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The Base of the Mountain and the Wheel of Fire

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Politics is the art of telling people what they want to hear and then doing what’s expedient, according to the dictates of power and money. It’s basically the art of the deal. Deals are accomplished through compromise. It’s quid pro quo. It’s been said that ‘the devil is in the details’ and that is what deals contain, details. Details require lawyers. The job of a lawyer is to find the loopholes and exceptions to the law, so that the law can be bent to accommodate the needs of the deal. Eventually, the law no longer operates according to its tenets and the only place it applies is to the living conditions of those too poor to afford lawyers, at the whim of those who can.

Corruption is the fruit of politics and eventually the system dies, strangled by the entangling knots of self-interest, at the expense of the public interest. Sooner or later all of the wealth and power winds up in the hands of those most lacking in conscience and restraint. Eventually warfare becomes the driving force of the economy and eventually a police state emerges to stifle protest at the perversion of justice and whatever virtues the original system founded its operations upon. You can tell the state of a nation by the nature and size of its prison system. Much more can be said but no more needs to be.

One can think of spiritual progress and the characteristics of the path in terms of a mountain. At the base of the mountain and for some distance upward, the mountain is ringed by temporal and religious institutions. Depending on the size of them, there are some numbers of entrance doors into the institutions. Once inside you have entered a labyrinth of circuitous bends and switchbacks, which lead into cul de sacs and walls composed of letters and numbers that block your access beyond. All of these institutions are comprised of dogma and ritual. There are uniforms to be worn and uniforms of behavior that reflect the possibility of harmony within the construct. One can spend many lifetimes within these constructs and experience advantageous and disadvantageous births as a result of previous behaviors. Each life acquires to itself a varying weight of desires and appetites that fuel the onward progress of the participant.

There are two kinds of people, composing the large majority of all populations, in these institutions; those who feel trapped and those who are pleased to be there. Fortunes shift according to mysterious laws that are not the same as the laws of operation for the institutions. Set destinies result from any path taken in the mix. You go up and down, experience favor and disgrace. Time has a specific weight and conditions and circumstances are dictated by the particular movement of large forces in concert with each other. You could say that this is the movement of the stars and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Depending on the conditions of the times, escaping from the influence of these institutions can seem difficult to near impossible. Every period of time has its atmosphere that colors the meaning of what motivates and surrounds you. This is the dream power of Maya, the active, deceptive principle of the divine. It is the quality and power of what composes your physical, emotional and mental landscape. It’s what generates the tests and trials of your existence. Conventional wisdom says that the better you are at adapting to this, the better off you are. That’s not so, unless all you expect of life is to be found in the particular conditions and transitions of a temporary existence. The end result of such an existence is a trip to the moon for a new set of clothes for a new role, over and over.

One of the readers here, lately, has been at pains to assure me that reincarnation doesn’t exist. He says he has no proof of this, can’t prove it but then he says that regardless and despite his disclaimer not to know, it doesn’t exist. As I have personal proof of reincarnation beyond any doubt, I would not be in agreement with him. In any case, it doesn’t matter what he or I think. What matters is what is true. I often give the example of Galileo and the church. The church said that The Sun revolved around the Earth. Galileo said the opposite. It turned out that the Earth does indeed revolve around The Sun after all. This is my only concern that what is so is so and that I might be able to perceive what that is. I don’t argue with people, regardless of how convincing I might think myself capable. I simply state things and people can take or leave them. If they want to argue they have to look for someone disposed to argument and they won’t have to look too far for that.

There are other obstacles to one’s progress up the mountain of the spirit, besides the institutions previously mentioned and those are the appetites and desires of each and every one of us, along with whatever mindset we carry around with us in response to the appearances of Maya, as it operates according to whatever lessons are being handed out. This is why the most powerful mantra a person can possess is, “I don’t know”. If this is repeated with intensity and consistency, until it becomes visceral, one encounters the one who does know and one is then led out of the institutions and has their appetites and desires explained to them and translated into a single desire, which is the desire for liberation.

There are mechanisms to effect liberation and the key attributes required by these mechanisms are consistency and intensity. According to the degree of these, upon that rests the speed of transformation. One of the mechanisms is ‘japa’. You can look that up and you can translate its meaning into whatever tradition you are working your way out of. Another mechanism is the adoption of Bhakti to all of your thoughts and actions. In Kali Yuga that is the only method certain of success. You can ingest psychedelic substances, which have the result of blasting you out of the infrastructure and into a perception of the world beyond. It’s a temporary state and it’s useful, though not absolutely necessary, in the darker times, of which this one qualifies as such. There is a mystical fourth condition that could be called ‘grace’. This is when, for whatever the reason, you have come to the attention of a luminous being, who has attained to the top of the mountain and has chosen to be your guide and take you under their wing. This can and should be sought no matter what you are practicing.

