Monday, May 16, 2011

In the Time of the Clown Princes who would be Kings.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Abondonza! Each day we enter a world of greater light if we are agreeable to it. My friends at Arlington West Films made me aware of a recent trend of gloom and doom in my reportage. I apologize for that. I am watching two separate trains on two separate tracks and don’t have dual, simultaneous wide screen features in my work so; I’m not talking about you, if you are not them (grin).

Is anyone else noticing changes in their animals and themselves? I think you must be. Magical things are happening in Mexico and other places, where the restored powers of Lady Nature are coming forth. We are in a time of transition and about to become living proof. Susanne was out with the dogs the other day and a badger came trundling up the road, right through the neighborhood, on the sidewalk. Fortuitously, the dogs that were present had the good sense to ignore it. One doesn’t badger a badger, or maybe you should look into what a badger is and does and is capable of. A smart dog will avoid a badger. A smart anything will avoid a badger or wolverines, which both have a certain kind of Filipino mucker gene that you don’t want to get in the way of. I sometimes think that it might have been an effervescent badger that crawled on to the top of Donald Trump’s head.

We are in the time of the Clown Princes and the clowns are no longer working together as an act, because it is every man/woman for him/herself. Technically speaking; keeping in mind that I am not a tool and die man, things can regulate and interact to the degree that the proponents know what they are and they malfunction when they don’t. That is the short version of the matter and you can philosophize at your leisure. Having the leisure to philosophize is often a causing current of one of the phenomena under consideration. I suspect it would be helpful to have Cliff Notes for this session but, once again, it’s covered in the process of digestion.

Whether you recognize it or not; don’t want to look at it (many), can’t figure it out (many). Don’t need it (few) or have a grasp of the situation (few), the fact is that everything is about sex. It doesn’t matter if you are a tool and die maker or a dreamer, like me. Things go in and out. Plugs go into sockets, Reproduction populates the world, willingly and unwillingly and politics, commerce and war, revolve around it.

It is the most compelling honey trap and everyone, everywhere, has some aspect of it operative in most of what they do.

Hunger is compelling. It will compel you. You can master it and transform it into art, wisdom, Love. You can put the furnace to all sorts of industry. It is a complexity and it is also pretty simple, depending on how grounded you are in essentials.

For those who study the why and wherefore of the world, it can be made to reveal all manner of surprising and interesting things, it’s a treasure chest and Pandora’s Box. The times are heavy and that accounts for all the sleepwalking. In other times, so much evidence of things unseen, would be ample proof for even the most doubting Thomases. In these times, doubt, along with fear and random, unfocused hunger are strong. That’s how it goes. You have to become salmon like to survive; “walk in all things contrary to the world”. The truth is staring us in the face wherever we go but we don’t recognize it because it is wearing a mask. Upon this principle the whole world perambulates about and does its business. Walk out of your door and it is right there. Your roads are like rivers that go everywhere and everything is somewhere. What kind of GPS have you got?

I’m a man and I get aroused. Whether you are a man or a woman, you do too; that’s how we got here. There are anomalies but that is what they are, temporary hiatus transitions that have to do with working out how things work. Everyone understands this in the end; arguing about it is pointless but profitable depending on your agenda. I learned at a certain point that when I get aroused I must convince myself that the object of my attention is what is behind the mask. I don’t like being temporary, nor do I care much about temporary things. These are the things that destroy us and because most people are destroying themselves, the pressure to conform is fierce as a badger sometimes.

I know it’s not a good idea to be living in a big city at this time because of the dependency angle. The odds are just mathematically much worse in those theaters and the sex has a way of mutating according to the marketplace because the marketplace eventually becomes a travesty upon the divine feminine principle. Certain mindsets are drawn to the marketplace. They have that gene and as the conditions become more and more absurd they become more relentless in their perversity. It’s just how it goes down here and it goes and goes until a wakeup call is required; “Planet Earth to the white courtesy phone”.

