Friday, December 24, 2021

"Christmas at the Supermarkets and Satan at the Movies, and a Farewell for Now."

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There are two main sides to Christmas in this world. There is the spiritual side and the commercial side. Because of the massive, temporary power of The Usual Suspects (due to Material Culture), there is also another side of mockery and hatred. They are like the sociopathic cat with the tormented and barely alive mouse. The good news is that they can't kill the spiritual side of Christmas. The Carnal Realm cannot touch The Spiritual Realm. On the other hand, the spiritual realm can most certainly touch the carnal, in the same way that water wears upon stone. It just takes a while, and that is the source of all those repeating lifetimes until the carnal and the material are worn away, and transformed.

The Usual Suspects and their not so merry band of jackals, who follow along in their footprints, hoping some swag will fall from their sacks of stolen gold, are a kind of life fable, with a little more of the Grim Brothers than most of us would like. Since they have gotten away with crime after crime against Humanity, they have gotten predictably arrogant, and believe there is no limit to what they can accomplish because... who? Who is going to stop them?

It is out of this mindset that serial Jesus murderer, Sciophobia Silverman, and her porcine sidekick, Poncho Rogen, came up with a little Christmas pornography called, “Santa Inc”. They did it because they could. I include the link in the post, because of the comments from the public who have already watched the movie. Keep in mind, this film will be seen by children. It has been slammed in a way almost never seen before. It got so bad at Rotten Tomatoes that they cut off the comments section. So did youtube and other sites owned and operated by The Usual Suspects. It has the lowest ranking of any film of all time. I have been much entertained by the comments at IMDB. They are not so good as the Amazon Gummy Bear thread, but it has moments.

My point in bringing it up at all is that the vast majority of decent people on this planet have finally had it with their nonsense. Day by day, it is becoming more and more clear that they are behind most of humanity's troubles. There are other demographics to be included as well. Evil is not confined to any particular race, color, or creed. They seem to find each other, temporarily... until they fall out over the crimes they commit against each other. The World IS waking up. It is godawful slow, but at least it is happening. Santa Inc was a really bad move on their part. I have yet to see it.

Oh! did I mention it's not a movie but an 8 part series? An 8 part series and it is on HBO Max. Here is what Silverman and Rogen said; “All the negative reaction is the work of White Supremacists and racists.” They have repeated variations of this over and over. Rogen is the guy who threw his best friend under the bus when it came out he was a little too free with the ladies. He then acted like he barely knew him.

Now they are also using the latest COVID iteration to cut off all festivities in whatever locations they are capable of effecting it in. It is a non-stop assault upon our well-being by those in a panic over the coming of Judgment on this plane. They seek to please their master who cannot be pleased at any time.

Ah well... it is an ancient tale and it has come to term in these times. Justice may grind slowly, as some have said, but... it grinds exceedingly small, and inexorably so.

Let us move on to stranger things. I can't complete the cycle of the story because it reflects well on me (grin) and I try to avoid that. Anyway, I went into the Fry's Supermarket, where I rarely attend, unless by seeming accident, or in search of something I can't get at the nearby Safeway or Sprouts or Costco, which I prefer, but are a long drive. I can't live in dense population zones. The place was jammed and once I had gotten what I wanted, I wanted out. There is a grim desperation that accompanies many people in the holiday season. I suppose it has a number of origins. I find it disturbing. I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I do as much as I can, not to be in such environments at those times. Sometimes it is not avoidable. This was one of those times.

I whipped down the aisle and directly into a mostly opening checkout line. The cashier said to me, through her pointless mask, “Can you believe it? It's Christmas already.” Ever the humorist, I replied, “You mean, today?” “No” she replied. “It isn't until Saturday.” I said, You know... it seems they are trying to kill out spirituality these days. It's not going to work though.” Then I noticed this fellow of a darker hue. He was in front of me and about to conclude his business. He was dressed in rough clothes and worn sneakers. He might have been a laborer, a mechanic, someone who works at a trade. I said to him, “Has anyone ever told you how much like Dave Chappelle you look?” He turned on me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “All the time.” He really looked like Dave Chappelle, but... I don't know what Dave Chappelle would be doing there at that time of year.

Then he came toward me and stuck a hundred dollars into my hand. It happened so quickly I wasn't able to avoid it. They were some of the most well-worn bills I have ever seen. I said, “Hey, I can't take this.” He said, “Of course, you can, it's Christmas!” Then he spun out of there and disappeared. It was an odd moment. He had this look about him that completely belied his appearance. It reminded me of that saying, “treating with angels unaware.” I gave twenty dollars to the guy putting our groceries in the bag we had brought and tried to give twenty to the cashier who said, “We can't accept that.” I said, “Of course, you can.” I wasn't thinking, and she wasn't amused. Oh... what the heck. Now I have to tell the rest of the story, just remember, I get no credit for any of it.

My friend and I were driving home and we were going to stop at Safeway. I said to my friend, “I wonder if that guy is still around?” A couple of days previous, I had seen a man standing with his back to me holding a sign. It is odd in that neighborhood because we don't get many transients or people down on their luck. At least I don't see them. I remembered that man though and would have wished to turn around into the lot to see what he was up to, and maybe I could give him a little something.

We came into the Safeway parking area from a side that we almost never use, and there was that fellow who had a couple of younger children in cheap lawn chairs. One seemed near asleep and the other seemed embarrassed. There was the dad (I am assuming he was the dad) holding a sign lettered by a Sharpie. It said, “Please help us get home to Florida.” There were half a dozen Jerry Cans there; the type you put gas or water in. Was he hoping to fill them at the gas station that was right there in the parking lot? Did he have a car nearby, and did he intend to take all the gas needed before he left? It was odd. Odder still was that as I reached out with the remaining money, he took my hand and gripped it tightly. He didn't even look at the money. He also had piercing eyes like the fellow who gave me the money. He said, Thank you! Thank you so much!” It seemed to be of some greater importance to him.

You would have had to be there to see these characters. It was as if they were connected somehow. The rest of the day I felt this energetic intensity. It was a much stranger affair than I am capable of illustrating for you because words don't do it. Ever since there have been these odd periods of feeling stranger than usual. This is especially weird because I feel strange all the time anyway. Some of it has been salutary and some of it has not. I figure it is all good, but that sometimes... it can hurt on the way to a greater good.

