Thursday, December 26, 2019

Concerning the Actual Heritage of Jesus the Christ and... Merry Christmas!!!

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Given that there has been a war on Christmas that intensifies every year and which is being waged on Christmas by those who, specifically and most ironically, make the most money from merchandising Christmas, I find that I need to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, in the most sincere fashion I can manifest. My dear friends, may the deepest spirit of this blessed day, capture the hearts of every one of you and bring you both wonder and serendipity in the greatest measure.

Recently, I have had several small misunderstandings, with a few people about the man/God, whose birthday this day is a celebration of. I'd like to clear that up in a way I've never presented before and hope that puts every confusion to rest, for now and for all time. The misunderstandings have arisen from my stating that Jesus was not a Jew, or may well not have been, even if... at one time, he 'might' have been one for a brief period. Since neither I, nor you, know the truth of the matter, the point is moot at both ends. The truth is that there is ZERO historical data that Jesus the Christ EVER existed.

If you say this, you will get people who show up and present you with hearsay, or reasoned arguments that they like to pass off as evidence. It's not evidence. Regardless... I've NO DOUBT of the existence of Jesus the Christ. NO ONE who never existed has had anywhere near... not even close... to the profound impact that Jesus the Christ has had on this age. Then there is the matter of the opinion of those I respect the most in this life, such as Paramhansa Yogananda, who wrote a voluminous compendium of two volumes about Jesus the Christ. In an interesting way, Jesus the Christ has a lot in common with Shakespeare. I don't think I need to go into that. Those of you who get what I mean don't need me to illustrate it and those of you who don't, also don't care and wouldn't want to hear it.

Christians who lack the deeper 'spiritual connection' to Jesus the Christ, LOVE TO ARGUE. It's become abundantly clear to me, over the course of time, that the need to argue is a direct expression of those having no real knowledge of whatever it is they are so compelled to argue about. In fact, the need to argue is really A CRY FOR HELP (grin). Usually, those who like to argue have only the religious connection and that comes out of their early conditioning. The main reason for Fundamentalist religious perspective in the first place is FEAR. Fundamentalism is a course of travel, bordered by high walls that press in upon the traveler and give a comforting sense of containment. There's no room for speculative thinking, theoretical reasoning, or flights of imagination or fancy of any kind. You are bound to the letter of the law and the literal reading of scripture. This makes for problems in comprehension because much of The Old Testament (which Fundamentalists seem to prefer over The New Testament) is written in code. It is a work of Gematria. I'll get back to what I have to say about the heritage of Jesus, at the end of the post.

On the 23rd, we packed up here with what few items one would need for a brief journey and set off for Tucson, so that we might attend the 10:00 Christmas eve mass at the San Javier Mission. I am not a Catholic, in fact, I don't think I've ever been to a Catholic service before. They didn't have a midnight mass, so we had to settle for 10:00 PM. For whatever the reason, I wanted to 'try to find' a spiritual setting for the period; hoping to commune with kindred spirits. My life would be nothing if not ironic in so many, many ways and so it was that we found ourselves staying at the Casino Del Sol. It was the closest lodgings, with all the other amenities close at hand, like restaurants. I don't like traveling all over the place in locations foreign to me. I like as many details to be off my mind as possible. AND... I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of people would go to a casino for Christmas.

We got to the mission an hour early, in order to meditate, and so we had seats right at the front. At the end of the service it was standing room only and many people were jammed at the back of the church. My God! What a forlorn bunch they were. It might as well have been a funeral. The mission is in a sad state of disrepair and filled with the usual kitsch you find in Catholic churches. Although, as I said, I've never been to a Catholic service, I've been in many cathedrals and Catholic religious environments, like Assisi and Sienna and I've been to many of the great churches of Europe. Ergo, I've seen a lot of kitsch.

There was a cobbled together choir of assorted old folk. Some of whom, I suspect, only sing once a year and so their voices gave out early. It was a truly haphazard affair. Into my mind came The Voice; “You know, visible, I'm not really feeling this.” Varieties of this kept coming into my head, including other startling comments. Then I heard, “I'm just going to have to do it. There's no way around it.” It was ominous. I looked a tad nervously toward the ceiling, which, given the shape of the place in general, might have been in need of refurbishment. Then I heard, “Not now, dummy!” It was pretty funny. You had to be there.

How do I describe the appearance of the mind and heart set of the parishioners? Everyone seemed lost. There was none of the joy I was hoping to run into. For many, it seemed they were there as a requirement of some kind and to have The Ineffable conversing with me, in such a tenor of humoresque and cynicism, was a bit startling. I mean he's taken that tone before but never in those surrounding. Then again, I don't spend much time in churches. I'm usually not comfortable. My church is the wide expanse of Nature and I most enjoy it in a solitary fashion. By this time, toward the end of the ceremony, it wasn't that surprising to hear, “I'd rather not be here any longer.” That resulted in me and my friend being walked out of the place.

