Friday, March 27, 2020

"Somewhere Between Hunky Dory and Gotterdammerung Lies the Eternally Vibrating Resonance of Truth."

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Yesterday, my friend, who reads all of my work, said something that caused me to reflect on what it is that I do. My friend said the post was 'sad'. It wasn't said as a criticism but merely an observation on the emotion it evoked. I studied the piece with new eyes and saw what my friend meant. I didn't want to change it. It was what got said on that day. It is what got called forth from my going through the items presented to me by the media.

Most of the work I do involves me 'getting out of the way'. Sometimes I don't even know what I wrote until I read it for correction at the end. I try to love God and adjust to his finer perspective, which is so far beyond my own that only a little of it passes to me from time to time. I try to model my behavior on The Sun. The Sun is my role model. I don't live up to it but I do shoot for it. I talk to The Sun as much as I do anyone in my life. I share just about everything that comes up with Lord Vivasvan, the present regent in Lord Surya's seat. The term of his office runs for 400,000,000 years.

By this time I consider The Sun to be my VERY BEST friend, with Mr. Apocalypse a close second. When I look at what it is that The Sun does, I see that he is very much like Mr. Apocalypse... both of them reveal and uncover and there is no doubt that both of them awaken and that both of them are powerful disinfectants. On that account, Mr. Apocalypse disinfects with humor and The Sun does it with Love. Of course, they are both archetypal presentations of the same inexplicable force that remains... ALWAYS... beyond description and comprehension.

The Sun... Mr. Apocalypse... The Divine Mother... Jesus Christ... Lord Ishwara... These are all... personalized expressions of the ineffable... God Almighty. We are potential expressions of the same, going through the changes and processes, necessary to bring us to the place where that force flows through us without hindrance. Lord... I love you so much. You captivate the moments of my life till everlasting. Surely... not a thing I think or say or do has any meaning except for what you bring to any of them. Well... there is no more I can say about that. We each deal with it in our own way. Some of us do this through avoidance, or sporadically... but whether recognized or not, it interpenetrates EVERY aspect of our lives. Just cause you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

How do we approach this subject... this be all and end all of all things? This we also deal with in our own way, struggling up that spiritual mountain. There is no greater or more difficult task that I have ever encountered. On we go, from lifetime to lifetime. It's been made clear to me that one reaches a point where one can go no further. It is at that point that The One within awakens and carries us the rest of the way. Of course, I am being lyrical and metaphorical here. The One might have already awakened, or some other permutation may well take place but something... something happens.

One encounters such confusion initially. What do I do? How do I do it? Should I join a church? Should I look for a teacher? In scripture we are told things that are key to the whole process. We are told that God made us in his own image. We are also told that the Greatest Commandment is to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” Jesus added that we should also love our neighbor as ourselves and that upon these rested all of the law and the prophets. I often use the Christian teachings for my examples because most of the readers are Christians. That is the only reason I pick one system over any other.

Let us consider that God made us in his own image. We can extrapolate from this that each of us is a universe unto ourselves. I often think of the image of God, looking down into his reflection in the 6 pointed star. We see through a mirror darkly because our impure desires obscure the vision of the living light. It is through time, space and causation that we are brought, through the fires of suffering to Self Realization. We encounter The Indwelling Everlasting. We learn to be still and know that we are God. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” The secret is to attain to complete stillness so that the angel of God can complete The Great Work in us; The Operation of the Sun. KNOW THYSELF!

We are advised to change ourselves and we can change the world; most certainly that portion we are resident in. There is a term in the Muslim religion... Jihad. It is probably one of the most misunderstood terms going these days. To me, it means... an internal war upon all of our personal unrighteousness and rebellious particles. It is a simple matter if one seeks to enter the inner sanctum. One MUST BE purified. Suffering can accomplish that. Proper knowledge of the necessary steps can accomplish that. GRACE can accomplish that. Being on good terms with The Undines can accomplish that. Oh blessed Necksa, under the auspices of our angel we implore thee to purify us.

What is seldom considered in all the complexities of The Search is that our bodies are composed of millions and millions of cells and EACH OF THEM IS A LIVING THING. The result of genuine purification is the cleansing of our cells and bringing them into a cohesive unity of being; all of them joined in a celebration of the author of their being. Imagine that every cell in your body is humming and singing a never-ending Hallelujah. This is what the Seraphim that circle the throne of God do without ceasing. Once again I will post the listing of the ranks of angels and their duties. We are, for the most part, in these times, a conglomerate of cells in turmoil. Sometimes they war against the host body and that is Cancer. Intoning certain prayers, or mantras, for extended periods of time is supposed to have the effect of uniting all of our cells in a common state of harmonious accord.

This... all of this... is the best argument for Love and one's primary form of expression, both without and within. Love engenders Harmony. Love manifests Unity. Love will, eventually cause all of our cells to sing in divine key. As Visible likes to say, 'the spirit of God sings through everyone but sometimes it carries a tune'. Rabindranath Tagore said, “God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing.” It is quite simple... we need to harmonize ourselves with ourselves and one way that we can do that is to Love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and our neighbor as ourselves. This is the beauty of the simple path of Love. Through protracted, focused and continued loving of God, we come into unity with the divine will.

I personally recommend the path of Love because it is the most idiot-proof. In these times of sinister and subtle influences, which abound throughout our society, it is VERY EASY TO BE LED ASTRAY on the path of knowledge. I do not think myself smart enough or capable enough to follow the path of knowledge. I once read in the work of a spiritual teacher; I cannot remember which one right off hand, that if one follows the path of knowledge, they must afterwards return to walk the path of love but when one walks the path of love to begin with, all else is added in automatically. I believe that. It is said that 'those whom the Lord loves, he chasteneth.' In that case, I suspect God must love me very much (grin); if the evidence of the years of my residence is any indication.

You have to know this going in. You don't just love God and everything is hunky-dory after that. It's not. It's a bit more like Gotterdammerung meets Donner und Wetter in a steel cage match. You WILL BE tested to the extreme and everything extraneous, non-essential and WRONG, will be stripped from your being; with ease, if you are capable of releasing it, or with whatever force is necessary. I've heard it said that if you are not 100% committed, you might as well not bother at all. There will be other lifetimes where your readiness may be more in line with the requirements. If you're not serious don't get engaged because it will not end well.

Here is the deal, near as I understand it. We are at one of those significant turnings of the cosmic clock. Those who can muster the necessary Faith, Certitude and Determination, are in a position to make a quantum leap and be taken right off of the rotation of pending lifetimes. OTHERWISE, you will be sent to wardrobe on The Moon and suited up for whatever the roles required of you amount to, for the next go-round. You DO NOT have to be among these unfortunates who... for whatever the reason; indifference, other- more 'personally important' business, lack of capacity... stupidity, selfish nature, whatever the binding limitation may be... are going to be routed for the next extended drama where... hopefully after that, they have had their fill of the world kicking their ass into a quivering submission. I could candy coat this for you but that will... I assure you, not prove comforting.

Yes... there's more to it. There always is but pure... selfless love, in its essential character, WILL PROVIDE any and all answers needed, now... or at any time across the measureless reach of Eternity.

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Has anyone here seen my old friend Pocketnet? Can you tell me where he/she/it has go a a on. He/she/it entertained a lot of people but considering the audience that didn't take much. I just looked around and He/she/it is still there!!!

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

"I got Tuning Fork Syndrome from the Pitiful Larder of Possibility in the Moshpit of Personality."

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Welcome and greetings my friends. Welcome to Visible Origami and today's dissection of the separated and complex, into the unified and simple. Through all of our lives and through all of the lives, we have studied, who lived in times other than these; we have encountered a great deal of information. No doubt we have forgotten more techniques than we remember. If we are CAREFUL and ATTENTIVE, we have seen that there are basically three areas; those who promote simplicity, like Lao Tzu and those who promote complexity, like Gurdjieff and those who are either intelligence agency constructs, mind control pathways into evil practice, or absurdities, like A Curse of Miracles, Scientology, or your various New Age Jambalayas, Satanism, Wicca and UFO followers.

IN NO WAY am I seeking to be dismissive specifically of any of them. They all work within and for a particular demon-graphic. These posts, as far as detail goes, are brief and limited. We are, therefore, 'suggestive and 'indicative' and work through 'hints' and 'innuendo'. We have ALWAYS told the reader to 'take what is useful and disregard the rest.' We have done an extensive research to inform and convince ourselves and what you get here is the product of that. It is NOT MEANT TO CONVINCE YOU! These are simply concerns I have convinced myself of AND... I am NOT CONVINCED OF ANYTHING... except the Presence of God. Anything else is the result of, for me, a preponderance of Circumstantial Evidence. Trust but Verify.

