Friday, May 20, 2011

When the Walking Half Dead become the Walking Undead.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Given that the world is going to end tomorrow, according to the numerological calculations of one kind of zombie. It stands to reason that something like this would be announced by the government, proving that religions and government have both come to the end of their tether of madness and proving that if their world doesn’t end on Saturday, it can’t be that far off.

Real life has now outdistanced Hollywood and network TV in the fabrication of unbelievable scenarios and what that means is that the engine of illusion that has spellbound the populace for so long, has now reached the limits of its possibilities. It can only get crazier and more unbelievable, until the system devours itself just like the approaching wave of apocalyptic zombies will be devouring what’s left of whoever is left in the web nets of the engine of illusion.

You tell yourself that it can’t be as twisted as you think it is. There must be something wrong with your perceptions. Can government and religion really be barking mad? Can Butch Napolitano and the rest of the front crew of zombie fascists, really be sawing off one of the top branches on the crazy tree, while they are on the far end of it? Apparently this is true. It’s unbelievable but so has been the handling of Katrina, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, Fukushima and the wave of gratuitous wars engaged in by the former home of the brave and land of the free.

All those vaccinations and vomiting propaganda and they didn’t come up with either for the tsunami of insanity that is sweeping the globe. That’s the real pandemic of concern. The people in charge are out of their minds and you see that in the recent behavior of the Zio-Ogre head of the IMF and the general policies of every agency, governmental, religious and financial in these times. This is the doing of the cosmos. This is where you wind up after traversing all of the steps from seemingly rational to obviously bat shit lunacy. Ogres and zombies share similar dietary preferences.

You can’t look for material cause here. You can’t analyze the conditions of the times and come up with any rationale, for so much of the various juntas flailing around in the deep end of the pool. There is no sanity or sense to what is taking place. It’s not so much a matter of the world ending on Saturday. The world as we thought we knew it has already ended.

If you are an individual in the midst of this and are viewing it as it very much appears to be, what do you do? You can’t do anything about the mass of it taking place in front of your eyes and at a distance. You have to react to it from within yourself and make personal adjustments in respect of it. You have to hold to your center, while all about you are losing theirs.

This is not some temporary state of aberration. This is a world wide snake dancing into the cauldron of wild improbability. It can’t be happening but it is. I don’t know if pulses from the sun are causing this; some mysterious planet that we can’t see, the shifting of the magnetic poles, alien radio waves or some inexplicable, logical progression of materialism coming into fruition. Is it any of these, something else or a combination of things already mentioned? Who knows?

I get up every day in my reasonable way and go about my business. I look at the world through the lens of the internet and note its degeneration into turbo fraud and folly. I engage in things that the world would call crazy and yet I am not in its class at all. I do normal and understandable things, regardless of what distant planets, inner and outer, that I may travel to. I ingest things that open windows into strange and amazing realities that really would send most people over the edge and yet even when I do go temporarily mad, I don’t stay there. I make my way back in a reasonable and orderly way and I tell myself, “Yes, these things are out there/in there and now I’m here again”. I don’t get it. It’s too far out for me and that would be very far out indeed.

Where I live you don’t see a lot of crazy people. You hardly ever see a homeless person; every great while you see someone looking for change outside one of the grocery stores. You go to a larger town and you might see one or two people sitting in a public square with a hat out for donations; usually alcoholics or junkies or some stripe or another and sometimes the representative of a family of professional beggars, which you get in Europe because there is some kind of a tradition there. They’ve got themselves done up according to some mysterious motif that is suppose to generate income. My least favorite are the well dressed Africans that you see in Southern Italy, who occasionally haunt the supermarkets and switch off with a partner. They stay in touch with each other by cellphone.

Here the food costs less than it did when I was on Maui 12 years ago; much less in some cases. Here they subsidize food costs and keep certain areas of dwellings available for the lower income folks. It works. People may not be outright crazy here because they are more on rails of various compulsive behaviors, that are steeped in a certain degree of general depression, that I think comes from both a genetic predisposition, as well as having swallowed some amount of the big lies told to them about what happened in World War 2, when they were actually the victims. The censure and blackmail from these lies goes on to this day.

