Saturday, February 27, 2021

"Over the River and Through the Woods and Right Back to Where we Started From."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am beginning to see how a culture gets to the point where the most irrational behavior is considered NORMAL. They begin to move the dial on the collective perspective slowly by steps so that by the time a particular phase is reached the people have no idea of how they got there.

I also see that until The Avatar has driven the darkness from the inner planes we won't see significant change here and once he does, there will be rapid and remarkable transitions.

We have an instinctive tendency to immediately think that anyone who disagrees with us is wrong. That's not necessarily true and life should have taught you that by now. I learned to listen. I could always change my mind but I have been saved a number of times by listening to people. I trust but then I verify.

It is now a thousand dollar fine if you separate toys by gender in a California department store. Here's the deal, the entire country now has to bow to the tiny splinter demographic of the sexually confused. This is, without question, a Satanic effort to force humanity to bow to the whips of the lower nature while it is on bad acid.

You should choose who is going to eat you because someone or some several somethings already are. If you make yourself tasty to the order of light you will be translated into it, the same way your food is translated into your own body. Everything is consuming something else. People are being eaten alive this very minute by hungers and appetites. This is literal truth. The fires within burn you up. Got to put the flame on low. It might seem weird to say that everything is being eaten, including ourselves but if you study the matter, as some of us have, you will see it is true.

Many fear they will lose their identity by being absorbed into something greater than themselves. Not true. Who you are is not who you are now. You actually become more and more yourself as you are recycled upwards. I've been to that place where all sense of self was gone. I thought it was cool though I know that the usual reaction is terror at the thought of the loss of self. I was fortunate in that I had no real sense of self to begin with. It had been hammered out of me. We're all being worked in the Forge of God, shaped and tempered, dipped into the fire and the cold water. It is an agony of sorts, like being on The Cross, which is another literal reality for all of us but is generally misunderstood as something else.

Okay... okay... I'm moving through a lot of different territories here. Most of it may seem unconnected. It's not. Everything is connected, BUT... when you are trying to talk about something that can't be talked about, it is a big help to draw up a map of the territory you are using, to allude to something you can't say, and then maybe the perspicacious reader will see that what was actually being talked about was at a right angle to everything else being used to frame the picture. It becomes like trying to spot the sailing ship in the mountain. It's right there. It is plainly in front of you, but it's not apparent. The mountain is all you see. Most people don't see it right off. Some do see it after a while and some never see it at all.

I just constructed that image using a ship and a mountain. It could have been anything else; horses galloping in the ocean waves, a dragon concealed in a cliff's face, or a face, or faces woven into pretty much anything. There are those who use tricks of manipulated focus to deceive others and those who are saying nothing, like those who hide the cow eating grass in a snow storm.

My point is that we get addicted to the way we see things and because our perspective is created from the assemblage of what we like and what we don't like, our perspective is out of sync, along with all the other people who are out of sync, but what they can't see is the one harmoniously woven and moving through the fabric of life, not hindering anyone else, in that space beyond good and evil.

You can't fix the world. You can ONLY fix yourself. I know I repeat this again and again, but it's important. It is important the way that Faith, Certitude and Determination are important. People can't help meddling. They think they are helping. They get into all kinds of straits through meddling. Think of all those dramas of Shakespeare. He illustrated the conniving of the human mind as well as anyone, ever. Lao Tzu describes the destinies of character and the fruit of intentions like no one I have ever seen elsewhere. The deeper truths are hidden beneath the surface actions of waves on water, restless, never ceasing, back and forth, up and down. Sometimes it gets tempestuous, though you never get the stillness of a lake on the ocean and not much time goes by before the surface of the lake is disturbed as well.

The secret to life is Harmony. When you can be harmonious with the good, the bad, and the indifferent you have arrived. Impersonal Love is what makes this possible. You can tell the state of the culture by the number of people on a spiritual quest, and what they are up to otherwise. You get a Babylon, or you get a Golden Age of Athens. You get the climate of the times. Something undesirable for many is leaking through the seams of this transformation. It is, cosmically, an atmosphere of growth. However, growing pains hurt. Some are more willing than others and suffer less. There is nothing you can do about a Heavenly Imperative except to be harmonious with it. Well, yeah, there are many futile reactions and degrees of resistance that you can mount. Good luck with all of them.

