Sunday, December 20, 2020

"It is Past Time to Turn the Attention to the Source of the Living Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting.....

It is said, certainly in the Eastern Traditions, that the moment just before death is the most important moment in life and ALL of your previous moments trend toward what your mind has been occupied with throughout. Where your thoughts are, just previous to your departure, sets the direction you go in upon departure.

The same must, perforce, apply to where your mind is at during significant periods of material transition, like an age transforming solstice. This is why we are admonished to have our thoughts on the divine at all times.

From the moment you are born, your life moves inexorably toward death. Only in the rarest cases does it resolve in another fashion. I suppose Elijah comes to mind, and those of whom the outcome remains in doubt, such as Lao Tzu, after he rode off into the mist on his water buffalo. There are others, like Apollonius of Tyana, and Mehemet Karagoz; of whom I am sure no reader has heard of before.

There is your commonly programmed, historical record, that bears small resemblance to what actually transpired, and... there is occult (or hidden) history, which is more valid AND enduring. The facts are, my friends, nearly everything that you see and hear is a lie. It is either masquerading under false pretenses, or your mind has put an interpretation on it that is erroneous. There is, of course, a pyramid of higher consciousness, not to be compared to the Illuminati pyramid. It has to do with levels of awakening. As one moves into more rarefied company, one sees and hears more clearly. At the bottom, one doesn't see or hear much of anything outside of the bandwidth of the material senses.

At the top of that pyramid is the capstone of Cosmic Consciousness, which informs all of the levels below with its earned state of awareness. At the bottom of the pyramid, you have that mass of humanity that is controlled by Fear and Appetite. Social Media and COVID were made for them. As long as they can be kept in a state of confusion they are simply USED for the purposes of dark agency. It is not always so, BUT... it is always so in times of material darkness. At RARE intervals an apocalypse appears. At even more rare intervals, a Grand Apocalypse appears and it is attended by a wave of awakening that sweeps through the human mind, with mixed results.

This is where we find ourselves presently. It is unsettling to the masses and it is even more unsettling to the principalities and powers, and their agents on the ground who administer their will. Of course... there is ONLY ONE WILL so, by labyrinthine and diver's ways, EVERY intention, no matter how sacred or profane, serves the One Will that irresistibly rules over us, outwardly and inwardly. Be your intentions positive or negative, a destiny evolves into the life-stream of all players, according to their intentions. This destiny ensures that we will each come to our appointed end, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

There are angels whose task it is to distract you as you come to the point of transition. Those who have thought of themselves as spiritual or religious, but who had no consistency with either, are easily distracted on their death bed. It is not such an easy matter as you may think to have your attention fixed on God. For those who do, the gain is incalculable. They go to The Sun and onward. Otherwise, you go to the Big Wardrobe on The Moon and back here.

You can tell yourself anything you want in this life. Many do, and it becomes real for them. It stays real unless it begins to degrade and fall to tatters. Eventually, ALL that is false, unreal, untrue, comes up against The Truth. The idea that one SHOULD come away with, given that what is said here is so, is that one should seek The Truth and live the truth to the best of their ability. The good news is that should you prove sincere and determined, The Truth will come to you.

Each of us has an aura, and it extends out from us to a greater or lesser distance. Its colors are bright and brighter, or muddier and darker. Angels see these auras and in those cases where the auras resonate in harmonic fashion with The Divine, angels, who are agents of The Divine, will see you. It is said that Buddha's aura extended out from his person for leagues. How about that?

Christmas is coming in more ways than one this year and that is why they are trying to shut it down. We should all know that the agents of darkness KNOW what is happening and they are in a desperate effort to outflank it. When you see certain signs in the world around you, and certain arrangements in the sky, these are all indicators of Great Transformation. The Avatar is ON THE WAY, and HELP is on the way too.

Do not buy into the Doom and Gloom!!! These are mere appearances and appearances are A LIE. What is True, and Real, and enduring, is within you. It has ALWAYS been within you. You have one job and that is to seek The Divine within with all your might. I feel confident in telling you this. I have found it to be TRUE. Alternatively, you can do as you like and achieve or acquire whatever it is that you find to be more important than The Divine. I consider ANYTHING other than seeking The Divine with all your might to be INSANE. Conversely, no doubt, those captivated by material attractions find me to be crazy as well. Time will tell and we shall see, oh yes.

If you make God the centerpiece of your life, God WILL BE THERE in the winter. I received personal confirmation of this. Even if you have been lackadaisical and inconsistent through your life until this point, it can all change in a twinkling. Give it everything you got! I KNOW that what I am telling you here is true, but... neither I, nor anyone else, can walk that route for you. It is on your head.

Though you may not see them, angels are always near and watching for a change of season in the heart of humanity, singly or collectively. At no point in the memory of the past have they been closer or more attentive than now. This is The Grand Summoning. This is the Great Harvest. Anyone with the sand to do so in this time can make an exponential leap in consciousness and spiritual progress. This is why the distractions are so great. You MUST shut out the noise of the world and seek the counsel of The Indwelling. Well... we'll see, won't we?

I pray, my friends, that you will feel that inner urging to put aside all extraneous matters, and turn your attention to The Living Light, in whatever tradition you best appreciate it and with whatever icon most suits your palate. You WILL receive all the help that you need. I cannot stress how critical this is. How wonderful it would be for the thought of God to be with you in your final hour, and you can ensure that.

