundamentalism. It is being half right that makes people willing to kill and defame if you cross their arbitrary line in the shifting sands of time. The essence of ALL holy books is sacrosanct but the larger portion of the rest is gobbledygook (look it up), composed by people suffering from Thomas Aquinas Flu. The more complex anything of a spiritual nature is, the more absolutely certain you can be that it exists for the material gains of priests and profiteers.

God doesn't convolute. God is not a web of complexity. Complexity is a veil that conceals the light of God from those engaging in it. No one can say what God is. This is not so hard and fast when it comes to what God is not; even though... even though an argument can be made that God is everything, given that you wish to argue, which I do not. In my world, people are free to choose what they believe; wear as many silly hats and ridiculous robes as they like. They can play Dress Up ad infinitum if they like. EVERYONE gets to the same place EVENTUALLY. Eventually is not my style.

Every time a post goes up... or a podcast... (one of these days) or a video (one of these days), I am holding a service in The First Church of the Presence of God. You ARE that church. Wherever I go and whatever I am doing that caused me to go there, I am holding a service in The First Church of the Presence of God. The more I can make God the centerpiece of my life and forget about myself entirely, the closer I am to the ideal expression of life as it holds any meaning for me. I wish I could get my hands on a big handful of green Oaxacan Mushrooms and disappear into The Sequoia National Forest. Some liquid Sandoz would be fine as well, BUT I have neither and the forest is at least a day away AND it's in Kalifornia. That would be a worthy cathedral but it still wouldn't hold a candle to that adytum of which Jesus said, “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” It is also said in another testament, “I have said, Ye are Gods and all of you are children of the most high.” So... there is that and many another similar reference BUT... unless you carry yourself with utter humility and go your way, in all things, in a state of reverent AWE and reliance upon the Indwelling, YOU HAVE NO CLAIM TO THAT ESTATE.

Sure... I could get those items and I could get to the forest and I could dance with the Divine Mother in The Land that Time Forgot BUT... I did that (except in that specific forest) over and over and over and over and over and over again. They have yet to let me stay and I know if I get there by the slower and certain route, I WILL be allowed to stay. Ergo, I figure, if God wants to throw me a bone... that would be an imprimatur. Otherwise I'll eschew (grin). God! That word is pretentious!

My Friends... let us commune in that locale, where we all abide, in any moment when we acknowledge it. Time and Space are not valid separators when it comes to sharing The Indwelling and the more we share, the more we have to share. Now let us turn to chapter and verse, 11:11 in the hymnal.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise him all creatures here below
Praise him ABOVE ye Heavenly Host
Praise Father, Son and Divine Mother
Ah..................................... Men.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

"God Alone is Real and True and his Presence is Inside of You."

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We're going to need some heavy hitters help from the Celestial Realm; masked sheep are sheared and emasculated. Meanwhile, the troglodyte armies are massing and wearing masks of a different order. It is most convenient that this COVID-Masking Phenom has gone ubiquitous, while the Masked and Retarded Pirates of the Apocalypse are burning down the infrastructure, which they will replace with an attractive desolation, suitable for ♫ rape and pillage... rape and pillage... let's go out and burn down our own village ♫

They couldn't get the president with the orchestrated impeachment efforts, or the relentless slander and besmirchment, so they dressed up Paranoia in a Hazmat Halloween suit and put him up like replicating scarecrows in the GMO cornfields of our manipulated imaginations. They think this will do the trick and you can look for it all to disappear if they manage to get rid of him. That IS WHAT'S GOING ON.

The Ineffable; ALL PRAISES TO HIS GLORY AND EVERLASTING SPLENDOR AND MIGHT saw that humanity had devolved into a pot-bellied complacency, while narcotizing itself into dreams of cottage cheese asses, chemically welded into pleather couch cushions from IKEA and said... in reverse to the last day of creation, “This is not good.” Therefore he instructed the kennel guardians to remove the protective fencing from the All you can Dismember and Eat Buffet and let them go crazy on it; anything to get them up off of those couches, before he had to call in the Creme Brulee, butane torch-wielding, Guy Fieri lookalikes to employ more extreme disengagement tactics.

The Marxist Berserkers had been waiting for a long time to find their opportune moment and the architects of BLM, Antifa, and assorted dark side finance guys, have been carefully and quietly plotting the overthrow of whatever it is that they don't know for quite a while too. If you feel you need to know who is behind the guys behind the guys that are tearing down the icons of the departing age... you ONLY have to find out who it was that created and applied Marxism, to begin with. This might inspire you to look into who controls the media that is promoting all of the ancillary conditions and events that dovetail into this present effort to 'getter done!' This might further inspire you to check into who the professors in the university and college systems are who are teaching those courses that also promote it. You may find that you did not want to find out and that will explain why it keeps escalating.

Let's go back to The Ineffable granting the necessary permissions for this all to be happening in the first place, BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS UNLESS HEAVEN GIVES ASSENT!!! Your first thought is probably... “Why is God letting this happen?” Well... that is easy enough to explain, it is FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION! It gives everyone a chance to see what they are made of; what the courage of their convictions is, whether their integrity is based on anything stable and enduring and... and... to test the levels of Faith, Certitude and Determination across the board. If you have bothered to study history, even the fabricated versions, commissioned by those who think they are running things, you have probably noted that Peace and Social Stability are fleeting episodes in a litany of extended carnage.

You are only reading this in the first place because you have a clue. These spaces are not easy to find. You have to look for them or have them happen to you. Otherwise, you are awash in a sea of ever-increasing waste reclamation recycling, in the dirty waters of desperate times. The truth is that the obvious, first take culprit is Materialism. Some people have had it so easy for so long that they now think they can get away with anything. Meanwhile... one of the eternal verities is that Materialism gives birth to Insanity AND the more that Materialism intensifies, the more Insanity proliferates and escalates. Back in pioneer times, even though there was a lot of outlaw behavior, most folks were decent and God-fearing. I can tell you first hand that if you don't have the good sense to fear God... you will assuredly do so at the given moment. I learned this first hand by observation, not by having to experience it. Another equation is that if you love God to a specific degree, YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEAR GOD.