For many people, in a time of runaway materialism, it is no longer possible to hear the truth and often it provokes scorn and ridicule. Those who cannot hear must feel and that is the unfortunate side of life and that is OBSERVABLE by anyone with their eyes open. It's sort of like people who keep rebuilding their beach house in a hurricane zone. Oh... they might be fine for a while, BUT... sooner or later there will be problems. We got a double feature now. We got Jupiter and Saturn setting the stage for what they do.

This is no big deal for those who are harmonized to the Heavenly Imperative. It is ALWAYS at work in the affairs of humanity. The shifting and threshing, the timeless harvesting of temporary persona, consumed by the greater persona, in one direction or another. The wars and rumors of wars; presently on the horizon, as a matter of fact. The plagues and natural disasters hover invisibly like specters in the air, like mist traveling up through a forested mountainside. These are all the fruits of the uncertainties of minds focused on personal gain. We don't even have real plagues yet. Some felt called upon to invent them. This reminds me of all the fabricated historical data that is force-fed into the undefended mass consciousness. They tell you what to think. They tell you what to do.

They hold fraudulent elections and then laugh at you afterward. They herd you and bully you into one perversity after another. They program your children into perversity. They are determined and relentless but there is one thing they do not have and that is a Heavenly Imperative. No matter what they do it is NOT going to turn out well for them. They will come out on the wrong end of the Heavenly Imperative.

God doesn't always stay in the background. The times between his arrivals are great and no one here remembers anything about the last time God came in person. Oh... he's always been here in a few living souls, BUT... then there are the times when he comes with a big splash. That's where we are. Of course, the depravity and dumbing-down have gotten to such a pass that major corrections are necessary and that is the Heavenly Imperative.

One should absolutely turn their attention within in times like this. The greater the distraction outwardly, the richer the prize for those who remain undistracted. You can literally see people stampeding to the cliff's edge if you've got one of those time-lapse cameras in your head. First, The Awakening is going to proceed until such time as Heaven feels enough effort has been spent and then comes Revival and a renaissance. For many, it will be of no interest to them. They just won't see it, like the form hidden in the picture.

God help us.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

"They've Had a Good Long Run, Feeding on the Nutrients in Human Sorrow and Loss,"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... let me see if I can unroll the scroll in a sequential manner in order to collate and consolidate the information, properly.

The recent presidential election was compromised, and that is not all. The election results were also skewered in the Senatorial races, as well as in The House of Representatives. There was OUTRIGHT voter fraud that we haven't seen since Mayor Daley in Chicago, and that was just a city-wide thing. This happened all over the country.

We KNOW that the Democrats did not legitimately win the presidency or the Senate. It is to be presumed and assumed that the same applied to certain house races as well. The Globalists have now taken control of every area of American government while compromising and intimidating the Judicial sector. The borders have been flung open and the Sexual Dysfunction Armies have been loosed on society. They have put turbo-fertilizer on The Creeping Rot. Monsters of slime and sleaze rampage at will. It seems to have ALL taken a turn for the worst.

One would think that Hell on Earth can't be all that far off, BUT... what have we here? The Democratic governors of the two most powerful states, on both coasts, are under serious threat of recall. The Democratic governor of New Mexico has been caught with both her hands in the cookie jar and Ted Cruz' week could not have gone much worse. MEANWHILE... the former concealments of shadows and underbrush in which celebrities have hidden their private lives are getting the helicopter searchlights of Mr. Apocalypse, like chasing crime up and down the ruins of LA.

Mr. Apocalypse is going NOVA and this phase of his operation is only just beginning. It is such an eerie sensation for me to remember what he said to me near ten years ago in Italy. I am watching it take place. The biggest return on this is not the sudden revealing of evil in all these different cases. It is the profound way that it impacts on one's faith in God. It is the living force of the deity in action. By now you would think that all of these shadow-meisters have to be trembling in the vampire shade as The INNER Sun grows closer. They've had a good long run, feeding on the nutrients in human sorrow and loss, which is their favorite comestible.