There is ONLY ONE master EVER. This is the SAME MASTER that is present in every real master who has ever been present here. There is ONLY ONE and this is how they all recognize each other. This master is present within you at this very moment. He watches and he waits for that moment of epiphany when he can make himself known. He is not far away. He is RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW. You have ONLY to want his presence more than anything else and it will be yours.

It is such a simple thing. It seems like it should be so easy, AND IT IS! One must simply give it their WHOLE MIND. It is the vacillating and inconsistency of focus that accounts for all the labor of it. Be childlike, admit that you do not know, and let the humility native to that perspective lead you home. That is ALL there is to it. If you have managed to fixate the volatile you are on your way.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

"Guided and Led by the Universal Attractive Force to that Great and Glorious Ultimate Destiny of Life.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We will talk today about the SIMPLICITY of Life, and how to live it to the fullest extent that is possible, and with little more effort than just paying attention. In a recent post, we talked about the three floors that compose the House of the Mind. There is another relationship and that is the interaction between the Personal Self and the Impersonal Self.

As you look at the world around you, there is- if you are looking for it- something that becomes more and more clear the more you pay attention to it. Once you know WHAT you are looking at and what you are looking for, you can see the perpetual drama of existence AS IT IS. People are doing one thing or another, at all times... everywhere. Some are doing it better and some are not doing it well at all, and there are countless permutations of that.

There is a Conscious, Living Light within each and every one of us. Were that not so, we would not exist, because it is that Living Light that accounts for our being alive. Each of us struggles with this in our own personal way. Some of us work to further block this light, for the benefit of a Personal Agenda, and some of us are working to PERMIT the light to shine through us. Some are; an unfortunate number of us, not even aware of it.

No matter where we are. No matter how old we are. No matter what language we speak. No matter what time of day or night it may be and no matter what we may think we are doing, we are ONLY... EVER... doing one of two things. We are either, resisting the free passage of the Conscious, Living Light through us, or we are permitting it to freely express. Those who are permitting the passage of the light are in a very small minority. There is a much larger number that is struggling with the passage of the light. There is a large number resisting the passage of the light and a large number is comprised of those who are unaware of its presence or influence. I wouldn't even attempt to provide percentages here because I REALLY don't know.

In times of Material Darkness, the numbers of those struggling and resisting are quite substantial. This is all about to change with startling speed because of The Awakening, and because The Light is breaking, within, and without. The whole of your life, or anyone's life, comes down to the manner in which we permit or resist this light. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO for your life to wondrously unfold is TO GET OUT OF THE WAY of the light. It's easier said than done, isn't it? Despite it actually being one of the easiest things in the world, it becomes surprisingly difficult the moment you begin, and this is mostly due to one single factor; the inability to FULLY commit. This is also the same feature that is present in EVERYTHING we do and do not do, and the ease, or lack of ease with which we do it

You NEVER fully enjoy or experience anything unless it is being enjoyed or experienced by The Indwelling because The Indwelling is The Supreme Enjoyer. I should point out here that that Indwelling is also YOU. It is the more stable and enduring YOU. It is the YOU that is present in every one of the countless lives you appear in and depart from, and which is, more or less, routinely ignored in The Temporary World of Time, Space and Causation. It might seem that this world goes on and on... but even this world ceases for great periods of time before it returns again. That process rinses and repeats ad infinitum. The real YOU is beyond Time, Space, and Causation. It is Eternal and Everlasting and it is RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW and always will be, though NOTHING ELSE will be... nothing else will be. Until you unite with that living light, you will suffer.

We are here for only one reason and that is to discover that Conscious, Living Light and allow it to freely reside and express in us. The WHOLE OF EXISTENCE is a game of Hide and Seek. At the beginning of each period, God breaks himself up into billions of particles and expands out into creation. Then he spends the rest of that time looking for himself. Imagine a gigantic mirror that is dropped from a great height and which shatters on a stone mountain and explodes in all directions. All of these pieces are living parts of the Great Singularity. They are animated, and each of them goes forth in search of itself, lost over tremendous lengths of time, due to looking outward for what can ONLY be discovered within; driven by appetite and desire in a case of perpetual mistaken identity.

Once you know that what has been discussed so far is true, you are not far off from The Main Event. From that point, on the way, a pattern begins to emerge, and you are guided and led by the Universal Attractive Force to that Great and Glorious Ultimate Destiny of Life. Just let your light shine. This is how you attract the angels who circle the world looking for just that. ♫ this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ♫ Once you come to the attention of The Angels, FOR THAT REASON, you come under The Divine Protection of whatever member of The Celestial Realm has chosen to be your guide.

What most people DON'T KNOW, and which is why they keep at it, is that everything 'out there' has thorns of one kind or another. Attachment to ANYTHING will EVENTUALLY lead to the PAIN of Separation from it. This is in addition to all those thorns. I am impressed by the degree of relentless denial demonstrated by so many people. I am impressed at what was once my own. EVERYTHING you think you are looking for is God Concealed within it, and that accounts for the state of perpetual disappointment that we all find ourselves in, when we discover that whatever it was that we thought we wanted, turns out to be not what we wanted... AND... IT ALWAYS DOES.

