Monday, May 25, 2020

Song; "You are Everything to Me"

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I realize that there are probably most of you who do not go to Facebook and that even more of you don't go to Pocketnet. I don't blame you for that but I have to go where I am directed to go, regardless of it being a bad neighborhood or an empty wasteland of tortured souls. In any case, for those of you who ONLY come here, I offer this brief checking in.

Yesterday I was messing around with my recording gear and the computer and so on, and in couple of hours I came up with this very rough version of a new song that will be appearing on the coming double album which is tentatively called "In honor of The Ineffable Lord of Light and The Divine Mother.".

There's an acapella version too and as I have been listening to it, for the purpose of critiquing it, I see that a great deal of adjustments and refinements are necessary but it is suitable enough to pass as a working demo and I post it by way of keeping you in the loop- of what I am up to. I've also done some work on the coming book, "Practicing the Presence of God."

I'll have a podcast and one thing or another as evidence that I have not been abducted by aliens (I wish) or gone to sleep, as time passes; anything but. These efforts will appear with no set frequency. May God guide and protect you one and all!



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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"May the Ineffable Lord of all Things Grant you Illumination and Sanctuary!"

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It is not the easiest thing in the world to find a happy medium, doing what I do, because the audience comprises a wide-angle, panorama expanse of reader types. We have visitors devoted to what gets talked about here and who have been coming around for years, even decades. We have casual visitors who miss more posts than they see and those who come around very randomly. We have new readers that show up on a regular basis and that has been increasing of late. We also have those who get seriously put off by what they encounter and who like to react with different degrees of unpleasantness. Some of them have also been coming for years and even decades also and some of them read everything we put up. They may not know why they come around but... I do. The motives for that are not really germane, concerning the purpose of this posting, so we won't go into it. Even if it were relevant it would also be futile and I am not motivated by futile. I've had enough Sisyphus-Envy to last more lifetimes than I have pending; something we also won't be getting into.

Statisticians have been at their game for a long time and there are industries that rely heavily upon statistics because statistics drive the nature of their presentations and their approach. What statisticians have found about traffic norms on the internet is that very few of the visitors to a site leave a comment and that most of the time the comments are anonymous. Most of a site's visitors will NEVER leave a comment, even if they have been coming for years. If you are selling things, only a small percentage of your visitors will buy anything, UNLESS they came specifically for that reason. VERY FEW visitors will ever leave a donation and if the website owner does not harass the readers for donations, the donations will be significantly less frequent and that accounts for the relentless efforts on the parts of various webmasters to present themselves to be in dire financial straits on a regular basis, as if CRISIS MODE was their normal operating state. Interestingly, most of them continue to remain solvent and afloat and I suspect that regardless of their claims to the contrary, they are doing VERY WELL.

I know one particular webmaster who hosts a news gathering site that cries out for donations, at regular intervals, through the news feed, and at other locations on the page. Most of these sites are MONETIZED and get paid by the big traffic sites for their traffic. Of course, if you do this, you have to play by their rules and not say what they don't want you to say or... they will DE-MONETIZE you. There are more angles to all of this than I have time, space or inclination to go into.

Long ago, in the very beginning, we decided not to be about the money, EVER. We rightly presumed that if God wanted us to do this then God would take care of us and God has ALWAYS taken care of us. As materialism intensifies, MONEY becomes more and more the supreme objective. The wheels of industry need lubrication. They will stop turning without lubrication and MONEY is the lubrication. This is ALL A GAME because the same, ever watchful intelligence, is on BOTH SIDES OF the equation of Good and Evil.

The whole game of life and especially in this time of apocalypse is TO DETERMINE WHO YOU RELY ON and to what extent. That is what the trials and tribulations are all about. Many are not tried at all but THEY WERE and were found wanting. It is like testing the quality of water. Then... after the quality has been determined... then comes the refining, purifying and distilling. Life is filled with second chances and chances after that BUT the motivation to reapply oneself could well have gone missing. You can think of God as, like a harassed mother, only God is never harassed BUT God is busy in countless ways and when you appeal to God for esoteric considerations, God tosses you something for the purpose of distraction, just like a harried mother, giving you something to occupy yourself. If that doesn't work, you get something else. Usually it doesn't take too many reactions on God's part before an acceptable distraction is arrived at.

On rare occasions, someone comes along who is not satisfied with any of the distractions provided. This is the sort of person who KNOWS they will not get THE THING ITSELF, so long as one can be distracted from pursuing it, clamoring for it, praying for it. When that happens, a new scenario occurs. I call that The Waiting Game. This is to see who blinks first, you or God. Well... of course it will be you so... the best response is, “Well... I can wait as long as you can.”

You're not really waiting; as if there were a legitimate time frame to wait in, because the item has to be shipped from a far port, or there are a lot of backorders. The waiting time involves you being adapted to the situation. Possession of 'the thing itself' REQUIRES that you be capable of possessing it. No matter who you are, God is working on you all the time. In the larger sense it involves the slow spiral of evolution and it is slow because a series of changes are required and most of the time these changes have to be gradual because the usual resident here could not withstand dramatic transition. A good example is the presence of God. We all have some amount of the presence of God because otherwise we would not exist, but in order for that presence to increase we have to be made capable of handling that amount.

Some of us- FOR WHATEVER THE REASON -are not satisfied with the slow and ponderous course of evolution and seek to Hothouse our evolution. This is why some small amount of us remove ourselves from the turmoil of the maddening crowd and become full-time climbers up The Magic Mountain, full-time ascetics, full-time yogis, dervishes, or others with no visible means of support in search of a confirmed certitude of invisible support. Some of these might also be involved in all sorts of mundane forms of employment, where the position has nothing to do with the usual relationship. Realized yogi, Lahiri Mahasaya was an accountant and worked for the army. Lao Tzu was a librarian. It is said that Jesus was a carpenter. These external postures of employment, no doubt had a symbolic meaning but they were incidental to the real work.

Those of us engaged in hot-housing our evolution can often live numerous lifetimes in a single go-round. None of these hot-housers are independent operators. In the present time there are a number of similar souls engaged in various pedestrian engagements and all of them waiting on their moment to arrive. We've seen little of the big changes that this apocalypse is bringing so far. That is soon going to change. At a certain point, these souls are going to be ACTIVATED and their real work will begin. All of them are employees of The Avatar and their various activations are all dependent on the proximity of The Avatar, whose presence and mission grow closer by the hour.

Parts of this posting may seem to have no connection to one another but that's fine, just take them for what they may be worth, each on their merits, should they have any (grin).

I've been putting a great deal of material up at the blogs and other locations lately and because of the sheer volume of the material, the comments have dropped off, though the visitor numbers remain the same. A reader at another site, recently took me to task for putting out so much material which required multiple readings. I had already taken note of this and so... I am now going to back away from this end of my enterprises. I don't know for how long but I suspect it will be longer than my usual moments of hiatus. Perhaps I will post podcasts and videos in this time. I shall surely attempt to finish the book; “Practicing the Presence of God” and to record the next album of songs, which is long overdue.

