Friday, May 15, 2020

"Real Love sets You Free and False Love will Bind You. Let Love be Your Guide and God will Find You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Since having my life transformed from the ground up... wait a minute; from the sky down... no... from the inner to the outer would be the appropriate terms. Since that time, many unusual events have occurred in my life. It is true that my life has been a nearly endless flow of unusual events but... it's different, somehow, now.

I was in a dream this morning when the word Barkapur appeared in my mind. Upon awakening, instantly I thought it might be a town in India. It sounds like that. Associated with it was the word, 'handsome'. That got said a couple of times. I soon forgot all about it. 20 minutes later it appeared in my mind while I was doing the morning reading and it continued to appear at intervals, while I was reading so, finally, I went to a search engine and put it in and found that it was a town in India that had experienced a name change some while ago, although it is still listed. There isn't much said about it. It was the site of a mutiny a long while ago.

It is in West Bengal so I went to read a bit about that. Scroll down to the Culture section and notice the two photographs on the right. Readers here know that I am a fan of Rabindranath Tagore but look at who is next to him. Well... it is probably a coincidence, if I believed in coincidence BUT... another thing, if I forget something from a dream, it almost NEVER comes back and proceeds to bug me so... I don't know what any of it means though I did spend 3 paragraphs saying so.

I am in one of the least cooperative states in the union. It is noticeably contrary to Federal rule. I'm pretty sure that is why I came here. Still... I don't know if I am supposed to stay here for the duration. I suspect whatever goes on in the United States will run its course before it gets here. There may be a little spillover from the one coast but semi-precious little from the other. I hope that is so. I like it where I am. If and when a few million spill into my material accounts, I will still stay in the same relative area. What I am saying is that it would take more than money to send me away. Bali (where I have never been) comes to mind and India ALWAYS comes to mind. I don't have much of an income but I could manage India pretty well. When you eat simple and live simple and don't spend your time acquiring physical things, it doesn't take a lot to get by. Walking through nature and talking to God and his angels is my favorite outdoor activity and sitting, standing, or walking through the house and talking to God and his angels is my favorite indoor activity. The only costs incurred by that are Time and Attention and an outpouring of love and devotion, which is no cost at all.

Life is a playground and that, on the surface, might grant an image of children hanging from the jungle gym and getting someone to help push the merry-go-round; swings and seesaws come into the picture as well. You could close your eyes right now and hear the children laughing and screaming in spontaneous outbursts of prepubescent exhilaration. There is a darker side to playgrounds. Playgrounds have bullies and strange men in trench coats, passing none too swiftly by. No matter where you are in this life, there is some amount of the polarity of opposites. Playing and fighting are differentiated only by the tenor of intention. The nature of the force of affection is determined, often, by the degree of passion. It's a funny thing about Love. Real Love sets you free and false Love binds you;

Real Love

Love opens things
So love would hurt as much as heal
It would hurt first

Real love-
It would confuse, disarm, weaken and destroy
Everything in its way
Everything that was, in fact,
A part of you
That would conceal
Real love

Real love lasts forever
We do not last as long
until we become
real love

Real love has come to town
Sixgun blazing in a town full of lies
Now is the showdown
The duel in the street
Real love is the only thing left standing

Real love rides in company or alone
Squints out of one good eye
Nails the coffin shut
Nothing got out alive
But real love

Real love is going to make you cry
Make it worse before it gets better
Tear you up inside

Real love-
Who would want such a thing?
It takes the atmosphere away
Breaks all your toys
Burns down your house
And steals your car
But you’re not going very far

Real love has got its hands on you
Burns from the inside out
Till there is nothing left

but wide prairie
And huge commanding stars

You’ve never been so alone
You’ve never been so complete

Outside this golden ring
The cities burn forever
And you can never fall asleep

real love...

It is something like that for me BUT... you never get THERE. You NEVER get to the heart, the small central core of real love, because the getting there takes forever. It is after all, not the journey but the destination so; why shouldn't it take forever?

People get all hot and bothered about 'getting there', no matter where THERE is. They sit in the traffic gridlock of their lives, leaning on their horns so that they can get home to the Formica Life and do what? Have a drink? Watch TV? Get intimate with someone or... something? No matter what they may think of doing or wind up doing they are still waiting despite the distraction, whatever that might be AND the meter is ticking. The sand is running out of the hourglass and at some point, some particular moment, you are no longer there. That is an inevitable truth. I was told yesterday that someone I know died. My friend who told me said, “Oh... I have some bad news.” I thought, “What?” And braced myself. Then my friend told me that this person had died and I could not help but smile and say, “That's not bad news. I am happy for him!” I really was too. He had been suffering much in recent years and causing some amount of suffering too because of fear-driven anxiety that caused him to say hurtful things to those who loved him. I didn't come in for any of that. He knew better than to take his apprehensions out on me because he knew it wouldn't fly and what I would say.