They inhale fear, and all of its effluvia, across all the possibilities of form and the shapes it may take. How is it that those who, LITERALLY, stole all access to the corridors of power, now find themselves abandoned and saddled with all that their works are heir to? There is a hollow emptiness, resounding across the country. Something is not where it was supposed to be. Events did not turn out as they were intended to do, by those committing their actions at the behest of The Dark Side. I can't say it often enough, The Devil works for God. Argue if you wish about whether he does so willingly or not. He does so. There is a reason they call God, Lord God ALL-MIGHTY. Don't let appearances fool you.

It was mentioned here before, recently. Let me present it in another way. Be careful as you go in these times because certain centers of power are releasing all manner of negative emotional states into the collective unconscious. There is a Very Real war on. What certain vested interests are intending is to turn us upon one another. They have been at it for a while. Now they are upping the ante and no longer playing Table Stakes. I used to love to play poker, probably still do; not for the money, although I nearly always won or broke even. It was what poker reveals about people. Such things fascinate me.

Certain invested interests are doing all they can to spread discord and confusion. It is of such stuff that they build their empires, such as they are, for as long as they last. You DON'T have to be a party to any of that. If you don't buy in, you're not in the game. I KNOW it can be intimidating and sometimes nerve activating, as per the abdominal brain. I've heard it can even be bowel loosening. It doesn't have to be. It really comes down to WHO has the greater influence over you; the Dark Side or the Vales of Light? If you are giving fealty to the Dark Side, you come into its embrace. If you live in the light, you walk in the light and you then become resonant with the light and EVENTUALLY become Conscious LIGHT, even though a part of you already is.

My work gets published at Truthseeker. I've been there for a long time. What is interesting is that a lot of atheists and serious material-minded sorts come around there. There's a really eclectic palate overall. What they are... mostly, regardless of focus, is intelligent. I got a comment a few days ago from a despairing fellow. He was referring to my commentaries on God as being wishful fantasies. He said we are all in a prison camp being tortured and THAT'S IT! From his perspective, in the subjective reaches of his being, that could well be true... for him. HOWEVER... even a borderline intellect can look about in the world and see that not everyone is in the same physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual state. There are people jumping for joy and people who have people jumping on them.

How is it that some live in a state of blessed serenity and some live with awful fear and terror in brutish environments? EVERYTHING comes down to who is doing the talking in your life; the Personality? Or The Self? We inflict upon ourselves all that we experience through the Karma accrued in our passage. Karma ALWAYS starts WHERE YOU ARE and appears WHERE YOU ARE, not where you were, though it took you through that, and as for The Future, it shows up HERE too. It's all HERE, and that is why HERE is where you start to weave a new tapestry of life. If you RELY on God (however you imagine God to be) and if you relinquish your need to be in control, God WILL take you over the most expeditious and least painful route.

You HAVE TO, you MUST separate Religion from Spirituality. They are not the same and they are THE CAUSE of all your bouts with God, the idea of God and yadda yadda. Toss Religion away and embrace the LIVING and PRESENT consciousness of The Indwelling. Life is an endless demonstration of people acting out their version of things, which comes into conflict with all the other versions of things. Look around you and read the road-maps on their faces!

It is now, or it is not at all. It all happens HERE, RIGHT NOW. It is possible to live so in the moment that it becomes timeless and eternal. This is no idle statement. It matters to me, whether others are set free from the jailer of the false self. HOWEVER... interfering in the lives of others is NEVER a good idea. People must come to their own way of understanding, at the right time. Nothing serves better than by example. Maybe they didn't hear you yesterday. Maybe they didn't hear you ten years ago, or a lifetime hence. They WILL hear you. Truth is timeless, so is Ageless Wisdom. Go about your life as if you were a constant gardener. Till the soil of the human soul FROM WITHIN. No one can argue with you if you don't say anything.

I feel a real sorrow for those who have managed to trap themselves in a negative, emotional climate. I also don't want them to bite my fingers if I lay my hand on their shoulder. You can influence life the same way that The Sun does by simply doing what The Sun does. The Sun is life-giving. Be The Sun in microcosm. You only need to shine. You don't need to explain yourself. Think of Johnny Appleseed.

God is coming and all I can think is that I should get the house in order since I am receiving an honored guest. I am FULLY expecting this guest. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that he is coming. I don't want a glancing blow. I want it direct. Others, I know, are planning weddings, and funerals. They are planning their own future and their children's future. They are going up the hill and down the hill, doing the tango with Sisyphus. They are building this and tearing down that. I really don't have time for any of that. They are not the important things and the Living God within will attend to all of those and everything else at the necessary time. My job is to find God. God's job is to take over and manage my existence COMPLETELY.