I can't shake the feeling that events are closer than they look in The Event Horizon, like the message you see in the side mirrors of a car. I am also coming to believe that there is way, way more going on than I am aware of. Yes! Of course... that would be true, given how little I know to begin with, but what I mean is WAY... WAY more than I thought, and you already heard what I think about not knowing much. It seems sometimes that there is a vast curtain all around, and if one knew the magic words, or was even standing there at the right time, you could part that curtain and see The Gears of The World in operation. You might see all manner of other curious items as well, like the workers behind the appearances, and those above them, and those above them, like a spiraling column of beings of ever-greater intensities of light. I know I've said similar before, but this is how it seems to me.

It seems like a painting by Gustave Dore or Albrecht Durer, but more than that; as if the imaginative architectural mind of MC Escher were added. I just mess up when I go reaching for similarities and it's not that similar... not really. I just feel like whatever it is it is closer than we think, and it will be far more dramatic than we expect it to be; those of us who are even aware of such possibilities. A lot of people now think that Here is all there is. I can assure you, absolutely otherwise about that. I get these thoughts and feelings that are graphic in my mind but for which there are no words to paint it in language. We've all had this feeling. I have it all the time (grin).

Okay... my friends... this is adios for at least a fortnight. I expect that even saying this 3 times in 3 successive posts will not be enough, but whata ya gonna do?

May the most profound essence of The Lord Christ rain down upon you all through these days, and forever. May God richly and profoundly bless you one and all. I'll close with an extemporaneous attempt at Poetry that seems to want to stream at this moment, and is as close as I ever come to speaking from my better nature. Hopefully, this comes off...

I want to dance with you, Lord
in the pristine rain forests of your hidden kingdom.
I want to dance to the music of the light
that shines translucent through the foliage
and gleams in the eyes of the spiritualized animals
who dance with me
in the naked wonder and adoration of you.

let me... dervish like across the planes of being
celebrate you in the glistening splendor
beneath the spectrum of your sunlight love
that touches everything
and gives life where there was none.

The temple bells call to the wind
that ring them true and call again
the endless ringing resonance of destiny
not happenstance

You are the king that shines like the day
at the endless round table of the qualities of God
You are the love and the lovers too.
You are the gestalt of the innuendo
You are the Om in basso profundo
You are the cloak of immortality
that contains the darkness too bright to see
You are the essential part of me
that is unspeakable mystery.

That is my task
to venture into the pit of the bottomless self
and pacify the monsters
and return with the star
that shines forever in the clarity
we are

Not what we seem

in this tedious life
that dreams it is real
in this wasteland of strife
of hunger and want
that seeks to complete
the thing that is missing
the reflection that shows
How far we are distant from
what little we know.

There's more that wanted to go on but I have to stop at some point. I have the rest of the day to think about!

Merry Christmas my friends, and those of you who are not Christians, like myself, it is the same, single, and unique ineffable that is referred to in each of the traditions. It's not like rooting for the wrong team is it? Heh heh... Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission

You know? I see where all the links I have are about deviance, outrage, and a heavy dose of Hypocrisy so... no links today. However... if enough of you want them I will return and put them in.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

"The Origin of Enchanted, (meaning-wise) is 'captured with song'. Don't Let Them Hijack Your Soundtrack."

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The Solstice is here. Christmas follows a few days later. Even a relatively incurious sort should be able to put together the idea that they are synonymous celebrations of The Birth of the Light. We never get the dates right in The Present because certain events were long ago, and the people entrusted to record history for us are much more interested in fabricating it to their ends, making a buck, than keeping an honest record, and that means dates and such. We have The Solstice down because it happens twice every year. Therefore we have managed to keep track of it. Christmas in the original happened thousands of years ago.

The Solstice (both of them) are solar events. This seems to confirm my belief that The Avatar(s) are Sun Gods. I could go into more detail but... more details never seem to clarify anything. They give people more facets to argue about.

Speaking of the higher kingdoms (grin)... As above, so below; in other places, people are living similar lives on another plane. Things that... on this plane, seem more insubstantial, are substance itself on other planes. Still... thoughts and feelings here can be weaponized, in both directions, subconsciously AND consciously, for good and for ill. On other planes, you can have a lot of free time and still do far more good than you do here when spending all your time at it. It's a progression, and if you want to get away somewhere by yourself... when you are moving at the speed of thought, you could be anywhere in no real amount of time... where to think it... is to make it, and then you live in it, for good or ill. That accounts for why everyone is where they are at this moment, and their circumstances as well.

One of the really cool things about Cosmic Truth is that it applies on all planes at all times. What you think is like a magic amulet. So is how you feel. It brings a form of protection you get from walking in the right direction. This is why Love is such a potent force, and it truly does rule all things. There is a mystery that takes place here in the land of human form. It confuses most. It corrupts many, especially in certain periods. Once you solve it you no longer have to be concerned with it. You're not part of that dynamic of its endless back and forth. You can become timeless... if you so choose.

Today is The Solstice. Then comes Christmas. They are basically the same event; the same item. People tailor things according to their understanding and then prosper or suffer, as the case may provide. When you live in the light you can call it anything you like. You can call it sweetheart or the child of yourself. I would not know what to call God. God is beyond all of the names and the definitions that follow. From what I can see, so far, God is primarily Love transforming in constant adaptation to itself into further expressions of love. Why would you want to be anywhere that Love was not, no matter how many of us may have misinterpreted Love in other times? There is ALWAYS and FOREVER an increase in the awareness of Love. Sounds like a good thing, does it not?

I celebrate (which is my word for... worship) God in various persona as it so happens; often Lord Vivasvan or Lord Krishna-Christ, Green Tara often, Amitabha Buddha as an inspiration, The Man on the Beach, like a constantly running stream. You are ALWAYS celebrating something, even if it is your own misery. God is what God is, I advise getting close to God.

Love is also Profound Magic... when permitted to occur, unhindered by the one it is PASSING through. That is what all of us should aspire to, though few make the effort in these times. Unfortunately... for large parts of humanity that can prove costly. They will need to discover their love and put it to good use. Sometimes it just falls apart, but not everywhere, never everywhere. It is not about where you are so much as it is about who you are, where you are.

