Thursday, December 16, 2021

"Higher and Deeper, Into Ever Greater Intensities of Light, in which Forms Move Through Worlds of Light."

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As has happened with The Salvation Army, their funds are dwindling unbelievably, since they embraced that Woke nonsense. When they saw what they had done, they sorta, kinda... backed off, but did not apologize. Now a huge portion of their former donation clientele, including myself, no longer drops any money in the red kettles. Well, you can read about it in the links below.

This is what is going to cause the major religions to tumble and scramble for change; when the money stops coming in. I founded a church. It takes no donations. It has no external church. To join you must strive to make contact with The Indwelling Almighty. It's called The First Church of the Presence of God. Once you make contact, the details are handled from that end. I don't have to worry about my church crumbling any time... ever.

The World is undergoing a revolution of all sorts and in ways that relate to the places they occur in. It is foremost, a revolution in consciousness. We are getting new Walking Papers for the world to come. It is going to be more like countries of the mind rather than of races, religions, and governmental documents. So, you can find Heaven if you want to, and you can find Hell.

Certain people who are riding high on The Money Train; people who think they are running The Show are in for a big surprise coming up soon. Everything that has happened was meant to happen for The Purpose of Demonstration. In this time, all sorts of public figures have shown their true colors. It is only because they still wield influence that they are permitted to continue... by fiat of The All High who intends to use them as a teaching moment for all wannabes.

I know there are a lot of cynical and desperate types out there who fear thunder and calamity, but I travel with The 23rd Psalm repeating itself in my heart without my even thinking about it, and I'm not even a member of that religion. There's religion and spirituality. One should not confuse them. One of them doesn't agree with anyone who doesn't already agree with them, and the other... is in harmony with all life and the matter never comes up.

One MUST realize that God is a living presence. Then... there is hope for you because you are actually a habitation and what you are habitual about is what will inhabit you. Some behavior takes place in The Lower Regions and some is more common to the Heavenly Sphere. You do have a choice about where you spend your time and with whom. Even if you are presently in Hell or some personal Purgatory, you can become free in time, and often faster than you expected. God is a Liberator, and he has the key to every door. Including the ones that are shut and locked inside of you. Some doors ONLY open from the inside. This is why you have to announce yourself. Otherwise, you could be standing in the hallway for a long time or... wherever it is that you are waiting.

I cannot seem to effectively communicate the incredible beauty of The Presence of God, already in presence everywhere, but generally unrecognized. When the lights go on in your head you can see the contents in the room. You no longer have to trip over the furniture or walk into the wall. If you are like me you don't really have to worry about walls. It's more on the order of cliffs and mountains for me... because the fencing that is present in most minds is no longer there in mine. They call this Schizophrenia when they imagine they are treating it, BUT... it is a common feature of any real artist. The Imagination needs room in order to see the bigger picture. Therefore the fences have to go.

You REALLY need to consider the presence of The Constant Watcher within, who sees through your eyes, just as The Recording Angel does, just as darkness summoned will. There are those who actually and intentionally court The Darkness within. They have no idea of what they are doing. There really are fates worse than Death. Sometimes Death is, in effect, a promotion. I look forward to each Death that I experience and there have been a number of them in psychedelic realms already, not to mention growing out of old patterns of error, which... in fact, make you a new creature.

There are a lot of decent people in The World. There are even more who have lost their way but would be glad to find it again. Those visiting evil upon us are few in number. Fortunately for them, there is a vast Army of Ignorance out there that they can easily manipulate and agitate to their ends. They can do this because they have vast wealth and the power it confers. They control The Media and run the state police on The Information Highway. They have BEEN ALLOWED to prosper in Evil for a time. Now their time is ending and the power they have been using; all power is borrowed power, is to be shut off and they are to be exposed in a very public way, as a cautionary tale for The World.

You should be able to see it already unfolding in The World before you. Chess-Backgammon and Go players would know what I am talking about. So would anyone whose profession depends on their paying attention. Mine certainly does. Everyone's life does, but they stay on that cellphone and do not look where they are going. Remember the large woman who ran into the front loader while crossing the street? I posted it a few months ago. I wonder did she actually survive that.

If you invite God to reside in you, and this you accomplish by relentless and endless efforts to get his attention, AND to hold your own... fixed on him, wonders indescribable will occur. God lives in a magic land and magical things happen there... because, in some ways, it is a world of children. This world is a pale, drab shadow of the Luminous Realms that continue higher and deeper to ever greater intensities of light in which forms move through worlds of light. You do not get there on public transportation or even private planes. You get there by transformations in your awareness. EVERYTHING is a state of mind.

I am going to tell you a profound truth about existence. If you can imagine something and hold it in thought and believe it to be true, it will appear in front of you. It is rare for it to happen immediately, the time factor varies with the practitioner, but IT HAPPENS. What I have just told you is true and verifiable. I have personally verified it on several occasions. It happens more than you might think. It even happens for everyone who practices it without realizing they are doing it.

