Friday, November 25, 2005

The Same Old Same Old Blue Plate Special.

Many people are uneasy about the world situation. It does appear that some very unpleasant individuals have come to power and are promoting agendas that work against traditional impulses for freedom and democracy. Consideration for the displaced and unfortunate has taken a back seat to the enrichment of the minority at the expense of the majority. We’ve always known that the world appears unfair. These days it has become a justification to grab hold of everything that isn’t nailed down and to come back with crowbars for the rest. The implication that the world is unfair further implies that justice and retribution are illusions to be casually discarded in the process of doing business. Never has there been such shameless demagoguery in defense of personal excess.

When we look at the world in terms of observable phenomena is can be a discouraging picture. However, as many have said at one time or the other, in many different ways; “Things are not what they seem.” One of my catchphrases which I place here and there in my journey through the realm is, Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.

Things aren’t what they seem. Sure, the Iraq incursion was about oil to fuel the excesses of Western Culture and to maintain control over the reserves. Other features enter into to the mix but essentially this is the key. Certainly the present administration of the United States is a criminal cabal devoted to enriching themselves and their supporters; all the information corroborates this. Certainly the majority are confused even with the evidence in front of them. You can blame this on their parents having taught them to respect authority. Respect for authority is important. It gives order to our lives. At the same time, “disobedience to tyrants is the will of God.” And, “occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.”

One might think of the tree of life as having two sides that flow to and from the middle trunk. This is true. One could see the excesses of liberalism and the parsimony of conservatism as being on opposing sides. Mercy must always be balanced by severity. There is a difference between the pure ideas of generosity and restraint and the actual evidence of behavior where some preach fiscal conservation among the citizenry while enriching themselves beyond all restraint. This is commonly called hypocrisy it is.

One side bankrupts its good will through observable corruption. The other side comes to power and does the same; back and forth. A system is only as good as the people who regulate it. In the interest of self will and personal profit it is necessary to believe one of two things; that there is no cosmic regulating justice or... that cosmic regulating justice is on your side. If all justice is a matter of external regulation and you control the enforcement arm... that’s okay too.

This isn’t true in reality and history gives us one example after another. Unfortunately some are allowed to continue and prosper for some length of time; injuring the lives and persons of many people before they are sent on their way; this is one of the greater curiosities. It has to be assumed that the corruptions of the leaders are somehow mirrored in the corruptions of the people and that they share together in the drama of the day.

Everything in the outer world has emerged from the inner world. Everything you perceive is a creation of the mind. The high and low of the possibilities of existence are all contained within us at two different locations. We have that choice; which one we will respond to and represent. Sometimes the balance in aggregate humanity critically shifts off center. Is it because of ignorance? Assuredly... but there are many features that affect the mix; fear, misinformation, appetite and others all play a part.

What we see as world events, world leaders, natural calamities; the whole spectrum of observable players, environments and events are actually the elements of a magical war. Nothing is what it seems. The good and the bad are all orchestrated from the inner planes by entities whose names you are unfamiliar with. Does this sound like science fiction? Well, your life and the success and failure of it; for as long as that lasts is all the result of what you believe and you may believe what you will.

At this time a great power for change is moving from deep within the core of our collective being into outward manifestation. It is driving everything before it. It is forcing it all outward for judgment on the manifest realm. As it presses forward with the power of its light it is pressing dark things from their cubbyholes into the physical plane. At the same time, the confusion and intense materialism of the day has made the unwary easy pickings. These entities hijack bodies the way carjackers take cars.

On the political and religious scene we are seeing much evidence of this. From the callous and blatant criminality of governments to the sexual excesses of the clergy and their dogmatic insanities; madness walks the earth. You may think of every human being as a light bulb that will soon be illuminated or burnt out; depending on their capacity to contain and channel the light.

On the superficial level is can be a scary time. In fact, that which is coming is bringing wonder, joy and liberation to everyone who desires it. It is also bringing total and absolute judgment of the reality and value of every state of mind and form of behavior. Those who have studied existence know that this is not an anomaly. It is always happening over large periods of time and then repeating itself. Think of it as a process of continuous adjustment and re-informing. There’s nothing unusual about it.

