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"It Is a Heavy Pressing Down. It Lives in the Worm-Eaten Commentaries Born from the Minds of the Sexually Repressed."

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“They threw dust on their heads and cried out, weeping and wailing, and saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city, in which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth! For in one hour she is made desolate.”

I wonder, sometimes... about that part where it says, “in one hour is she made desolate.” I am familiar with “The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross” and other curious and arcane perspectives that there are about that Man-God of Mystery, Jesus Christ.

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It is a matter of some degree of evil genius that Talmudic-minded insurgents, managed to shoehorn their tradition into the story of Jesus Christ, who was not a Jew, but who has that reputation due to their efforts at Revisionism.

I am not going to go into the details which have convinced me of this one specific point. To me... it doesn't matter whether he came out of that tradition or not. The simple, yet profound beauty of his teachings are all that matters to me. I don't care if this guy learned The Blues in St. Louis or that guy learned The Blues in New York. What matters to me is if the music resonates with me. I am not a fan of The Blues because I don't have The Blues, and am not after getting The Blues either. It is a remarkable form of music and I can see the magic of the moods it generates. I'm just not after those moods.

I am not a Christian because that religion does not sync up with what I have read in The Book of Nature. The mooring broke from the docks, where the original tradition was stored, and it drifted far out to sea in the night. Where will it strike land again? This I do not know. They lost me after The Essene's and Gnostic's; found me again with The Alchemists and Rosicrucians, and the spirit of Martin Luther, lost me in the splintering schismatics of left no longer being left. Now it is right or sideways. They lost me in the rotting timbers of minutiae. They lost me in the hard-assed Calvinism, and purse-mouthed Puritans. I don't know what any of them mean anymore, and I am fair sure they don't know either.

Most of the time, in Christianity, there is this weight. It is a heavy pressing down that lives in the worm-eaten commentaries born out of the minds of the sexually repressed. I want my religion to be ALIVE. I want it to be a living thing. I don't EVER want to hear songs like, “Faith of our Fathers” again. I don't want to sit in a building with a droning speaker, mouthing platitudes he has no connection to. I don't want to drowse in the dust motes that dance between the pews and the windows, among the sleeping and dreaming parishioners.

Is that weight the weight of guilt and Original Sin that we all get hammered with on our way to personal revolt? It's a set-up and it's been a set-up since the beginning. The Fall of Man is a scripted legacy, whose intent is for us to keep our heads down and our noses to the grindstone. It is a weapon that is used against us by those who believe in NOTHING but their own gain. It's the Judaeo-Christian work ethic. It's a load of bullshit propaganda designed to keep us in shackles to The Overlords.

God is a living thing and cannot be found in books or the droning commentaries of others who haven't found him either. THEY ARE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE! There is very little that one actually needs to know about how to righteously navigate life; find the love in your heart and share it with others. Serve others and you will be serving yourself. This does not mean being a doormat or a fool. It is what God does. God's love pours from the Heavens and from within... and he serves all. You can tell when he is alive in someone because that is what they do too. They emulate their creator whom they host within, and who does everything THROUGH them.

If you want to serve the higher kingdom, you must share it with one and all, the same way that The Sun does (being mindful not to cast your pearls before swine). All The Sun does is shine and give life. The Sun doesn't care if you are a stockbroker with Sierra Madre Flu or a beggar in the street. Each of them will fall asleep and become the other. Oil Lords and galley slaves will change their places over the course of The Endless Lesson, which has to do with an ever greater, growing comprehension of the dynamics of Love. Of course, I am talking about Higher Love, though this is, as yet, not clear to some.

My friend walked into a Deseret Bookstore the other day. This is where The Mormons buy their books. Places like this are for people who invest in the surface impressions. It is here that they can hear and learn about The Deseret Bookstore Blues, in Unaccompanied Preteen Minor. There and The Temple is where the rubber meets the road in Joseph Smith-Land. When you look deeper into Mormonism, you find it is ALL about control. They REALLY like that Stepford Wife thing. I have nothing against them, at least they behave themselves and they have a plan. These days, most have no plan at all. It would not be my thing. I enjoy being in lockstep ONLY when greater freedom is the result of one continuing.

They had long white outfits and all sorts of paraphernalia in that bookstore that The Devout will not be found without. If you study Islam... or traditional Buddhism or... any of them, really. They are ALL about control. They've all got their bookstores and curio-shops. It's not much different from the NFL web-shop where they sell the official regalia, made out of petroleum derivatives. They all have their holidays and holiday rituals. They have their customs, and parameters for acceptable behavior. They just want to keep you in line. They want you writing between the margins and on the lines... well (as Lecter said about Miggs)... “Not anymore”. People don't learn to write anymore or spell or add or subtract. This is probably because none of it adds up anymore.