You don’t get anything here like you have on the streets and other locations of America and which is to be found in any major city the world over, but more so in the US and those cities infected by the US in their shared continent. It does seem that the greater the degree of oppressive and gratuitous materialism, the greater the degree of collective madness.

As I said, there’s little you can do about what is going on outside of you. You can be a healing presence to a certain degree and you can be a good example of the way in which a person handles that which is surrounding them but... mostly you can’t do much, except to seek and hold to your center. Whatever is coming down is coming down equally from within and without and depending on how far off center you are, on that depends how further spiraled out you become. The English tabloids are a good example of just how crazy a certain segment of the population can be and in the US they have similar rags that lost their main function with the invention of toilet paper. The insanity around us is truly matched by the evil of certain individuals and forces like Rupert Murdoch and those controlling the directions of government and religion. All of these individuals, collectives and forces have literally sold their souls to the dark side, for whatever profit they are finding there. I don’t see the payoff but that’s me.

It stands to reason, with so much madness loose in society and its institutions that there are going to be mass acting outs coming in urban and other locations, where the entire population of one location or another, collectively loses it. It stands to reason. I wouldn’t want to be around for any of that. I’ve seen mob situations on occasion and it can be terrifying in its speed and unpredictability.

Consider well what you are reading here and seek your center with all due diligence because just as Nature is throwing all sorts of natural events at various locations, waves of madness are also swelling in portions of the human mind and I suspect these are powerful waves that can sweep up the unwary and carry them an appreciable distance before they have any idea what has happened to them. If you’re not seeing what I’m talking about, it is time to open your eyes before you wind up an appreciable distance from all things familiar, within and without.

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A.Mouser said...

Oh Yea!

You the Dog!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Sure, if it comes, than it comes - so what? If it does not comes, then we are lucky! Every living day on our Earth is a lucky day. No one realises this. We living in a universe with complete CHAOS! Only humans think that we can create ORDER....

WRONG! It IS the universe itself who creates the ORDER on it's own terms!

This is nice:
Our Universe is Magic. The age of science has failed to explain our universe in rational terms.

Consequently the power of magic has gradually emerged from our conscious minds to fathom the unfathomable.

Our most distinguished scientists reluctantly admit, that mankind is nothing but some billion creatures, sitting on a piece of solar driftwood floating in space.

Magic is the art of influencing the cause of events by the intervention of spiritual forces or some other occult device.

According to arthur c. clarke any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Early civilization often mistook the unexplainable world around them to be magic.

Rupert sheldrake in his book "seven experiments that could change the world" has stated that scientist's attitude toward their experiments affect the results of their experiments.

There is no such thing as a definite fact in science and therefore the irrationality of magic plays an important part in our rational world.

Werner heisenberg, the leading 20th. century physicist has stated, that mass is a physical interpretation of energy.

Religious organizations have understood the power of magic; and therefore monopolized the interpretation of the supernatural to control the human mind.

The universe as a whole is beyond explanation.

Only at the end of the 20th century the roman catholic church admitted, that the great visionary galileo galilei was, in fact, correct.

The second millennium has come to an end. Scientists have to admit that the universe is magic.


siamsam said...

When i was a mere 16 years old i worked offshore in the north sea. I was quite excited when flying by chopper, often in high winds, to and from platforms. I knew it was safe as the older guys i traveled with - including platform managers and senior engineers - would't have flown in such conditions if it was dangerous!

After a relatively short time (few years) i realized that these guys were actually shitting themselves. And some of them in most senior positions were actually bumbling idiots.

Point being: i learned at a relatively young age that things that seem orderly through innocent eyes can be actually chaotic behind the scenes.

Even to this day i find it odd - when i come to think of it - how big engineering projects invariably manage to come together totally against the odds. It appears to be purely the power of group will that wins out.

So where am i going with this (question to myself): well if that is true then the opposite must also be true. Things are totally fucked as there is no group will within the groups that are sailing this ship. Incompetence isn't the problem - never was. It is lack of will. They have fucked with the psyche and ln doing so lost the rudder.