Now... you can call it what you want... Fate... Destiny... the product of Random Chance... the luck of the draw... Accident... wrong place at the wrong time... EVERYTHING that goes down here is monitored and controlled by Heaven. How does Heaven get to be incontrovertibly in charge? That is a simple thing. It is the difference between the power of light and the power of darkness. Those who live in the light do only those things that are acceptable to the forces of light. As soon as you depart from that you are in darkness, regardless of whether you are in a well-lit environment. In times of Material Darkness, the collective consciousness is more in darkness than in light. This is a consequence of Kali Yuga. I told myself some time ago that WHATEVER I did, I would do as if the whole world were watching and that I wouldn't do anything in private that I wouldn't do in front of the whole world. You need to understand what is intended here, otherwise, you wind up with a whole lot of, “Yeah but(s)” Of course, people who are inclined to argue and dispute, are going to do that no matter how stupid the effort may be.


Just because a significant portion of the world may be going crazy DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO. Fear is prominent in almost all wrong actions and states of being. The willfulness of the uniformed ego is triumphant against good sense in most cases. Often... in Times of Material Darkness, what might be, at other times, identified as really stupid behavior, does not appear to be stupid behavior when it is being engaged in by large numbers of people. The results of stupid behavior, in the long run, and often in the short term as well, are unchanged, NO MATTER WHEN IT HAPPENS. However... YOU CAN'T TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR. It falls on deaf ears and events have to be played out FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

A plane crash is a terrible thing. I haven't yet figured out the Karmic Implications of collective deaths. A plane crash is still a terrible thing but less so for you if you are not on the plane. World Wars are horrific. I could go into gory details about The Battle of the Somme, Verdun, Gallipoli and many others. Horrible events took place but they were significantly worse for those who were there than for those who were not. BUT... one thing you had better keep in mind is that YOUR KARMA WILL FIND YOU. I will tell you what I consider to be the height of insanity, it is when anyone... who doesn't know what is going on... and that includes just about everyone, doesn't IMMEDIATELY throw them themselves upon the mercy of God and cry out for his forgiveness and his Grace. You are going to figure it out and handle it on your own? Good luck with that because you will be allowed to make the effort.

These skells and disgruntled victims of their own entitlement think that they are not being seen. They think their brutal and barbaric behavior goes unseen in the confusion of these times, in the center of the mob, in some dark alley. Nothing is missed! Nothing... not ever. CAVE DEUS VIDET.

We are collectively being forced to wear masks due to a manufactured virus hoax, where the only endangered people are those who are very old or have compromised immune systems. As soon as it looked like things would go back to normal, an engineered hue and cry went up about thousands of new cases here and here and there. This isn't even flu season! I am not wearing a mask. For the moment there are still grocery stores that don't mandate it. If you do you won't see me. I don't worry about anything anyway... except one thing; displeasing God. Upon that is based my entire existence and NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO ME THAT IS NOT PERMITTED BY GOD. PERIOD!!! I am truly fortunate that this is a visceral state for me.

WHY... is what seems absurd and outrageous being permitted and even encouraged to take place? I don't care how powerful any evildoer or collection of evildoers may appear to be, or think they are. ALL POWER COMES FROM ONE SOURCE and is allowed to be exercised by ONE SOURCE until it is not permitted by ONE SOURCE. You can argue against this in your impotent obstinacy. You can allow fear to manipulate you into genuflecting before shadows. You can think you know and eventually have it proven to you that you do not. I've been all round the wherever about all of this, again and again and again. Depending on the landing you are presently on, on the endless spiral staircase, that emerges from utter, utter darkness to utter darkness, to darkness, to incremental degrees of light, and then into ever more dense and more brilliant concentrations of light, on that depends what you think you know and what you have convinced yourself is real.

Pay no attention to the fear-mongering distractions whose intention is to compel your attention. KNOW that the All-Powerful abides in you and is present and in director mode to the extent that you rely upon it. It will operate on your behalf to the ambit that you allow it. This does not mean that something awful might not happen, in some exceptional case, for whatever the reason. It does mean that God will be right there with you in the process and also on the other end, which is the most important factor of all. Don't buy into the gratuitous products of the merchants of fear. Do not put yourself at their mercy of which there is none. God Alone is Real and True and his Presence is Inside of You.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

"Satanism, Sodomy and the Reversed Kundalini; the War Against Humanity."

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Every tradition has a semblance to what is traditional to Indian Yoga, which is the Kundalini energy serpent, rising through the central Shushuma canal of the spine. A Sufi parallel is the whirling dervish, spinning in ecstatic celebration of this force. I could present many variants but I leave that to whatever curiosity may exist in the mind of the reader; nothing beats discovering something on your own.

In the Indian tradition, this force rises out of a base of the spine pool called The Kunda. That is where it slumbers until it is awakened. Prior to the awakening the Dream State is in full force. As it rises out of the depths of being, it passes through those areas in the first 3 chakras that represent the playing fields of most of humanity at this time. The center chakra is the Anahata, which is the heart chakra. It is the link between the lower three centers and the upper three centers, where, for the moment, almost no one spends any time, or resides... where time is either remarkably transformed or no longer is present.

At the basic levels, this serpent is representative of all of the hungers, desires, and ambitions that are the chains that bind us. Once it has reached the Bridal Chamber, in the Sahasrara chakra, it is known as Godhead, where an eternity of liberty and bliss is extant. You have, thereby, the playing fields of mortality and the playing fields of immortality and we, at present, find ourselves where the treasures of our hearts are located. You are where you have decided to remain, or are pressing on from.

Let us consider the Christian aspects of this force. The Christian RELIGION has long been the hostage of forces who use it for CONTROL. As a result, what is true and enduring has been mislabeled and placed in the good and evil fabrication zones of a humanity enslaved by ignorance. Anyone familiar with Gnosticism knows about the serpent force. Here too, we will leave greater description in the hands of whoever is curious enough to inquire further.

Let us consider, to begin with, what is hiding in plain sight. There are two Protestant, Christian religious systems that share a similarity in their names. One is called The 'Shakers' and the other, The 'Quakers'. These are both Kundalini references and whether you register it as representative of 'trembling before the throne of God' via... “the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.” or whether you recognize it as the shuddering and shaking that attends a Kundalini experience, they are both the same but viewed differently. It's all a matter of perspective, similar to the two riders of the rollercoaster; one of them is terrified and the others is terrifically excited.

