Thursday, June 19, 2014

To Prioritize the Light Within.

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Greetings Dear Friends; I am surprised and pleased that so many of you liked the video. I got a nudge and wink from the invisible to do this and as usual, they are ahead of the game in all ways. It has been my expectation that I would move into this newer medium. It is probably past time for it. So I shall announce that there will be (give or take) two fifteen minute videos each week. Once I get into the groove it should flow easily. Okay then, on to the post because I'm halted in my work here for awhile because I have to wait on others for certain things which I would be glad to get at myself but I suspect that might meet with some resistance. It's unfortunate that I am separated by such distances from certain friends because we could have this place going in at a much faster clip were we closer. I think I'll just get on the tile work for the moment and see how that goes. On to the post.

Prioritizing thought is an idea that crosses my mind often. Some might think that continuous spontaneity is the key to a successful interplay with the ineffable. So many of us are rebellious in our consciousness because we are surrounded by influences visible and invisible that are seeking to suck us into unfortunate states of mind. We are in the most critical of times and as has oft been stated here; there is a war for souls going on. No matter what filter or lens we may presently see life through, this is a time of cosmic harvest and even a casual exercise (were there such a thing) of Broad Daylight Awareness will show one that this is true and that there is an intentional cabal of hijacked entities; a not so loose amalgam of general Satanists, Tribe Satanists, Atheists, politically correct Nazis, Moral Relativists, Corporatists and a variety of entrepreneurial opportunists who are all buzzing around a massive mountain of toxic wastes like flies in a cow pasture. Here is just one example of things going on in the world around us, note the horns. It's a war of ideologies that is backed by the most powerful and pervasive media machine ever. The level of insanity is breathtaking and the pandering to the lowest level of human expression is being rabble roused out of the pit by an army of cheerleaders, operating out of an entertainment juggernaut with only one purpose in mind; could it possibly be any more transparent? The level of craziness is mindblowing.

Prioritizing thought and even feeling can go a long way to minimalizing the level of conflict that one experiences in the day to day and maximizing the potential for success otherwise. Every little life out of the billions taking place here is some expression of the divine impulse, working itself out through the dynamics of the day to day. In most cases it is not unlike that of moths playing kamikaze games with a candle, or an example of any number of self destructive activities, brought about by an inability to govern base impulse; an impulse whose intensity is jacked up by an onslaught of images and sounds, the like of which has not been seen at any time in the course of recorded history.

Unless a person can get their heads into some semblance of order, disorder is a given. Unless you do one thing, another thing is the inevitable result. You can't simply stand still because the current in the river will carry you even if you think you are standing still.

There are any number of mindsets that have come about with the intent to help us to prioritize our thoughts and feelings; "love others as I have loved you", see god in everyone etc. This isn't always easy because we get convinced that we have to love all these undesirable personality constructs but... we do not. We are only asked to love the spark of the infinite within them. We are encouraged to love the greater potential in each other and by a focus on that to draw it forth from them. This is precisely the reverse of what is happening through the efforts of the other side of the equation. You are confronted with forces seeking to suck you down and those seeking to draw you up. The kicker is that the latter requires an effort on your part. You must strive and you must yearn. All of us have fallen in love at some point, or thought we did, until the shine went away. This is because our mistaken attraction was focused on the temporary side of the attraction and being temporary, well, do the math. This is why, unless you love what is eternal in others, it won't perpetuate so... prioritize the eternal. Loving the eternal in another will invoke it.

Whatever stage of your life you may find yourself in, you must remember that, not only is that stage temporary but that every stage brings certain conditions of being into being. If you are on the right track, if you are perpetuating what is eternal within you, it will grow and in each stage it will bloom into a new expression of itself. The road of depravity does the same in reverse. Earlier in my life I was consumed by any number of great passions. My life was an ongoing response of the poetic side of my nature to the possibilities of the moments expressions. However, as I moved from stage to stage, the nature and meaning of my pusuits changed all by itself because, although my pursuit of the ineffable was often obscured by temporary image, it was always the light I was after in the cloud of unknowing. These days my heart lifts toward the divine far more often than it ever did because of the transiting of the stages of my being.