Thus the ensuing madness with ever more rats abandoning ship.

Wooo, i came over all nautical for a while. Sorry if i made anyone sea sick

Anonymous said...


I remember well in 4th grade when soothsayer Jeane Dixon predicted the day and the hour that California would break off and fall into the Pacific.

Somehow, I made it through THAT one :)

Meanwhile, not a week goes by—literally—without something like the following excretion showing up in the "news":

Anonymous said...

Oh, and then there's this little friendly guidance from today's Boston Globe:

"Greater Boston officials are advising residents not to worry this weekend if they hear large explosions or the rat-tat-tat of automatic weapons fire or see heavily armed SWAT teams roving the area looking as if they’re about to pounce on an acolyte of Osama bin Laden.

It’s an exercise.

Repeat: Do not call 911. It is just a test.

For 24 hours, starting tomorrow morning, more than 500 police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and a host of state and federal agents plan to take part in a $1 million training exercise to test how teams from throughout the region respond to multiple, simultaneous acts of terrorism..."

(Les, I'm guessing that "Homesickness" isn't much of an issue for you during these strange days.)

Erik said...

Hi Vis and All,

Thanks for being on my 'path'; it's keeping me sane ...(grin)

Freewill is maybe being allowed to "thinking that it is I that's doing the being"

Pstonie said...

If they wanted to false flag us up to total war, now would be the time to do it, I think. Though this zombie thing has a lot of what they want too. If they released some similar virus than we've been deluged with in movies these last decades (reacting with swine flu vaccine ingredients perhaps) they have an excuse for martial law, rounding up of certain people with no explanation, not to mention forced medication and total control of the food body.

Anonymous said...

woo yeah! (my version of Yah Wah!) Yesterday as I was so restlessly trying to get a grip on the insanities presenting themselves to me in my so called life... a very very strange thing happened...I felt this stream coming and going out of my third eye area.

Like when you're lying down and a nostril unplugs and you can breathe freely and you didn't even know that the nostril was that plugged-or when you've been swimming and lie down and your ear opens up with a 'swoosh' and the water releases and you can hear?

I felt that third eye area open and like... a streaming started coming and going through it.

I was impressed and immediately thought 'wow this could be what we've been waiting for!' the third eye's awakening, opening to the stream of the universe.

Nothing really revelatory came about from this-just realizing that a doorway I didn't know could open just opened up... and like a streaming sensation immediately made itself known to me.

Incredible things are and will continue to happen to those who've been so patiently waiting.

I've been taking -ummmm probably a total of 20 mgs a week of melatonin for the past few months. St. John's Wort often too-other than that I haven't changed any intake routines of mine.

Here's to our opened doorways of the third eye... *clink*

ps-I thought I had faith until I was broken down to the ground and realized I had NONE. I've gotten some in the mean times that have come my way since then and a whole lot of miracles-MAGIC have made their selves obvious to me... magical world indeed.

the gardener

Citizen Elle said...

Perched in my nest up high, witness to the traumas & tragedies of these times, I continue to sense the urgent need to live less on the surface of self & seek connection to the choir of the harmonious inner republic occupying the center. Once removed from my own center by the distraction machinations, I now everyday attempt to detach from them more & more. Oh what a challenge! But, I’ve always liked challenges. This one has by far been the toughest in that the old paradigm programs are so deeply embedded.

It’s obvious that many will lose their sense of center, as more often than not, that’s what traumas do. More folks will perhaps ask more important questions but, never be satisfied by what answers they received from outside. Visible, you are an exception. You have satisfied many answers to my questions by writing words that resonate with my central energy zone.

“We all sit around in a circle & suppose, where the Divine sits in the center and knows.” Rumi (might have botched this a bit but, hopefully I won’t be crucified for it).

From the deep end of the sea – much love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all your posts Vis.
When a 16yr old with his ipad and earphones on notices, and comments on, the fact that the morning news is garbage you know tptb overplayed their hand. Today's story was the IMF guy.
His observations get him suspended from school regularly and he had to define "sheeple" for an entire class, including teacher, recently.
As the "they" get crazier every day,I get calmer in part because most of my kids are awake and in part because there are places like this to interact and in part because I've surrended to the experience.
Thank you all for your insights

Frank Redfield said...