You can either consciously withdraw into yourself, back to the essentials of existence or you can be forced there by ever increasingly severe events. It will happen all the same. It’s just a matter of how much pain you can take and how convinced you have become that what is going on around you is how it is supposed to be. You’ve got some kind of safety in numbers mindset but safety in numbers is not a sane game plan but the pressure is fierce.

Help is abundant as some of you may know and miracles are about to become commonplace, along with those features that accompany the other train going in the other direction. That train is a big train. For most people, that train is so big they don’t even see the other train.

Self important world figures are looking at this IMF sex scenario and thinking, “Hmmm, that could be me next. Meanwhile the pressure to do the right thing is not going to go away because, this is The Apocalypse. You are right in the middle of it and it is going to widen and deepen, so to speak. If you have any kind of awareness then you know that there is purpose and procedure going on. Welcome and invite the illumination into your consciousness. Wake up and look at it. How strange will it get? It is a work in progress and just keeps motoring along feeding agendas like this, which is the last gasp of something that is about to become known. That’s just how it is in the apocalypse. That’s how it goes.

I suppose I talked all around something here again. It seems to be the way it goes for me. I’ve no problem being direct but it’s not my style to come stomping into the room with my boots on and I don’t have to because, as I said, the miraculous is going to start becoming commonplace and so is whatever the opposite of that is.

Like Neko; I’m peering out from behind something, only I don’t know what it is. Whatever it is, it’s crumbling. Every time I bump into it, more pieces fall off. Eventually I will have a bigger part of the picture. I hope that you are all getting settled into the center of your being and marveling at the movement of things as they are these days.

I can sincerely say that I have no idea what is coming next but I welcome it as I welcome you.

End Transmission.......

Last night’s radio show is now downloadable.


siamsam said...

Some thing is certainly afoot in the cosmos:

Zoner said...

Well, alrighty then.

Landscape changing, inside and out - check.

Animals and people acting in a changed manner - confirmed.

What amazes most is the depth, the sheer unlimited scope of the Love that is available. It is a a bit overwhelming, like a super bright light that makes one squint a bit and say "wow".

There isn't enough gratitude in the world for such a gift, and acceptance is difficult as well for one who does not feel worthy.


Anonymous said...

"Is anyone else noticing changes in their animals and themselves?"

Yes. I would normally not talk about this to most people ... it would be a waste of time and meaning to most, however to those who understand;

While out walking the other day, I was looking down at my dog as she was investigating something among plant life when a sound I'd never heard before became audible.
The sound was similar to that of a gigantic bumble bee - only louder and deeper in tone. Initially I didn't look up from the ground, but this sound was on same level as my head and it continued for time longer than a bumble bee doing a fly-bye.
Finally i looked up from the ground and immediately came into visible contact with a beautiful little humming bird.
Usually - any movement by the human-animal frightens any other animal off, but this didn't happen when i moved my head with the humming bird. No. She stayed right there - within a metre of my head, at eye level - looking right at me. I quietly said "hello" with big smile (thinking this action will frighten her off). She didn't fly away. After a few more seconds of mutual observations, I may have moved or maybe my dog did, so the humming bird flew backwards still obseving me and upwards. I followed her, but she didn't fly far.
Instead, to greatest delight, she came right back down to eye level with me again and we commenced mutual observation again for a few more seconds (i wondered if i had finally lost my mind and was imaging this)! I am certain the little being was attempting some kinda communication, but am not certain what. No matters - this was one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen. I've never in this life seen such as this. I hope to see such again and often.
btw, I don't/can't do any drugs (other than a little caffeine) nor drink any alcohol), am relatively sane ... maybe as i am a vegan - the little bird sensed no dead flesh smells, hence, safety ...?

Thanks for your works LV - in whatever form...

amarynth said...

What is coming yes? Its kinda a two way thing ... it is what we create into being, but also, it is what we are allowed to create into being. So, if we are in the 'flow', or riding the cosmic wave, what we are allowed to, and what we create, could be one and the same. And that is magic and love!