The magic war is in our minds, on our televisions; in the streets and supermarkets, in the fashion industries, in the cultures and languages... in our essential differences at every level; in the appearance of our difference. Some work these differences to their personal advantage. Some work for the common good of all. Light is stronger than darkness so don’t ask me who wins. At the same time, the deeper you go in a certain direction, the more you see of certain conditions; these are the things that happen at that level. The higher you go, the more you see of certain conditions; these are the things that happen at this level.

Preparing for ones retirement and maintaining the externals are concerns we all deal with in one way or another. Certainly there are chores and realities that face us every day of our lives. Since these particular lives end, one must have some sort of a value system in respect of that. Everyone makes a decision about this; willingly or unwillingly- based on what they value. It’s a certain state of mind that believes the perishable has value over the imperishable; that the temporary is beautiful. It is a fever that sweeps the world at times. In a way it results in getting to far outside the protection of the coast and into the deeper currents of the ocean. And this is true at both levels. It depends on what you want to drown in.

Worrying about the world is futile. The world is the world; sometimes it goes like this and sometimes it goes like that. It’s where you are standing that is of key importance and whether you certain and sure departure is ticketed through to the next destination. One way or another that ticket gets punched; you go by intention or you go by default.

This won’t mean much to those whose investments and desires are focused on the place they are in the process of leaving as we speak; ironic. They will believe and persist in the idea that one mindset holds more importance than another. Certainly this world trumpets it from every conning tower. For the rest... it’s a good time to conserve the oil in your lamp.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"M is for the Million Things She Gave Me."

From the outside in or from the inside out; these are the two perspectives of life. The former are what the latter become once they have exhausted the process, or let us say, once disenchantment has set in. You get this in each life regardless. Life automatically draws within at the closing of a cycle. However, there are larger cycles of greater importance; at least according to the party of the first part; those who are tired of hanging out at the mall.

Western religious culture is a big penis alpha male who doesn’t always gift his offspring with similar attributes; this leads to a whole area of psychology of which I am sure a great many readers are familiar. If this makes you smile that’s good, if not, keep scratching your head. You probably didn’t get any thunderbolts either.

For those looking outside, the chariot of desire is usually a ‘Hummer’ with or without the double entendre attached; or it could be a Ferrari or some Matchbox vehicle. For those looking within it’s another vehicle whose highways are the heavens. There are traffic cops in both areas.

This brings me to the main body of my interest today; God as the mother. Much is made of the goddess lately in fringe areas of western spiritual interest and a lot has been written on her; mostly by women with names like Sapphire Moon or Rainbow Hallelujah Morning. Sometimes they just have a lot of hyphens in the name and that’s followed by degrees in dance, massage therapy and psychology. This goddess costs money and is usually quite personalized, with or without her consent. But she’s pretty forgiving; after all, she is a mother.

Now, in this world- and I am talking about the West... but it could be anywhere, there are mother lovers and motherfuckers. We have seen strange prayers and poems by the latter written on bathroom walls, often accompanied by iconographic portrayals by the artist. The former are often corrupted by an inadequate understanding of the mother due to confusions arising in their relationship to their birth mother; how and why they came here and whether it really isn’t all about Mom, God bless her.

In mainstream religious oatmeal, the mother is commonly seen as The Virgin Mary in a blue light. This has been somewhat annotated by the Beatles song, “Let it Be.”. Things change of course and, of course, the more things change the more the thing behind the things remains the same. We’ve sanitized the mother in the established church and generally don’t want to know about all of the things she does besides the night-light effect in the kid’s bedroom. We also usually don’t want to know how her relationship to us is directly connected to the way we see her and how we feel about her.

This Virgin Mary is an image set to represent the pure matter out of which everything is formed. Depending on the seed implanted and the idea it contains you can get a cornucopia of health and well being or... a hairnet of mosquitoes and a lot of internal disorder working its way outside. Sometimes this thing called prayer works and sometimes it doesn’t because theurgy has rules just like everything does and you need the right tool for the right job. You get one exception and that’s a product of virtue; no elaboration given.

This mother can be scary beyond the capacity of the rational mind to endure or accept; so, put a pretty face on it. It helps in the early going. The final clarity no doubt involves seeing and understanding the Kali and Tara in the graveyard ritual but... who’s that driven? You’d have to be mad wouldn’t you; especially if you took acid and went looking for her there at night. Well, some people do but you won’t be meeting them down at the Kiwanis or Burger King.