Thanks Vis, always love your writing and your friends comments a great too!

Miriam said...

Thanks Vis, that is a very real warning and constant daily centering is the Rule.

I have seen it close up and personal. Someone dear going off the deep end and eventually thinking they needed to sacrifice themselves because a voice told them so.

Someone going nuts just the other day, and I am so very grateful for Friends in High Places and friends who know Friends in High Places(grin). At least for now it is cooled down and the energies mopped up.

There can be more to situations than meets the eye.

You can see it happening all around, people on the edge ready to pop, and while we can get triggered as well, at least be aware you are being triggered so that the course correction can be made ASAP. But don't get triggered...(grin)

Defense can be offensive and sometimes even healing can be seen as an attack so yeah take care of the internal compass, and if you need some help from those that are more adept in the unseen, don't hesitate.

wv: pressiv, as in using The Force most 'pressively.
Also the feeling experienced when The Force is used for control and is 'pressive.

Mark said...

It's the end of an age, and mass insanity is no surprise, but then again, the willingness to be duped for centuries, thus bringing us to our present unavoidable climax, is also a form of insanity. History is a chronicle of moms and dads sending their sons off to war, and this is the foundation upon which all the atrocities have been built. History's moms and dads supplied the muscle and placed it into the hands of the monsters. It never had to be this way. Common sense, integrity, and courage would have prevented it. That is why history is a repetitive circle (hell is repetition). And so I believe it has happened before (Apocalypse), perhaps many times.

This line of thinking makes me wonder about us, that is, those who frequent Les' blogs. We are different in that we are able to see the pattern and can predict what is going to happen. It isn't very hard. For us. And so we shake our heads at all the dupes who continue walking into the trap. We want to yell at them, "Don't you see it?" No, they don't, not now, not then, not ever. If they did, history would tell a different tale. And it makes me think that it is not a case of everyone else devolving, as it is the few of us being born different. With greater perceptive tools. More common sense. And a greater desire to stand for what is right. I think it is we who are different, which would account for the disfavor many of us have fallen into via our families. They sense we are different, and are afraid of what they don't understand.

Today I am alright with how things are unfolding. It's because I know none of it is real. Oh, it is happening, of course, but what is happening is a cosmic error which stands opposed to the original intent of the creative force of the universe. What is real is where you were before you came here, and where you will go when you leave here. We are each bundles of energy, as is matter, and it cannot be destroyed by anything of this world. Hold your heads up. This, too, shall pass.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I’ll say it again:
Any sufficiently advanced Magic is indistinguishable from technology - Neko Kinoshita

Holding to center. Watching the changes swirling and flowing. Looking for the point where I am to ride it forward.

I feel it trying to draw me into the maelstrom. It would be so easy to just wash away into the spinning madness. Responsibility holds me in place, the rewards are great when one accepts duty to others as well as self, they just do not happen to be material in nature.

Perhaps not quite as nautical as Siamsam, but the water theme is there.

Origami today seems to describe how the world is folded around us, and yes it doesn’t matter why, and what we thought was has not been for some time.

I’ll be avoiding crowds, as I am sure that all that is needed is a spark to set it off.

Like always, a good perspective on the Conspiracy of circumstance Visible.
You said it Mouser. “You the Dog” Visible!

As for me, I’m just looking forward to having a good party for the kitten’s eleventh (two weeks ago, but what matters a date?).


Anonymous said...

My first comment, I've been reading these blogs for a couple of years. I find this place to be an oasis in a sea of maddness. Please bear with me for I am a terrable speller. My skills lye in mathamatics.

I would like to comment on something I witnessed first hand lately. I call it croniisum as aposed to capitalism. I work for a small homeowners assosiation controled by a board of directors with one board member who controls most of everthing other members are just too mentaly week to deal with it. anyway this domant board member takes all the bids from contracters to perform improvements on the place, He is a masson and i've discovered that he makes sure that other massons get the jobs, regardless of there incompitence. I've worked in the trades for many years and now a good carpenter when I see one. I'm the only person to figure this out. seeing as everyone else around here arn't very aware of there suroundings. This has been bothering a great deal as I see this as a majore contributing facter in the moral distruction of modern society.