Try to be as nice as possible to others in this time for many are suffering. Some are suffering from real conditions, and some are self-inflicted punishments for something or other which is not real, except in their heads. People are more likely to rise to conflict, in these times, due to the intense presence of inner conflict. WHO are you in conflict with? Uh-huh.

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Monday, February 15, 2021

"The Royal Road to the High Kingdom has Few People on It and Gridlock Below."

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Right off let me apologize to those of you who are, hmm... what's the word? Upset? Disappointed? Unhappy? Due to my not posting more than once a week of late. I know that for a long time there were at least five and sometimes more postings in a week. Then I have kind of dropped off the edge of the world. There is nothing wrong with me. I've not lost incentive nor enthusiasm. It is similar for me to cooking. It doesn't matter how tired I might be, or that the meal might take more than an hour to put together, or that I am often not that hungry. It's what I do and the impetus is greater than any resistance the Tamas Guna might mount to the contrary. When it is what you do, if you love what you do, it never gets old and it's never work. It's a joy, BUT>>>

Sometimes you have to step back and wonder about the whole of it external to you and ever, so very much more, internal to you. I suspect I am going to be 'back in the saddle again' shortly. I ask that you will be patient with me. Sometimes I am also shut down by forces greater than myself. There is really only one force, but whether you see it as the whole, or are of a mind to operate with all the many permutations of that force, it comes down to the same thing, except in your mind.

I know there are those of you who rely on the postings, for whatever the reasons. At least that is what I hear. I'm am as pleased as a man can be that I am useful to a few or more. That is all that is truly important to me, to be useful and to serve God, however off track it may get for me on occasion. Sometimes I write about disparate and seemingly irrelevant matters. They give color, contrast, and context to the whole of it and when you are pumping out over two million words a year, just in this area of enterprise, it takes a lot of stocking stuffers to keep the interest going.

Since the last days of the election, there has been a great deal of bad feeling going on. People are losing whatever degree of command they had over themselves and behaving out of character. When material attraction, physical desire and the various kinds of basic appetite start to rage, the hidden side of the character begins to expose itself and it is not pretty, add in Fear and Doubt and there's no telling what might happen. Then there is the matter of self-importance. We are not who we think we are. We think we have placed ourselves in a high notch and will receive from life accordingly. Actually what we do is sell ourselves far short of what we really are, and way short of where we could be if we let God take the lead in every aspect of our lives.

I have been hearing things from readers about the breaking up of old friendships, fallings out over petty concerns and misunderstandings. Obviously, the tension is high these days. I have had people take exception to me simply for not doing something they wanted me to do. I can either be honest and in tune with my conscience, or I can lie to spare people's feelings. This becomes exceptionally difficult when you had no idea about any of it to begin with. You were just being you, as is, and has been the case for some time. You could lie and play patty cake with people but the relationship is then routed into a superficial play of manners. I don't spend my time waving Lady Windermere's Fan at a Kabuki mask festival, hoping that the lack of sincerity won't put off the people totally lacking in sincerity.

When you find yourself doing the old Doe See Doe with people to stay in their favor, you lose favor with yourself. I can't walk that road, it's too painful and it also scares the shit out of me. Not many things frighten me, given that I have already run into most of them and I have my memories of what I said and did to comfort me when I'm riding out here on the High Wide and Lonesome. It has been truly said by some several someones in different ways that The Royal Road to the High Kingdom has few people on it. You can either make your peace with God and his angels, or you can make your peace with the world. Since it is not the nature of the world to be peaceful at most times, given that it is the playing field of elements at war with each other, I'd rather have peace with God.

God is very patient and his knowledge and wisdom do, indeed, pass ALL understanding. He will tolerate a lot, mostly because he KNOWS how it is going to end up and he'll be there too, well before you. God has many faces. I fear to displease God. One of the hardest things to do is to hold to your convictions when most others have none to begin with. These days... these days, it is not the cream that rises to the top. It is more a matter of bobbing for Road Apples.

