Monday, February 22, 2016

Waterboarding the Immanentized Eschaton

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Before we get into the important things; whatever those turn out to be, let us mention Trump's comment that waterboarding is not torture, just some kind of mild playfulness and how he supports it. The more I see what is going on through my 'mirror darkly' perspective, the more I am vindicated, in my own mind, in defense of the 'stalking horse' meme. It is much more glaring than the John Kerry/Bush the Stupid formula. It goes without saying that you can't present such a litany of outrageous statements without there being a solid basis for this claim.

Let's see what we can find that we said before and which can be said another way. I can't think of anything new. Try as I might I cannot think of anything new. I did see “Shooting the Warwicks” which, if you like black comedy, is right up there with “Very Bad Things.” This is a unique indie production and it absolutely nails reality TV.. It shows that you can do a whole lot with a minimum of financing.

The more time passes, the more I see the hand of Mr. Apocalypse and the more I am able to generate a large amount of faith in this archetype. Not a day... not a day goes by when I do not see his influence at work. Mr. Apocalypse is employed by someone and that means one's faith can also be increased in the one who employs Mr. Apocalypse. It goes without saying that Mr. Apocalypse cannot be employed by the Prince of Darkness because he 'uncovers' and 'reveals'. He does not obscure or conceal. The definition of the word apocalypse must surely apply to the animated front man who carries out the will of the apocalypse and is a time segment in which the will of the one who sponsors the apocalypse, sees his work accomplished, through that which he has produced for the purpose of the fulfillment of the task.

We talk, occasionally, about the dance of the astrological archetypes, as they pass into new relationships with each other, so that what their interaction implies can be carried out in human affairs for the purpose of demonstration. Our physical, mental and emotional bodies are a unique and specific combination of these planetary forces and just like the planets do, we rub up against one another. What this suggests is that fate and destiny are the musical score that expresses through the relationships of the planets, as the combination of them in our being, vibrates like sympathetic strings to the larger bodies moving in space. In my mind, astrology is a bonafide and legitimate science. The only problem with astrology is the astrologers. One might say that most all of the sciences are potentially bonafide and legitimate, except for the uses they are put to by the scientists, who are paid to justify the agendas of corporations and other powerful interests and to put the stamp of veracity upon them, which is what happens when you emblazon a lie as an imprimatur upon the face of whatever illusion is prevalent in these times of material darkness.

Manifest existence can be compared to many things. One thing it can be compared to is a gambling casino. We're not going to go into all of the intricacies of how this concept can be expressed and proven to at least resemble the idea up to a point. We'll look at only one comparative and that is the games that are played in search of fortune gained. Games like dice and roulette are random affairs. You might get lucky for a little while, when the dice or the wheel tumble and turn in your favor, but... inevitably, you will lose. There are other games like Blackjack and the other poker formats where a person's understanding of the game, or their ability to count what is going on, gives them real odds by which to beat the house. Then there are games where both chance and understanding are present (like Backgammon) and where the knowledge of the players weighs the outcome heavily in the favor of those who understand the moves and strategies. Of course, no matter how good the player is, they will lose a few here and there but they will win overall because they know what is going on.

The game of life is much the same. Someone who has a grasp of the principles in play, is far more likely to be successful than one who lumbers about in the darkness, without any real idea of what is going on.

Of course, at this point one has to consider what success means to them. This is not to say that a seemingly positive outcome will not come about regardless of whether one's motivations are material or spiritual ...but in both cases one will come to know whether or not their success resulted in something they could live with.

It has been said that manifest life is a casino, where the gods bet against each other in terms of the outcome. I've had some evidence that this is true. I can't say that I get it in its entirely but there does seem to be some truth to this and scripture, fables and allegories; spiritual tales contain more than a few examples where the writer has referred to this feature and used whatever medium they were employing to illustrate an outcome.

For many people, the idea of an all encompassing deity is wrapped up in a mist that is generated by the limitations of the human mind and that is where images like, 'through a glass darkly' and 'the cloud of unknowing' comes from. The other predominant feature that has often been mentioned around here is 'anthropomorphism'. If you go looking for the definition of anthropomorphism in general, you will not get the definitive meaning of what we are employing the word for here. You have to go somewhere that our intentions can be discovered, in order to get what those employed at these websites intend. So we thought we would go after something sufficiently complex, like this because then you can grab at least one sound-byte that covers it and maybe even watch a few angels dance on the head of a pin, while you are at it. Heck... you can even bet on the outcome of how many angels remain upright and that goes way back.

Some people are totally obsessed with gambling. They will bet on anything. For some reason they have convinced themselves that at some point, surely, a moment of larger success will arrive. It probably doesn't occur to them that no matter what temporary largesse may come their way, they will, soon enough, risk it all on something else, until eventually they are left with nothing at all.