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

Wow—Mark, thanks so much for your comment; it has resonated with me more than I can say.

And, for any other Visible fans—who are also Kindle/eBook users: I've been regularly creating PDFs of some of my favorites—and the comments which follow.

I have a Mac, and use a free WP program called Bean; it's available online.

I copy the text, paste it into a new doc and then format: 1.2 line spacing; "Bookman" 24pt for the body and a great looking font called "Plantagenet Cherokee" in 36pt for the Header (if it's one I especially like, I've been known to bump the Header up to 48pt).

Then, just export the resulting RTFD doc into PDF.

Makes it much easier for me to carry some of Vis's wisdom with me—wherever I go.


Strum said...

Les , you have been reading my mind again, the image of people sitting on branches in trees and sawing the branches on the tree side of themselves has been going over in my mind for the last couple of days and lo and behold I read your latest post and there it is straight out of my mind, sync or what?


It seems that Strauss-Kahn has been hung out to dry because of his intent to regulate banks and try and bring them back under some sort of legal control, so he has been setup. If he was playng his part as he was supposed to no doubt he would be able to get away with that sort of behaviour and it would be covered up like every other powerful person's pecadillos.
Sure he's a creep, but the story is a lot deeper than the MSM liars are presenting it as.

howl on dog poet



Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

Not to be caught off guard and in advance of that catastrophic (or blessed) event, Athiests in Seattle are collecting for a "rapture relief fund" to help the rest of us not 'taken up', to clean up the mess those believers left behind in their departure.

So far they've collected over $800. but if the world doesn't end
on May 21, they will donate the money to an academy for Science and critical thinking on May 22 as those pesky raptees will still be around.

Life imitating "The Onion".

Nayon said...

Is madness about to hit USA? If you want a preview, have a look at this, you'll know why it is a good idea to leave the cities:

Anonymous said...

Righteous thoughts and connection to True Self... The defense against madness.

Thank you all.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

“We dance around the ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows” by Robert Frost

Anonymous said...

Hello to all,
It is long past time for me to say a heart-felt "THANK YOU" to you Les, and also to all the people who comment here on these pages.

I have been reading here quite awhile. At first it was all I could do to wrap my head around Les' words, and to assimilate all the YES! EXACTLY! THAT"S RIGHT! moments that happened to me while reading both Les' words and the Comment section.

Now, well---I still have trouble, but I am comfortable with the feeling (!)

And, also Les, I have to give you a huge thank you so much for mentioning ERNEST HOLMES at some point in the past. I looked into him, bought the book, read and used it on my own, and Life has never been the same. I agree with you that he was indeed "the real deal"


Miriam said...

This is a very interesting vid about the changes in the basic building block of life~

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

It happened in Summerville...

I wonder if the crash will be happening worldwide, this summer.


DaveR said...

"The connection has timed out.

The server at is taking too long to respond.
The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

SHIT!!! I'm too late already!! What should I do? Whatever shall I do? They must have cancelled their hosting to save some money!

It starts at 8:00pm - sharp - in New Zealand (? - stupid sheep!) and follows the time zone?!? Can't they get anything together?? Why do I have to wait? I wanna rapture at the very start, that way I'll be sure to get a good seat and fresh popcorn! Mmmm-mm, I LOVE popcorn.

I wonder if they ran up their credit card....

gurnygob said...

Hi Les. There is a strange page coming up at W.R.H Never seen that happen before.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I was wondering why the voices told me to stay home from work today and clean the guns..... tongue firmly embedded in cheek.
Exactly so about the center Les, the further one gets from their axis the further one will be flung when this sucker comes apart.
WV or as the saying in Japan goes ' I will surive'.
Mo Visible

Anonymous said...

Simple...just pay no attention to the outside. Stay with the Divine.
No big deal.

Anonymous said...

