Saturday, May 28, 2011

Emerald Tablets and Times of Transformation

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet and may you know where to step’.

The more I move through this world, outwardly and inwardly, the more I fundamentally do not know. I have a general idea about everything and specific understandings about things I personally encounter and all of this comes up against some sort of code that I have, which measures my willingness or reluctance to enter into it. The code is a barrier of protection, for what might be called the integrity of my system. There are things I will do and things I will not do. Yes and no are wardens at the gates and then, there are operating permissions.

It is kind of like, well, you can go in there but you can only do this and that and this door leads to that corridor, which leads to that stairwell, which takes you to the different levels of what is possible in the complex of that activity. You could look at it like sex, because everything, including technology, is based on it. The same thing that cools things down, heats them up, after a different manner. Everything is adapted to the human body because that is the operator of the systems and sequencings. I get all of this theoretically but I’m not a tool and die man. I look at Ramana Maharshi as a tool and die man and Paramahansa Yogananda as the other side of the brain. One could say that Sri Yuketeswar looks like a tool and tie man and maybe that has something to do with lineage and traditions. You’re free to follow those back to the source.

People make noise about the caste system in India. England has a caste system just as pronounced. There is never a time when there isn’t a caste system because reincarnation is a fact. It doesn’t matter to me what people believe on that score; what is, is. You want to debate about it, go find someone who does that kind of thing. Argument is an indication of insecurity. You either know something or you don’t. Generally, I don’t. I have an idea here and there and I know that certain moves will bring predictable results; otherwise I couldn’t even prepare my tea in the morning.

There’s that complexity that comes in according to disposition. Some people like cats and some people like dogs and some like both and some don’t like either and so on. I am a cat in some ways; taken in a street talk understanding and so I like dogs, while also having a lot of the nature of dogs, as it tends to be refined into human expression, given that I believe in loyalty and appreciate love and those qualities one can associate with creatures that come into the mix. Snakes also would have to be a consideration. I am neither attracted to, nor generally afraid of them. They have their business and I have mine. I only mention this in relation to types of phobia. Some creatures disturb us more than others. Snakes don’t bother me that way. This can be interesting stuff but it has more to do with the personalities that get up to the right and left brain activities of this world and let us not forget monkeys. The monkey is your mind, as the dog is your desire and there are all sorts of things going on in these worlds that have been going on for endless time.

Birds surely play a part and there are siddhis that yogi’s get, which allow them to understand and communicate with The Devic Realm, where animals come from. All you would ever need to want to know about all of that can be found in the Alice Bailey editions of Pantanjali. It’s all right there; this is your real tool and dies operation. That’s your blueprint if you want to know how it works and how to work it. It will cost you time and effort and possibly get you into a whole lot of trouble but it is there. Serious students know what I am talking about. I’ve looked into the mechanisms of the west on that account; what is called the occult. It’s not for me, though I’ve done some traveling in both directions, I’m a piker and wish to remain so. Unfortunately... things get given to you anyway and you need to watch out for that because the immensity of power is immense. Look at the world and note what I am saying. I wouldn’t want what most of them are up to and I have access to it, by the way, so, let us think well of ourselves and those who seek a less traveled venue, to the exclusion of god only knows what and you can put an exclamation point on that.

Let’s be clear about something. The world is run by magic and magical lodges are behind what goes down out here. From politics to Hollywood, it’s the same thing and all those religions that superimpose themselves on natural planetary movements of solstices and equinoxes and the varieties of Wicca and what not, are all operational. There are all sorts of orders. An intelligent inquirer will memorize The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus; like the Witter Bynner translation of The Way of Life, it’s a code book for eternity. You need nothing more actually, but people have their preferences about the forms their moralities come in and the glamour they like to attach to the legends and allegories upon which life is based and which life acts out around you all the time. Shakespeare did this and it shouldn’t be a surprise that his persona is a mystery. Who would imagine that his daughter would be illiterate?

Everything you want to know is there to be known but you need to be well aware that there are all sorts of things you should not know because hardly anyone is ready for it. Some of us have these things handed to us, simply as a result of progress on the road of love in the search for truth and the sacrifices made thereof. It takes a truly unique individual to understand that all of those things offered- which are very real- are not desirable. They may be very useful here and there but.. heh heh. I know what I’m talking about in this one regard. Everyone who walks this road seeking the ability to do something to change the world, winds up on that mountain with all the cities of the world laid out before them as something to be had, according to tales you have read, sooner or later. Persist and see what I mean.

I have often mentioned that all you have to do is go somewhere private and, maybe take a little water or go where there is some and address the universe without ceasing, for several days. It varies according to the person involved but it is the utter intensity that matters. That and what you are after. It’s all in Pantanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms and other places and the dark side is well aware of these things, though they never get The Grail.

All this talk about Mason’s and ‘orders’ by people on the outskirts, is just a lot of conjecture about hand signs and all that. It is part and parcel of the equipment of both sides and just cause you see Pike or anyone showing hand signs or saying anything doesn’t actually mean anything unless you know what’s going on. The game of the darkness is that the finger points at everyone. When I was in prison I saw black guys holding their hands a certain way, having to do with reverse kundalini and I had mine another way but there are so many similarities. This has nothing to do with color, simply the state of the times and place of conditions. My fiercest protectors were from the criminal ranks and were the baddest of the bad or I would have been god knows what, like it was for others in there so... one never knows. Power is a very funny thing and it all comes from one place, for the purpose of demonstration, under the aegis of something we will never be able to compute or define and I am grateful for that, given the propensity of some of the players.

I’m always listening for ‘the ringing’. I look for a sound to come, when I read something. It tells me if there is authenticity, or just some degree of bullshit ...and power is modified by the bullshit that is employed, which is how and why evil destroys itself. Some agent from that org that has a hard on for me dropped in lately to call me a Nephilim, in a derogatory sense. I’ve no idea about any of that. All I know is what I am after and that I don’t know. I don’t spend my time in these areas. I don’t know what connections there are to this or that. I just pursue the ineffable and continue, hoping to lose my shortcomings. If I’m up to anything, I would have to say I am most concerned with not being reactive and in trying to gain a higher understanding in the progression of my days through this passage of time.