Those with strong convictions, based on the higher moralities of Heaven, are having a time of it these days. Witness The War Against Christianity. Witness the low cunning and awful lies that stream like rivers of offal in a flash flood. God is managing the tides, the rise and fall of everything in Nature, the courses of The Sun and Moon. EVERYTHING. You can either go along with the program, or you can set up your little egocentric fiefdom like a rock in the stream, which the water will wear away in time. All of our vanities, ambitions, and self-deceptions meet the fates described, or only hinted at, by Ecclesiastes and other masterpieces of spiritual insight.

You are free to tell yourself anything you like. It if proves to be true then you are in The Catbird Seat. If not... you are SOMEWHERE on the road to the discovery of it. The whole of existence is precisely mapped out and beyond the ken of human understanding. You either yield to the Divine Will and bend but do not break, or you snap like a dry, dead twig. You remember that part in The Bible where all of the chaff and dead parts are gathered up and tossed into the fire? Where is that verse? Oh yes, “If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.”

I've been watching as carefully as I am capable of watching. I see what I see and I seek the counsel of The Supernal Realm in every conclusion I arrive at.

If you want to be with God act like God. We have self-identified goddesses running around now with crazy hair and wild piercings who do whatever they please that the ego dictates to them and they proclaim they are goddesses; goddess is as goddess does. I've sat quietly around groups of all sorts of people and listened to their chatter. I learned as much as I would have listening to chipmunks sitting on a dead log

Anyone wondering how they pulled off the 9/11 cover-up needs to only look at the COVID cover-up. Why is it that so many people are buying into this? FEAR and SELF-INTEREST are at the core of the matter. Do you imagine that they will stop of their own accord? No! They are going to ratchet the tension up until it is unbearable and then they are going to set you at each other's throats. You can see it right before you. Their games are as old as time, and whether it is the Hegelian Dialectic, or Chaos Magic, or the crude use of elementary sigils and symbols; basic mind games, courtesy of the outriders of large herds of cattle... subliminal conditioning that sounds like a cowboy's song in the night; it winds up on The Killing Floor.

We hear by the day about this threat or another. We hear about this injustice and that injustice, as frenzied mobs, with all the wrong ideas programmed into their minds by The Usual Suspects, loose themselves upon those whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our politicians outright lie and should anyone call them on it, they arrange for them to be slandered and censured. Right is now wrong, up is down, and people simply shuffle by with their leg irons clanking, hoping they don't draw attention and get themselves another set of leg irons to go with that mask of shame.

What is at the core of it all is INSANITY and it is getting more and more obvious with every passing day. Few conditions are as bad as losing your mind. Most terrible things pass, or you do, but madness can intensify and the worlds of the mind are populated with demons and the like, yes, angels too, but you don't lose your mind with angels, not in an unfortunate way unless you set yourself against them. Demons and Infernal Agents will snatch away whatever is not tethered and focused. “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

This IS... or it SHOULD BE APPARENT, a time of testing. This sequencing of events and circumstances is ALL ABOUT discovering what you are made of. You can find both Heaven and Hell within you and it SHOULD BE clear which of them is prevailing by considering the direction taken. Yes... it's hard, but that is no reason to turn on one another. When you do, you are serving the darkness, not the light.

I've made many mistakes on my way to wherever it is that I am. That's in the past and in most cases, the accounts have been long settled on all of it. As soon as you realize you have been headed in the wrong direction, you become right. God has no interest in setting the Hound of Heaven on your trail unless you need a wake-up call and that's happening all over at the moment but few see it for what it is. The Awakening and The Apocalypse are REAL events that have barely begun. They will increase in force with the passage of time. If you do not heed them and if you set yourself against the Will of Heaven, you WILL BE DRIVEN MAD. Do the math.

God is yearning, in his fashion, for you to come into The Kingdom. The only requirement for admission is to “put off the old man”. There is an impersonal character to each member of the kingdom, though we are each unique in our talents and compositions, impersonal love is the very bedrock for residence therein. The personality MUST be subject to The Indwelling Self. You could be in the Kingdom of Heaven this moment by being there in your thoughts and actions.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

"They Come and They Go to That Unknown Country from Which They Return, Again, and Again, and Again.