When you were a kid did your mother often half scare and half delight you by saying, “I’m going to eat you up?” Believe it. It’s true union for the praying mantis among us; besides that? It happens anyway; might as well enjoy it.

It’s rough for the rational souls to comprehend that this lady fulfills the role of every single female relationship in your life and that it’s all the same energy being. No wonder you’re conflicted. However, when I was talking about ‘motherfuckers’ that isn’t what I meant. Then I was talking about people who do bad things. You really don’t want to piss her off. And now we come to the justice aspect.

Mother Nature, at least in the common parlance, has a lot to do with our health. I’m under the impression that the closer we stay to her, the healthier we are. You can make a lot of things out of Mother Nature. There are the things she comes with, the raw materials... there are the hidden aspects secreted in amongst the raw materials and sometimes deeper secrets vibrate outside the common bandwidth but interpenetrate with the raw materials... and then... you get the things we make out of combinations of the raw materials; with or without the addition and assistance of the secret ingredients.

While you are making things, selling things; products, ideas, agendas... you are also preparing a mask for the mother you are going to meet. In the beginning you were inside her. Then you came through her and then she was all around you and then... and then she’s still all around you but the focus and awareness has changed. Well... that’s at the other end too. Is she waiting with open arms? Are you afraid to go? A lot of people don’t think about that much because as the stork told one of The Pandavas, “The greatest mystery is that you see people dying all around you and don’t think that you yourself will die.”

Well, you don’t die... not in the sense of total finito; you just get repackaged based on where you thought you were headed and sent off with a new suit of clothes.

It’s probably the hardest thing in the world to accept the fact that everything is our own damn fault. Our insistence on knowing what we know, based on the partial information from which we formed our perspective, is the catalyst for the things we suffer. As soon as we don’t know that shit anymore our destiny changes immediately. This is the sort of thing we see happen when someone’s denial breaks; when they wake up to something, when their heart is broken- oh... there are a lot of ways. We’re not always improved then either, because once again we’re only seeing a portion- it may just be a larger piece.

One aspect of this mother is called Sophia; the aspect of Wisdom. I’ll bet a lot of people who don’t have it think that it is something you get, like an air conditioner or a suitcase and you just have it. Actually it is a relationship. You get into this place where you hear it more or less of the time. You can also lose it. People do when they all of a sudden know something again; wisdom backs off.

When we appreciate a great musician or any sort of exceptional soul- even if we don’t know this... it isn’t ‘their ability’ that we appreciate. It is rather their capacity to channel. This is how come some people can’t write anymore. It was there and then... the well went dry. It’s how we make fools of ourselves and how we get into the idea that we did something. We never did and we never do. For myself, I love the idea of being with my mother. Words could never describe all the wonderful things she does for me every day and, like most mothers, she doesn’t expect any thanks... she knows better. But I will tell you that she appreciates it. And if she sees that you know and appreciate it... even if you can’t see her; if you know she’s around and you are grateful... well then... words fail.

I know for some this seems silly. Grown men know better... all stiff and stern and knowing... Invictus-armored... but I think it’s always best to be a little boy. She just loves that. It’s okay to pretend with everyone else.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spirtual Survival Techniques, Part Three.

We live in the midst of processing matter at four different levels; four different worlds, if you will, at all times. Various ‘things’, states of being and emerging conditions are at any one of these levels on their way out. Any and everything finally winds up in the perishable realm of time and gravity; although these both exist in some form at every level.

Gravitational attraction, whether we recognize it as so or not, is an expression of universal love which attracts everything to everything. The hydrogen atom with its one positive proton and the circling electron is the most basic expression of this. This is science, not voodoo. Science proves everything that metaphysics states if... you are looking to see it.

The father, mother principle of interaction which is the basis for all cosmic activity is operative in every action life commits; through you, around you, wherever. Life is an on going sex act and the sex act is everything. It’s a holy thing. It’s there at the smallest and the greatest perceivable levels from the core to the circumference. If you’re having a bad life you are basically having bad sex.

These four worlds I mention, described in the last installment, are the conditions through which everything passes on its way to your breakfast table. No matter if it is your corn flakes or the process server. Think of it like water in its various states. It is always still water (grin- well, actually not always ‘still’ though)

Think of sitting. On the first level is the pure idea of sitting; on the next, all the forms of things one can sit on, on the next, the process by which the chair is constructed, on the next, voila, the chair. Consider all that is in this respect, that’s how it got here; war, marriage, children, divorce and banana cream pie.