At any point around the base of this mountain, there are paths inward and upward. Once you have effectively reached the top of the mountain you can see all of the ways down, or up, as you prefer. Nothing going on at the base of the mountain is of any importance and the whole purpose of anything there is to trap you in its revolving conditions, which go on and on and on, ad infinitum. People can argue till the application of doomsday’s break but they will do nothing but add to their stock of false and imprisoning knowledge. The mass of the world will argue against your efforts to be free. You will be laughed at, reviled and told that you are crazy and, according to their standards, you are and more power to you.

I have personally seen the truth of what I am stating today and have lived what I am describing. Whether that is true and whether it is believed by anyone is unimportant, except to the degree that I happen to be correct and in that case it might be useful in affirming things felt within the hearts and minds of those reading. These things are true or they are not and that is the final testament of anything.

Everything that is sought in the states of being at the base of the mountain is automatically granted to those who have succeeded in freeing themselves. Conversely, these things are never more than partially accomplished otherwise and always attended by pain and disappointment. Pain and disappointment are the educators for those inclined to learn. For those who are not inclined to learn, they simply continue until they are. Nothing is what it seems to be and every life proves that one way or another. Anyone who has taken the conditions of life as their primary course of study learns this. One can learn a great deal from studying the old and the young and observing what happens on the wheel of fire.

Nothing that is said here will mean anything to those not inclined to consider it. The phenomenal world is a world of darkness surrounded by invisible light and lit with a deceptive and false light. Make of it what you will. We all do.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Les,

I'm getting sick. I think I'm suffering from alt-media internet addiction. This is becoming a serious issue in my life. Do you or Dr. Glenn have any suggestions? Is therapy or medication available?

Your humble servant,

Tom Frum

Visible said...

That's simple enough. The cure with all addictions begins with withdrawal; meaning to cease exposing yourself to it. The means of the greatest comfort in the process is to focus the attention on something else. I recommend the source of all things and throwing ones distress upon it so that the process of transition will result in the best possible landing in the most appropriate location.

Visible said...

I have been quoted a price of 15,000 US dollars for the following for Kumbh Mela-


Include 18 Rooms, Dining room, kitchen in guest house, Green Park

With 15 people that comes to a thousand apiece for a month and half that for thirty people. That seems really reasonable especially since most of the travel sites are listing the cost of tents at starting at 150 dollars a person.

siamsam said...

How we inhabit consciousness could be determined by intelligent process. We measure appearances according to the limitations of our eyes. However, if our eyes were as a quantum microscope then we would see things as atoms - and space.

The conscious is always present with ever changing intelligent patterns appearing. I haven't figured out what determines how we (in what form) inhabit the conscious - if anything. Maybe karma plays its role, but is that not just a concept?

Miriam said...

All Spiritual Paths in their many forms revolve around
*Love The Divine
*Seek the Divine within
*Love yourself and then your neighbor as you love yourself
*Treat others as you want to be treated(which goes with the above)
*Judge not or so you will be judge likewise
*As you sow so will you reap('what goes around comes around'; 'back at you' and other colloquialisms)
Each builds on the next and overlaps.
The last 2 describe reincarnation, the first 4 describe the way out. Notice the way out is first.

These are realities, not ideologies. This is the basis of life. Within our frailties we learn, grow, fail, rebound, and grow some more.
It is to regain our Highest Human Nature that is encompassed in these teachings that defines our struggles.

It is in the Heart that we can comprehend these Truths and blossom with them. The Heart is able to go beyond this finite world and join with the Infinite Divine where these Truths reside.

"...I recommend the source of all things and throwing ones distress upon it so that the process of transition will result in the best possible landing in the most appropriate location..."
Absolutely! Surrender,surrender, surrender....
Thanks again Vis, for all your wisdom.

wv:obolobar~ don't want to be there when the Apocalypse comes.
-also, where you find many college students the night of their graduation.

Annie said...

Hi Les
I've been reading your site on a daily basis for some months now. I have to say that you are definitely one of the finest writers around atm, and your insight is a gift for those of us lucky enough to have stumbled upon you.

