Friday, May 29, 2015

We're Shakin' in Our Boots here, Boss.

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One of the things that many people don't get and which keeps them in a submission that they don't have to be in is that tendency in so many to go along with the program. Yes, a great deal of the world may be in bondage but you don't have to be. Here are the words of the master, “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” and... “if God is for me who can be against me?” If they can take you down they can take you down, otherwise you are dancing free. Just because this is a bondage planet in this age does not mean everyone is in bondage. Everyone isn't. You only become a slave when you cease to be your own master. There are those who can move freely in this world and who encounter no opposition because they do not create that polarity. Sometimes when I am quoting the Christ, it is not Jesus who said it. Regardless, Christ is a station, not a person and anyone speaking from that place is the Christ.

Jesus Christ was always free. He voluntarily submitted to conditions set into play by the ineffable. He didn't have to. He could have moved Heaven and Earth at any time. Guru Bawa once said, “Jesus was not crucified, Judas was, as he appeared to look like Jesus by those who came for him.” I don't know about that because I don't know but I have heard all kinds of things. Just because a book says things happened a certain way does not mean they did. I fully believe in many things said in the Bible but not all of it hits me with the same ringing clarity and I know that major portions of that book were subverted to create a narrative that favors the people who subverted the book and I don't think I have to say who that is cause their hand is all over it.

Avatars come and display their power at certain times. They always have that power but most of the time the complexity of circumstance does not reveal the connections between events and authors. Sometimes events have to go through a series of stages before they conclude in a result and that is often not a straight line, 'I struggle to go straight every time the highway bends.'

We have heard that every road, no matter how labyrinthine or convoluted, leads to the ineffable. Some take a tour of many, many lifetimes and some tumble to it quick and head up the royal road lickitty split. Some like the wallow down here. Some like a more ethereal environment. Paradise exists on this world at various times and in various places. Just because we are not there does not mean it isn't. Just because we are not at peace does not mean peace is not around. It is not only the workings of evil that are often concealed from our eyes but there are other realms that are hidden by magical means. Anyone who has read about Shambala has come across at least one example. In the Andes and the Himalayas and elsewhere, there are groups and contact has been made now and again by determined souls.

This entire world is not what it appears to be and is only a projection of the minds agreeing on certain appearances. If you are in any of these worlds it is by consent. In this time of great change it is imperative that one have an anchor so as not to be swept away. “How firm a foundation”; something like that. All, kinds of things have come and gone. There was a sect called, The Shakers. They built some sturdy furniture, even if they were shaking some of the time (grin). That's all Kundalini going on there. It manifests in different ways according to the cultural color that provides the environment. It's like the seven metals of the alchemists and the seven chakras of the East, or the three gunas being the same as sulfur salt and mercury. There are yogas in the western mystery tradition too and different forms of expression that achieve the same end.

One has only to see the many similarities that exist between all of the systems in order to at least get the idea that there is something going on behind all the artifice of this world. Components of ageless wisdom remain, regardless of the darkness of the times. If you are not in darkness your whole world is filled with light; to paraphrase a particular source. If you are in darkness you cannot see but you think you can because of the false light that illuminates the world of shadows. One of the ironies of witchcraft is that they call their book, “The Book of Shadows. There's no getting around that. Does this make them evil, or more evil than good? Does this make their claims, as all forms of belief do, that they are misunderstood? I don't doubt they are but that doesn't mean anything. We're all misunderstood. They and all of us live in a world defined by our belief system which... is more than just a religious persuasion. It is the ground central schematic of what one believes to be so and it sets the tone and quality of the dream one believes to be real. Real is not to be seen in the band width of the senses. It can be felt in the experience of love and inferred according to pure reason, given that everything is math until it is ineffable (grin).

In this world there are those who seek bondage in sexual and cultural restraints and who, having exhausted their small understanding of the nature of pleasure and being desensitized, have turned to pain for escape, in a tormented and non existent freedom. License is not liberty.

As is the case with all of life's enduring ironies, that which binds and confines us is also what possesses the capacity to set us free, should we entertain such a course.

So... today is supposed to be the day; today or tomorrow, for that California quake. I post this because the website apparently predicted the Nepal quake five days early. I am amused to see that the scoffer writing the piece said this sort of thing is impossible because of the amount of physical gravity that the suspect planets exercise on Earth. That is not what such things are dependent on. It is about entirely different influences coming to bear. I AM NOT subscribing to anything in this matter. I am not knowledgeable or informed enough; just making note. The information alleged to the Fox News site is not covered except to say that he predicted an earthquake and that is about it. Sooner or later such a thing will happen, of course. My confirmed belief is that nothing happens unless the ineffable says so. There are physical predictors for all sorts of things like the weather and the economy. They are often wrong. Then there are the myriad of psychic systems and some of them use math, like astrology. Then there is the ineffable who doesn't say much but who is never wrong; if that makes sense.

Enough with that. What we do know is that Nature messed with eventually becomes Nature in reaction. Where and when? That's not my department.

It sure looks like the bad guys are on rails and they are not unlike an insect pestilence. Wherever things are unsettled, undefended or open to plunder, they are there. Their eyes are glazed with the metaphorical fever of the Treasure of the Sierra Madres. The action and effect of the fever is not metaphorical. If you look at the seven deadly sins you realize that they are all fevers. Every passion is a fever of some order or another; of some level of intensity. Some of them are like Ebola and they consume you or eat you up. Others are a slow rot like Leprosy. I suppose Sloth is like pneumonia. It gets to where you cannot breathe under the heavy weight of your indolence.