Let's return to the question of Jesus the Christ. I've never gotten on with Christians all that well. They are often set in their ways. I've spent my entire life reading the great works of religion and other spiritual commentaries. It has been the passion of my life to learn all I could about God. It didn't take long for me to realize that the more arcane and mystical aspects of God are not to be found in books but in the stillness of the cloister of the human heart. I'm very fortunate that my relentless pursuit finally led me to direct conversation with an angel of The Lord, who speaks for God, as is the case when humans are being communicated with. It is USUALLY not God directly that you are speaking with but more one whom God is speaking through. At least that is how I understand it.

In all of my psychedelic voyaging I never had a single experience with Jesus the Christ and I tried but maybe it's just the Biblical interpretation of Jesus that I did not encounter. I encountered green holographic Buddhas routinely and upper astral personifications of The Divine Mother, Lord Krishna on occasion (rarely), Lord Ganapati, Asian sages, Angels/Devas and elementals also but never Jesus, nor anything Islamic either, except for one Sufi saint. Perhaps what I ran into was the manner of presentation that most speaks to me personally. Then again, ALL RELIGIONS come out of The Eastern Tradition, just as the turning Earth brings the Sun to rise in the East every day.

I've no quarrel with Christians. I've said this on numerous occasions but Christians generally seem to have a problem with my perspective. I'm mostly long past even bringing up spiritual discussion with others, until I have a good idea of the lay of the land. However, I'm not always in complete command of my speech at all times and in all places. I'm working on it.

So... let's now treat with where I said I would clear up the matter of Jesus being a Jew. JESUS CEASED TO BE A JEW (if he ever was one) AT THE MOMENT THAT JOHN BAPTIZED HIM AT THE RIVER JORDAN. It was at that moment that The Spirit of God descended into him and he became Jesus the Christ. From that point on he was a Christian, as was every former Jew that set forth to follow him. The Old Testament was one thing, the New Testament another. Of course, if you are a Fundamentalist, well... that's another thing. Fundamentalists have a lot in common with Luddites, who became Luddites when they destroyed the new machinery that they believed was a threat to their jobs. Some casual inquiry here will bear fruit of understanding.

The Inquisition and the witch killings of Salem were examples of Fundamentalism gone rogue. People who take scripture literally can find a way to justify ANY behavior, just as Logic can be applied to defend any position, regardless of the actual truth. A true Christian is one who understands the nature of sacrifice and spends their life in service without any thought of return. The joy of service alone is payment enough. They don't argue about this or that. They don't MAKE RULES FOR OTHER PEOPLE. They respect the faith of others, knowing that God is resident in every heart, whether that heart be awakened or still quiescent. In time, every heart will bloom.

A true Christian understand the remarkable poetry of the life of Christ and what it represented as a guide for living, should anyone be motivated to emulate Christ. Most importantly, I suspect, that a true Christian understands, implicitly and irrevocably how ignorant they are and in every moment seeks a higher counsel to guide their way. They don't live in vast private estates and have their own jets. They understand that part about giving all you have to the poor and picking up their cross and so on.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that things are pretty screwed up right now and as more and more people go crazy because they refuse to awaken (that is the only other alternative) it's going to 'probably' get worse but a true Christian likely is not going to pay attention to that. A true Christian will be more focused on serving as they go, never seeing the mountain as an obstacle before them but rather as an opportunity. A true Christian's glass is not half full, it is constantly overflowing and that is the point after all. The point is to Love and Love and serve and serve and forget yourself in the loving and the serving, until you are no longer there at all, until ONLY GOD IS THERE and you are a stained glass window through with the light of Heaven shines... or... let's just say that is how it looks to me.

I've not had that experience with Christ that I hear Christian's talk about but I have most certainly been born again, not with water but with the spirit. I had a transformative experience that LITERALLY erased me and replaced me, or rather washed one thing away and uncovered another. It was such a profound experience of a spiritual nature that it is beyond my capacity to give an accurate description. Suffice to say that it awakened a hunger that consumed my darkness in a passion for light. There's nothing that singular about what happened to me. It's happened to others before and will happen to everyone at some time. Ah well... not much point in my continuing to talk. Merry Christmas everyone!