Some things make you old and some things keep you young. We might be confused about what these things are, given that we are lied to without respite but... the fact that it is true is beyond debate. Others have found it and that is because they prioritized their passions. Look at the faces of some of these people:

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

It is indisputable what these faces portray:

Paramahansa Yogananda
Paramahansa Yogananda

You can find any number of the faces of men and women who shine forth with an inner light because their love of the inner light proved greater than their love of anything else.

Broad Daylight Awareness will show anyone that what surrounds us is perishable and should that be our focus we will take upon ourselves the appearance of what is perishable. Our wits will depart as our light dims. We are given an amount of light and we can see the expression of it in youth. As our life becomes a litany of compromises as we go, our light is increasingly more veiled. Either the divine shines out from us or the divine departs and recedes because we have no greater interest in it. The divine does not stay where it is not welcome and loved. If you love something else more, you will be handed over to it for the purpose of demonstration. EVERYTHING here is for the purpose of demonstration. Life is an ongoing demonstration of what works and what does not work. What confuses us is that it looks like certain things work because we are observing from a narrow window of time. If we were to step back and further back we would get the panorama aspect and we would see what price worldly success comes at. In this time of flash and instant gratification that force becomes, seemingly, the most powerful feature of the day. This is a time of the exercise of base appetites and any student of scripture knows that these periods of existence have been predicted in the texts of every faith. "Where there is no vision, the people perish"... oh generation of vipers and so on and so on. Whenever an age transits you can expect massive change, as what is enduring is transformed into its new aspect and what is scheduled for recycling gets plowed under.

You can't allow your state of mind to be lowered, or allow depression and dispair to enter in. When it looks so hopeless all around you, you can wind up feeling hopeless too. Without a constant, continuous focus on the inner light you don't stand much chance. Meditation naturally will lead one to states where one can move through these things with a sureness and certitude, even a serenity that one did not previously have.

Yesterday, I found myself getting upset about something. It was a justifiable upset, seen from a certain perspective... and I was going back and forth with it in my mind when the ineffable came in and said, "Watch yourself. This is not the way you want to go. Why do you not come to me about these things? Am I not capable of taking care of anything and everything that comes up? Do I not exist in your life precisely for this purpose? This is what you do not do Visible, not nearly enough. If you bring everything that becomes a matter of concern to my attention, I will take care of it. There is nothing that I cannot handle and handle easily." It went on in a powerful and beautiful way.

This struck me to the core in the manner it was presented to me and I understood where I had been falling short. I was preempting the job description of the ineffable with my own woefully inadequate talents in that direction. It is a trememdous load off of the mind to understand the difference between what you can do and what is not your concern. It really hit me. It hit me in a meaningful way. I realize now that it is that persistent anxiety over results that troubles us. How will it turn out if I don't interfere and take steps? Yet every teacher I have ever had any faith in tells me the same thing. Leave it all in the hands of the ineffable. This applies, even when it doesn't seem to be working out because, IT DOES AND WILL WORK OUT and you are only being tested to see what the level of your resolve might be. Faith, Certitude and Determination!!! Faith, Certitude and Determination!!! Walk the talk and it will speak for you.

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I will seek to get a video up this evening and I will be gone for several days starting tomorrow so... try to stay out of trouble (grin).

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Friday, June 13, 2014

On Not having Boat Drinks in the High Tower.

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Today is June 13th. It is also a Friday the 13th and a Honey Moon. As for the astrological side of it, as is usual with so many astrologers there is such a blizzard of associations and intersecting WTF's that no clear picture can occur but which give a wide spectrum of handy info for 20-20 hindsight. I don't know what any of this means but probably hardly anyone else does either.

Here's an interesting take on what many of us already know about the Satanic side of organized religion. I'm going to take exception to this use of the devil's hand signs and yet one more time post the photo of one of India's greatest saints in the last several centuries, RamaKrishna:

Lord Ramakrishna

I will also bring attention, once again, to photos of me holding my hands in similar fashion:

Les Visible

This occurs in states of heightened awareness, brought about by meditative states or the ingestion of psychedelics. My hands go into moving mudra during the aforementioned states because, for whatever the reason, I had a massive kundalini experience at the age of 21 that has impacted on my entire life and, no doubt, always will.