There’s nothing wrong with the magic. There is something wrong with the magician. We are clumsy dancers learning our steps. We are The Sorcerers Apprentice.

We are always desiring and forming images and winding up, often, with something we say we didn’t order. Or perhaps we ordered it and then moved. The postman shows up but you are gone.

Take the matter of success, fame, such conditions; what I call the mosquito factor. How many mosquitoes can you handle? Do you like them buzzing around your head? Do you want to spend your days in a May Fly convention with a living head net? What’s the real value of a star on Hollywood Blvd or a pigeon dump statue in the park? Some praise and disgrace may attend our lives due to the nature of our work. It’s not a good idea to go chasing after it. Nature is well aware of our efforts. If she chooses to point us out that’s the best way. Banging on pots outside the worlds bedroom window might not be the best career move.

Will I have enough money? Have I got enough love? Love is money. You’ll never run out of whatever it is that money is supposed to represent if you never run out of Love. Love’s not hard to find. It can be hard to identify.

The collective pressure of the world upon our minds; to have, to acquire, to put away for a rainy day- the fear of lack and loss... the whips of paranoia that fall like rain; what if? There’s that old song, “Que Sera Sera...”

I always have to laugh when people say there is no God. Especially since they don’t have any idea of what it is they are talking about. They’re talking about the wounds inside their head and heart and their inability to love. Most don’t love, they desire. It’s the difference between wanting to have and wanting to give. If you gave away everything for ever there would always be more left than however much you gave away.

It’s really humorous to see a tiny moving speck proclaim that that which encircles and surrounds it does not exist. The vanity of our temporary, uniformed selves is a Saturday morning cartoon. What is true is that the God you don’t believe in does not exist. That which you say, and define by saying, “it is not”, is not. The God the atheist does not believe in does not exist. We are in agreement on that. However, that which you do not understand, will never comprehend, that’s there alright; just like gravity. Understanding gravity should be a priority. Understanding what limits us is a sure course to greater and greater freedom.

I’ve less attraction for religion than anyone I know. I stay away from priests and all representatives of the status quo spider web of delusion which is woven for the control of the populace. Religion is a veil. It is true though that you can come through it but you must always step outside of it in the end.

The thing is, everyone gets there, just not at the same time. Nature shows you that not all buds open together. Then there are those who are ‘hot-housing’ their evolution. The Bhagavad-Gita says that “success is speedy for the energetic”. After awhile, everything else just isn’t important, nor nearly so satisfying.

Surely you know that it isn’t the mistakes we make along the way that define us. It’s the way we adjust to them. No one starts out as a Zen archer. I don’t get the Dalai Lama any more than I get the Pope. And you couldn’t get me to dress up like that for anything.

One could consider themselves lucky indeed if they are pressed by circumstance into a place where they despair utterly. The light is less likely to break in Malibu than it is in Sing Sing. You can’t build a new house until you tear down the old one. The self indulgence that has come upon humanity because of the convenience of civilization has turned us into whiners and wankers. Certainly the New Age industries show us how comical and self-indulgent we have become. Well, if we won’t work to tear down our walls they will be torn down for us. Your freedom, whether you want it or not, is your destiny; like it or not. You will be torn from your prison cell.

Close your fist and look at the spiral it makes. That is the secret of the universe; a whirling spiral. It makes you see dervishes in a whole new light. That’s the same spiral coming up the kundalini channel and making you ‘self’ realized. Life has a purpose, reincarnation is a fact; observable in nature. You are at some point between deep sleep and total awakening. We see what is below us, even if we don’t identify it correctly. We seldom see what is above us.

I’ve said it before. Life is a spiral staircase; think of Durer and Escher. At every point on the staircase there are people above and below us. The trick is not to piss over the railing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spiritual Survival Techniques, Part Two.

I notice old people, how they get around and what seems to occupy their minds. What I notice even more are the way young people consider old people, the way they often treat them, as if by some magical event they will never be an old person.

People develop a style of living to which they become attached. They don’t want to give it up. I’ve heard people say, “Well, if I can’t live the way I want to then I don’t want to live at all.” Things we can easily get away with when we are young become increasingly difficult to maintain as time moves on.

