Monday, June 02, 2014

Madness is Only a Seashell Beyond the Sea's Reach

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You know how it is. You walk around in the world and most of the time it just looks like it always does. The mountains are still there (if you live by the mountains). The ocean is still there (if you live by the ocean). The seashells come and go. The sidewalks and streetlamps, as well as the crowds of people, are still there (if you live in the city). It's back of the Hollywood setup where other things are taking place; back where the two by fours hold up the fake house fronts. It's where things like this are going on. The war is everywhere. The war against you and I is in full swing and it's an unholy war being engaged in by the perennial Tribe/Satanists/Atheist combine. In The Ukraine where the Zionists committed The Holodomor they have now taken over the highest political positions in the country.

In Zio-run Chicago, where 9/11 conspirator and practicing Satanist, Rahm Emanuel is rocking the madness and his horned master is tapping his cloven hooves to the beat, death is everywhere it seems. Perhaps you will note the number of women being shot for no apparent reason. This is something quite odd and looks like a very calculated affair. It doesn't appear to be indicative of the usual gang activities. Something is up with that.

Of course, the relentless black helicopter tanks of the PC monsters grind onward ceaselessly and the rehabilitation work on the behalf of absolute scum continues apace. This particular online periodical is worth a look to see who the large majority of the writers are and what the overwhelming focus of the subject matter is. I started out my internet writing thing at a forum there, called The Best of the Fray. It was a hotbed of self important, liberal intellectuals crossing swords with right wingers and you can imagine how I fared with the topics I presented. It was a free for all. The outrage, on the day I was made a gold star poster, was something to see. The scene got dismantled and they all migrated to wherever the new arguments were to be had and I went on to this.

Okay, as is usual, I've tiptoed through the Belladonna (to the windowsill) for a short time in the posting and now, we will shortly move on to our real intentions, sooner or later. The madness of places like San Francisco continues to press forward to where the earth will soon shake in outrage. It would be comical were it not so tragic. Due to PC concerns they can do nothing about The Rat Lady. We know about Afghanistan and why the International Consortium of high ranking politician and banker drug dealers, directly associated with the ones who committed 9/11 and then blamed it on Afghanistan, marched their killers into the land. We now know there are other reasons as well. It's all high comedy at the moment, except that horror lurks in the wings behind nonsense like this. It's all about rendering the important things absurd and I'm not talking about religion, which has been absurd for a long time. I'm talking about the incomprehensible truth and beauty that religion conceals. There is some really weird shit going on. I was puzzled about that very dramatic article, concerning popes and child sacrifices, as well as the naming of so many important others. Something didn't seem right; not that they wouldn't get up to such things and not that they aren't, in fact, up to these things. Something wasn't right and... as is my nature, my mind, on its own, probes and probes until the truth comes out or the lie is revealed.

So it is that I came across one Kevin Annett. He's been a busy little bee, our Kevin Annett, hasn't he? The litany of this fellow goes on and on. Oh what the heck, there are pages and pages on this fellow but... there was nothing about him in that article and this court in Brussels seems to not be a court at all. I may be guilty on occasion of not fully having researched something but I do not rest until I get it right, nor to I claim it must be so. I use disclaimers. I owe you that much and I owe myself that much. This leads me to where I have been headed since I sat down to write this piece.

In my last posting I declared that... in my opinion, Edward Snowden is a disinfo shill and if not, then at best he is a tool. He's also a whiny and ungrateful fellow and I've no use for him. Did he or did he not destroy all those files which were, allegedly, the reason for his flight and so forth? But this is all secondary to the fact that he believes the outrageously nonsensical official story about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon. Once again, someone appears on the scene like Julian Assange and says a whole lot of nothing important, so as to misdirect the attention of the world from what's really going on. Of course, there was something to be said about the extent of the spying but we already knew about that. It's been clear for awhile just how intrusive, brutal and corrupt our governments have become under the heel of international bankers.