We are informed of the meaning of life by the state of life which surrounds us. Once again you get that dual perception thing. Some are repulsed by what they see around them and others are full bore into it. What appeared to be real and present two and three hundred years ago was VERY DIFFERENT from what we experience today. The force of materialism in times past was nowhere near as great as it is today, but we mostly don't notice that because we are enveloped in it. In any case... the more prevailing materialism is, the further away is genuine spiritual experience and 'the sense of the Presence of God'. Whatever we understand as spiritual has been filtered through the lens of materialism. People seldom tremble or shake these days in the thrall of a spiritual event. You see some manifestations of this in Pentecostal and tent revival environments but they are often of questionable provenance.

The reason there are sodomy rituals in Satanism and why priests, driven to depravity by draconian church mores, as well as the leaders of organizations as widely diverse as Skull and Bones and The Boy Scouts of America so engage in it, is that it works to reverse the flow of the Kundalini. It has long been a staple of purveyors of The Left Hand Path. Now it has been mainstream normalized-naturalized and is being pushed and promoted in nearly every K-12 educational system in Western culture. This is not accidental and it is not the result of some version of a New Enlightenment. There are end results to this kind of behavior and if you are too dense to catch what they are, it is not my job to inform you of them.

Everything that is happening right now, from the ludicrous wearing of masks for a pandemic that doesn't exist, to the despoliation of innocence and the rape of childhood worldwide, are ALL part of a concerted effort to drag humanity into the abyss. The race and culture wars that are presently being ignited around the globe are also part and parcel of a calculated attempt to generate a covering of darkness, woven of FEAR... CHAOS.... and CONFUSION, so as to bring about the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of the greater portion of it. THEY know about The Avatar and The Awakening. THEY KNOW and what is happening is one last desperate, pitched battle to subjugate us one and all.

There are basic changes that have to be brought about in order to bring about the conditions for what THEY have in mind. One of the most basic is THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY UNIT. Another is a wide-scale perversion of our sexual nature. Pressing the limits of Abortion right up to the end of the gestation period is also part of it and a demonstration of contempt for the miracle of natural childbirth and the transference of the process into laboratories where the genetic mapping is completely in their hands.

The calculated dumbing down taking place in the educational systems is no accident. People now employed as school teachers often no longer know when this country was founded, as was recently demonstrated in video. One of the examples I saw teaches Social Studies. The ubiquity of Rap culture is another factor in the coarsening of human nature, as are the films and other artistic productions of these times. To say so is to be declared a racist! Luckily there are some of us who do not fear slander, as opposed to knuckling under to abomination. As is highlighted in E.E. Cummings' great poem, “i sing of Olaf glad and big”, “there is some shit I will not eat.”

There are few poets or creative souls, possessing any degree of true inspiration that I see in these soul-numbing times. It takes a courage beyond that of the majority to speak truth to power in these days. Of course, there yet remains many cinderblock heads who gladly go to the battlefields of Banker Wars, seeking a glory and name celebration that is not to be found in these blood-soaked arenas but... what do I know?

Once you have gained control over the information highways, you can modify human intelligence and understanding any way you like. Once you control who makes the art and what the art contains, the culture is in the toilet. Once you can program young pre-pubescent minds, you can dictate the following direction of their ambitions and their appetites and desires. Add in poisonous foodstuffs and all kinds of invisible and destructive rays and the outcome is not in doubt. WERE IT NOT THAT THERE REALLY IS A CELESTIAL HIERARCHY you could have stuck a fork in us long ago.

IF...if... what remains then... as motive and intent for all that we see, is that of a universal testing ground for humanity, then that would explain the seeming control of the evildoers over the rest of us when that has NEVER been the case. What it is, is each of us being forced to confront ourselves concerning what is and is not acceptable in human behavior. We are each being tried to extremity, concerning what we will and will not tolerate, in the world around and within us. For most, that battle has been decided but wait!!! “It ain't over till it's over” and in these times of extremis, the true state of human nature will become manifest as something greater and more profound than we might presently think. It may well be that we are better than we thought we were but it is only trial and adversity that can bring it out in us.

There has never been a time when The Divine has not been in total control of every single condition and event in life. If it seems otherwise to some, it is due to a lack of Faith and Certitude, among other things. Materialism makes people spiritually lazy. Trial and adversity make them strong and that is what we are seeing. As for whatever else is lacking, well... reincarnation and the Hand of Heaven are taking care of that.

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

"Pursue The Divine with an Unquenchable Ardor and See what Happens."

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And a deep and heartfelt greeting to you one and all.

Since I have been engaging in a disciplined lifestyle for going on two years now, it has been sometimes difficult not to regret some of my previous, outrageous behavior, now and again. It doesn't last very long, however, because I am usually reminded, internally, that there was nothing I could have done about it. For reasons that have yet to be made clear to me, I... apparently, have yet to understand what The Purpose of Demonstration means on a personal level. I mention it often and am coming to understand that much of what I write is as much for myself as for anyone else. To say that my eyes have been opened in this stretch of time would be an understatement. To even attempt to express my Gratitude, over the way my life is now, is far beyond my ability ...and I am good with words.

I realize... and am reminded of it every time I go out into public, that not everyone is magnetically drawn to the possibility of an ever-expanding love for one's creator. I AM and... it is my great pleasure to share it with kindred souls at every opportunity. NOTHING on this Earth comes anywhere near the sheer enjoyment level of communicating with the divine and experiencing the reality of God's presence in every moment. Ah... my, my... the words fail so often of late that I fear I may soon grow quiet, due to a severe lack of capability to express the joy and comfort that comes to one who has made friendship with The Divine their singular and all compelling pursuit.