I remember in the poetry of a Chinese sage saying... (Cold Mountain Poems, yes! That was it.) In the poem, he was talking about walking the dry dusty roads of the cities, the heat and the murk of them. He said that he had tried drugs but he couldn't make Immortal; now he is back at Cold Mountain, where he will sleep beside the creek and purify his ears.. I think about Lady Nature like that. It beats every option that there is, but... to each their own.

So... here is The Solstice, and Christmas... moving into The New Year. I feel like I should say something about them, but for me, all I can say is, “here comes The Sun.” Here comes The Sun says it all for me. It is a Solar Event, no matter how you look at it; The Sun and The Shadows that move before it are always in some relationship in this world, however temporary. They are burned away as the shadows within are consumed by the Indwelling Sun. That is my idea of The Christmas Spirit and how I celebrate it by seeking to experience it.

I am not a sun worshiper, though I do worship The Sun for the life-giving force that it is, and the daily outpouring of its honeyed love. Its golden... liquid love. It is what is behind The Sun, that shines in a million suns that I have sought. That is the one I am after, and... what do you know? He was after me too. He is searching for every single soul to hit their light-switch, and illuminate the night in the darkness of The Mind. Next thing you know, you could be generating it.

People are curious little bees with their saving for the future, investing for the future. What about The Next Life? Wouldn't that seem like the most solid investment of all? Then too, there are those timeless sorts who come and go, always moving toward the True Promise Land. When you begin to give yourself away, as opposed to throwing yourself away, it gets noticed. It makes the web of existence tremble. Well, everything does but that is not the point. It gets noticed and a determination is made (I'm guessing here) and you are put through... or you are routed somewhere else; not my department.

This is the metaphorical Birth of the Light, and sometimes it is literal. I like to think that is a matter of every single day, though I know that is why we have the celebrations in the first place, so... Merry Christmas!!! And... every now and then... he shows up again and you get an actual... Merry Christmas!!! So it is at this time. I do not know when The Avatar will appear. What I know are the signs and the calendars... the Trends and the Patterns. This gives you cyclicity, and pretty much everything else as well. It's all cycles within cycles, like people moving from one thing to another, to one person after another, to one new promissory note from The Future, after another, when you could have been building it all the time. When you were, in fact, building it all the time.

Another reason that I am encouraged to believe that The Advent of The Avatar is upon us is the incredible visceral reaction I am experiencing within. This tells me something of great moment is approaching, but not what it is. That is why it is visceral because I know what it is. I could not define or explain it. I can gaze upon its beauty with endless wonder. This appeals to me.

This is a less merry Christmas than I have seen before. In the world outside, I mean... The World at large. The presidency is in the hands of an incompetent who is talking about widespread death among the unvaccinated. What is thees... thees unvaccination? Is it like a dance? Yeah... it's called The Mr. Retardo is Bat-Shit, Moonwalk. You are supposed to do it on a beach somewhere so that when you fall down you don't hurt yourself. I guess a lot of people do fall down. I don't know if they hurt themselves. I have never tried it. So... we were talking about this less-than-merry Christmas, but I got sidetracked. That was supposed to be comic relief.

I wish you all, each and every reader, the very best of yourselves and each other in time to come. God will lead the faithful. He always has... and he always will. I suspect this is not all going to end well for everyone because there are at least a few that I know about whose only intention is harm. Given that this is already The Time of the Avatar, they will be handled. I do not know what to expect everywhere, but I am not everywhere, nor do I wish to be.

I feel an extreme confidence. I feel very well about my perspective or... I WOULD change it. I recommend you be true to yourself. You might hit some bumps in the road. I did. I thought I might not stop hitting bumps in the road. Then it evened out and you discover that where you are, and what you are, is not so bad after all. You can cover a lot of distance when you are suffering. You can come to the end of suffering very quickly, but most people seem disinclined to do so. That is by ceasing to want. Sure... you still eat when you eat. You still buy stuff, though not so much and then less and less. You sleep. You do many things... but there is only one thing that you are doing and that is Love... as you understand it to be. We are refined by experience... and so is our view... and our practice of Love and... Love's handling of us.

We are ALWAYS on the verge of new horizons. We simply have to see them in the mind's eye and The World acts accordingly... in response, as a reflection. What kind of dream are you weaving? That is the dream you are living. Change the patterns of The Dream. You can dream yourself into an ever greater wakefulness by letting go of The Dream. Let go of The World and The World will let go of you... sooner or later. It's like spinning your wheels until the mind stops, and what you are waiting for arrives. To this, I say... Happy Solstice! and Merry Christmas!

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

"Higher and Deeper, Into Ever Greater Intensities of Light, in which Forms Move Through Worlds of Light."

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As has happened with The Salvation Army, their funds are dwindling unbelievably, since they embraced that Woke nonsense. When they saw what they had done, they sorta, kinda... backed off, but did not apologize. Now a huge portion of their former donation clientele, including myself, no longer drops any money in the red kettles. Well, you can read about it in the links below.

This is what is going to cause the major religions to tumble and scramble for change; when the money stops coming in. I founded a church. It takes no donations. It has no external church. To join you must strive to make contact with The Indwelling Almighty. It's called The First Church of the Presence of God. Once you make contact, the details are handled from that end. I don't have to worry about my church crumbling any time... ever.

The World is undergoing a revolution of all sorts and in ways that relate to the places they occur in. It is foremost, a revolution in consciousness. We are getting new Walking Papers for the world to come. It is going to be more like countries of the mind rather than of races, religions, and governmental documents. So, you can find Heaven if you want to, and you can find Hell.

Certain people who are riding high on The Money Train; people who think they are running The Show are in for a big surprise coming up soon. Everything that has happened was meant to happen for The Purpose of Demonstration. In this time, all sorts of public figures have shown their true colors. It is only because they still wield influence that they are permitted to continue... by fiat of The All High who intends to use them as a teaching moment for all wannabes.

I know there are a lot of cynical and desperate types out there who fear thunder and calamity, but I travel with The 23rd Psalm repeating itself in my heart without my even thinking about it, and I'm not even a member of that religion. There's religion and spirituality. One should not confuse them. One of them doesn't agree with anyone who doesn't already agree with them, and the other... is in harmony with all life and the matter never comes up.