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I just arrived home an hour or so ago, unpacked and thought I might make a Christmas posting. As you know, members of that pathological cult of psychopathic Tribe Atheists are waging a war against Christmas. I've been making it a point to say Merry Christmas at every opportunity. Prior to entering into the post, I traveled a bit on Pocketnet. First thing, for some reason, Pocketnet opens up with Top Posts, again for some reason, which, also for some reason, opens up with some post about Slavery by one of the members. It's been there for weeks. I don't understand why. Is it a showcase feature that I am unaware of? Aren't these posts supposed to cycle in some manner? Maybe, for some reason, it's not there now. I don't go to Top Posts because I think it is a Kitten Sanctuary of some kind, or a Kitten Shelter advertisement? It's kind of wall to wall kitten pictures. Then, I see where a poster named Believer wants people to eat large rashers of Only Bacon salad. I went to make a humorous comment and found I'd been blocked by that person with never an event having occurred at all. Pocketnet is strange at times. Don't you usually get blocked for an altercation of some kind? Last I remembered I had had a cordial exchange with the fellow about the martial arts. People do go a little nuts in the holiday season. Well... I don't think anyone will find this important and that is why I add it, anecdotally, at the end of the posting.

I don't care about blocking one way or the other but it would be nice to be informed when someone blocks you so that you can do the same because... otherwise... aren't you vulnerable to them?

Since I am mentioning Pocketnet, does anyone know why you STILL CAN'T EDIT YOUR COMMENTS AFTER YOU'VE MADE THEM and instead have to delete them and re-comment?

I REALLY want to thank the people who come to Pocketnet and post such incredible information. It's been a pleasure to come here. On the other hand and... just like the world I live in, there is a surfeit of of trivia akin to the worst of Twitter but you just have to learn to wade through the pedestrian twaddle and find your groove. That said, many thanks to those of you who do your best in these trying times.

It would be a great thing if those who run Pocketnet made an effort to be more fair in the way they handle things. Certain people, I'm guessing those who have been there longer, have a much more exalted status and in that way, Pocketnet is no different than any of the other sites with its own cabal of self styled elite. It would also be nice if that self styled elite did more than put up picture after picture with nonsense captions and thinking... I'm only guessing here... that it's cute to do this? I suppose there is room for the superficial at Pocketnet, just as there is for the deeper and more well thought out contributions. I'm in no position to be a censor or arbiter of what's good for people. But... like everyone else here, I've got an opinion and you just got a portion of that. Be well.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Family of Fear, The Family of Love and their Ancillary Relatives.

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I grew up in a horror film so... it's no wonder that I had a terrible fear of monsters as a child, most specifically vampires and werewolves. These are the most common monsters we have, celebrated in books and films and most certainly in the ghoulish comics I read as a child. They had some frightening comic books back when. I would get one or a couple now and again, read them and then go to bed terrified. Yes... this was a stupid thing to do but it is what I did. I did consume the great novels and other genre as well.

I graduated from the horror movie into a supernatural film. The wonders of the arcane became a reality for me when at 21 I had a full blown Kundalini Rising. I've had many people tell me that they had one too. I try to be gracious when they tell me about them but, other than a few shudders and shivers, a couple of passing visions ...and an inability to communicate much more about it, that was pretty much it. None of them suddenly had magical powers and crowds of people following them around. Their hands were not activated to move on their own and display in a particular form, to this day. They weren't in states of sustained dynamic tension and the experience did not go on for several years, as it did in my case, and send them sailing in all kinds of directions and encountering all manner of extra dimensional beings, entities from higher planes and... monsters, real monsters. The monsters proved to be much easier to handle than I ever thought it might be.

I did not handle these encounters myself. The one who initiated me would step in and deal with the situation. I did, however, learn what was needed, in terms of tactics and techniques. There is one key indispensable; FEARLESSNESS. It might surprise you to know that Fearlessness is a kind of Swiss Army Knife/Leatherman tool. Fear is Love's counterpoint. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time. One, in residence, displaces the other. Both of these have ancillary relatives, which make up the Family of Fear and the Family of Love. Some degree of one or the other exists in everyone and this plays a major role in our relationships in life; who we attract and even many of the experiences we go through, are materialized as a direct expression of the presence of either Love or Fear.

A culture's understanding of Love, or Fear, is represented in the artistic expressions that are popular in any period of time. You can tell where people are at, by the art that is created for their eyes and ears. Art is often commissioned, or the artist hired, by individuals, or organizations, who wish to influence the consciousness of the public in a particular direction. You used to hear martial music in the run-up to war; think John Phillip Sousa.

The music of Materialism, when it (d)evolves (snicker) to a particular level, is dedicated to sex, shiny trinkets and identity scenarios, having to do with created values for women... and men. This is how we get terms like, 'bitches', 'ho's', “Baby Daddies' and 'bling'. Love is described in many ways, principally the pursuit of it and the loss of it, interspersed with the states of tension, generated by the fear of loss, or the suspicion of betrayal. There is a whole genre dedicated to this called, The Blues. I'm not a fan of The Blues because I don't have The Blues. This is not to suggest that there is not many a classic musical composition contained in The Blues. There are and I've performed many of them but... they're not my thing when I listen to music. My thing is ambient sound and the sounds of Nature. That's where this life experience has brought me.