I was sitting down to a rare meal earlier. I don't eat often anymore but I enjoy it when I do. I try to enjoy everything I do OR I DON'T DO IT. Capiche? I have come to understand Tantra in the way... I think, in the way it was meant to be understood and not in the limited, pedestrian fashion that sees the Kama Sutra as its operating manual. Even though it is about having sex, it is not sex per se but a mindset of having elegant sex with everyone and everything at all times. Everything is sex, one way or another. It is something you practice when you eat. It is something you practice when you breathe, drawing in the air as if it were liquid silk that caresses your lungs as it comes and goes. It is something you practice with your eyes and ears, loving everything, as you see past the coarseness, depravity, and selfishness that is the hallmark of what passes for civilization these days because you see it is all God playing. It is hard for people to get their heads around events like war, famine and the direct and collateral damage; the violations of children, the brutish natures and... of course, I could go on and on here BUT... whether you understand it or not... all of life is God's sporting as everything in everything.

I began that last paragraph talking about sitting down to eat and I went specific, so now I will go general. I looked at my food and saw God in substance and the room and the house as God in substance and myself as an expression of God, micro-cosmically, though... not fully aware yet, BUT working on it and being worked on. I was eating the substance of God, which I had blessed, in a world composed of God, as the environment... and in which the force of God is in expression in every action taking place and in which God is present, in one fashion or another, as everything... still and moving... conscious and unconscious... dreaming and awake... by degrees. I thought, 'how wonderful this all is' and that it is what it is always... as it is and it is ONLY my level of consciousness and awareness that determines the experience and outcome of EVERYTHING having to do with who I imagine I am.

When I dine out... VERY RARELY... (only when traveling) what I notice is that I and my friend are the only ones saying, Grace. I watch people eat and talk. I listen to what they are talking about and... personally and especially these days, if the talk is not about The Divine... it has no importance for me and doesn't hold my interest for longer than it takes for me to turn the conversation back to talk of The Divine. Yes... I arrange to be certain places for certain reasons and must converse about DETAILS having to do with whatever BUT... in my mind and in my heart, the thought is always there that ONLY GOD IS REAL and only God makes anything real that is real.

None of this causes me to think better of myself than another because in all cases, there but for fortune goes I. I am of such insignificance that that is also beyond my ability to describe. Guru Bawa used to say, “I am an ant-man”. I know what he is talking about. Anytime I think I need a sense of perspective and humility, I think of The Sun; Lord Vivasvan. I happen to KNOW that The Sun is a living creature. I have spoken with The Sun, whom I consider to be a very good friend and have heard back from him. Whether anyone else accepts this as true holds no meaning for me. The Sun is... as you might expect... heh heh... seriously over the top, boisterous and filled with genuine bonhomie and just... wonderful. He makes me laugh at every encounter.

Everything with God is Tantra too, if you permit it to be. The wind (and pretty much everything else) is caused by The Sun and The Sun is a direct material expression of The Spiritual Sun, which is a direct expression of The Light of God, within The Light of God, within The Light of God, which is the best way I know of to describe the ever-intensifying concentrations of LIVING AND CONSCIOUS light that makes up The Holy of Holies that moves from the outer to the innermost sanctum of spiritual being and which can only be hinted at and that... poorly.

The wind caresses me. The Sun warms and laughs with me in the sheer exuberance of its being. All of creation is filled with the laughter of God... IF YOU CAN HEAR IT. How is it that God can laugh with so much misery on all sides? Well... it's not all misery... unless you are engaged in misery making enterprises. No doubt everyone would like to get out of their misery BUT then; why do they pursue it with such determination? For some... there is a ways to go to get out of that misery, though... The Grace of God can transform it in an instant and does now and again. HOWEVER... if you are determined in another way than the pursuit of misery... by stages... by increments... you come into ever more rarefied and refined states of being. It is there for the having if you WILL PUT IN THE EFFORT.

Scoffers and Cynics don't see how this could be so BUT IT IS... OH YES, IT IS INDEED! God is resident in you this very minute. Perhaps you should ask yourself how often you attempt to communicate and commune with The Divine. Some actions take you closer to God and some actions take you at a further remove. That's it... PLAIN AND SIMPLE. You can please God or you can please the world. Wait a minute... you can never please the world, all you can hope for is an uneasy truce. Keep in mind that God is in COMPLETE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AT ALL TIMES AND ALWAYS WILL BE. God CAN make your life a joy past understanding and from time to time he does this. There are certain things you can do that get God's attention, via his angels, who are mediums of transmission between us and The Divine. If you get the attention of angels then you have God's attention. Angels on a particular plane of existence are devils, so changed by the perceiver, due to the location and vice versa. ONCE AGAIN; God is The Devil the way the wicked see him.

Right this minute, you can become a friend of God. No one is more generous, open-hearted and forgiving as God is. DON'T MEASURE GOD ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN STATE OF BEING AND UNDERSTANDING. Of course, if you want to be his friend, he IS going to test you. If you are sincere this should not be a problem.

I have people ask me how one gets into a state of friendship with The Divine and I would say... tantrically, that YOU COURT HIM. You romance him/her. You must have all the ardor of a serious suitor. I tell people to go into the forest or the desert with only water for 3 days and cry out to God in every waking moment. Seven days is better BUT even one day is better than none. GOD WILL HEAR YOU... REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THERE IS ANY IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. Some might be inspired to do it at regular intervals through a year, or more. I guarantee it. It is much like my ten-dollar course on how to play the guitar like Carlos Santana. I will give you the answer for free; get a guitar and go into a room and play for ten hours a day. My point is... MAKE THE EFFORT or otherwise shut up. There is a considerable portion of humanity that likes to mock what they don't understand. It never fails to amaze me how some people can have such opinions on subjects they have NEVER put any time into understanding and then demean those for whom it has been the work of lifetimes. These days everybody is an expert.

My friends, I am giving you real substance here and you can make of it what you will. God isn't going anywhere. God is HERE forever and ever. God is everywhere and in everything in one fashion or another and NOTHING... NOTHING gets God's attention so much as when you love him. If you can become capable of loving God, NO MATTER WHAT GETS THROWN AT YOU, and I speak from experience here, then you have done ALL that is necessary, and whatever may be missing WILL ARRIVE when needed.

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

"Game Over and back to Wardrobe to be Suited Up with a New Outfit in the Dressing Rooms on The Moon."

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Good day my friends and welcome to Visible Origami. There are two days left of the time span I was given for a major natural disaster. I didn't know what to think about what I heard when I heard it and I still don't. Not everything I hear comes true and that can be a good thing.