We are experts at hiding this from ourselves. Despite all the evidence in this, and every preceding and following life, we CONTINUE to deceive ourselves into thinking, 'well, this time it will be different.' No, it won't. No, it won't.

Sure... you 'might' be having a very pleasant time of it now. Your whole life, this time around, may have been an effortless flow of fortunate events. This does happen on some occasions and you can be sure you paid to get it. It would be far better had you earned it. Yes... my friends, all kinds of deals get made at other locations because people just gotta have what they gotta have. Sooner or later though, you will find yourself AGAIN in The Valley of Thorns, BECAUSE... Life, yes, life, is NOT going to let you rest in illusion, and you will be DRIVEN through all the experiences required to WAKE YOU THE HELL UP. The truth is, it's only you doing this to yourself, BECAUSE... what you really want, whether you will admit it to yourself or not, is God, is Realization, is Liberation because the Divine Imperative of EVERY SOUL is Freedom! And material life is a confinement.

I'm not going to get into the reason or reasons why it is all as it is. I've done that over and over and over already. None of that matters nearly as much as letting the light shine through you NOW. Your personality SHOULD BE a stained glass arboretum, through which the Impersonal light of God shines and expresses, and lights up, and illuminates the unique and individual construction that you are. Everyone is so afraid of losing their identity while, at the same time, not knowing who they are in the first place. The secret is to GIVE YOURSELF AWAY, each and every day; just be profligate as all get out. You have unlimited wealth; why shouldn't you give it away? It will just keep coming back to you. This is one of the laws of existence. Scripture unqualifiedly tells you this.

The strangest feature of people who read The New Testament is that while they will tell you it is absolutely and irrefutably the truth, they still don't believe it. They wish and hope but they DO NOT viscerally believe. If they did, their lives would be a miracle-making wonder of spontaneous magic, endlessly replicating. This is also why people don't see the magic of existence, unfolding in every moment, in an exquisite symphony of perfection, AND IT IS. It is.

One must stop STRUGGLING to let the light pass through them. We struggle because we want to bring a personal agenda along with it. You can't. It doesn't work that way. I can tell you the good news though. Once you relinquish all personal objectives, they get fulfilled anyway, in the precise form they were 'truly' meant to and which they would not have otherwise. If we could begin to see that EVERYTHING that happens to us is a good thing, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS... it will be. Certain things need to happen and you can't do anything about it, but you can leave it all in the Hands of God and it will be sorted in the least egregious fashion possible.

It's like learning to fall in Judo. If you tense up it will hurt and this applies across the board in every way. In Aikido, REAL Aikido, you have to go through a series of preliminary stages, and it is eighteen months before you actually start learning Aikido. You spend six months just learning to fall. Any real discipline is the work of a lifetime or lifetimes. You might get a master's certificate after 3 weekends and a four day intensive, BUT... you will NOT BE A MASTER. You'll never be a master anyway. One becomes a master when they permit The Indwelling Master unobstructed passage through them. There is ONLY ONE MASTER.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, December 05, 2020

"Make Your Peace with God and Set Out on The High Road to Salvation and Eternal Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The dawn is breaking. The dawn is rising upon that carpet of woven darkness, which for years has been knitted together by Powers and Principalities, by THUGS in high places. Why this is happening; one could speculate for a long time and still be left with questions. There are ALWAYS questions until you have the ONLY answer that applies in EVERY CASE. It is happening because of The Will of God.

As long as the mind is allowed to operate in an unrestrained fashion, it will beleaguer the owner with an endless routine of distractions. “Hey! Look at this! Look at this! Look at this!” The mind has rightly been called a monkey. It is a relentlessly masturbating entity, primping in The Mirror of Time, throwing shit when it is motivated; whining, pleading, beguiling, LYING, threatening, weeping, and wailing in the eternal night of its persistent ignorance.

When the mind is stilled, it becomes a mirror to reflect the Glory of God, BUT... The Mind is a monkey and it is accompanied by The Dog of Desire. This is a fearsome tandem and constant slave masters. Until you take control, YOU WILL GET NO PEACE. You will revolve endlessly on a cycle of mortal suffering and... IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!!

I have mentioned this before. If you are not 100% committed, it can take a very long time. If you are 100% committed, it can happen quickly. The key is your level of commitment. How do you become FULLY COMMITTED? You have to want it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!! How do you come to want it more than anything else...??? (Extended pause... rising anticipation... NOW... we break for commercial. Stay tuned. ((grin))... Okay!!! We're back. Thanks for your patience... DRUM ROLL...) You do it with LOVE! You must cultivate LOVE.

We have illustrated this OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER, etc. You get the picture (I hope). What have we illustrated OVER and OVER? What have we illustrated in allegory and analogy from every direction under The Sun? We have given chapter and verse on how much easier it is to do something when you love it. In fact, if you don't love it, don't do it. I have used the example of playing the guitar. I have used it expressed in human romance.