If... for some reason, you need to reach me personally you can do that by email, which I will insert at the end of this posting. I know that there is a percentage of you who would prefer that I keep putting up one missive after another and it is for those of you that I do this in the first place, INSOFAR as I have anything to do with any of this happening in the first place. Let's just give the whole business a breather for a bit and see what comes of that and perhaps in that time you can take the time to look more deeply into yourselves where all Wisdom and Understanding are to be found anyway. Perhaps spending some time in silence may yield results that heretofore were not as forthcoming as they may now prove to be. The Intuition is an actual utility that is available for all of us but it needs to be primed, just like a pump.

I've used this image before; I am assuming you are aware of outdoor, hand-cranked water pumps where you rock the handle up and down to draw the water forth. At first there is no water at all. Then... a small stream of rusty water will appear. You keep cranking the handle and the flow of water intensifies and begins to run clear. You can then take your hand off the lever and the water will continue to run on its own. The Intuition is very much like this and to get it really operational, you have to shut down all of the competing noise of the world that previously has drowned it out. This spiritual feature is symbolically represented by the 5th trump in The Tarot; The Hierophant.

Bota Deck, The Hierophant

Using that image as a meditation tool, you can activate the force and cause it to resonate out of the subconscious, where all of the archetypal images are stored. One should focus on the image for no more than 5 minutes at a time and persistent recourse to this practice could well bring about outstanding results.

Be well my friends and may the ineffable Lord of all Things, grant you illumination and sanctuary!

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is=

The cock's on the housetop blowing his horn;
The bull's in the barn a-threshing of corn;
The maids in the meadows are making of hay;
And the Pocketeers at Pocketnet are swimming away.

les visible at pocketnet

Friday, May 15, 2020

"Real Love sets You Free and False Love will Bind You. Let Love be Your Guide and God will Find You."

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Since having my life transformed from the ground up... wait a minute; from the sky down... no... from the inner to the outer would be the appropriate terms. Since that time, many unusual events have occurred in my life. It is true that my life has been a nearly endless flow of unusual events but... it's different, somehow, now.

I was in a dream this morning when the word Barkapur appeared in my mind. Upon awakening, instantly I thought it might be a town in India. It sounds like that. Associated with it was the word, 'handsome'. That got said a couple of times. I soon forgot all about it. 20 minutes later it appeared in my mind while I was doing the morning reading and it continued to appear at intervals, while I was reading so, finally, I went to a search engine and put it in and found that it was a town in India that had experienced a name change some while ago, although it is still listed. There isn't much said about it. It was the site of a mutiny a long while ago.

It is in West Bengal so I went to read a bit about that. Scroll down to the Culture section and notice the two photographs on the right. Readers here know that I am a fan of Rabindranath Tagore but look at who is next to him. Well... it is probably a coincidence, if I believed in coincidence BUT... another thing, if I forget something from a dream, it almost NEVER comes back and proceeds to bug me so... I don't know what any of it means though I did spend 3 paragraphs saying so.

I am in one of the least cooperative states in the union. It is noticeably contrary to Federal rule. I'm pretty sure that is why I came here. Still... I don't know if I am supposed to stay here for the duration. I suspect whatever goes on in the United States will run its course before it gets here. There may be a little spillover from the one coast but semi-precious little from the other. I hope that is so. I like it where I am. If and when a few million spill into my material accounts, I will still stay in the same relative area. What I am saying is that it would take more than money to send me away. Bali (where I have never been) comes to mind and India ALWAYS comes to mind. I don't have much of an income but I could manage India pretty well. When you eat simple and live simple and don't spend your time acquiring physical things, it doesn't take a lot to get by. Walking through nature and talking to God and his angels is my favorite outdoor activity and sitting, standing, or walking through the house and talking to God and his angels is my favorite indoor activity. The only costs incurred by that are Time and Attention and an outpouring of love and devotion, which is no cost at all.

Life is a playground and that, on the surface, might grant an image of children hanging from the jungle gym and getting someone to help push the merry-go-round; swings and seesaws come into the picture as well. You could close your eyes right now and hear the children laughing and screaming in spontaneous outbursts of prepubescent exhilaration. There is a darker side to playgrounds. Playgrounds have bullies and strange men in trench coats, passing none too swiftly by. No matter where you are in this life, there is some amount of the polarity of opposites. Playing and fighting are differentiated only by the tenor of intention. The nature of the force of affection is determined, often, by the degree of passion. It's a funny thing about Love. Real Love sets you free and false Love binds you;

Real Love

Love opens things
So love would hurt as much as heal
It would hurt first

Real love-
It would confuse, disarm, weaken and destroy
Everything in its way
Everything that was, in fact,
A part of you
That would conceal
Real love

Real love lasts forever
We do not last as long
until we become
real love

Real love has come to town
Sixgun blazing in a town full of lies
Now is the showdown
The duel in the street
Real love is the only thing left standing

Real love rides in company or alone
Squints out of one good eye
Nails the coffin shut
Nothing got out alive
But real love

Real love is going to make you cry
Make it worse before it gets better
Tear you up inside

Real love-
Who would want such a thing?
It takes the atmosphere away
Breaks all your toys
Burns down your house
And steals your car
But you’re not going very far

Real love has got its hands on you
Burns from the inside out
Till there is nothing left

but wide prairie
And huge commanding stars

You’ve never been so alone
You’ve never been so complete

Outside this golden ring
The cities burn forever
And you can never fall asleep

real love...

It is something like that for me BUT... you never get THERE. You NEVER get to the heart, the small central core of real love, because the getting there takes forever. It is after all, not the journey but the destination so; why shouldn't it take forever?

People get all hot and bothered about 'getting there', no matter where THERE is. They sit in the traffic gridlock of their lives, leaning on their horns so that they can get home to the Formica Life and do what? Have a drink? Watch TV? Get intimate with someone or... something? No matter what they may think of doing or wind up doing they are still waiting despite the distraction, whatever that might be AND the meter is ticking. The sand is running out of the hourglass and at some point, some particular moment, you are no longer there. That is an inevitable truth. I was told yesterday that someone I know died. My friend who told me said, “Oh... I have some bad news.” I thought, “What?” And braced myself. Then my friend told me that this person had died and I could not help but smile and say, “That's not bad news. I am happy for him!” I really was too. He had been suffering much in recent years and causing some amount of suffering too because of fear-driven anxiety that caused him to say hurtful things to those who loved him. I didn't come in for any of that. He knew better than to take his apprehensions out on me because he knew it wouldn't fly and what I would say.

What is it with death and the mischief it causes in people's minds? Death is a liberating force! The only time where sorrow is warranted is when a bad person passes. Now I am not here to say who is bad and who is good but there are people who have devoted their time here to making others miserable and when they pass, it is not a good thing... for them. I can assure you of this, BUT... when a good person passes, or even a mostly good person, or even a marginally good person (grin) passes, it is cause for celebration. My heart actually made a small leap when I heard this fellow had gone on and I immediately engaged in a prayer exchange with my guardian and an appeal for his soul. I was assured that all was well and that gave me much comfort.