As people age, whether they have been good or bad, their face becomes a road map of the places they have been and the things they have done. You can also see the things done to them and how they took it; whether it beat them down or made them angry, whether they just brushed it aside or magically transcended it; whether they are sad or happy. However, it is the eyes that tell the story. It is in the eyes that the interpreted meaning of any particular life has made its statement and where it reveals itself to others. It may not in actuality be what is shown; the meaning arrived at is subjective. The truth of something is not always the medium applied for the understanding of it. What it tells is how it was taken and what that has to do with you, since you are there in that moment with them... in passing or for a longer duration.

Knowing that there is a divine and placing all of your needs and concerns upon that mysterious presence, far exceeds any other means employed by anyone to counteract the slings and arrows, or to understand them or... deal with them. Then, everything has meaning and value because it is all part of the process of one being assimilated into something greater than themselves. If you have given the ineffable the boot because there is not enough room for the two of you, or because the will of the ineffable runs counter to the intents of your own, well... I suppose you are self reliant and satisfied and secure to the degree that the personal self is able to provide and you would know better than I how effective that has been for you.

Once again I am reminded of what Paramahansa Yogananda had to say about it all; “If you don't look for God in the Spring time of your life, he won't be there in the winter.” That phrase has had a remarkable impact on me, even more so, given that the ineffable showed up one day and said, “Well look at that. It isn't even winter and I'm already here.” First off he reminded me of the quote.

There are all kinds of earthquakes.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

In the Presence of the Divine or a Habitation of Demons.

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I wonder what goes through a dog's mind when he sees us peeing in his water bowl.

I know it is an ongoing question. I don't know how long it has gone on and it may continue to go on for as long as there are minds to raise questions. It is not an ongoing question for me. I have answered that question to my own satisfaction and that is all that matters, or all that should matter. We are not here to work out other people's crises of faith. I say crises of faith because, regardless of whatever assurances anyone might have, at some point it comes down to faith. Faith is the last step that ignites the flame of enduring awareness that is seated upon a bottomless well, filled with the oil of eternal love. That step of faith is sometimes a leap of faith because the gulf that must be traversed, varies in relation to whatever lingering doubts are possessed by the one faced with the crossing.

By now you have probably guessed that the question is whether a divine being exists or not. For some there is no question about it; God absolutely does exist or... there is no god. The belief that there is no god is as irrelevant as was the argument concerning whether the Earth revolved around The Sun or The Sun revolved around the Earth. What is true concerning that has been effectively proven in a scientific manner and is no longer in doubt, except where doubt is the objective.

There are places where people still put out bowls of fruit to appease the god of thunder, or rip the hearts out of sacrificial victims in order to satisfy the blood lusts of demons who are worshiped as god. Both of these events still occur, though they may be cloaked as something else. That's how they like to do it in these modern times. They conceal it as something else. One example of that would be the routine, ritual murder of The Palestinians by those who stole their lands and their identity and now present themselves as the original people from that location, which they are not. They have a contract with The Demon Kingdom and must provide the blood of innocents that the demons drink from the sands where they are murdered.

Now... as far as whether god exists in a way that can be scientifically proven, well, that has already been done. As you should know by now, since we mention it often enough here, physicists have proven that the universe is thought born. What else can that possibly mean? It most evidently means that there had to be an original thinker and there had to be a mind capable of generating existence through the power of thought. Is this not proof? Sure... defining the ineffable, that is going to be uh... heh heh, impossible, now and forever more but that there is such a being, however mysterious and incomprehensible it might be, that is no longer a matter of doubt. It is only a matter of denial.

99.99% of the time, when you ask an atheist or an agnostic why they have the perspective they have, they will mention religion. Even I, with my limited grasp of the subject, can shoot as many holes in that apples and oranges debate as I can in the NIST explanation of what happened on 9/11. Now, of course, just because something can be proven means nothing to those who prefer to argue, no matter what the facts may say. By example we have that particular retort that has been heard in several locations in recent times by 9/11 deniers; “even if it were proven to be true, I still wouldn't believe it.”

It bothers the faithful all over the world, in many different ways and at many levels of intensity that there is such a large portion of the world that does not believe in god; more specifically, their god. In many cases, all that bothers them is that these others do not believe in their god. This means they believe in some version of god but their faith only exists within the confines of their own particular- and in some cases- peculiar tradition of scripture and ritual. Everything outside of that is wrong, misled and might as well be atheistic because it certainly is heretical. I'm guessing we all know what has happened to heretics at certain times. As far as modern day expressions of dealing with heretics goes, one has only to look at what is happening to Christians in Africa at the hands of Muslim fundamentalists.

The whole matter is drenched in irony. One example is that the majority force behind the financing and promotion of atheism are the so inclined Jews. Supposedly Judaism is a religion. Okay... Satanism is a religion too and Judaism is a version of that ...just as is Scientology and all kinds of other organizations from O.T.O. to any number of New Age curriculums. Unfortunately, most of the major religions presently qualify as Satanism. I don't think I need to go into how that happens to be true. Let me simply say, “by their works ye shall know them.”