What is it with death and the mischief it causes in people's minds? Death is a liberating force! The only time where sorrow is warranted is when a bad person passes. Now I am not here to say who is bad and who is good but there are people who have devoted their time here to making others miserable and when they pass, it is not a good thing... for them. I can assure you of this, BUT... when a good person passes, or even a mostly good person, or even a marginally good person (grin) passes, it is cause for celebration. My heart actually made a small leap when I heard this fellow had gone on and I immediately engaged in a prayer exchange with my guardian and an appeal for his soul. I was assured that all was well and that gave me much comfort.

We have things backwards and it is our fear of death that restricts our capacity to enjoy life and the Cabal of Misery Workers amplify this fear throughout that dark domain of the susceptible, keeping many millions in bondage; “Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, FOR THOU ART WITH ME.” What should you be getting from that? Make sure that the 'thou' spoken of is with you AHEAD OF TIME!!!

My friend just told me that another friend, a close friend, in England was attacked on the train going to work. As he told my friend, “A black man got up from his seat and walked halfway down the train and attacked me. I'm not hurt but I am shaken.” My unfortunate friend is one of the kindest and gentlest people I know. He's a big guy too so it makes me wonder about the event. Well... he is okay. I prayed immediately after hearing this and was told in no uncertain terms, “Don't be concerned. He was protected, wasn't he?”

We don't get much of that around here and that is because we have the most liberal gun laws in the country. You don't need a license to carry a gun so no one knows who has one. Heh heh... as a result the usual thugs are a deal warier. I am not subscribing to porting about with a firearm. It's not my style but I am not opposed to it at all, NOT IN THESE TIMES. I don't have a political affiliation but if I did I would probably be termed a Jeffersonian Libertarian. There are still a few things I haven't gotten around as far as being angered by them and those are Slander, Treachery, Betrayal, and Bullies of every stripe. Having studied the martial arts for nearly all of my life, I have a certain calmness in the face of adversity and even though I am older and no longer so agile, I haven't lost any of the knowledge or personal atmosphere of the training. It tends to work on the subconscious plane and one gets bypassed most all of the time, without the potential assailant even knowing it happened.

If only for the discipline and confidence that it conveys I recommend that everyone get some understanding of the basic principles. It is also fantastic for keeping in shape. One does not need to go through years and years of training. There are basic principles that one can grasp and expand on, pertaining to actual engagements and the shape they usually take.

This posting is really all over the map today, isn't it? I guess that is going to happen now and again. It doesn't happen often but here it is... until tomorrow anyway.

My friends... there is no martial art or gun so powerful as the possession of an all-encompassing love. It radiates outward. It creates an atmosphere of influence. It affects everything regardless of whether anyone is aware of it or not. It is an actual path on which one moves. This is Planet Earth in one of its more transitioning and unstable periods but there are those who carry the Kingdom of Heaven with them wherever they go and you can be one of them. Simply visualize that you are IN THE KINGDOM at all times. Remember, Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. Love is the nature, quality, and content of The Kingdom of Heaven. Think of your love as a fireplace in your heart and use The Will and Intention as a bellows. Inflame yourself with Love! Burn down the house of your being with the force of divine love and Divine Love will rebuild you in its image! In other words, LET IT CONSUME YOU!!!

IF this is all that is on your mind, or it is the larger part of what is on your mind, your love will increase and if love is your fortune then your fortune will be great and something you can share with all that is near and far. It takes a bit of doing initially BUT IF YOU CARE ENOUGH, you will get past Difficulty at the Beginning and you will flower as Love's own blossom in this field of weeds and broken cinder-blocks and you will render it all into a garden in your passage. What I say is absolutely and PROVABLY true and I HAVE SEEN THIS. Go therefore and do likewise. What else is it that you are doing that somehow has made itself seem to be more important than that?

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Today's Song is;

"(this was a rough first take)
"All romance is about the search for God and union with our own true nature. That's what this is about.""

There was an old woman who lived in a Pocket.
She had so many children they spilled into her socks.
She gave them some broth without any bread.
And that burned her feet or so it is said.
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les visible at pocketnet

Here is Chapter 4 from the book “Bhakti” from the Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda.