We have things backwards and it is our fear of death that restricts our capacity to enjoy life and the Cabal of Misery Workers amplify this fear throughout that dark domain of the susceptible, keeping many millions in bondage; “Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, FOR THOU ART WITH ME.” What should you be getting from that? Make sure that the 'thou' spoken of is with you AHEAD OF TIME!!!

My friend just told me that another friend, a close friend, in England was attacked on the train going to work. As he told my friend, “A black man got up from his seat and walked halfway down the train and attacked me. I'm not hurt but I am shaken.” My unfortunate friend is one of the kindest and gentlest people I know. He's a big guy too so it makes me wonder about the event. Well... he is okay. I prayed immediately after hearing this and was told in no uncertain terms, “Don't be concerned. He was protected, wasn't he?”

We don't get much of that around here and that is because we have the most liberal gun laws in the country. You don't need a license to carry a gun so no one knows who has one. Heh heh... as a result the usual thugs are a deal warier. I am not subscribing to porting about with a firearm. It's not my style but I am not opposed to it at all, NOT IN THESE TIMES. I don't have a political affiliation but if I did I would probably be termed a Jeffersonian Libertarian. There are still a few things I haven't gotten around as far as being angered by them and those are Slander, Treachery, Betrayal, and Bullies of every stripe. Having studied the martial arts for nearly all of my life, I have a certain calmness in the face of adversity and even though I am older and no longer so agile, I haven't lost any of the knowledge or personal atmosphere of the training. It tends to work on the subconscious plane and one gets bypassed most all of the time, without the potential assailant even knowing it happened.

If only for the discipline and confidence that it conveys I recommend that everyone get some understanding of the basic principles. It is also fantastic for keeping in shape. One does not need to go through years and years of training. There are basic principles that one can grasp and expand on, pertaining to actual engagements and the shape they usually take.

This posting is really all over the map today, isn't it? I guess that is going to happen now and again. It doesn't happen often but here it is... until tomorrow anyway.

My friends... there is no martial art or gun so powerful as the possession of an all-encompassing love. It radiates outward. It creates an atmosphere of influence. It affects everything regardless of whether anyone is aware of it or not. It is an actual path on which one moves. This is Planet Earth in one of its more transitioning and unstable periods but there are those who carry the Kingdom of Heaven with them wherever they go and you can be one of them. Simply visualize that you are IN THE KINGDOM at all times. Remember, Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. Love is the nature, quality, and content of The Kingdom of Heaven. Think of your love as a fireplace in your heart and use The Will and Intention as a bellows. Inflame yourself with Love! Burn down the house of your being with the force of divine love and Divine Love will rebuild you in its image! In other words, LET IT CONSUME YOU!!!

IF this is all that is on your mind, or it is the larger part of what is on your mind, your love will increase and if love is your fortune then your fortune will be great and something you can share with all that is near and far. It takes a bit of doing initially BUT IF YOU CARE ENOUGH, you will get past Difficulty at the Beginning and you will flower as Love's own blossom in this field of weeds and broken cinder-blocks and you will render it all into a garden in your passage. What I say is absolutely and PROVABLY true and I HAVE SEEN THIS. Go therefore and do likewise. What else is it that you are doing that somehow has made itself seem to be more important than that?

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

"(this was a rough first take)
"All romance is about the search for God and union with our own true nature. That's what this is about.""

There was an old woman who lived in a Pocket.
She had so many children they spilled into her socks.
She gave them some broth without any bread.
And that burned her feet or so it is said.
You can find out more at Pocketnet.

les visible at pocketnet

Here is Chapter 4 from the book “Bhakti” from the Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda.


“Every soul is destined to be perfect, and every being, in the end, will attain the state of perfection. Whatever we are now is the result of our acts and thoughts in the past; and whatever we shall be in the future will be the result of what we think end do now. But this, the shaping of our own destinies, does not preclude our receiving help from outside; nay, in the vast majority of cases such help is absolutely necessary. When it comes, the higher powers and possibilities of the soul are quickened, spiritual life is awakened, growth is animated, and man becomes holy and perfect in the end. This quickening impulse cannot be derived from books. The soul can only receive impulses from another soul, and from nothing else.

We may study books all our lives, we may become very intellectual, but in the end we find that we have not developed at all spiritually. It is not true that a high order of intellectual development always goes hand in hand with a proportionate development of the spiritual side in Man. In studying books we are sometimes deluded into thinking that thereby we are being spiritually helped; but if we analyse the effect of the study of books on ourselves, we shall find that at the utmost it is only our intellect that derives profit from such studies, and not our inner spirit. This inadequacy of books to quicken spiritual growth is the reason why, although almost every one of us can speak most wonderfully on spiritual matters, when it comes to action and the living of a truly spiritual life, we find ourselves so awfully deficient.

To quicken the spirit, the impulse must come from another soul. The person from whose soul such impulse comes is called the Guru — the teacher; and the person to whose soul the impulse is conveyed is called the Shishya — the student. To convey such an impulse to any soul, in the first place, the soul from which it proceeds must possess the power of transmitting it, as it were, to another; and in the second place, the soul to which it is transmitted must be fit to receive it. The seed must be a living seed, and the field must be ready ploughed; and when both these conditions are fulfilled, a wonderful growth of genuine religion takes place. "The true preacher of religion has to be of wonderful capabilities, and clever shall his hearer be" — ; and when both of these are really wonderful and extraordinary, then will a splendid spiritual awakening result, and not otherwise.

Such alone are the real teachers, and such alone are also the real students, the real aspirants. All others are only playing with spirituality. They have just a little curiosity awakened, just a little intellectual aspiration kindled in them, but are merely standing on the outward fringe of the horizon of religion. There is no doubt some value even in that, as it may in course of time result in the awakening of a real thirst for religion; and it is a mysterious law of nature that as soon as the field is ready, the seed must and does come; as soon as the soul earnestly desires to have religion, the transmitter of the religious force must and does appear to help that soul. When the power that attracts the light of religion in the receiving soul is full and strong, the power which answers to that attraction and sends in light does come as a matter of course.

There are, however, certain great dangers in the way. There is, for instance, the danger to the receiving soul of its mistaking momentary emotions for real religious yearning. We may study that in ourselves. Many a time in our lives, somebody dies whom we loved; we receive a blow; we feel that the world is slipping between our fingers, that we want something surer and higher, and that we must become religious. In a few days that wave of feeling has passed away, and we are left stranded just where we were before. We are all of us often mistaking such impulses for real thirst after religion; but as long as these momentary emotions are thus mistaken, that continuous, real craving of the soul for religion will not come, and we shall not find the true transmitter of spirituality into our nature. So whenever we are tempted to complain of our search after the truth that we desire so much, proving vain, instead of so complaining, our first duty ought to be to look into our own souls and find whether the craving in the heart is real. Then in the vast majority of cases it would be discovered that we were not fit for receiving the truth, that there was no real thirst for spirituality.