There is a serious uproar taking place and you can be sure that it is being engineered by those wishing to destroy life as we know it, or as is the case in most cases, life- as WE THINK WE KNOW IT. What I am going to tell you is true and has been the case for a long time. When social unrest occurs, the people who push to the forefront are usually strident revolutionaries. A classic instance would be that of Robespierre and Danton during the French Revolution. During the 90 days Reign of Terror, the bloodthirsty atmosphere must have been intense. Noted philosophers like Rousseau, Montesquieu and Voltaire all found their thoughts shaped in ways they did not intend, (as happened to Nietzsche) or... for all I know... maybe there was some amount of misguided intention.

We find ourselves in such straits now, although the thinkers of our time are much more pedestrian.

Robespierre and Danton both fell victim to the excesses they were promoting and lost their heads. This is often what happens to those seeking the destruction of others. No matter what happens to them, they are pushed to the side when Reason begins to prevail. This happened to Thomas Paine, who was considered to be too much of a firebrand. Similar and more drastic occurrences took place during The Bolshevik Revolution and during The Night of the Long Knives; in Cambodia and, you get the picture- unless you don't.

It is very difficult to get perspective when you are caught up in the changes. It is hard to see from the outside when you are inside. So... as alarming as it all appears to be and as uncertain as the future may look, with massive threats taking place all over the world, the outcome is by no means decided, or as grim as it may appear. Though it may not be the case everywhere, a golden age is coming. Initially, though, there is going to be a lot of Sturm und Drang. Interestingly enough, it was Rousseau who came up with that and... heh heh, he was French.

Fools see the game of life as a material concern; something brought about by predictable forces, part of the ebb and flow in a theater of endless change. The Wise KNOW that it is not a purely material affair. It is a spiritual thing taking place on the material plane because the world as we know it is, for most of us, defined in the report of the senses. That is less than half of the totality of it and this is why most people wind up in a quandary, whipped hither and yon by Fear and Doubt. Fear BECAUSE of what they do not know and which is tapping them on the shoulder, invisibly and doubt BECAUSE... that which is real is invisible. One needs to be able to see what cannot be seen and that is where Faith comes in. ONCE AGAIN, WITH FEELING... Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.

WHY do such terrible things happen to people? Whether you believe it or not, the whole of life and the purpose of all the demonstrations is TO WAKE YOU UP! Until you wake up, unfortunate events will continue ad infinitum. Face the facts. At least LOOK AT THEM! You live in a temporary world filled with temporary things. You get attached to them. You get attached to people who are JUST PASSING THROUGH and then they are gone BUT... they will be back, again and again and again, as your mother, or your father, your sister or your brother, your worst enemy and your best friend. You won't recognize them though. They will go out as one color and come back in another. They will be a female and then a male. Everything that you see is coming apart while you are looking at it, in time-lapse photography on a scale far too big for you to see. THAT IS WHY you can't figure it out.

According to several of the more enduring sources, the regent of this world is Sanat Kumara. They say he is the head of the hierarchy that is resident in Shamballah. They are the actual rulership of the destiny of Earth. It is far more complex than that but... it will do for the sake of what is being talked about here. Sanat Kumara and the celestial hierarchy, weave the comings and goings of humanity toward an end result that is far, far in advance of this present moment so... all of the things we are being put through make no sense to us. It is something that involves many lifetimes, not just one. So it is that people rail against the conditions they find themselves in, even though they are the ones who put themselves there. They don't remember doing it but they did it in a previous appearance. If you don't accept the truth of Reincarnation and Karma then there is no further need, at present for you to pay attention to me. You will get first-hand evidence of Reincarnation, Karma and a great many other tenets of Ageless Wisdom at some future time. It is called, 'ageless' because it never changes.

Conditions change, cultures rise and fall, people live and die BUT Ageless Wisdom is INVARIABLE. You can argue against what you read here till Doomsday's Break; it will change nothing. In a war between you and The Truth, The Truth wins, period. Am I speaking the truth? We'll see. What you hear from me DOES NOT ORIGINATE WITH ME. The style in which you hear it does and sometimes I am permitted to present something in what might seem to be an original way but none of it is new. The reason it is being presented in a new manner and... not just by me, is because people have grown tired of the old messages. They have been hearing them for too long. They have seen the hypocrisy of the representatives. More pertinently and more certainly, this is all due to THE CHANGING OF THE AGE.

It is the prevailing opinion of many that The Devil runs things on this plane. Why... just look at the evil men do. Who else could possibly be inspiring them? It could well be that The Devil; GOD AS THE WICKED SEE HIM, is behind all the skulduggery and psychopathy of the age, just as he is in any age like the one we are PASSING OUT OF. Yes, The Devil, as he is generally misunderstood, is a player here BUT... ONLY one of the players and most prominent among those who listen to him; think of it as the BACKWARDS MESSAGE OF GOD, as heard and followed by those going backwards. Others are listening to other sources and out of the general melange comes the complexity of it.

For those who don't get what is being said here, you profit according to your intentions and your behavior. Wherever you are, YOU PUT YOURSELF THERE and who is going to get you out of it... YOU? Perhaps... eventually, after you pay the price and you will still need aid and assistance. Meanwhile... there is God Almighty and the matter of HIS GRACE, which can wipe the whole slate clean... if... you get his attention. How do you get his attention? You get it the same way you get the attention of The Devil. Both of them are God but they appear differently depending on you. YOU ARE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. You are looking in the mirror WHEREVER YOU LOOK and you are reacting to it. Perhaps the key to everything is right there and I would suggest thinking about it for some time.

Imagine all of the perspectives that are possible in looking at any one thing. What is it that influences how you see anything? Certainly, your values come into play. Certainly, your past experiences enter in. Certainly, how you have been formed and shaped by lives past has an effect. The ONLY WAY you can get a handle on it is through (Drum Roll) SELF INQUIRY. Everything is inside of you. It doesn't seem possible, does it? Look at the size of The World and the size of you. Still... everything that is in The Macrocosm is reflected in The Microcosm. We are the universe in miniature. God himself/herself is within you; as a silent watcher, unknown to you, or even as an active participant and intimate adviser as he is for some of us. Even for those of us for whom this is true, we will never know God, and as much as we can know God is dependent on how well we know ourselves and how do we accomplish that? We accomplish it through Self Inquiry.