None of the emotions exhibited in contemporary, popular (snicker) music, have anything to do with Love. Love is not just an occasional heart tremblor, or one more magnetized attraction, brought about by eye contact; based on kindred chemistry, or an undulating form, trailing what looks like two cats fighting in a Pleather bag. Oh... well maybe we could say that that is Love at that level. That is what passes for Love in the realm of sexual attraction, familial resonance and its forms of blood tie nurture. I'm not here to discount these forms, put them down or diminish them. They are the acting director, the temporary stand in, for what is no longer acting when the Investiture takes place.

Some of us who have delved a little deeper into Love, or had Love delve a little deeper into us, know that Love is conscious and aware. Love is a living thing; no joke. In the dream world, they deal with metonymy, simile and synecdoche. Love is always something other than itself because? Because very few know Love at it's essential best. At that level, Love and Liberty are nearly indistinguishable. Love has manifested on this plane as a living entity, consider Jesus the Christ, Krishna or Lord Ishvara. The latter is interchangeable with Jesus the Christ (FUNDIE DOWN VOTE ALERT!)

It can be said that no one, not even God, has EVER registered the limits of Love. Love has no limits. It goes on and on and on, into ever more rarefied expressions of itself. You can become it and still not completely understand it. The point of my bringing all of this up, is that you can communicate with Love as a living thing. I NEVER say anything I have not proved out to my own satisfaction and I am long past caring what anyone thinks about anything I say. I always remind myself that neither I, nor what I produce is, for everyone. Sometimes only parts of something are for one person and parts for another. Take what you like and leave the rest. Piss on it if you like. You won't be able to do that in any case. You'll only be pissing on your own understanding of what you think I said.

Anyone who sets out to express a perspective or a position on anything is going to create rumblings and contention. Everyone is NEVER going to all agree with you. Not everyone is on the same stairway landing as you, or has yet passed upward to the next. It is fruitless to argue with people about things they have not experienced, just as it is fruitless to imagine the contents or construction of what you have yet to experience. IT IS NEVER WHAT YOU IMAGINED IT TO BE. One opinion matters to me and that is the opinion of The Ineffable One. Praise and Blame to me are both charlatans. Only that which comes from The Ineffable impresses or moves me and if anyone were to move me it would be due to The Ineffable moving through them, as could well be the case, since we are God's medium of expression on the manifest plane. We are how God gets his work done. We are how The Devil expresses himself too. Once you have tuned your eyes to the eyes of Conscious Love, you can see both of these forces at work in the world all the time, sometimes in a clumsy fashion but identifiable none the less.

We are all clumsy dancers until we are no longer the one dancing. Only Nataraja has that down.

Yesterday, or the day before, I mentioned my weariness with radical, social justice gays, toxic Liberals, transgenders with rabies and the like. I didn't say this exactly as I am saying it now and I've left some out, I imagine. People unfamiliar with my work and my perspective and often not caring to be familiar, might immediately assume that what I said covers all representatives of those groups. This is really untrue. One might also imagine that I qualify as Anti-Semitic as well, when I very likely have many more Jewish friends than you do, all of whom agree with me. First off, the ONLY Semitic people in the conversation are The Palestinians. The others are NOT SEMITIC. Jesus Christ chased the moneychangers out of the temple and I am not Jesus Christ so... Love in action, in defense of itself, can and does operate in such a fashion from levels of awareness far higher and more refined than my own.

At one time, myself and another martial artist, used to act as bodyguards for the drag queens in DuPont Circle. I took a year out of my life to care for a dying friend who had HIV. I'm not anti-gay. I see it as a phase in a lifetime, possibly as a transition life from being born male to being born female. I'm not sure of the actual Karmic action involved. I am in opposition to ALL ENEMIES OF HUMAN FREEDOM; those who seek to compel their brand of tolerance. I am in opposition to the agents of darkness, who use all manner of themes; sexual, cultural, religious and whathaveyou to their own ends. How could I possibly have an opinion of how another chooses to live their life? I am ONLY activated, or agitated, when that life becomes a nuisance or a danger to others. Then I will have something to say. Certain psychopathic individuals of the Jewish Persuasion, ARE NOT ALL JEWS and they conceal themselves in the mass, as protective covering, while they seek to destroy humanity or EVEN WORSE. I am going to say something about that and if that brings me slander, or censorious names, or a canceling of my career, SO BE IT. I'm not impressed. I have no hostages to fortune. You can't get at me, without permission.