There are still greater dangers in regard to the transmitter, the Guru. There are many who, though immersed in ignorance, yet, in the pride of their hearts, fancy they know everything, and not only do not stop there, but offer to take others on their shoulders; and thus the blind leading the blind, both fall into the ditch. — "Fools dwelling in darkness, wise in their own conceit, and puffed up with vain knowledge, go round and round staggering to and fro, like blind men led by the blind." — (Katha Up., I. ii. 5). The world is full of these. Every one wants to be a teacher, every beggar wants to make a gift of a million dollars! Just as these beggars are ridiculous, so are these teachers.”

Sunday, May 10, 2020

"It's not Elvis, The Pope or President Trump, it is the Cornucopia Candy Store to End all Candy Stores."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my friends! Here is something I added to the last posting in which I excerpted a chapter from Swami Vivekananda's Complete Works;

“NETI NETI. In the end... at every point... what you believe to be true becomes true for you because you believed it. You poured life into it. You made it real. We are all God the Creator in a smaller way and we make the things we experience and which we endure. We make what pleases us and gives us pain. WHEN WE LEARN THIS, WE WILL BE FREE AND ALSO, CREATE ONLY WHAT SERVES AND HELPS OTHERS AND WHAT BRINGS JOY AND BLISS. TO OTHERS AND... TO OURSELVES.”

Sometimes a statement passes through me and gets my attention because I get that shiver sense that it is not something I said but something that got said to and thru me and which I passed on.

After having read Vivekananda's commentary in the chapter, “The Goal”... my mind started doing its usual digestive actions which, just like real digestion can... make me feel good or... upset my Solar Plexus, feedback on me, leave me in That Gestalt State of something added that is more than the sum of the parts and depending on what effect it had on me, on that depends whether I give it further attention. It suddenly leapt into my mind that the reason I cannot find out who The Man on the Beach was is that The Man on the Beach was myself at a further time. It was me, sent forth for me to encounter and to be activated and awakened. Many times since I met him, this thought has come to mind but I had always dismissed it before. Now it is coming back on me like a spicy Mexican or Italian (arrabbiata) dish that I ate too fast. This is something you have to look out for once the Gall Bladder has gone adios. You learn to chew your food carefully and attentively. You Fletcherize it. The same diligence should apply to mental and spiritual food.

What set this consideration singing in my mind was the result of my having written that passage in the first paragraph about how whatever we think into being becomes real for us. Then I thought about how this possible explanation is true anyway from the perspective of the disciple emulating the master and by degrees, becoming more and more like him, with the progression of time and experience. I remembered all the uncanny events I had read about at one time or another and the truth that God's power is limitless. Anything is possible. If you can think it. You can actualize it. This is what God does all the time. He thinks things into being. He has the idea on the plane of Atziluth, which is the archetypal world. Then the blueprint is manifest in Briah, the creative world. Then it goes to Yetzirah, the formative world; the world of action and materializing processes. Finally the finished item appears in Assiah, the material world. That is the means by which EVERYTHING that gets here, gets here.

So... as I am thinking about this possibility, which has come to mind many times before, but which I shrugged off and dismissed many times before, it starts to ping back and forth in my head, bringing many another memory and former rumination to mind and it becomes more and more something that could have well happened. I might have already attained to the whole enchilada and then... I washed out all of what I had realized, or rather, I compartmentalized it in a secret location, to be discovered later, and then I put myself through this whole misery excursion FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. I've read about this sort of circumstance taking place in Hindu, Sufi and Buddhist lore on a number of occasions. So... it HAS HAPPENED; might not be happening to me BUT... it HAS HAPPENED.

Now I know this is going to set all those self imprisoned dogs in the kennel howling like they haven't in a while because this is just the kind of red meat they look for when seeking to discredit me by any means necessary. There is this perpetual truth that exists in life and has existed since anything like us arrived and started doing all the things we do and THAT IS... there are those who have never put the time and effort into making spiritual experiences happen in their lives and so... they haven't happened and they get really pissed when someone comes around talking about what never happens to them. They are living in their own self created world, without God, because they have usurped the divine and frankly... they aren't very good at it. None of us are. Either you let the spirit of God sing through you or you are left with your own tone-deaf cacophonies.

Doesn't matter. I'm not saying this is what happened. I am saying, it sure explains a lot of things if it did happen, A LOT OF THINGS... if it is true. We ALL send ourselves into the future every day with the things we do and all that we yearn for and desire. We do this ANYWAY. We just don't do it very well because OFTEN what we aspire to is pedestrian and so... that is what we get. Not all of us, but a good many of us.

I've never been a scoffer or a bilious cynic like some amount of characters I encounter, in the process of what I do. For me, it is easy to believe that ANYTHING is possible. Now we come to the next stage of what happened after I started thinking about this; after I started thinking about it, for the first time in any serious way. Some of you know about The Inner Voice. Some of you hear from it just as do I. For some it is rare, for some occasional and for some it is frequent. It increases and intensifies depending on the work one puts into it. You have to make persistent and strenuous efforts and you have to deal with all the blocks and obstacles set in your way to provide evidence of whether you are sincere or not. The insincere drop out after it becomes apparent that it will only get harder, or looks that way to them. The sincere WILL NOT let ANY block or obstacle stop them. The blocks and obstacles are proof to them that what they are after is real. Now... that might not make sense to some of you but it does and did to me.

As I started a deeper consideration of whether or not I 'might' have sent myself into the future, the Inner Voice did a funny thing. Perhaps I should explain a few things about the Inner Voice here, also known as The Voice of the Intuition. It doesn't just speak in words. It speaks in feelings and images and also creates an atmosphere of hunches and sometimes a sense of premonition. What it did when I was thinking about this possibility was it started vibrating. This is what Resonance is and I got and still have a funny feeling about the whole thing.

I have to point out here that ALL OF THE SUBJECTS AND CONDITIONS I TALK ABOUT DID NOT ORIGINATE WITH ME. Prophets, Avatars, illumined entities, saints, sages, and mystics have all presented variations on the themes you hear from me. These are beings at a much higher stage of advancement than myself. THEY ARE WHERE I GOT THESE IDEAS FROM!!! Also... some of what I mention comes from my own experience and NOTHING VALIDATES something like PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I search for these things. I yearn for and desire these states and conditions MORE than anything else in my life and HAVE DONE SO FOR THE MAJORITY OF MY TIME HERE. It makes sense that eventually, I would have corresponding experiences. Some will say, “Yeah? So what? You ain't them!” Really? In fact I am them. I am where they came from. Someone just like me was just like them at an earlier state of their presence here and no matter what stage one may be at, AS LONG AS ONE PERSISTS AND KEEPS THEIR ATTENTION ON THE GOAL, they WILL... THEY WILL get there.

Well... I kinda got sidetracked a little and went into my usual Rah Rah! Thing; cue Jimmy Cliff and you can get it if you really want ♫ you'll succeed at last!!! ♫

If you want to hear the whole soundtrack, here it is.

I don't know how many times I listened to that album but I know it by heart. Hah! I got sidetracked again!!! Anyway... the Inner Voice got all silent but VERY palpable. Now that is no proof of anything but this has happened before and it USUALLY means something. What is means, well... that has been one of the persistent and unexplained dramas of my life.