Let me be brief in the analysis of this consideration; THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER. Both good and evil draw their capacity to perform from the same well. All evil and compromised secret societies have taken everything they know from perverting the teachings and truths of the societies of light. In this Kali Yuga the corruptibility factor for seekers after the light is great and there are many who have fallen under the spell of The Shadow; think of the tale of Saruman and you can understand how powerful secrets came to be stolen from those whose task was and is the protection and preservation of them.

On the other hand, powerful angels watch over the secrets of the light and nothing gets stolen that they are not aware of beforehand. This all happens for (drum roll) the purpose of demonstration. The most important secrets are never in danger of being shanghaied. It should be stated here that it is an impossibility for a corrupt consciousness to comprehend the higher mysteries at any time. Even if they came into possession of them it would do them absolutely no good and there is a good chance they would be incinerated on the spot. At no time are we in any danger if we are not deceived. Because there is no power that can harm us so long as we are sheltered beneath the eternal wings.

You can ask, "why would a deity who purportedly loves us, expose us to such relentless temptations and difficult conditions, given the inherent weakness of human nature?" It is hard to grasp sometimes, while at the same time we can see how we have, each of us, fallen many times, yet we are still here and we still aspire because forgiveness and mercy are always at hand. It seems that the real problem to look out for is getting to the state where one is resistant to the act of seeking forgiveness; where one has convinced oneself that they are right and become deaf to the advice of their better angels. So... it's not like we are set up to fail and then denied any redemption. It's our decision not to seek it. It's up to us if we become stiff necked and proud beyond measure in the extreme paucity of our knowledge. There are only a few ways that we go wrong. Sure, you can point to a multitude of errors and expressions of bad judgment but they all come from just a few points of origin.

I've pointed out that telling line from The Lord's Prayer; "Lead us not into temptation" on several occasions. That should be an eye-opener, but for many there is an automatic snooze factor that kicks in whenever they are faced with some knotty conundrum of a question that puts them outside their comfort zone, or which might require some kind of undesirable change in their nature. This is visibly apparent in Fundieland. It's also apparent in Iconoclastia and Ecclectica. It shows up everywhere that people become convinced they are right to the degree that they no longer rigorously field-strip everything that passes before their mind's eye. This is yet one more example of why, "I don't know" is among the most powerful mantras that there are and probably why it was given to me by The Man on the Beach. There are some others that have deeper and deeper meanings, imports and importance as you go; "Be still and know that I am God", "Cave Dei Videt" (beware, God is watching) and "Leave good footprints". I have to smile when I think that somewhere, someone, for sure is saying, "Right Visible, I don't think that's been the case with you." It's an admonition folks, not a statement of policy; much as I might wish it to be. However... the jury remains out on many things as to motive, meaning and final result. I'm content to leave the summing up in the hands of The Great Summoner.

When we observe the seeming unfairness of existence and the ongoing frustrations so many of us experience, while the worst among us prosper and have boat drinks in the High Tower... it can be trying to say the least. The hardest job any of us is confronted with is to break through the years of enforced negativity that has made its way into the subconscious, where we are often unaware of the influence that it exerts on our every day existence. This is another reason and one of the BIGGEST reasons to insulate your life with spiritual disciplines, especially meditation and prayer and ESPECIALLY to remember that prayer is a conversation when it is at its most effective. After all, if you are going to ask something, should you not expect an answer? When do you not expect an answer? Most likely is it when you are speaking to someone who is deaf (would you do that?) or dead, or non existent (would you do that?). Any of that sounds like an expression of futility and impotence. Would you go through the trouble of planting something that had no hope of breaking out of the ground?

Think of the subconscious as The Earth and that we seed it every day with our thoughts and feelings. We always have done. Ergo, weeding is one of our (should be) chief concerns where we have planted undesirable things. Following that we plant desirable things. It should go without saying that nothing grows that is not watered and exposed to sunlight, except mushrooms and a few other things... maybe and most of them don't see the light of day because they should not see the light of day. I'm not knocking mushrooms and I'm aware of Ginseng (grin).