This isn't recent. This has been the case for centuries and therein lies the fallacy of using religions as evidence that there is no god. Certainly, a sincere seeker who searches after the ineffable, within the confines of any religion, can find the ineffable. A true believer can be transfigured by the preaching of a total charlatan or mountebank, if their faith is real. Many an Elmer Gantry has brought a seeking soul to Jesus Christ. That is just one of the curiosities of the whole dynamic.

Let's move on to why any of this got brought up today here. If god is a proven, though an impossible to define or comprehend entity, then what should be the number one concern of anyone who has ever lived or who is presently alive? That would seem to me to be a no brainer. It would, of course, be one's relationship to the almighty. If the divine is real then what else should one be doing with their time? It seems clear to me that people rationalize away this truth in order to make accommodations for lifestyles built around physical attractions, personal desires and appetites. That is what it comes down to and once we have lied to ourselves and... that is what any accommodation of convenience amounts to, that lie begins to replicate into everything we do. Once the initial deception is set, it is all downhill from there and whatever religion one engages in gets bent to accommodate as well. The good news with that, if it is good news, is that it has already been bent for these very reasons. You may not find it in the original scriptures, should you have access to them, but you will definitely find it in the interpretations and footnotes.

By now, anyone in possession of a brain should be able to see to what extent the organized church is in bed with their depraved and demonic government. Let me further mention that what is taking place between the church and state in that bed is not for the faint of heart. What other conclusion can we come to when we observe what it is the parishioners are exhorted to do and programmed to believe by their priests and pastors?

Why does the corruption, on the one hand, continue to get worse and worse and on the other hand, continue to get more and more exposed? It is The Apocalypse. It is for the purpose of judgment and for the purpose of demonstration. This is a regular occurrence in the cycle of events within any age. Do you want to know what time it is? This is what time it is. Part of me would love for it to be yesterday- meaning much further back than yesterday and some portion of me would like it to be tomorrow; some kind of new tomorrow but... it is what it is. We are who we are and we are where we are. It is what it is. What it is we may not be completely clear on but... it still is what it is, just like the rotation of The Sun and The Earth and the existence of God.

Alright then. If God is Real, then it goes without saying that nothing and no one is more powerful than God. It goes without saying that no one, no matter how independently it seems that they operate, is outside of the sphere of the influence of the divine. The power of the divine is greater than the massed power of everything else put together.

What does all scripture say? It says that God is merciful and forgiving. We have heard that God is Love. We have been told that God is friend and lover, Mother and Father. We have been told that God is the origin of our being and the final resolution of it. What conclusions and direction can we draw from all of this? I will leave that in your hands.

There is no greater occupation or objective than the pursuit of the ineffable. There is no more rewarding pursuit. There is no more profitable pursuit and there is no such thing as hyperbole in this regard. Words fail and I will take my leave of them at this point.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Way or Another, We All Live by Example.

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“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.”

People think of Nature as a single reality with countless expressions; forever coming and forever going, at least until The Night of Brahma comes in. There are two distinct variants of Nature however. There is common Nature and Cosmic Nature. The latter resides on and manifests from the causal and astral planes. Speaking of Cosmic Nature, the Bhagavad Gita talks about the qualities of The Wise; “humility, lack of hypocrisy, harmlessness, forgiveness, uprightness, service to the guru, purity of mind and body, steadfastness, self control, indifference to sense objects, absence of egotism, understanding of the pain and evils inherent in mortal life,birth, illness, old age and death, non attachment, non-identification of the Self with such as one's children, wife and home; constant equal-mindedness in desirable and undesirable circumstances, unswerving devotion to the divine by the yoga of nonseparativeness, residing in solitary spaces, avoidance of the company of worldly men; perseverance in Self knowledge and meditative perception of the object of all learning of the true essence or meaning therein. All these qualities constitute wisdom; qualities opposed to them constitute ignorance.”

The collective of those is a tall order, is it not? It is intimidating to consider all of these as regular expressions of our being, yet, it is what we must strive for. It isn't as if we go about the effort of acquiring these, as if we were traveling with that version of Euell Gibbons and stalking the anything but wild qualities of god, or something like that. In actuality all we have to do is intensely search for the divine and these things will be added to us in the course of our seeking.

One of the most difficult arts is that of recognizing that it is the force of the divine (modified in countless ways) that expresses itself through every life form. There is no other prime mover and it encompasses the whole spectrum of good and evil. In India they have a tradition of greeting one another with, “Namaste” and palms together, bowing to one another in an act that says, “I salute the god within you.” Of course, that god might be warped or insentient, so we get all of the desirable and undesirable expressions that are possible here.

In times of material darkness, the majority are materialists. In times of predominant light we have general expressions of that sort. It really depends on the time zone of the age, or the age passing on the screen of the timeless. It's like fashion. Depending of the sexual persuasions that drive that particular industry, on that depends what you are likely to see. In the world at this time we have two prevailing drives in a clash of cultures. One is driven by an unbridled licentiousness and the other by a closed circuit religious fundie force. You might see these as opposites in expression. One is far too uninhibited and bound for perdition and the other is far too inhibited and bound for bondage. Well, they both result in bondage.