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It never stops, does it? In some cases it goes from beating a dead horse to beating the sun-bleached skeleton of the horse until it cries in pain from the afterlife. Case in point; the usual suspects are whining with their hands, wringing them like a sign language communicator with palsy, BECAUSE Sophia Lauren, at 84 or something, was not recognized for her role as a Holocaust Survivor (by The Golden Globes) who cares for the children of prostitutes in the town where she lives. Of course, she's likely a talented multitasker as well who also feeds the homeless heals the sick and raises the dead, while also working two jobs at local fast food outlets to finance her philanthropic works.

Would you like to see a real survivor of a real holocaust?

This is a pretty amazing story and the pictures are a gripping testimony of something you don't see very often.

The nation formerly known as The United States of America, is being hollowed out from within by psychopathic termites, driven into a mucker frenzy by the effects of splicing a Communist gene into the body of the queen; Hmm... ♫ I spliced a Communist gene into the body of the queen ♫

Before this posting goes totally sideways, I think I'll just resort to more of The Bhagavad Gita. Daily, I am brought to my knees, in my mind, by the juxtapositioning of Truth and Eloquence there; trimming the lamps of Divine Light, as they shine forth into the darkness of this world. Oh what a time it is, my friends, to see the rising disorder in the world, as Materialism fires an ever-intensifying Insanity into the public mind. Such things as this are becoming commonplace. Now BLM, with the deep pockets of Georgie Soros, is looking to radicalize American schools with the Communist Agenda. In bed with these Neo-Jacobin lunatics is the Teacher's Union, which is also a tool of Georgie Soros.

Imagine where school children AND THE COUNTRY will be after a few years of gender-bending psychonauts, enforced sexual perversities, Communist principles, and endless guilt-tripping over the color of one's skin. God help us, AND HE WILL!

I have been studying the TRENDS as they have appeared before me, and continue to appear before me, and it is crystal clear to me what the end objectives are. They intend to LITERALLY, pound humanity into the ground and create a Kafkaesque nightmare, similar to a hobnailed boot relentlessly stomping on the face of humankind. It was either Orwell or Huxley who generated that image of The Future. I think it was expressed as a statement; something like, 'if you want to see the future of the human race...'

It's not going to actually come off.

Lao Tzu once said something like:

“No one has ever succeeded in controlling the world. The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes.”

This is simply a drama, one that is more dramatic than usual, for The Purpose of Demonstration, so that we can LEARN, collectively, a life lesson, a lasting life lesson. That's all life is anyway; LESSONS, either learned OR NOT, which leads to an endless looping, until one does learn, sooner or later. We learn by experience, through observation, or contemplation upon events that have happened to others.

An IMPORTANT thing to remember, which is a LITERAL Truth, is that 'God is not mocked'. What does that mean, exactly? It is certainly more than simple mocking or ridicule. It applies across the board based on intention, which is never fully clear in a visible or obvious sense. It's like an iceberg, where the majority of it is submerged. Consonant with that is The Apocalypse, whose basic impetus is to REVEAL and to EXPOSE. Perhaps more salt is added to the ocean water and it becomes like The Dead Sea, where everything floats on the surface. So much for hidden icebergs.

It is understandable that most people don't get this. They only have the initial and preliminary evidence of what is to be revealed. It is the same with The Awakening, which is only in its early onset. Most people don't realize that it is going to get exponentially more powerful and no resistance will be successful in suppressing the exposures. There is going to be NO WAY to conceal what is soon to be revealed. The whole purpose of this coming about in the first place is due to Cosmic force, which CANNOT be opposed by ANYONE. The more they resist, the greater the trauma following. Watch and see if this does not prove to be true.

MEANWHILE... The Elite, the hoi poloi, the lumpen proles, the Ivory Tower Circle Jerk Cotillion, and all else, with the exception of those holding to The Indwelling, are being driven, systematically and implacably INSANE. Part of it is because it is time. Part of it is that it is the logical end to Materialism. Part of it is a shift in Heaven directed at the state of things. It's like; “DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!” It's like a movement in a symphony when everything gets to Crescendo.

It's easy to get caught up in it all. It's easy to get swept away if you are not paying attention. This is the case with so many people. God is speaking but few are listening. The whole of it is all about making you come to your senses about what is real and what is not. I KNOW that ONLY God is real and that everything is a permutation of God, intimately woven into the fabric of everything and also the origin and end of it as well. God is living and breathing through everything that lives and breathes and everything otherwise as well. If you don't like it, too bad.