It doesn't matter how many times we have been wrong. It doesn't matter what crimes we may think ourselves guilty of. The only unforgivable crimes are the ones which bring one to the point where they sneer at redemption because one has then put themselves in that situation; right? Short of that one need only go to the cosmic laundry for whiter whites and brighter colors. One should give up the ghost every night and awaken reborn, imagining themselves reborn in the light of a new day. One should awaken filled with vigor, expectation and promise. This is how it should be. When it is not it means we are being weighed down by that which we have not addressed and we're going nowhere fast until we do. Do not measure the ineffable by your own being. Do not engage in anthropomorphism. Do not construct a God who is only a bigger you. Such a God is not as forgiving as the real ineffable and is lacking in various areas of critical need. We are 'vessels' and 'vassals', nothing more. We are defined by what fills us and by whom we serve and as the song says. "You got to serve somebody." Regardless of how independent you might think yourself to be, you are not. You are in service to something. It is best you decide on who that will be. Become a conscious servant. What do you think the divine is? Is the divine some autocratic bureaucrat sitting in that great hierarchy in the sky? The divine is the greatest servant of them all and a veritable slave to love. Can we do better?

Start today. Start now. Whatever may have gone on before does not need to continue. At all times the light is pouring down. Walk in it and you accomplish that by going about all of your business as if it were the divine who were performing it. This is true in any case because that is the source of all power and the rightness and wrongness of any of it is defined by intention; not forgetting, as has been said by 'someone', "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions" The Master did not say this himself. If like attracts like then good attracts good. That's how I see it.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

More than Any of These Things and All of These Things.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I keep thinking about that life fraught with difficulties thing which I attempted to address in the last episode. I suppose one of the reasons is that I am in such a situation for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is transiting out of a familiar environment of 15 years duration. That's 3 times longer than the other longest period of duration previous. The other periods of duration only got to five years once. One might say that the consistency of that period haunts the uncertainty of this one. It's not as if I were looking into the face any of the major concerns that some people face such as starvation, no water, eviction or whatever is going around these days, including plague and the sudden discovery that you live in a really bad neighborhood AND you signed a lease. It's more along the lines of not knowing what's coming and measuring what I have to do against my ability to do it. None of these things have redlined yet. It's more a matter of it being all in the mind. It is all in the mind isn't it?

I've tried to point up areas of endeavor that will ensure a better potential for whatever it is you are going to run into and which can also seriously affect whatever that might be as well. One of them is meditation. We've mentioned that. Another is mind control; not to be confused with things like Silva Mind Control, Tavistock or MKUltra. It involves standing at the gateway of the mind and not allowing anything into it that is not reflective of the ineffable. This is what you do when you are not meditating. Another practice is to have a positive mindset at all times and that is no easy thing because you have to take it all on faith and your faith has to be greater than any situation that comes along to challenge it. On a positive note, concerning maintaining a positive mindset... do you really have a choice? I won't explain that. It should be self explanatory and if it isn't yet, it will be, if you think about it.

There are a few key assets you need to have to make it through this body breaking, soul crushing experience, called 'life as we know it in these perilous times'. If you have these things you have a chance. Without them, only a gambling junkie, devoid of good sense would bet on you. You need faith, certitude and determination. You need to meditate on a regular basis and you need to control the mind but... more than any of these things and all of these things, you need Love.

If you try to find Love in the world around you, you could get lucky for a time but the Love in the world is like a seasonal flower and even though some of them might hold their bloom for a time ... the bloom comes off eventually. The petals fall and the force of the attractive no longer has the adhesion it had. It lacks the motivation that inspired it, when it looked like what you wanted and then turned into what you did not. This is the primary reason that the only Love worth pursuing is divine love because divine love is a perennial and it is always Spring. It is forever and right now at the same time. It is the absolute fullness of the moment and the promise of unending perpetuity and if any one of us possessed an awareness of the higher sciences as they existed in times of greater light, you would know that all of this is a provable scientific fact. It's real. Nothing else is. The irony is that what truly is cannot be seen with mortal eyes and everything else is everywhere to be seen. Enjoy whichever aspect of your free will choices you choose to make.