“Every soul is destined to be perfect, and every being, in the end, will attain the state of perfection. Whatever we are now is the result of our acts and thoughts in the past; and whatever we shall be in the future will be the result of what we think end do now. But this, the shaping of our own destinies, does not preclude our receiving help from outside; nay, in the vast majority of cases such help is absolutely necessary. When it comes, the higher powers and possibilities of the soul are quickened, spiritual life is awakened, growth is animated, and man becomes holy and perfect in the end. This quickening impulse cannot be derived from books. The soul can only receive impulses from another soul, and from nothing else.

We may study books all our lives, we may become very intellectual, but in the end we find that we have not developed at all spiritually. It is not true that a high order of intellectual development always goes hand in hand with a proportionate development of the spiritual side in Man. In studying books we are sometimes deluded into thinking that thereby we are being spiritually helped; but if we analyse the effect of the study of books on ourselves, we shall find that at the utmost it is only our intellect that derives profit from such studies, and not our inner spirit. This inadequacy of books to quicken spiritual growth is the reason why, although almost every one of us can speak most wonderfully on spiritual matters, when it comes to action and the living of a truly spiritual life, we find ourselves so awfully deficient.

To quicken the spirit, the impulse must come from another soul. The person from whose soul such impulse comes is called the Guru — the teacher; and the person to whose soul the impulse is conveyed is called the Shishya — the student. To convey such an impulse to any soul, in the first place, the soul from which it proceeds must possess the power of transmitting it, as it were, to another; and in the second place, the soul to which it is transmitted must be fit to receive it. The seed must be a living seed, and the field must be ready ploughed; and when both these conditions are fulfilled, a wonderful growth of genuine religion takes place. "The true preacher of religion has to be of wonderful capabilities, and clever shall his hearer be" — ; and when both of these are really wonderful and extraordinary, then will a splendid spiritual awakening result, and not otherwise.

Such alone are the real teachers, and such alone are also the real students, the real aspirants. All others are only playing with spirituality. They have just a little curiosity awakened, just a little intellectual aspiration kindled in them, but are merely standing on the outward fringe of the horizon of religion. There is no doubt some value even in that, as it may in course of time result in the awakening of a real thirst for religion; and it is a mysterious law of nature that as soon as the field is ready, the seed must and does come; as soon as the soul earnestly desires to have religion, the transmitter of the religious force must and does appear to help that soul. When the power that attracts the light of religion in the receiving soul is full and strong, the power which answers to that attraction and sends in light does come as a matter of course.

There are, however, certain great dangers in the way. There is, for instance, the danger to the receiving soul of its mistaking momentary emotions for real religious yearning. We may study that in ourselves. Many a time in our lives, somebody dies whom we loved; we receive a blow; we feel that the world is slipping between our fingers, that we want something surer and higher, and that we must become religious. In a few days that wave of feeling has passed away, and we are left stranded just where we were before. We are all of us often mistaking such impulses for real thirst after religion; but as long as these momentary emotions are thus mistaken, that continuous, real craving of the soul for religion will not come, and we shall not find the true transmitter of spirituality into our nature. So whenever we are tempted to complain of our search after the truth that we desire so much, proving vain, instead of so complaining, our first duty ought to be to look into our own souls and find whether the craving in the heart is real. Then in the vast majority of cases it would be discovered that we were not fit for receiving the truth, that there was no real thirst for spirituality.

There are still greater dangers in regard to the transmitter, the Guru. There are many who, though immersed in ignorance, yet, in the pride of their hearts, fancy they know everything, and not only do not stop there, but offer to take others on their shoulders; and thus the blind leading the blind, both fall into the ditch. — "Fools dwelling in darkness, wise in their own conceit, and puffed up with vain knowledge, go round and round staggering to and fro, like blind men led by the blind." — (Katha Up., I. ii. 5). The world is full of these. Every one wants to be a teacher, every beggar wants to make a gift of a million dollars! Just as these beggars are ridiculous, so are these teachers.”


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Think of your love as a fireplace in your heart and use The Will and Intention as a bellows. Inflame yourself with Love! Burn down the house of your being with the force of divine love and Divine Love will rebuild you in its image! In other words, LET IT CONSUME YOU!!!

Wonder why we fear to burn away our illusory self and all of its delusions?
In a chaotic world, we have learned the hard way to shy away from chaos and conflict as we walk along our way toward being of no harm.

Until we grow in our relationship with the One and worthy to serve and KNOW when to move toward a situation requiring more love and light, diffued by compassion, our learned habits keep us out of the way of the loud and fully self-confident players.

In coincidence (NOT) with your fire of love theme, I was reminded today that sometimes even a mere flicker can cause people to step back into there shell, avoiding any possiblity of being transmuted by firelight.