I am truly grateful for your presence on this spinning rock which I am convinced is the prison psychiatric ward for the universe.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and to thank you for brightening my days. It is so reassuring to know that we are not alone in how we view the world.

Much love

Demarche said...

Les, love all your stuff.

I can't wait to get to the top of the mountain.

I think if you can't see the matrix on earth you will surely get stuck in the reincarnation matrix, recycling over and over and over...I do like Rampa's (I think) take about how you will get whatever you think you will get after earth death, until you 'wake up' and see that it is all a scripted play for your (or someone else's) benefit.

To me, reincarnation is just another dimensional matrix you'll have to extract yourself from. Recycled loosh for the useless eaters.

I'm trying to figure out how to skip all the 'other dimension' matrices so I won't get caught in those. Hope I find out in this lifetime. I'm tired and just want to have some fun :)

Jody Paulson said...

Brilliant post.

Speaking of Galileo, Shirley Maclaine wrote a book called "Saging while Aging" wherein she mentions discussing reincarnation with Stephen Hawking. He said he was open to the idea -- even the possibility that he was Galileo in a past life. Hawking was born on January 8th, 1942, 300 years to the day after Galileo died. I did a search on the Internet and he is quoted as saying, "Reincarnation is a possibility to be taken seriously."

A.Mouser said...

Fine post Visible.

I would like to reaffirm my sincere interest in accompanying you and the others here from the caravan of truth to India in 2013.

How would you like the money sent?

Perhaps "Tom Frum" can join us so his alternative cyber addiction can crash to reality.(grin)

I hope Fud, Bholanath, Neko Kinoshita, Amarinth, Miriam, Anonthy, and all the other carnies like me who make these sites a true oasis of truth can make the trip.

May God bless all of you brothers and sisters of the light in search of the truth.

Let's go to India with the Dog Poet.

Keep up your great works Les Visible.

Yours truly, Mouser

Neko Kinoshita said...

Origami is always my favorite.

But you say it so well, that I have so little to add that isn’t just “me too.”

I have to say though that I enjoy the challenge of understanding, even in the truly limited form allowed. If I get too wrapped in it, the divine reminds me with another sharp lesson. Often enough there is more than a bit of humor in such lessons, even if I am the butt of the joke.

Vivid imagery in this posting, and I am sitting here, halfway up the tower, awaiting the time to return to the cul-de-sac. Where I will contemplate the serenity of the grass and trees, and listen to the ageless wisdom spoken by the songbirds. In such a manner I can often hear the guidance of the luminous beings.

Now if I can just learn to follow that guidance…


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Kumbh Mela: Count me in to the utmost degree I am able to be there then.

I will contact you as to how you wish to be imbursed.

(I have my own kumbh)

nina said...

...There are uniforms to be worn and uniforms of behavior that reflect the possibility of harmony within the construct...

Perspicacious. Ranks up there with "package deals". Both works are "Best Of's".

It seems that people who can't see reincarnation are people who have not paid much attention to animals, a great loss and serious barrier to mountain climbing.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for your words/service! I just began to "really, intensely read some of the alternative websites/blogs" available to us. The reason? SO MANY STRANGE/MYSTERIOUS "SYNCHRONICITIES" have begun to unfold in my life... LITERALLY ON A DAILY BASIS! The intensity of these increase exponentially... For example- Last Friday, I hung up an "article from the newspaper on Bob Marley" in my classroom for my students to see... LATER THAT SAME DAY- I went to see my mother and help her load her car as she was leaving for the mountains of North Carolina for the Summer... We hugged, we talked etc and I noticed a MYSTERIOUS light-skinned lady across the street who was watering her garden... Immediately after my mom had left the driveway, she said to me, "Young man- It is SO BEAUTIFUL to see a mother/son so close... what a testament to LOVE." I informally said thank you and introduced myself... NEXT- She invited me in to her home... Having had my own "Awakening" in 2004- I have learned to be "open" and "receptive" to lessons we can learn from ANYONE we come in contact with... THIS IS WHERE IT GETS BIZARRE----> I enter this lady's home, and first thing she says is: "Do you know who BOB MARLEY is?" Of which I respond, "Of Course!" and she goes on to reveal: "I am his SISTER..." I was speechless!!! I had just hung up an article on the relevance of his Art/Message in my classroom earlier that day and NOW- I am speaking directly with his "long lost SISTER!!!" I stayed for a while, looking at photographs, art-work (she is a Painter), talking, etc and I AM STILL IN SHOCK B/C ON A PERSONAL LEVEL IT WAS SO PROFOUND OF A COINCIDENCE!! Anyways- That is # 1...