One MUST realize that God is a living presence. Then... there is hope for you because you are actually a habitation and what you are habitual about is what will inhabit you. Some behavior takes place in The Lower Regions and some is more common to the Heavenly Sphere. You do have a choice about where you spend your time and with whom. Even if you are presently in Hell or some personal Purgatory, you can become free in time, and often faster than you expected. God is a Liberator, and he has the key to every door. Including the ones that are shut and locked inside of you. Some doors ONLY open from the inside. This is why you have to announce yourself. Otherwise, you could be standing in the hallway for a long time or... wherever it is that you are waiting.

I cannot seem to effectively communicate the incredible beauty of The Presence of God, already in presence everywhere, but generally unrecognized. When the lights go on in your head you can see the contents in the room. You no longer have to trip over the furniture or walk into the wall. If you are like me you don't really have to worry about walls. It's more on the order of cliffs and mountains for me... because the fencing that is present in most minds is no longer there in mine. They call this Schizophrenia when they imagine they are treating it, BUT... it is a common feature of any real artist. The Imagination needs room in order to see the bigger picture. Therefore the fences have to go.

You REALLY need to consider the presence of The Constant Watcher within, who sees through your eyes, just as The Recording Angel does, just as darkness summoned will. There are those who actually and intentionally court The Darkness within. They have no idea of what they are doing. There really are fates worse than Death. Sometimes Death is, in effect, a promotion. I look forward to each Death that I experience and there have been a number of them in psychedelic realms already, not to mention growing out of old patterns of error, which... in fact, make you a new creature.

There are a lot of decent people in The World. There are even more who have lost their way but would be glad to find it again. Those visiting evil upon us are few in number. Fortunately for them, there is a vast Army of Ignorance out there that they can easily manipulate and agitate to their ends. They can do this because they have vast wealth and the power it confers. They control The Media and run the state police on The Information Highway. They have BEEN ALLOWED to prosper in Evil for a time. Now their time is ending and the power they have been using; all power is borrowed power, is to be shut off and they are to be exposed in a very public way, as a cautionary tale for The World.

You should be able to see it already unfolding in The World before you. Chess-Backgammon and Go players would know what I am talking about. So would anyone whose profession depends on their paying attention. Mine certainly does. Everyone's life does, but they stay on that cellphone and do not look where they are going. Remember the large woman who ran into the front loader while crossing the street? I posted it a few months ago. I wonder did she actually survive that.

If you invite God to reside in you, and this you accomplish by relentless and endless efforts to get his attention, AND to hold your own... fixed on him, wonders indescribable will occur. God lives in a magic land and magical things happen there... because, in some ways, it is a world of children. This world is a pale, drab shadow of the Luminous Realms that continue higher and deeper to ever greater intensities of light in which forms move through worlds of light. You do not get there on public transportation or even private planes. You get there by transformations in your awareness. EVERYTHING is a state of mind.

I am going to tell you a profound truth about existence. If you can imagine something and hold it in thought and believe it to be true, it will appear in front of you. It is rare for it to happen immediately, the time factor varies with the practitioner, but IT HAPPENS. What I have just told you is true and verifiable. I have personally verified it on several occasions. It happens more than you might think. It even happens for everyone who practices it without realizing they are doing it.

I am of the not wanting school of thought, so... I do not practice that for material things, lest I wind up burdened by them. Be careful what you wish for. You are presently experiencing the effect of that. Change the core of what you cause and the dynamic changes. Even spiritual... metaphysical realities are based on a form of math. In other words, it all adds up. Being able to compute in the first place is the problem for most. Meanwhile, Love will take you even higher, as you trend toward Higher Love. You don't have to be able to figure it out. You only have to find the one who knows how it works. You use Love, the Supreme Attractor for that. You draw it to you the way the flower attracts the bee. This happens with EVERYTHING that comes into your life.

People trapped in the prison worlds of the mind are unable to see The Luminous Spheres. You have to give it a good bit of attention. It is a skill, like everything else. It is a skill you must develop. The most valuable skills are not taught in the common classrooms. They do not study The Living Book of Nature there. You will find however that... “when the pupil is ready, the Master appears.” After that, it is all about what changes he decides to put you through to get you back to The Kingdom.

I'll tell you, it is pure insanity that people do not pay attention to what we are discussing here today. I can see how it happens, The World being such a fascinating place and all, but... I guess it is an acquired taste; both of them are.

This morning... I went outside and the landscape was covered in frost. That seldom happens here. The light of The Sun was piercing and warm. It flowed like liquid gold over everything I could see. I had a moment, as I do most days when I am viscerally aware that The Sun is a living, conscious being who brings life where there would be none. I have the Certitude that there is far more to existence than I can see or comprehend, AND... a dynamic, loving presence is at the heart of it all.

In The Bhagavad Gita, there is talk of The Sun's Northern Path, and Southern Path, having to do with The changes of The Solstices. One is more fortunate to depart from here on The Northern Path;

"The bright daylight, the moonlit fortnight of śhuklaḥ or the bright ascending moon, and the uttaraayan, the northern course of the sun, are all considered the time of light. The God-conscious souls; who detach from worldly attachments and depart by the path of light (knowledge and discrimination) attain God."

It works with The Moon as well... apparently. I add this in case one becomes downcast about someone having departed on The Southern Route. Is this the origin of “going South?” Even in times of natural darkness, there are moments of light. The precision of it all is remarkable but would have little meaning for those who do not believe, as demonstrated in today's links by one of The Usual Suspects.

Don't over-think it, my friends! If you want God, you WILL find God. Otherwise, you will be left to your own pursuits until you awaken like The Prodigal Son in a pigsty. The pigsty IS The World of sham and glitter for the mind under enchantment, whether that be cast by Circe or spun out of the substance of dark appetites.

End Transmission.......

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Trans Activism Part of ‘Communist Revolution’

Via Breitbart
Well, how about this. Of all the places you could think of, you would have expected it to appear, it would not have been there=
San Francisco Mayor Drops ‘Defund the Police,’
Calls ‘Bulls**t’ on Progressive Police Policies

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Dear God...
The Empire tumbles in an ill wind=

"I Made $100,000 Selling My Farts in a Jar"

Monday, December 13, 2021

"Dancing in The Light of God, Whose Rays are love and We are The Prism it Will Shine Through."

