Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello Friendz.

I could really have posted earlier but I didn't feel like it. So I went to The Best of the Fray at where I post under the name apollonius_ and have been writing and... since wherever I can do it is where I am doing it I thought that might be the best lead in to doing it here again. So the context might be missing if you don't know the place or how I am known there which isn't always positive and for good reason. I am not there like I am here.

Anyway, welcome back and lets get the show on the road. Next up I'm going to talk about something useful; ways in which you can make positive changes in your life. If you are reading this at Smoking Mirrors (that means you Tony and your fellow compatritartes) the rants will be following right after the following post; meaning, not this one. And, if you are reading at Smoking Mirrors that means you missed the post I am refering too that preceded the one you are reading. Confusing? So is life.

I went to bed at 3AM I got up at 6 and having some time on my hands and not due to put up the next chapter until Monday I was thinking about The Fray and the posters here; how loyalties shift, how favor is sought and how dreams are made; that is, if you dream of The Fray.

I'm going to do this without names and I don't think there will be any confusion about anything. I read a post after I posted about the poster- in defense- and I saw nothing wrong with the post because I have seen what he is talking about. What I got was a concern for children in an oft presented- but seldom actually believed- fact of the world in real time jetz ("aren't you glad you use Google? Don't you wish everyone did?")

What a commercial, from a business standpoint it's like the real thing in the back of your mind.

What gets alluded to but seldom pointed out is that certain posters do everything they do to push in both directions for the sake of capturing the middle. True, people in the middle are less passionate but so was Buddha. Christ on the other hand and Mohammed on the other- the ends touch, by the way, and there you should seek the truth which brings us back to Buddha again. Just so, does fascism and communism meet at a point called Utopia, or a benevolent dictatorship; I've never been sure about that part and don't have the curiosity to look; being all about the first analogy.

Some posters grasp at straws in a haystack and think they are in a body of water. They might not understand how fire lives in water and convict themselves thereby in the minds of those who do.

When you chemically extract this Mulligan Stew you get all the elements and the tension and conflict between them. We can do no less since we are composed of them.

Someone mentioned hating a poster. I can honestly say I hated have never hated no one here ever (that sentence sucks). BT gave me a run for my money (ooops I named someone) but it wasn't over what he said but the relentlessness of his posting.

I'll be the first person to tell you that not everyone likes me. As the song says, "I like it like that.", just the title not the song (isn't Google wonderful?)

Why posters may gravitate toward one poster over the other is a "The Devil and Daniel Webster" thing. We say all kinds of things here but, in real life... who do you want at your back? Just for a moment setting aside Christ's unassailable command to "get thee behind me."

We would all like to get shit-faced in the tavern called "Aloha Inhibition" But... does anyone want shit on their face for real? They say you get your face early and it follows and folds around you.

So do cyberfaces.

Passion only finds half their bedfellows- although by numbers it outdistances the rest. Repression fucks in their minds and the truth takes care of them and the rest.

I come not to bury Caeser. I just do his laundry. I'm a Chinaman by trade and Lord Buckley by avocation. It's hot or cold but...........

that's not the point. The point is whether you are hot and cold in your intentions or whether you will buy me a meal or take me home; oh, I don't need those things but it is the thought that counts.

Remember, some posters positions are only chosen for 'hit count'. I don't get that but so it is; I mean this isn't anywhere really- is it? Some posters tell the truth as they know it and some tell it as they don't know it and some tell it like it is- but only occasionally... none of us have that one down.

"I believe in miracles, you sexy thing." To this day I consider that one of the best songs I ever heard. God, literature and music have been my life- except for the love affairs which weren't I suspect always a thing of beauty- so why do I pick that song?

"Yet thrice upon the Lupercal I did." Google?

I find you vastly entertaining and so I tell you; don't take people at cyberface value. Duh... Some there are who are into the game for the sake of the game and some brought their hearts. You can't get a coalition with that against the night and the day. But you should remember that they reign supreme in their locations. This is a good point. Choose your friends wisely because... do I have to say it?

And remember that those you assail lend a distinctive color to the mix. We could not survive here without each other. I love the rough and tumble. I fear for the vulnerable hearts... and in case your listening- don't enter into conflict if you can't resolve... 'witch' leads us back to that guy I mentioned earlier. I'll bet they came up with "The Buddha of Infinite Compassion" just to deflect the opinionated press. Yeah they take sides-you got a problem with that? But it all comes together in the end.

A lot of posters here will cringe at reading these words. Yet, I can prove this physically; not just metaphysically; fuck, just ask me and I will do it in one sentence and not the one in the Victor Hugo novel (he doesn't post here).

However, we are all one. Yes, the heart of every poster here will at some time welcome each and all to the kingdom. Nor will they live there until they do which is, actually, how the kingdom operates. Pie in the sky you say. No, physics proves this and "as above so below" The real problem- for you- is how long do you want it to take? See, I'm in a hurry and I object to the word 'hate'. If I don't hate people who actually did me serious harm then why should I hate you? Sure, one rages against the empire but that is not hate; it is white hot passion burning for the joy of what fills the filament... or is that firmanment? They touch you know? Or did I already say that? Or, do I have to say that? We are all one. Deal with it.

row, row, row your boat...merrily down the stream...merrily...merrily...merrily...merrily. Life is but a dream. Or not?


Anonymous said...

wandering, i found you.

then you went away.

welcome bak.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back mate



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