In the end... I don't really care what the 'misery loves company gang' think. I just wanted to find God and I DID find God. I really did and now I just want more. I am a greedy little pig when it comes to God. It's like being a junkie and I am that. I am a chronic and incurable junkie for the Love of God. One blast and you are hooked and not just in this life. You are hooked forever. I've told this story before but some of you, I'm sure, have not heard it. Once I was at a discourse by Guru Bawa and he was talking about him being a fisherman and how he sets the hook in the mouth of the true believers. He was going on about it and about how he reels them in at some point and all of a sudden I was made aware that I was leaning forward with my mouth open and his hook was in it! AND HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME AND SMILING! It was a startling experience. A few years later I got busted in Hawaii and Michael Green went to Bawa and told him about it. Bawa (so I am told) went silent and was seen thinking about it, as if he had looked into the future concerning me and then he said, “Oh... he will be alright. He has just chosen another path.” AND... what do you know? Against all odds, cause it had NEVER happened before and hasn't happened since in a courtroom in that state, I WAS ALRIGHT. Be a winner, go with God= Vaya con Dios!

Another time, Bawa looked at my hand. Michael Green was there and a few others, so there are witnesses and he said, “Oh yes! I have read your books, all of them and now you will write books of wisdom.” You can imagine the effect that had on me.

So... is it true? I don't know. It could be. In some way, of course it is true and I think you can figure out how that might be. It also doesn't matter, cause I am going to get there no matter what anyway. When, 'no matter what' is your game plan, when 'NO MATTER WHAT' is all there is and there are NO OTHER OPTIONS OR POSSIBILITIES, well... then it is a fait accompli. We've said it here, again and again, these few statements; “If you don't give up, you cannot fail” AND “You just have to want 'it' more than anything else”, oh... there are a few others and you've heard them many times. Why do I say them many times? BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE and if you make them your game plan you cannot fail. Keep in mind that this is not a trip to the store. This is a trip to the Cornucopia Candy Store to End all Candy Stores. This is not like meeting Elvis, which in fact I did, several times. This is not like meeting The Pope or President Trump, which I have not done. This is about meeting GOD, so, you have to expect a degree of difficulty and some amount of waiting BUT... What did I say? “If you don't give up, you cannot fail” and what else? “You have to want it more than anything else and PAINS WILL BE TAKEN (all of them your own) to IMPRESS UPON YOU that not everyone need or should apply but EVERYONE who will not give up and wants it more than anything else...WILL GET IT.

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The Man in the Moon came tumbling down and asked the way to Pocketnet. He went by the South and burned his mouth on a burning Satanic Architect. Pocketnet is just past the signpost up ahead.

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Swami Vivekananda; "The Goal."

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Here is a great lecture by an illumined soul and it is a classic example of how a wise person can say one thing and mean another, or say something that is arguably (if you argue) not true in any relative sense but may well be true in a cosmic sense. It is going to make some people who read it angry. He says at different points that this does not exist and that does not exist and in the ultimate sense this could well be so but then again it is not; NETI NETI. In the end... at every point... what you believe to be true becomes true for you because you believed it. You poured life into it. You made it real. We are all God the Creator in a smaller way and we make the things we experience and which we endure. We make what pleases us and gives us pain. WHEN WE LEARN THIS, WE WILL BE FREE AND ALSO CREATE ONLY WHAT SERVES AND HELPS OTHERS AND WHAT BRINGS JOY AND BLISS. TO OTHERS AND... TO OURSELVES.

A Visible Origami is to follow later today. God bless you one and all.

The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda.


(Delivered in San Francisco, March 27, 1900)

(Reprinted from the Vedanta and the West, May-June 1958.

The editors of the Magazine published it as it was recorded, adding certain words (in square brackets) to maintain the continuity of thought, and periods to indicate omissions that might have occurred in recording. — Ed.)

We find that man, as it were, is always surrounded by something greater than himself, and he is trying to grasp the meaning of this. Man will ever [seek] the highest ideal. He knows that it exists and that religion is the search after the highest ideal. At first all his searches were in the external plane — placed in heaven, in different places — just according to [his grasp] of the total nature of man. [Later,] man began to look at himself a little closer and began to find out that the real "me" was not the "me" that he stands for ordinarily. As he appears to the senses is not the same as he really is. He began to [search] inside of himself, and found out that . . . the same ideal he [had placed] outside of himself is all the time within; what he was worshipping outside was his own real inner nature. The difference between dualism and monism is that when the ideal is put outside [of oneself], it is dualism.

When God is [sought] within, it is monism. First, the old question of why and wherefore . . . How is it that man became limited? How did the Infinite become finite, the pure become impure? In the first place, you must never forget that this question can never be answered [by] any dualistic hypothesis. Why did God create the impure universe? Why is man so miserable, made by a perfect, infinite, merciful Father? Why this heaven and earth, looking at which we get our conception of law? Nobody can imagine anything that he has not seen. All the tortures we feel in this life, we put in another place and that is our hell . . . . Why did the infinite God make this world? [The dualist says:] Just as the potter makes pots. God the potter; we the pots. . . .

In more philosophical language the question is: How is it taken for granted that the real nature of man is pure, perfect, and infinite? This is the one difficulty found in any system of monism. Everything else is clean and clear. This question cannot be answered. The monists say the question itself is a contradiction. Take the system of dualism — the question is asked why God created the world. This is contradictory. Why? Because — what is the idea of God? He is a being who cannot be acted upon by anything outside. You and I are not free. I am thirsty. There is something called thirst, over which I have no control, [which] forces me to drink water. Every action of my body and even every thought of my mind is forced out of me. I have got to do it. That is why I am bound . . . . I am forced to do this, to have this, and so on . . . . And what is meant by why and wherefore? [Being subject to external forces.]

Why do you drink water? Because thirst forces you. You are a slave. You never do any. thing of your own will because you are forced to do everything. Your only motive for action is some force. . . . The earth, by itself, would never move unless something forced it. Why does the light burn? It does not burn unless somebody comes and strikes a match. Throughout nature, everything is bound. Slavery, slavery! To be in harmony with nature is [slavery]. What is there in being the slave of nature and living in a golden cage? The greatest law and order is in the [knowledge that man is essentially free and divine] Now we see that the question why and wherefore can only be asked [in ignorance]. I can only be forced to do something through something else. [You say] God is free. Again you ask the question why God creates the world. You contradict yourself. The meaning of God is entirely free will. The question put in logical language is this: What forced Him, who can never be forced by anybody, to create the world? You say in the same question, What forced Him? The question is nonsense. He is infinite by His very nature; He is free. We shall answer questions when you can ask them in logical language.