I am of the not wanting school of thought, so... I do not practice that for material things, lest I wind up burdened by them. Be careful what you wish for. You are presently experiencing the effect of that. Change the core of what you cause and the dynamic changes. Even spiritual... metaphysical realities are based on a form of math. In other words, it all adds up. Being able to compute in the first place is the problem for most. Meanwhile, Love will take you even higher, as you trend toward Higher Love. You don't have to be able to figure it out. You only have to find the one who knows how it works. You use Love, the Supreme Attractor for that. You draw it to you the way the flower attracts the bee. This happens with EVERYTHING that comes into your life.

People trapped in the prison worlds of the mind are unable to see The Luminous Spheres. You have to give it a good bit of attention. It is a skill, like everything else. It is a skill you must develop. The most valuable skills are not taught in the common classrooms. They do not study The Living Book of Nature there. You will find however that... “when the pupil is ready, the Master appears.” After that, it is all about what changes he decides to put you through to get you back to The Kingdom.

I'll tell you, it is pure insanity that people do not pay attention to what we are discussing here today. I can see how it happens, The World being such a fascinating place and all, but... I guess it is an acquired taste; both of them are.

This morning... I went outside and the landscape was covered in frost. That seldom happens here. The light of The Sun was piercing and warm. It flowed like liquid gold over everything I could see. I had a moment, as I do most days when I am viscerally aware that The Sun is a living, conscious being who brings life where there would be none. I have the Certitude that there is far more to existence than I can see or comprehend, AND... a dynamic, loving presence is at the heart of it all.

In The Bhagavad Gita, there is talk of The Sun's Northern Path, and Southern Path, having to do with The changes of The Solstices. One is more fortunate to depart from here on The Northern Path;

"The bright daylight, the moonlit fortnight of śhuklaḥ or the bright ascending moon, and the uttaraayan, the northern course of the sun, are all considered the time of light. The God-conscious souls; who detach from worldly attachments and depart by the path of light (knowledge and discrimination) attain God."

It works with The Moon as well... apparently. I add this in case one becomes downcast about someone having departed on The Southern Route. Is this the origin of “going South?” Even in times of natural darkness, there are moments of light. The precision of it all is remarkable but would have little meaning for those who do not believe, as demonstrated in today's links by one of The Usual Suspects.

Don't over-think it, my friends! If you want God, you WILL find God. Otherwise, you will be left to your own pursuits until you awaken like The Prodigal Son in a pigsty. The pigsty IS The World of sham and glitter for the mind under enchantment, whether that be cast by Circe or spun out of the substance of dark appetites.

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And some links, typical of the times in which we live=

Via Martin Geddes
Even those from more conforming dynamics are waking up in their own way.
No one is going to escape it in whatever form their reactions turn it into=

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a choice of focus

U.S. Covid Deaths

Via Breitbart
Well, this is just what I have thought about all the trends of recent times. It's deeper than that because Communism is the political arm of The Kingdom of Hell. It's Satanism that is at the core of it.
That's why whenever you see a photo of Lenin you think he's The Devil, unless you think he's Jack Dorsey=

New York University Faculty Member:
Trans Activism Part of ‘Communist Revolution’

Via Breitbart
Well, how about this. Of all the places you could think of, you would have expected it to appear, it would not have been there=
San Francisco Mayor Drops ‘Defund the Police,’
Calls ‘Bulls**t’ on Progressive Police Policies

Via YouTube
Dear God...
The Empire tumbles in an ill wind=

"I Made $100,000 Selling My Farts in a Jar"


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just finished The Chronicles of Narnia for the 3rd time, and remembered about none of it, since my second reading was over 30 years ago, and my first reading was when I was too young to understand all the philosophical connotations of the series. Some of what you wrote was the theme of the book, and here it is:








Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"If You Think You Might Enjoy a Finer Life in a Brighter World, then We have Something in Common."

tutudid said...

"The God-conscious souls; who detach from worldly attachments and depart by the path of light (knowledge and discrimination) attain God."

The founding legal texts of rabbinic Judaism are the Mishnah and the Gemara. They are collectively termed the “Torah she-be’al peh” (תורה שבעל פה), i.e. the oral law committed to writing as the Talmud Bavli (i.e. Babylonian Talmud, abbreviated as “BT”).

According to the Babylonian Talmud, God himself is subservient to the rabbis: “Since God already gave the Torah to the Jewish people on Mt. Sinai we no longer pay attention to heavenly voices. God must submit to the decisions of a majority vote of the rabbis.” (BT Bava Metzia 59b).

Consequently, the Word of God (Scripture) is subordinate to the traditions of the rabbis. These traditions were previously oral. They were committed to writing, first as the Mishnah, in the early centuries (Tannaitic era), after the crucifixion of Israel’s Messiah. The subsequent portion of the Talmudic canon (the Gemara) produced mainly during the Amoraim era (circa 300-450 A.D.) was written in the Aramaic language.

Visible said...


Whoa!!! It's always worse than you think it is. The Avatar will be handling that. That is one of his primary intentions on coming here. I have no concerns about these things. They WILL BE administered to.

Visible said...

I generally know who someone is once they post, even when they are posting under a different name. It's a gift. It's like I can't control it.



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