In order to free your mind, according to me, you MUST acknowledge the barriers between what YOU CAN KNOW and what YOU CANNOT KNOW. This will save you eons of time. There are two systems that I regard as legitimate (There are, no doubt, more than that) but I speak only of what I have studied to the extent that results have been obtained and they are, The Western Mystery Tradition of Ageless Wisdom and the mirror image of the Eastern Mystery Tradition of the various yogic paths. What I speak of, comes from one or the other of these. Then they are filtered through my perspective.

There is ONLY one of you and that is your True Self, also known as your Individuality, also known as your higher self, which is the same as every other higher self and one of the reasons that the wise can recognize one another without needing to speak. This singularity is personalized through your personality, like light through a stained glass window. Otherwise, if the Personality is in charge, it multiplies, as it adjusts to fulfilling its needs of the moment through adaptation. The Personality evolves from dumb and barely conscious to subtle and clever and can't go beyond that. It is a tool, which should NEVER be allowed autonomy.

How can you tell if a person is presenting from the Personality or the Individuality? The Individuality will resonate at a deeper level because it will initiate Tuning Fork Syndrome. The ONLY time resonance is achieved by the personality is according to 'birds of a feather flock together', 'thick as thieves', 'the commonality of appetite', but this false resonance will cease immediately upon 'fight or flight' being initiated and resulting in 'every man for himself''.

The unreal mimics the real, just as cointelpro agents will insinuate the truth into a complexity of lies, in order to validate whatever it is that they are up to; “Well... that parts true, this part must be too.” A classic example is that of sociopaths mimicking human emotion.

Because you... or most anyone, have become dependent upon the Personality, as a result of the press of Materialism, you've gotten out of the practice of allowing the Individuality-True Self to walk your Personality about like a dog in a leash. Dogs can be very happy on a leash and can even be trained to bring it to you in anticipation of a walk. Once it has been DEMONSTRATED to the Personality where the power lies, the power struggle is over. Much can be intuited by a study of the various vehicles that make up the totality of our being; The Physical Body, The Etheric Body, The Astral Body, The Mental Body, The Causal Body, The Buddhic Body and The Atmic Body.

Life is One. This has already been proven by physicists, that there is an underlying unity between all things. Just as they have proven that 'the world is thought borne'. For some reason, just about everyone fails to grasp that this PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD! I did not require efforts of cogitation and philosophical research to arrive at that conclusion myself. I directly experienced it. Let me insert here, one of my favorite quotes of recent discovery; “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones.” I felt my entire body thrill upon reading this for the first time, as I was able to check all of the boxes. Perhaps that seems like no big deal to some BUT for me it was a VERY BIG DEAL because of the visceral, rather than intellectual impact.

God is Ageless and thereby, Timeless and Incomprehensible. Start there. Stop trying to figure out what God is or what Truth is because... YOU WON'T. You won't EVER. You can 'experience' both of them but... I will stop moving in this direction now. If you want to know what God is. Study the primary emanation of The Incomprehensible and... that is LOVE. Following that, consider the archetypal differentiations of Love in action-expression-awareness; These are The Qualities of God. Seek them! In Biblical scripture these are defined as, 'the whole armor of God'. Each of these qualities is an angel you can make contact with.

Who benefits when you Love God? You are the beneficiary through the Law of Affinity. Instead of seeing these exercises, such as this one; “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” as some sort of Herculean Labor, you need to see it as the most absolutely productive and rewarding enterprises you can engage in. God doesn't need our Love. God doesn't remotely need ANYTHING from our pitiful larder of possibilities. Everything you are advised to do, cautioned to avoid, admonished to remember... is for your advantage, your profit, your good. You are NOT being told to behave and adhere to certain behaviors and restrictions on behavior because God is a pain in the ass. This is all happening to help you NOT TO BE a pain in the ass.

If you have been around an illuminated being, a realized master, an inspired elder, you will recognize what I am going to say. Otherwise you will not. There is a palpable energy that surrounds them and expresses through them. There is, can be, a visible light around them. There is an atmosphere of well being that attends them. There is something that leaks out of them and into you through osmosis. It can happen without your awareness of it. You are changed. You are changed because the state of that person's being is more powerful than your state of being. They make you like them, if you permit it, or... you soon book to points elsewhere. Rather... we could otherwise say, they reveal to you what you already are BUT staying there is a matter of application.

Aspiration and Visualization are VERY POWERFUL. They also attract through the Law of Affinity. If you spend all your time thinking about something, it is eventually going to show up. It will show up, you will be lead to it. Somehow there you will be. Depending on the intensity of your passionate Aspiration, Visualization or WHATEVER; on that depends the speed of arrival and quality of the result. Winners don't quit and Quitters don't win. Let's say you are lazy. Don't let that discourage you. You'll get there. It will just take longer but... that's okay... isn't it? Because if it wasn't then you would automatically up your game.

God doesn't get impatient with people. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is the before and after. God knows the windings and ways of everything. He's been up and down every road. He KNOWS the outcome of everything. People are running around with their heads up their asses; not good for balance or directional coordinates, about Coronavirus. Coronavirus? World War 3? Extinction? Armageddon? Plague? Famine? SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have any of these to do with anything except as focal points for your fear? Solution? Get rid of your fear. You've either got Fear or... Love. It's a matter of preference. One displaces the other. They CAN'T occupy the same space at the same time. And EVERY FEARMONGER, no matter how SEEMINGLY powerful, must drop to their knees or Run like Hell at the presence of Love. They don't stand a chance against Love. NOTHING DOES!

First, stop putting up with your own bullshit and you won't have a problem with anyone else's bullshit. Stop worrying about the world. The world is the world is the world. Certain things ARE THE WAY THEY ARE. Stop trying to change them. You won't. What's the outcome of digging a dirty nail into a wound? Results may vary. You have ONE CONCERN and ONE PROJECT and that is you. Fix that and everything is improved; at... least... while... you... are... around... in... that... time... and... place. One of these days you will be leaking light too. In the meantime, everyone is leaking some variant of themselves into the great Personality Mosh Pit, just down the street from; how did I get here?

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; (yet to be posted, like some number that are in a holding pattern in the virtual skies above... done or being done but not ready for release, or withheld by fiat- ((grin)). Therefore we shall provide the lyrics and chords;

D           F#m                G
You are everything to me.
D            F#m             G                           D
You are everything to me as far as I can see. 
D            A                   D
You are everything to me

D                                                    G
Like a wind that never stops blowing
D                                                       G
Like a stream that never never stops flowing
D                                                          G
In this way, my love keeps right on growing
D                                                A                                  G
through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you

D           F#m                G
You are everything to me.
D            F#m             G                           D
You are everything to me as far as I can see. 
D            A                   D
You are everything to me

D                                                   G
We dream this dream until we awaken
D                                                                     G
Love is born from the sound of God's heart breaking
D                                                                         G                                                                                    
From the pain and the loss, this path we are making
D                                            A                                     G
Into the image of Love that appears in the mirror of you.

Bm                                       G
Wash away the dark with your everlasting light
Bm                                       G
Still my trembling heart, Lord restore my sight 
Bm                                                    G
Lead me out of bondage from this kingdom of the blind
A                                                      G                           D
Lord grant me freedom from this prison that is my mind

D           F#m                G

You are everything to me.
D            F#m             G                           D
You are everything to me as far as I can see. 
D            A                   D
You are everything to me

Well... that took long enough. Timing around 80-100. Stop, visible, before you complicate it. Given that I know once I post this it will LOOK NOTHING LIKE WHAT I INTENDED. You'figure it out.

And what can I say about Pocketnet, except that it was really boring and banal today? Sometimes it surprises me. NOT TODAY but last time I checked it is still there, RIGHT THERE.

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Friday, March 13, 2020

"Froggie Went A Courtin through a Glass of Darkness into the Land of Enchantment."

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IF you EVER wanted TO know ABOUT Scientology, THIS should DO it FOR you-

AND if YOU ever WANTED concise YET detailed INFORMATION on ONE of THE most EVIL men IN the WORLD... well, HERE>>>>>>>YOU>>>>>>>GO=

I though a really long one and a really short one would be cool.

You WILL soon KNOW more THAN you DID.

The commentary on Scientology goes ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and... uh... ON- I have first hand evidence of what nasty customers this psych-op is but I'd rather not run on about how evil any of these groups and people are.