You CAN take control of your mind, BUT... you MUST be persistent. It has to dominate your thought. The Mind knows that you are the boss. It also knows that you have abdicated this position. It is as if you were once The King or Queen of a realm. For whatever reason, the Dog of Desire got your attention, or The Monkey Mind distracted you. One thing led to another, and then? Demons took over the realm and KICKED YOU OUT. Now you wander a desert landscape, hounded by unrequited desire, amnesiac and alone, while those who were created to serve you, run riotously through your castle, spilling your wine, eating your food, and laughing at the obsessions that have rendered you blind to the beauty of yourself and others. The magic of life was stolen from you. You no longer know who you are. You are now the victim of NOT SO random circumstances.

One day you find yourself sleeping with hogs in a sty, and you wake up and remember Your Father's House. This is the moment of epiphany. This is that moment on The Road to Damascus. This is when you REALIZE that you have wandered far from your Native Land. You might translate this into REALIZATION... Self Realization, when you FINALLY grasp that The Father is WITHIN, and not at some far off point that you will one day arrive at. The Journey is an INNER journey, and until that thought is FIXED, you will GET NO PEACE. Your Father's House is within you. That is who it is that sits upon The Throne in The Kingdom of Your Being.

It is a simple thing, my friends. It is the very simplicity that is so bewildering, and you have that Dog of Desire barking at you, and you have the Monkey Mind tossing out images of all the fantasies of appetite that the Dog of Desire then runs after.

Why is The Greatest Commandment The Greatest? Because LOVE is the key to everything and Love of The Creator is the Supreme Focus of that love. This is how you are returned to Your Father's House. LOVE IS THE ATTRACTIVE FORCE, and... THE FORCE THAT ATTRACTS GOD. You have ALWAYS been there but you were deceived. Now everything that was once so familiar is now unfamiliar. You are adrift in a world of strangers. How did this deception occur? It begins as Self-Deception. You lie to yourself because your desires have COMPROMISED you. Perhaps you thought you could not have all of the things you desired if God was watching you all the time? This is perhaps why you ran and hid? I refer you to the timeless tale of The Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is a very real place.

Why are you not permitted to reenter The Garden of Eden? You have become impure and ONLY The Pure are permitted to reside there. Let me tell another descriptive tale here. Let us use the metaphor of a spring; a pure spring. High in the mountains, let us say... there is a spring, a pure spring. It gives birth to a stream, and that stream runs down the mountain into the valley, where it enters a river. It is VERY pure at its source, BUT... as it runs down the mountain, it becomes increasingly less pure. It runs into and through the town at the base, and on to other towns, on to the cities, where the river becomes more and more fouled with excremental wastes and all manner of other wastes. Think of yourself as that mountain. Somewhere in the deep recesses of your being, there is a pure spring, but it has been fouled with pedestrian thoughts and actions, perverse behaviors, and the ongoing repetition of them.

We live in a time of Material Darkness, of material excess, of rampant depravity and perversity, and all of it is under the guise of, “If it feels good, do it!” Now we are the victims of everyone else's personal truth. Now we are the victims of Diversity, enforced tolerance, and all manner of deceptions. We are being frog-marched by scoundrels to our doom. It is not a pretty thing. As Master Boehme once said, “the secret is to walk in all ways contrary to The World.” You cannot account for the behavior of everyone else. Many will not listen to reason. Casting your pearls before swine will get you rended and torn. Some are the captives of atavistic fears or slaves to appetite.

How do you help the unfortunates in this world? You lead by example. Sometimes the world is so filled with clamor and captured by glamour. Sometimes there is SO MUCH NOISE that one cannot be heard. One must then speak from the bully pulpit of the heart. One must radiate outward, the force of the Love of God from within, BUT... one must FIRST be changed by the presence of that love within. You don't have to push your way forward. You don't have to contend with all of the others scrambling to the stage. You have only TO BE and RADIATE, resonate. Everything meant to follow, WILL FOLLOW.

Your hidden spring must purify your stream and you accomplish this by LOVING GOD. Loving God and devotion to God, selfless service and recognition of The Indwelling Self, and the recognition of it in everyone else WILL PURIFY YOU! It is critical to be consistently aware of The Truth of The Presence of God being present in everyone else. We are none of us exceptional in respect of others. We may be further along, BUT... all of us will, one day, be in a state of parity. We are all Truly Equal in The Kingdom of God. Being further along comes with greater responsibility and should one fail in the performance of one's duties, one will not have them for very long. We are ALWAYS being watched and God's angels KNOW the truth about us, every one of us.

Do you long to be in the company of angels. Do you seek after the company of illuminated beings? You CANNOT enter their presence if you are a reservoir of impure desires. Angels and others have spiritual senses. They can see and hear and SMELL US in ways that we cannot. HOWEVER... loving God WILL make you acceptable in their sight, and the more intensely you love God, the sooner they will make their presence known. Love is a heat. Love is a fire and it consumes impurities. Truth is a light, and it banishes the darkness and all of the things and creatures of the darkness, INSTANTLY.

Werewolves and vampires DO EXIST and other foul beings as well. They are not like the traditional versions but their behavior is the same. They feed on humanity. They drink human fear. It is a special liquor for them. It intoxicates them and makes them strong, BUT... they have no weapon or defense that can match up against LOVE and TRUTH and PURITY. They will flee like scalded cats.