Just let a little passion for a freer world out and caused a reaction which told me I went too far.

I have no stomach for conflict so instead was inspired to write to direct the energy in my solar plexus into words.

Hopefully someone may be amused as our resident PocketNet troll was not!

How To Tell If You Are Acting Like A Karen Or A Kyle

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I had a dream last night that I was in Los Angeles when a truly devastating earthquake hit. The destruction was near-total. I'm not one to have prophetic dreams, I have no idea if what I saw was anything more than the fevered musings of my overactive subconscious, but it was very vivid.

Today someone I know made a comment about some police abusing someone who didn't have it coming, and the eruption of anger that came out of me was beyond disturbing. I found myself experiencing the kind of hate and rage that could easily lead to cold-blooded homicide, and I said some deeply ugly things that surprised me. I have a lot of anger in me that I do a pretty good job of keeping contained, but every so often something triggers me and the intensity of my response is frightening.

I pray, and attempt to meditate, and try to do my best to be a good person and to keep my thoughts on the Ineffable as much as I can, but then a moment like today happens and I'm just blown away by how much anger I carry inside of me. Does someone like me who carries so much rage inside have any chance of moving forward in this life? I read what you have to say about love, but how can I contemplate or even embrace love when I have so much hate, rage, and resentment buried deep inside?


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Just when finnished reading post and comments, this idea came up in my mind re the apocalypse and your musings on the devil at other posts. It seemed to me that what made all the difference in an apocalypse was the fact that now the devil has switched sides and is now working for the light instead of creating and maintaining darkness as usual. Explains a lot of loose ends in my mind at least!
Thanks for what you do, be strong and well.
A friend from greece.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a place for rage. As long as we can notice it when it arises, and acknowledge that love is behind it. Just keep working at it and it will move through you. Don’t cling to it. We do our best.


Visible said...

My friend from Greece. Yes... there would be a definite possibility of that. Cosmically, The Devil ALWAYS works for God because everything resolves according to God's will. HOWEVER... in an apocalypse everything becomes transparent and that aids in perception across the board. This area of metaphysics is a bit of a sticky wicket and can leave one unsatisfied in one's understanding. That said, I will swiftly move on to something else (grin).

Visible said...


I have had similar dreams. One of them I have NEVER forgotten. I was walking on a sidewalk in LA and SUDDENLY everything got very quiet. There were no sounds on Nature; not that there is much nature in LA (grin). Then... it now occurs to me that I heard a dog begin to howl and then the Earth turned to rubber beneath my feet. It is, without a doubt, GOING TO HAPPEN. 'When' is what we do not know.

As far as the anger goes. I had a similar problem for years, due to unresolved issues with my childhood and forgiveness has taken care of that BUT I also channeled my anger, into my art, into physical efforts; climbing mountains and all sorts of things. CHANNEL YOUR ANGER. First consider, as deeply as you can, what its origins are and you CAN DISCOVER THIS if you are careful in your inquiry. Then put a face to your anger and scream at it. Get clever with scorching verbal abuse. Diminish it. Tell it how pathetic it is and unimportant and that it is not deserving of your time or attention.

Find a creative outlet!!! Find a way to fashion this anger into a tool for self-expression and it may have been given to you for just such a reason. Prayer is remarkably effective in this regard. Take it to God. Take EVERYTHING TO GOD. God is waiting to deal with all manner of our problems but WE INSIST ON solving them ourselves.

I still have outbursts of frustration at something that appears before me, the same old devil in a new set of clothes but I quickly catch it now.

Anger OFTEN has to do with hidden and unresolved issues and that is why I say, LOOK FOR ITS ORIGINS. This whole affair may be only an effort to get you to notice something you need to address. For instance, if you are on the outs with a family member, a friend, a consort, dealing with it can release ALL OF THIS. If that person has passed, go into a room and talk with them. Get it all out and into view. VERY OFTEN our anger comes from only a few places; unresolved family issues, frustration with one's own capacity for dealing with life and disappointment in one's self and sometimes it has to do with not knowing how to effectively deal with the pressures of life. The answer to that is to NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Leave that in God's hands!!! That is HIS JOB. We make things much more important than they are. Especially look into this area as I sense it is relevant. Sorry, it took me so long to respond. I had a dozen different things having to do with people to get through.

Female (Genesis 1:27) with Mary consciousness said...

A response to 'THE NEED OF GURU'

The highest guru one can commune with is the Holy Spirit within.