We KNOW that Bill Gates is deeply involved in the world getting wasted away again in Coronaville. We KNOW that Jeff Bezos and his peers are actively seeking to run the world entirely and the saving grace of the moment is that they all want to run it EXCLUSIVELY and that will NEVER happen. So they are competitors. The lineage of the psychopathic rich has been afoot and afield for centuries now with their necrotic nepotics. They are like vampire clans and... of course, at the top of the pecking order of either side, there is a RELIGION employed. Heaven and Hell needs be fed but that is a very esoteric verity, beyond the scope of this brief exercise.

Suffice to say that humanity... in it's higher potential, is a limitless possibility. There are ancient tales about Angels and their station concerning humanity. The majority of us, as a result, are a huge disappointment BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO BE. Of course God is the Alpha and Omega and knows the where and whence of all things so he's got time... patience and an assured certitude that we will EVENTUALLY find our way.

Some of us DO NOT want to dilly dally about, preferring to hothouse our spiritual evolution. It stand to reason that there are souls, like those formerly mentioned, who want the diametrical opposite of true and earnest seekers after God. They are also true and earnest seekers, but the gulf between objectives and ambitions is wide.

The VAST majority of us have our shoulder to a metaphorical wheel, that threshes out the grain of our ambitions. Some dream small... some dream big BUT ALL OF THEM ARE DREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We find is incredibly difficult to imagine an immense stretch of lifetimes. The ability to do this would immediately render whatever possessions and objectives we possessed, insignificant. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita- “Many a birth have I passed through, O Arjuna, and so have you. I know them all, but you know them not, O scorcher of foes.”

Swami Vivekananda said, “how is it that I do not remember anything of my past life? This can be easily explained. I am now speaking English. It is not my mother tongue, in fact no words of my mother tongue are now present in my consciousness; but let me try to bring them up, and they rush in. That shows that consciousness is only the surface of the mental ocean, and within its depths are stored up all our experiences. Try and struggle, they would come up and you would be conscious even of your past life.”

Here is a quote by me (grin... and extemporaneously), of course we can remember our past lives. It is only prohibited until 'certain' flaws in our character have been expunged. We ARE NOT permitted to know things that could only hinder us, if we are not at a level where the knowing would liberate us. PERSIST in the search for the SOURCE OF ALL THINGS and THIS and ALL ELSE will be like hanging fruit, in a boundless orchard through which you are passing. Pick whatever pleases you! You are IN that orchard, at this very moment, but there is a veil over your eyes. Burn away the veils through the fire of devotion and you will see things AS THEY ARE, not as they appear to be.

When a realized being walks through this world of sensory deception, it is not the same as when the deluded walk through it. Buried treasures, normally protected by particular elementals, CRY OUT FOR DISCOVERY to those who are free of attachment for them. This is a trusim.

The key to knowing your past lives and ANYTHING else, is present in the Subconscious and can be accessed through meditation. I've provided the following example before and shall do so again but... first a brief introduction. Tarot Cards are PICTURES. Pictures and symbols are the language of the subconscious. Think of the subconscious as like a child. The power and potential of the mind is far, far beyond the poor and limited uses we, USUALLY, put it to. Your self consciousness, which is the I persona, that identifies you and you, however imperfectly, is an island resting upon the vast sea of the subconscious. Think of your self conscious as a fisherman (fishers of men?) You attach a hook (The Star Tarot Card... pictorial symbol of meditation)

BOTA Tarot deck, The Star

...and drop it into the sea (The Hanged Man Tarot Card... is the pictorial symbol of water. It's name, Mem, means, literally, 'seas')

BOTA Tarot deck, The Hanged Man

The hook descends and is taken up by the fish (The Tarot Card, Death. It's name, Nun, as a noun, means, 'fish')

BOTA Tarot deck, Death

So... there is a mysterious process here describing the act of drawing death, out of our being, through the practice of Meditation.

The interplay of these cards and the uses they can be put to, the manner in which a selection can be laid out in sequence, ACTIVATES THE ARCHETYPES they symbolize and you have LIMITLESS possibilities. Eliphas Levi said; “As an erudite book, all combinations of which reveal the harmonies preexisting between signs and numbers, the practical value of the tarot, is truly and above all, marvelous”. He also said, “A prisoner, devoid of books, had he only a tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years, acquire a universal science and converse with an unequaled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence”.

I don't mention what I just mentioned, to encourage anyone to study this particular system. Truth past mortal understanding can be reached through a number of different paths. It can be reached through Devotion, when one is a Lover of God and in my estimation, this is THE BEST WAY in these perilous times. Simply loving Jesus Christ, Krishna, The Divine Mother, Lord Ishvara, or any GENUINE persona, assumed by Almighty God, through the ages, for the Purpose of Demonstration, will do. Love and Pursue to the exclusion of all else and YOU WILL ATTAIN... ONLY ceasing the effort will cause you to fail. ONLY CEASING THE EFFORT WILL CAUSE YOU TO FAIL.

Those previously mentioned; George Soros, David Miscavage, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and a handful of others... ALL came into this life, PROGRAMMED, to attain the status they attained. This comes through the largess of God's shadow self; God as the wicked see him. As great as their power may APPEAR to be, here in the temporal zone, it is a fleeting thing and they have NO POWER to harm or hinder anyone who is consciously aligned with The Supreme Being.

One consciously aligned with The Supreme Being, IS the channeling vehicle for that being. They may not go about this plane, making the Earth tremble beneath their feet but... they could. They may not possess any of the trappings of material success, nor seem different than anyone else BUT THEY ARE and what they are, is someone ANY OF US could become. In fact we ALREADY ARE THIS. We just don't recognize it. To a few in every life, this recognition comes. It is a gift of the spirit. You DON'T GET IT ANY OTHER WAY. It can't be bought. As scripture tells us; “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast. “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

This world is a magic show; ♫ frog went a-courtin and he did go, uh huh. Frog went a-courtin and he did go, uh huh. Frog went a-courtin and he did go, to the land of snakes for the magic show, uh huh (gulp) ♫ They REALLY DO do it with smoke and mirrors. The smoke is generated from impure desires and the mirrors show a form, twisted out of shape, due to the distortion of the smoke. When desire has become purified, one sees things as they are and NOT THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY.

We are where we are and what we are, in this moment in time, due to our level of awareness and that is determined by our values. Change your values and your awareness will change. This is difficult in Times of Material Darkness, because of the GENERAL COLLECTIVE 'quality of the force of attraction'. Change the object of your attraction and it will pull you in a tail wind. Raise the sails of your Love and let the winds of God blow you home.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

The bullet riddled signpost up ahead says Pocketnet.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"One More Tiresome Apologia that Redeems itself Somehow in the Process."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I hesitate to do this, especially since I mentioned it recently but... maybe I've never explained certain things exhaustively enough? Right off the bat, I KNOW that no matter how much you explain something to certain people, it WILL NOT take. There are reasons for this. One reason is that they are stupid, or chronically fixated; same thing. This is the case with religious fundies. Another reason is that they DON'T WANT TO UNDERSTAND. Their point is harassment, period. Another reason is that understanding you is not the cardinal issue. They prefer that you understand them. They want to be doing what you do but they are not equipped to the task so, metaphorically speaking, they believe that if they come into the room where you are speaking and speak at the same time that you are speaking, they will have become your equal, or perhaps be mistaken for you. It is a little like air guitar, karaoke and lip syncing, all at the same time.

Recently I had someone say that I did not have children and so I did not understand; attended by a slur, which said, “Well, none that you know of.” I disabused this person about my offspring and this was summarily ignored and the statement repackaged like one of those bundles of toxic housing loans that our banks sold off overseas in the previous decade. Then another person took a statement I made and restructured it, until it bore no resemblance to what I had said and then accused me of saying it. I took exception to this and correctly pointed out that it then delegitimized everything they had said. It was similar to what is called the 'fruit of the poisoned tree', concerning evidence obtained illegally and all following evidence is then tainted as well. This person assumed a kind of, “so what?” posture and went on to; “then what about this? And this? And this?”

Another person called Lady Nature a bitch because she was ignoring the cries of some child somewhere for a bowl of rice. This is a metaphorical child. I am not saying this child did not exist but if this person was familiar with the child, the child would have been fed and no longer crying. Right? When I hear things like that, it doesn't move me a wit. I do find it rather coincidental that I had just been talking about KARMA. I had mentioned, “as you sow so shall ye reap.” Similar has been stated or echoed by other great souls in greater states of grace than I. It is an inflexible law, so it stands to reason that the squalling child had likely denied some other child a bowl of rice in some earlier time. Karma is surgically precise and does indeed operate to “the last jot and tittle”. The thing is, people are not satisfied that there are laws in this universe. They are even more outraged that the laws do not perform as they, in their omniscience, feel that they should.

