Saturday, May 09, 2015

Ozzie and Harriet, Sailing through a Formica Wonderland.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When a dog barks at the moon, then it is religion; but when he barks at strangers, it is patriotism!”

Been thinking for a few days. Got a complaint about the quality of my productions from a site that has been linking my work for awhile. I've been too subjective (grin). It's probably my attempts to sneak spiritual things into the postings, where they are generally verbotten so... so it is that we are back at Origami because I'm not in the mood to tailor my posts toward subjects that have only a passing interest for me because they are passing; passing right by.

When I use the example of events in my own existence, it is not for the purpose of talking about myself, which is not a subject that inspires me toward the use of heroic syntax. I am also passing right by. Usually, using myself as example, is to demonstrate what not to do, or as a hindsight analysis about how things looked in the moment and how they look later on in reflection. Most of the reason for this concerns the resonance that goes on in these parts. Many of us seem to experience similar things at the same time. For instance, there is this matter of personal betrayal that is coming up for some numbers of us, as I note in the comments and also in emails.

It's not just betrayals in the classic sense. It covers a wide range of circumstances, in which people are pressed by conditions into revealing things about themselves that they have ordinarily been able to conceal up to this point. As has been stated here over and over and over again, this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse and he is pressing down on all of us. He is pressing us to reveal ourselves and there is not always, or even generally, a positive outcome to this because human nature is weak and doing the right thing is not nearly as expedient or convenient as doing the wrong thing. Often this is due to the lines between good and evil being seriously blurred. Good and evil are relative and in times of moral relativity, it can be very hard to tell the difference between right and wrong, in the higher sense. In those times when such choices are difficult, they are made most difficult by the continuous erosion of integrity, brought about by the force of Materialism, which clouds our access to our higher nature and shuts off the intuition.

Our focus on the matter should be gratitude that it is not us doing it but it is us it is happening to. It is better that it happens to you than that you should be on the performance end of it. You might also note the greater and greater emergence of insanity, manifesting in the behavior of people, creating WTF incidents that leave you stunned and shaken as opposed to 'shaken and not stirred'. You want a cocktail onion with that? Materialism is insanity and that is what it produces in us and it intensifies as it goes along.

When you see certain behavior trends manifesting, it is like coming attractions at the theater. To get a general idea of what is coming up, one needs to explore The Stations of Materialism. Think of it as a reversal of The Stations of the Cross. Reversal is not the best term. Consider it as the challenges of The Stations of the Cross but where every stair landing leads in the wrong direction because of the influence of Materialism upon the choices one makes. We don't necessarily intend to make these errors of judgment. It is simply because Materialism is making the decisions for us.

Materialism is like the water swirling down a toilet bowl. At every level in the swirl it descends deeper until it disappears down the drain, into the noxious darkness. In the beginning it looks like a lampoon on itself. You get that Ozzie and Harriet, Sailing through a Formica Wonderland effect. The blenders are blending. Mr Coffee is perking along. There's a big finned automobile in the garage and Sunday's on to the golf course. It moves a few steps further and you get the hippies rejecting Materialism, in search of a higher (pun intended) Love and a fantastic outpouring of musical genius, as well as a plethora of alternative lifestyle choices. Following that, the intelligence agents for the dark side, altered the quality of the consciousness, elevating substances so that ones explorations trended into lower astral locations. They put disco in as the soundtrack and the clothes and bling got seriously ridiculous. This led to the greed is good 80's as Coke went mainstream and became Materialism's vehicle of choice in the boardrooms, feeding the budding psychopathy of the genus. Then we got the 90's where the soundtrack was a bunch of whining angst and 'me me me me mine' became the soundtrack, as the politicians were dreaming about creating a cycle of perpetual war for the sake of financial profit and geopolitical advantage with the same intention.

Political Correctness had been matriculating in academe since the 60's, where certain types had regular bad trips brought about through studying bent philosophers and the big squeeze of sexual frustrations that led to an epidemic of 'weakest chain in the link' breaking syndrome. The dehumanizing, woman hating, medium of rap now became the soundtrack of on the cusp of of a new century, punctuated by the mother of all false flags and the entire motive of the whole orchestrated operation, from toxic soup to fractured nuts, was and is for the purpose of crowd control and the assimilation of global riches in a few hands with law enforcement being reassigned for the purpose of protecting the criminals who stole the general wealth and well being of the populations.

So it was that it went from lampoon to tragedy in a few simple steps. We are where we are today because we have been herded to this place. Along the way, many people lost the most precious parts of themselves. When you lose these essential qualities of civilized being, you lose the capacity for objective thought and you can no longer see where you are going and you can no longer make accurate assessments on the meaning of experiences. As a result we are having to deal with these betrayals and broken promises and we reflexively think this is some kind of a judgment on us. It isn't. It's just what happens at this stage of Materialism. The key truth about Materialism is that it always gets worse. It gets worse and worse until it devours itself. It cannibalizes itself. The Tarot card for that is a man gnawing off his own foot in a humid darkness of ignorance and appetite, gone beyond all hope of illumination and restraint. Once again, take a look around.