Reason will tell you that there is only one Reality, nothing else. Wherever dualism has risen, rnonism came to a head and drove it out. There is only one difficulty in understanding this. Religion is a common-sense, everyday thing. The man in the street knows it if you put it in his language and not [if it is put] in a philosopher's language. It is a common thing in human nature to [project itself]. Think of your feeling with the child. [You identify yourself with it. Then] you have two bodies. [Similarly] you can feel through your husband's mind Where can you stop? You can feel in infinite bodies. Nature is conquered by man every day. As a race, man is manifesting his power. Try in imagination to put a limit to this power in man. You admit that man as a race has infinite power, has [an] infinite body. The only question is what you are. Are you the race or one [individual]? The moment you isolate yourself, everything hurts you. The moment you expand and feel for others, you gain help. The selfish man is the most miserable in the world.

The happiest is the man who is not at all selfish. He has become the whole creation, the whole race and God [is] within him. . . . So in dualism — Christian, Hindu, and all religions — the code of ethics . . . . is: Do not be selfish . . . . things for others! Expand! . . . . The ignorant can be made to understand [this] very easily, and the learned can be made to understand still more easily. But the man who has just got a speck of learning, him God himself cannot make understand. [The truth is,] you are not separate [from this universe]; Just as your Spirit] is [not] separate from the rest of you. If [not] so, you could not see anything, could not feel anything. Our bodies are simply little whirlpools in the ocean of matter. Life is taking a turn and passing on, in another form . . . . The sun, the moon, the stars, you and I are mere whirlpools. Why did I select [a particular mind as mine? It is] simply a mental whirlpool in the ocean of mind. How else is it possible that my vibration reaches you just now? If you throw a stone in the lake, it raises a vibration and [that stirs] the water into vibration. I throw my mind into the state of bliss and the tendency is to raise the same bliss in your mind.

How often in your mind or heart [you have thought something] and without [verbal] communication, [others have got your thought]? Everywhere we are one. . . . That is what we never understand. The whole [universe] is composed of time, space, and causation. And God [appears as this universe]. . . . When did nature begin? When you [forgot your true nature and] became [bound by time, space, and causation]. This is the [rotating] circle of your bodies and yet that is your infinite nature. . . . That is certainly nature — time, space, and causation. That is all that is meant by nature. Time began when you began to think. Space began when you got the body; otherwise there cannot be any space. Causation began when you became limited. We have to have some sort of answer. There is the answer. [Our limitation] is play. Just for the fun of it. Nothing binds you; nothing forces [you. You were] never bound. We are all acting our parts in this [play] of our own invention. But let us bring another question about individuality. Some people are so afraid of losing their individuality. Wouldn't it be better for the pig to lose his pigindividuality if he can become God? Yes. But the poor pig does not think so at the time. Which state is my individuality? When I was a baby sprawling on the floor trying to swallow my thumb? Was that the individuality I should be sorry to lose?

Fifty years hence I shall look upon this present state and laugh, just as I [now] look upon the baby state. Which of these individualities shall I keep ? . . . We are to understand what is meant by this individuality. . . . [There are two opposite tendencies:] one is the protection of the individuality, the other is the intense desire to sacrifice the individuality. . . . The mother sacrifices all her own will for the needy baby. . . . When she carries the baby in her arms, the call of individuality, of self-preservation is no more heard. She will eat the worst food, but her children will have the best. So for all the people we love we are ready to die. [On the one hand] we are struggling hard to keep up this individuality; on the other hand, trying to kill it. With what result? Tom Brown may struggle hard. He is [fighting] for his individuality. Tom dies and there is not a ripple anywhere upon the surface of the earth. There was a Jew born nineteen hundred years ago, and he never moved a finger to keep his individuality. . . . Think of that! That Jew never struggled to protect his individuality. That is why he became the greatest in the world. This is what the world does not know.

In time we are to be individuals. But in what sense? What is the individuality of man? Not Tom Brown, but God in man. That is the [true] individuality. The more man has approached that, the more he has given up his false individuality. The more he tries to collect and gain everything [for himself], the less he is an individual. The less he has thought of [himself], the more he has sacrificed all individuality during his lifetime, . . . the more he is an individual. This is one secret the world does not understand. We must first understand what is meant by individuality. It is attaining the ideal. You are man now, [or] you are woman. You will change all the time. Can you stop? Do you want to keep your minds as they are now — the angels, hatreds, jealousies, quarrels, all the thousand and one things in the mind? Do you mean to say that you will keep them? . . . You cannot stop anywhere . . . until perfect conquest has been achieved, until you are pure and you are perfect. You have no more anger when you are all love, bliss, infinite existence. . . .

Which of your bodies will you keep? You cannot stop anywhere until you come to life that never ends. Infinite life! You stop there. You have a little knowledge now and are always trying to get more. Where will you stop? Nowhere, until you become one with life itself. . . . Many want pleasure [as] the goal. For that pleasure they seek only the senses. On the higher planes much pleasure is to be sought. Then on spiritual planes. Then in himself — God within him. The man whose pleasure is outside of [himself] becomes unhappy when that outside thing goes. You cannot depend for this pleasure upon anything in this universe. If all my pleasures are in myself, I must have pleasure there all the time because I can never lose my Self. . . . Mother, father, child, wife, body, wealth — everything I can lose except my self . . . bliss in the Self All desire is contained in the Self. . . . This. is individuality which never changes, and this is perfect. . . . And how to get it? They find what the great souls of this world — all great men and women — found [through sustained discrimination]. . . .

What of these dualistic theories of twenty gods, thirty gods? It does not matter. They all had the one truth, that this false individuality must go. . . . So this ego — the less there is of it, the nearer I am to that which I really am: the universal body. The less I think of my own individual mind, the nearer I am to that universal mind. The less I think of my own soul, the nearer I am to the universal soul. We live in one body. We have some pain, some pleasure. Just for this little pleasure we have by living in this body, we are ready to kill everything in the universe to preserve ourselves. If we had two bodies. would not that be much better? So on and on to bliss. I am in everybody. Through all hands I work; through all feet I walk. I speak through every mouth; I live in every body. Infinite my bodies, infinite my minds. I lived in Jesus of Nazareth, in Buddha, in Mohammed — in all the great and good of the past, of the present. I am going to live in all that [may] come afterwards. Is that theory [No, it is the truth.] If you can realise this, how infinitely more pleasurable that will be. What an ecstasy of joy! Which one body is so great that we need here anything [of] the body. . . After living in all the bodies of others, all the bodies there are in this world, what becomes of us? [We become one with the Infinite. And] that is the goal. That is the only way.

One [man] says, "If I know the truth, I shall be melted away like butter." I wish people would be, but they are too tough to be melted so quickly! What are we to do to be free? Free you are already. . . . How could the free ever be bound? It is a lie. [You were] never bound. How could the unlimited ever be limited by anything? Infinite divided by infinite, added to infinite, multiplied by infinite [remains] infinite. You are infinite; God is infinite. You are all infinite. There cannot be two existences, only one. The Infinite can never be made finite. You are never bound. That is all. . . . You are free already. You have reached the goal — all there is to reach. Never allow the mind to think that you have not reached the goal. . . . Whatever we [think] that we become. If you think you are poor sinners you hypnotise yourselves: "I am a miserable, crawling worm." Those who believe in hell are in hell when they die; those who say that they will go to heaven [go to heaven]. It is all play. . . . [You may say,] "We have to do something; let us do good." [But] who cares for good and evil? Play! God Almighty plays. That is all. . . .