Of course, should I encounter that child, I would give it a bowl of rice, regardless of any previous crimes. There are countries where a good portion of the residents look upon suffering as the result of Karma and pass right on by. I do not operate like that BUT... I know what the law is. Some people do not like the timeless poetry of existence. Quite often, people are angry because their lives are not what they had hoped it would be and they need someone to blame. They cannot blame themselves because; how could it possibly be their fault?

What I am getting at here is that you cannot win with people of these types. For a much longer time than I should have, I used to try to reason with the unreasonable. It got me nowhere. Then I evolved into artfully crafted insult. This didn't work either but it did give some satisfaction. Then I started telling people to take what was useful and ignore the rest. Then I got where I am today. I'll give the person so many chances, telling them I will tolerate it for only a limited time and then I will ban or block them. Sometimes I just do it by imperial fiat, with no grace period and that's that. I don't lose any sleep over this. I don't care what they think and I never think about it again.

The thing is... one only has so much time and it makes no sense to waste it arguing with fools. You never see a person possessed of a degree of wisdom who argues. They understand that there is room for more than one perspective and that both can be right about what they see from where they are standing. In a way it is a little like Rashomon.

There are other laws, which may not be laws but which also ALWAYS occur, such as, everyone is not always going to agree with you, NO MATTER WHAT. I've no problem with life being as it is. Some people simply cannot come to terms with it. There are various reasons for that; selfishness, arrogance, self will run riot, ignorance, bullheadedness. Somehow they have convinced themselves that they have all the answers, when they have no answers at all. Some try to club you with Bible scripture. Some try to shout you down. Some hurl insults, which have no impact, when the recipient denies the receiving. As Buddha said about such things; “If someone brings you a gift and you refuse it then, to whom does the gift belong?

I don't like that people suffer. I really don't and I endeavor to do all I can to reduce that by ADDRESSING THE IGNORANCE THAT IS THE CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING. If people don't listen and refuse to educate themselves... then LIFE WILL EDUCATE THEM. Spoiling your children is the worst injury you can visit on them BECAUSE... the world IS NOT going to treat them like you did and they will develop permanent Prune Mouth. They will live their lives chronically dissatisfied and make it Hell for anyone who has the misfortune to be around them.

People carry on about Peace. Peace is a fiction. There are rare times, in other yugas when conditions are very much better than now BUT WE ARE NOT IN ONE OF THOSE TIMES... YET. LIFE IS a struggle for balance... a tug of war between opposites. Balance is NEVER stationary scales. It is scales in motion. We DON'T get that stationary thing because life would end then. There is a reason Golden Ages don't last. There is a reason nations rise and fall. There is a reason that some people are Evil and some Good. We need Evil people, they make us better and give us something to work with. People DON'T GET THIS!!! Be grateful you are as you are OR change it! Remember, there but for fortune goes you or I. As for peace, make peace with yourself and carry it with you and you will bring peace wherever you go.

The world is the way it is for a reason. This is a boot camp... a preparation zone for points onward and upward... or downward and WE LEARN by choices made and roads taken. There would be no poetry to life and none of the magnificent examples and statements made in a life, if it were not for the way thing are. Stop complaining and do something about it~! But first... first fix yourself and become an example of what you hypocritically whine about, but don't perform as an improvement upon.

I don't have the time, nor the inclination to bend myself out of shape to suit a handful of malcontents. Certainly I am not your problem... am I the reason your life is a failure? Certainly you can't improve on what I do, or you would be doing it. Wouldn't you? Have at it if you think you can do better because I will be the first one to study and emulate you. I ALWAYS seek to learn from my betters.

So... this posting is a way of saying to you few, Put up or shut up. The time you spend seeking to ineffectually harass me, could be better spent accomplishing what you feel I do not accomplish. Right? Meanwhile, if you are going to criticize me, at least use the truth and criticize me for something real, rather than things that don't even exist. On that account you would even get my attention. Only a fool does not pay attention to accurate criticism. The problem is that there isn't that much for you to find, not by this time, so you have to make shit up.

It doesn't matter how in depth I seek to portray my position on President Trump. People who hate him are irrational and THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY THEY HATE HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Or, as is often the case, they hate him for being successful and SMARTER THAN HIS ENEMIES. Oh how they steam when they can't make their aspersions stick and when they accuse him of their own crimes and only serve in exposing themselves. Yes... Trump is a badly drawn persona but his instincts are spot on and he really is trying to help people. Meanwhile he is carrying on the same unfortunate traditions as his predecessors. Maybe you would be better served by studying why that is. Yes, his incestuous affair with Israel is appalling. BUT... if those working to unhorse him get their way... YOU WILL RUE THE DAY! My PRIMARY reason for voting for him is A CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT and the Abortion travesty. They have taken that too far.

I try to be a realist and pragmatic. For long periods in my life, one could hardly accuse me of that BUT, I have learned. That is what I do. I learn. I improve. This is one of my primary objectives. I REALLY DO aspire to a finer awareness and a new and improved state of being. It captures my thoughts completely. Why are you not doing the same?

Obviously I commit errors now and again. That's life. Everyone does this. It is what you do in the aftermath of errors that is the compelling feature. What are your real intentions? These are what both define and convict you and don't imagine that these are not seen. We shall all come before the judgment throne, sooner or later. One is better served preparing for that inevitability than by wasting their time slandering and seeking to abuse another. It will get you nowhere. I'm immune to this sort of thing and so is anyone else in this line of work. You HAVE TO BE. Why am I even bothering to tell you about it then? Do you really not know? Hopefully you tumble to the answer one of these days before you find yourself somewhere else and that... will have nothing to do with me.

Why I KNOW that I am headed in the right direction is that I don't personally set my direction. I proceed by intuition and inspiration and I have also FORGIVEN everyone who has ever harmed me and will continue to BUT that is not so evident in reverse. Anyone wishing to comment at any of my locations ONLY has to be relatively sane and not acrimonious or nasty. I cannot offer more.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; THIS IS A TRUE STORY-

It was a dark and stormy night. The branches of the trees scraped against the house siding and the windows. The electricity had gone down and the room was a fiesta of scampering shadows, tossed by candlelight. Visible had been informed earlier that he had received the Bulwer Lytton award. He credited this esteemed recognition to polishing his chops at Pocketnet.

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Saturday, March 07, 2020

"One Can be Either a Habitation of Angels or a Habitation of Demons, Better the Former than the Latter."

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The storm clouds gather, in the minds of those where awakening must take place. There will be lightning and there will be thunder and then there will be that freshness of air, as the invisible darkness is blown away.

Never before have I seen such a reaction, to what has not yet taken place, as that concerning the Coronavirus. At the same time, violent insanities are materializing on the streets of cities everywhere. People are cutting off their parents heads. They are gang stomping the unwary as Rotten Gotham slides down the behavioral sink. It is overcrowding, as much as it is anything, that is behind the madness. It is also bad AND indifferent parenting. Philip Larkin said it best;

“They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had and add some extra, just for you. But they were fucked up in their turn, by fools in old-style hats and coats, who half the time were soppy-stern and half at one another’s throats. Man hands on misery to man. It deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out as early as you can and don’t have any kids yourself.”

Today I saw a truly classic example of the CRAZY that has taken possession of the minds of our feckless leaders. This remarkable statement, of near bottomless stupidity, was said by the governor of the largest state in the most prosperous country on the Earth. It is a state with a greater GDP than most of the countries in the world. Something mucoid and slithery has taken up residence in the consciousness of this poor damned soul. I look into his eyes and then into his mind and I see glowing red eyes staring back at me out of an inky darkness.

This should be the gravest concern for us all; not Coronavirus, not Global Warming, not locusts and whirlwinds, not the wide divide between the followers of the different political parties, nor the looming threat of SO MANY potential catastrophes, that may or may not, yet take place. Our gravest concern should be the VISIBLE CRAZY in the minds of leaders here, there and everywhere AND its precipitating fallout of howling lunacy, into the irradiated papaya skulls of the multitudes, transforming into a mutating non compos mentis of the huddled masses, the lumpen proles, the vulgus and hoi poloi. I once thought a zombie apocalypse was some kind of joke. I no longer feel the same. World War Z appears to be on the horizon.

There is a howling wilderness that is perceptible in the minds of a particular age group; that most recent age group that has come into their semblance of maturity. At present it seems doubtful they will get any further than, arrested development. They are enraged and visibly angry. Part of this is because they have bought into the Global Warming scam that is driven into their heads through the mind programming centers that used to function as educational centers but that has largely been bypassed in recent times. They are also angry at the manufactured guilt that is being imprinted on them, based on past injuries delivered from one race on to other races, one gender onto (snicker) other genders and imaginary oppressions being daily visited on this NEW VICTIM CLASS.