People eat a lot of meat. Your digestive system throws up a lot of mucus to deal with it. Maybe you have noticed this after eating a steak. Because of poor dietary choice people create a swamp in their bodies. Things breed in the swamp. So you get people hacking into their hands as soon as the weather changes. The aging process accelerates.

The main reason that people get obese is from drinking soda. More than anything else it is your Big Gulp pit stops that give you the wide load. People don’t make that association. Some of them think diet soda is the answer. I’m not going to deal with aspartame here. You can find out the ugly details on your own.

Designer coffee is the rage now; Coffee Anan double dense fruit surprise or what have you. What coffee does is fire your adrenals. It’s like starting your car over and over until you might even burn it out. Nobody think about this. No doubt there was an article recently about how coffee reduces heart attacks or improves you sex life. Actually it radically decreases sexual function at a certain point, as do cigarettes.

“I did it my way.” seems to be the theme these days. Your body is like a car. A new car can take a lot of abuse. The one thing most important in car maintenance is changing the oil. Impurities have the same effect on you that they have on a car. It’s a simple thing to keep your car running well. If you keep pouring bad gas into it; if you don’t flush it out and pay attention then you need to go to the mechanics.

I watch spiritual teachers. What is it that they do differently? One of the things is that they eat very little and not very often. This would of itself provide a healthy and long life. What’s the point of working yourself to death while consuming bad fuel so that you can live with chronic health concerns in your golden years?

I hesitate to use the word God sometimes because of all the bad associations religion has placed into intelligent minds. Let us think rather of an all embracing consciousness that is in everything and that it is possible, by letting go of the individual identity, to achieve a cosmic identity by uniting with it. This essence, this all pervading awareness is closer to you, at all times, than you imagine. Sometimes you may be closer to it and you notice something. Other times you do not but it is still there. You wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t alive inside you. It is the very life you live. It is in your mind and intimately aware of your thoughts.

If you were to assume what I say is true; you don’t need any facts to back it up... if you would just assume this and remind yourself of it constantly a dialogue would ensue. Like priming a pump, you get no water at first. If you talk to yourself in the mirror for awhile you come to notice at a certain point that someone is looking back at you and listening. You can talk yourself into anything. You have, you do.

I have said before that Heaven is not up in the sky. It begins where your feet touch the Earth. You don’t go anywhere when you appear to die. You go where you are. You are in Heaven already or you are not. You could be there quite soon actually. It’s a matter of aspiration. You already aspire to things and there you are. There isn’t anything here that is worth having except peace of mind. Out of the tranquility of merger with the one comes the magical vision of a new and shining world. We cheapen our vision by the quality of our desire. Some fires put out more smoke than others. It depends on the fuel.

Besides a rigidity of mind and a tighter circle of pattern reoccurrence, old people can count on a number of problems that affect nearly everyone. One of these things is the loss of range of motion. This is where a dance of some sort comes in. Daily limbering will add years of effective life. Even if you have lost considerable range of motion you can get a good deal of it back. The defeat in the mind from the memory of the life that led us to the point of despairing in our own efforts is what resists our capacity to renew.

The lure of cheap food and entertainments coupled with the innate laziness of a person, who is planning to change tomorrow, have never been more ubiquitous. It all hurts. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

It is the pain we experience from ignorant desire that drives us to freedom eventually. Eventually, nothing is better than wanting nothing. There are hidden springs in the human system that pours forth incredible states of being. They can be tapped. You might have to dig out the well. You might have to dig. Eventually you will. Eventually the drive for freedom becomes everything. Eventually you can’t take the smoke and the noise any more. I’m not inferring that you can’t live in it and be out of it. These days sanctuary is a hard discovery.

I know these things because of my mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes. Sorting out what doesn’t work often reveals what does. How often do you catch yourself in the midst of your life and ask, “What am I doing?” Everything we do leads to the specific resolution of what we do. Ignoring it, mocking it, disputing it, these don’t affect it. It is inexorable.

For a legitimate system of escape go to BOTA; It takes years but it will delight those so inclined. Tai Chi is easily learned and satisfying beyond what you might imagine. It’s much more user friendly than yoga. Liberal macrobiotics is a fabulous health choice. It takes ten days for your taste buds to change. Remember this before you give up. A constant awareness that you are accompanied opens an internal phone line. The answers are all there to be had. It’s the motivation that is lacking. It is peculiar that people would prefer a state of bondage over the promise of freedom but so they do.