Anonymous said...

The 2nd incredible coincidence involves "DISCLOSURE"---> For the past 2 weeks, ever since May 9, I have been noticiing MYSTERIOUS, PULSATING, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL "STAR-SHIPS" ALL OVER THE NIGHT-SKY... I have been a star-gazer for years- THESE ARE NOT NORMAL STARS! I can see them w/ the "naked-eye", but I found a pair of binoculars and WOW! UP-CLOSE you can LITERALLY SEE THAT THESE INCREDIBLE SHIPS/ENTITIES ARE "HANGING" IN THE SKY... and they are CLOSE and ALL AROUND US! I am NOT the only person who has seen them here in FLORIDA---> several of my friends---after calling me a lunatic--- looked for themselves and what do ya know??? THEY SEE THEM TOO!!! They are HUGE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERIOUS craft of some sort... Every night, when I lay to go to sleep, I feel at complete PEACE--- MY HEAD OPENS UP--- AND MY MIND GOES OUT TO THE STARS!!!---I CAN HEAR RADIOS, CRICKETS, TVs, all kinds of different sounds from outside my own home--- I used to have this happen on occasion BUT NOW IT IS HAPPENING NON-STOP!!! It is as if THE DIMENSIONS ARE THINNING or MERGING!!!! I am NOT afraid... I have no longer experienced anxiety or panic attacks!!! Just pure assurance and bliss and "UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS" FINALLY-- Last night, during my dream-state, I had the MOST INTENSE/REAL DREAM I have ever had in my entire life!!! I was with my family- PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD TO TRY TO HAVE ME INSTITUTIONALIZED SIMPLY b/c of my BELIEFS--- And in the dream- THE SHIPS THAT I HAVE BEEN SEEING ALL OVER THE SKY---They start to descend!!! CONTACT IS MADE!!! AND THE WORLD WE NOW KNOW IS REPLACED INSTANTLY!!! EVERYTHING.. I MEAN EVERYTHING.. Changes for the BETTER!!! Sure, there is new medical treatment and insane new technology... but the biggest CHANGE is the way EVERYONE "SEES AND EXPERIENCES" LIFE!!! These BEINGS-from other Star Systems- reassure us that WE HAVE BEEN SOLD A LIE!!! That all of us are ETERNAL Beings of Light... and that they are here TO HELP US ALL-- ALLLLL OFFF UUSSSS--- ASCEND!!! I cannot put into words my dream, AS IT WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AFTER 29 YEARS on Earth!!! ANYONE WHO HAS HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES--PLEASE SHARE!! I always thought the SHIFT would be in 2012... but the way things are accelerating... IT IS NOW!!! THINGS ARE GETTING SO HECTIC AND CRAZY... like water boiling before it reaches a new "gaseous state!" LOVE and LIGHT to ALL!!! DO NOT FEAR! WHAT AN AMAZING TIME TO BE ALIVE!!! Thank you for letting me share... Adam Kadmon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning on your love light, and letting it shine, this one in particular shone on me.
S&D Mo visable
Perhaps we'll see you at the Kumbh Mela ...if there is one :-)
WV Inggeo still occupying this plane

Anonymous said...

Adam Kadmon;


One time I was reading at a blog and an obvious fake was wasting time and space. The troll went on and on with bad grammar and unnecessary upper case talking nonsense giving the impression of superficial glibness.

What do you suggest should be done about this troll problem if anything?

WV: bloutart
A blow-hard effeminate sleazy troll.

Anonymous said...

Actually, geocentric model is very ancient. I do find it odd, that altough you are generally sceptical of scientific worldview with - it's rejection of supernatural - You are basically doing 'science sez' with geocentrism.

You can't have it both ways.

Snake Sage

Miriam said...

That is so sweet Mouser!
Right now going to India is in the talk stage and many things to consider.

23 said...

Thanks Vis for the spot on clarity. I'm in the groove...and yet still feeling a bit like wanting to be under a tree...it's that two way split thing. DubFX nails it here in his tune "Society Gates."



grassapelli said...

If you meet a luminous body, wearing a human body, of course, at the Khumba Mela, you would be very fortunate. If you further recognize what you meet, rare fortune, indeed.

the Grizz said...