I have gone through several periods of depression in my life. Each time it was a life changing experience, integrating a further new world view.

In my experience, depression is not only a form of sadness, it can also be a very confusing anger of sorts. Much like something considered madness.

I shudder to think what it would be like to try to encompass all the changes I've been through in one go. I can't see a way to survive that.

This is what I've thought would happen should there be a mass consciousness change. Lots of people who can't integrate such a hugely different view into their self going mad.

est said...

i stepped through
the garden gate

as it closed
i heard the latch

where i've been
or where i'll be

you know i
won't be back

Anonymous said...

I sent these "NIC" f**ks an e-mail just now about payment for access to WRH.

copy Michael Rivero

date 20 May 2011 23:44
subject Who the f**k are you people to demand money for me to access What Really Happened?
sent from

Dear NIC,

I was unpleasantly surprised to have my search for WRH diverted repeatedly to NIC demanding I pay for access to WRH. Does Michael Rivero know you are doing this?

You f**king bastards! Trying to make money off WRH for doing nothing!

Get the f**k out of my life. I have been reading WRH for three years BECAUSE it is free!.

You people are going to bring his followers down to nothing.

F**k you.


P.S. F**k you all with a six foot donkey's dick. Blood-f**king-suckers!"

Whar do you think visible caravanners of truth - was I too laid back on them? (grin)

Anonymous said...

This feeling very much reminds me of a trip to the dentist for root canal and that familiar lie. "We're just about done here Pat. Now Open up wide please."

Grateful for my Daily Bread.

Thanks for your Blog Les

Patrick V1.0

wv: crutorse : A sugar derived from GMO fruit

Anonymous said...

Your 2nd link about the CDC posting a 'parody zombie attack' reviewed by the Natural Health author-whom I do respect unlike the CDC, was really a very eerie bizarre article.

Why would the CDC post anything like that? hmmm 'zombie attack' ... well worth the read. Here's the link inside les' link

the gardener-I've dwelled on this all day while gardening. Had to come back in and post this I've got such bad feelings about the CDC posting such weirdness-Creator knows what kinds of zombies the CDC loves to create and manifest...

Anonymous said...

DSK's korner:
- with the torpedos of zionism!

Here from my korner at the Harlem jail, besides watching my ass from unwelcomed guests, I thought I'd tell it like it is to you useful idiots.

Me an mine, we rule the world! If we want a little side order of dark meat we just take it. It's that simple. While you sit in front of your laptops and beat off me and mine go out and take what we want when we want. The real thing. Trim that makes what do get off too pale in comparison.

To set things straight I want that skiny assed mulato monkey himself to get down here now and tell these serfs just who I am. I'm tired of pretending to be some kind of criminal. Listen boy'o she wasn't jewish - not bu a long shot so the Talmud gives me every right to have female slaves even if it's only for an hour. She has nothing to say about it.

What is the big deal? Hell, I was doing her a favour! When's the last time she had some grade kosher sausage to nibble on.

That litle monkey man who my boss owns outright better step up to the plate on this one because we've got the goods on him from his bath house and peruvian flake days in New York.

I don't mind the temporary digs too much except getting a good bottle of wine with dinner is hard. All they're getting me is Bordeaux - how bourgouise!

Anyway what you American goys need to understand is me and mine own your asses! We own the media so even when mistakes occur we can spin them 180 degrees if we want.

I been pulling maids for years now, No biggy. Just so you know we're crashing the US dollar with Geithner and Bernanke helps so you idiots will come crying to my boss Rothschild to implement SDR's globally. We already know what month and day your money will capsize - but I ain't telling cause it's going to be a "surprize".

You're all a bunch of putzes. One little African maid isn't going to make any difference to anybody. When I go to Tel Aviv I can tell you ladies from Eastern Europe just gagging for it in every brothel I go to. You yanks need to learn a little respect for a made man in zionist circles - give a guy like me a little swing space.

So get Barry down here now. I don't wanna have to make the call to Mr. The City because he'll take care of the pres just like he did JFK and his pesky brother. Get with the scene and realise who I am compared to your debt slaved ass.