At this point I am left with what I think; what I see, what I feel and I have no way of knowing how accurate I might be. I get the sense that a number of disparate agencies and entities are looking to close the deal, while holding up massive weights of bullshit and juggling a lot of balls. It reeks of over extension. It reeks of one’s grasp exceeding one’s reach but that’s how this system works. That’s the name of that tune. It’s another kind of sound and the one I hear most of the time that resonates with something other than what I want to be engaged in. I think it’s all going to come down on their heads and that includes all the silly fools who believe in them as well. As for what you might do, or I might do, well, surely you have some sort of plan (grin)? So it goes, as it goes, might be the way to end this piece and my blessings upon you in your endeavor. Don’t get lost in the underbrush.

Bon Voyage, Gil Scott Heron

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Base of the Mountain and the Wheel of Fire

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Politics is the art of telling people what they want to hear and then doing what’s expedient, according to the dictates of power and money. It’s basically the art of the deal. Deals are accomplished through compromise. It’s quid pro quo. It’s been said that ‘the devil is in the details’ and that is what deals contain, details. Details require lawyers. The job of a lawyer is to find the loopholes and exceptions to the law, so that the law can be bent to accommodate the needs of the deal. Eventually, the law no longer operates according to its tenets and the only place it applies is to the living conditions of those too poor to afford lawyers, at the whim of those who can.

Corruption is the fruit of politics and eventually the system dies, strangled by the entangling knots of self-interest, at the expense of the public interest. Sooner or later all of the wealth and power winds up in the hands of those most lacking in conscience and restraint. Eventually warfare becomes the driving force of the economy and eventually a police state emerges to stifle protest at the perversion of justice and whatever virtues the original system founded its operations upon. You can tell the state of a nation by the nature and size of its prison system. Much more can be said but no more needs to be.

One can think of spiritual progress and the characteristics of the path in terms of a mountain. At the base of the mountain and for some distance upward, the mountain is ringed by temporal and religious institutions. Depending on the size of them, there are some numbers of entrance doors into the institutions. Once inside you have entered a labyrinth of circuitous bends and switchbacks, which lead into cul de sacs and walls composed of letters and numbers that block your access beyond. All of these institutions are comprised of dogma and ritual. There are uniforms to be worn and uniforms of behavior that reflect the possibility of harmony within the construct. One can spend many lifetimes within these constructs and experience advantageous and disadvantageous births as a result of previous behaviors. Each life acquires to itself a varying weight of desires and appetites that fuel the onward progress of the participant.

There are two kinds of people, composing the large majority of all populations, in these institutions; those who feel trapped and those who are pleased to be there. Fortunes shift according to mysterious laws that are not the same as the laws of operation for the institutions. Set destinies result from any path taken in the mix. You go up and down, experience favor and disgrace. Time has a specific weight and conditions and circumstances are dictated by the particular movement of large forces in concert with each other. You could say that this is the movement of the stars and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Depending on the conditions of the times, escaping from the influence of these institutions can seem difficult to near impossible. Every period of time has its atmosphere that colors the meaning of what motivates and surrounds you. This is the dream power of Maya, the active, deceptive principle of the divine. It is the quality and power of what composes your physical, emotional and mental landscape. It’s what generates the tests and trials of your existence. Conventional wisdom says that the better you are at adapting to this, the better off you are. That’s not so, unless all you expect of life is to be found in the particular conditions and transitions of a temporary existence. The end result of such an existence is a trip to the moon for a new set of clothes for a new role, over and over.

One of the readers here, lately, has been at pains to assure me that reincarnation doesn’t exist. He says he has no proof of this, can’t prove it but then he says that regardless and despite his disclaimer not to know, it doesn’t exist. As I have personal proof of reincarnation beyond any doubt, I would not be in agreement with him. In any case, it doesn’t matter what he or I think. What matters is what is true. I often give the example of Galileo and the church. The church said that The Sun revolved around the Earth. Galileo said the opposite. It turned out that the Earth does indeed revolve around The Sun after all. This is my only concern that what is so is so and that I might be able to perceive what that is. I don’t argue with people, regardless of how convincing I might think myself capable. I simply state things and people can take or leave them. If they want to argue they have to look for someone disposed to argument and they won’t have to look too far for that.

There are other obstacles to one’s progress up the mountain of the spirit, besides the institutions previously mentioned and those are the appetites and desires of each and every one of us, along with whatever mindset we carry around with us in response to the appearances of Maya, as it operates according to whatever lessons are being handed out. This is why the most powerful mantra a person can possess is, “I don’t know”. If this is repeated with intensity and consistency, until it becomes visceral, one encounters the one who does know and one is then led out of the institutions and has their appetites and desires explained to them and translated into a single desire, which is the desire for liberation.

There are mechanisms to effect liberation and the key attributes required by these mechanisms are consistency and intensity. According to the degree of these, upon that rests the speed of transformation. One of the mechanisms is ‘japa’. You can look that up and you can translate its meaning into whatever tradition you are working your way out of. Another mechanism is the adoption of Bhakti to all of your thoughts and actions. In Kali Yuga that is the only method certain of success. You can ingest psychedelic substances, which have the result of blasting you out of the infrastructure and into a perception of the world beyond. It’s a temporary state and it’s useful, though not absolutely necessary, in the darker times, of which this one qualifies as such. There is a mystical fourth condition that could be called ‘grace’. This is when, for whatever the reason, you have come to the attention of a luminous being, who has attained to the top of the mountain and has chosen to be your guide and take you under their wing. This can and should be sought no matter what you are practicing.

At any point around the base of this mountain, there are paths inward and upward. Once you have effectively reached the top of the mountain you can see all of the ways down, or up, as you prefer. Nothing going on at the base of the mountain is of any importance and the whole purpose of anything there is to trap you in its revolving conditions, which go on and on and on, ad infinitum. People can argue till the application of doomsday’s break but they will do nothing but add to their stock of false and imprisoning knowledge. The mass of the world will argue against your efforts to be free. You will be laughed at, reviled and told that you are crazy and, according to their standards, you are and more power to you.

I have personally seen the truth of what I am stating today and have lived what I am describing. Whether that is true and whether it is believed by anyone is unimportant, except to the degree that I happen to be correct and in that case it might be useful in affirming things felt within the hearts and minds of those reading. These things are true or they are not and that is the final testament of anything.

Everything that is sought in the states of being at the base of the mountain is automatically granted to those who have succeeded in freeing themselves. Conversely, these things are never more than partially accomplished otherwise and always attended by pain and disappointment. Pain and disappointment are the educators for those inclined to learn. For those who are not inclined to learn, they simply continue until they are. Nothing is what it seems to be and every life proves that one way or another. Anyone who has taken the conditions of life as their primary course of study learns this. One can learn a great deal from studying the old and the young and observing what happens on the wheel of fire.