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As you travel through this world you are going to have many diverse experiences. I don't know what the seamstresses of Karma wove for you out of your previous engagements, but... I do know the least painful way out of it and that is to turn the management of your life over to your Higher Nature. I call that God or The Divine or the ineffable. We all have our 'terms', but as Lao Tzu said, “terms there are but none of them are absolute.” We all define it differently, according to our disposition. If you want THIS, then you must accommodate THAT. If you want latitude, you must know where The Margins are. If you want to do something outside The Pale, you have to rationalize it to yourself, and possibly... others.

We only have conflicts with others when we are conflicted in ourselves. The World outside is a reflection of our world inside. Many do not wish to admit this. They prefer a darker emotional climate, and... The World gives them the weather they asked for. Even when it is ENGINEERED to harm and to intimidate you, somehow... you put yourself in the way of it. This... I have had to understand about my own life. Lao Tzu said, “Let life ripen and fall. Will is not The Way at all. Oppose the way of life and you are dead.”

What they have done is come out with an assortment of vaccines that are death-charged depth-charges. Some will kill The Vulnerable quickly. Some will kill the active through the heart. All of them compromise the immune system. Possibly the greatest mass murder we have ever seen is in play. Keeping perspective, one should keep in mind how many come and go every single day. Every six days a million people check out of The Temporary Mortal Plane. Sometimes larger numbers occur from wars, and plagues, natural and unnatural disasters, or in combination. Remember that this present killing spree is as much about control as it is about murder. It's the control they are after. The murders are simply necessary evils to an end. THEY are unconcerned with good and evil. They want what they want.

The more I think of it, here in The World of this moment, the more Lao Tzu comes to mind (for codes of conduct) when... one thinks of what they might or might have to do in a state of necessity. Obviously, it is best not to get into a state of necessity, to begin with; keeping in mind that God rules all situations and conditions. Christ demonstrated this by walking on the angry waters of the sea. Others have done the same. When God comes into RESIDENCE, nothing is impossible.

Here I must speak of an unfortunate reality and why one MUST be mindful. Many there are that have not sought God's kinship (most especially in Times of Material Darkness), all through their clear sailing lives. Then... storm clouds come upon the horizon and they become desperate and call out to God, but they have ignored God all this time. Then there are those who have sought God through trial and storm. If one is persistent, God comes to reside within. It is, of course, never too late while there is breath. HOWEVER... I would say that turning to God prior to being in extremis is a better idea all around.

I was putting out seeds for the birds this morning and a feature of The Law of Reciprocity demonstrated itself in my mind. I thought how we are also feeding our invisible friends with our loving thoughts and our prayers; our celebrations in adoration, as they continue in our experience of them. I then thought if one is of a generous nature, giving in the visible and invisible fashion... as a lifestyle even... one can pick up a head of steam in a certain direction. One has that in abundance in their misspent youth. Later... one lives on the reserves. One can even top up at any time when one comes nearer to the fountain. There is a fountain within us of overflowing love only... it is not overflowing in most. A climate of materialism makes us selfish beings. Of course, once you give it away, you will never run out.

I can make no decisions for another. I have seen the fortunes and misfortunes of the many twisted roads to Babylon and beyond. Often... I have seen it through the eyes of others, and THANKFULLY too. I have experienced it in books and films, and... in real life (grin). No... I cannot tell others what to do. It is for them to discover what that is according to what they think they want. I cannot even make decisions for myself, BUT... I know someone who can. I get that becoming like a little child thing. I also get the “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I think that is Wisdom. Wisdom... like any of The Qualities of God, is also a living thing. What I mean is that there is an entity or an angel that symbolizes and expresses it, and... you can as well be POSSESSED by any of them as what is already possessing so many in more negative ways. The angels of those qualities feed on us and we become them on our way to Perfect Service.

That is what God does anyway. He serves. Look at The Sun! Do I really need to clarify this? This is what stops so many people from seeking God. It turns you into a serving mechanism... because self-interest and God are not compatible except in terms of a lesson; some Purpose of Demonstration. Many people do not get the point of selfless service. They see it as some onerous and never-ending task. It is a never-ending task, BUT... it is not onerous. I think of it as dancing in the light of God, whose rays are love and I am the prism through which it will express. We are stained glass windows IF WE WANT TO BE.

I note that several people I am familiar with are experiencing difficulties in their lives. They aren't so much a crisis as the war of attrition. Life wears on us. We want this. We want that. ONLY one thing is worth having and it also involves not wanting. It's not like you won't get a lot of stuff. There's already too much stuff. That's what is at the heart of most people's sorrow and loss addiction. Jesus! Let it go. It's a good question; why load yourself down with dead weight?

You are also not going to make it through life without having transmission difficulties with someone else. I live an extremely private life, and that includes online as well. This is pretty much what I do on the internet, and I read the news from various sources so that I can sift the common lies and find the occasional truth... if Relative Truth is your thing. Otherwise... there are better things to do. You can still offend people without even intending to.

There is a reason I talk about God, and into a non-sectarian format that includes most of the other formats. There is enduring truth in most of them. It is good to harvest from every field. You will NEVER know it entirely, BUT... you can know it better! The closer you get to God, the closer God gets to you. That might seem an obvious truth but often people do not see it both ways. The closer God gets to you the more you relinquish control until you come into the understanding of the pervasive control that controls all things. Getting there. It should be obvious... is the finest sanctuary the heart and mind could ever seek. It is the resolution of all sorrow and loss, all guilt and confusion. It is the excellence of freedom from all bondage.

Yes, you can be trapped into temporary bondage. You do not have to stay there. Appetites and desires are all links in the chains that bind. The secret is to know how to truly enjoy life, and? That seems to have something to do with moderation, and... one more compelling attraction that is more powerful than any other. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

People whine about everything under The Sun, yet... they created it. It gives them company. It's something to talk about when they have company; if that should happen. You can live in any world you choose. Why would you live in a world you do not enjoy? Material life is, and is not, endless. Each of the segments (lives) comes to a close and moves on to the next one. There are many people caught up in the endless cycling of lives for pedestrian things. Those are the magnets that keep them coming back. I prefer another resolution to the matter. I like the idea of The Body of Glory, and The Operation of The Sun. It is to a common theme, perhaps even the same theme, to which I devote my time, regardless of what it may appear that I am doing. It accounts for the love of privacy as well, since one is NEVER alone.

