Monday, November 14, 2005

Spritual Survival Techniques, Part One.

Lately my critics, at a place I post called The Best of the Fray at under the posting name of appolonius_ (taken from apollonius of Tyana) - please note the underline at the end of the name if you use the search function and for whatever reason you want to go there- have been taking a number of wacks at me.

It’s an appropriate place for many Lamia dwell there and several Grendels as well; if you are thinking of the Keats poem or ponderous English literature that might even cause John Milton to throwup. Today I’m going to write about common physical survival on this plane. Because of the nature of the post and the fact that I am my own best example of what I am going to write I will necessarily be talking about myself and conditions that have come about from my practices and how they have impacted on my physical constitution. Since I am going to also post this at Best of the Fray where I get excoriated for the use of the word ‘I’ I (heh heh) have included the first paragraph.

Many of you are familiar with forums and those souls who either through fear or lack of understanding grow into automatic attack mold. It’s not as easy to remove it as the kind that grows in the cracks of your bathroom tile. Potentially human they have sought out internet cubbyholes much like a part of the minds own design and wage imaginary battles with imaginary foes who answer them through a medium similar to the astral body. These are great locations for personal growth though; rich with mineral life and the sort of life forms that make the Earth an abundant and fecund place.

No matter what we say we are talking about ourselves. There’s the high flying alpha presentation; the, I’m humble as the earth version, the please don’t hurt me anymore version, the Invictus version, the “Everyday I am getting better and better.” and that American standard perversion of the ‘don’t tread on me’ headspace complete with the gun-rack balloon overhead. Plus everything within the parameters of the “Don’t Mess with Mr. Inbetween” lyrics and whatever got left without. We present ourselves according to the correct (or incorrect) assessment of the relationship between what we know and do not know. In fact we don’t know much of what we think we know and using “I don’t know.” as a mantra can restore us to sanity because we are corrupted by assumptions that are invalid.

Before I get into what I’m going to say here, go to this recent headline which stands as some of the increasingly evident physical proof of metaphysical theorems. If would serve everyone well to study contemporary physics and see where God is now proven to exist and that the universe is conscious and every object in our world is thought born and an extension of light. Everything is composed of light condensed into form. Further, the impact of thought on objects and the focus of conscious as expressed in Pantajali’s Yoga Aphorisms (Alice Bailey version please) serves to prove that the Western alchemical traditions and Eastern Yoga are one and the same, differently expressed and represent living truth; just as you do, who are also an extension of life and the embodiment of the living God. Check it out.

I am God, you are God... in the bud. What we need to do is to act as if we are God, putting on the whole armor of God which are God’s qualities. The alchemical doctrine of transmutating lead into gold is just a metaphor for the lead of Saturn being reconstituted into sunlight; just as the maiden in the tower held captive by the black knight is an analogy for out kundalini sealed in the tower of ignorance. We are the thing that needs to be transmuted. This does not infer that gold cannot be manifested out of anything. Everything is made out of the same thing and you only need to manipulate the vibration to alter the composition. Believe me, there are people who can. Certain yogis in possession of the right siddhis can hear the treasures of the earth crying out from where they are buried. There are thousands of king’s ransoms below the surface of the earth. One can also precipitate anything from out of the ethers into physical manifestation by working on the Atzilutic plane through Briah, Yetzirah and into physical presence on the manifest plane of Assiah- “word...” as the homies like to say; a strangely interesting approximation of the ‘word’ of God. “As above, so below, for the performance of the miracle of the one thing.” You already do all of this all the time. You just often do it wrong; visualizing what you don’t actually want and being dissatisfied with the results.

Now to the painful, for some people, subject of ‘me’. I will not give out my actual age because I believe myself to be 18 forever. However, people consistently place me at 20 years younger than I am. This condition exists despite years of intense dissolute behavior. I drank a river and I snorted a mountain and took everything you’ve heard about and things you haven’t, including eating entire pages of acid. How is it possible that I have maintained myself so well (or been maintained) under such circumstances?

Several key elements are control of the sexual force, diet, spiritual practice and the martial arts. Although I have had a lot of sex with hundreds of partners, through my Jim Morrison redux period, I seldom had orgasms and regularly maintain sexual continence. This is the force that, in different permutations, is responsible for everything we do. It is what turns us into God. It begins as one kind of serpent and turns into the flowering hood of the risen kundalini. It is both tempter and messiah. God sets both the light and the darkness. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. The illusion of the devil conceals the light of the angel. “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” There has been a huge concentration of energy to have this verse rewritten. You can hardly find it. The Bible is filled with alchemical secrets. The Old Testament is a work of Gematria which explains many of the absurdities in the passages. Most of out problems in this life come about through perversions of truths by cabals who use our ignorance as a wand of control. Subsequently people throw out the baby with the bathwater because religion is absurd; more correctly it veils. If you could say, “I don’t know” whatever you are confronted with anything and by an expelling of breath, force every thought from your mind... relentlessly, you would soon encounter the divine. It’s looking for you harder than you are looking for it. There’s more to it but this is enough for starters. Who would want to do such a thing? There you have it.

Diet... I have been more or less a vegetarian (except for fish) for many years and try to stay somewhere within the parameters of macrobiotics. Macrobiotics correctly practiced; not in the manner of faddish food, Nazi’s is awesome.

Spiritual practice... I have practiced meditation and a form of yoga given to me by a master that I met on the beach in Big Sur. I have yet to know who he was but some months later he awakened my kundalini at a house in the Virginia countryside. A number of people were there and I am sure they have not forgotten. One of them was John Hall who played with the band “Orleans”. It would take an entire essay to describe this meeting and this man who, whoever he was, was unlike anyone I ever met before. Well, meditation is dealt with in the headline I gave above and you should have some idea of what it is. I want to point out that everyone meditates, they just happen to engage in negative meditation.

The martial arts... I received a comprehensive awareness of the martial arts through the kundalini transmission and have practiced it since. You have to keep you body strong. The grace and self confidence that mastering a defense system gives is incalculable. Certain things are a necessity.

I see that I have already completed today’s piece size-wise so I will give you part two tomorrow. I suspect that will be more interesting because we are going to deal with things that are wrong with most of us and the final result of our failing health and departure of consciousness as a result of being stupid about certain verities. You may discount me, do not discount what I am giving you. It can change your life. Whether this takes two or three more essays you will have them soon. Cave Dei Videt...


Catnapping said...

Welcome home, Les. It's sooooo good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Could you describe the form of Yoga you practice in more detail?

Is it close to anything on this site: ?



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