Nothing that is said here will mean anything to those not inclined to consider it. The phenomenal world is a world of darkness surrounded by invisible light and lit with a deceptive and false light. Make of it what you will. We all do.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

When the Walking Half Dead become the Walking Undead.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Given that the world is going to end tomorrow, according to the numerological calculations of one kind of zombie. It stands to reason that something like this would be announced by the government, proving that religions and government have both come to the end of their tether of madness and proving that if their world doesn’t end on Saturday, it can’t be that far off.

Real life has now outdistanced Hollywood and network TV in the fabrication of unbelievable scenarios and what that means is that the engine of illusion that has spellbound the populace for so long, has now reached the limits of its possibilities. It can only get crazier and more unbelievable, until the system devours itself just like the approaching wave of apocalyptic zombies will be devouring what’s left of whoever is left in the web nets of the engine of illusion.

You tell yourself that it can’t be as twisted as you think it is. There must be something wrong with your perceptions. Can government and religion really be barking mad? Can Butch Napolitano and the rest of the front crew of zombie fascists, really be sawing off one of the top branches on the crazy tree, while they are on the far end of it? Apparently this is true. It’s unbelievable but so has been the handling of Katrina, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, Fukushima and the wave of gratuitous wars engaged in by the former home of the brave and land of the free.

All those vaccinations and vomiting propaganda and they didn’t come up with either for the tsunami of insanity that is sweeping the globe. That’s the real pandemic of concern. The people in charge are out of their minds and you see that in the recent behavior of the Zio-Ogre head of the IMF and the general policies of every agency, governmental, religious and financial in these times. This is the doing of the cosmos. This is where you wind up after traversing all of the steps from seemingly rational to obviously bat shit lunacy. Ogres and zombies share similar dietary preferences.

You can’t look for material cause here. You can’t analyze the conditions of the times and come up with any rationale, for so much of the various juntas flailing around in the deep end of the pool. There is no sanity or sense to what is taking place. It’s not so much a matter of the world ending on Saturday. The world as we thought we knew it has already ended.

If you are an individual in the midst of this and are viewing it as it very much appears to be, what do you do? You can’t do anything about the mass of it taking place in front of your eyes and at a distance. You have to react to it from within yourself and make personal adjustments in respect of it. You have to hold to your center, while all about you are losing theirs.

This is not some temporary state of aberration. This is a world wide snake dancing into the cauldron of wild improbability. It can’t be happening but it is. I don’t know if pulses from the sun are causing this; some mysterious planet that we can’t see, the shifting of the magnetic poles, alien radio waves or some inexplicable, logical progression of materialism coming into fruition. Is it any of these, something else or a combination of things already mentioned? Who knows?

I get up every day in my reasonable way and go about my business. I look at the world through the lens of the internet and note its degeneration into turbo fraud and folly. I engage in things that the world would call crazy and yet I am not in its class at all. I do normal and understandable things, regardless of what distant planets, inner and outer, that I may travel to. I ingest things that open windows into strange and amazing realities that really would send most people over the edge and yet even when I do go temporarily mad, I don’t stay there. I make my way back in a reasonable and orderly way and I tell myself, “Yes, these things are out there/in there and now I’m here again”. I don’t get it. It’s too far out for me and that would be very far out indeed.

Where I live you don’t see a lot of crazy people. You hardly ever see a homeless person; every great while you see someone looking for change outside one of the grocery stores. You go to a larger town and you might see one or two people sitting in a public square with a hat out for donations; usually alcoholics or junkies or some stripe or another and sometimes the representative of a family of professional beggars, which you get in Europe because there is some kind of a tradition there. They’ve got themselves done up according to some mysterious motif that is suppose to generate income. My least favorite are the well dressed Africans that you see in Southern Italy, who occasionally haunt the supermarkets and switch off with a partner. They stay in touch with each other by cellphone.

Here the food costs less than it did when I was on Maui 12 years ago; much less in some cases. Here they subsidize food costs and keep certain areas of dwellings available for the lower income folks. It works. People may not be outright crazy here because they are more on rails of various compulsive behaviors, that are steeped in a certain degree of general depression, that I think comes from both a genetic predisposition, as well as having swallowed some amount of the big lies told to them about what happened in World War 2, when they were actually the victims. The censure and blackmail from these lies goes on to this day.

You don’t get anything here like you have on the streets and other locations of America and which is to be found in any major city the world over, but more so in the US and those cities infected by the US in their shared continent. It does seem that the greater the degree of oppressive and gratuitous materialism, the greater the degree of collective madness.

As I said, there’s little you can do about what is going on outside of you. You can be a healing presence to a certain degree and you can be a good example of the way in which a person handles that which is surrounding them but... mostly you can’t do much, except to seek and hold to your center. Whatever is coming down is coming down equally from within and without and depending on how far off center you are, on that depends how further spiraled out you become. The English tabloids are a good example of just how crazy a certain segment of the population can be and in the US they have similar rags that lost their main function with the invention of toilet paper. The insanity around us is truly matched by the evil of certain individuals and forces like Rupert Murdoch and those controlling the directions of government and religion. All of these individuals, collectives and forces have literally sold their souls to the dark side, for whatever profit they are finding there. I don’t see the payoff but that’s me.

It stands to reason, with so much madness loose in society and its institutions that there are going to be mass acting outs coming in urban and other locations, where the entire population of one location or another, collectively loses it. It stands to reason. I wouldn’t want to be around for any of that. I’ve seen mob situations on occasion and it can be terrifying in its speed and unpredictability.

Consider well what you are reading here and seek your center with all due diligence because just as Nature is throwing all sorts of natural events at various locations, waves of madness are also swelling in portions of the human mind and I suspect these are powerful waves that can sweep up the unwary and carry them an appreciable distance before they have any idea what has happened to them. If you’re not seeing what I’m talking about, it is time to open your eyes before you wind up an appreciable distance from all things familiar, within and without.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

In the Time of the Clown Princes who would be Kings.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Abondonza! Each day we enter a world of greater light if we are agreeable to it. My friends at Arlington West Films made me aware of a recent trend of gloom and doom in my reportage. I apologize for that. I am watching two separate trains on two separate tracks and don’t have dual, simultaneous wide screen features in my work so; I’m not talking about you, if you are not them (grin).