We cannot know God but what we can know of God we can know through Love and if we approach Love with the proper humility and reverence, with the proper respect and necessary credentials, Love will engage with us. Love will enter us and Love WILL TRANSFORM US. Upon my soul I promise and guarantee you this.

Most of us are occupied with thoughts of personal gain and the maintenance of our lifestyle and the defense of who we presume we are. If such think of spiritual matters, they might attend a house of worship on a particular day. Only a small percentage build their entire life around spiritual concerns. I am one of those. I am not perfect by any stretch but I am devoted in the day to day, even to the minute to minute. The Ineffable IS THE CENTERPIECE OF MY LIFE. I am provoked to comment upon what passes through my mind, about what I might read, or discover, about what I would recommend, based on my experiences. If this is not to your liking, if it does not fit into the parameters of your philosophical constructs, there are rooms up and down the hall that you can enter and leave, until you find the one that fits your needs.

If you don't understand something that gets said here, or are not familiar with the persona of the author, it makes sense to ask and be answered. Reacting when not in full command of the subject matter, or the source or context, is a sign of poor toilet training. One of our greatest enemies is the reactive mind. It needs to be stilled before any real work can be done. Truth is both (can be) our best friend and our worst enemy. If we are in service to The Truth, The Truth will educate and transform us. If we are in opposition to The Truth, or value our personal interpretations of ANYTHING, over the real meaning of ANYTHING, at some point... we will encounter The Truth and an adjustment to The Truth will be made, like it or not. That adjustment might be slight or it might be traumatic. Making adjustments ahead of time is the way to go. If you toss a ball at a wall, you cannot un-toss it... but you can run forward and catch it soonest, if that makes any sense. For reference in this respect, I refer you to those words earlier in this posting that you had to look up (grin).

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Here is your access link to Pocketnet. The Pocketnet authorities have informed me that they have made registration a breeze now so if you found that daunting in the past, it should no longer be daunting. Once again, THANK YOU for coming round and showing your support in votes and comments.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Scrimmage of Ignorance on The Playing Fields of Karma, in The Land of Endless Cause and Effect.

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I am going to begin today with a spiritual experience from last night. The reader can take it any way they like. I had been going through a certain amount of discouragement, following the previous evening, when I was caused to believe; or caused myself to believe, that I was not receiving communications that I was deserving of (in my mind) and also the sense I had been getting that my efforts were futile. This was later 'revealed' to me as the usual efforts of those empowered to discourage us and I felt a degree of shame for falling for it again. It proved to not be the case at all.

So... I was walking from my office into the kitchen, engaged in an internal conversation that I had just initiated, when that force I call, Mr. Apocalypse gripped me from within. There is no other way to describe it and this has happened to me more times than I can remember, when I am physically arrested in a manner that could best be described as dynamic tension. Perhaps you remember reading comic books as a child and on the back page, quite often, was an advertisement from a man named, Charles Atlas, who was offering his course on dynamic tension for body building. He would often present a comic graphic of a “99 pound weakling”, having sand kicked into his face by a bully.

Charles Atlas claimed that this system would prevent this awful engagement from happening later on, if you studied his course. Since I have experienced the results of his courses, I can tell you THEY WORK. I didn't get them from Charles Atlas. It was gifted to me in the aftermath of my Kundalini Awakening by The Man on the Beach, who I had met several months before in that same year. I met him near my 21st birthday at Lime Kiln Creek at Big Sur in Kalifornia and the awakening took place in the late fall in the wooded countryside of Virginia, on the other side of the country. As a result of this internal flexing and maintaining of a state of continuous tension, which was sustained for nearly 3 years, I developed an incredible physical strength, which was demonstrated in various ways and at various times, some of them in dangerous prisons, as well as in the confines of a maximum security unit for the criminally insane. There were ONLY TWO such federal institutions in the country. The one I was in now houses Homeland Security. I was on the same ward that they once imprisoned Ezra Pound in. It often amused me to reflect on that during my stay.

So... I was grabbed internally on my way to the kitchen, by Mr. Apocalypse, who said, more or less verbatim, “You silly boy. Don't pay attention to these agents from the infernal realm. You have already achieved all that you can from your own efforts. You must now wait for your guide and guardian to arrive and take you the rest of the way.” Then he continued, with serious force and vehemence, to detail to me what he was going to do with those who are deceiving and misleading humanity. It was startlingly similar to what happened to me in Italy, when I was banging my knee against the futon back. He even reminded me of that episode. He went on to reaffirm the ingenuity and craftiness that was going to be employed. He indicated that he was going to take their own tactics and turn them against them, while exposing them in their most vulnerable moment.