There is a feature built into the subconscious mind that generates confusion and resentment when it senses a lie has been implanted in it. It might not know the nature of the lie, or even the details. It simply knows that a lie has appeared and it reacts. If... in fact... a whole series of lies has been inserted into the subconscious, the conscious mind is made very uncomfortable as a result. There is also present in this generation an absurd sense of entitlement and certain, previously oppressed classes, or classes who imagined they were oppressed, in a time that they weren't even present for; a time when they well may have been a different color, a different gender and of a different culture, have been programmed by insidious agendas to operate out of a state of perpetual outrage concerning it.

Meanwhile, nearly all violent crime is being committed by certain classes of people. THIS IS INARGUABLE TRUTH. They are demanding positions of skill that they do not have the skills for, which results in a completely dysfunctional society and ANYONE who says anything about it, OR, God forbid, TELLS THE UNDESIRABLE AND UNWANTED TRUTH, is pilloried and attacked mercilessly. Myself... I am going to see the truth and tell the truth and I don't give a flying rain of vegetables one way or the other. NOT TELLING THE TRUTH would put me in FAR MORE PERILOUS CIRCUMSTANCES and I already have a proven and provable track record of being imprisoned, assaulted and the recipient of efforts of attempted murder, for nothing more than speaking out, so... I... apparently am not easy to convince otherwise, or dissuade. I am NOT the ONLY EXAMPLE of this type.

Any fool can see what is happening with migrant cultures in Europe. Apologists for this grievous offense on an unsuspecting populace and those engaged in its creation and facilitation are MONSTERS. They are monsters. Rampaging gangs of migrant thugs is not a positive thing, EXCEPT as part of the operating philosophy of those whose agenda is to spread Chaos, Confusion and FEAR~! There isn't any more to it than that. ALL OF THIS, has as its objective, the overthrow of established order, so that THEY can take over. ALL OF THIS is intended to destroy the present culture and its infrastructure and replace it with something oppressive and monstrous. HISTORY cries out with PROOF of the same thing happening previously elsewhere, with the result of incalculable torment and mass murder. Remaining silent and allowing it to happen makes you as complicit as the perpetrators.

You need look no further than the present governor of Kalifornia, as well as Oregon and Washington and its Representatives and Senators to see what you are dealing with. By now, ANY MORON should be able to see that the homeless crisis is INTENTIONAL! Drag Queen Story Hours are intentional efforts at the destruction of the basic building block of society, which is THE FAMILY UNIT. So is teaching sexual perversity in elementary schools. IT IS INTENTIONAL. Promotion of GENDER DYSPHORIA and Satanic Surgery is INTENTIONAL. ALL of these twisted social mutilations, proceeding with the assistance and support of Government and Multinationals HAS AN END GAME. President Trump, regardless of whether you like him or not, IS one of the main barriers to the blood lust of the raging mob and those inciting it. I suggest you do not kid yourself about what might and could happen, if the wrong people get into enough positions of power.

I realize that much of what has been said so far, can be frightening. I recommend you take a good and extended look around, as well as a snapshot from ten years ago and then ten years before that, to compare with the present moment. I can pretty much guarantee that bad things are going to happen to a considerable amount of people BUT this WILL NOT be the case across the board. There are powerful forces marshaled and in action and they are THE MOST POWERFUL FORCES IN THE UNIVERSE. It is necessary to align yourself with them. They are seeking in all places for those in need, who are willing to come under their umbrella of protection. They are the Eternal Angelic Army of the Supreme Master of All Things, Sentient and Insentient. They WILL APPEAR within us and around us. This is the purpose of this apocalypse and the force of awakening that is manifesting. Think of the apocalypse as the precursor of The Avatar. If you don't like that term, replace it with The Second Coming, or The Mahdi, or Lord Kalki, or Maitreya. It will be all of them in any case.

If some people can be and are, like the tale of Legion, habitations of demons, then it stands to reason that some people can be and are the habitation of angels. There ARE NOT more people seeking to be habitations of angels than there are angels to go round. Even if that were true, God would have only to generate more angels. The truth is that there are not nearly enough people seeking to be the habitation of angels because there is a cost and requirements for this. You MUST BE of a certain character for angels to even consider residence within you. The same is not the case with demons. The greater the degree of materialism in a given period, the greater the proliferation of hungers and desires and the more there are of entities seeking to find someone to feed THROUGH and ON.

If one would sincerely desire to be a residence for angels, the angels will know of this and seek to assist you in becoming a suitable hosting place for their presence. All you have to do is ask. There are yogis and other spiritualized beings in this world who shine with the interior light of angels. It is a worthy end to be shooting for, at least in my mind and FAR more rewarding than the crap-shoot life turns into when angels are NOT PRESENT in one's life. Certain emotional and mental states are certain to drive them away and to attract their opposite number.

I realize it is not good politics to be calling out the practitioners of political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and all of the other trendy confinements and suffocation's of these times. There are powerful forces behind the spread of these social diseases and they assuredly intimidate most people BUT they are NOT NEARLY so powerful as the forces of light, that work for the liberation and awakening of humanity; not hardly. Once again... align yourself with these spiritual realms and soon enough, the forces of darkness and negativity will not dare to approach you. There will come a time when you will be in a state of continuing gratitude, at your good fortune for having done so.

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A tad too busy today to come up with something clever (or not) about Pocketnet so we're going to just stick with something generic, like... for Pocketnet, you click here, to get there.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

"Serendipity Awaits, at Some Further Point, Somewhere within the Divine Fabrications of God."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Mr. Apocalypse, we pray... awaken humanity to the truth of their present state, each according to the merit or demerit of their particular direction of intention! We pray believing!

Lord Avatar, please come forth into the hearts of humanity, wherever a place has been prepared for your residence. We pray that you will illuminate their being entire and render them INCANDESCENT. We pray you will open the inner door of the heart's chamber, which leads to the endless reservoir of your cosmic love, asking that it might be encouraged to flow then... to the furthest reaches of creation. We pray believing!

NOW... given that this is a given. Given that this is not an IF but a WHEN, we abide in a posture of sure and certain expectation of the event. The night has been too long, as the tedious increments of reaching out of darkness, into the light, have continued and continues to this day. NOW... the first roseate streaks of that dawn, that we have waited so long to see, are on the horizon, as the Great Master Painter from the faraway hills, creates his masterpiece and the fullness of the blessed day of the coming of The Avatar is upon us.

This is not fantasy, nor speculation... that these visitations have been so few and far between, should not militate against the reality of them. They have happened and they are real. It is logical that some might think it to be a fantasia of wishful fabrication, yet everything we see and experience on the manifest plane, was once only resident in the imagination. How can anyone look at the splendor of Lady Nature's creations and not feel the presence of an invisible hand. Some power it was, that wrought these mountains and plains. Some mysterious force was at work in the jungles and deserts. It is the same force that has been at work in the human heart and mind since first we appeared here and yet... with all of the tender ministrations of the divine on our behalf, some are unmoved and remain unmoved. Others come into a kind of resonance with the celestial imperative and are transformed beyond the reach of the reckoning of the pedestrian mind.

The yadda yadda goes on and on. The chaos of disparate voices rises and falls, with no apparent benefit to anyone. The jibber jabber of commerce and the legal and illegal trafficking of all manner of goods and services, comprises the days and nights of Sisyphean struggle for the predominance, of the one over the other, or the one over the many. Endlessly it proceeds, like a caravan to nowhere AND... not surprisingly, that is where the caravan ends up.

It is a difficult art to seek to work on the behalf of the ineffable and to be consistent in the handling of Truth, which can present in so many different ways, from so many a varied perspective. This would be 'relative' Truth I am speaking of. Absolute Truth you cannot speak. It ONLY speaks to you and on occasion, at the extreme higher end, through you. Thusly, we get prophets and oracles, though oracles generally speak in code.

Here at these several blogs, we try to be useful and... heh heh... useful BUT we cannot be comprehensive. The reader must fill in the blanks and that is the purpose of this exercise; a way is charted and the reader explores the terrain and dimensions of it AND THEN, the reader discovers their own version of that way and their version, IS OR IS NOT confirmed by interior guidance. We seek to stimulate the 'resonant aspect'. This is not going to fly with everyone. It is not intended to. Take what is useful and ignore or discard the rest. For some reason this does not always penetrate into the awareness of all comers and... reactions span the gamut of the possible, occasionally insisting on the impossible.

The human will- apart from the will of God and the human ego- apart from the divine persona, is insistent on it's right to be right at all times. Life inevitably wears that away, like rocks in the stream and one is left with a yawning undiscovered darkness, because, the human will and the human ego are chimera. They are artificial constructs, constructed in resistance to the divine will and constructed out of the woven desires of the ephemeral and evanescent ego.