Is anyone else noticing changes in their animals and themselves? I think you must be. Magical things are happening in Mexico and other places, where the restored powers of Lady Nature are coming forth. We are in a time of transition and about to become living proof. Susanne was out with the dogs the other day and a badger came trundling up the road, right through the neighborhood, on the sidewalk. Fortuitously, the dogs that were present had the good sense to ignore it. One doesn’t badger a badger, or maybe you should look into what a badger is and does and is capable of. A smart dog will avoid a badger. A smart anything will avoid a badger or wolverines, which both have a certain kind of Filipino mucker gene that you don’t want to get in the way of. I sometimes think that it might have been an effervescent badger that crawled on to the top of Donald Trump’s head.

We are in the time of the Clown Princes and the clowns are no longer working together as an act, because it is every man/woman for him/herself. Technically speaking; keeping in mind that I am not a tool and die man, things can regulate and interact to the degree that the proponents know what they are and they malfunction when they don’t. That is the short version of the matter and you can philosophize at your leisure. Having the leisure to philosophize is often a causing current of one of the phenomena under consideration. I suspect it would be helpful to have Cliff Notes for this session but, once again, it’s covered in the process of digestion.

Whether you recognize it or not; don’t want to look at it (many), can’t figure it out (many). Don’t need it (few) or have a grasp of the situation (few), the fact is that everything is about sex. It doesn’t matter if you are a tool and die maker or a dreamer, like me. Things go in and out. Plugs go into sockets, Reproduction populates the world, willingly and unwillingly and politics, commerce and war, revolve around it.

It is the most compelling honey trap and everyone, everywhere, has some aspect of it operative in most of what they do.

Hunger is compelling. It will compel you. You can master it and transform it into art, wisdom, Love. You can put the furnace to all sorts of industry. It is a complexity and it is also pretty simple, depending on how grounded you are in essentials.

For those who study the why and wherefore of the world, it can be made to reveal all manner of surprising and interesting things, it’s a treasure chest and Pandora’s Box. The times are heavy and that accounts for all the sleepwalking. In other times, so much evidence of things unseen, would be ample proof for even the most doubting Thomases. In these times, doubt, along with fear and random, unfocused hunger are strong. That’s how it goes. You have to become salmon like to survive; “walk in all things contrary to the world”. The truth is staring us in the face wherever we go but we don’t recognize it because it is wearing a mask. Upon this principle the whole world perambulates about and does its business. Walk out of your door and it is right there. Your roads are like rivers that go everywhere and everything is somewhere. What kind of GPS have you got?

I’m a man and I get aroused. Whether you are a man or a woman, you do too; that’s how we got here. There are anomalies but that is what they are, temporary hiatus transitions that have to do with working out how things work. Everyone understands this in the end; arguing about it is pointless but profitable depending on your agenda. I learned at a certain point that when I get aroused I must convince myself that the object of my attention is what is behind the mask. I don’t like being temporary, nor do I care much about temporary things. These are the things that destroy us and because most people are destroying themselves, the pressure to conform is fierce as a badger sometimes.

I know it’s not a good idea to be living in a big city at this time because of the dependency angle. The odds are just mathematically much worse in those theaters and the sex has a way of mutating according to the marketplace because the marketplace eventually becomes a travesty upon the divine feminine principle. Certain mindsets are drawn to the marketplace. They have that gene and as the conditions become more and more absurd they become more relentless in their perversity. It’s just how it goes down here and it goes and goes until a wakeup call is required; “Planet Earth to the white courtesy phone”.

You can either consciously withdraw into yourself, back to the essentials of existence or you can be forced there by ever increasingly severe events. It will happen all the same. It’s just a matter of how much pain you can take and how convinced you have become that what is going on around you is how it is supposed to be. You’ve got some kind of safety in numbers mindset but safety in numbers is not a sane game plan but the pressure is fierce.

Help is abundant as some of you may know and miracles are about to become commonplace, along with those features that accompany the other train going in the other direction. That train is a big train. For most people, that train is so big they don’t even see the other train.

Self important world figures are looking at this IMF sex scenario and thinking, “Hmmm, that could be me next. Meanwhile the pressure to do the right thing is not going to go away because, this is The Apocalypse. You are right in the middle of it and it is going to widen and deepen, so to speak. If you have any kind of awareness then you know that there is purpose and procedure going on. Welcome and invite the illumination into your consciousness. Wake up and look at it. How strange will it get? It is a work in progress and just keeps motoring along feeding agendas like this, which is the last gasp of something that is about to become known. That’s just how it is in the apocalypse. That’s how it goes.

I suppose I talked all around something here again. It seems to be the way it goes for me. I’ve no problem being direct but it’s not my style to come stomping into the room with my boots on and I don’t have to because, as I said, the miraculous is going to start becoming commonplace and so is whatever the opposite of that is.

Like Neko; I’m peering out from behind something, only I don’t know what it is. Whatever it is, it’s crumbling. Every time I bump into it, more pieces fall off. Eventually I will have a bigger part of the picture. I hope that you are all getting settled into the center of your being and marveling at the movement of things as they are these days.

I can sincerely say that I have no idea what is coming next but I welcome it as I welcome you.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Halfway around the World before The Truth has its Pants on

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

You can’t swing a journalist in a room anymore without hitting a psy-ops agent. It’s Bin Laden’s to the left of us. Bin Laden’s to the right of us. Into the valley of bullshit marched the replicating Bin Laden’s. Who owns the media? They are the ones pressing this false info, into the minds of those whose minds have been rendered into cookie dough. Why would such a massive effort be taking place, when such a large percentage of the population already believes everything you tell them? Something is coming soon, there’s no other rationale for what’s been taking place. By virtue of The Apocalypse, all of their efforts are working contrary to their intentions and... they can’t see this? It is not only those being manipulated, who are blind to the truth of what is taking place. Those manipulating are equally as blind and herein is our greatest ally, in the drive to collective liberation. This should put confidence and hope into the hearts of the awakened and awakening wherever we may be.

We should be confident and hopeful in great measure, seeing the ham-handed dysfunction and failures of the iniquitous. It looks scripted and it is. It looks like those with the appearance of so much power, are virtually powerless to avoid being their own worst enemy. They bought all the rope at the hardware store and now they are hanging themselves. They’re convinced all through the process that they are making a noose for humanity. Even as they ascend the chair and place the rope around their own necks, they are grinning at their ingenuity. They are still grinning as they kick the chair out from under their own feet.