'Metaphysical meaning of Martha (mbd)

Martha, mär'-thå (Gk. fr. Heb.)--mistress, i. e., of a family; wife; lady; governess; domestic; who becomes bitter; rebellious one.

Sister of Mary and Lazarus. The three lived together at Bethany, and Jesus often visited at their home (Luke 10:3842; John 11:1-39; 12:2).

Meta. In Luke 10:38-42 Martha and Mary represent the outer and the inner phases, respectively, of the soul's activity in welcoming the inner spiritual teacher. The soul, established in love, is always quick to discern the presence of true thoughts, and it welcomes the spiritual man, or teacher, who brings Truth. It is also in a receptive attitude toward understanding,

Martha represents the outer activity of the soul that is receiving the higher self; Mary represents the inner or soul receptivity. Martha desires to show her love by service; Mary shows hers by learning at Jesus' feet.

Both of these activities are necessary, but we should take heed that in our desire to serve we do not forget our times of communion with our indwelling Lord. We should not set greater value on active service than on quiet, loving receptivity to the Spirit of truth within us.

Mary at Jesus' feet represents the soul as learning the lessons of life from the higher self. When the learning of these lessons is given first place in consciousness, the activity or service that follows becomes simple and easy. But when Martha, the serving quality, is given precedence, anxiety and irritation result because there is a seeming separation from the Source of love and poise, and a lack is sensed in consciousness. Truly, "to obey is better than sacrifice." Understanding of Truth must precede all real and effective service.

Martha can also be said to represent the material consciousness, and Mary the spiritual.

Jesus is the visible head, representing the Christ (see Eph. 1:22; 4:15; Col. 1:18; 2:10).

It is Martha who satisfies the needs of the outer man and who wants the most assistance in carrying on her share of the work. She is most insistent in demanding that her duties be given first place. But the spiritual consciousness, Mary, "hath chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her," while Martha is "anxious and troubled about many things."

Martha can lighten her work and make it easy by doing all things "as unto the Lord," that is, by putting spiritual understanding and power into everything that she does, thus working out efficiency and ease in all the activities of the home.'

With love

Ray B. said...

ElliottE, if I may intrude, I have been dealing with anger for a long time. My childhood was shut-down as far as emotional expression. Then, I went into engineering and the armed forces, hardly venues for letting emotions out. At its peak, I was so distant from my emotions that I did not even know what anger felt like. I knew it was in there, but I literally could not feel any anger. It was then that I knew something was seriously wrong, inside...

At that point, I made it a goal to rediscover my feelings. I read books on the emotional body. I devoted time and money to counseling sessions, in order to 'dig in'. I investigated several half-spiritual psychological techniques which were good in emotional healing. In my case, I dived-deep with Psychosynthesis (founder Roberto Assagioli) and then Focusing (founder Eugene Gendlin). Both are structured to guide one inwards toward the source of different feelings. I found Focusing to be the best for me, but begin with what resonates most strongly with you.

In the course of this, I found out that anger is your friend: it is alerting you that something is not right; that various chakras are being dissed or attacked.

Eventually, I found the different 'levels' or 'depths' of release (of anger and all the other negative feelings): Abstracted emotions, then true emotions, then the pain (or pleasure) underlying an emotion, then a spiritual understanding, and (from that viewpoint) having true forgiveness.

Abstracted emotion is concentrating on what caused the feeling: "My boss is an ass." That is actually an intellectualization of the true feeling. If, rather than releasing it outwards, you hold it in and 'drill down' ("What is at the core of this?"), you get a raw (true) emotion: in this case, anger. It is pure emotional energy, without words or concepts attached. If it is felt all the way through, at its core will be a pain. (This comes down to acceptance/rejection by another, but that is another story.) If the pain is completely felt-through, at its core is a deep 'understanding' of the situation which is often not human-centered. From that stance, forgiveness is automatic and real - it is done, and you just walk away. (This is in contrast to an intellectual 'decision' of forgiveness, which just covers the whole 'issue' over.)

The benefits of reducing one's anger and pain load are both in feeling better (relative 'holdings' of pain and pleasure determine one's outlook on life) and in attracting attention from Otherwhere. When higher Beings note that a person is actually moving forward, they tend to invest more time and effort in them...

Best Wishes & Good Luck,
Ray B.

Terry P said...

Les, Frayed Angels brought tears to my eyes, sappy but true, the Love of a Brother I feel to you has no words, you feel like a twin but I have not the eloquence of Words that flow so easily from your Heart, but I hear them with my Heart. There is only One. Thank You Again Patrick as a Voice truly conveys the Feelings of the Words you express.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Everything Outside was Already Inside and then You Named it and Owned it as That."



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