Something worth doing is worth doing with your whole heart. If your whole heart isn't in it then you won't get very far and it will hurt while you do it. If you put your whole heart into it, then that is a different matter. It is like having a consuming passion, and if that passion is God? And if it consumes you? Yeah... I like the idea of that too. The only way to keep yourself is to give yourself away. Just don't be stupid about it.

Look how Mr. Apocalypse is getting all the frauds to expose themselves through inexplicable behavior. This is going to intensify any day now into a pandemic of reputation suicides, and yes... you may quote me on that. Once again, it comes down to Trends and Patterns. If you look CLOSELY at life, near up and at a distance... you see trends and patterns. It's like being a trained professional. You learn to FOCUS your mind on the task at hand. “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.”

When people give themselves away to the pursuits of the false self, if they are good at it, they can get away with it for long periods of time. HOWEVER... in an apocalypse, everything changes. This is a time of REVEALING and UNCOVERING. It is both terrible and wonderful. It all hinges on which part of yourself you are revealing. When an Awakening comes, you choose what you seek to awaken into or immerse yourself in. Here we see Materialism at work again. Step away from The Circus. There is a picnic table in the meadow and the trees are heavy with fruit.

God plays hide and seek in each of us, hoping to discover him/herself in others or the whole of existence. This is a vast and panoramic journey. One should enjoy the view in the passing of all temporal forms.

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I was thinking of movies for the season. This one is a little silly but it is also very well done and FINELY acted. If you haven't seen it, you might enjoy its escapist-romantic- interplays and locations in an idealized world; given what we see today. It's called “The Holiday”.

Not such a length of links. I only want to post what I find interesting, in and of itself or by contrast. Slim pickings of late=

Bill Gates

Via The Real History Channel
From our go-to historian=
‘Greetings, Mr. President’:
Biden and Putin Hold 2-Hour Virtual Summit

Via The New York Post
Yup! More anti-Semitism=
Billionaire hedge funder hands over $70M in stolen antiquities

Via The Real History Channel
And... from our resident archaeologist=
Mike King:
The Shroud of Turin; Myth or Miracle?

Shroud of Turin

Via Fox News
Doesn't this look like some kind of HAARP weapon, given the breadth of the damage?
Something is surely off about it=

Biden uses tornado tragedy to push climate agenda:
Suggests storms are ‘consequence of the warming’

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

"It Is a Heavy Pressing Down. It Lives in the Worm-Eaten Commentaries Born from the Minds of the Sexually Repressed."

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“They threw dust on their heads and cried out, weeping and wailing, and saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city, in which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth! For in one hour she is made desolate.”

I wonder, sometimes... about that part where it says, “in one hour is she made desolate.” I am familiar with “The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross” and other curious and arcane perspectives that there are about that Man-God of Mystery, Jesus Christ.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

It is a matter of some degree of evil genius that Talmudic-minded insurgents, managed to shoehorn their tradition into the story of Jesus Christ, who was not a Jew, but who has that reputation due to their efforts at Revisionism.

I am not going to go into the details which have convinced me of this one specific point. To me... it doesn't matter whether he came out of that tradition or not. The simple, yet profound beauty of his teachings are all that matters to me. I don't care if this guy learned The Blues in St. Louis or that guy learned The Blues in New York. What matters to me is if the music resonates with me. I am not a fan of The Blues because I don't have The Blues, and am not after getting The Blues either. It is a remarkable form of music and I can see the magic of the moods it generates. I'm just not after those moods.

I am not a Christian because that religion does not sync up with what I have read in The Book of Nature. The mooring broke from the docks, where the original tradition was stored, and it drifted far out to sea in the night. Where will it strike land again? This I do not know. They lost me after The Essene's and Gnostic's; found me again with The Alchemists and Rosicrucians, and the spirit of Martin Luther, lost me in the splintering schismatics of left no longer being left. Now it is right or sideways. They lost me in the rotting timbers of minutiae. They lost me in the hard-assed Calvinism, and purse-mouthed Puritans. I don't know what any of them mean anymore, and I am fair sure they don't know either.

Most of the time, in Christianity, there is this weight. It is a heavy pressing down that lives in the worm-eaten commentaries born out of the minds of the sexually repressed. I want my religion to be ALIVE. I want it to be a living thing. I don't EVER want to hear songs like, “Faith of our Fathers” again. I don't want to sit in a building with a droning speaker, mouthing platitudes he has no connection to. I don't want to drowse in the dust motes that dance between the pews and the windows, among the sleeping and dreaming parishioners.

Is that weight the weight of guilt and Original Sin that we all get hammered with on our way to personal revolt? It's a set-up and it's been a set-up since the beginning. The Fall of Man is a scripted legacy, whose intent is for us to keep our heads down and our noses to the grindstone. It is a weapon that is used against us by those who believe in NOTHING but their own gain. It's the Judaeo-Christian work ethic. It's a load of bullshit propaganda designed to keep us in shackles to The Overlords.

God is a living thing and cannot be found in books or the droning commentaries of others who haven't found him either. THEY ARE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE! There is very little that one actually needs to know about how to righteously navigate life; find the love in your heart and share it with others. Serve others and you will be serving yourself. This does not mean being a doormat or a fool. It is what God does. God's love pours from the Heavens and from within... and he serves all. You can tell when he is alive in someone because that is what they do too. They emulate their creator whom they host within, and who does everything THROUGH them.

If you want to serve the higher kingdom, you must share it with one and all, the same way that The Sun does (being mindful not to cast your pearls before swine). All The Sun does is shine and give life. The Sun doesn't care if you are a stockbroker with Sierra Madre Flu or a beggar in the street. Each of them will fall asleep and become the other. Oil Lords and galley slaves will change their places over the course of The Endless Lesson, which has to do with an ever greater, growing comprehension of the dynamics of Love. Of course, I am talking about Higher Love, though this is, as yet, not clear to some.

My friend walked into a Deseret Bookstore the other day. This is where The Mormons buy their books. Places like this are for people who invest in the surface impressions. It is here that they can hear and learn about The Deseret Bookstore Blues, in Unaccompanied Preteen Minor. There and The Temple is where the rubber meets the road in Joseph Smith-Land. When you look deeper into Mormonism, you find it is ALL about control. They REALLY like that Stepford Wife thing. I have nothing against them, at least they behave themselves and they have a plan. These days, most have no plan at all. It would not be my thing. I enjoy being in lockstep ONLY when greater freedom is the result of one continuing.