What’s our job in all of this? Our job is to step back and witness the event. Our job is to telepathically telegraph what we see into the minds of all of those who are disoriented and deceived. We are broadcasting towers; transmitting the understandings coming to us from the great cosmic microwave, seated somewhere on the inner planes and certainly with repeater stations in the outer realms; “Your inside is out and your outside is in. So c’mon, c’mon, c’mon and take it easy, c’mon and take it easy”.

Here are some interesting snippets from our intrepid correspondent, the Zen Gardner. These cover a lot of centuries and resource a lot of people I’ve never heard of. While I was reading these vignettes, two things kept coming to mind. One was that there were such parallels in the information, coming from such diverse sources. The other was that it was all so general and final and did not ring true for me. I’m not saying that sweeping and revolutionary transformation will not circle the globe, in the vehicles of natural disaster and man made catastrophe. I’m not saying that half of the population or more won’t exit from one of the two. I’m saying that there is so many onuses on world wide destruction, mayhem and stone age regression that the positive realities and the point of all of it, is being overlooked.

I just don’t get the sensation that it’s all going down the cosmic tubes. The vibration just doesn’t hit me. Maybe I’m stoned (high would be nice) or stupid but I feel something else. Fukushima doesn’t bother me. I feel very sorry for the Japanese but... something is brewing or percolating in the back of my head that tells me it’s all going to be okay. It’s not a Dr. Pangloss thing. I don’t feel like I’m lying to myself. I feel like life is improving every day. I could be wrong but it doesn’t feel like it. Why is that? I don’t know.

I have long believed, probably before this life, that there is a point to creation. It’s not a random event. That makes no sense whatsoever. People who dabble in chaos theory always make me laugh. I look outward and see such symmetry behind the veils of deception. I look within and sometimes I see that blue guy appear from behind parted veils, with seven cobras dancing behind his head in a cobra hood. When I was psychedelicized, I used to see this kind of thing a lot. I used to see it before I had any cultural or religious reference to it. It came as a chilling shock when, one day I looked into a store front on North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs and saw a statue of a Buddha holding his hands a certain way, directing the currents of the Earth and the cosmos according to some arcane modality. It hit into the core of my being because I had recently had an event that dovetailed into what I was looking at.

I’ve seen so much coincidence and confirmation in my walk through Maya-ville that I don’t question it much any more. I question myself but that’s a good thing. I question the tidal wave of lies that pour out like the flooding waters of a broken damn but I don’t question what’s driving the manufacture of the lies, or the summing up that awaits them.

I sit here today without a concern in the world, while I witness the world going nova into Batshit County. I look at the sheer transparency of the incredible lies, coupled with the increasingly vile actions of a small minority, acting as predators upon the gullibility and defenselessness of the walking wounded and the terminally ignorant. Can nothing stop these clowns? Can nothing awaken the crowd in the circus, under the big tent? The seltzer bottles are having no effect; buckets of confetti? Zilch. The clowns are exposing themselves to crowds of school children and rummaging around in babies diapers but, nothing. They find an ancestral lineage in the diaper, which speaks to them of their native land and they begin to grin like the man with the noose on the chair but on it goes, lurching toward epiphany and “somebody’s house is burning down”; thank you Jimi. By the way, 6 is not really 9. That’s just what happens when the nail comes out of the top of the 6.

I get that the ‘60’s was a global announcement and a wakeup call for the early risers. I get the international uprising of the heart with peace and love, as opposed to ‘spare change’ and speed. There was a point there. There was a heralding of a coming age of brotherhood and how can we have that if there is no world left to have it in? It doesn’t make sense to me. Either there is a point or a purpose or there is none. There are two camps and I’m in one of them and unlikely to switch. And I wouldn’t rather “fight than switch”, I prefer to step back and watch. I stopped smoking Tareyton’s a long time ago. Of course, I report from the sidelines, without commercial interruption, except for the occasional cosmic PSA; “this is Visible, bringing you the way it looks, when you’re looking and now, a word from our sponsor”. “Greetings, this is the ineffable, don’t worry, be happy”. That’s how it feels to me.

Grim things are coming to grim people but I believe it is terrifically selective. The faith and industry gets measured and there’s a cut off point. You keep on keeping on, or you go into the karmic shop for re-servicing. Of course you should have been practicing preventive maintenance but you had that ‘get out of jail free’ card where Jesus shows up on a box of Cheerios and waves a magic wand over you. I never bought that except on principle. I always got it more like ‘fear and trembling’ according to Kierkegaard. He and Swedenborg were a sort of grandfather/son tag team. Maybe no one sees a connection there but I look at it similar to Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. I see parallels. I see trends. I see everything migrating out of India, including the missing 18 years. I even wonder about Nixon’s missing 18 minutes but I don’t think that came out of India (grin). I see connections, not random accidents, periodically ending in one collective human failure after another. I always believe there were survivors and that they went somewhere.

One thing adversity has done for me has been to give me faith and determination and some degree of certitude. I believe that practically anything can happen and I’ve no idea what that might be. I just don’t know but I feel good. I feel better than I have in years and years and I want to communicate and transmit that. I don’t want to be glum and apprehensive. If people can’t get with the program then they’re going to be recycled and repeat the course. I’m looking at a quantum leap and a dimensional shift. There’s too much evidence and corroboration; at least for me. In a world where someone will pay 34 million dollars for some crap from Warhol, I know there’s something greater lurking behind the walls of our doubt.

Given all the things that have happened to me; why should I be so optimistic? I just am. I walk out of my door and I reach to feel the massing of powerful entities in the air and within. I believe invisible space is crowded and brimming with life and force at this time. I think ships have traveled from inner and outer space across vast reaches, just to be here for the finale. I’m trying to harmonize with that in one of those cool minor keys that The Beatles used to use, which made them sound so fantastic. I truly believe that all you need is Love and I’m holding to that. You’re all welcome to make your own determinations. I’ve made mine.

End Transmission........

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Monday, May 09, 2011

In the Saucer Pod on the way Somewhere

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

As you may know, we are putting out 6 books this year; two are novels, one is a spiritual primer and the other 3 are a ‘best of’ collection from Smoking Mirrors, Visible Origami and Reflection’s in a Petri Dish. We’re putting the Patrick Willis Collection together as well as music and some ‘off the rails’ TV shows from New York and Hawaii. These are being brought about by the efforts of some sterling individuals, whose capacity for endurance rivals my own (grin). We might even have a few t-shirts but I think it stops there. Next thing you know, you’ve got coffee cups and tea cozies and self help Tarot Cards; just a few steps from the casino and down the way, you’ve got Hallmark and after that you turn into everything else, as if you never had any other intention. Ergo; one needs limits and boundaries.