In the west it might seem that they have to employ more tailors and seamstresses but in fact they are dealing with less and less cloth and it gets made in far away sweatshops in any case. In the East they have to employ more headsmen and whip hands to enforce the Sharia way. Both are mentally ill for the same reasons based on badly handling the same force in a different way. The West has plenty of this as well and it is expressed in censure and disapproval.

It is the same divine who seeks to dance and does dance in all of us but we as supplanting the divine are, for the most part, very clumsy and we rudely bounce off of one another because we have little grace or skill. The force of the divine in expression is ratcheting up and pressing down upon those who will not, or are not capable, of letting it pass through them and as a result there is an increase in bad actors flailing about and lashing out. This is because their ego is challenged by this divine force and they react against that, insisting on a personal supremacy and altogether blind to the fact that they are blind and naked and have little if any power except the power to screw things up. When you see people raging and making a nuisance of themselves, THIS is what is motivating them and there isn't much you can do until the wind up tin soldier, having run into the wall and fallen down, runs out of crank and ceases to jerk about in a pointless irregular circle, spinning on one side of it's being. It is an exercise in frustration that leads nowhere but to abject failure and that is the reason for the frustration.

Life is not easy at the moment. There is the impact of what we can see and hear; what we can identity according to sensory report and then there is what we cannot see or hear but we still have a kind of sensory report on that, even if we cannot identify or isolate it from external cause. It manifests in our feeling bad for no observable reason. It manifests as flashes of anger and outrage when there is no observable cause. We are seeing a lot of this sort of thing at the moment and that is because many of us have done little work to find a greater balance and are very unprepared for handling these forces when they come upon us and so we behave like spoiled children, which can be ugly and dangerous when expressed as an adult, or facsimile of the same. Few of us are actually adults and the worst of us are the ones with pretensions of higher learning; expressions of the culture vulture syndrome, where they make claims to all kinds of learning and knowledge and yet have no self control.

Life is a tempestuous ocean. As you go, you encounter people with varying skill sets, or lack of a skill set. Everything floats on this ocean so 'most everyone' is hanging on to some physical item that they have chosen as a means to identify themselves with. Many have attained too little success in this world, where success as such is no success at all and only seems to be and they are angry at this and believe the world has failed to recognize their genius, of which they possess none. The world of the moment does not celebrate anything of the kind and you get millions of Kanye Wests running around and declaring that they are geniuses, based on the most tawdry and profane productions. Success in this world seems to rely on one having the capacity to screw over their fellows and make a profit at it.

It serves the cause of reason that one with real ability will simply produce these abilities and remain free of the drive to become attached to the fruits of them. The best of us that is generated, is generated through us, not by us. It stands to reason as well that if one is gifted in this regard, they will fall afoul of many due to their possession of abilities not shared by the rest.

The world of the moment is in a nose dive, spiraling toward a dreadful awakening, expressed in a fierce and sudden contact with the unforgiving earth. It is a wake up call that cannot be denied and it is not necessary. Disengaging the autopilot is not recommended but, they know better and there is nothing you can say to those who know better.

The bulk of this posting sat here for several days as I considered what to say and keeping in mind that I personally don't have much to say. If what is evident is not evident it takes a remarkable skill to make it evident to those who have no intention of seeing or hearing.

Ultimately, living by example is all we have and we all do live by example... for better or for worse. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

To be Free in the Realm of Bondage and Confinement

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You know that saying, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak?” There is this facility where you can take command of the flesh and actually... that qualifies as one of the great states of liberation...To be able to tell your body when to sit and when to go, is to have a gratefully trained animal that loves you and love keeps it young. I'm really learning something about the idea of aging and I realize in my own experience that all that is is an idea and I don't have that idea. We are timeless and ageless, if we choose to be. Of course, there are dances you do at a certain stage and other dances at later stages. They might all still be there in potential but... the manner in which the energy is used dictates ones state of well being and it is always a good idea to take residence in the next place you are going to 'BEFORE' you get there.

The spirit is willing. Between the spirit and the flesh is the mind and the heart. Like a flashlight, whatever direction you point it in illuminates what is in its light. Physical culture should be routine; a habit that is not broken and the body will really like that. Sometimes the body can get frisky at advanced ages because the inner light is resonating with the greater light. That sort of thing makes you want to dance, on some level.

The flesh is weak, if the mind is strong in that direction. In any direction the ineffable provides the steam. You can go wherever you can imagine and beyond. It really makes you wonder about what's in a lot of people's heads but that is the direction they roll in. The ineffable will take you to places beyond description. You can walk with the ineffable and if you assume and believe that the ineffable is walking with you all the time, there will come a time and times of great recognition when you can literally walk right off with the ineffable, depending on how you have convinced the ineffable and however the ineffable feels about it. That's the final say, which is why, probably the best prayer you can make is, “Lord work your will in and on me to the glory of your presence. I know that you know what I want and what I need before I even think about it. I'll leave it all in your hands ahead of time.”

One cannot stress too intensely, the importance of the divine in one's life. That is the single important possession one can and must attain to. Then everything flows serendipitously, exactly to the degree of one's resonance with it. All the yogas and disciplines of any type are just for the sake of tuning in. The sincere cannot fail. It's a good question to ask on a regular basis; “Why am I doing this?” “Who am I?” is a good one too. 'Who am I' leads with quick intensity. You get definite answers with that sort of thing; answers relevant to the question.