Soon now, those who are stirring the pot are going to see a whirlpool in the soup. They won't be able to control it, or themselves either. Those who believe that fear is for other people, primarily those who they are making fearful, are going to find something crawling out of their atavistic, subconscious, Davy Jones' locker, in which are kept many things, including monsters and it is going to be showing them the face of fear itself. God is intimately connected to EVERYTHING and you may be CERTAIN that he is directing everything to his appointed ends. How that works out for you is up to you.

It appears that I began to go on and on when that was not my intention. It happens. Let us go to the words of Krishna and Arjuna in their timeless conversation.

The Cosmic Vision


“Out of compassion you have taught me the

supreme mystery of the Self. Through your words

my delusion is gone. You have explained the origin

and end of every creature, O lotus-eyed one, and

told me of your own supreme, limitless existence.

Just as you have described your infinite glory,

O Lord, now I long to see it. I want to see you

as the supreme ruler of creation. O Lord,

master of yoga, if you think me strong enough

to behold it, show me your immortal Self.”


“Behold, Arjuna, a million divine forms, with an

infinite variety of color and shape. Behold the gods

of the natural world, and many more wonders never

revealed before. Behold the entire cosmos turning

within my body, and the other things you desire to see.

But these things cannot be seen with your

physical eyes; therefore I give you spiritual

vision to perceive my majestic power.”


“Having spoken these words, Krishna, the master of

yoga, revealed to Arjuna his most exalted, lordly form.

He appeared with an infinite number of faces,

ornamented by heavenly jewels, displaying unending

miracles and the countless weapons of his power.

Clothed in celestial garments and covered with

garlands, sweet-smelling with heavenly fragrances,

he showed himself as the infinite Lord, the source

If a thousand suns were to rise in the heavens

at the same time, the blaze of their light would

resemble the splendor of that supreme spirit.

There, within the body of the God of gods,

Arjuna saw all the manifold forms of the universe

united as one. Filled with amazement, his hair

standing on end in ecstasy, he bowed before the

Lord with joined palms and spoke these words.”


“O Lord, I see within your body all the

gods and every kind of living creature. I see

Brahma, the Creator, seated on a lotus; I see

the ancient sages and the celestial serpents.

I see infinite mouths and arms, stomachs

and eyes, and you are embodied in every form.

I see you everywhere, without beginning,

middle, or end. You are the Lord of all

creation, and the cosmos is your body.

You wear a crown and carry a mace and discus;

your radiance is blinding and immeasurable. I

see you, who are so difficult to behold, shining

like a fiery sun blazing in every direction.

You are the supreme, changeless Reality,

the one thing to be known. You are the

refuge of all creation, the immortal spirit,

the eternal guardian of eternal dharma.

You are without beginning, middle, or end;

you touch everything with your infinite power.

The sun and moon are your eyes, and your mouth

is fire; your radiance warms the cosmos.

O Lord, your presence fills the heavens and

the earth and reaches in every direction. I see

the three worlds trembling before this vision

of your wonderful and terrible form.

The gods enter your being, some calling

out and greeting you in fear. Great saints sing

your glory, praying, “May all be well!”

The multitudes of gods, demigods, and demons

are all overwhelmed by the sight of you. O

mighty Lord, at the sight of your myriad eyes

and mouths, arms and legs, stomachs and fearful

teeth, I and the entire universe shake in terror.

O Vishnu, I can see your eyes shining; with open

mouth, you glitter in an array of colors, and your

body touches the sky. I look at you and my heart

trembles; I have lost all courage and all peace of mind.

When I see your mouths with their fearful teeth,

mouths burning like the fires at the end of time,

I forget where I am and I have no place to go. O Lord,

you are the support of the universe; have mercy on me!

I see all the sons of Dhritarashtra; I see Bhishma,

Drona, and Karna; I see our warriors and all the kings

who are here to fight. All are rushing into your awful

aws; I see some of them crushed by your teeth. As

rivers flow into the ocean, all the warriors of this

world are passing into your fiery jaws; all creatures

rush to their destruction like moths into a flame.

You lap the worlds into your burning mouths and

swallow them. Filled with your terrible radiance,

O Vishnu, the whole of creation bursts into flames.

Tell me who you are, O Lord of terrible form.

I bow before you; have mercy! I want to know

who you are, you who existed before all creation.