They had long white outfits and all sorts of paraphernalia in that bookstore that The Devout will not be found without. If you study Islam... or traditional Buddhism or... any of them, really. They are ALL about control. They've all got their bookstores and curio-shops. It's not much different from the NFL web-shop where they sell the official regalia, made out of petroleum derivatives. They all have their holidays and holiday rituals. They have their customs, and parameters for acceptable behavior. They just want to keep you in line. They want you writing between the margins and on the lines... well (as Lecter said about Miggs)... “Not anymore”. People don't learn to write anymore or spell or add or subtract. This is probably because none of it adds up anymore.

When you REALLY step back, and when you REALLY pay attention, you can see that The World has been transformed into ranks of turnstiles and you pay as you go. You can't travel into New York City-Babylon without paying, You can't travel out of That Great City without paying. I suppose you can go in and out on foot or with your thumb, as I have done, BUT... I wouldn't recommend it. Much of the crowded and congested portions of The World are no longer safe. They weren't really safe before, BUT... now?

It becomes of ever greater concern when you discover that a small group of psychopaths is stealing everything in sight, AND destroying the village once they have looted it. It is difficult, once you learn who is the victim and who the victimizer. It is difficult when you see that every religion, every corporation, every vehicle for the transmission of information of any kind, are ALL COMPROMISED and now they exist for the profits of the few. This is ALL going to change, BUT... at the moment it can be very disconcerting and worrisome; if you are the sort who does that.

Yes... it is all falling down around us, and the most ineffectual buffoons that I have ever seen or heard about have been brought in to assist with the dismantling. It is cartoonish. One day you will be walking down Buttipig Boulevard and shielding your eyes from the central sculpture. Yes... we have gone from majestic cathedrals that we no longer know how to build to urban porn.

I don't want to leave you awash in negativity. None of this is by accident. This... the whole of it, is ALL unfolding as it should. It is always messy and uncertain in a construction zone, with buildings coming down and buildings going up. We are in that transition state and it can be intimidating for those who do not understand this is all a regular progression from one thing to another. Yes... all Hell will break loose somewhere, and in other places, it will be an animated, pastoral postcard. You will GRAVITATE toward what is relevant to you.

If I had a magic wand, and it worked, I would wave it over the whole of the manifest plane and speak whatever the words are for the transformation rites desired. I do have a magic wand, but I am, as yet... uncertain as to how it works.

When it does shift into Major Change, it might change so fast that it takes your breath away, for a moment, and leaves you in a state of shuddering awe. There are no accidents. There is only the unexpected happening in an unexpected fashion. Not a prophet, soothsayer, seer or sage do we have at this time to advise, warn or inform us. We have... cartoons.

God is coming in human form. I have no more details than that. I will leave it to the experts to tell you what will be on the menu; what The Special of the Day is, and whether or not it is prix-fixe. God is coming in human form, AND in the human heart, where a place has been prepared for him. This is all I know at present, but... for me, it is good news. For me, it is the very best news I can imagine.

End Transmission.......

I've seen a lot of interesting film efforts over time and I would like to share some of them with you. Mel Gibson has done some fantastic indie films in recent years and none better than “Fatman”.

I also have seen 3 episodes of “School of Chocolate” which is about working pastry chefs, who are being schooled in working with chocolate and building fantastic sculptures out of it.

The main character is a hoot. I suspect he will make you grin now and again. It has the sort of people you might expect to be pastry chefs and they definitely went for the politically correct perspective. It is as if they hired Benetton to be their casting director. There is a lot to be annoyed at, BUT... there is a lot that will amaze you too. Since I have worked in restaurants big and small in my time, and even owned a couple, here and there, I find this sort of thing fascinating.

Some links for your consideration=

Via Information Liberation
Every time a Neo-Con dies a demon gets its horns. I'm going to call it,
"It's a terrible life"=

Neocon WashPo Editor Who Trashed Anti-Vaxxers Dies Of 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest'

Via Information Liberation
Well now... here's a good continuance from the last link at the same site=
America's Finest Are Getting Purged While The Worst Of The Worst Are Being Promoted

Very Rear Admiral

These are quite funny if you have never heard them before=

Via Fox News
I'm guessing there are other ways to imagine Fat City=
Obesity: More than half of young adults are overweight, study says

Via The Cariboo Sentinel
Given it is from Arthur Topham I'm going to link this, but I don't actually understand it=
Canada Wide Alert!
The Shit’s About to Hit the Fan

Cariboo Sentinel

Via Fox News
More arguments for the legitimacy of Phrenology. I ONLY mention this because it can protect the one armed with an awareness of it from being a victim. Vibes= when one gets "vibrations" this is the subconscious responding to Surface Impressions; "something is off about that guy. This can prove USEFUL to know=
Mississippi man on death row makes stunning admission just before execution

David Neal Cox

Via The Real History Channel
And there's this=
Many House Democrats and Deep State Actors Retiring or Resigning

David Neal Cox

Friday, December 03, 2021

"Some Part of Truth Goes Beyond Thought. Why do You Think We have Symbols? Truth Goes Beyond Symbols Too."

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We have a website called Next Door here. I don't bother with it, usually, but they always send me notifications; yadda-this, yadda-that. I saw this one thread, where residents were complaining and it seemed like everyone was sick or had just been sick or had been sick, got well, and got sick again. I move through this Scamdemic but I don't notice it. I've been exposed to it. It had no effect. I'm not saying that means anything, just being candid. The contributors were saying that kids had been out of school for many days and that they and their relatives had been sick, on and off, for some time. Weird.

I believe this latest iteration of the complete hijacking of the common cold and the seasonal flu is going to prove the tipping point to this BS enterprise, which... as you should know by now is a fabrication of The Sabbatean Frankist sector of The Usual Suspects. I don't really know who is who and what is what, but I do know that a leopard doesn't change its spots. I also know who manufactured the vaccines BEFORE there was even a virus. They have been cooking up this kill-n-maim shot for a while, and... as you saw, in yesterday's links... the ordinary, working day public is catching on.

Why are all these people sick? Why are their children sick? You can chalk that up to Materialism as well. There is Stress in abundance in every age group. For children... the pressure to be transgender or gay is enormous. Conflict between the races is being stoked by The Usual Suspects. Our heroes and celebrity icons compete with each other to see who can be more Woke and damaged. Our politicians are COMPLETELY sold out and the culture is in free fall.