He said to me, “I know you expect some amount of surprising events to take place but I assure you that you have NO IDEA of the level of surprise that is going to be generated, in those witnessing it and those experiencing it. IT IS GOING TO BE UNLIKE ANYTHING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED BEFORE.”

One of the situations I run into with my efforts, are those who appear under many guises, seeking either to disrupt me, or to initiate arguments. Often this comes by way of 'by the book' Christian fundamentalists, sometimes virulent atheists, sometimes those with an ax to grind. People believe what they are capable of, by virtue of the landing they are on, on the spiral stairway of life. You can't tell them anything, so... engaging in argument with them is pointless AND I DON'T. I am so often reminded of the case of Galileo, when the papist theocracy insisted that The Sun revolved around the Earth, Galileo, who was far better informed, said it was actually the Earth that revolved around The Sun. He was tormented for this, for telling the truth. The important feature here is that The Sun WAS NOT INFLUENCED BY THE POSITION HELD BY THE CHURCH. It continued as it had always done (and still does) and The Earth continued to revolve around The Sun. In other words, The Truth is not affected by misinterpretations of it. It is not changed by any arguments otherwise, no matter how skillfully they may be delivered. The main weapon of Mr. Apocalypse, in a time of apocalypse is... THE TRUTH. That is the intention of all of the REVEALING and UNCOVERING and the fruit of which is... AWAKENING.

The cardinal influence which activates awakening is the impress of The Truth. It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter what armies you have arrayed behind you, to enforce what you say. It doesn't matter to what degree you can control the force of appearances. The Truth rules supreme. In terrestrial affairs, in times of material darkness, this appears not to be the case BUT... in the time and place of its own choosing, The Truth will appear, as an illuminating light, in a space of darkness, it will banish that darkness and it will outline and define EVERYTHING that has been exposed by the light, by revealing its innate nature, by revealing WHAT IT IS... then, ALL ARGUMENTS TO THE CONTRARY ARE BANISHED, along with the formerly concealing darkness... BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT LIGHT DOES. That is what The Truth does.

Adversaries to what is said here, appear on a routine basis and compose about 2% of the readers and those commenting. They are nearly always anonymous and they often seek to present themselves as separate individuals, when... it has been established, to my satisfaction, that it is often THE SAME PERSON and hence, the need to be anonymous. I read no more of their comments than it takes to identify their motives. I never post them. Those so engaged should consider their time to be wasted but... if this is entertaining or satisfying to them to do so, have at it. I've no quarrel for my part with 'by the book' Christians. I am not in agreement with their, 'my way or the highway' doctrine and dogma. I believe God presents in EVERY LEGITIMATE RELIGION. I believe God is incomprehensible and indefinable and can ONLY be comprehended and understood through his primary expression as God in the Flesh, be it Jesus the Christ, Lord Ishvara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Krishna and others and THE PRIMARY EXPRESSION OF THAT GOD IN THE FLESH IS... (drum roll) LOVE. Love informs my code of behavior and instructs me in all I do. I fail to acquit myself on occasion. I still have shortcomings but I also possess a dogged persistence that WILL NOT BE HALTED, no matter what.

That anyone has reached the super conscious state, is proof that it is possible for everyone to do so. If one is fiercely and absolutely committed to being realized, it can be accomplished in as little as six months, according to Swami Vivekananda, who had achieved this. If one wishes to read the works of Swami Vivekananda, those works can be found here. Simply scroll down and click on the hot-linked Volumes.

I recommend in Volume 1 that you read the chapter, “Raja Yoga” and the section titled, “Lectures and Discourses”. Further I recommend you read, in Volume 2, the chapters, “Bhakti Yoga” and “Jnana Yoga”. The chapters that precede them in Volume 2, are also of priceless value. If you read these and you CARE TO BE INSPIRED, these readings will, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Remember that you can, if you are sufficiently focused and industrious that you can accomplish this in 6 months; SIX MONTHS!!!!!!! Those who do this are of a singular and rare composition, but even if it takes two, or four, or six times as long... so what? You will get there IF YOU PERSIST.

This is why Lord Krishna said, “Success is speedy for the energetic” in the Bhagavad Gita.

One does not learn... without the benefit of experience. It is our single teacher. One of the greatest offenses against Truth and human progress, is the fantasy that God can only be found and understood within a particular religion, or a particular book, or by following a single teacher. This, like so many other offenses against humanity, was done by the priest class, for the purpose of personal power and for financial gain. If God is infinite and incomprehensible, immeasurable, then... HOW CAN GOD BE CONTAINED WITHIN THE COVERS OF A PARTICULAR BOOK?!?!