My friends, seek the Altar of God, which is eternally present in the sanctuary of the heart, and there make your peace with God, and set out on The High Road to Salvation and Eternal Life.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

"Mr. Apocalypse is Dancing into The Aquarian Age for The Purpose of Demonstration."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Sunday, which is named after The Sun. I don't know how often people think of that connection. It is one of those things that don't register, due to the factor of, ACCOMMODATION. We miss so much in life because certain eternal verities and Living Evidence just goes right by us. This is mostly due to our misunderstanding of what it was in the first place. Our heads are filled with images and memory trails that were mislabeled to begin with. Many of us have built our lives on illusory and false interpretations of objects and experiences. Adam, according to a certain tradition means, 'namer of things'. What we identify something as is what it becomes for us. This is hugely important AND... this is the KEY FEATURE of the mantra, “I don't know.” We have to unlearn so much and we can ONLY accomplish this by admitting to our ignorance. Human pride and aggressive self will work AGAINST our ability to TRULY SEE and understand.

This state of false awareness may well continue for life after life, and accounts for the conditions we find ourselves in. The things and experiences that we desire and hunger for, BLIND us to what is real and we lie to ourselves in order to justify our appetites and objectives. Because... whether you know this or not, LIFE is a surgically precise operation and what is unreal in our minds, again, and again, and again, comes up against THE TRUTH and this is because the entire drama of existence is ALL predicated upon The Purpose of Demonstration. The lies we embrace ACT OUT. The Truth in us ACTS OUT. We are COMPELLED to express ourselves for The Purpose of Demonstration! There is no evading this.

This accounts for why The Wise are indifferent to what is going on around them. Yes, they register the relative Good and Evil in all of their observations, BUT... they have no need to address or interfere with any of it. It ALL works out. Occasionally, The Wise will encounter a sincere heart and a questing mind, which is drawn to what is generally unseen, in the crowded market places of cultures rising and declining; bio-rhythmically going through the PREDICTABLE changes in a cosmic redundancy of cyclic imperatives AND... will assist them when they can.

One of the most important realizations that comes to those further up The Path, is that helping and hindering can be very complex issues. There are countless tales in various traditions that illustrate what can happen when one thinks they are acting out of the goodness of their heart and the result backfires on them. This is where the Buddhist theme of Unbearable Compassion comes into play. This is when you see the struggling souls of humanity and wish with all your heart to help them, yet you KNOW that often there is nothing you can do, and anything you do attempt can have negative results. What I know about this is best demonstrated in my reliance upon the Inner Teacher= Intuition. I've been one of those people who tried over and over to be of use in different situations, only to find, to my great cost, that I should have left well enough alone.

On two occasions that come to mind, I helped someone out who was in difficult straits, only to have them turn on me, with NO PROVOCATION, and literally seek to destroy me. Their efforts were foiled by the cosmos, but I learned painful lessons and they took a long time to be resolved. On several occasions, friends of mine were in trouble and I traveled all the way across the country seeking to be of service, only to find that I wasn't even needed. I had that White Knight on a Charger Virus (oops, that's racist).

Now... I arrest myself in the moment and go into contemplation, waiting for the Inner Teacher to direct me. At a certain point, one's heart is flooded with love and compassion and one wishes with all their heart to share the love and do good things. Beware and be circumspect. God ALREADY has EVERYTHING well in hand, and if you are properly arranged in the equation, whatever is expected of you will occur in a fluid symmetry of engagement. You will be in the tao of your being and this is the objective one should seek. One MUST come to a state of absolute surrender to the inner and higher self. After that, it is all poetry in motion.

There is an enduring and eternal TRUTH and that is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. If you can't see this then you are being hindered by the state of thinking you know. Anything that you think you know that comes into conflict with the FACT that Everything is Under Control, is WRONG. Once again, this is the purpose of, “I don't know.” and that HAS TO BECOME VISCERAL. Until this occurs, The Purpose of Demonstration will rule the course of your existence.

It cannot EVER be explained; what it feels like to be CONVINCED of these things. One can see it in demonstration because there are those RARE characters who embody the truth of them and LIVES them in every moment of their lives, which has been rendered TIMELESS, due to the presence of the Eternal Now. There is no past or future, not really. There is ONLY and ever will be, NOW and that has to be grasped and not grasping it is the cause of so much suffering; the constant regret and recriminations of what is gone, and the fear and apprehensions of what has yet to occur. Okay, I don't want to get tangled up in my own syntax here. Better I just say, I don't know.

All of this has been a working up to a specific point that my inner teacher wants to make. It must be that that is the case because I had no idea, going in, that I was going to be talking about any of this. At a certain moment, I realized that I was just passing on information and thankfully, mostly, not interfering with the transmission of it. That point is the State of the World at this time. MANY people are both fearful and confused about the looming specters of various threats. From the look of all the masks and hoopla going on about this COVID, which is nothing much at all; let me bring this to your attention. It's a scam by The Globalists. Then there is the political nightmare of this STOLEN election and the implications one can draw about the SERIOUS and DREADFUL intentions of those who conspired to do this.