Spoke to a beloved younger sister this morning and she was crazily comical. First she says: "I think I'm getting somewhere. I think I know. I think I'm making progress spiritually!" And then, I ask: "What is it that you think you know?". "Absolutely nothing!" she says quite deadpan: "but I think I know that now. And I think we should be very quiet and just know that!"

And then we spent the next 5 minutes laughing and crying - while our hearts touched across oceans.

We yet know nothing about the depth and height and color and senses of this thing that we describe as love. We yet need to further walk in the Garden with the Ineffable. The great Love Leap Forward is around the corner and you will find me on that bus or comet or whatever it turns out to be. And it will be like Rumi's field.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Wow, you’ve never put me in your blog before Visible, you do me too much honor.
Although I’m glad you appreciate the difficulty associated with building a sand castle out of dust bunnies in the middle of a raging Thunderstorm…

Odd things are happening here in the cul-de-sac, as all of the animals are now talking to the kitten, and she understands them much better than she could just a short time ago. I haven’t been sure if it was them or me, but more things are strange and wonderful than just the behavior of the animals.

Bushes grow close to the train, so keep you hands and feet aboard unless you wanna get bushwhacked.

The dumpster is becoming a sanctuary, and the pride grows, more on that later, perhaps I’ll even be able to say why this Origami is so appropriate for me at this time.
In the meantime, let me just say that I never expected it to just form up around me, but the divine does as it wishes, and I’m just along for the ride.

Can you feel the love?


Anonymous said...

So Les...I jus gatta kno!
Wot iZ a Filipino mucker gene?
Inquiring minds must have a clue{;-)
Further...I live for your words as they clarify what we all are feeling.
But, not to be a language Nazi, I jus must share a correction in the use of a term that my eventual best man used on yours truly about forty years ago.
At a concert waiting to enter the theater, the crowd was a rough one.
I commented...Safety in numbers, eh? No, he in a number. Roll that around in yer head. Yeah mathematics may be a big help in understanding taday's events, but crowds in cities with the potential for mob mentality are perhaps best to be avoided. {%^)
You da man Les...remain Visible eh!
Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa for youse!!! And yer words, and yer MOOSIC!!! it iZ it will be done{:-)

Visible said...

mucker. to run a muck, crazy with machete. It's a sort of pcp fueled adrenalin thing of seriously freaking out that goes on in some cultures.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather used to say, " I don't go by size, I go by fit". It's worked well in toolmaking and all sorts of other things too.
The dreaming toolmaker

Miriam said...

Love Love Love~ so sweet... great posts...

I am having trouble eating. I am hungry, but my body is getting upset with whatever I put into it. Think that will help to lose a few pounds? I doubt it. I have all sorts of natural things to take to help digestion, but I know this happens when there is change around.

...My husband and I were talking about how we needed a certain type of skinny shelf/desk in the kitchen. We would have to build it I think. My daughter walks in the next day with something she found being thrown away. It is what you put on top of a desk as an extra filing shelf. Perfect fit, looks great, so useful, and we are thanking the Universe for dropping it into our laps.

..We adopted my sister-in- law's dog several months ago. Sweetest little yapper.
Too many Alpha Dogs in the family with various agendas that collide.
I just want her to sit, stay, come and not bark.
I play with her while she is hooked on a rope until she learns commands.

But one of my adult children thinks that dogs should be able to run free and learn to control *themselves*. Another semi adult child decided that was cool.

Another adult child thinks they are a "Dog Whisperer"(after watching a few vids) and that if you get the dog to submit the rest is icing.

No amount of reason or admonishment would make a difference to any.

This has led to me(who is the primary care-giver) to chase this damn dog thru several neighbor's yards many times when she escapes.

The other day 2 of my cats saw my problem and came at different angles to threaten her into a cowering position in the backyard. I caught the dog. Couldn't have done it w/o them. They got extra treats.

I had had it. I let everyone know that if this did not stop, I would give the dog away for her own safety. I absolutely meant it, and was very clear.
The dog of course heard me.

