Friday, November 25, 2005

The Same Old Same Old Blue Plate Special.

Many people are uneasy about the world situation. It does appear that some very unpleasant individuals have come to power and are promoting agendas that work against traditional impulses for freedom and democracy. Consideration for the displaced and unfortunate has taken a back seat to the enrichment of the minority at the expense of the majority. We’ve always known that the world appears unfair. These days it has become a justification to grab hold of everything that isn’t nailed down and to come back with crowbars for the rest. The implication that the world is unfair further implies that justice and retribution are illusions to be casually discarded in the process of doing business. Never has there been such shameless demagoguery in defense of personal excess.

When we look at the world in terms of observable phenomena is can be a discouraging picture. However, as many have said at one time or the other, in many different ways; “Things are not what they seem.” One of my catchphrases which I place here and there in my journey through the realm is, Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.

Things aren’t what they seem. Sure, the Iraq incursion was about oil to fuel the excesses of Western Culture and to maintain control over the reserves. Other features enter into to the mix but essentially this is the key. Certainly the present administration of the United States is a criminal cabal devoted to enriching themselves and their supporters; all the information corroborates this. Certainly the majority are confused even with the evidence in front of them. You can blame this on their parents having taught them to respect authority. Respect for authority is important. It gives order to our lives. At the same time, “disobedience to tyrants is the will of God.” And, “occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.”

One might think of the tree of life as having two sides that flow to and from the middle trunk. This is true. One could see the excesses of liberalism and the parsimony of conservatism as being on opposing sides. Mercy must always be balanced by severity. There is a difference between the pure ideas of generosity and restraint and the actual evidence of behavior where some preach fiscal conservation among the citizenry while enriching themselves beyond all restraint. This is commonly called hypocrisy it is.

One side bankrupts its good will through observable corruption. The other side comes to power and does the same; back and forth. A system is only as good as the people who regulate it. In the interest of self will and personal profit it is necessary to believe one of two things; that there is no cosmic regulating justice or... that cosmic regulating justice is on your side. If all justice is a matter of external regulation and you control the enforcement arm... that’s okay too.

This isn’t true in reality and history gives us one example after another. Unfortunately some are allowed to continue and prosper for some length of time; injuring the lives and persons of many people before they are sent on their way; this is one of the greater curiosities. It has to be assumed that the corruptions of the leaders are somehow mirrored in the corruptions of the people and that they share together in the drama of the day.

Everything in the outer world has emerged from the inner world. Everything you perceive is a creation of the mind. The high and low of the possibilities of existence are all contained within us at two different locations. We have that choice; which one we will respond to and represent. Sometimes the balance in aggregate humanity critically shifts off center. Is it because of ignorance? Assuredly... but there are many features that affect the mix; fear, misinformation, appetite and others all play a part.

What we see as world events, world leaders, natural calamities; the whole spectrum of observable players, environments and events are actually the elements of a magical war. Nothing is what it seems. The good and the bad are all orchestrated from the inner planes by entities whose names you are unfamiliar with. Does this sound like science fiction? Well, your life and the success and failure of it; for as long as that lasts is all the result of what you believe and you may believe what you will.

At this time a great power for change is moving from deep within the core of our collective being into outward manifestation. It is driving everything before it. It is forcing it all outward for judgment on the manifest realm. As it presses forward with the power of its light it is pressing dark things from their cubbyholes into the physical plane. At the same time, the confusion and intense materialism of the day has made the unwary easy pickings. These entities hijack bodies the way carjackers take cars.

On the political and religious scene we are seeing much evidence of this. From the callous and blatant criminality of governments to the sexual excesses of the clergy and their dogmatic insanities; madness walks the earth. You may think of every human being as a light bulb that will soon be illuminated or burnt out; depending on their capacity to contain and channel the light.

On the superficial level is can be a scary time. In fact, that which is coming is bringing wonder, joy and liberation to everyone who desires it. It is also bringing total and absolute judgment of the reality and value of every state of mind and form of behavior. Those who have studied existence know that this is not an anomaly. It is always happening over large periods of time and then repeating itself. Think of it as a process of continuous adjustment and re-informing. There’s nothing unusual about it.

The magic war is in our minds, on our televisions; in the streets and supermarkets, in the fashion industries, in the cultures and languages... in our essential differences at every level; in the appearance of our difference. Some work these differences to their personal advantage. Some work for the common good of all. Light is stronger than darkness so don’t ask me who wins. At the same time, the deeper you go in a certain direction, the more you see of certain conditions; these are the things that happen at that level. The higher you go, the more you see of certain conditions; these are the things that happen at this level.

Preparing for ones retirement and maintaining the externals are concerns we all deal with in one way or another. Certainly there are chores and realities that face us every day of our lives. Since these particular lives end, one must have some sort of a value system in respect of that. Everyone makes a decision about this; willingly or unwillingly- based on what they value. It’s a certain state of mind that believes the perishable has value over the imperishable; that the temporary is beautiful. It is a fever that sweeps the world at times. In a way it results in getting to far outside the protection of the coast and into the deeper currents of the ocean. And this is true at both levels. It depends on what you want to drown in.

Worrying about the world is futile. The world is the world; sometimes it goes like this and sometimes it goes like that. It’s where you are standing that is of key importance and whether you certain and sure departure is ticketed through to the next destination. One way or another that ticket gets punched; you go by intention or you go by default.

This won’t mean much to those whose investments and desires are focused on the place they are in the process of leaving as we speak; ironic. They will believe and persist in the idea that one mindset holds more importance than another. Certainly this world trumpets it from every conning tower. For the rest... it’s a good time to conserve the oil in your lamp.


Anonymous said...


By far yours is the best "right brained" blog that I've seen (I don't read the other types). I'd buy the book if I there were one.

I wrote a song recently where I tried to capture some of the essense of the sad situation.

It starts out (consider my typical humble delivery):

How it all got started
Could've been just because
They wanted it all
And we wanted jobs

Then describes the dangerous progression, and finally ends:

How it all got started
Could've been just because
We wanted it all
And they wanted jobs

So the conclusion is: "We" (not us) are responsible for creating the conditions for their rise. Unfortunately, our realization of this cannot immediately change the tyrannic situation that has ensued. They may need to be ultimately met with force.

Anonymous said...

given the opportunity 'we' all to easily can become 'they' - unfortunately
it's an imperfection in homo sapiens that is overcome only with the knowledge of self
and in this day and age with so much distraction who has time for introspection

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, most of the distraction is shit; shit in shiny packaging with designer labels, assembled by people too poor to afford the shit. Meanwhile those who can afford it slave their lives and sacrifice their integrity to the pursuit of accumulating more and more shit. Apparently the appeal of shit is greater than the appeal of anything that might offer more lasting satisfaction. Very strang thing.




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