Your nature and workings confound me.”


“I am time, the destroyer of all; I have come to

consume the world. Even without your participation,

all the warriors gathered here will die.

Therefore arise, Arjuna; conquer your enemies and

enjoy the glory of sovereignty. I have already slain

all these warriors; you will only be my instrument.

Bhishma, Drona, Jayadratha, Karna, and

many others are already slain. Kill those whom

I have killed. Do not hesitate. Fight in this

battle and you will conquer your enemies.”


“Having heard these words, Arjuna trembled

in fear. With joined palms he bowed before

Krishna and addressed him stammering.”


“O Krishna, it is right that the world delights

and rejoices in your praise, that all the saints

and sages bow down to you and all evil flees

before you to the far corners of the universe?

How could they not worship you, O Lord? You

are the eternal spirit, who existed before Brahma

the Creator and who will never cease to be. Lord

of the gods, you are the abode of the universe.

Changeless, you are what is and what is not, and

beyond the duality of existence and nonexistence.

You are the first among the gods, the timeless spirit,

the resting place of all beings. You are the knower and

the thing which is known. You are the final home;

with your infinite form you pervade the cosmos.

You are Vayu, god of wind; Yama, god of

death; Agni, god of fire; Varuna, god of water.

You are the moon and the creator Prajapati,

and the great-grandfather of all creatures. I bow

before you and salute you again and again.

You are behind me and in front of me; I bow to

you on every side. Your power is immeasurable.

You pervade everything; you are everything.

Sometimes, because we were friends, I rashly said,

“Oh, Krishna! Say, friend!” – casual, careless remarks.

Whatever I may have said lightly, whether we were

playing or resting, alone or in company, sitting

together or eating, if it was disrespectful, forgive

me for it, O Krishna. I did not know the greatness

of your nature, unchanging and imperishable.

You are the father of the universe, of the

animate and the inanimate; you are the object of

all worship, the greatest guru. There is none to

equal you in the three worlds. Who can match

your power? O gracious Lord, I prostrate

myself before you and ask for your blessing. As

a father forgives his son, or a friend a friend, or

a lover his beloved, so should you forgive me.

I rejoice in seeing you as you have never been

seen before, yet I am filled with fear by this vision

of you as the abode of the universe. Please let me

see you again as the shining God of gods. Though

you are the embodiment of all creation, let me see

you again not with a thousand arms but with four,

carrying the mace and discus and wearing a crown.”


“Arjuna, through my grace you have been

united with me and received this vision of my

radiant, universal form, without beginning

or end, which no one else has ever seen.

Not by knowledge of the Vedas, nor

sacrifice, nor charity, nor rituals, nor even by

severe asceticism has any other mortal seen

what you have seen, O heroic Arjuna.

Do not be troubled; do not fear my terrible

form. Let your heart be satisfied and your fears

dispelled in looking at me as I was before.”


“Having spoken these words,

the Lord again assumed the gentle form of Krishna and

consoled his devotee, who had been so afraid.”


“O Krishna, now that I have seen your

gentle human form my mind is again

composed and returned to normal.”


“It is extremely difficult to obtain the vision you

have had; even the gods long always to see me in

this aspect.

Neither knowledge of the Vedas, nor

austerity, nor charity, nor sacrifice can bring the vision

you have seen. But through unfailing devotion,

Arjuna, you can know me, see me, and attain union

with me.

Those who make me the supreme goal

of all their work and act without selfish attachment,

who devote themselves to me completely and are

free from ill will for any creature, enter into me.”

And so it goes, in the greater cosmos,far away from this Mosh-Pit of appetite. In the free air, in the rarefied atmosphere, where celestial entities dance for joy upon the mountaintops of this world. In that time, when there was more light and less matter, in the infancy of the world. Before we had forgotten ourselves, and now wander sightless in the kingdom of the blind, there was a time when all was well. That time is still the present on the higher planes, and one must go there for any hoped-for succor. Here, the cannibal reavers are dreaming of human flesh and they will have it, through one venue or another. However, wherever it may be happening, on the dismal streets of burning cities, where people are pressed up against the driven crowds, Joy and her sisters are far, far off, BUT... not HERE and here is wherever The Indwelling is present and gone when it is not. Be present.

End Transmission.......

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