If you want to get somewhere, you have to go somewhere. It might be some long distance into many lands, or it might be inward and cover as much ground and it might be both. One of them is the most important cause it makes any other part of it possible. I am truly stunned at what goes on in the world but I do not wield a temporal scepter. I'm guessing my job is to rule myself. Trying to shape the world into your own design always leads to problems. Worse than that, no one is ever completely successful at it and some of them make big mistakes in technique and motive, not to mention results.

It's really something to be on your own and to be able put all your attention on what should be the primary objective of life. In short order you ask yourself, “What was I doing?” Divinity will reside in us if we tolerate no other presence. Of course, with the indwelling divinity, no other presence can approach. This is what Lao Tzu meant when he said, “The tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path. Weapons turn from him on the battle-field, No bull-horn could tell where to gore him, No tiger-claw where to tear him, No weapon where to enter him. And why? Because he has no death to die.” Last time I looked, the divine was eternal and immortal. This is right about that time when words fail and one must move on to something else, which, of course,will also involve the ineffable.

For instance, if the divine is in everything and moves through everything and lives and experiences existence as all of us and... is in control of everything, no matter how out of control any of it might seem to be then, logically, where should one be? Simultaneously, billions of lives are taking place right now and everything you can imagine is taking place somewhere. Who are you and what are you doing? What kind of mental climate have you created? If you don't like it, you simply change your mind. Not so easy to do for many, depending on what has its hooks into them.

If you study the world you see it is a kingdom of bondage and confinement. The single most desirable state is to be free. You don't get it as an accessory to being rich and it doesn't come around just cause you are poor or middle class. It seems to exist independent of these conditions. It definitely doesn't come with privilege or looks. It's elusive to be sure but we have it on good authority that it is around and it is there for those who exercise it in the particular way that makes it want to stay around or... what have you?

Two very important periods are when one goes to bed and that time before they fall sleep and the moments upon awakening. You can tell a lot about yourself by where your thoughts go in these times. It can't be said too often that we are living in important times, as well as times of great opportunity. It doesn't matter what the world is up to. There are portals for everything and everywhere.

Sunday I went to this weekly event called “Ecstatic Dance” It's at this resort down by the shore and its been going on for years. I didn't know what to expect. I even, foolishly, assumed that it might mean dancing. As I waited for this event to come about, I scanned the various bulletin boards with their many ads about seminars being conducted in a safe and nurturing environment and got introduced to a whole lot of new terms for new ways to reveal your true self and really... I can't remember most of it because my mind rejects their residence but what I did notice was that in not one of these presentations was the divine mentioned, except within the context of one's own replacement of it. Either the divine is front row and center or you are and apparently you are.

Meanwhile, back at the ecstatic dance, there were some number of people doing bicycle built for two yoga on the grass (or on grass for all I know), some indeterminate exercises and half a dozen people were meditating while people walked past them or chatted around them. It was silly and horrifically vain. I remember from the bible; “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”

Then the ecstatic dancing began and all it was was a continuation of what was going on prior. Here was a hall full of people moving around in very exaggerated ways, which looked to me like someone with Down's Syndrome performing modern dance in a giant tub of Jell-O. This isn't meant as a criticism of people with Down's Syndrome. It is simply because that is exactly how it looked (to me). The rules are that you cannot speak on the dance floor. A couple of days later, I was discussing this with a Slovenian native who said to me; “It's okay if you just go there and sit in the chairs at the side and laugh at them. Then it is worthwhile.” I'm sorry, it really was weird and I left because I knew that I would start to burst out laughing and I didn't want to leave the wrong impression.

So... I went into the parking lot and then I thought, Why not walk up around the gate that separates the main retreat location from the Shop and Shill location down by the road? There were signs here and there to let you know that the whole property was under 'digital' video surveillance. The digital part was made to appear to be an important feature. Before I was able to take the path around the gate, a fellow came running up to ask me if I was a guest and to tell me that I had to sign in at Shop and Shill and leave some ID at the same time. He had literally run a hundred yards to get to me and was out of breath. The security was tight and it was hard to imagine why. There are always plenty of people running around the place.

It's been awhile since I've been around the trustfunder, new age, reggae haired, tattooed and pierced god beings but I will say that the level of shameless acting out has gone up and the Hollywood air kissing thing has become more prevalent. It might be only me and my being overly judgmental but... I had to get out of there. I felt freakishly disaffiliated from it all, like I was from another planet. Bottom line, they weren't very friendly either. I've noticed this in several locations where most people are either overly apprehensive and prickly, or way too slinky with the bad Galadriel impersonations. I don't know why this is. There's a lot of casual sex going on with this crowd, so maybe, given that they've all been passed around from one to each other, there are particular undercurrents at work.

At one point I was standing by the bathrooms because there happened to be a bulletin board right there and not because I was looking for some action (grin). This young lady comes up and asks is anyone in there? She was pointing to the door on my right. I said I think that one is empty but there was definitely someone behind the door to my left. So she goes past me and tries the door on my left. It happens to be open and another lady is sitting in there and the intruding lady apologizes and shuts the door. I said to her, “I wouldn't lie to you.” and in her simpering best she says, “Oh, I know you wouldn't but I had to check.” What does that mean??? AND... why not go into the door on the right which was empty? Like I said, I had to go, well, I didn't have to go. I had to leave.