Once more, with feeling and emphasis, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, for The Purpose of Demonstration, and I... I personally DO NOT KNOW, BUT... this is ALL fantastic news. I've thrown my lot in with The Celestial Realm, and WHATEVER THEY DECIDE is golden with me. Possibly, enough of us have awakened and a painful lesson will not need to be DEMONSTRATED for all and sundry. Possibly, the larger portion of us is awash in material squalor and driven by a frenzy of appetites and obsessions that need a taste of reality. More than you might think, much of what happens depends on us. The power of prayer should not be discounted either. Of course, the script is already written, BUT... is it? What I mean is... INDIVIDUALLY... that might not be the case at all.

One thing I do know is that The Cosmos has a few tricks up its sleeve, held in abeyance for the most opportune moment. I do feel that our OFFICIAL entrance into the Aquarian Age has a LOT to do with how this all plays out. So does Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening. All of this bodes well for a positive outcome, NO MATTER WHAT may be the appearances of the moment or the steps taken to whatever destined end is set to materialize.

I'm going to include a slew of links at the end of this posting. I didn't want to include them in the post itself because the post got away from me (grin).

Anyway, my dear friends... may The Avatar appear in your hearts and dispel any sense of doubt and fear forever. You may absolutely count on his arrival. When that will be... only Heaven knows.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 23, 2020

"This Byzantine and Labyrinthine Maze is a Sad Testimony to These Times of Material Darkness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am looking, as deeply and comprehensively as is possible for me, at my present state of awareness, at the many changes taking place in the world, AND... I am checking my internal senses that speak to what I cannot see or hear. I am 'beginning' to see wheels within wheels within wheels. It is such a spectacle that it renders one mute before the challenge of describing it. I THINK I have penetrated to the core issue, OVER and OVER and OVER, each time thinking that I have arrived at Ground Zero, only to find that that location leads to yet another location. It is Byzantine! It is labyrinthine! Dear God...

I KNOW, in the ultimate and absolute sense, that there are centers of concentrated darkness, and centers of ever more dense and intensified light. It is conscious darkness and conscious light. It is the age-old tale of Good vs Evil. The beautiful symmetry of it all is that both The Darkness and The Light are ports of call, that exist as locations which personify the end result of our DESIRE(s). We are each, and all of us, magnetized by the focus of our DESIRE, and DESIRE is the AGENT of GOD'S WILL. In other words, we all wind up as either the Victim or the Beneficiary of our desires and intentions. We arrive at the place we set out for, regardless of whether it resembles what we imagined it to be when we set out.

I think I am looking at the biggest sting ever orchestrated. It is right out of Sun Tzu. Meanwhile, everyone and their second cousins on their third cousin's mother's side are being given the opportunity to parade before the world. Some of the hysterical invective is beyond anything I have seen, and I am beginning to believe that invisible forces are amplifying the emotional states of people on BOTH SIDES of the issue, but most especially those directly engaged in the election theft or supporters of it.

For awhile I was looking at the surface action and then studying the connections and then the backdrop. It is as if there are a handful of puppeteers at a very high level, who are working a larger number of puppets below them, who are then operating an even larger portion of puppets below them. By example, think of The Media, where the honchos set policy and that is carried out by the editors and managing directors, who provide the marching orders for the announcers, commentators, and staff writers, who then influence the public, which then influences everyone around the water cooler in offices around the world, and who then influence their families and friends... but as we know, it all streams down from the top. At the top, BUT 'top' is not the right word. Let us say that behind the behind the behind, way back... are the appointed representatives from The Infernal Kingdom, who are lodged in the minds of the main players under their sway.

At the behind the behind the behind at another level, way back, is the living light of God, and that streams down through the angelic hierarchy, which then expresses into the minds of the main incarnate players, who influence all of whom they broadcast to on the ether and other mediums of transmission. Because the world is in a state of EXTREME material darkness, there is a preponderance of Infernal force expressing in The World. Not everyone experiencing Infernal or Celestial influence is aware of it. The Influencers from BOTH locations, find an easy road into the minds of their supplicants (whether they know they are supplicants or not) due to the Native Disposition of each of us. If you are drawn to certain forms of expression, ALL OF THEM fall under the influence of either The Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of Hell. If your desire body vibrates to carnal force and all related forms of behavior, you come under the sway of Hell. If your desire body vibrates to any permutation of Higher Love or any related state of being, you come under the sway of Heaven.

I realize this is all simplistic and it needs to be. I also realize that it is NEVER going to be possible to define and describe the essential truth of it all because that is communicated internally, and depends on what channel your interior radio system is set to. Not everyone sets the channel they listen to. They don't know how and it gets set for them, based on the level of their appetites and desires. These are key significators of the level one operates at. One's desires and appetites account for the invisible forces that one attracts into their environment, their aura, and various subtle bodies.

If you are not consciously directed to a specific end. If you are not being influenced by representatives of one kingdom, you are BY DEFAULT, influenced by the other. This is why saints and sages across the ages have recommended one find a teacher. The moment you think of it that teacher is activated. The teacher is, in actuality, ALREADY PRESENT and has been for some time, often even before your most recent appearance here. You may have no sense of the presence of the teacher, initially. This comes by degrees over the course of time. Depending on your level of intensity, on that depends your rate of progress. This is why Trauma and Desperation are often catalysts to this end.