As a result of what I said, there are people who have objected to my saying it, or felt I was incorrect and when I didn't ameliorate the situation, or play the diplomatic angle that one might expect from someone like me, doing the work I do, I expect I may have alienated someone or other here or there. That kind of thing is bound to happen and I pretty much expect it. I'm going to try to be crystal clear here and hope I can reach each and every heart so affected. I am sincerely sorry when I offend someone in the course of my work. Unfortunately, given what I do, it is unavoidable. If there were ever someone who knows the difference between fair-weather friends and real friends and a friend and an acquaintance. It would be me. For whatever the karmic reasons may or might have been, I've experienced the very worst kind of treachery in my life; teaching moments, no doubt ...but... I never seem to learn. I keep trusting people and hoping they are what they say they are but more often than not, when push comes to shove or when times get tough- more often then not, people will fail you. On the plus side, I do have a lot of friends, real friends and many of them I don't even know and, of course, I've got my invisible friends which, by this time are a proven commodity to more than just me.

I have to walk a fine line and regardless of the small minority who have their gripes, since I stepped on one of their frogs; didn't share their level of self appreciation, didn't take them as seriously as they do, don't cater to their self importance, or whatever, as I said in last night's radio show, I don't take myself seriously so how can I take anyone else seriously. None of us are as important as we think we are, nor are we correct as often as we think we are. Many of us are impulsive and then when we realize it later, it's too much to backtrack on. If we can't admit we are wrong and if we can't be properly chagrined at our errors, we aren't going to get very far. I'd like to think I do this and I am working on it full time. There is no project greater to me than continued self improvement and I am fully open to whatever changes need to be made and whatever difficulties I have to pass through. I fail again and again at doing things perfectly but I will never cease trying and in the end, as it's been said, " a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise". Of course there are a lot of ways to take that quote (grin). William Blake said that "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

The point is, I deal with many, many multiples of circumstance each and every day. I deal with large numbers of people, some of whom I will never meet. As it stands, I do the best I am capable of and I sincerely give my all to the task but I cannot expect perfection in all my endeavors and no one else should either. It's easy to snipe at anything from the outside. It all looks different from the inside. Each of us has to remember how difficult it is for any one of us to be ourselves all the time. Then there is the matter of personality. No way does any personality mesh effortlessly with every other. It doesn't happen. Then there is the matter of mirror projection. People project their own shortcomings and dishonesties upon others. They believe the motives of others are like their own motives. This is not the case. So it is that we all have to live with other people thinking we are just like them, which we are not.

I had no ill to say about Snowden until just the other day. Even though there were some number of people who considered him a fraud from the getgo and expected me to share their view. I do not share anyone's view until I share it. I had a woman get on my case a year or two ago because I stated that Julian Assange was a fraud (which he is). She said he could not be a fraud because he was an Australian. That's a hell of an argument isn't it? I didn't know what to say to her and I never heard from her again.

People come and go around here for whatever the reason. It takes a lot of time and interplay for me to consider someone a friend. I'm in no hurry for it. I have to do my job right, regardless of whatever inconsistencies or otherwise may appear here and there, I have to try at least. If it works for you, it works for me. So... all that said, if you're put off by my take on Snowden, I'm sorry but... I'm not going to change it based on what he has revealed about himself and if I don't play the personality games you desire of me that isn't going to change but... I will change in many other ways, every day and so will you, if you choose to. Like it or not, we're in this together, so the best thing we can offer is some small degree of latitude for one another as we go on our way.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...


in the spring comes new growth....

nothing like being there...

is there

you do a good job,
and I am honored
to call you a friend

Jesus said "Be ye therefore perfect"...

something to strive for anyway

while the parades still passing by


DAD said...

Sir Les, I see that your path is clear . Thanks for doing the hard work you do. We that are listening to our small still voice hear the truths presented here. Peace ,David

Beowulf said...

After alot of drugs and even more intense meditation practices, ive realized that this World Gaia......
is a hell world.

I wonder if there is a way out?

The American Government is the most evil thing this World has ever seen. and America is the Hell Hole of the Hell World.