Finally the good weather has arrived for more than one and a half days (grin). It's a pleasure to have the sun come slipping though the skylight in the morning, like it did this morning and why I am at the keyboard at 7:00 AM with the rest of the movie from last night, "Waitress", which is a real joy and gives a whole new meaning to the art of baking pies. I'm learning not to project into the Land of What If on the continent of Maybe, Maybe Not. That's a pretty crowded part of the planet and Mr. Visible is not crowd friendly. No one has much fun in projection land, except maybe for the act of projecting, which some people seem to favor simply because they like that wishing and hoping thing and are not inclined to look at the mound of whatever that is in the other hand. I have learned to pay attention to what's in the other hand, if only due to the weight of it (grin).

The Russian Spruce has filled the cathedral ceiling on the left side of this living space and the incline wall beneath it as well. I am not inclined to turn and look at the other side of the ceiling and wall. I expect that will fill up at some point too. The thing about projection is that we don't have to do that ourselves when we have someone in residence who is so much better at it than we are. There's this saying I heard that states, "Let go and let God." It's hokey enough but true I suspect for all that.

I've been remiss at something, being as busy as I am. It used to be if something occurred to me more than once, there was adequate time to engage with and take care of it. Now things come and go in my head but I'm busy at something else. In any case I wanted to give out public thanks to Dr. Glenn Dormer for flying in all the way from Sweden to spend a week with me and to build a stairway to my loft that will probably be there when the pyramids are dust and will certainly still be standing when the rest of the house has fallen into the eventual decrepitude that all impermanent things must confront one day and that's no projection, that's a fact of life. I imagine this stairway could handle as much traffic as the Spanish Stairs and still be there as long as. That traffic could be a reality if my rock star status heads up into some greater profile but like so many things, my hearts probably not into that (grin). In fact, I know it isn't, despite the intensity of poignant dreams that have come to haunt my nights of late. I seem to have stumbled upon a doorway into things that once were but never were as they came to be; a place where things take place in the way we imagined them but not as we experienced them.

I'd forgotten what a great film "Waitress" is. I'm a sucker for thing like this. "The Girl Next Door" (2004) and "Interstate 60" does that to me as well. My father, who on any account was not a nice man, once said to me, "You're a dreamer." He meant it in that way that implied these dreams, whatever they might be, would not come true, mostly because they hadn't for him. Well, I suppose he was right as far as it goes, in respect of whatever I might have been dreaming about at the time but we don't know where we're supposed to go, especially not with our having usurped the province of the true helmsman/woman/it (Do I really have to do that? I saw a comment somewhere from someone who was responding to one of the multitude of politically correct nonsense going about these days. It has to do with disenfranchising the word 'he' and replacing it with 'hse'. He said that that did not embrace the totality of the needs for all and the proper terms should be s/h/it. Heh heh... uh huh.

About dreaming... there's the big dream that encloses all of us in the vast glimmering spider web of Maya. She (he? it?) spins that web of false light theater everywhere between the borders of that stage so great that nearly everyone is standing on it (pushing and shoving) and almost no one is sitting in the audience. Then there are all the dreams within the dream that is being dreamed and this is all because the divine is sleeping in the great majority of us. Then there is what I call the dream spiral that true dreamers embark on and which goes through progressive levels of awakening, right up the spinal channel into the higher and higher estates of consciousness, into godhead and immortality. Like Lao Tzu said: "He who is useful is immortal." This is why karma yoga is listed among the greats. As you strive in service, the lifeblood of eternity climbs up to the top of the tower, slays the black knight on the way and frees the princess from the chamber. Many fairy tales are all about illustrating deeper truths. Life itself does this every day in the examples of all of the surrounding lives that the careful observer can take note of. The lessons are everywhere and some of them are telling indeed.

What throws most people is (as has been said many times) they only see one side of the Mobius Strip. Everything doesn't get sorted here... or so it appears but then... due to ignorance of the other side of the Mobius Strip, we don't know what people were up to before any particular go round. Everything is karma, save for grace and it's said that even that is more or less based on it. In these times the only sure route is Bhakti Yoga because of the power of Materialism. Love cuts through it like a knife through warm butter. It is the channeling of sexual force that lights your lantern, which is what that parable about the five foolish and five wise virgins is all about. It's hard to find your way through the darkness without a light; something like a miner's head lamp.