I can tell you about certain assets you NEED to acquire, which will DRAMATICALLY assist you on your way. One is, a profound TRUST in the rightness and rectitude of The Kingdom of God. You also NEED, Faith, Certitude, and Determination. You will get NOWHERE without them. It is a JOINT EFFORT. The representative of God does the HEAVY LIFTING, but... you are required to maintain your focus. You are tasked with (as much as you can muster) Constant Remembrance and consistent and continuous adjustment to the contours of the path, and staying within the parameters of it. We ALL go astray. Much depends on your ability to pull yourself back on course. Think of yourself as the rider in the chariot. The horses are your senses. Unless you control them they will pull you off the road. Behind you is your guide, so... your job is continuous focus on restraining the senses (horses) while having an ear to the guide who is advising you. The Guide being behind you is a metaphor concerning the guide's location in your mind.

You must also have Integrity. Don't leave home without it. Of singular importance is a PURIFIED WILL. Purity is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL because as you travel you are going to find yourself passing through locations that contain entities that are inimical to your passage. This is most especially so when traversing the Sephiroth, Yesod; The Sphere of the Moon. One should not EVEN CONSIDER traveling beyond one's capacity to successfully navigate ANYWHERE you go. Purity is CRITICAL and you purify yourself through DEVOTION, Love for The Creator, abstinence, and prayer purging. You will also attract Grace, based on merit. A passionate spiritual zeal is a tremendous asset.

Of everything one might consider of importance, the Guide, Teacher, Wayshower is the most important. This entity is ALREADY PRESENT. Here is where passionate zeal comes into play, AND the others as well, because they will facilitate the Critical Dialogue needed for protection. If you are sincere and dedicated, you WILL prevail. The luminous entities of Heaven will rush to your side. There are far too few of us who are consciously engaged in this effort, and WILLING HANDS are ALWAYS in short supply. Do not fear that you will be overlooked. Of course, the duties assigned to you may seem pedestrian at first, BUT... if Pride is a problem, you might as well forget the effort now. We all have to start in the mail-room. Sooner or later your real talents will emerge and you will automatically be slotted to that area of enterprise best suited to your abilities.

I had no idea that I was going to write all of this. It just showed up. It is what was expected of me on this day. I am just a tool. If any of this resonates with you, you will find that what is contained herein is very useful. I never knew how important Purity is. I do now. I was familiar with the strategic importance of all the rest, BUT... Purity went right past me. Unfortunately, I was always a little too close to the Shaivite Aghora path, probably the psychedelics and other comestibles had a lot to do with that (grin). No more. I have learned my lesson. Now I long for Purity. It takes some doing and one must be relentless in the pursuit of it. God will wave his hand at some point. Until then, I labor as I go.

End Transmission.......

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(Conservative justices now hold emergency jurisdiction over 4 of the 5 states key to President Trump’s victory)


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Friday, November 20, 2020

"It All Depends on What Lesson God Wants this Country to Learn; a Prayer for our Country."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is an important posting so... I hope and pray that you will consider all that gets said as being serious, sober, and genuine.

I don't know what's going to happen and I don't want the reader to get the idea that... because I am optimistic, bad things won't happen. They well could. It all depends on what lesson God wants this country to learn. It is true that for some time, the atmosphere of materialistic trance... the drive for senseless acquisition and convenience (which has given rise to spontaneous acts of impatience and rude behavior) have been escalating. Along with this has come a sense of entitlement where the exercise of appetites is concerned. Certain people have become icons for decadence and hedonistic mayhem and much of the public has dutifully followed their lead.

At the same time, there are countless voices that celebrate selfishness in a 'treat yourself right' manner. “Oh, what the Hell, you only get the one life.” That... is BULLSHIT. We have been conned by sleazy, lying, carny barkers who make a living selling, You Name It. Greed is good! No, it's not. Millions of people have been seduced by those feel good, air-kissing, “let's do lunch.” sybarites, lost in a world of self-fellating excess, performing frottage on The Devil, who they have installed in the place of a disapproving God, BECAUSE... he lets us do our thing. It's that Kalifornia Flu and it is quite a bit more of a health problem than this anemic virus that has been built up into a Halloween monster, for the purpose of social control at the hands of The Globalist Agenda.

Point of fact; MANY of us have been deceived... willingly deceived. We like promises and we like hope, whether they materialize or not, while we are waiting for our imaginary rich uncle to die, and leave us the keys to the candy store. People have become like the guy who says, “You know, I was thinking about getting that for you.” (and didn't) BECAUSE 'it's the thought that counts'. It's that easy-sleazy, corner-cutting, phony faced, pretend friend thing. I think a lot of us would be very disappointed to find out how few friends we REALLY have.

I HATE to deceive myself. It is a crime against myself to do that and though I tend to think of myself as unimportant and of no significance, I draw the line at treating myself badly, due to amplifying my mistakes in life to an absurd level, as any number of us tend to do, and guilt lashing myself like a Medieval flagellant. If God loves me, and I am certain of this, then it is probably okay for me to love myself too. It took me a long time to grasp this simple understanding.

Okay... I've been dallying about here and it is time to get to the point. It is not certain that our world will not soon turn to shit. An unfortunate number of us have been working on doing just that for a good long time. We are ripe for a spanking from the cosmos, at least some portion of us are. At the same time, I CANNOT shake this seemingly unfounded and irrepressible optimism that follows me around like an enthusiastic puppy.