Instantly there was a shift in energy. The dog
absolutely knew she was standing on thin ice. She knew what was required of her within hours. She stopped barking. She sat, she behaved, she looked at me and said, "I really, really like it here, please let me stay. Please."

I said to her that I really loved her, and if she behaved, she could stay.
That was what I wanted too.

It has been a couple of days now. My children and I and the dog are now on the same page. There is peace and order in the home.

As for the rest, The Wave of Change(or whatever form it takes) is coming...

Visible said...

For many reasons and in relation to conversations at these blogs in recent times about certain people I present this for your enjoyment.

neal said...

When those hummingbirds align with that third eye/magnetite/secret decoder ring vortex between the eyes, that is a feedback loop without deception, and a cause for joy, because they thirst, like all things, for true nectar, albeit magnetic life expressed in light and sound. Maybe they hold Tantric secrets, I'm nursing a broken rib, literally; blowback from these kind of things. is interesting, in a jogging memories kind of way, and confirmation of a repeating backstory that is ready to be something else, finally, in this place. Any similarity to characters in real life, or anomalous memories, is entirely up to you.

Buffy Sainte-Marie said...

Buffy Sainte-Marie
- born a native canadian

- was a graduating college senior in 1962 and hit the ground running in the early Sixties, after the beatniks and before the hippies.

- all alone she toured North America's colleges, reservations and concert halls, meeting both huge acclaim and huge misperception from audiences and record companies who expected Pocahontas in fringes, and instead were both entertained and educated with their initial dose of Native American reality in the first person.

- by age 24, Buffy Sainte-Marie had appeared all over Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia, receiving honors, medals and awards, which continue to this day.

- her song Until It's Time for You to Go was recorded by Elvis and Barbra(?) and Cher, and her Universal Soldier became the anthem of the peace movement.

- for her very first album she was voted Billboard's Best New Artist.

- she disappeared suddenly from the mainstream American airwaves during the Lyndon Johnson years. Unknown to her, as part of a blacklist which affected Eartha Kitt, Taj Mahal and a host of other outspoken performers, her name was included on White House stationery as among those whose music "deserved to be suppressed", and radio airplay disappeared. Invited onto television talk shows on the basis of her success with Until It's Time for You to Go, she was told that Native issues and the peace movement had become unfashionable and to limit her comments to celebrity chat.

- the next presidential administration, that of Richard Nixon, also came down hard on her, as this was the time of Wounded Knee.

- in Indian country and abroad her fame only grew.

- she continued to appear at countless grassroots concerts, AIM (American Indian Movement) events and other activist benefits in Canada and the U.S.

- she made 18 albums of her music, three television specials, scored movies, helped found Canada's Music of Aboriginal Canada, raised a son, earned a Ph.D. in fine arts, taught digital music, and won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for the song Up Where We Belong.

- released in 2009 her eighteenth album Running for the Drum as a CD with a bio-documentary DVD which give a glimpse into the life and work of this always current artist.


Anonymous said...

Buffy Sainte-Marie;
short interview about war and the song
'Universal Soldier' (ca 1968)

Born in 1941 in Saskatchewan this woman knew alot about what we discuss here at Visible's sites.


Thomas said...

Thanks Les.

Everything is changing. All the veils are thinning. Even the trees and the air are speaking now. Whistle and chirp at the wild birds, and they respond in song. It's great, isn't it?

The glazed eyes of the people who are not listening to their real selves are starting to emanate a palpable fear. They sense the overcurrent subconsciously, and they sense that neither their fancy clothes and cars, deodorants and daily showers, magazines and trivial facts can protect them. They counteract it by becoming even more bloated and hubristic, prancing around like slow-motion headless chickens. They treat smiles like they only had a limited reserve, about to run out, guarding them like they were precious jewels. Curious, and, somehow grotesquely funny.