I’ve been temporarily successful at all kinds of things; restaurants, bookstores, painting and roofing companies, resort management. It’s the kind of thing you do while you are trying to finance what you really do and which, inexplicably, goes south half the time. A lot of that has been caused by the courses of the stars and planets but those are changing. Since they are changing, things long denied are going to be dragged out into the unforgiving light.

I was temporarily successful at any number of things because I temporarily believed in them. Take resorts management for instance. I could go into a condo complex and assess the situation. I’d be given a nice salary, a free apartment, all utilities paid and bonus bucks every day for checking people in that the rental offices didn’t want to have personnel on hand for because of the expense. So, depending on what hour the guests got in, I would get 10, 15 or 20 bucks for giving some people keys.

I would have a staff of a couple of secretaries, some landscape workers and a maintenance assistant. Usually what I would do was find the right people and put them in place. I had no say in the secretaries, though they assisted me, I didn’t hire and fire them. Everyone else, I did. I was good at it and the Board of Directors that runs the place knew that and would give me praise and raises frequently. I was good for 6 months, 12 months or 18 months depending on the quality of the resident owners. It took me two months or more to get the right people working for me and then I didn’t even have to be around. No one cared as long as the place functioned. I could phone it at We are different places. It always came down to how much of the politics and push or resident owners I could put up with. I was only doing it to finance what I really do. My biggest problem was the people who had retired from running some operation somewhere else and now had free time to tell me how to do my job, when I was running the place like a Swiss watch. Eventually I would manipulate a scenario that would result in six months of high end unemployment benefits and go live in the jungle. My friend Bob Lowe knows about this because he was a property manager and he hired me for one of those jobs and he can speak to how amusing the scenario is.. He now lives in the jungle with his wife and his parrots, just like I do with dogs in Europe.

It’s been a ride. I do things for as long as they are fun, then I move on to what attracts me more. I’ll see through what I’m doing now, because I really would like to finance a community, not necessarily with me present (grin). We are eating each other up and we should enjoy it. That’s why you should bless your food. You are your food, one way or another and that explains my dietary preferences.

There are two things you need to be familiar with, whenever you are getting into a project. You need to know what you are composed of and capable of and then will come the people you are doing it with; you need to know those same things about them.

In the last 48 hours, I have learned more about myself than I have discovered in some, many years. I’m beginning to see where I am the problem and the solution is the simplest thing in the world. You come to a certain point, where you have to just take your hands off the rudder and let God sail you into the port. Year’s ago, God told me, “Everything’s under control, take the reins”. I never quite understood that. If everything is under control, why should I take the reins? Susanne is going through the same things. Her whole life is suddenly opening up. We’ve both been held back by restraints and shortcomings for some time. Mine were probably larger; we are accompanied by angels, unaware.

I mean to tell you that The Apocalypse is a dead certain reality because I am going through it. Scales are falling away from my own eyes, in a number of areas. I’m not nearly as bad as I thought I was or as good either. I think many of us are strangling ourselves with our own intestines or ambushing our hearts. I know that a lot of this is karma neh? (Passage to India) and some of it is the confusion of the times and the circumstances but the ineffable is actually tearing away the veils. In my own life we have gone far beyond smoking gun proof.

No matter, yesterday I found out that a date, which I thought was confirmed, turns out to be off by a week, which affects the travel plans of any number of people, based on one person’s indifference to the needs of another. My life has been plagued by such events and on occasion I’ve been responsible myself. This time it cut pretty deep but it didn’t hurt at all, because I realized that it isn’t where people get together that counts, as much as the fact that they get together at all. I’m willing and grateful to take the lesser results just to see people that I love. I don’t care if something I thought important gets missed, as long as I don’t miss what’s important. The result of that is that none of us will be attending a certain event (grin) and that is perfectly okay.

I’ve spent my life knowing certain things to be true, yet missing the boat in terms of performing them. Arguably I had massive tests and traps set against me and meeting the former and evading the latter was a full time job along with everything else. I understand you don’t get more than you can handle except when you do but cowabunga! I had some slick, uphill ice, real and virtual.

As much as I believe what I’ve been saying I have to admit to an amount of doubt but what I am seeing now is beyond question and though I do not know what it portends, it is certainly cosmic, supernatural and all the proof anyone would need, concerning things like, divine intervention and so forth. I could tell you tales but I will demur for the moment.

What I am saying and what I suspect some of the rest of you already know is that this is the real deal. Something is absolutely taking place right now and the full measure of blessings and punishments are taking place, front row center, along with the tearing away of concealments. All this faux killing of Osama accomplished, was to expose the governments hand, simultaneous crashing and burning and rising and soaring, are taking place in a remarkable way. It has to be the hand of the divine. Right in the middle of Will and Kate’s marriage and the 60 year anniversary of the richest man in town, who lives next door, I was taken away to the hospital last week for a few days and no one even noticed.

I walked out of there in pajamas and my bare feet and drove away, when I felt like that was the thing to do. You can’t make this stuff up. The tide turned and I couldn’t be happier about that. I expect the tide is turning for you too because you read here and that makes you like me only different by degrees. We can’t all be Kevin Bacon, nor want to be.

The simplest things that I should have known a long time ago are suddenly becoming perceptible to me. Maybe I should have just been a good yogi and not used drugs and the like but I was in a hurry and this is the Kali Yuga. I think I can truly say that today I forgive everyone who ever meant me harm and I forgive myself for being things too numerous to list. What was imagined and desired, dreamed and sought has now come into presence and I can only look upon it in awe. We have no greater enemy than ourselves and the right hand man for that is the fear of our own possibilities.

Today I’m going to cook up a pot of eggplant parmigiana with salad and garlic bread and have a fine dinner with the ones I love. I might even slip some to the dogs. I tend to do that when no one is looking. Help is indeed on the way. I can’t think of a more critical and profitable time to do the right thing that there would be anywhere but now and I hope some small part of what I am trying to say is coming through. I look forward to your greater good and many meetings and greetings to come but for the moment, Ahrooooooooooooo!

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Chapter One; Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World.