The yawning darkness is not darkness, it is a light too bright to see and that takes a degree of accommodation to address, or to be effectively addressed by. For so long as we insist on an independent will and a personal identity, that was suited up for the exercise of specific appetites and desires, just so long are we trapped like flies on the dream web. Life is a dream and God is the dreamer. Sometimes, rarely, God wakes up in a particular dream and EVERYTHING is changed. In a Grand Apocalypse, many dreamers, experience varying degrees of awakening and EVERYTHING is changed, for wakers and dreamers alike. This we are on the precipice of, right now.

Awakening is radically transformative and CAN BE frightening. This is why dreamers scurry like cockroaches, into the dark crevices of the kitchen, when the light goes on. I have not seen a cockroach, for some reason, in over 20 years. Awakeners, not under the imprimatur of Divine Fiat, must proceed with caution. Alternatively... one should pursue Divine Fiat with ALL passion and inflexible determination and Divine Fiat will come.

Mr. Apocalypse, we pray... awaken humanity to the truth of their present state, each according to the merit or demerit of their particular direction of intention! We pray believing!

Lord Avatar, please come forth into the hearts of humanity, wherever a place has been prepared for your residence. We pray that you will illuminate their being entire and render them INCANDESCENT. We pray you will open the inner door of the heart's chamber, which leads to the endless reservoir of your cosmic love, asking that it might be encouraged to flow, then... to the furthest reaches of creation. We pray believing!

These few things I have learned. I viscerally DO NOT KNOW. All that I know is gifted me at the time of need. Otherwise, I... am in a perpetual state of waiting to be informed. One SHOULD NOT arrange or direct their life according to external phenomena. The result of that is, should be, self explanatory. The first premise MUST BE, God is real and ALL POWERFUL. The reaction to this absolute should be, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. The following assumption SHOULD BE, EVERYONE is you in a different presentation, at a particular landing, upon the cosmic, spiral stairway of the evolving self. THIS is why we are advised to ' do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' This is The Law of Reciprocity. Rather than my getting into extensive delineation, Here are the other Universal Laws. I do not know if this is a complete listing. You will find the Law of Reciprocity here mentioned under a different term and therein lies much of the confusion about perspectives and naming things.

This I have also learned, DO NOT ARGUE. Those who argue have MISSED THE POINT. Discover as you can and PROVE OUT everything for verisimilitude. Accept NOTHING that you have not verified. Trust BUT verify. Here's the deal, if you love God, God will know and the same will apply to you as... God trusts but verifies. There are stages in the relationship with God. You move through degrees of intimacy and more and more is on offer, the deeper and more intimate you go.

The intuition becomes 'activated' and you are 'informed' of everything you could ever possibly need or want to know. You have it, 'on tap'. The same applies to Divine Intoxication and... WHO WOULD NOT WANT THAT? There are stations of being and awareness that move, ever upward, into increasing densities of light. The Stations of the Cross are a similar construct. What can be confusing, is that there are so many different names for the same thing. The precise cross referencing of Alchemy and Yoga come to mind.

Mercury, Sulfur, Salt = Sattva, Raja and Tamas. The seven Chakras and the seven Interior Planets. There is a lot of information available; more than you will ever need, in order to get into a whole lot of trouble. None of this is necessary. The Presence of God, ALONE, suffices for everything. This is why 'the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel' is so important and also, why it is often called The Great Work BECAUSE, once you have that... you have EVERYTHING. Find God, it is worse than pointless to pursue anything else in search of Power, Knowledge, Unity and... you name it. Actually... heh heh, you DO name it. There is a reason for that Greatest Commandment and “seek ye first the Kingdom of God'.

It all comes down to the motivation for the seeking. There's self seeking, of which there are myriad postures and then there is selfless seeking and that has ONLY ONE definer and determiner. God is ONE. Yes, there is more than one religion BUT... God is ONE and... after a fashion, God is YOU. Getting there is the tricky part, cause YOU can't get there. Getting there is shedding you, or uncovering You. You have to be taken there. After a certain point, everything you could do has been accomplished, from there, it is up to the Guiding Angel and most especially, his employer... so, hurry up and wait.

Mr. Apocalypse, we pray... awaken humanity to the truth of their present state, each according to the merit or demerit of their particular direction of intention! We pray believing!

Lord Avatar, please come forth into the hearts of humanity, wherever a place has been prepared for your residence. We pray that you will illuminate their being entire and render them INCANDESCENT. We pray you will open the inner door of the heart's chamber, which leads to the endless reservoir of your cosmic love, asking that it might be encouraged to flow, then... to the furthest reaches of creation. We pray believing!

Today's Song is;

It came from Beneath the Valley of the Return of the Son of Pocketnet. It danced in a riot of colors and sounds. It's free flag flew along with Peter Piper's pickled peppers, sideways through iambic pentameters, of rambling Rosie's, on a Slowboat to China, in search of that missing thing that puts an end to the searching forever. NO! Do not pull the lever. Well? Pull it if you must! No one hangs forever, I trust... trust but verify, even at Pocketnet. Maybe especially here at Pockenet.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

"We Often Attend with Angels Unaware. They Await your Invitation to Friendship."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When you can sense the rails beneath you and you know your train is on the track, every day becomes a wonder and a marvel; replete with all the things unseen, appearing as pop up affirmation confirmations along the way. It's as if a literal crowd of invisible friends has suddenly made their presence felt and... just so you know it's not some kind of deception, or hallucination, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

Earlier in the week... maybe a day or two earlier, I began to get the sense of higher entities in the air all around me. Then I was informed that they were angels. Then I was informed that, “No... it's not some expression of Grace, you earned this.” I couldn't put that together because I am not the sort of person who believes he has earned anything, except maybe a cuff upside the head.

A couple of days went by and... suddenly mindful of their presence, I asked if they might accomplish something for me. I was told that they had to be on the interior to do this. It then occurred to me that they were external to me. I get mixed up about this sort of thing all the time. I said, “Okay?” and was told I had to invite them in (just like the bad guys). This I did and... interestingly enough, following that and right up to this moment, I became LESS AWARE OF THEM.

Since this has happened, the entire atmosphere around me has become palpably lighter and I have this sense of confidence and other qualities, that are now emergent, in a quiet but INCREASINGLY NOTICEABLE WAY.

I drink tea all through the day and whenever I go to get another cup, I have to heat it up and that means waiting a few minutes so... right by the stove is whatever Mikhail Aivanhov book I might be reading at the time. I just started, “Man. Master of his Destiny”. As I was getting my most recent cup of Morning Thunder I read the following;

“The secret of success, the secret of true happiness, is to manifest in your own behavior all that you would like to receive from others. If you want smiles and kind looks, offer smiles and kind looks to others. If you want an angel, a Heavenly Being, to come and instruct and guide you, find someone who has had less opportunity to learn and start sharing your light with him. Your actions will be reflected immediately in the Invisible World and spirits of light will be drawn to help you in the same way.”

As I am reading this, I thought of the blogs and all of the information that has passed through them over the last 20 years. I have been doing this for right around 20 years.

My heart leapt as I read those words and I went (in my mind) skipping through the living room from the kitchen and back into my studio. All I could think was, “It's real! IT'S REAL! I'm NOT imagining any of it!!! I hadn't thought so, not in the place where it counts, but... I am viciously intense with myself about preventing all possibility of lying to myself. This is a CRITICAL AREA for me. Nothing moves for me unless this is sorted. I realize there are people who don't like what I say, who don't like what I am and don't like me period. I am fine with that. In fact... I am most appreciative of it. The reality that people of a certain disposition and character, are opposed to and slander me, is every bit as good and useful as the majority of positive support I get from most people.

Alright... I was digressing a bit there. Master Aivanhov is often concerned about communicating to the rest of us that we are attended by a crowd of invisible beings, at all times, and the QUALITY OF THE CROWD is determined by the quality of our thoughts, words and deeds. YOU control the nature of the crowd of invisible entities that attend you and feed off of you. They also encourage certain behaviors in you that are commensurate with their own behaviors. They are, PERMITTED, to experience what you experience because, YOU INVITED THEM IN!

If something gets written here, it was intentional. It was also vetted so... even if it seems incidental, or unimportant, it's not. It is not unimportant to me or I wouldn't have said it. I don't engage in pointless and trivial exchanges. That is the currency of conversation these days, among so many people. It is not the currency that I employ. Words have power, as do thoughts and most certainly actions. There are people who get incensed about my mention of Karma. They scoff at it. It DOES NOT REQUIRE any great deal of rumination to figure out why they don't want to hear any mention of it. You don't have to take my word on the existence of Karma. Let me refer you to Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lord Krishna and a host of others, ALL OF WHOM ARE IN ACCORD ABOUT KARMA and have held forth at length on it. Jesus would not have said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” if he were not aware of Karma.