You are the almighty God playing. If you want to play on the side and take the part of a beggar, you are not [to blame someone else for making that choice]. You enjoy being the beggar. You know your real nature [to be divine]. You are the king and play you are a beggar. . . . It is all fun. Know it and play. That is all there is to it. Then practice it. The whole universe is a vast play. All is good because all is fun. This star comes and crashes with our earth, and we are all dead. [That too is fun.] You only think fun the little things that delight your senses! . . . [We are told that there is] one good god here, and one bad god there always on the watch to grab me the moment I make a mistake. . . . When I was a child I was told by someone that God watches everything. I went to bed and looked up and expected the ceiling of the room to open. [Nothing happened.] Nobody is watching us except ourselves. No Lord except our [own Self]; no nature but what we feel. Habit is second nature; it is first nature also. It is all there is of nature. I repeat [something] two or three times; it becomes my nature. Do not be miserable! Do not repent! What is done is done. If you burn yourself, [take the consequences]. . . . Be sensible. We make mistakes; what of that? That is all in fun. They go so crazy over their past sins, moaning and weeping and all that. Do not repent! After having done work, do not think of it. Go on! Stop not! Don't look back! What will you gain by looking back? You lose nothing, gain nothing. You are not going to be melted like butter.

Heavens and hells and incarnations — all nonsense! Who is born and who dies? You are having fun, playing with worlds and all that. You keep this body as long as you like. If you do not like it, do not have it. The Infinite is the real; the finite is the play. You are the infinite body and the finite body in one. Know it! But knowledge will not make any difference; the play will go on. . . . Two words — soul and body — have been joined. [Partial] knowledge is the cause. Know that you are always free. The fire of knowledge burns down all the [impurities and limitations]. I am that Infinite. . . . You are as free as you were in the beginning, are now, and always will be. He who knows that he is free is free; he who knows that he is bound is bound. What becomes of God and worship and all that? They have their place. I have divided myself into God and me; I become the worshipped and I worship myself. Why not? God is I. Why not worship my Self? The universal God — He is also my Self. It is all fun. There is no other purpose.

What is the end and aim of life? None, because I [know that I am the Infinite]. If you are beggars, you can have aims. I have no aims, no want, no purpose. I come to your country, and lecture — just for fun. No other meaning. What meaning can be there? Only slaves do actions for somebody else. You do actions for nobody else. When it suits you, you worship. You can join the Christians, the Mohammedans, the Chinese, the Japanese. You can worship all the gods that ever were and are ever going to be. . . . I am in the sun, the moon, and the stars. I am with God and I am in all the gods. I worship my Self. There is another side to it. I have kept it in reserve. I am the man that is going to be hanged. I am all the wicked. I am getting punished in hells. That [also] is fun. This is the goal of philosophy [to know that I am the Infinite]. Aims, motives, purposes, and duties live in the background. . . .

This truth is first to be listened to then to be thought about. Reason, argue it out by all manner of means. The enlightened know no more than that. Know it for certain that you are in everything. That is why you should not hurt anybody, because in hurting them you hurt yourself. . . . [Lastly,] this is to be meditated upon. Think upon it. Can you realise there will come a time when everything will crumble in the dust and you will stand alone? That moment of ecstatic joy will never leave you. You will actually find that you are without bodies. You never had bodies. I am One, alone, through all eternity. Whom shall I fear? It is all my Self. This is continuously to be meditated upon. Through that comes realisation. It is through realisation that you become a [blessing] to others. . . . "Thy face shines like [that of] one who has known God." (Chhândogya. IV. ix. 2.) That is the goal. This is not to be preached as I am doing. "Under a tree I saw a teacher, a boy of sixteen; the disciple was an old man of eighty. The teacher was teaching in silence, and the doubts of the disciple vanished." (Dakshinâmurtistotram, 12.) And who speaks? Who lights a candle to see the sun? When the truth [dawns], no witness is necessary. You know it . . . . That is what you are going to do: . . . realise it. [first think of it.

Reason it out. Satisfy your curiosity. Then [think] of nothing else. I wish we never read anything. Lord help us all! Just see what [a learned] man becomes. "This is said, and that is said. . . ." "What do you say, my friend?" "I say nothing.'' [He quotes] everybody else's thought; but he thinks nothing. If this is education, what is lunacy? Look at all the men who wrote! . . . These modern writers, not two sentences their own! All quotations. . . . There is not much value in books, and in [secondhand] religion there is no value whatsoever. It is like eating. Your religion would not satisfy me Jesus saw God and Buddha saw God. If you have not seen God, you are no better than the atheist. Only he is quiet, and you talk much and disturb the world with your talk. Books and bibles and scriptures are of no use. I met an old man when I was a boy; [he did not study any scripture, but he transmitted the truth of God by a touch].

Silence ye teachers of the world. Silence ye books. Lord, Thou alone speak and Thy servant listeneth. . . . If truth is not there, what is the use of this life? We all think we will catch it, but we do not. Most of us catch only dust. God is not there. If no God, what is the use of life? Is there any resting-place in the universe? [It is up to us to find it]; only we do not [search for it intensely. We are] like a little piece of maw carried on in the current. If there is this truth, if there is God, it must be within us. . . . [I must be able to say,] "I have seen Him with my eyes," Otherwise I have no religion. Beliefs, doctrines, sermons do not make religion. It is realisation, perception of God [which alone is religion]. What is the glory of all these men whom the world worships? God was no more a doctrine [for them. Did they believe] because their grandfather believed it? No. It was the realisation of the Infinite, higher than their own bodies, minds, and everything. This world is real inasmuch as it contains a little bit [of] the reflection of that God. We love the good man because in his face shines the reflection a little more. We must catch it ourselves. There is no other way. That is the goal. Struggle for it! Have your own Bible. Have your own Christ. Otherwise you are not religious. Do not talk religion. Men talk and talk.

"Some of them, steeped in darkness, in the pride of their hearts think that they have the light. And not only [that], they offer to take others upon their shoulders and both fall into the pit." (Katha, I. ii. 5.) . . . No church ever saved by itself. It is good to be born in a temple, but woe unto the person who dies in a temple or church. Out of it! . . . It was a good beginning, but leave it! It was the childhood place . . . but let it be! . . . Go to God directly. No theories, no doctrines. Then alone will all doubts vanish. Then alone will all crookedness be made straight. . . . In the midst of the manifold, he who sees that One; in the midst of this infinite death, he who sees that one life; in the midst of the manifold, he who sees that which never changes in his own soul — unto him belongs eternal peace.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

"The Devil has all The Good Stuff and all God has is a Bunch of Harps and Halos and Robes."

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We all have dreams. We presently live in one and share a common dream of existence, where the veils of dream-weave exist in degrees of thickness. The Hindus call these veils, Samskaras. The Hindus have had the right composition of the universe, there for the seeing, for thousands of years. They have the terms and labels for pretty much anything you can think of and it is interesting... past interesting, that everything the physicists and mathematicians come up with, over the centuries, the Hindu Sages already had stated, in confirming scripture and texts, written long, long ago.