Now... I know there are many who scoff at this, precisely because they are an unknown to themselves. They only know what they know, based on what they want and that is why so many of them are miserable, because almost nothing of what they want is worth having, once they've had it, and so... disappointment dogs their every footstep. Their wife dies. Their husband dies. Their children die. Their dog dies. They become bitter. Life ceases to contain any spontaneity and becomes inflexible routine. Death is actually the best thing that can happen, given also the pain of aging and all the attendant maladies, along with a lifetime of resentment and regret.

This is not the case for everyone. There are some who live in wonder and joy because the indwelling spirit has revealed itself and to EVERYONE for whom this has happened comes the compelling desire to share it. They learn that giving themselves away and engaging in selfless service is a joy beyond the telling, but it makes no sense to those who have placed a death grip on possessions and the lies they've told themselves, which fuel their self-importance that no one else experiences like they do. If you are rich and powerful you are surrounded by flatterers and sycophants until it is all taken away.

How many of us really look at the world around us? How many of us exercise empathy in all our interactions? Everyone else is you. They are you as you were, or you as you will be and the same eternal self is present in all of them. If you make it a point to ONLY communicate with that self in everyone you meet then you are in for the surprise of your life.

I don't know what Sanat Kumara is up to. He hasn't said anything to me. I've not been to Shamballah but I have spoken with the ineffable, through his step down transformers , and as time goes by he becomes inexorably more and more present, because... more and more, that is where I spend my time and attention. It is like this, eventually... for ANYONE who engages themselves in the effort. Otherwise, it's Pinball City and you are the pinball bouncing off of the bumpers. Sooner or later you go down the chute. Sooner or later it is Game Over and back to wardrobe to be suited up with a new outfit in the dressing rooms on The Moon.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

"Only the Path of Love can Cut Through the Material Darkness of These Times."

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The fear of these times is palpable. It presents differently depending on the person. In many cases, although Fear is the source of the comportment, the vehicle of expression can be anything from anger to a forced hilarity. I've seen just about every kind of variation in my 'just passing through' this vale of tears. I have to say, I am less impressed by the day with this world. Maybe it is part of the aging process, the closer you get to leaving, the less reason you have for staying; at least in my case that is. I have noticed that in many cases, the closer they get to leaving, the more desperate they are to stay. I am guessing that is for two reasons. One of them is attachment and the other is their having made no preparations concerning their onward course. All they know of life is here, and so... suffering is their guidance system. Unfortunately it goes nowhere but in circles of life after life. Unseen within the circle, is a spiral on a barely perceptible incline. This is the spiral of evolution. Just as a form of evolution exists on the physical plane, it exists on the spiritual plane as well and both of them can involve vast reaches of time.

One does not have to be a random pinball, bouncing off of the bumpers of cause and effect. One can hothouse their evolution. As Krishna said “Success is speedy for the energetic.” Personally, that is my preference. I fail to see the attraction in doing the same things over and over in hope of a different result. Strangely... at least for me, this same understanding is not commonly shared. When I was young I strove with all the strength I had to get beyond the snares of this world but... it was to no avail. I was thrust into the cauldron of Karma, whether from debt, or desire, or even because I thought I might do some good and now... I simply hope I did more good than ill. It feels that it might be so but... as I never tire of saying, I don't know.

We have plans and God has plans and I suppose it doesn't take a great deal of pondering as to whose plans will prevail. As for making preparations ahead of time, I suppose the reason more people do not do so is that they have little idea of how to go about it. Some say that fate is the result of character. Religion says ones further destiny is predicated on their behavior, or devotion to a particular icon, though I have seen all sorts of exceptions. I have come to believe that one's Kismet is solely based on the level of intensity present in one's love of God. This I found to be most especially true in the Kali Yuga. At the time I thought I had had a unique vision that was based somewhat on a knowledge of my own shortcomings, combined with the awareness that my love of God was certainly stronger than my intelligence or my self-discipline. Later I came to find out that nearly every spiritual master I felt an affinity toward confirmed it. I became convinced that further studies in the occult would only get me into trouble and it also became clear to me that whatever path one took, a guide would become necessary at some point and the only guides to present themselves in the area of the occult were unsavory to my taste.

We 'think' we are on a journey of discovery where we are charting our own course but most of everything we encounter was scripted well before we got there. I know it has been in my case and from what I have observed, it seems to be true across the board. We are all actors here and only that. When Shakespeare said, “all the worlds a stage and we are merely players” he was spot on. In fact, if any of you have ever taken the trouble to read The Collected Works of Shakespeare you would see that he diagrammed the whole of human experience in his plays. Of course, there was no William Shakespeare per se and some years after his mysterious departure, scholars went looking for him at Stratford upon Avon, and there encountered his daughter who proved to be illiterate.

I've another reason for mentioning Shakespeare than the one given and that is to point out that there is a mysterious brotherhood that has existed for millennia. They were responsible for the works of Shakespeare and many other works. I will not attempt to give it a name but I will say that many of the illustrious names that are found in history had encounters with this brotherhood and on most occasions never had a word to say about it. I don't have the time or inclination to list those I do know about but I will say that all of us would be very surprised to know how far the reach and influence of this brotherhood extended and to what a degree it has impacted on human life. I am NOT talking about The Masons or the Illuminati. The closest we could come to similarity would be The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, not to be confused in any way with the external order that exists today.

This brotherhood interpenetrates human society. They are the true shepherds of the flock. They have no name by which they are known in the wider world. They do not interfere but they do guide. There are rules in place that insist on circumstances being worked out according to the course of Karma and the will of the almighty. They provide the initiation protocols upon which all legitimate orders exist. They were present in Mithraism. Socrates and Plato were advised by them. The Comte de St. Germain was a member and as I have said, many others as well. They are the lights and inspiration operating in the background of temporal existence.

There are many tales of individuals having met up with members of this organization. I'll go into no further details about this. I simply put this into the post to emphasize that things are not what they seem and also to say that the ambitions of the agents of darkness will never prevail. Their only power exists in perversions of lesser powers they were able to steal the knowledge of. The greater powers of light are forever denied to them. Yes... there has been chaos aplenty. Hundreds of millions have died in wars and due to other disasters. There have been times of exceptional unfairness when brutes and beasts have usurped the natural order. It seems impossible to the minds of many to rationalize the horrors of history with the existence of a benevolent creator.