Greetings Dear Friends. Inasmuch as the first book is to be released any day now and inasmuch as I have just finished the second book, of which this is the first chapter, I thought I would put this chapter out which was the last part of it missing and so you have it before you today. Two posts in one day... well, well. off we go-

What does that mean exactly; Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World? I suppose there are ways of looking at life that might need to be discussed prior to getting a fix on the title. For instance, there are those that maintain that everything is spiritual. I suppose those would fall into the Advaita category. Then there are those who say that there are spiritual and material worlds and that would be Dvaita. I think if I were to define the difference between spiritual and material, I would simply say, “flesh and not flesh”. It seems that most of the sins or crimes that all of the holy books talk about, are acts of flesh against spirit. Most, if not all of these sins or crimes are motivated by desires of the flesh acting out against dictates of the spirit. You could also say that spiritual is permanent and material is temporary.

According to all of the holy books, they say, one way or another that sin, or crimes against spirit, cause the spiritual being to go to less pleasant spiritual places once material life ends and for the ones that accept reincarnation as being true (it is), must also return to unpleasant places here, as a result of past behaviors. The reverse is true as well. One might speculate whether sin is simply a crime in the mind that is defined so by intent; meaning that sin is not always sin but thinking makes it so. I’m not going to tell you anything in terms of hard and fast or slow and immutable laws being absolute or... that this way is the right way and all other ways are the wrong way. People who know these kinds of things have the luxury of being convinced about what they believe, concerning spiritual and temporal (or material, if you want to call it that) strictures, laws and rules of conduct. I don’t have that luxury because I honestly don’t know.

What gives me the right to author a book such as this, keeping in mind that I may or may not actually be the author? I have been around awhile and I have been through some very difficult moments. The odds say that I should not even be here now but I am. I am in very good shape, physically, emotionally and mentally, given what I’ve experienced and given that I have consumed massive amounts of psychotropic drugs and everything else you can think of. There are not many people around who would be in this kind of shape given the back story.

I am where I am because I am the beneficiary of certain spiritual protections and I have invisible friends. It could be that we all do but only a few of us are actually in contact with then. I am guided and protected at all times. This is something I know and it is my desire to make a similar state available to whoever reads this book.

I am not going to tell you to play by the rules and try to fit in. I am not going to recommend you go to some church and abide by the moral standards of your community. I am not going to tell you one thing is evil and another good because those terms are relative and much that is considered evil is actually good unrecognized and much that is called good is anything but. What I am going to do is ramble about in your mind and try to arrange the furniture in certain ways so that you can get the feel for different states of being; different environments one can exist in and so on and so forth. I am going to tell you what certain things have done for me and you can judge by reason and experience whether such things might work for you.

I want you to listen for a ringing sound. It may not be audible in the same way that ordinary sound is. It is the sound of authenticity and we have all experienced it a time or two under all sorts of circumstances. I want you to see if you can hear that ring when you read this book and I want you to give serious consideration to what you are reading, specifically, when you hear such a ringing because that specific paragraph, sentence, page, or whatever it’s particular length is might have an important connection to you personally. Not everything you read here is going to apply to you. You may not need all of it. You might only need a sentence, a paragraph or a page. If you find that passage and you hear that ring, stop where you are and reflect. It could make all the difference.

There is one thing that I personally want you to connect to and comprehend and that is that there are only a few really important things or conditions that make all the difference. A spiritual life may have many components but there are only a few that are of absolute importance and the cornerstone, bedrock or centerpiece of an evolving spiritual condition. Here are the things I have found to be of critical importance; possessing the qualities of the divine, practicing the presence of the divine and unshakeable consistency of purpose.

Some might ask; what about faith and charity? What about compassion and all the rest of the virtues? Those are some of the qualities of the divine. They are all part of the package. You see, the point and purpose is for you to become like God. To do this, you must first realize and viscerally accept that you are a child of the divine. What does a child of the divine grow up to be? Consistent practice of the presence of the divine leads to the budding of the qualities of the divine. As the divine enters into you and comes alive, in a certain sense, you become like the divine and the qualities of the divine become a part of you.

Most seekers and religious pundits make a big deal out of knowledge. Knowledge has its place but it is of no value whatsoever outside of the mind of the true knower. What this means is that most knowledge is colored by your identification with your false self, the personality. It becomes an extension of the game theory of the personality and ceases to be what it essentially is. Those possessing a true objective reasoning capacity know what I am talking about here.

The spiritual path is brimming with several things. One of them is an effulgent and conscious light. Another is the attendant false light (both contain and operate representative guiding and misguiding entities), often mistaken for the true and conscious light and finally, traps and tests. How can you manage to pass around the traps and through the tests, unless you are in the care of the one who knows the way? Spiritual arrogance has been the downfall of many souls more advanced than you or I. You are never too high to fall. This is why you must remember to stay small and to practice surrender. You cannot surrender without permission. This is another mistake seekers make. They think they can surrender on their own, as if their progress rested upon their own abilities. It does not. You don’t have any. All of your abilities are borrowed from one of two sources, which are two faces of the same eternal being. Besides the qualities of the divine are the shadow qualities of the other side. You must free yourself of these.

There are several things that every seeker must recognize and they are the reason that the true path has so few travelers upon it. First off, it is demanding work. It takes everything you have. You must forget that there is any other life because there is not. Whatever may come to you as another life, in the development of your movement on the path, has to do with duties. You may be sure that all of these are pleasurable and satisfying once you have visceral understanding of their meaning. We seek glamour in our duties without possessing the talents for those particular duties. We need to understand that whatever our role may be as we progress, it is the best place for us and do understand that every secret desire in your heart was placed there by the divine. Desire is the agent of god’s will. Do not fret about whether you will get to do that which you believe to be your heart’s desire. That is a given but it is always a case of having to crawl before you can walk.

The presence of the divine makes one humble. It makes one grateful. It makes one sane and safe. Do not allow the resistant intelligence of the false self to whisper in your ear. Empty yourself of everything but the presence of the divine. If you feel empty and pointless because you can no longer entertain all of the colorful aspects of your false self in this false world, do not despair. That state is like a vacuum calling the divine into presence. Nature, the active and external face of the divine, abhors a vacuum. Everything is under control and everything is perfect. If you cannot see this then that is a part of you that must go. Don’t hold on to the source of your pain. That is all some form of attachment. When attachment is gone, so is the pain. Become attached to the divine, recognize that you are attached. You would have no life otherwise.