The point of life is to suffer than die... lol

Im starting to think the only real spiritual salvation........... to resist the American Government at all cost in every-way possible.

If the Powers coming out of NYC and DC are destroyed along with their monuments.....capitalism will die...................

People need to stop protesting the gov and in public spaces......
an occupy wal-mart could be the spark that sets the fuse..

Lets occupy the
Market place....

Big Box stores and all the other Corporate entities.....than when the Gov overreacts we can have our revolution. The trick is to get the Security forces to overreact .........25 people could disrupt the functioning of a
Wal-mart. for wal-mart and the gov are one and the same.....

BCii said...

"The fool who persists in his folly will become wise." I ran into this quote yesterday, in Alan Watts' collection of essays, This Is It and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience. I guess there's hope for me yet. (grin)

Anonymous said...

One of the key things from the Snowden interview was his "confirming" that Bin Laden was in that house, and we really killed him and really HAD his DNA. Total bullshit obviously. Snowden is a scam.

est said...

a grain of salt
goes a long way

L.L.O. said...

I know what you mean about Snowden. I had been skeptical, hopeful, but skeptical of him since the beginning. I recently saw him on a TED talk and my Bullshit alarm started buzzing off the hook.
His mannerisms, tone, and the context of what he had to say seemed so... I don't know. Not right. I tend to trust my intuition and it was screaming that this man is not only a fake but dangerous as hell.
There is something to it Vis...



est said...

you got to love - john prine

'there's a hole in daddy's arm
where all the money goes

jesus died for nothin' i suppose
little pictures have big ears

don't even stop to count the tears
sweet songs never last too longyeyeth THE
on a broken radio'

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, June 02, 2014 9:24:00 PM

"...and really HAD Bin Laden's DNA."

The American government probably does have his DNA.

In public, Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto stated that Bin Laden had died years earlier. I believe she said of kidney or liver disease. She was 'assassinated' shortly after that statement, under circumstances where Pakistani military could have done it (as ordered).

I suspect that Bin Laden's body has lain in a freezer (or equivalent) until some political need arose. Thaw the body out, shoot the body in the head, take DNA samples and photos along the way, and either dispose of the body or return it to the freezer in case of future need.

Add the appropriate 'theater', and "We got him!"

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

barbarossa58 said...

A society that loathes rat lady and worships 'Spiderman'?

BCii said...

Oops. The proverbial fool is "made" wise, he does not "become" wise. Subjectively, there's a world of difference!

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Nothing offending to me regarding your conclusion about Snowden and previously about Assange. I made my way to the same spot too -- even before that revealing interview. I don't mean his NSA revelations. I mean what he revealed about himself. Nobody could have been in his position without having come across an inkling regarding the truth about 911, OBL (he's gone, he's back, he's gone again), Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, etc. With that inkling it only takes a smidge of curiosity to carry you to a confirmation. I say Snowden is either wittingly or unwittingly playing a role in a psy-op along the lines of a limited hangout. Greenwald's slowly dishing the dirt for dollars is quite revealing too. He was good in the Munk debate against Hayden though, so I'll give him that.

Martin Maloney said...

Thanks for the links, documenting the fraudster Kevin Annet.
A couple of days ago, someone by the name of (or using the name of) Cara St. Louis, posted on Veterans Today two of the press releases of the "Court."
Several people, including yours truly, posted comments, disputing the very existence of the "Court."
Even so, others posted comments in praise of Cara St. Louis and the workings of the "Court."
The following day, I did a whois search for the Web site of the "Court" -- it is registered in Canada! I posted a comment with that info -- three times, and nothing showed up. In other words, Cara St. Louis blocked my posts.
I was also delighted to see your taking Julian Snowden -- or is it Edward Assange? -- to the woodshed!

insiam said...