In the western tradition, we have these heavenly workers called The Elohim. It is my belief that they are known in the eastern tradition as The Saptarishis. If you go into scriptural definitions of Elohim you are going to get all kinds of confusing explanations that usually don't explain anything. In my mind, The Elohim were the architects of the world. In a way they resemble the archangels and there appear to be seven of them, in each of these categories, from different traditions. They were the primary builders of the works of the days mentioned in Genesis and OTHER PLACES.

We humans also fit into categories. This is where The Seven Rays come into play and each of us is presently on one of them. Some... a very few can manifest out of any ray, depending on need. This can be understood by thinking of the term, Personality. We have a temporary self and that is the Personality and we have an enduring self. Those operating out of the latter can present in any personality they might choose to, depending on the need.

You are here as you are because of what you were before. It stands to reason that from this point in time, you can set your course toward ANYTHING you might desire to be and have it manifest further on. We are presently living in a world where many of us have done just that. You are seeing the evidence of it all around you in the lives of famous people. It is also true in the lives of some who are not famous. Everyone is doing what they thought they wanted to do and also paying the bills that come with that and also paying the other bills that are the natural result of Action-Reaction, Cause and Effect.

YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN THIS LIFE! BUT... you can have practically anything you want that you are willing to pay for at a later time. You CANNOT have it work out the way you want it to work out, because that takes a determination and certitude with your continuing presence, in the mix of it. This is VERY IMPORTANT to be aware of. Yes... you can be rich. Yes... you can be famous. Yes... you can rule the world or some part of it IF that is what you want more than anything else. NO ONE at any time has ever ruled the world entire. HOWEVER, the world is ruled by everyone who is correctly aligned with The World Ruler. Lao Tzu said it beautifully


He IS the master for Guidelines for Behavior in Life and there is none better (to my mind). Some people are thoughtlessly rich and some people are 'STEWARDS OF THEIR WEALTH'. This is an IMPORTANT distinction.

Lao Tzu covered the deepest intricacies of every condition that could arise and how to deal with it and he did it in 81 sutras that he sat down and wrote out in a single afternoon, having been stopped by the gate warden at the China border, who was also an initiate and who asked him to do this before he rode off into the mist of legend. Yes... Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others all set out guidelines, whether it was The Beatitudes or The Eightfold Path or The Bhagavad Gita and they are complete schematics for each tradition but... for me... Lao Tzu went to the core issue beyond Right and Wrong, beyond Good and Evil. Truth be told, I refer to all of them but Lao Tzu had the most profound impact on me. Back to where we were before digressing...

Life is a playground. Existence is often called God's Lila, or God's Play. It is also Boot Camp and the be-all and end-all of education systems. It is the place where you get to do whatever you want to do and to find out what the results of that are. Whatever you want to do, you can do. Whatever you want to be, you can be. In some cases what you want to do may not take place HERE. You will show up wherever that can be experienced, ONCE YOU HAVE MET THE NECESSARY CRITERIA! Once you have jumped through the required hoops. You can be just like Madonna but you also get whatever the fallout is too. You can be like anyone you can think of here BUT... it comes with all the baggage that attends that role. As long as you are cool with that AND... all kinds of people are... you are good or bad to go. You'll see how you feel about it once the novelty wears off.

We are all here living out what was required for what we were, or we are experiencing what we already paid for or will be expected to pay for later on. Besides this there are anomalies and exceptions to the rule. Some of us are creatures of destiny, for good or ill. Some of us are Wayshowers and some of us are obscurers of the way BUT all of us are examples FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

THINK! You can, right this minute, set about becoming whomever you want to become. My recommendation is to set the highest possible ideal you can think of. I personally would like to become The Sun and if I am willing to deal with the billions of years in the waiting room and all of the preparatory educating and transforming that will be needed, I can get that. I could LITERALLY become The Sun. Okay... I don't really want to become The Sun. I do intend to become a good friend of The Sun and I am on my way in that regard. I like the idea of becoming an angel, even if it is a lesser role than the highest destiny for a human, and that being is the being that the angels serve. To me, there is no higher state than that of perpetual selfless service and I like the angel format. I like the idea of praising my creator through all of eternity. I like the idea of having a particular role in the scheme of the endless dramas of human and divine affairs. I like the idea of being on a mission entrusted to me by my creator and I don't care about Free Will at all. I have no use for it. It only gets you in trouble. The very definition of Free Will should be TROUBLE and the SURE AND CERTAIN... Purpose of Demonstration to follow. Every star, like our sun, is a living being.

You may not be inspired in the same way as I am. You might have an entirely different objective in mind BUT NO MATTER WHAT THAT IS... you can get to do and be that. It is the WHOLE PURPOSE of manifest existence. Well... not really (grin) but it is one of the fixed features of it. Some people like The Merry Go Round and some people like The Rollercoaster or (snicker) The Tunnel of Love. Life is (can be) Disneyland for Real. Think of Halloween and all the characters people get up to. Life is a stage set for any and all of them and they all have their periods of time. There was Ancient Greece for certain rides and Ancient Rome for others. There was The Barbary Coast and The Renaissance. You want to be Michelangelo? You want to be Rembrandt? You want to be Tom Cruise? But what about Scientology?

Phillip Jose Farmer wrote a brilliant and entertaining series of books called, The Riverworld Series. As I remember it, it is an endless riverbank on which appears every historical figure you ever heard of and they all run into each other. Life is like that, after a fashion. Many of the well known historical figures are here presently as someone else. I and you are present, presently, as someone else.

You know that Army slogan, “Be all that you can be?” That is a real thing here. Be all you want to be. There is nothing stopping you. You do have to pay the freight in terms of Karma but... if you are good with that then you are good to go. You are going to wind up as someone doing something in any case. Why not let it be someone doing something you want to do? Of course, just about everything has an invisible warning sticker, OR SHOULD HAVE! Once again, “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!” Believe it!!! Why do so many people have such a cognitive disconnect about this? It is plainly stated. It is right there!!! “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!” Does it look like worms squiggling across the page for some reason? What is your problem?

People really need to give the dogmatic side of religion a time out. People need to step away from all the calculated horseshit, created by sinister manipulators of humanity, whose intent is to herd and to slaughter them. I ADVISE that you get your hands on a copy of THE LIVING GOSPEL. It is written upon your heart; in case you need to know its location. You can call it up. Drop the properly baited hook into the subconscious and it will rise to the surface once hooked. I am quite serious and the means have been delineated here about 500 times by now.

Really! What is this problem people have about first seeking the kingdom? You know what? They probably think they are only going to get the white bread homogenized version of 'all these things added unto'. Yeah... they think God is going to cheat them; LIKE THE DEVIL WON'T??? They seem to think that The Devil has the good stuff and all God has is a bunch of harps and halos and robes. Someone has certainly taken the majority of you for a ride. Anyone who has had a taste of divine ecstasy; that interiorly cooked, heavenly moonshine (which in this case is sunshine) knows who does and does not have the good stuff BUT... what do I know?

End Transmission.......

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