Jesus would not have said, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” if he were not aware of Karma. Buddha said, (not verbatim)

“Karma really is happening, it is not an illusion; we are responsible for our actions; you co-decide or decide something in your life by what you go along with; your actions have results, good or bad, depending on the quality of the intention behind the act.” As for Lord Krishna, there are extensive commentaries on what he said about Karma and the whole of the Bhagavad Gita is concerned with the outworking of Karma and how to best engage the consideration of it.

There are all sorts of pundits and pedants and people swollen up with the tiny sum of knowledge they 'think' they possess. They like to make the idea of Karma 'intricate' because that means they get to ponce about in a pseudo-intellectual tango, round the room, badly explaining and showing off their transparent limitations to all and sundry, never realizing the laughter they are generating among the crowd of invisible entities all around them. Yes... my friends, you are attended by a crowd everywhere you go and WE DO TREAT WITH ANGELS UNAWARE... OFTEN.

My greatest ambitions in this life are few; Self Realization and The Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel... it can be assumed that friendship and good standing with The Devic Realm is my most passionate desire. TO KNOW that it is possible and achieved simply by thinking, speaking and acting in a certain fashion, sends me OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing I can imagine, not anything... is equal to the company of angels and the presence of God, which they are in the attendance of at all times. If you want to find God, one of the best ways is to find his angels. The job of angels is to report to God what they see and hear. Certain angels are the actual force of seeing and hearing that we all use.

You can be a habitation of angels! Yes... my friends, this is possible for you BUT... you must court them. You must impress them with your love and sincerity and especially by your service in life BECAUSE THEY NOTICE THAT. They see everything you do and hear everything you say. There is an angel called, The Recording Angel. Think about it.

It doesn't matter if you might be a tad murked up, or shabby round the edges. We ALL clean up good, once the right angels get their hands on us. Go into nature and call out to them! Tell them that you have come to your senses and you want to be their friend. Tell them you are willing to go through whatever you have to and that you will think and speak and act NOW and from then on... in accordance with what is demanded of anyone who wants to have angelic companions.

Yes... you might have to endure some discomfort. Think about when you were a child and you got all dirty playing outside and your mom put you into the bathtub and scrubbed you clean. You might not have liked it at the time but AFTERWARDS... she wrapped you in a fluffy towel. She might have dressed you in your pajamas and ALL WAS AGAIN RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. It is not unlike this. Before angels will agree to consort with you, certain tendencies and behavior patterns MUST END. They are no loss, believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went through all of what I went through so that I could be an example of the grace, compassion and mercy of God. I... like all of you, am FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION! The hour is late, my friends and the companionship of angels is far better than having all kinds of money in the bank. It's real money though, not that fake wallpaper we use in the streets. There is very little in existence that can compare to the friendship of angels and they are not gay little sprites that run around with pink unicorns. They can be truly fearsome and express tremendous power and I speak from some small measure of experience here.

They are waiting to hear from you.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

"The Dancing, Bouncing and Returning Ball of Cause and Effect is in your Court; Karma, Neh?"

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It's often been stated by 'us' here that we are an observer of Trends and Social Progressions; even when they are peddling in reverse. You can see what's coming, IF... you watch where you're going. Paying attention SHOULD BE Job #1. Paying or not paying attention, is the determinant of whether one continues living or becomes dead.

So it is that it came to my attention, in many ways, that it is the byproducts of the Corona Virus that are the real concerns, NOT the virus itself. It seems that most of our medications are produced in China and this makes sense since the pharmaceutical companies operate on such a tight margin (grin). One of the things to KEEP IN MIND is that ♫ the hip bones connected to the knee bone and the knee bones connected to the leg bone ♫ so... VERY OFTEN things happen and also do not happen, for reasons not immediately clear, because of tangential and ancillary connections to something else.

I think it is not a fearmongering prediction on our part that possibly... quite possibly... supermarket shelves might start to empty soon with no warning. Panic operates according to its own mysterious dynamic. I have not and do not intend to have sex with Steven Spielberg's, damaged skell of an adopted daughter but it is more than likely that, in time, I will know someone who knows someone who did.

Panic begins in whispers and metastasizes into screams. It is as if there were a disembodied hand, like the one in the Adam's Family, that is controlling the volume knob on the sound of appearances. All of a sudden, with no warning, things can get very loud. Before you know it, people are running wild eyed in all directions, driven by an inscrutable fear of no identifiable origin. That is the heart and soul of PANIC.

PANIC is soon going to be emptying the shelves at supermarkets. PANIC is going to be generating epidemic Haphephobia and Agoraphobia. PANIC is soon going to be generating MORE PANIC. PANIC is an interesting phenomena, it generates mindless fear that cancels out all sense of strategic thinking, along with rational inquiry and then degenerates to a self destructive flight into certain danger. Another interesting feature of PANIC is how it affects breathing. At no time... ever... is giving into PANIC a good idea. It is the worst possible response at any time to anything. Here is one of the results of PANIC. A study of the origin of the word should bear fruit as well.

I have been told that Coronavirus is genetically selective and only kills Asians. If you attempt to get evidence of this, there is none that I have been able to find so... is this true... or not? That, I think, would be a critical consideration. This will not protect you from the alternative possibility of being pancaked by a city bus, while texting a friend about it and inadvertently, stepping off the curb into it.

EVERYTHING in life comes down to KARMA... PERIOD. Every thought in your mind, every word you voice, every action to commit, is attended by Karma... UNLESS you act without thought of reward, or personal gain of any kind... then you activate the Law of Providence and you become the recipient of dharma. You can't avoid Karma in any case so... why not incur Good Karma? One can correctly state that the result of actions of self interest WILL RESULT in Negative Karma at some point and that acting in a selfless and disinterested fashion will create the opposite effect.

Opponents of this view are welcome to disagree with it but these ideas did not originate with me. They originated with far wiser minds who said, “as ye sow so shall ye reap.” You can think of your existence and everything that happens in it, being an interaction between yourself and a wall of consequences that bounces back at you the ball's reaction, to the direction and degree of intensity with which you threw the ball... or your thoughts, or words or deeds. Continuing existence is the outcome of the Boomerang Effect. You get what you give. What goes around comes around.

It can seem that what has just been stated here cannot possibly be true BECAUSE... look at all the vile individuals, who are doing horrible things to others, seemingly with impunity. You can't judge the nature of a river from standing at a single point on the banks. The river is of far greater complexity than what can be determined between two bends. The bends themselves are a reaction of Karma (grin).

Conversely, one can see good people experiencing all sorts of unfortunate events that make no sense in the context of their personality. KARMA DOES NOT, except under peculiar aegis, occur instantaneously. Of course, if you leap from a cliff, you will very shortly make contact with the ground and there are myriad examples of similar results but USUALLY... Karma is more about engineering precise conditions for its occurrence further on. Often we may not see the results in the same life that the causes of it originated in. Here is an explanation for the good person to whom bad things are happening. HOWEVER... MAKE NO MISTAKE... Karma WILL BE SERVED. Karma will be inflexibly served, UNLESS... Grace intrudes. The Ineffable has more Grace on tap than could ever be measured, OR DISPENSED. Realized masters, saints and others, also have degrees of Grace that they are free to dispense as they see fit. There have been many cases of realized beings assuming the Karma of one or more or many of their followers also.

♫ What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
And what a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer

Oh, what peace we often forfeit
Oh, what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged
Take it to the Lord in prayer

Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness
Take it to the Lord in prayer ♫

In that song you find an example of just what I am talking about. Behind every great song, there is often a great story. Here is the story about that song. It was an Irishman also who wrote, “Amazing Grace” ah... Grace comes up again; what do you know?

In the life of the author of that song, just as in the life of the author of Amazing Grace, you can see Karma at work. It is one of the amazing features of Karma, where tragedy and trauma can occasionally lead to astonishing results. I know many, many tales like this; one of the benefits of being an inveterate reader with an insatiable curiosity. It is that curiosity (along with a great deal of Love) that led me to God. With God it is not possible to satisfy curiosity and therefore, if you are of a curious nature, may I recommend the creator as a subject for your consideration?