Vis and all,

take 10 mins to take the following test. both my youngest son (17) came out at almost the same spot as 'Gandhi' (well actaully he was a few points off and i was exact to the spot on the grid).

suprisingly we thought that we were quite dissimilar on some issues. but the beauty of the test is that one tends to answer perfectly honestly without having to consider entering to a debate.

you may lear a lot obut yourself and certain about others - freinds, family, aquintences.....

be honest now :)

Anonymous said...

I have spent my life, like Diogenes, trying to find an honest man. Still searching, but one who is committed to looking in the mirror is a start.

insiam said...

please excuse all my typos.

i must read before posting. i must read before posting. i must read before posting :)

actually i often do proof read before posting and never see the typos. i think there is some gremlin in the machine that muddles things up :)

insiam said...

Snowden, Snowden, Snowden!!!

Funny how we can all miss the obvious at times. First thing that rang bells for me was the fact that a whilstle blower doesn't get full time coverage on all of the worlds mass MSM unless they are working for the man.

Shill - yes!

As Vis, i am quite a fan of Putin. But considering that Snowden is 100% shill (and i have posed this question many times) then how come Putin hosted him.

Leaves a big question???

galen said...

This benefactor. . . Likely more than we know. Remembrances of Siddhartha's ferryman.

Oh yeah, it's the river itself. The river going here, going there.

On another note, I mean a note about one hundred and eighty degrees from the previous note. . . Just curious and wanting to know if anyone is experiencing this in their local movie theater: Approximately every half hour a theater attendant walks into the dark room, mid-movie, with a long, funny red light, something like what a Star Wars character might carry, gets to the front, stands there for ten seconds or so and then walks out. First time I saw it (about three months ago) it kinda spooked me. Thought it was some kind of weapon. But then that little voice went off in my head: "It's for intimidation; it's showing you your place." Arrrgh. I've not gone to a movie since where it hasn't happened. So it's routine. Next time I'm there I'll just have to ask for their explanation. Anyone else experience this? Creepy, to say the least. Feels like freedom has a virus.


galen said...

Insiam, to take a test like that on line, well, I might as well stand naked on 42nd St. And then when I'm arrested (or admitted) I doubt I'd be wondering how they knew I was naked.

Can you spell (smell) Profiling?

I know it's hard to avoid; I just don't want to go willingly.


Visible said...

That could be a special light that detects someone filming the film for torrent distribution

insiam said...

@galen ...

i guess your already on the red list due to your net viewing preferences. and if you weren't then the comment you just made would have put you on there.

Can you spell irony :)

insiam said...

PS Galen .....

Just as well that 30% of French voters weren't afraid or concerned too much about being profiled for voting National Front in the recent EU elections. Or that so many Brits voted against the establishment by voitng UKIP.

sometimes you need to be counted!

Anonymous said...

"Tomorrow I will be dead and the rest of you will go on living. Only God knows which of us will be better off." Socrates

"Believe half of what you see, son, and none of what you hear." Marvin Gay

Ever wonder why so many antagonists in horror stories are Doctors?

A good read!


Anonymous said...

Edward snowed 'em? Apparently so.

Fast Eddie is going Hollywood, in a new movie, directed by Oliver Stone -

galen said...

Yeah, I saw that "irony" as I was typing, yet that was one openness I did on my own energy. I don't mind being "counted;" I'd just like it to be a conscious decision on my part so as not to play into anyone's hands, not to be manipulated or exploited. I'm remember only the first line of one of my old poems: 

All polls a ploy to program a people. . .

Pretty much hold to that, except for the first word. Youth tends to make sweeping conclusions. Perhaps today instead of "All," I'd use "Most." 

Guess this comes down to "You Be You, And I Be Me." Forgive my indulgence in cautiousness; so many traps in the current times. I try to avoid them when I can.


DreAmeoba said...

This probably doesn't even need mentioning, but a couple of years ago, you once accused me of being 'full of it', & I was momentarily, (&stupidly) devastated, but a little self-inquiry/criticism revealed that indeed I do need to curb my tendency to let my mouth run ahead of my brain, so the only way to offend me would be if you made a serious, deliberate, recurring attempt to do so.( & I would be surprised you took the time if such were the case)
I wanted to believe Snowden, but was none too surprised when he shown his true colors in that ridiculous 'interview'.....
Anyway, thanks for the work you do, & being the person you are...
Gordon Klock (DreAmeoba)

Eudoxia said...