We don’t see things as they are. We see them through colored lenses. The whole of life is no more than a game of hide and seek. It brings me back to that Biblical phrase, “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” People don’t’ seem to get that. If you find the source, the cornucopia appears. You literally get it all. It isn’t necessary to see this in a religious sense. See it as a practical application of a universal truth. These spiritual teachers aren’t trying to get you to the dinner table with Pat Robertson. They just want you to grasp certain truths that will grant you the keys to the kingdom. All manner of worlds overlap here.

Some burn with an intensity for a love affair with the divine. Some dispassionately seek it through intellectual inquiry. Some discover it through the practice of particular rituals. That it has been discovered we know. We have the life examples of these people. Don’t say there isn’t anything out there, or in there, until you have looked; until you have looked as hard as you can. Or you can just remember that it fills and surrounds you all the time. It doesn’t have to be discovered. It has always been there. Practice its presence and it will reveal itself.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Spritual Survival Techniques, Part One.

Lately my critics, at a place I post called The Best of the Fray at under the posting name of appolonius_ (taken from apollonius of Tyana) - please note the underline at the end of the name if you use the search function and for whatever reason you want to go there- have been taking a number of wacks at me.

It’s an appropriate place for many Lamia dwell there and several Grendels as well; if you are thinking of the Keats poem or ponderous English literature that might even cause John Milton to throwup. Today I’m going to write about common physical survival on this plane. Because of the nature of the post and the fact that I am my own best example of what I am going to write I will necessarily be talking about myself and conditions that have come about from my practices and how they have impacted on my physical constitution. Since I am going to also post this at Best of the Fray where I get excoriated for the use of the word ‘I’ I (heh heh) have included the first paragraph.

Many of you are familiar with forums and those souls who either through fear or lack of understanding grow into automatic attack mold. It’s not as easy to remove it as the kind that grows in the cracks of your bathroom tile. Potentially human they have sought out internet cubbyholes much like a part of the minds own design and wage imaginary battles with imaginary foes who answer them through a medium similar to the astral body. These are great locations for personal growth though; rich with mineral life and the sort of life forms that make the Earth an abundant and fecund place.

No matter what we say we are talking about ourselves. There’s the high flying alpha presentation; the, I’m humble as the earth version, the please don’t hurt me anymore version, the Invictus version, the “Everyday I am getting better and better.” and that American standard perversion of the ‘don’t tread on me’ headspace complete with the gun-rack balloon overhead. Plus everything within the parameters of the “Don’t Mess with Mr. Inbetween” lyrics and whatever got left without. We present ourselves according to the correct (or incorrect) assessment of the relationship between what we know and do not know. In fact we don’t know much of what we think we know and using “I don’t know.” as a mantra can restore us to sanity because we are corrupted by assumptions that are invalid.

Before I get into what I’m going to say here, go to this recent headline which stands as some of the increasingly evident physical proof of metaphysical theorems. If would serve everyone well to study contemporary physics and see where God is now proven to exist and that the universe is conscious and every object in our world is thought born and an extension of light. Everything is composed of light condensed into form. Further, the impact of thought on objects and the focus of conscious as expressed in Pantajali’s Yoga Aphorisms (Alice Bailey version please) serves to prove that the Western alchemical traditions and Eastern Yoga are one and the same, differently expressed and represent living truth; just as you do, who are also an extension of life and the embodiment of the living God. Check it out.

I am God, you are God... in the bud. What we need to do is to act as if we are God, putting on the whole armor of God which are God’s qualities. The alchemical doctrine of transmutating lead into gold is just a metaphor for the lead of Saturn being reconstituted into sunlight; just as the maiden in the tower held captive by the black knight is an analogy for out kundalini sealed in the tower of ignorance. We are the thing that needs to be transmuted. This does not infer that gold cannot be manifested out of anything. Everything is made out of the same thing and you only need to manipulate the vibration to alter the composition. Believe me, there are people who can. Certain yogis in possession of the right siddhis can hear the treasures of the earth crying out from where they are buried. There are thousands of king’s ransoms below the surface of the earth. One can also precipitate anything from out of the ethers into physical manifestation by working on the Atzilutic plane through Briah, Yetzirah and into physical presence on the manifest plane of Assiah- “word...” as the homies like to say; a strangely interesting approximation of the ‘word’ of God. “As above, so below, for the performance of the miracle of the one thing.” You already do all of this all the time. You just often do it wrong; visualizing what you don’t actually want and being dissatisfied with the results.