I'm getting a stronger sense of the spiritual war that's going on, the great rift between and the intense counterbalanced pull of the positive and the negative. Clashing auras and ill-willed mind-chatters abound in the city. But mostly, there's the dense drone of mindlessness and illusions.

A tiny note. Where's the Antichrist in all the worldly goings-on? He/She/It's on the role list, no?

To live in the new world, it comes to be around us. The Divine caresses so sweetly. Inner teachings and tours of the mind are happening throughout the day. Wild rides!

Zoner, I've felt unworthy for about half of my short life. Still do, some of the time. But, as you say, the Love is limitless. We don't know our own worth. My guess is that when you see what you see, then that's a pretty sure sign that you shouldn't feel unworthy ;)

Much Love to Everyone!

Anonymous said...

Just want to thank all of you for your comments make the world go round for me..all of you! I am ever so grateful for finding this forum and to know that I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone.

I'm finally running out of the energy that I held my f'd up little world together with. It's okay though. It was kinda messy holding onto all that crap.

The little bits of string and paper and assorted nuts and bolts. Constantly dropping bits and stopping to pick them up again and again.

And those pesky unseen forces slapping at my arms right after I picked that shit up again
and me getting all pissed while I heard them laughing their asses off. Very frustrating.

The other day I asked em, Hey wtf !? They kept laughing and said just drop that shit man , come play.

Seems to me spirituality for some is almost the same as materialism. Collecting bits of preciousness that insure the bearer is favored above others and has access to more goodies than the unenlightened.

My heart seems to prefer the spartan approach lately. I suspect it's okay to just be. To not have.
To not know. Call me lazy.

That's how things are designed as far as I can tell. Dogs and trees and birds are far more advanced than me in this method.

I have proof of this because I saw a tree today and asked my dog what he was planning to do for retirement. He just peed on the tree and the tree seemed okay with it.

They know how to be themselves and no study or enlightenment is required.

What gives me comfort above all else these days is the FACT that I'm leaving here and that whatever brought me here knows how to take me away from here.

I'm trying not to touch the knobs or buttons on this ride anymore. I'm a left brain guy and gadgets just fascinate me. I've decided to have faith in the conductor and I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to just ride this thing.

I have proof of this because I'm riding and no one's kicked me off yet. Lately I seem content to just look out the window and watch things pass.

I'm starting to suspect that my purpose here is NOT to obtain goodies or to get a merit badge from the Creator of all things. I'm almost certain that Nothing I can do here can impress the one who can do it all.

I'm in control of nothing. And I was dropped here with everything I needed for the stay.

I have proof of this because I'm here, and I've been here for awhile , and I don't control anything.

If I do manage to make it to my little piece of land so be it. If I don't so be it. Chaos outside the window in the Big City is a hell of a show with free electronics for anyone wishing to venture outside.

Most of all I accept that (my comfort) is NOT required for life to happen.

Today is a day. I won't expect any outcome, it's not my job anymore.I have evidence of this because mostly my expectations are not met daily. Seems pointless to have them anymore?

Letting the conductor do his job is something I think I can do. That's a hell of a lot simpler plan than anything else I've tried. I like simple. On the other hand I still can't touch my nose with my elbow and I thought that would be easy to.

As for all the bad actors or anyone else you perceive . Well, call me a prophet. The secrets out now. They are all leaving here to ! And you can quote me on that. ( I have evidence that everyone leaves sooner or later)

I'm declaring myself the grand pooh baa of knowing nothing.

I can do private readings if you sit down beside me. I'm the one with the old running shoes and the gravy stain on his Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt looking out the window.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it until I get the memo from head office.

Thanks for your Blog Les.

Patrick V1.0

PS: laugh if you tried to touch your nose with your elbow.

Anonymous said...

And now for a little levity:

'It's All Lies'

N.B. Osama died in December 2001 in Tora Bora of natural causes (not a lie!)

Ben said...

Changes in animals and pets. Yes, most definitely.