"People project their own shortcomings and dishonesties upon others. They believe the motives of others are like their own motives. This is not the case. So it is that we all have to live with other people thinking we are just like them, which we are not" - People reveal what they are when that happens, it's a good cue to stay away, the first projection is only the tip of the iceberg.

Edward snowed em alright. I think most are on the same page here re that one. It was the same with Assange a good deal of his so called leaked info continued to implicate Iran as a threat - RIGHT. And yes what has Putin got to do with it all???? That's the million dollar question. How cozy is this <a href=""

Although there are things like this <a href=""

Names of late are interesting the new white house Press Secretary is called Josh Ernest - fancy a nice hot cup of oxymoron anyone? I wonder if they do these things deliberately.

The courts referred to by Annett (providing he's not a total loony) are people's courts and have no power over the elite. Everything is occult including the courts. If you want to know how perverted the whole thing is just pick up a law dictionary. Best to know who you are or rather what you're not if you go to court and I'm sure most here will be familiar with our Strawmen. There are some people over here attempting to take a similar action against certain authorities for corporatizing Australia and Queensland but are sending their writs to the Hague LOL right that's gonna do it! As if the Queen (defendant) is going to come to that party. It never ceases to amaze me how intelligent people can be so naive. Julia Gillard was charged with treason and where did that go? Way over yonder says Carol King..............all things considered the worm is turning and even Malcolm Fraser (Oz ex PM pre Howard) came out and said the Liberty was deliberately sunk by Israel, eluded that 911 was the same and boldly stated the Jewish Lobby had control of the Gillard government's foreign policy - well really? The sheeple have to hear it from some sort of authority before their hypnotic trance is broken, however, the interview was on RT and not any Murdoch network - that'll be the day we know the worm has turned or lays rotting in the garden.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Snowden. Only other time I ever heard that name was in Catch-22.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for describing your "Snowden Stages".
Glad to see your methodical and self imposed set of arguments that you must complete to make a statement.
For me, Snowden was at first rush a welcome and exciting fresh wind, but after time, my cynical part started picking at the edges, until I decided he was playing a game - spy vs spy kind of thing.
I watched only bits of the Brian Williams interview, and was more fascinated by Snow's haircut than what he was saying.
For a refugee, he's got some bucks - always appearing well-fed and well-groomed could I get that treatment as a political asylum seeker?
Anyhow, the hairdo was the final undoing of Snowden for me.

Thank you for all the serious thought and work that you put on regular display. I can't imagine how you are able to generate thoughtful, connected, and coherent monologues, using so many various sources, and to do it on a regular basis.
That's more than a full time job in my eyes, and yet, you also seem to have a life that gives you some measure of peace, contemplation, and friendship.
Thanks so much for it all.

zepheri said...

I use a small red light for worm hunting. It doesn't disturb or alert them as much as say a bright halogen. I'm sure the ushers are doing the same.

Eudoxia said...

Further to the subject of projection I found this excellent blog that explains it in it's extreme pathological form at the Vinyard as follows:

Anonymous said...

US plans 'first strike' on Russia

I think this is one of the main concerns of Russia.

There is a part from an article about who supported Obama finacially during campain (

"Benjamin Ferencz, who wrote the preface to my book on the U.S. war against Iraq, is the last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg war crimes trials. He has described how the lead defendant at the Einsatzgruppen trial, SS-Gruppenfurher Otto Ohlendorf, Ph.D., defended the massacres of tens of thousands of civilians with an argument that is all too familiar today: preemptive self-defense. Ohlendorf told the court that Germany invaded other countries to prevent them from attacking it; that Jews had to be killed because “everyone knew” they supported the Bolsheviks; and that Jewish children had to be killed because, if they grew up and found out what the Germans had done to their parents, they too would become enemies of Germany.