Keeping yourself within the confines of a particular religion, is like using training wheels on a bicycle. Once you can ride the bike, you no longer need those training wheels but people are insecure, no matter how they present themselves otherwise; until you KNOW THE TRUTH, you will be confined in your erroneous personal interpretations, because it is THE TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE. Scriptural books are fine, within the parameters of the written word ...but THEY CANNOT TAKE YOU BEYOND THEM! What can take you beyond them, is The Spiritual Book that is written in vibrant, flaming, hieroglyphic letters upon the human heart and that VIBRATES from the subconscious, the awareness of the meaning of these letters, into the Self Conscious Mind and which then activates a communion with the Super Conscious. I have seen these flaming letters, written into the fabric of every manifest thing and they are the code that maintains that object, thing or animated entity, in its unique state, as differentiated from everything else.

The physical realm is a realm of lies, because it is a realm of appearances and it is the infernally motivated among us, who manipulate these appearances, to the advantage of the lies they tell, in order to imprison us in a world, fashioned out of their fabrications, for the purpose of their material profit.

You must, somehow, find the courage and determination that is needed to embrace the living truth that is present within you, otherwise you WILL REMAIN IMPRISONED IN THIS WORLD AND YOU WILL FEED UPON ITS PRIMARY FRUIT, WHICH IS SUFFERING. You will be driven by longing for what CANNOT BE FOUND IN PHYSICAL FORM. You will be battered from pillar to post by the eternal forces of duality, on The Playing Fields of Karma in The Land of Endless Cause and effect.

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Saturday, December 07, 2019

"No Matter What System of Faith you Follow, There is ONLY ONE GOD."

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We think we know how our lives are going to go. We imagine we're that character in the Invictus poem. Philosophers have argued about the questions of Free Will and Fate, since philosophers first set down on this sweet swinging sphere and that was a good long while ago. It's scarcely the length of a dinosaur fart in real time but... given the importance we place upon ourselves, it seems longer, though it's only nine generations and change since this country was founded. Then again, I suppose it depends on the math you employ. As consistent as math is supposed to be, there are wide variances, depending on who is doing the calculating.

The climate changeatologists have had their math refuted by their own math and that hasn't stopped them one bit. Now they got a moon-faced Gretatard; Alfred E. Neuman's soul mate and they don't even need math anymore, all they need is a grimacing, helicoptered kitty cat, being upset about it and you got flash mobs everywhere. It's starting to look like nobody likes anybody else anymore and the only ones who agree with each other and temporarily get along, are those who hate everyone else.

Despite the horrors visited upon the residents of this planet by Communism and it's having failed miserably at every attempt, there are presently scads of people who think it would make a good replacement, for whatever it is we are using now. It's clear as mud that those who advocate for Godless Communism know next to nothing about what it is comprised of. What it is, is a political system invented by Tribe Members for the personal profit of Tribe Members.

Here's how that works out; in the system we have now, people still have a say in how things go. In a Communist system, ONLY those in positions of power decide how it goes. In Soviet Russia, the Tribe Members who ran the show and made up the majority of the secret police, killed and tortured tens of millions of people. This is all a matter of the historical record. Members of The Tribe, in positions of power in the west, strenuously object to this being true because the Truth is Anti-Semitic. The good news is that almost none of them are Semitic. The Semitic people are the ones being genocided in Palestine.

President Trump has bent himself into a twisted origami of himself, seeking to please Middle Eastern land grabbers and has only achieved the collective hate of the land grabbers relatives in the United States. Although they make up a tiny amount of the population of the country, the lawmakers and lawyers attacking him and the witnesses against him, make up the majority of his feral opponents.

Meanwhile a rag tag army of college students and sexual minorities are given their marching orders by professors and professionals, who are in the employ of George Soros, who was directly engaged in getting Bwak! Obama elected president. He is the founder of Democracy Alliance, which is an umbrella organization that funds more than a hundred anonymous groups to the tune of several billion dollars and they are all dedicated to the destruction of life as we know it. Soros is the architect of the migration epidemic that has turned Europe into a dumpster fire and he is full tilt involved in the forced immigration movement into the US. The key concern here, besides the chaos and bankruptcy it would bring, is a change in the voting demographic, with the intent of making Godless Communism the operating political system in the United States.

To that end, Soros has been hiring rent a thug mobs, around the world, to stir dissension in the streets. He was the money behind ALL of the Color Revolutions. Antifa is one of the larger collectives of pro Communist agitators that is directly funded by Soros. Because he works for his Satanic Majesty, he's somewhat hard to stop but that's only because the time for that hasn't arrived yet. What Soros doesn't know and what none of the people working for him know, is that The Devil is an employee of God and does the will of God, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES TO THE CONTRARY. The entire drama of manifest existence is to teach a lasting moral lesson to humanity and this comes about through an interplay of seeming opposites.