Now to the painful, for some people, subject of ‘me’. I will not give out my actual age because I believe myself to be 18 forever. However, people consistently place me at 20 years younger than I am. This condition exists despite years of intense dissolute behavior. I drank a river and I snorted a mountain and took everything you’ve heard about and things you haven’t, including eating entire pages of acid. How is it possible that I have maintained myself so well (or been maintained) under such circumstances?

Several key elements are control of the sexual force, diet, spiritual practice and the martial arts. Although I have had a lot of sex with hundreds of partners, through my Jim Morrison redux period, I seldom had orgasms and regularly maintain sexual continence. This is the force that, in different permutations, is responsible for everything we do. It is what turns us into God. It begins as one kind of serpent and turns into the flowering hood of the risen kundalini. It is both tempter and messiah. God sets both the light and the darkness. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. The illusion of the devil conceals the light of the angel. “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” There has been a huge concentration of energy to have this verse rewritten. You can hardly find it. The Bible is filled with alchemical secrets. The Old Testament is a work of Gematria which explains many of the absurdities in the passages. Most of out problems in this life come about through perversions of truths by cabals who use our ignorance as a wand of control. Subsequently people throw out the baby with the bathwater because religion is absurd; more correctly it veils. If you could say, “I don’t know” whatever you are confronted with anything and by an expelling of breath, force every thought from your mind... relentlessly, you would soon encounter the divine. It’s looking for you harder than you are looking for it. There’s more to it but this is enough for starters. Who would want to do such a thing? There you have it.

Diet... I have been more or less a vegetarian (except for fish) for many years and try to stay somewhere within the parameters of macrobiotics. Macrobiotics correctly practiced; not in the manner of faddish food, Nazi’s is awesome.

Spiritual practice... I have practiced meditation and a form of yoga given to me by a master that I met on the beach in Big Sur. I have yet to know who he was but some months later he awakened my kundalini at a house in the Virginia countryside. A number of people were there and I am sure they have not forgotten. One of them was John Hall who played with the band “Orleans”. It would take an entire essay to describe this meeting and this man who, whoever he was, was unlike anyone I ever met before. Well, meditation is dealt with in the headline I gave above and you should have some idea of what it is. I want to point out that everyone meditates, they just happen to engage in negative meditation.

The martial arts... I received a comprehensive awareness of the martial arts through the kundalini transmission and have practiced it since. You have to keep you body strong. The grace and self confidence that mastering a defense system gives is incalculable. Certain things are a necessity.

I see that I have already completed today’s piece size-wise so I will give you part two tomorrow. I suspect that will be more interesting because we are going to deal with things that are wrong with most of us and the final result of our failing health and departure of consciousness as a result of being stupid about certain verities. You may discount me, do not discount what I am giving you. It can change your life. Whether this takes two or three more essays you will have them soon. Cave Dei Videt...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello Friendz.

I could really have posted earlier but I didn't feel like it. So I went to The Best of the Fray at where I post under the name apollonius_ and have been writing and... since wherever I can do it is where I am doing it I thought that might be the best lead in to doing it here again. So the context might be missing if you don't know the place or how I am known there which isn't always positive and for good reason. I am not there like I am here.

Anyway, welcome back and lets get the show on the road. Next up I'm going to talk about something useful; ways in which you can make positive changes in your life. If you are reading this at Smoking Mirrors (that means you Tony and your fellow compatritartes) the rants will be following right after the following post; meaning, not this one. And, if you are reading at Smoking Mirrors that means you missed the post I am refering too that preceded the one you are reading. Confusing? So is life.

I went to bed at 3AM I got up at 6 and having some time on my hands and not due to put up the next chapter until Monday I was thinking about The Fray and the posters here; how loyalties shift, how favor is sought and how dreams are made; that is, if you dream of The Fray.