Intensify your focus. Like they say, "concentration is the secret of the magical art" and- "all magic is in the will." Of course you have to figure out which will that is and learn not to impede it. We can think of the magical art as anything we wish it to. A rather notorious magician once said, "magic is anything I say it is." Determining what your magic is; the pursuit thereof is key to the process and there is no greater magic than Love. I'm not pushing the performance end of generating phenomena. I'm pushing an alliance with Love as the source of wisdom and understanding and the sure and certain capacity of love to steer you right. For me, the only valid magic is the effort to increase your love until it overwhelms you... and it will, should you be unflagging. This is what the magic of light is all about; a continuous and incremental increase of Love's awareness within. Everything else is some form of delusion and at present... delusion is manifest to the sound of a million jackhammers tuning up on the street where you live.

Time to go as I expect others to roll in shortly... hopefully shortly. Once again Dr. Dormer, thank you so much for walking the talk and blessings upon you. That said and... this being Sunday... Aloha and

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 02, 2014

Madness is Only a Seashell Beyond the Sea's Reach

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You know how it is. You walk around in the world and most of the time it just looks like it always does. The mountains are still there (if you live by the mountains). The ocean is still there (if you live by the ocean). The seashells come and go. The sidewalks and streetlamps, as well as the crowds of people, are still there (if you live in the city). It's back of the Hollywood setup where other things are taking place; back where the two by fours hold up the fake house fronts. It's where things like this are going on. The war is everywhere. The war against you and I is in full swing and it's an unholy war being engaged in by the perennial Tribe/Satanists/Atheist combine. In The Ukraine where the Zionists committed The Holodomor they have now taken over the highest political positions in the country.

In Zio-run Chicago, where 9/11 conspirator and practicing Satanist, Rahm Emanuel is rocking the madness and his horned master is tapping his cloven hooves to the beat, death is everywhere it seems. Perhaps you will note the number of women being shot for no apparent reason. This is something quite odd and looks like a very calculated affair. It doesn't appear to be indicative of the usual gang activities. Something is up with that.

Of course, the relentless black helicopter tanks of the PC monsters grind onward ceaselessly and the rehabilitation work on the behalf of absolute scum continues apace. This particular online periodical is worth a look to see who the large majority of the writers are and what the overwhelming focus of the subject matter is. I started out my internet writing thing at a forum there, called The Best of the Fray. It was a hotbed of self important, liberal intellectuals crossing swords with right wingers and you can imagine how I fared with the topics I presented. It was a free for all. The outrage, on the day I was made a gold star poster, was something to see. The scene got dismantled and they all migrated to wherever the new arguments were to be had and I went on to this.

Okay, as is usual, I've tiptoed through the Belladonna (to the windowsill) for a short time in the posting and now, we will shortly move on to our real intentions, sooner or later. The madness of places like San Francisco continues to press forward to where the earth will soon shake in outrage. It would be comical were it not so tragic. Due to PC concerns they can do nothing about The Rat Lady. We know about Afghanistan and why the International Consortium of high ranking politician and banker drug dealers, directly associated with the ones who committed 9/11 and then blamed it on Afghanistan, marched their killers into the land. We now know there are other reasons as well. It's all high comedy at the moment, except that horror lurks in the wings behind nonsense like this. It's all about rendering the important things absurd and I'm not talking about religion, which has been absurd for a long time. I'm talking about the incomprehensible truth and beauty that religion conceals. There is some really weird shit going on. I was puzzled about that very dramatic article, concerning popes and child sacrifices, as well as the naming of so many important others. Something didn't seem right; not that they wouldn't get up to such things and not that they aren't, in fact, up to these things. Something wasn't right and... as is my nature, my mind, on its own, probes and probes until the truth comes out or the lie is revealed.

So it is that I came across one Kevin Annett. He's been a busy little bee, our Kevin Annett, hasn't he? The litany of this fellow goes on and on. Oh what the heck, there are pages and pages on this fellow but... there was nothing about him in that article and this court in Brussels seems to not be a court at all. I may be guilty on occasion of not fully having researched something but I do not rest until I get it right, nor to I claim it must be so. I use disclaimers. I owe you that much and I owe myself that much. This leads me to where I have been headed since I sat down to write this piece.