When you REALLY step back, and when you REALLY pay attention, you can see that The World has been transformed into ranks of turnstiles and you pay as you go. You can't travel into New York City-Babylon without paying, You can't travel out of That Great City without paying. I suppose you can go in and out on foot or with your thumb, as I have done, BUT... I wouldn't recommend it. Much of the crowded and congested portions of The World are no longer safe. They weren't really safe before, BUT... now?

It becomes of ever greater concern when you discover that a small group of psychopaths is stealing everything in sight, AND destroying the village once they have looted it. It is difficult, once you learn who is the victim and who the victimizer. It is difficult when you see that every religion, every corporation, every vehicle for the transmission of information of any kind, are ALL COMPROMISED and now they exist for the profits of the few. This is ALL going to change, BUT... at the moment it can be very disconcerting and worrisome; if you are the sort who does that.

Yes... it is all falling down around us, and the most ineffectual buffoons that I have ever seen or heard about have been brought in to assist with the dismantling. It is cartoonish. One day you will be walking down Buttipig Boulevard and shielding your eyes from the central sculpture. Yes... we have gone from majestic cathedrals that we no longer know how to build to urban porn.

I don't want to leave you awash in negativity. None of this is by accident. This... the whole of it, is ALL unfolding as it should. It is always messy and uncertain in a construction zone, with buildings coming down and buildings going up. We are in that transition state and it can be intimidating for those who do not understand this is all a regular progression from one thing to another. Yes... all Hell will break loose somewhere, and in other places, it will be an animated, pastoral postcard. You will GRAVITATE toward what is relevant to you.

If I had a magic wand, and it worked, I would wave it over the whole of the manifest plane and speak whatever the words are for the transformation rites desired. I do have a magic wand, but I am, as yet... uncertain as to how it works.

When it does shift into Major Change, it might change so fast that it takes your breath away, for a moment, and leaves you in a state of shuddering awe. There are no accidents. There is only the unexpected happening in an unexpected fashion. Not a prophet, soothsayer, seer or sage do we have at this time to advise, warn or inform us. We have... cartoons.

God is coming in human form. I have no more details than that. I will leave it to the experts to tell you what will be on the menu; what The Special of the Day is, and whether or not it is prix-fixe. God is coming in human form, AND in the human heart, where a place has been prepared for him. This is all I know at present, but... for me, it is good news. For me, it is the very best news I can imagine.

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I've seen a lot of interesting film efforts over time and I would like to share some of them with you. Mel Gibson has done some fantastic indie films in recent years and none better than “Fatman”.

I also have seen 3 episodes of “School of Chocolate” which is about working pastry chefs, who are being schooled in working with chocolate and building fantastic sculptures out of it.

The main character is a hoot. I suspect he will make you grin now and again. It has the sort of people you might expect to be pastry chefs and they definitely went for the politically correct perspective. It is as if they hired Benetton to be their casting director. There is a lot to be annoyed at, BUT... there is a lot that will amaze you too. Since I have worked in restaurants big and small in my time, and even owned a couple, here and there, I find this sort of thing fascinating.

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More arguments for the legitimacy of Phrenology. I ONLY mention this because it can protect the one armed with an awareness of it from being a victim. Vibes= when one gets "vibrations" this is the subconscious responding to Surface Impressions; "something is off about that guy. This can prove USEFUL to know=
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, as I continue to wait. . .to graduate this feckin' place.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"The Road to Damascus is Still Haunted by the Possibilities of Light. Light is the Everlasting Victor."

Anonymous said...

So much soul in your writings. I've downloaded the mushroom pdf; however, I cannot seem to locate a viable English transaltion of Book of Nature. If there is such a thing, I would love to be able to read what sounds like forbidden truths needing to be brought to light.

Thank you so much for stirring my heart, soul and spirit.

Visible said...

I'm talking about a book that is open but not a book like any book you have ever read. Some call it The Living Book of Nature. Mikhail Aivanhov talks about it and so does many a yogi and seeker. One's spiritual senses must be open in order to read it.

Raevn said...

Visible... thank you for the reply and information.

Raevn said...

Humble thanks... got it!

Visible said...

If this is more hanky panky, as I suspect it is, it will be the end of the hanky panky.



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