Now... I do not want to pass judgment on anyone but at the same time I can't write these things without descriptors and anecdotal screen captures. For all I know these people have advanced well beyond my meager accomplishments and level of awareness. I only brought this up to illustrate that the most glaring omission I notice is the absence of the ineffable from the conversation and the pop psych spirituality of the day and I have been noticing this for awhile, here and elsewhere. The divine has been surgically removed from the mix; be it yoga, or meditation, be it whatever. Perhaps in the case of the privileged youth of the day, the spirit is wilted but the flesh is sleek. I remember it wasn't all that different a few decades ago. Mostly people are self promoting, rather than hosting mechanisms for The Self. It's a pity. You can only get so much from your personal self and all of that is made possible by the ineffable anyway, regardless of how we bend, fold, spindle and mutilate it from the original. On the other hand, you can get anything and everything from the ineffable and that includes the 9,999.99% percent of what we are unaware of.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Ozzie and Harriet, Sailing through a Formica Wonderland.

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When a dog barks at the moon, then it is religion; but when he barks at strangers, it is patriotism!”

Been thinking for a few days. Got a complaint about the quality of my productions from a site that has been linking my work for awhile. I've been too subjective (grin). It's probably my attempts to sneak spiritual things into the postings, where they are generally verbotten so... so it is that we are back at Origami because I'm not in the mood to tailor my posts toward subjects that have only a passing interest for me because they are passing; passing right by.

When I use the example of events in my own existence, it is not for the purpose of talking about myself, which is not a subject that inspires me toward the use of heroic syntax. I am also passing right by. Usually, using myself as example, is to demonstrate what not to do, or as a hindsight analysis about how things looked in the moment and how they look later on in reflection. Most of the reason for this concerns the resonance that goes on in these parts. Many of us seem to experience similar things at the same time. For instance, there is this matter of personal betrayal that is coming up for some numbers of us, as I note in the comments and also in emails.

It's not just betrayals in the classic sense. It covers a wide range of circumstances, in which people are pressed by conditions into revealing things about themselves that they have ordinarily been able to conceal up to this point. As has been stated here over and over and over again, this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse and he is pressing down on all of us. He is pressing us to reveal ourselves and there is not always, or even generally, a positive outcome to this because human nature is weak and doing the right thing is not nearly as expedient or convenient as doing the wrong thing. Often this is due to the lines between good and evil being seriously blurred. Good and evil are relative and in times of moral relativity, it can be very hard to tell the difference between right and wrong, in the higher sense. In those times when such choices are difficult, they are made most difficult by the continuous erosion of integrity, brought about by the force of Materialism, which clouds our access to our higher nature and shuts off the intuition.

Our focus on the matter should be gratitude that it is not us doing it but it is us it is happening to. It is better that it happens to you than that you should be on the performance end of it. You might also note the greater and greater emergence of insanity, manifesting in the behavior of people, creating WTF incidents that leave you stunned and shaken as opposed to 'shaken and not stirred'. You want a cocktail onion with that? Materialism is insanity and that is what it produces in us and it intensifies as it goes along.

When you see certain behavior trends manifesting, it is like coming attractions at the theater. To get a general idea of what is coming up, one needs to explore The Stations of Materialism. Think of it as a reversal of The Stations of the Cross. Reversal is not the best term. Consider it as the challenges of The Stations of the Cross but where every stair landing leads in the wrong direction because of the influence of Materialism upon the choices one makes. We don't necessarily intend to make these errors of judgment. It is simply because Materialism is making the decisions for us.

Materialism is like the water swirling down a toilet bowl. At every level in the swirl it descends deeper until it disappears down the drain, into the noxious darkness. In the beginning it looks like a lampoon on itself. You get that Ozzie and Harriet, Sailing through a Formica Wonderland effect. The blenders are blending. Mr Coffee is perking along. There's a big finned automobile in the garage and Sunday's on to the golf course. It moves a few steps further and you get the hippies rejecting Materialism, in search of a higher (pun intended) Love and a fantastic outpouring of musical genius, as well as a plethora of alternative lifestyle choices. Following that, the intelligence agents for the dark side, altered the quality of the consciousness, elevating substances so that ones explorations trended into lower astral locations. They put disco in as the soundtrack and the clothes and bling got seriously ridiculous. This led to the greed is good 80's as Coke went mainstream and became Materialism's vehicle of choice in the boardrooms, feeding the budding psychopathy of the genus. Then we got the 90's where the soundtrack was a bunch of whining angst and 'me me me me mine' became the soundtrack, as the politicians were dreaming about creating a cycle of perpetual war for the sake of financial profit and geopolitical advantage with the same intention.

Political Correctness had been matriculating in academe since the 60's, where certain types had regular bad trips brought about through studying bent philosophers and the big squeeze of sexual frustrations that led to an epidemic of 'weakest chain in the link' breaking syndrome. The dehumanizing, woman hating, medium of rap now became the soundtrack of on the cusp of of a new century, punctuated by the mother of all false flags and the entire motive of the whole orchestrated operation, from toxic soup to fractured nuts, was and is for the purpose of crowd control and the assimilation of global riches in a few hands with law enforcement being reassigned for the purpose of protecting the criminals who stole the general wealth and well being of the populations.