I'm giving you these torpedos of zionism for your own good, I would hate for anything to happen to you or your family.

Now get me outta here NOW. I ain't gonna ask you nice again. I'm DSK, who that fuck do you think you are putz?

Anonymous said...

how's this for insanity

George W. Bush racks up $15 million in speaking fees since he left office in Jan. 2009

just me, Laurel A. said...

all i know is, its as exhausting physically and psychically to just BE right now, exhausting as a mad dash from rabid wolves. i dont know why. but it is really really reallly exhausting just to drag through the smallest thing right now. not just me. why? anyone else? or am i a luny now and just didnt realize it? i am really just so tired to the core. every thought is too much effort to complete. i dont even take stuff, and i am not the mentally-fatiqued type. just really really tired from thought, i dont know. tired from people. tired from all but the barest minimum. i still like the feel of the breeze, the sound of it, or of water rolling on by. birds. frogs. but not people right now. its a jarring strange sound, it hurts my head.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long now before their mistakes in this matter (people going along with this man-made disaster on-going situation (which includes the weather and Fuku plant and The gulf, and endless printing of non metal back currency by the elites, and the crimes on Wall Street and the foundations of the EU)) will be obvious to everyone and look quite mad.

Razron2 said...

You know what Les? Even in these crazy days you inspire me to greatness. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Well, from what i have read about this new conciousness shift or whatever is that the 'next step' is a complete destruction of our ego selves through a pile up of epoch-ushering calamities that so break humanities' collective mind & pushes us over the edge many times over that we revert back to our primal beginnings and start the whole grand cycle anew.

So in essence, everyone dying to themselves when the new vibration kicks in which none but the super bodhisattvas among us (one in every few hundred thousand at least) can possibly manage without going totally insane & burning up completely.

....Think happy thoughts everbody! :)

Anonymous said...

Les , you have been reading my mind again

Well, he DID say he could read minds. :D

Thank you for the helpful reminders, Mr. Visible. Methinks we will need more of those as the days pass...

LMAO at that cdc zombie mess. I thought of this book:

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
Very well written too!

anon 11:43:00 PM-
for those of us engaged in meditation, I've noticed it helps me to stay focused on my heart chakra, to 'hang out' in that space. I don't get depressed like I used to but if a sharp bout of sadness takes me, I usually just stop eating and drink a lot of water and wait till it's all cried out. It's rather cleansing actually. Don't forget that when we are deeply sad we're forced to go down into the depths of our being so it IS in fact, a tool for growth! Creator always reminds me that I'm loved (especially when I'm a little blue), and no matter what my emotional state may be it's only temporary. Creators' love for us is the only constant and sure thing. You can take that to the bank and beyond.


Anonymous said...

absent minded disposition
of generaly depressed
unbelievable scenarios
of consiousness neglect
prospective insecurities
and consequences of illusion
artificialy manipulated
communal mind pollution
fabricated systematic
societal complications
in engineered psychosis
confusion and frustration
sickness and disunity
societal disease
the fruits of disharmonious
actions of deceit


Mike Rivero WRH 21.05.11 said...

"NOTICE: A major issue remains for in the aftermath of the DDOS attack on DirectNIC earlier today. For some reason, some DNS servers are sending out an incorrect IP address for but the correct IP for . In other cases, both domains result in the wrong IP. If this problem does not go away in the next day, you might try changing your DNS servers in your TCP/IP properties (do NOT do this unless you know what you are doing or you will disconnect your computer from the rest of the world). Google's DNS servers are definitely putting out bad IPs for domains registered with DirectNIC. Others no doubt are. Roadrunner's DNS servers, at the moment, seem to be working correctly, at least for this site.

Death to hackers."

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Remarkable piece you did here..."hold on to your center"

Remember nothing of value will be lost in the process of clearing this dimension...

It will become apparent those on the dark side have everything to lose...and they will.

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Binnie the Rat Nitwityahoo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exhaustion, and feeling lots of it. I was talking with a friend in another state about how tired she is and everyone around her as well. We were wondering if it is from chemtrails, radiation or new energy coming from all the activity with the sun.

wv: brunc. Time to go back to my brunc and sleep

Miriam said...