You can stand on the bridge of the moment and watch the marching ranks of humanity moving to perdition. It doesn't matter what you say, it passes unheard. Their ears are tuned to the singing sirens who sing from the rocks in front of an imaginary island that cannot ever be reached because it is not something that Materialism can provide and that is lasting satisfaction and peace of mind; not to mention everlasting sanctuary. The Material Plane provides all the things short of that and short of so much that we won't bother to mention because we assume you know what they are. Without them, life is emptiness and the ongoing pursuit of the things of the world lead to more and more emptiness because they separate you from yourself. The singularity of immersion into one's true self is the sancta simplicitas of being... or let us say, it can be. Everything we are chasing after is only this, however it may be disguised ...but we are coerced into believing it can be contained in what exists outside of ourselves. It never is and it never had been.

Let us not stress overly about the injuries visited upon us at this time. It is all part of the rites of passage. Affliction is the daily fare for those walking in all things contrary to the world, just as dream bounty is the payoff for those walking in resonance with it and in dissonance with their real self. This is the job of Materialism, to separate us from ourselves AND from each other and that is why alienation and isolation are conditions in which most people spend their days and why they are, as a result, in such an intense frenzy for anything that will temporarily free them from an awareness of this. It's a form of escapism but there is no escape.

The ability to embrace one's aloneness and to revel in it is one of the greatest triumphs one can achieve. To possess that and also to acquire true detachment while never losing contact with one's compassion is nearly the complete package. Love is the linkage between all good things. Love is the source of all good things. Love is, in its perfection, the driving force and the final result of all our efforts should we be so inclined. Love is a full body suit of armor with light streaming through a hundred chinks in the armor. Love is the clarity of being once it has burned away the dross. Love is The Philosopher's Stone and The Pearl of Great Price. Love is the summa summarum of life. If you don't have it, you have nothing of value, no matter what Mr. Materialism tells you.

We should never underestimate the hypnotic power of Materialism. We might think we are outside it's clutches but if the desire gets lit in us it can be difficult to contain. This is the primary reason that we must rely on a power greater than ourselves. Anyone who thinks they can make it on their own is a fool. Material achievements are there to be had by anyone who puts the necessary effort into them; given that their karma also makes it actionable BUT... when it comes to higher things, they are dispensed by agents of the ineffable and you don't get them otherwise. They are, 'conferred'. Some have thought that they could acquire these things by trading with the infernal regions and fakirs go after powers without possessing the necessary restraints that protect against the abuse of them. As for going to the infernals for what only the celestials possess, good luck with that. Only the celestials can control the infernals.

Don't concern yourself with acts of betrayal, broken promises or any of the associated misfortunes. These are temporary and no one betrays another without first betraying themselves. There must be a reason we are seeing this sort of things. The disappointments of life are common here. These are meant to force, coerce and convince us to rely upon the ineffable who will never betray us and whose promises are eternal. There you have it; faith in the temporary or faith in the everlasting. It's your call.

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Eudoxia said...

As per usual perfect timing! You never cease to amaze me Viz with the topic and timing of your posts. I had a friend call me this morning with yet another betrayal. It is rampant and ubiquitous.

I had an interesting dream last night. I was in a hotel and I was supposed to be staying in one of the higher levels and I decided to take the stairs as I couldn't find the elevator. As I was going up the stairs every level deteriorated to a worse degree than the previous level. Then I realised they had not completed the renovations as yet and the hotel was not prepared for guests on the higher levels I was under the impression that I'd turned up too early and had to go back down.

I can't say I'm happy that my higher levels have not yet been renovated! But such is life. Obviously I have to hang at a certain level for a while. But at least I know the work is being done -grin-

Great post Viz, what else can I say - pure gold!

Terrance said...

Hello Visible....materialism is very much like consuming empty calories... you can never get enough and it never really satisfies

Thanks for all your insights

est said...

visible knows
we do not agree
on everything

if we did
what would
be the point

i tend to look
at the material
and spiritual

as one and the same
two sides - one coin
metaphysical style

these are my thoughts
alone, after forty years
of reading and study

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Once again, religion (God's orders/instructions), is not bad. Au contraire.. It's irreligion that is bad.

Srila Prabhupada.. The so-called religious leaders are not following even the most basic religious principles. For instance, in the Old Testament there are the Ten Commandments, and one commandment is “Thou shalt not kill.” But killing is very prominent in the Christian world. The religious leaders are sanctioning slaughterhouses, and they have manufactured a theory that animals have no soul. “Give the dog a bad name and hang it.”
So when we ask, “Why are you committing this sinful act of killing?” the priests refuse to discuss the matter. Everyone is silent. That means they are deliberately disobeying the Ten Commandments. So where are the religious principles? They are not really interested in religion. It is simply show-bottle. If you do not follow the regulative principles, then where is your religion?