In my last posting I declared that... in my opinion, Edward Snowden is a disinfo shill and if not, then at best he is a tool. He's also a whiny and ungrateful fellow and I've no use for him. Did he or did he not destroy all those files which were, allegedly, the reason for his flight and so forth? But this is all secondary to the fact that he believes the outrageously nonsensical official story about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon. Once again, someone appears on the scene like Julian Assange and says a whole lot of nothing important, so as to misdirect the attention of the world from what's really going on. Of course, there was something to be said about the extent of the spying but we already knew about that. It's been clear for awhile just how intrusive, brutal and corrupt our governments have become under the heel of international bankers.

As a result of what I said, there are people who have objected to my saying it, or felt I was incorrect and when I didn't ameliorate the situation, or play the diplomatic angle that one might expect from someone like me, doing the work I do, I expect I may have alienated someone or other here or there. That kind of thing is bound to happen and I pretty much expect it. I'm going to try to be crystal clear here and hope I can reach each and every heart so affected. I am sincerely sorry when I offend someone in the course of my work. Unfortunately, given what I do, it is unavoidable. If there were ever someone who knows the difference between fair-weather friends and real friends and a friend and an acquaintance. It would be me. For whatever the karmic reasons may or might have been, I've experienced the very worst kind of treachery in my life; teaching moments, no doubt ...but... I never seem to learn. I keep trusting people and hoping they are what they say they are but more often than not, when push comes to shove or when times get tough- more often then not, people will fail you. On the plus side, I do have a lot of friends, real friends and many of them I don't even know and, of course, I've got my invisible friends which, by this time are a proven commodity to more than just me.

I have to walk a fine line and regardless of the small minority who have their gripes, since I stepped on one of their frogs; didn't share their level of self appreciation, didn't take them as seriously as they do, don't cater to their self importance, or whatever, as I said in last night's radio show, I don't take myself seriously so how can I take anyone else seriously. None of us are as important as we think we are, nor are we correct as often as we think we are. Many of us are impulsive and then when we realize it later, it's too much to backtrack on. If we can't admit we are wrong and if we can't be properly chagrined at our errors, we aren't going to get very far. I'd like to think I do this and I am working on it full time. There is no project greater to me than continued self improvement and I am fully open to whatever changes need to be made and whatever difficulties I have to pass through. I fail again and again at doing things perfectly but I will never cease trying and in the end, as it's been said, " a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise". Of course there are a lot of ways to take that quote (grin). William Blake said that "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

The point is, I deal with many, many multiples of circumstance each and every day. I deal with large numbers of people, some of whom I will never meet. As it stands, I do the best I am capable of and I sincerely give my all to the task but I cannot expect perfection in all my endeavors and no one else should either. It's easy to snipe at anything from the outside. It all looks different from the inside. Each of us has to remember how difficult it is for any one of us to be ourselves all the time. Then there is the matter of personality. No way does any personality mesh effortlessly with every other. It doesn't happen. Then there is the matter of mirror projection. People project their own shortcomings and dishonesties upon others. They believe the motives of others are like their own motives. This is not the case. So it is that we all have to live with other people thinking we are just like them, which we are not.

I had no ill to say about Snowden until just the other day. Even though there were some number of people who considered him a fraud from the getgo and expected me to share their view. I do not share anyone's view until I share it. I had a woman get on my case a year or two ago because I stated that Julian Assange was a fraud (which he is). She said he could not be a fraud because he was an Australian. That's a hell of an argument isn't it? I didn't know what to say to her and I never heard from her again.

People come and go around here for whatever the reason. It takes a lot of time and interplay for me to consider someone a friend. I'm in no hurry for it. I have to do my job right, regardless of whatever inconsistencies or otherwise may appear here and there, I have to try at least. If it works for you, it works for me. So... all that said, if you're put off by my take on Snowden, I'm sorry but... I'm not going to change it based on what he has revealed about himself and if I don't play the personality games you desire of me that isn't going to change but... I will change in many other ways, every day and so will you, if you choose to. Like it or not, we're in this together, so the best thing we can offer is some small degree of latitude for one another as we go on our way.

End Transmission.......

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