I have heard that les is mo but haven’t seen it demonstrated so well until now.

As far as arguing with those that know, someone once said “Whenever you are arguing with a fool, you need to make certain that he is not similarly occupied.” Sounds like you’re safe.

Striking picture with the parrot. You could put on some blackface and play Howdy and the parrot would make a helluva ventriloquist.

Anonymous said...

Adam Kadmon, can you shoot light out of your eyes like the "primordial man" in the khaballah?

wikipedia has your bio

dr_b said...

Nice post, Visible.

I don't mean to be nerdy or anything, but, technically speaking Galileo wasn't correct either - any two orbiting objects circle around a common centre of gravity, the barycentre:


And what's this about trampling on people's frogs? They're just the cutest things out there:


Ouzel said...

Very well put.

In spite of the horrors happening across the planet, the change in me is a sense (almost absurd, given the conditions) that everything will be all right. I am not dragged down by a feeling of doom observing a world which seems to be reeling out of control.

This is not to overlook the suffering and pain of millions, including those in the animal world. As the Buddha said, all life on this planet is suffering - only the degree varies.

My prayer (which also invokes the help of those in the unseen realms) is that the suffering (for whatever cosmic and just reasons) be reduced as much as possible, for all, including the planet, and that everyone will be able to start on the path up the mountain, as soon as may be, shaking off the dust, miasma, and entanglements of the foothills and the lower elevations.

Thank you, and also all those who make helpful contributions here.

Love and good wishes to all.

Peter said...


looool wv funses

Strum said...

My attitude to reincarnation is that I will find out when I get there, but I'm in no hurry.
Of what use is it in this life if you have at best vague subjective experiences of it anyway,? I prefer to find reasons to act morally and ethically in the present real world around us.

As for Hawking, well he beleives nonsense like black holes the big bang and dark matter so what would he know?

Beleive nothing


est said...

'what matters is what is true'

est said...

the void is not empty
it's filled with light

of this i am sure of
with all of my might

the world is troubled
as i rest tonight

half in darkness
somethings not right

the day will break
the sun will rise

and i'll see things
through different eyes

i hope that my visions
not clouded by doubt

peace among all of us
is the only way out

kikz said...

reincarnation was.. a doctrine of early xtianity, pre nicean council daZe :)

Anonymous said...

You articulate the problems with an eloquence, it is true. However your discourse overall, seems to lack substance. In this, I am referring to real, quantifiable results.

I speak on the authority of one of those who really doesn't know. Despite my 'not knowing' for some considerable years, it has all come to naught. No! Less than naught...

I love the blog, but I would love to see real workable answers too.

Anonymous said...


Have you tried or are you trying the recipe in the book of Ages provided by the mathematician that was purported to be the diet of Hercules? You said you were feeling as though you might be getting younger or feeling fitter, maybe? It's reported this math guy was at his prime when attaining the century mark and incredibly strong, except for the broken heart; maybe... I like that ending better. Are you practicing with that eclectic formula along with some esoteric formulas that could be emulated and passed down?




Are 4 pilgrims traveling as a troup a crowd for Kumbh Mela?

Anonymous said...

it is a dis
it is a distinction I got from Jung, the difference between adjustment and adaptation. The former is shallow and ineffective in the long run, the latter deeper, involving the subject's changing in a fundamental way. One is reaction, the other is transformation. one is more extroverted the other introverted (Jung terms I don't have space or jurisdiction to go on about here).

funny thing with the UFO troll is that I am ok with that being the truth and not much, if anything would surprise me , so what is the point of going on so? ridicule? entertainment? self denial and fear avoidance through hyperbole? rhetorically I ask.

I'm easy.

ps goose grazing next to the sheep the other day , lions laying down with lambs sort of thing. green tree frog in my shoe, felt a lump there but as I had been experimental with podiatric inserts, put it down to that, until the third attempt I cared to look, he jumped out, ok . whilst not freaky, this is not common here. (though to be fair, it was the presence of a gap in the shoe that created the habitat)

wv: pandwi - rather than pandering to the ptb we take care of each other and pander together.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writings.
and this is probably an odd comment, but i'm a musician who records at home... my comment is, how do you get your songs so loud?

does the soundclick compress them and make them louder?

thanks in advance!

siamsam said...

Adam Kadmon........