A human birth is a remarkable thing and a rare thing. Make the most of it. You cannot achieve except in the embodied state. That is why we always return, whatever we think our reasons are. There are some rare exceptions to this and I will mention them as we go but regardless, you must do it here. Keep in mind that heaven begins where your feet touch the earth. Interested? Then let us be on our way.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The God Game in Rama Lhama Ding Dongville.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Greetings Earthlings; I wanted to add a few words as a follow-up to the previous posting here at this blog. There’s a long list of contemporary gurus of large celebrity, with which bizarre, unwholesome and questionable associations have been made over the previous decades. Most noteworthy would be Rajneesh, also known as Osho who had a hundred Rolls Royce automobiles and alongside of which ran men with submachine guns as the vehicle made its way around the properties. From the burning 50 gallon oil drums for condom disposal, to the attempted poisoning of local officials, during the time of the Oregon ashram, to the busing in of Arizona homeless, for the purpose of salting the local vote, there was much to question.

Muktananda had his serial sexual scandal. Satchitananda had one. Maharish Mahesh Yogi had some sort of an accusation about manipulations concerning The Beatles. Hans Ji Maharaj was linked to the head bashing of a Rolling Stone reporter and numerous other hinky procedures of operation. Meher Baba used a Ouija Board to communicate through a veil of silence and said he was going to deliver an important message for the world before his passing. He didn’t; not to say that “Don’t worry, be happy” doesn’t cover that. Big restrictions came in for anyone else using the boards, I Ching or Tarot cards. This isn’t exactly scandal stuff, in this case, but the use of a Ouija Board is certainly suspect and a highway for lower astral entities into ones being to deleterious effect.

People have come around here and said bad things about Paramahansa Yogananda who was about as squeaky clean as it gets- at least I thought so. I haven’t heard anything negative about Ramana Maharshi or Ramakrishna, however Ramakrishna would not be considered contemporary. These days there are a lot of Osho spin-offs in place like Costa Rica and elsewhere of very questionable means of operation. I’ve heard all kinds of things about Bubba Free John, whose more recent names I can’t remember. Though Swami Prabhupada appears clean, the same cannot be said for the seven or so God creatures outlined in the book, Monkey on a Stick, who followed him. That book is a riveting read, by the way, for anyone curious about the God Game in one quarter.

We know about a good portion of the new age gurus, some of which I’ve written about and none of which I am fond of (grin). Pope John Paul Ringo George just got sainted for reasons similar to the recent killing of the long dead Bin Laden. I could become quite exhaustive here if I wanted to, or exhausting but I think I’ve set the stage for whatever I intend to say, as soon as I figure out what that is. First, I want to say that what I have said here is in NO WAY an indictment of these figures, because I believe that is going to be the very point of my spiel today. So please do not come in here with specious justifications and an imagined sense of injury because I am only mentioning well known facts, concerning well known figures, in the God Game.

We’re all gurus one way or another but I am not a guru in the sense that I am not a swami and don’t wear an outfit or have flacks following me around with large Polynesian fans. Not so long ago though, I was involved in a scandal of sorts and some people still seem inclined to believe someone else’s version. Please be patient if you are one of the few who already heard this story. My story can be backed up by impeccable witnesses and even official records in some cases. I will try to be mercifully brief. I had a visitor last summer that showed up and did all kinds of mischief, including groping my consort, who was kind enough to help him when I had finally lost the will to do so. He behaved badly in so many different ways that space constraints must apply for the majority, but upon leaving, he left his laptop. Then he had someone call me from the airport to send it to him there and who also went about justifying the man’s actions as well. I never heard back about where to send it. He (allegedly flew back to Venezuela) and asked me to send it there. Then he said don’t send it because it will cost 450 Euro to do so, which is absurd. Then he (allegedly) flew all the way back to pick it up and I told him he had better think hard upon coming to my house. I left it at the pub at the bus station and he got it and went. He was generally rude and annoying throughout his stay and never once showed any interest in me or even came up to my office while he was there.

I had some ladies here and they were the focus of his antics. Had he once apologized for his actions that would have been the end of it but he never did and he’s done me some amount of harm (I don’t know how much) in the eyes of other readers here who he visited on the way to me, including telling lies to another person, whose company I’m not keen to keep in any case but who hovers around on the border of my existence based on a decades old short period of interaction and who has dark secrets to tell about me, which he wasn’t present for and which never happened in any case. I don’t know what these dark secrets are because they remain just that. I’m not a saint, except maybe in recent times (grin) but I don’t claim to be. Most people will tell you though that the only person I ever hurt, outside of the usual relationship things we all go through, was myself.

You can’t be any kind of a public figure without rumor and innuendo dogging your footsteps. In many cases, these days, in the political and other realms, this rumor and innuendo are not only true but in a seriously minimalized state in relation to the truth. Jesus Christ had people (allegedly) saying bad things about him, so did The Buddha, Krishna and Mohammad. I get people coming in here every now and then to tell me bad things about Gandhi. Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m a “by their works ye shall know them” kind of a guy and I also say things here for the definite purpose of sparking conversation and creating a forum for discussion, which often brings out some surprising interplay. Most of the time, I am not promoting someone but merely wishing them Bon Voyage, or working some angle known to me. Never assume that what appears here is exactly as it appears.

I don’t know the real truth about any of these people, not the whole truth, or the many possible reasons and neither do you. We can be real whitened sepulchers when we get the notion, which is just around the corner from Hypocrisy Central. We’d be a lot better looking to the beam in our own eye as opposed to the mote in another’s, prior to pontificating about who did what where, because someone told me they did or they heard it on TV (thank you John Fogarty).

One of my favorite sayings is, “there but for fortune go you and I”. I may be a work in progress and have never tried to take credit for more but I like to think that I err on the side of reasonable doubt and recognize just how quickly I could find myself in the shit if I were to get pumped up out of proportion to my actual net worth, in respect of the ineffable. What I am trying to say is that we need to be more understanding, no matter how understanding we think we are at the moment. Vested interests on this planet have a way of going after anyone who isn’t in the pocket and not under their control and ancient forces have a way of compromising us against our better intentions for myriad reasons which you can contemplate at your leisure.

I have certain ambitions that I would like to finance or see come into being and I’ve noted every time I’ve tried to do something good that things can go FUBAR on the way. Sometimes I have accomplished these things with the assistance of the usual ten percent of us who make things happen, in opposition to the other 90% who are either indolent or looking to criticize. Being an idealist means always shooting for the manifestation of some brighter dream and taking it in the hindquarters for no other reason than presenting an opportunistic target.

One of the main points of all that is happening in these times is that we need each other and that most good deeds are unlikely to go unpunished. It’s the way of the moment but “for those who win onwards there is a reward past all telling” as another maligned soul, Helena Blavatsky once said. In fact, I’m going to close with her quote because I consider it to be one of the finest and most truthful things ever said; “There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.” May that become true of you.

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