So it was that it went from lampoon to tragedy in a few simple steps. We are where we are today because we have been herded to this place. Along the way, many people lost the most precious parts of themselves. When you lose these essential qualities of civilized being, you lose the capacity for objective thought and you can no longer see where you are going and you can no longer make accurate assessments on the meaning of experiences. As a result we are having to deal with these betrayals and broken promises and we reflexively think this is some kind of a judgment on us. It isn't. It's just what happens at this stage of Materialism. The key truth about Materialism is that it always gets worse. It gets worse and worse until it devours itself. It cannibalizes itself. The Tarot card for that is a man gnawing off his own foot in a humid darkness of ignorance and appetite, gone beyond all hope of illumination and restraint. Once again, take a look around.

You can stand on the bridge of the moment and watch the marching ranks of humanity moving to perdition. It doesn't matter what you say, it passes unheard. Their ears are tuned to the singing sirens who sing from the rocks in front of an imaginary island that cannot ever be reached because it is not something that Materialism can provide and that is lasting satisfaction and peace of mind; not to mention everlasting sanctuary. The Material Plane provides all the things short of that and short of so much that we won't bother to mention because we assume you know what they are. Without them, life is emptiness and the ongoing pursuit of the things of the world lead to more and more emptiness because they separate you from yourself. The singularity of immersion into one's true self is the sancta simplicitas of being... or let us say, it can be. Everything we are chasing after is only this, however it may be disguised ...but we are coerced into believing it can be contained in what exists outside of ourselves. It never is and it never had been.

Let us not stress overly about the injuries visited upon us at this time. It is all part of the rites of passage. Affliction is the daily fare for those walking in all things contrary to the world, just as dream bounty is the payoff for those walking in resonance with it and in dissonance with their real self. This is the job of Materialism, to separate us from ourselves AND from each other and that is why alienation and isolation are conditions in which most people spend their days and why they are, as a result, in such an intense frenzy for anything that will temporarily free them from an awareness of this. It's a form of escapism but there is no escape.

The ability to embrace one's aloneness and to revel in it is one of the greatest triumphs one can achieve. To possess that and also to acquire true detachment while never losing contact with one's compassion is nearly the complete package. Love is the linkage between all good things. Love is the source of all good things. Love is, in its perfection, the driving force and the final result of all our efforts should we be so inclined. Love is a full body suit of armor with light streaming through a hundred chinks in the armor. Love is the clarity of being once it has burned away the dross. Love is The Philosopher's Stone and The Pearl of Great Price. Love is the summa summarum of life. If you don't have it, you have nothing of value, no matter what Mr. Materialism tells you.

We should never underestimate the hypnotic power of Materialism. We might think we are outside it's clutches but if the desire gets lit in us it can be difficult to contain. This is the primary reason that we must rely on a power greater than ourselves. Anyone who thinks they can make it on their own is a fool. Material achievements are there to be had by anyone who puts the necessary effort into them; given that their karma also makes it actionable BUT... when it comes to higher things, they are dispensed by agents of the ineffable and you don't get them otherwise. They are, 'conferred'. Some have thought that they could acquire these things by trading with the infernal regions and fakirs go after powers without possessing the necessary restraints that protect against the abuse of them. As for going to the infernals for what only the celestials possess, good luck with that. Only the celestials can control the infernals.

Don't concern yourself with acts of betrayal, broken promises or any of the associated misfortunes. These are temporary and no one betrays another without first betraying themselves. There must be a reason we are seeing this sort of things. The disappointments of life are common here. These are meant to force, coerce and convince us to rely upon the ineffable who will never betray us and whose promises are eternal. There you have it; faith in the temporary or faith in the everlasting. It's your call.

End Transmission........

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

To Leave a Luminous Legacy.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

(some) (Both) humans and dogs love to play well into adulthood, and individuals from both species occasionally display evidence of having a conscience.

We all leave some kind of a legacy, whether we intend to or not; whether we want to or not and no matter how we might scheme and connive to have the record altered, expunged or rendered harmless to us while we are still here, our efforts are in vain. If justice and judgment do not find us here, they will find us elsewhere. One of the biggest illusions presently going in the world of today is that one can become too powerful to touch or too big to fail. That is especially false in this particular time period; the apocalypse at the transiting cusp of the Aquarian Age. We are in that time that can be best defined as, “out with the old and in with the new.”

Our legacies develop over time and they can be complex and contradictory, when viewed from different angles and at different times, and one can definitely come to different conclusions, depending on one's perspective. Let us state for the purposes of argument that you are either a believer in the existence of the divine or an atheist. That would certainly color the way you see things. It would affect your areas of inquiry and it could certainly affect the way you speak and act. I will not imply that atheists are, as a rule, people of questionable morality. You can find scoundrels and hypocrites on both sides of the fence and many atheists like to present themselves as individuals of high moral character just to show that you don't need god to be a decent human being.

I've put some study into the workings of the minds of atheists and nearly without exception, it comes down to opinions formed on the subject of religion and only incidentally has it got anything to do with the divine. Most of the time, those denying the existence of a supreme being are under the influence of Bitch Materialism and it has something do do with the need to displace the supreme authority with one's own personal authority. We've heard the term, 'ego trip'. This qualifies as one of the most unfortunate expressions of the type because the power to do anything comes from the source of all power. This specifically means all things good, all things bad and all of the chiaroscuro shades of gray in between. 