SIMILAR THING happened to me...... I was sitting in a vets waiting room with my pet hamster, Hamish, when this cat sitting on a guys knee opposite, said: hey bud DO YOU KNOW DENIRO? I was obviously taken back at first but replied asking - do you mean ROBERT DENIRO? WHO ELSE, said the cat - he's my owner!

Now here is where it gets strange. I had just watched TAXI DRIVER the night before ... and here I was talking to DENIRO'S cat. Now if that is not a coincidence then what is!

Anonymous said...

Harrison J. Bounel?


Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Harrison J. Bounel aka Tony Tiger aka Steve Young aka Camora Simmons aka Nick Newman aka Tom Jones during the peiod 2004-2009 mostly in Illinois.

The guy in the White House did not exist before ten years ago. He is very, very probaly a CIA construct.

Specifically, he was working for the CIA under many different aliases before Rothschild's CIA decided to prepare him as one of many possible invented frontmen for the puppet job of leader of the USA.

The problem for the identity creators is that this individual never had a real normal job in his life. He never worked anywhere that the CIA did not create for him.

Barack Obama Sr. was a British national living in Kenya. According to the above interview the man in the White House was born in Kenya.

The most likely clarification of all of this is that a past was created as the present POTUS by the CIA. That past does not stand up to scrutiny in the light of day. Even though his past is "sealed" items of the fake past continue to surface.

The present POTUS is very probably 100% fake.

Welcome to present day America.

Anonymous said...

The pirate state of israel is a thorn in the side of the world.

Anonymous said...


"The cyber war is evolving fast"

Truth against government.
Government against government.
Organised crime against them both.

Here at Visible's sites we are in the trenches.

Kray Z8 said...

Thanks yet again, Les and friends. Like a Dim Sum dumpling, it goes down sweet.

To love others as ourselves and treat them as ourselves is imperative. Differentiation is what keeps us trapped at the base of the mountain wallowing in maya.

The path to the top maybe strenuous, but continually bouncing off the walls of the maze ain't no piece of cake, either!

When we find it hardest to love and forgive is when it's most important to do so. It's the best investment we can make in a meaningful future for one/all. Peace.


Little sammy's korner said...


"The Patriot Act has caused the act of telling the truth to become treason."

...and now for the weather. The world's f**ked, it's your fault and it's getting worse! Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Here it is sportsfans!

The truth about the lies.


Anonymous said...


Obama IS a CIA plant.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Masks of Deception in the Carnival of Broken Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and All -

Avatar Meher Baba had the following discourse read out on My 26th, 1958 - I share it because of Vis's writing about reincarnation. Hope you find it enlightening.

"There is one real birth and one real death. You are born once, and you really die only once.

"What is real birth? It is the birth of a "drop" in the Ocean of Reality. What is meant by it? It is the advent of individuality, born of indivisibility through a glimmer of the first most-finite consciousness, which transfixed cognizance of limitation into the Unlimited.

"What is meant by real death? It is consciousness getting free of all limitations. Freedom from all limitations is real death. It is really the death of all limitations. In between the real birth and the real death, there is no such reality as the so-called births and deaths.

"What really happens in the intermediate stage known as births and deaths is that the limitations of consciousness gradually wear off until consciousness is free of all limitations. Ultimately, consciousness totally free of all limitations experiences the Unlimited Reality eternally. Real dying is equal to real living. Therefore I stress: 'Die for God and you will live as God.'"

Meher Baba further commented:

"You are first a child, then grow old and drop the body, but you never die and were never born. In the East, Vedantists believe in reincarnation, in numberless births and deaths until one attains God. The Muslims believe in one birth only and in one death only. The Christians and the Zoroastrians believe the same. All are right. But Zarathustra, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and all previous Avatars meant what I mean by real birth and real death. I say: "You are born once and die once."

"All the so-called births and deaths are only sleeps and awakenings. The difference between sleep and death is that when you sleep, you awake and find yourself in the same body. But after death, you awake in a different body. You never die; only the blessed ones die and become One with God."

est said...

@ 8:36
that's it

what i
was trying
to say

est said...

all's we get
is one breath

it is given to us
and taken away

what we do

the first and last
is totally up to us

but there's no doubt
how this ends

so i would say
take your time

be gentle be kind
you think it'll

get easier
but it don't

but that ain't
no reason

not to try

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Where is the Antidote for the Poison in the Well?

Anonymous said...

Les, maybe I will give credence to your reincarnation articles now.

The new Genghis Khan.




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