Spirituality is a bird on the wing, headed to a further shore. Without a representative amount of spiritually-minded people, Materialism tromps all over the moral compass and gyroscope of Humanity. It seems, short of a more critical inquiry, that there is a powerful and well-funded effort to destroy the human race or... genetically twist it into a zombie race of Orcs and Trolls who beat each other to death, under the jaded eyes of an emasculated elite, who can get no pleasure that is not brought about by the suffering of OTHERS.

It should be PAST OBVIOUS... that agents of The Perpetual Underworld, are working with a fury seldom seen before, to destroy life as we know it. I have explained, as far as I am permitted to understand it... why this is happening. It is TRADITIONAL for The Avatar to drive The Resident Darkness on The Inner Planes, out into manifestation on The Material Plane for Judgment. It happens every time he comes again. In between his visitations, a great deal of corruption occurs, over the course of time. It is one of the main reasons that The Avatar has to come back at all. The other main reason is that... over the course of time, spirituality leaches out of the human dynamic, due to Materialism, and The Avatar has to come and pour Spirituality back into the human dynamic. It is similar to the Trend toward Entropy. It is just what happens.

This time he will Literally be pouring the spirituality in, given that Aquarius is The Water-Bearer. He is going to awaken in the human heart as his primary residence. Will he be noticeable as a singular entity within AND apart? This I do not know. I do know that he will come in the human heart where a place has been prepared for him.

Do you remember the section in scripture that describes two men laboring in a field, and one is taken and one is left? Two women are doing something else, and one is taken and one is left. It is a harvesting, and those with the right credentials will be harvested, and the rest will be sent to The Wardrobe Department on the Moon so that they can play the roles their Karma indicates during the coming 2200 year cycle. Harvesting is ALWAYS taking place but in a smaller fashion. Determined souls attain Liberation. Sometimes they hang around or come back, to assist the rest of us in our struggles to be liberated. Some of them just go up the flue and that is all she wrote.

I realize that as far as I have seen, I am the only one talking about this; the coming of The Avatar. Maybe there are others. I haven't seen them. This is not an effort to present myself as unique. It is an indication that I am not on the common stream of contemporary thought. That can make me a lone gunman lunatic or the smartest guy in the room. I am not a gunman of any kind. I am also not the smartest guy in the room, so... what am I saying? I don't know. That's not very satisfying or comforting. I realize that. Sometimes I wish I knew more, and sometimes I am glad that I don't. Didn't someone once say something like, “In much knowledge, there is much sorrow?” Something like that.

What I write comes from two sources. One of them is the amalgam of all those I have read, who convinced me of what they had to say. The other is The Intuition. As to the first source, all of those I have read who have convinced me of anything, are ALL in agreement with each other about basic enduring truths and Ageless Wisdom. These sources are sometimes separated by hundreds and even thousands of years from one another. They spoke different languages and came out of different traditions. Yet... they are all, pretty much in agreement with each other. Hmm...

During all the comings and goings of The Wise and The Foolish, The Simple and The Clever, The Good and The Wicked, there have been certain constants which have continued without interruption for millions of years before those I follow even walked here, and will... likely... continue for millions of years to come, and that is The Sun, and Nature in myriad forms. The Sun is the source of all manifest life. Tradition tells us that The Avatars all come from The Sun.

I know that Atheists and Materialists are unlikely to believe anything like this, BUT... they cannot say it is not so, especially concerning the time frames. As far as The Avatar coming out of The Sun, they are welcome to argue against the traditions that promote this as being true. In Occult Teachings (meaning what is concealed from the common mind) and in Occult History, this is a widely accepted belief.

Atheists and Materialists do not venture into The Occult (hidden) EXCEPT when they are motivated by self-interest to seek out means by which to gain Power and Influence in human affairs. Then they go to The Dark Side... to the Reversed Kabbalah. It is in their nature to do this. It is the way that they are made. In Times of Material Darkness, more of us gravitate to The Dark Side, whether it be by intention OR inclination. This is another part of the reason that The Avatar comes among us, to save those that can be saved from their own intentions and inclinations born of ignorant desire.

How does The Avatar come into position to be The Avatar? Many, many lives go into the preparation. You might not know this but there are a number of souls seeking to be chosen for this high honor; the right to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of humanity. It can take aeons to come anywhere near this opportunity. Each Avatar has specific abilities that have been tailored to the needs of the times they have been chosen for. The same avataric characteristics are not present in each avatar. USUALLY, a specific quality prevails above all the other splendid characteristics that one must possess to be Avatar.

There are lesser avatars who come and go in the generations and leave their footprints for others to follow. The Avatar is a general persona that is occupied by a specific soul. It is similar to Lord Vivasvan sitting in Lord Surya's seat as The Sun God. It is similar to the Jesus the Christ construct. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. This sort of thing confuses most people, especially the dogmatists and fundamentalists. When I say that The Avatar is always The Avatar, that is a blind. It IS true, but... there is always more to the story.

People like to object to things. They sense that they are not getting the whole truth. You NEVER get the whole truth. What a stupid thing to imagine to be possible. Portions of The Truth remain forever beyond the reach of words. Some part of Truth goes beyond thought. Why do you think we have symbols? Truth goes beyond symbols too.

It is a source of endless amusement to me, to see and hear people arguing about what they have so little understanding of. Character INDEED... is Fate. It is best to stop monkeying around with what you do not understand. It is less than amusing to see how many people coming and going on the internet at any time are angry, and even outraged... often over NOTHING. They are just angry and don't know why. This is only one of the gifts Materialism gives you.

What you see in front of you in these times, and hear about outside of your line of sight... is not going to end well. How can it? For endless millennia we build Towers of Babel, and locations for Babylon. Take a close look at human life. God is real. Nothing else is.

End Transmission.......

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What cynical and total bullshit!
It's the vaccines AND ALSO why you do not want to take PCR tests=

'Long' COVID causes bad smells and tastes, depression for some survivors:
'Hot water smells like rotting meat'

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Why isn't Governor Abbot doing anything about this?
Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes

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Well... this is disgraceful!
If I knew what she was talking about it would be even worse=

Geffen Playhouse Cancels Production After Playwright Claims Black ‘Womxn’ Artists ‘Were Verbally Abused and Diminshed’