You might say that the agents of darkness did indeed prevail, here and there but it was only for a time and it was all a matter of the outworking of Karma. The stages are set in many places and at many levels for the working out of Karma. That is just how it is down here and cynics and critics rage against the physical evidence(s) that they cannot reason out to their satisfaction. They seem altogether unaware and uninformed about The Invisible. I am not concerned with the pithy arguments of the uninformed. I KNOW what I say to be true and the reader can take it or leave it. It matters not to me.

We are in an age where nasty has become the currency, not only in the theaters of entertainment, in the music, and in the way we treat each other as well. So it could be said and... I am saying it; Nasty is also one of the new ways that we channel our fear and why would we have fear at all? Fear is caused by an absence of Love and if Love is absent then so is God and that is the whole purpose of the architects of this prison camp in which so many of us find ourselves. It's a bad magic show being performed daily in the penitentiary of the human mind. Poof! God disappears. Poof! Fear appears and this is why Love of God is the solution to the Kali Yuga and the passport to the Golden Age that appears when the curtain goes down on the departing age.

God doesn't disappear, but there are those who have the technology to make you think he has. What makes the love of God so critical is that it acts as a prevention against the fear created by those seeking to subjugate you with it. Everything else we might seek to use in this time will only serve to ensnare us because ONLY the spirit of God can prevail against the dark magic of this period. God is not going to permit anyone's personal force to prevail against the practitioners of personal force because one is only making another simulacrum of the very force presently engaged in deceiving and enslaving humanity. God's intention is to set us free and ONLY love can accomplish that.

Loving God makes us a channel of love and displaces the false self that blocks the passage of love and which we see prancing, posturing, and posing all round us every day. The secret is not in knowing everything because one can't. The secret is not in dazzling others because that is a charade. The secret is not in any of our possibilities of personal performance, it is in the love we can generate, which creates the resonance that manifests brotherhood in every moment of contact we experience. True love is the one thing that can't be faked and in a time of epidemic fakery it is the only thing that is real.

There is AN ACTUAL AND LOGICAL REASON for saying that the path of Bhakti, the path of Love, is THE ONLY SURE AND CERTAIN PATH. In times of material darkness and mass confusion, only Love is capable of cutting through it. Only Love masters the moment where everyone is arguing and shouting to be heard and no longer listening to anyone else. Love IS DISARMING. Love cannot be resisted. Love demands the presence of God and perforce, God comes. The prayer to receive PURE LOVE, via THE GRACE of the creator is the most profound prayer and appeal of all. Ask for Pure Love.

There is an actual and logical reason for The Greatest Commandment being the greatest commandment; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” It goes directly to 'the heart of the matter'. It gains the attention of the source of all power like nothing else can. One should do it with a guileless spirit but even if one does it, knowing it is the most potent of all approaches, it succeeds like nothing else. THIS IS THE REASON for choosing the path of love. THERE IS AN ACTUAL AND LOGICAL REASON for Jesus the Christ appending to The Greatest Commandment the statement that you should Love your brother as yourself, especially NOW as we are entering The Age of Brotherhood. It is because HE IS YOURSELF.

Those choosing the path of knowledge must RETURN AGAIN and walk the path of love, whereas... those who walk the path of love have all knowledge added unto them on the way... automatically. To love absolutely is to emulate absolutely and one... sooner or later, BECOMES the same as the object of their affection IN A MICROCOSMIC FASHION. This is what EVERY bonafide system teaches.

Love God... all else will follow. As you love God, God more and more displaces everything in you that is not God. Letting go... surrendering... utter reliance... is the way to go. If you are not doing so... you can begin this very moment.

End Transmission.......

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If you find yourself looking for something to read on a lazy summer's day, on the porch... on the deck... up in a fruit tree AS I USED TO DO, here is The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna India's greatest saint of the last several hundred years and also the teacher of Swami Vivekananda.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

"Skinny Dipping in the Pools of Infinity and Sunbathing on the Rocks of Time."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's simple really. It is so simple that it cannot be explained. It is an experience, like diving into a pool. The most gifted writer could devote pages to describing the event but it would never equate with actually diving into the pool. This is how it is with the presence of God, with experiencing God.

Pundits, scholars, intellectuals and assorted cognoscenti come in various colors and containers. For the merely intellectually curious, they may serve for an explanation; after all, they get paid a lot of money to talk about what they don't know. They sell lots of books and all manner of paraphernalia. Some of them get really serious about it and wind up wearing costumes and performing in churches; the whole ball of wax that is formless in the beginning, just like God is ...but which is then shaped into the object of our desire... for devotion, adoration and supplication.

There are stages in the God journey. At the bottom of the ladder is the whole theatrical bit, with rituals and ceremonies and my God can beat up your God and you will be going to Hell if you don't worship my God, or you will convert to my religion or we will cut off your head. That is on the bottom rung. The next stage is when one becomes dissatisfied with the dogma and cant and the tedious hymns and uninspired sermonizing and homilies by those talking about what they don't know. Sometimes this dissatisfaction is brought about by trauma or grievous loss. This is a point where nothing one knows will answer, where one's life has been rendered meaningless by catastrophic event. One goes within.

Generally at this stage, testing occurs, to establish whether one is sincere or not. Should one prove to be sincere, a teacher will appear, externally or internally. There are then other stages to follow. What I have given you so far is a ridiculous, almost comical sketching out in brevity; whereas the descriptions given by those who have not dived into the pool and do not know what they are talking about, go on and on forever and anyone who does know what they are talking about, is more likely to say, “I don't know” than anything else. This is because those who have dived into the pool most often find that there are no words to explain what they experienced. It is not that they don't want to tell you about what happened to them, it is that they are not able to do so.

I have posted the following several times and no doubt will post it again;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones."

I have experienced and continue to experience all three of these, though I do not qualify the desire for salvation as such. For me it is an abiding and insatiable desire for the presence of God. Whether it was the fruit of other lifetimes or a matter of divine serendipity, I have accomplished the presence of God. I have dived into the pool and continue to do so. There is nothing remarkable about what I have done. What is remarkable about it is how few there are who do it.