Miriam's story is what we need to pay attention to, especially in the next few weeks. Those creatures under our dominium need to know that they are under our dominium. Dominium is not the same as domination; one under dominium is under love, which includes protection, but also includes obedience. This should be our relationship with Father Creator and it extends to all creatures He has given us.

Last week I quietly laid a hand on each of our five cats and assured them they would remain "stable" in the shifts to come. They needed to know that because I could tell that a couple of them were becoming somewhat harum-scarum... since I laid my hand on them and audibly told them they would remain stable under my dominium they settled down and immediately became content and assured of their place in my realm.

This was reflected yesterday (Sunday) morning, when I discovered a Bluejay fledgling in our front yard. The cats had surrounded it but not a single one of them was making a move to attack it or play with it... they were simply watching it and awaiting my decision.

My decision was to bring it into our household; I've been feeding it worms from my garden and I would swear it has gained in size by about a third since yesterday morning. It has absolutely no fear of me, my wife, my daughters nor my two sisters who came by to watch it feed. It squawks/screeches when it's hungry, I pop a couple of worms into its maw. It eats, craps and then settles down for a nap.

I told my wife that as soon as it can fly it is going back into its realm and will leave mine... or not, if it wants to hang around a household with five cats this is its decision.

For whatever its worth, I would counsel all here with pets to audibly advise those pets that they are loved, they are under your dominium and that they will remain stable in the future shifts. I sense that those that do not do this will find their pets behaving strangely, perhaps even savagely, in the next few weeks/months.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say, I have always communed with whoever would let me. I have many friends, wild dogs, wild cats, wild birds, I healed a Lady hawk, and raised a family of cinnamon teals, but when I was allowed to look at the earth through the eyes of a wolf, my life completely changed. This was back in 1986 and a wolf was loose in the neighborhood after severing the arm of a newspaper delivery woman.

Needless to say, what was realized in those too few moments is that humanity is in the fallen state not the rest of nature.

amarynth said...

I came across this :

and this :

I hope that I read it right and that there truly is opposition from within the orthodox and pious people against zionism. I have no problem with people that follow their traditions peacefully as these folks seem to do.

Anonymous said...

It was in thee act of definitive acknowledgment of their intelligence, and, in this act they became equal to our own.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've been talking to the animals ever since I can remember.

I'm not going to stop now or ever.

They are ALL, every last one of them, our little brothers and sisters.

But don't think that because one is a vegetarian the bull won't charge!

Srila Prabhupada..

"Don't misunderstand that we are preaching that mahatmas are only in India. No. By the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead there are mahatmas even amongst the birds, even amongst the beasts, even amongst the lower than animals. Because this Krsna (God) consciousness movement is going on in different places, in different circumstances."

Erin Parsley said...

You are right, NEVER mess with a badger, they are badasses, as this video shows.
(3 minutes of educational comic relief.)

wv- buleve
I buleve that Love will save the day!

Erin Parsley said...

Farther yet Closer

The world of humans is falling away
The real world is drawing nearer

Creation whispers in my heart ...
I can hear her now

In silent spaciousness
The infinite universe becomes me

The veil dissolving

Kray Z8 said...

Thanks to all for the great comments. Have noticed much the same with my animal and pet sisters/brothers. Unlike humans, it's ALWAYS important when other creatures communicate.

One worthy commentary spoke of the veil thinning; very much so, in my experience. Seems to be quite a lot of activity on the non-physical plane(s) lately. Sentient beings I'd never thought of as potential allies extending freindship in common cause. What a trip! It is even as you say, Les, miracles manifested. LOVE IS.


est said...

so i'm sitting there
all still and quiet

the other night
window wide open

and i hear a tiny scream
i sussed it right away

a baby bird had fallen
from the tall pines outdoor

i reached for a flashlight
i didn't have

and i didn't go out there
to check it out

it made me think of that
camus- was it 'the stranger'

the whole novel is about
what do you do in this case

i looked out the window
the next morning

there was no sign of struggle
but that squirrel looks fatter

Pond Owl said...