There is a phrase in the Bible, I think it is Malachi 4-10 where the deity, speaking through someone, probably Malachi (grin) speaking on behalf of the almighty says,“and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” That is what I am gambling on. My idea of gambling is to bet on the sure and certain outcome of the promises of the ineffable. My idea of gambling is to not count upon the promises of this world and rather rely upon the certain conviction that god loves me and will find a way to justify my faith in him/her. Him/her is only inserted in case someone comes wandering in here and has any kind of gender fixation on how the almighty defines itself through whatever vehicle the almighty might prefer... at the time.

If you have come around here often enough, you also know that there are other quotes that we are very fond of and this is one of them; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Consider just for a moment, how beautiful that statement is. Consider the one before it as well and there is many another that exemplifies the wonders of the generosity of the divine. That is what I am gambling on. I am gambling on the certainty that these statements are true. I believe they are. I believe they are far more true than anything the world and its used car salesmen/women have to say about it or anything else.

One of the joys of life is when you have gone too far to turn back, given that you are going in the right direction to begin with. What would that right direction be? It would be that direction that matches the direction of your heart and soul, once the former has swallowed the mind. For some, the right direction is that which results in the rewarding of what can be acquired here. I am not going to judge the correctness of either in any universal sense. I am here to make my own decision based on what my values are and that is for each of us to determine for ourselves. That is the bounty or loss of free will. You can go along with the promise of the world, or you can seek out the opportunity to align your destiny with the will of the ineffable. In other words, you can support or oppose the will of the ineffable. You can walk upon the path of your best interests, as it is known in the mind of the divine, or you can get yourself a steaming mess of pottage in a bowl.

We pray that this missive finds all of you well in this moment and that it will continue through all of your moments until there is only one moment that expands forever, well beyond the reach of any words that are incapable of defining the meaning of it.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Of Kanye and Karma and the Stork of Dharma with a Few Pandavas Too.

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One of the reasons that some of us say, “I don't know,” beyond the powerful and visceral conviction of it is true and that nothing we thought we knew did us much good except in some limited fashion. We might have gotten rich or seemingly powerful or something that most people think they want but in the end it all turned to the painful hindsight that told us we didn't know as much as we thought we did and then we lost whatever we had and we discovered that if there was anything we should have tried to know, we should have put our attention on where we wound up after Dreamworld closed for the season on that particular lifetime.

I was very lucky that my master said, “I don't know,” over and over to me on the day we met, until I had that experience and all that false knowledge I had accumulated and which made me into the person I thought I was, just drained away right out of me. It showed me things about life and the people in it that has served me in good stead through this life but... none of it changed my Karma. Still, there is more than one kind of Karma. There's earned and deserved Karma and there is assumed Karma and yet others too. There's Karma that goes right to work as soon as you leave here and directly accounts for who you are and where you arrive at, once you come down the chute into the material realm again. Then there is deferred Karma that might not go down for a thousand years. This gives you ample time to go to work on the necessary changes that can militate against what happens some thousand years later... not many do but... that's Karma too.

I only mention the latter because we are in one of those phases of existence where the thousand year and thousand years factor is prominent. One of the things I tell myself over and over is that things are not what they appear and wherever I wind up and whatever happens, it was meant to but... a time also comes when earned and deserved serendipity comes around and the longer you have to wait the better it is likely to be. Of course, we might only be talking about hope here but I suspect there is more to it. I know there is more to it because I don't know. I just don't know what that is but 'intuition' accounts for more than most will acknowledge. Intuition is sort of the force that fixes it so you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

The mental breakdowns that are happening to people like Kanye and many another that you haven't heard about yet (because a lot of that is being kept under wraps until it becomes too combustive to conceal) are going to become exponentially greater and greater. That's good news, unless you are one of them, even if you are not rich, or famous, or powerful or whatever it is that people pursue at such great risk, mostly so that they will not have to ponder the inevitable and how little they know about what that means. Any distraction is desirable and it accounts for the televisions and radios and mp3 players and cellphones and so on and so on; whether it's sex or the material sublimation that is food or any of the conditions people engage in that takes their minds off of what scares them or what they don't know how to get satisfaction from because they are stunted or repressed or... whatever the case may be cause there are a lot of cases.

Alcohol, Drugs, Video games; the private sexual encounters that so many indulge in as the fruit of diseased imaginations or things like auto-erotic asphyxiation, which I never understood the point of. Maybe it is because I am a romantic; not to say that some things have not brought me low because that is the most powerful force on Earth, as many who thought themselves high and wise found out. This is why the truly wise are so incredibly humble. They understand whom they must rely on to make it through. If you think you make it through on your own, you are a fool. It is only a matter of time until you find out what you are up against. One gets good judgment as the fruit of the experience of bad judgment. There is a cost to everything. In some cases, no cost is too great. In some cases it isn't worth anything at all and it still costs plenty to learn that.