Nothing I say here has to do with presumptions or assumptions on my part. Any astute student of metaphysics knows that these points are proven and pretty much everything else said here is taken from long standing traditions, stated in enduring scriptures, handed down over the course of time and ultimately sourced from those divinely inspired oracles, known as 'the rishis'. Everything we know of true religion and spiritual teachings, comes from these legendary teachers. They may have arrived to us through different vehicles but any and all of it comes from the same place. Whatever the rishis had came from the same place. There is one source for it all. Argue, if you like. Dance with the angels on the head of a pin, if you like. Spin convoluted philosophical theorems that put you in a profound intellectual light, if you like. Dress up in ridiculous robes and funny hats and rule the false light of the world with a scepter of darkness, if you like. It matters not and comes to no eternal place or state of being. It's just chatter. It's the voices in the wind of hungry ghosts and sundry, who imagined that they would find that desirable thing; “the most fabulous object in the world” by the force of their own borrowed will and borrowed powers. It is the same sad, perpetuating tale that has come down the ages for long, long beyond the grasp of recorded history.

All of these impostors and poseurs become aged and enfeebled in their time. All those magicians who convinced themselves that they had found the keys of Solomon, wind up like Crowley who said, near the end of his life, with his magic wand gathering dust on a shelf, “I am perplexed.” He's still got thousands and thousands of followers around the world, as deluded but not nearly as accomplished as he was.

He left his legacy. We all do. In most cases that legacy is very short lived, scarcely longer than the presently green leaves on the trees that in a few months will be blown down the sidewalks and into the gutters, or fall upon the forest floors, to be later covered by the leaves of the following season, as they in their turn will also be covered and then rendered back into earth. The meanest of life forms work within that process of returning those leaves and other formerly living forms back into fertile earth. The worms and other sightless creatures crawl in and out of the eye holes of the skulls of the forgotten.

Solomon, allegedly, possessed not only a great deal of wisdom but also knowledge and command of invisible forces. He knew that he was going to die on a Saturday and because of this, he began to spend the entire day in prayer. It is to be presumed that he knew the lord would not claim him under those conditions. So, the lord, being ever perspicacious, sent an angel to distract him and that was it. Ah... the things you can discover, when you read the secret histories that bear so little resemblance to the manufactured garbage that bears so little resemblance to the truth.

Most everyone has heard of St. Augustine when you think about sinners who became saints but there are many examples. Here's a little anecdotal tale; “At age 12, the future St. Mary (c.344-c.421) ran away from home to Alexandria, the most exciting city in the Roman Empire. She became an accomplished seductress, who took special pleasure in corrupting innocent young men. Once, on a whim, she joined a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. By the time the ship reached its destination, Mary had seduced the entire crew and all of the pilgrims. In Jerusalem she realized the enormity of her sins, went to confession, then spent the rest of her life as a hermit in the desert.” There are plenty more and this is just from the Christian end. If you take the trouble to explore the subject, you will find that examples proliferate through every faith. This brings me back to, “Be ye hot or cold. If you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.”

These are all legacies. They are also examples for the purpose of demonstration to remind you that it is never too late until it is too late and it might not even be too late then either. I don't want to set hard parameters because... fundamentally, I don't know.

When I was 16, I remember being in a library and at that time I was going through the works of Aldous Huxley and others that I no longer presently remember. I had one of those “ah ha!” moments It entered into my mind that these writers were leaving footprints for me and that we all leave footprints and that the best possible motive is to leave good footprints because we are all leading someone somewhere, just as we are being led. We all influence each other for good or ill and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference until the results set in. The results are our legacy and sometimes, as evidenced by those great sinners who became great saints, our legacy can travel over strange landscapes, once again for the purpose of demonstration and inspiration. It is really inspiring to note that there are those who have fallen to depths that we have not and will not approach and... that have risen to heights beyond anything we presently know and... that all of this is possible for any one of us.

I write this posting today to encourage us all to forget about past failings, no matter how grievous we might imagine them to be. We measure everyone, ourselves included, according to our own imperfect standards. Only the ineffable knows what anything means and what is really going on. We just make it up as we go along, based on our own collection of victories and injuries. It's a totally subjective merry go round and it confines us within the borders of our assumptions about what is right and what is wrong. We don't really know anything. We only know that which we have convinced ourselves of. In every stage of our lives our perspectives are altered. It's a slow process that is driven by our experiences and the judgments we make on them, or have made on them through the pressure of social conformity that we feel obliged to conform to. One day the hawk is on the wing and then the snow falls. One day we look around us at the budding plants and we note that spring has arrived. We never seem able to demarcate the actual moment of change. Of course, occasionally something really dramatic happens and we are changed in an instant, like Paul on the road to Damascus. The whole world is on the doorstep of just such an event at this time. This is not to say that the whole world will advantage itself of this tremendous opportunity. Time will tell and we shall see ...but it's here.

One day we are young and one day we are old. The young mock the old and the old resent the young upon whom youth is wasted. So much is wasted so often and over such a length of time. That is a legacy too. I wasted a lot of time, or else I convinced myself I did but it's not the country you passed through. It's the land you arrived in. I think something similar got said here very recently. Leave a fine legacy. Follow a greater legacy than your own.

End Transmission.......

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