There are those who eschew all action and there are certain followers of Buddhism that take this to an absurd degree. They believe that the less they act the less they will suffer. Might I point out the line from Revelations, “if ye be lukewarm I shall spew thee out of my mouth.”? Also, there is the Parable of the talents, given to the servants of the man 'going on a journey'. Yes... you have to think. Even if you are me and engage in 'casting out thought', you still wind up thinking and speaking and doing so... HAVE AT IT but... attach no personal value to any of it. This is the Spirit of Karma Yoga. Act unselfishly and your Karma will not result in suffering but in Joy and Liberation.

“God loves and cares for me and is giving me every good thing. I love him and think his thoughts and do only those things that he wishes me to do.” I think that would be a good guideline.

Remember that every detail of your life... NO MATTER HOW TRIFLING OR NEGLIGIBLE IT MAY APPEAR... is a particular and important transaction between God and your soul. There is nothing inconsequential. It ALL HAS AN IMPACT. Think of yourself as a kind of Johnny Appleseed and leave intentional evidence of your passing. What imprint would you like to leave on life? The ball is in your court. You have the power to decide upon the specific impact you will have on life and on everyone you meet.

Look... I've made plenty of mistakes but it was in getting dirty on the field of play that I was permitted to learn and to grow in understanding of consequences and intentions. Sure I wish I knew then what I know now BUT AT LEAST I DO KNOW NOW WHAT I KNOW NOW! I shall have ample time to make up for every error I committed, unless God seeks to intrude on that. He certainly has already in many, many fine and gracious ways, but regardless, I have ETERNITY in which to be an expression of God's Lila and all will be well, sooner rather than later and the day WILL COME that I shall be totally free and of FAR GREATER IMPORTANCE, free to make others free as well. Oh Happy Day!!!

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(a song about one who took themselves too seriously and served as a karmic example for the rest of us-

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

ATTENTION is the same as Sunlight and Rain and the Fruit and the Flower is the Offspring of Light!

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Someone once said, “When it rains it pours.” Off the cuff... first take... this seems to be saying that when one bad thing happens, other bad things often happen as well. This is, perhaps... how a Perfect Storm comes about. This writer has itemized an assortment of genuine plagues that are working their way forward at this moment. Taken in their aggregate state, they can be intimidating. If one did not know that these were mere shadows, passing before the face of an ever shining sun, we could be disheartened, dismayed... but there are those of us who are not. No matter what comes, be it trauma, separation, isolation, even death, it is of no importance... because all of this is no more than appearances we have attached ourselves to, unreal phantasms. ONLY God is real.

These phantasms are all just passing phases on the shores of a shining and infinite, eternal, sea ...and that sea... whose depths cannot be plumbed... and whose reach cannot be traversed, or charted... is (COSMIC DRUM ROLL) The Sea of Love. It is the Sea of Divine and incomprehensible LOVE from everlasting to everlasting. It is the first emanation of Almighty God. It is as much as we are permitted to know. It is as much as we can ever know and yet it cannot be known but... IT CAN BE FELT!

These are perilous times AND times of great promise. There are not just the threats and challenges from without but... more especially... there are the threats from within. So many of us are being driven to unfortunate acts...driven crazy by the force of Mr. Apocalypse... because we will not awaken. We resist awakening and CRAZY is what happens. My friends, daily, the episodes of CRAZY keep intensifying. I AM NOT going to post examples of this. Some of them are horrifying. How does it come to such a pass? There is a demonic wind blowing in the wind tunnels of the human mind and it can be difficult to resist. Without an anchor, without a firm foundation, it might be impossible ...but we must not see it as this because ALL THINGS WORK FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD.

It is Mr. Apocalypse who is at work here. He is pressing for awakening! If you do not awaken, he WILL PRESS HARDER. When God wants to awaken you, he will come and gently shake your shoulder. If you do not awaken, he will shake your shoulder harder and if you still do not awaken? God picks up a two by four and “Katie bar the door!” It was Mikhael Aivanhov who first put it that way (not verbatim). Thank you Master Aivanhov!

In these times of uncertainty WE MUST recognize the indwelling! This is the key to awakening; the recognition of the indwelling. It all comes down to the Practice of the Presence of God. CELEBRATE IT MY FRIENDS!!! Perhaps you do not yet feel it? Perhaps there is a question in 'your mind' as to whether there even is an Indwelling Presence? I ASSURE YOU ON MY VERY SOUL that there is a God. You need ONLY to visualize God as present. I will tell you a secret; perhaps it is not a secret but it is not widely known, GOD IS COMING in the human heart. He is coming to every heart where a place has been prepared for him and how do you accomplish this? YOU CELEBRATE HIS INDWELLING PRESENCE. You affirm that he is there, REGARDLESS of whether you can presently sense it or not. IF you prepare the space, he WILL OCCUPY it.

This is the Aquarian Age. This is The Age of Brotherhood! So how else could God come at this time? How else could God announce his presence among so many billions of people? He MUST COME IN THE HUMAN HEART! Mr. Apocalypse is the predecessor. Mr Apocalypse is the prophet who is announcing his coming, Just as John the Baptist once did.

Perhaps you are suffering in this time. There are so many ways to suffer but your suffering does not have to be in vain! Bad Karma is working its way out because THESE ARE THE TIMES OF KARMIC RESOLUTION. Bad Karma working itself out becomes good karma because the bad karma is passing. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to endure because it will pass. Make note NOT to repeat your mistakes and CONSIDER THIS, 'the love of God passeth all understanding! The Grace of God is a miraculous force that can neutralize any Karma because GOD'S POWER is limitless. There is nothing that God cannot accomplish. Place your life... your hopes... your dreams and all your fears in the hands of God and ALL WILL BE MADE WELL BY MIRACULOUS AGENCY! Take to heart what the Lord God said to me... “rely on me! Rely on me.” This he said OVER and OVER and OVER. Why did it take me so long to get this? Do not suffer as I did through cognitive dissonance, where... somehow... it did not immediately occur to me that IF IT WAS GOD SAYING IT... IF IT WAS GOD SAYING IT... It MUST BE SO!!!

My own life is a masterpiece of the mercy and compassion of God. When I was young, I suffered to such an extreme that I cannot now even recall it. I had an adult ulcer at the age of 12 FROM FEAR. The doctors were mystified and it took them some time to find out what the problem was; why I was jackknifing from pain? It seemed that there would be no light at all. Then, at the age of 21, a being I met on a beach on Kalifornia, awakened my Kundalini, with such intensity that the reverberations went on and on and on.

Through psychedelics, I experienced things that made this world a gray Purgatory, with nothing of meaning to me. The spiritual delights I experienced were beyond the telling. Of course, I then stormed the gates of Heaven at every opportunity but I was not allowed to stay. I could not desist, eventually I fell into a whirlpool of excess, reaching into the darkness for light. I consumed so many mind altering substances in the pursuit of 'yet one more experience of The Divine' that it is a miracle I am still alive. Now... every organ is functioning fantastically, in defiance of 'what should have been'. How is this possible? GOD is how it is possible. THOSE WHO LOVE MUCH ARE FORGIVEN MUCH. God knows WHY we do things. God knows our INTENTIONS.

Without knowing it, I was doing everything to suppress the force of the Kundalini in me. It was AND IS, impossible to contain, so eventually, it burned away every impure desire. It burned its way through me and the turmoil of years is at an end. Surely my tale should be a cautionary tale and one obviously needs a dispensation to do what I did. Perhaps none of it was necessary but to assist me in evading regret and recrimination, I was told, and continue to be told that there was nothing I could have done to change any of it. It was meant to be and I am as much for The Purpose of Demonstration as anyone else. We are...all of us... the living evidence of where we have been and what we have done. I can tell you with absolute confidence and assurance; LOVE GOD and God will protect you from everything that may ever come about, or lead you out of it after leading you through it.

God is your only true friend and any other true friend you believe yourself to have, is simply God in another persona. It is only God awakened in the mutual exchange of Love. It is our power to invoke God or Devil in everyone we meet. Sometimes either happens for reasons otherwise and once again, for The Purpose of Demonstration. God creates not only our friends but our enemies as well, for The Purpose of Demonstration. We need not fret or agonize over it or anything. Whatever we, ourselves, choose to assume responsibility for, we will be responsible for. Whatever we leave in God's Hands, God will 'hand'le for us.

Make the commitment this moment to celebrate the Indwelling at every opportunity and prepare to be surprised and astonished because nothing is what it was before. Pay no attention to appearances. Pay no attention to agents of darkness. Keep your mind ONLY upon the ever growing light within. The light within grows as the result of ATTENTION. It is the same as sunlight and rain and the fruit and the flower of the offspring of light, will sprout in the darkness and appear in the light. This is so... and EVER SHALL BE! May God shine forth from you in this hour and may the light of God guide and protect you for all of your days!

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