Perhaps... for most and this is what I suspect, diving into the pool interferes with what they would rather be doing and with that... you have the summation of the whole world; what it is and what happens there. It is that place we have all come to, (were compelled to come to) because it was Karma that brought us here, the fruit of all of us doing what we would rather be doing until we find out what it is that we REALLY would rather be doing and we find that out, once we have become disappointed with everything else. There is a great deal out there to become disappointed with and the ways we go about becoming disappointed are what results in our Karma. Karma also comes as a result of engaging in what disappoints us, depending on how we behaved, according to the laws of cause and effect.

I try not to discuss myself in any way that might indicate an exaggerated opinion of myself. It tends to put off the audience and to diminish the opinion they may have formerly had concerning me. I REALLY don't want that to happen (grin) BUT... when one has lived an extraordinary life of both positive and negative events and one intends to tell the truth, then the truth, to paraphrase the worthy Holmes, no matter how seemingly improbable must be the truth. Upon reflection... that statement appears not to make a whole lot of sense, well... it will have to do.

No one speaks directly to God. It is always going to be an angel, a burning bush, or an illuminated soul who speaks to you. The power of God is such that it would generally incinerate anyone who got near. So angels, burning bushes, and illuminated souls are steps down in power, in a similar fashion to what an electrical transformer does.

I spoke to God through the whole of my life. Initially, it was a cry for mercy and protection against the abuses being heaped on me. My childhood was an uninterrupted horror show. I didn't have one and subsequently when I left home a week after I turned 17, to join the military, I was no more than 12 years old as far as maturity went and it took some time and a lot of psychedelics for me to be raised by invisible forces, until I was able to have some semblance of the ordinary, even if it was only camouflage.

It was only about eight years ago when God began to speak back to me, sans psychedelics, through whatever medium he chose to use. At first it was sporadic and it has been just in the last couple of years that it has become a regular event. Why I got picked for this I cannot say. It is not because of any excess of virtue on my part. It might have had to do with an exceptional amount of zeal and passion. When one exhibits a reckless disregard for their own life in the pursuit of the ineffable, it counts for a great deal with the residents of Heaven. When they know that you know that they are there, it sets up a dynamic for communication. At that point, a course is determined and if the one following it is able to continue, regardless of whatever circumstances occur, the end result is guaranteed. At least this is how it happened for me.

Those who have been following these blogs for a few years know that many of the conditions I have spoken of have come to pass. Many of you have also had experiences that have confirmed the reality of what goes on here. For the skeptical and the naysayers I care not one wit. I only do what I do for the benefit of kindred souls. I bear no rancor for anyone else. I wish all souls well on their roads to eventual epiphany but not everyone is inclined to accept the validity of another when they do not conform to the expected template. As I said in a recent video; for many people, if it isn't happening to them then it couldn't be happening to you. And people of a certain mindset (and there are many of them) have a preformed image of who can and cannot be legitimate, even though God, historically, has picked the outcast, the simple-minded, bizarre and eccentric to be his representatives.

There are so many examples of this that it is not necessary for me to itemize them. Here we are at this point in the post and surely Visible has a reason. Surely he is taking us somewhere? As a matter of fact...

Everyone, one way or another dives into a pool (whichever and whatever that pool may be) but... most of the time, there is no water in the pool and hence the pain and hence the disappointment. Of course, this is all metaphorical but it is LITERAL in its result, no matter what form it takes; whether it is a pool half full-half empty, or a swamp, or an empty pool, or any experience resulting from a misdirected passion, we are all diving into pools all the time and the point at which it's over for you is when one is diving into the same pool again and again... and expecting a different outcome.

The pool I am talking about, you don't just get wet. You get changed forever and there is no going back... ever. Just as you cannot step into the same river twice, the same person does not come out of that pool who dived into the pool.

The Avatar is coming and the world goes into fast forward mode at his approach as conditions materialize to accommodate his arrival. Prior to his very noticeable appearance, he will appear in every heart where a previous resonance has been established. One will find themselves on a Cosmic Conference Call. From there, this resonance will extend to everyone within the parameters of those already engaged in the conference call and it will then expand across the Earth like the ripples caused by a stone thrown into a still lake. EVERYONE will be impacted to a greater or lesser degree and some will be sent running in search of dark harbor, where they can hide from the light. NO ONE will be able to achieve that and there will be an automatic and spontaneous restructuring of POWER and access to POWER. The world and everything in it will be set right. This will come as a cause for great rejoicing in some quarters and a cause for fear and trembling in others.

This is what I have gotten in my internal conversations. As to the veracity and accuracy of any of it; WE SHALL SEE.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, June 07, 2020

A Quick Checkin

I should have something textiful for you tomorrow unless it is more Visible and Audible but in the interim here are two songs I just put together in the usual one take fashion. Once I have them all recorded I will set about with the Polisher.

And what will Washington D.C. bring us today? Probably nothing as salutary as these songs.


May God shelter you through this time of storm within his impenetrable wings!



Monday, May 25, 2020

Song; "You are Everything to Me"

Dog Poet Recording.......

I realize that there are probably most of you who do not go to Facebook and that even more of you don't go to Pocketnet. I don't blame you for that but I have to go where I am directed to go, regardless of it being a bad neighborhood or an empty wasteland of tortured souls. In any case, for those of you who ONLY come here, I offer this brief checking in.

Yesterday I was messing around with my recording gear and the computer and so on, and in couple of hours I came up with this very rough version of a new song that will be appearing on the coming double album which is tentatively called "In honor of The Ineffable Lord of Light and The Divine Mother.".

There's an acapella version too and as I have been listening to it, for the purpose of critiquing it, I see that a great deal of adjustments and refinements are necessary but it is suitable enough to pass as a working demo and I post it by way of keeping you in the loop- of what I am up to. I've also done some work on the coming book, "Practicing the Presence of God."

I'll have a podcast and one thing or another as evidence that I have not been abducted by aliens (I wish) or gone to sleep, as time passes; anything but. These efforts will appear with no set frequency. May God guide and protect you one and all!



Dog Poet off to find a wall or a hydrant (grin)........