I'm going to do this without names and I don't think there will be any confusion about anything. I read a post after I posted about the poster- in defense- and I saw nothing wrong with the post because I have seen what he is talking about. What I got was a concern for children in an oft presented- but seldom actually believed- fact of the world in real time jetz ("aren't you glad you use Google? Don't you wish everyone did?")

What a commercial, from a business standpoint it's like the real thing in the back of your mind.

What gets alluded to but seldom pointed out is that certain posters do everything they do to push in both directions for the sake of capturing the middle. True, people in the middle are less passionate but so was Buddha. Christ on the other hand and Mohammed on the other- the ends touch, by the way, and there you should seek the truth which brings us back to Buddha again. Just so, does fascism and communism meet at a point called Utopia, or a benevolent dictatorship; I've never been sure about that part and don't have the curiosity to look; being all about the first analogy.

Some posters grasp at straws in a haystack and think they are in a body of water. They might not understand how fire lives in water and convict themselves thereby in the minds of those who do.

When you chemically extract this Mulligan Stew you get all the elements and the tension and conflict between them. We can do no less since we are composed of them.

Someone mentioned hating a poster. I can honestly say I hated have never hated no one here ever (that sentence sucks). BT gave me a run for my money (ooops I named someone) but it wasn't over what he said but the relentlessness of his posting.

I'll be the first person to tell you that not everyone likes me. As the song says, "I like it like that.", just the title not the song (isn't Google wonderful?)

Why posters may gravitate toward one poster over the other is a "The Devil and Daniel Webster" thing. We say all kinds of things here but, in real life... who do you want at your back? Just for a moment setting aside Christ's unassailable command to "get thee behind me."

We would all like to get shit-faced in the tavern called "Aloha Inhibition" But... does anyone want shit on their face for real? They say you get your face early and it follows and folds around you.

So do cyberfaces.

Passion only finds half their bedfellows- although by numbers it outdistances the rest. Repression fucks in their minds and the truth takes care of them and the rest.

I come not to bury Caeser. I just do his laundry. I'm a Chinaman by trade and Lord Buckley by avocation. It's hot or cold but...........

that's not the point. The point is whether you are hot and cold in your intentions or whether you will buy me a meal or take me home; oh, I don't need those things but it is the thought that counts.

Remember, some posters positions are only chosen for 'hit count'. I don't get that but so it is; I mean this isn't anywhere really- is it? Some posters tell the truth as they know it and some tell it as they don't know it and some tell it like it is- but only occasionally... none of us have that one down.

"I believe in miracles, you sexy thing." To this day I consider that one of the best songs I ever heard. God, literature and music have been my life- except for the love affairs which weren't I suspect always a thing of beauty- so why do I pick that song?

"Yet thrice upon the Lupercal I did." Google?

I find you vastly entertaining and so I tell you; don't take people at cyberface value. Duh... Some there are who are into the game for the sake of the game and some brought their hearts. You can't get a coalition with that against the night and the day. But you should remember that they reign supreme in their locations. This is a good point. Choose your friends wisely because... do I have to say it?

And remember that those you assail lend a distinctive color to the mix. We could not survive here without each other. I love the rough and tumble. I fear for the vulnerable hearts... and in case your listening- don't enter into conflict if you can't resolve... 'witch' leads us back to that guy I mentioned earlier. I'll bet they came up with "The Buddha of Infinite Compassion" just to deflect the opinionated press. Yeah they take sides-you got a problem with that? But it all comes together in the end.

A lot of posters here will cringe at reading these words. Yet, I can prove this physically; not just metaphysically; fuck, just ask me and I will do it in one sentence and not the one in the Victor Hugo novel (he doesn't post here).

However, we are all one. Yes, the heart of every poster here will at some time welcome each and all to the kingdom. Nor will they live there until they do which is, actually, how the kingdom operates. Pie in the sky you say. No, physics proves this and "as above so below" The real problem- for you- is how long do you want it to take? See, I'm in a hurry and I object to the word 'hate'. If I don't hate people who actually did me serious harm then why should I hate you? Sure, one rages against the empire but that is not hate; it is white hot passion burning for the joy of what fills the filament... or is that firmanment? They touch you know? Or did I already say that? Or, do I have to say that? We are all one. Deal with it.

row, row, row your boat...merrily down the stream...merrily...merrily...merrily...merrily. Life is but a dream. Or not?