Śrīla Prabhupāda.. Yes. [Laughs.] And a real physician says, “You cannot do this. You cannot do that. You cannot eat this.” This is a botheration for people. They want something very cheap. Therefore the cheaters come and cheat them. They take the opportunity—because people want to be cheated.“Oh, let us take advantage!” You see? So the rascals advise people, “You are God—everyone is God. You just have to realize yourself—you have simply forgotten. You take this mantra, and you’ll become God. You’ll become powerful. There is no need to control the senses. You can drink. You can have unrestricted sex life and whatever you like.”

We cannot bluff like that. We say that if you actually want spiritual life, you have to follow the restrictions. The commandment is, “You shall not kill.” So I shall not say, “Yes, you can kill—the animal has no feeling, the animal has no soul.” We cannot bluff in this way, you see.

nina said...

Materialism as centrifugal force. It swirls in the opposite direction south of the Equator. Strange, but true.

Brilliant post Vizzy, you had me with the title alone! I had been missing you.

Love, nina

nina said...

Well said, Terrance.

nina said...

I like it very much when you talk about yourself, it gives us valuable context to your insights and many people reading have had similar experiences which appeared difficult to overstand until you broke them down with first hand meanings.
From wherever the negativity has come from, it only means the critic is experiencing their own issues without a clue as to why.

Anonymous said...


that boy that looked at the wall and saw a big finger writing..Mene Mene Tekel...

pooped his drawers, it's true.

nothing lasts forever, but truth

{when I access the cartoons on Saturday the real time spinning globe has the City of London on at the same time, does this happen for others?}

objectively speaking



Visible said...

It was Michael Rivero who told me that. He also said that was why Rense dropped me. He gleaned this info by some form of cosmic intuition. As I understand it I got tossed off Rense because of Neil Sinclair and some kind of lobbying against me.

Michael was pretty blunt and lacking in any degree of diplomacy but... he's like that.

Anonymous said...

Viz my love,

"Friends always let you down. Count on it. Expect it. Love them anyway." It's just that they can't hold a candle and, anyway, their masters won't let them. Things aren't what they used to be and what's more they never were.

I embrace the aloneness. If there were others I could deal with, I'd embrace them. My daughter is one such and I am blessed in knowing her. She, however, works long and hard. She must look for her life. She's coming over tomorrow and cooking breakfast for me. We'll sing Linda Ronstadt songs. "Though I have not always been faithful, I always have been true."

WE ARE BLESSED IN KNOWING YOU. The worst affliction is never to have been afflicted.


Magdelena < cat person without a cat

Katy said...

Hmmm. Many people write for us about anxieties regarding "things" and the "times"--we can all get worked up into a state of no good. Surveillance and mental evaluations and PTB/W and Lizards, the coming chastisement, the Big One and and dammit my stored food has moths;...urgency, drama, edge--
I see friends worried, fretting, over how to prepare, spending every spare cent on "precious" metals---hahahaheh--- which foods to buy, the need for a bug-out plan, guns, water, gasoline, medical supplies--let alone how to stop the coming enslavement, and- are you being targeted just for talking about this!? Yikes!!

But of course the fruits of the Spirit include a peace beyond understanding. One needn't hide. You cannot hide, remember? But sweetness and humility is a shield. Love is the force that is needed, that is the calm protection.
One culturally understandable analogy:
When Jesus was to come, his native people expected Pomp and Circumstance, armies and glory, riches and power. Messiah!
The Nativity of Christ shielded the recognition of the arrival of the Christ. The humble spirit, the gentle young woman, the modest surroundings. A STABLE, f'cryin' out loud... Warmed by the breath of animals? Nothing is more basic: Imagine your infant being Warmed only by the Breath of some barn animals!! 

And the message of Christ was so simple they blew it off. 
(It is already there in your heart, waiting.)
That is,
what if the ultimate protection is that of the humble child spirit?
What if the only way to "fight" is to be cloaked in humility, no fear, to trust in the conciousness gift of love, a power greater than your one self and your abilities, Which will align and support and uplift you along with all those in love?
What if the extent to which you release your worries and fears, and look to peaceful prayer meditation walk sing dance, is the extent to which you are useful in this battle? If the ultimate energy is in focusing on love, then becoming preoccupied with occult and predictions and fears and flags is in fact feeding into the dark energy game.

What if the greatest bulwark against wickedness is based on the simple, gentle, small seed of love?

But those who write
of this simple truth ...
even Every Day, to keep us focused...well, hell, where's the drama in that?!

galen said...

Magdelena, one of my favs from Linda, queen of torch songs. Happy Mother's Day:


galen said...

Outreach to Thomas: That can't be an easy place to be, even though you are making of it what you can. I send to you a Mother's Day hug. Mother's Day hugs are very healing.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

American Stupid LTD, Accept no Substitutes.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Jai srila Prabhupada!

SB 3.8.27



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