As Ferencz explains, this illegitimate principle of preemptive self-defense is the same one by which Presidents Bush and Obama justify their war crimes today: our fear entitles us to attack countries and kill people to prevent them doing the same to us or our allies at some point in the future."

Are we really really sure that USA will not do something crazy in order to stop their inevitable decline?

Link here

In answer to the last sentence the US is a fatally wounded lion already cornered = RED ALERT

Visible said...

Well Gordon, without details it's hard for me to get a handle on what event you're talking about. I remember nothing about it and thought we were on good terms.

Snowden in Catch 22, Hah!!! Right! How about that?

Thanks for all the kind support folks. The people who got miffed at my Snowden outing have, as usual, dropped of the face of this side of existence.

galen said...

Thanks Zepheri.


wiggins said...

"He can't be a fraud because he is Australian..." Dear, oh dear....remind me again where Rupert Murdoch hails from.

DreAmeoba said...

We were/are (on good terms), I was referring to a moment in the past,wherein I sort of put my foot in my mouth, & spoke somewhat disingenuously & you pointed it out, I apologized, & you assured me that we all say dumb things sometimes (or something to that effect).
This was just before your eventful trip to India, so I would actually be surprised if you remembered something so trivial...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis, for doing your homework on the fraudster Kevin Annett, and linking the material.

There are pages and pages out there on this scammer.

I've done my due diligence as well, over the past year, with a sickened heart. Alas: I was quite the Kevin Annett cheerleader a few years back.

I was forced, in recent times, to conclude that the man is nothing but a shameless, unrepentant opportunist.

I've conversed with one of the "Annett" bloggers: she paid a pretty hefty price for outing him and publishing her research.

I am hoping that other high profile people, who also blog and are promoting Kevin Annett's fraud, like this one for instance, will eventually see the light and hop off his bandwagon as the evidence against Kevin Annett continues to mount.

If you read the article, you'll note there is only ONE comment. Now. There were many more just after it was posted. All approved. All linking the readers to the same material you did. Then all deleted.

The one comment which was not deleted confirms there were others, not in praise of Mr. Annett, of which one was mine.

Thanks again for shining your light.

dirtykid© said...


My jury never actually came back on Snowdon, in some ways it is still out. I suppose the trouble is that 'if' he is little more than a useful tool, that could make much of his 'stolen' materials fodder... That fact alone is frightening when looking at the 'little lie/big lie' history of USG lies and propagandas. Add to that, Snowdon is not the only source of information in this scope (vis-à-vis Hepton VS ATT & a few other minor sources, some of which I've written about one the past). Snowdon is simply more recent information alleging the same big brother database... So if this is little lie, I can barely fathom what big lie might be, unless this is simply bits of truth sneaking out to keep us from asking what money is... Because, that is still the most important thing needing to be understood by the masses.

I suppose the 2nd scenario is a good thing as it implies certain demons are so scared off being discovered they've begun to unravel their own web... But that doesn't "feel" true to me having said it.


Anonymous said...

Well dammit Les he WAS Australian!Sheesh.Aside from that obvious mis-step I`m with you on everything else.Snowden is a smarmy rat and his support of the various official narratives only confirms what I have long suspected.

Glad you have outed the madness that is Kevin Annett.Fellow Canadian that he is,I really wanted to believe his fish tale about Queen Lizzie eating injin babies for the simple reason that it would have shook the combine to it`s core,and just maybe brought to light some of the other horrors committed by that privileged clan of inbred degenerates.Not to be I guess.Ah well 'till next week and the next outrage.

-Dan macDonald

Anonymous said...

Galen's Siddhartha ferryman comment reminded me of a dream. I was riding in a hovercraft discussing truth with others and asked, "what is truth?" I looked up and a benevolent moon replied, "Only the fishermen really know." Interpretation: the ferryman, or basically, "Be still and know that I am God" and then be fishermen (or fishers of men) and teach that to others. Made me think of you Mr. Visible...



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