Everything I've stated here so far is provably true and then some. Even cursory research will provide all the facts anyone can need; just as it would when you go looking for where the money comes from that is paying for Drag Queen Pedophile Story Hour, Pretty much EVERYTHING that is anti-harmony, anti-human, anti-Christian and anti-general well being, is ALL financed by members of the same demographic. Go and spend the necessary time looking into it and you will see that this is so.

On the other hand, compromised minds of every stripe, scream invective at this being pointed out and associate the usual disreputable names with those who do point it out. It doesn't matter that it's true. You're not supposed to say it. You are supposed to keep your head down and be a good little drone, or catamite or salary slave, lest you wind up living in your car, or “DOWN BY THE RIVER”, in a van.

If there were no cosmic, overseeing authority, we'd be in deep shit. Make no mistake about that. One of the reasons that Communism is so attractive, to the creators of it and their offspring, is that it cancels out religion and puts everyone in a Kafka novel, except for the terrestrial overlords. However, much to the dismay of these Orcs and their headmaster in Mordor, THERE MOST CERTAINLY IS A COSMIC, OVERSEEING AUTHORITY and this whole shadow play that moves its drama along the rails of time, is directed by The Lord of Creation and there is NEVER a time when God is not firmly in charge of everything. I was told this directly and in no uncertain terms, BUT... it can also be found in most enduring scripture, no matter which Avatar or prophet was responsible for its appearance.

We've all heard the story of the Tower of Babel and we've noted (one would hope) the centuries of conflict between different religious persuasions and we can see with our own eyes, the differences in sex, color and ability that exists across the spectrum of human life. ALL OF THIS is appearances. There is only one God, whether you are Hindu, or Christian, or Buddhist, or Muslim, there is only one God. This God has shown up at different times, in the persona of a particular and singular individual to transmit to us a system for living and provide a hope and promise of a hereafter. Most of the time, that hereafter leads right back here but you can surely improve your situation, as your situations continue, by being mindful of how you go and what you get up to.

I don't argue with people about these things. It's pointless. People ONLY UNDERSTAND what they are able to, according to the level of their awareness and most people are driving bicycles with training wheels. It doesn't matter WHAT YOU THINK IS. What matters is WHAT REALLY IS. Eventually, in every life, WHAT YOU THINK IS... is going to come into contact with WHAT REALLY IS. It is what it is. I'm not saying anything new here. Similar statements have been made by souls far in advance of myself and have been being stated for thousands of years. The problem is that scripture fell into the hands of people who crafted their edits to suit their agendas.

All one needs to know of Truth... Religion... the here and the hereafter... can be found in one's capacity to Love. Love exists simultaneously on every level of existence, attuned to that level of existence. As your awareness expands and the capacity of your heart increases, the love that you feel grows ever greater and more profound and deep. It becomes a consciousness, although it always was ...but let us say it introduces itself to you as a consciousness and from that point on... it guides you to that place that can be spoken of but never accurately defined. Limitlessness DOES NOT TRANSLATE into the limited. Immortality DOES NOT TRANSLATE into mortality. The eternal cannot be grasped from the perspective of the temporary and EVERYONE who argues about it has missed the point and betrays their ignorance by doing so.

Those who know do not speak. Those who speak, do not know. That is an obvious conundrum because those who know do speak on occasion but they are always careful to admit the extent of their ignorance and the limitation of words. They are unfailingly humble, as if they had been PERMANENTLY shocked into that posture, which... I assure you, they have.

Just because it doesn't get announced in the newspapers does not mean that certain people don't meet God on a regular basis. Of course it is not a common occurrence but... it is also not common for people to seek God out with the necessary fervor to attract his attention. It does happen though and we getrecords of it happening.

God is incomprehensible and indefinable and ALWAYS WILL BE but... his direct manifest expression is not incomprehensible or indefinable and that manifestation comes here on our behalf at regular intervals, whenever life has gotten so out of wack that circumstances demand it. God's primary expression is Love and that love does appear in human embodiment.

Those of evil intention among us are not an enduring concern, neither is Communism, or any other permutation, whose intention is the enslavement of humanity. Our greatest concern should be the degree of our ignorance and the low brow desires that impel so many of us. Only one objective is worth the trouble to pursue it and that is the Presence of the Divine. Life only becomes worth living when the Supreme Enjoyer is permitted to experience it through us. Most of us reject that presence out of hand, feeling it to be a violation of our freedom to suffer at the hands of our tormentors, who possess us for the sake of exercising their chosen appetites through us. Being able to tell the difference makes all the difference between Heaven and Hell.

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