Today, while reading the latest negative downers about the improbability of voter fraud leading to a disinfecting cleansing of our mounting apprehensions, as well as the DEFIANT and in your face intransigence of the conspirators and collaborators, who are defending the indefensible, once again... I felt the creeping dread of the possibility that the bad guys could win. INSTANTLY, The Voice appeared in my mind to say, “I already told you about this. This does not help. Have I not been telling you, for years, that certain things would come to pass and YOU SEE them right in front of you, no matter whichaway you turn? C'mon Visible, get with the program. See it all as a beautifully choreographed dance. Yes, it is not going to work out for everyone. BUT...” and there I will pause and move on.

It is difficult not to be influenced by the avalanche of negativity, recrimination, outright lies, and slander. It is heartbreaking to see so many people with that win at all costs mentality. Even sadder is the level at which they are brainwashed into compromising their own humanity while taking a dump on their integrity on their living room floor. Perhaps they never really had much of it. I'm going to go with the optimism and I hope you will too.

I'd like to ask the reader to pray for our country, that the right outcome takes place. I am not asking you to pray for the president, although I do, because prayer influences the angels that nourish our higher nature, and ANYONE who is in power, where what they do affects the lives of millions of people, NEED divine guidance. Prayer... sincere prayer is effective beyond what most of us imagine and if the hundreds, actually thousands, who will read this post, would say a prayer for that outcome, which will lead to the greater good, I KNOW it would have an effect. If we don't care then the Celestial Realm WILL TAKE NOTE OF THAT.

There is a powerful and well funded international movement seeking to destroy this country, and lead the majority of us into servitude to Satanic Force. This phony virus and the exaggerated and made-up numbers are one example. THEY are VERY SERIOUS about what they intend and it is not good. It is alarming to see how many people buy into this patently fraudulent scam and that is NOT the ONLY scam.

Dear God, I pray, with all my heart, that you will intercede on behalf of us who believe and serve you in this difficult moment in which we find ourselves. I pray that you will intercede with your host of angels, even on behalf of the ignorant and deluded who know not what they do. Lord... I KNOW you are all-powerful and I pray that you will give us another chance, here in this time of awakening, in this glorious apocalypse of revealing truths. Lord, the Age of Brotherhood is upon us. I pray that these will all serve to activate your compassion and love, on behalf of all the decent people trying to find their way through these times of confusion. Lord... there are so many wonderful people here. I discover new evidence of this EVERY DAY. We are individually defenseless against this churning machine of destruction that seeks to turn our existence into Nightmare. Only you can control the outcome, Lord. None dare to oppose you, or do so to their great regret. You are all-powerful and merciful and I KNOW that you hear the prayers of your sincere devotees. I ask you, Lord, to comfort the hearts of so many who are throttled by fear and doubt.

I know, beyond all possibility of disbelief, that you are intimately aware of everything at all times. Not even the slightest tremble of a single leaf on a tree escapes your notice. You have even said as much. I know you have a plan. I fear for the stability of those who are not as convinced as I am of the FACT 'that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose'.

Please, dear Lord, comfort, and console the hearts of those in whom doubt and despair, war against Faith and Hope. I am convinced that you are here in our hour of need and that you will direct your angels to see that justice is done, even for those who have no understanding of the meaning of the word, or who are lost in the dreamscape of selfish intent. Many honest souls spilled their life's blood for the principles upon which this country was founded. Crazed and godless revolutionaries now cry out for judgment against ghosts and the long departed. I do not doubt that many of them were those responsible for the crimes they now seek to address, such are the ironies of existence.

I KNOW that you are privy to every intention of the heart, no matter how skillfully it may be concealed from the human eye. I pray that you expose, completely expose the ones whose intentions are to enslave and destroy us under the banner of failed ideologies that resulted in the deaths of many millions every time they came into power. You have told me you intend to strip them naked before the eyes of the world, and with the force of this Awakening, I see the truth revealed more and more with each passing day. I believe that you have arranged this entire drama for The Purpose of Demonstration and I see it in action everywhere in these times. Please defend the undefended in their hour of need. The pathological criminality of these times MUST BE ADDRESSED and I know in my heart that this is what you intend. I know that is the very meaning of an apocalypse.

Lord... you spoke with Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah, that if there were even ten righteous men you would spare those cities. I pray this same prayer, Lord, but I pray for my entire country. I KNOW there are many more righteous than that in this country and I ask that you spare us on this account as you promised Abraham you would, even though that did not turn out so well because there WERE NONE. We have not come to such a pass yet, though more and more fall by the wayside as time goes by. I know that terrible judgment is being held in abeyance this very moment for parts of this country and it is only your mercy and compassion that withholds the angelic swords of fire. Be merciful, Lord, expose the wicked among us and reveal their plans before the eyes of the world, foil their plots and strip them naked before the eyes of the world that we might have respite enough to mend our ways.

Please hear our prayer, oh great and invincible master of all things. I believe that the healing and transformative power of this new age will usher in a time of universal brotherhood. Please give us the time to come under that sway. Lord, I pray believing and I thank you for hearing us.

Please, my friends, pray in your own words and God WILL hear you. The Power of Prayer is limitless.

End Transmission.......

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