Well, the interesting thing for me is the precognitive dreams I have had in recent weeks. Nothing earth-shattering just small events I have dreamed about and then the very next day they take place. This is a first for me and I am quite amused. I am a Pisces ascendant and Neptune is now conjunct it by transit, and will be there for a while, so maybe that's got something to do with it. Whether I 'make it', into the new age or not, I have wondered how astrology and the planets will relate to the people of the new world.

As for the animals, I haven't had any magical events like the hummingbird encounter lately but in the past couple of weeks I have had an above average number of remarkable sightings and encounters. Fox has appeared to me at dusk or night on three occasions in the span of only several days, which seems to me to be remarkable. Once it was a pair of them slyly making their way through town. In the last several days I have seen another owl fly overhead directly in front of me, a snake that I almost stepped on while jogging, and a wild rabbit that fed for several minutes only ten yards from me before it finally jumped back into the thicket. All of this took place in just a few days so I kinda felt like I was in 'Wild Kingdom' or something here lately. Many months ago I had a squirrel trust me enough to come down into my fenced-in back patio and he allowed me to feed him just a few feet from him. This lasted for a good while and it was a cool thing. It is a common thing for me to spot deer feeding behind my apartment in the warmer seasons.

As for falling further into the center of my being, well, that sounds like a wonderful thing and if there was ever a worthy goal that is surely tops.

My life seems to have been an odd one and these are strange times. When I was a child I had plenty of curiousity and imagination but I never envisioned that I would be living in the Apocalypse, the end times, the end of the world, whatever you want to call it.

Peace to all the seekers out there,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

'The fact is that everything is about sex'

Yeah... Speaking as a celibate (non-wanking) virgin who doesn't think my physical body (male) matches up with my Spiritual/Mental sex (female), who just knows (altough I know little because Knowledge is limitless... but anyway) that the gay path, the dress-up path or the surgical patchwork path won't be The Real Deal I have some experience with the Furnace.

Drives me crazy sometimes :p... But perhaps it is a blessing in disguise because in this way the material just doesn't have that much appeal.

I suppose, since I'm Fenno-Ugric too I'm technically a khazarian tranny or something...


Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

I've really wondered about nkusa... They're probably not perfect but at least they're putting out some real info such as the fact that Germany didn't start WW2. I dunno.

Altough the pharisees screwed up Big Time by crucifying Christ, igmoring the message of Christ in favor of hero worship isn't right either... He is an example, In my opinion.

Traditionan is important and so is future... It is tragic that there has been a huge and quite succesful attempt by the ptw to drive two camps into opposition - the conserving types are driven to conserve the bank accounts of the Wall Street and Zionist Bankers instead of conserving society and Nature... And the futurist types are driven to transgress Ancient Moral Boundaries (which exist for very good reasons...) instead of inventing/creating and honing the traditions while respecting them as foundations.

Of course, this mainly refers to the political left/right divide and it seems that people are coming to a higher consciousness, and ignoring the 'Let you and him fight' message from TPTW...

Snake Sage

al spense said...

Broken windows, broken lights
Broken people, broken nights
Broken promises, broken dreams
Broken hearted lover's screams
Broken arms, broken noses
Broken single stem red roses
Broken drains, broken trains
Broken radio rental brains
Broken tables, broken chairs
Broken junkies on broken stairs
Broken flats, broken lifts
Broken schizophrenic fits
Broken biscuits, broken cake
It's all broken, it's all fake
Broken navies, broken planes
Broken armies silly games
Broken wells, broken huts
They're all broken, broken up
Broken demos, broken strikes
Broken heads on broken spikes
Broken bubbles, broken baths
Broken kiss me quickly hats
Broken words, with broken wings
Broken brightly coloured things
Broken trees, broken swings
Broken bits of coloured string
Broken bottles, broken glass
It's all broken, it's all crass
Broken women, broken men
Broken now and broken then
Broken me and broken you
Broken, broken, broke in two.

Allan Spence


al spense said...