How's this for insanity~
Iran accused of September 11 role

Miriam said...

laural, I know what you mean by tired and weary. Bone tired in body and mind. Lots of body aches...

I agree with \love/ saying to anon 11:43PM that concentrating on the Heart Chakra is medicinal and centering. It helps rejuvenate and wash clean the sorrows. Not only in meditation but also by breathing in and out of the Heart Chakra during the day.

I also found this to be helpful~

Anonymous said...


Fret not about readership: My subconscious strongly indicates that on another plane, this preeminently-priceless copy is front-page, top of the fold; your afternoon-starlight-splattered readership/attendees at the, Star Wars' Bar, belly laughing while a [just-for-fun] slave-costume donning, Princess Leia (her chains delightfully jingling), involuntarily wets herself hurrying for the jukebox to play, this:


P.S. Kudos to your vast readership/commentators across your blogs--rarely has a day passed without finding pearl after pearl. Thank you, all. Oh, and there's been some strange things quietly slow-hovering around this neck-of-the-woods of late. They look like extra-large illuminated cigars and have an affinity for open cow pastures and/or cellphone erector sets. Let's pray they're not deer hunting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Viz...It's May 21

This is the Sabbath and the end of the world. I couldn't find any Night Train Express to take the edge off but did locate a case of Mogen David (The shield of David) aka Mad Dog 20/20. The metal caps still seem to have their rabbinical seals and the stars of David on the labels seem genuine.
Folks from around the village are assisting me in drinking it. At this point we're equally divided as to whether the day will bring violent earthshakes and fire or a nasty, nasty, hangover. I'll let you know.

Your fiend,

Tom Frum

neal said...

I always thought they were sawing on the "safe" side of the branch on the crazy tree. We, out on a limb, could end up driftwood in the cartoon aether when the rest of their world falls away. Cartoon physics 101- sometimes the road gets you there, and others just bounce off. Beep-Beep.

Miriam said...

"Your FIEND, Tom Frum"...
was that a typo or intentional Tom?(grin)

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Apocalypse about losing your center completely? That there was no 'We' or 'I' and there never was? Maybe we are supposed to go insane

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

WRH is my other apple a day.
one way to get there (might require subscription)
go to
and type in

another way is to google search
and click the cache field. (worked for me)
giving rise to:

(they dont save all the graphics etc , so its x386 computer friendly).

another way might be to install TOR package and go through that way.(using the exit node's DNS server)

sure my back has just gone like only once before, but its taken my mind of my knee .
always look on the bright side of life dede dededededede.
maybe its just my spine realigning along with this corner of the universe. about time.
cue Paul MCartney "Get on the Right Thing".


wv: coultne . Arrrkk Cap'n Kirk, it's all hopeless, I just coultne make anything of this wv. stand by for wrap drive.

wv:(second attempt) tertione
The name of one of the heroine goddesses when Mother Nature takes over. I don;t know the meaning of it yet. (copout) spelt Tertione with an authoritative capital., Miss T for short, Mr T's parole officer.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

adding, aforesaid cached WRH page (21 May) has a list of public DNS servers.

the IP number of WRH is
available at

and WRH IP # is at


Visible said...


Go right ahead.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

They've got a Thing for the Crack in The Liberty Bell.

Anonymous said...


Hold tight my friend, it will get crazier before any semblance of sanity is to return. We are witnessing the collective failure of imagery. It is imagery that has brought us all we "know" and believe the world to be. However, those responsible for that image have milked it for all it's worth. "Their" image can support itself, it lacks the purity/speed of thought. Western civilization is crumbling before our eyes. NAture (that is, what is actually left of it thanks to chemtrails, HAARP, etc) is an extension of our own consciousness. It acts outwardly how we feel/think internally. This is all a natural progression that will end with favorable results. It simply doesn't appear that way now. I urge you to read Vladimir Megre's "Ringing Cedars Series". You will find all the answers/solutions/understanding you require. Keep up the great work, and keep your center. Wholeness-Jeremy

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The Fall of Ron Paul and the March of the Psychopaths.



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