My wife came home from walking our four dogs last night.One of the dogs is an animal chaser Pointer/Weimariner cross. She told me he had chased a badger. Itold her she should be careful, as badgers are pretty vicious( no pun).Lo and behold, the first thing that I read when I go to your blog, is your story about the badgers. I live in the north of england, and you save me from having to explain things to people,because you say what I want to say, but i haven't got the words. I just send people the link to your blog.A question: what do you think about the Moon? I've been watching it recently and it's acting kinda strange.Greetings from Royton by the Sea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I think some may have missed the point in the IMF chief's story. The IMF have been 'raping & pillaging' the third world economies for some time.

Now the changing times has activated a spotlight that is shedding light on these individuals that manipulate the world and think 'everything' is for them and for the taking without any morality.

Well they can't hide behind these institutions anymore and the price is going to be personal.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Cisco Kid Frottage, with the Gangbanging Ponchos.

Peter said...

Stephen Hawkings says there is no heaven. The MSM parrots him.
Sour grapes is all I gotta say.
Last week, I went to park and had my first swim in the mountain lake. A bit cool was the water but upon exiting said lake 4 of my 5 senses really kicked into gear.
First and foremost, was the subtlest, the blueberry bushes were in full bloom and a delicate floral aroma engulfed me. Second, the woodland birds graced me with their ethereal jazz I felt transported somewhere. Third , the sun schimmered through the newly canopied forest sky, almost like sparkling diamonds amidst a light green jeweled background. Lastly, the cool water of the lake, a gentle touch indeed.
Man, that was almost heaven. Hawkings, I pity your supposed learned opinion.
Heaven will included the 5th, a taste of seet honey I expect.

Anonymous said...

Hawkings would throw away those books and trash that calculator in a nanosecond if it meant he could get up out of that chair, run a comb through his hair and whistle Dixie as he chased his wife around pinching her ass in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

In the past six weeks or so I've noticed that I've been hearing wisps of music and songs in my mind-- etherial , previously unheard, fully formed. Not obtrusive, though unexpected. I nap during my daily commute to the city--this is when it gently surprises me. Also before I fall asleep for the night. Mostly it enters when I'm half awake but sometimes it enters in a moment's daydream. It's always subtle and it is my choice to ignore it or simply listen.

I believe the Great Spirit, or the Great Whom/Whatever speaks to each of us it our own way.

Am I alone in this? Is anyone else receiving?


Visible said...

You are not alone Mandocello.

est said...

it was not camus after all
and not kafka either

the jist of it was

guy hears scream
does nothing

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

Just to let you know, my beloved black lab of 12 years had to be euthanized due to cancer. I held his paw until he passed on. I am still so sad and also angry at the vet for leading me on 6 months ago
over his true condition. I am also thankful that he was my best friend for all of those years. He and my other dogs are my angels here on earth. They help me get through the days good or bad.

Thanks for speaking the truth and I enjoy reading your blogs.

Visible said...


You have my deepest sympathy for life's inescapable moment. Meant to serve as a reminder of something we don't seem to get. I am firmly convinced that our animal companions follow us around in the spirit, doing as they ever did. I have seen Bessie Girl now and again in Italy. I am convinced that a great deal of what I do not know is filled with wonders too bright for my understanding.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Lit5tle Georgie Sorrows and the Cowabunga Cowpie.

DaftAida said...

Yes, we who are listening are changing out of straightjackets into shimmery leafy attire. Gardening, growing, Mr Robin hopping around near me, regardless of the cats (one of whom killed mrs robin in a demonstration of jealousy 3 years ago). Peace and forgiveness. Vision within the heart being made manifest. Could be Neptune in Pisces connecting all according to 'wavelength' in this cosmic ocean. Illusion, deception, media is amping up to GaGa whilst the sweet birdsong singing seeds to life, calls our hearts to blossom and grow. Eternally fluid, transparant, interconnected, we return to the beginning whilst aware of reaching the end in the everlasting cycle of lovelife within all creation. Wonderful to discover you, especially the humming bird transmission.



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