We've been mentioning critical features of existence lately. They are only critical if certain truths are critical to begin with. If these are not in place then it makes no difference to the person involved and they just go on with whatever it is that obsesses or scares them and they just move in that direction like a horse with blinders and there is a reason that horses have blinders and I am neither promoting nor criticizing the use of blinders on horses. With humans it is a different thing.

Recently I have heard from people in one way or another and that includes telepathically and psychically and... those are two different things, by the way, about Kanye and my view on him and things like Karma and people have their own views on these things. Other people's take on Karma is not the same as mine. Some people reject Karma because of its religions basis and my view of Karma has nothing to do with that and I have explained this in detail but maybe they didn't get the memo. Some people are not comfortable with my use of the term because it seems to justify everything and abandon people to their suffering as if they damn well deserve it and shouldn't be helped for that reason and I never said that either. I do believe that everyone is where they are based on their past actions AND inaction as well but I believe as Buddha said, “Only pursue someone to show them the way.” I believe in compassion and forgiveness and god knows I try to live that way and like so many of us, I am not always successful.

Let's move on to Kanye. He has the impression that he is some kind of privileged god like figure and he can do and say as he likes and he influences a large body of the public and he is not alone. There is a mob of them out there at the moment and they are creating havoc in the world I move through. I see the cultural transitions taking place. I see things like these slut shaming movements and if you want to be a total slut and dress and act like a hooker with no class, decorum or restraint and dance and prance in front of people who take exception to this because they have some kind of presumed out dated moral code, or worse, you are turning on their repressed sexuality but they can't look at you or talk to you and you are creating a monster because they have no self control; chaos gets born and so do different kinds of violence and at the other end you have these crazy religious fundies and the whole thing contributes to this war we engage in on each other and the source of this shit is The Prince of Darkness but this is the time in which every kind of bad behavior is perfectly fine and good behavior is repressive and undesirable because it gets in the way of screwing ten thousand people and thinking you have been made more beautiful as a result and every kid coming up that all of us will have to deal with has the idea that whatever they want to do is fine and it doesn't matter who gets hurt and yadda yadda yadda.

I'm not here to make war on rap. I can't stand it myself and I head on up the highway, or around the corner, or switch it off. It repels me because though I don't know, I can feel and see what is happening with this and I know it was created for a reason and I have even spoken about the people who control the industry and why they consciously promoted this and especially the more violent and degrading aspects of it and you can see how it moved from one stage to another like a terminal illness and now we got the cultural aspect pandemically aroused and it is all part and parcel of the spiritual war against humanity and anyone that can't see what's emergent here is either blind or doesn’t want to but... do I care if people appreciate the medium? Of course not... nor is this even the primary thing because though various points get brought up at these blogs, the intention and almost always the conclusion is an effort to move on to higher ideals and discussions about freeing ourselves from the bondage of our ignorance and taking advantage of the wonderful promise that exists for anyone who will take advantage of the opportunity. 

When the public's mind is dumbed down and appetite become lord then wars and terrible conditions become the fruit of it. I never mean to imply that I am resident in some rarefied state or free of any variety of human limitations that plague nearly all of us in these perilous times. My master won't allow that until a particular hour and for good reason and I have to suffer accordingly and I am okay with that. Kanye and Taylor Twit and the whole Grammy circus and all the rest of the entertainment hypnosis schemers is extremely tangential and off camera to the intent of what gets written, experienced and responded to. All these people and mediums are part of the world of under pressure appearances that are manifested to put the human consciousness in harness and run them like horses with blinders right off a cliff. This is visibly observable. It is backed up by scripture across the board, even compromised history reflects it.

It is not about these people in particular and I am not appalled if someone from some other perspective gets enjoyment from this and... these. Some of my tastes and inclinations have the same effect on others who could never imagine themselves behaving as I do or pursuing what I pursue. I know in the end we all wind up as some part of the body of the ineffable but... it is a long haul. It can take an amount of time that the human imagination cannot comprehend and I would rather that all of you get there sooner rather than later. That is my job. It may be imperfectly done but I am doing my best and no one should have to absorb or agree to those portions that don't apply to them. Take what you find useful and ignore the rest. The other may have nothing to do with you personally. It is like Karma. For me Karma is only about the consequences of action. The consequences of action express themselves in results. What goes around comes around. It is a simple mathematical dynamic for me. It is a basic and fundamental scientific law of creation.

If I have anything to apologize for it is that I am no diplomat. I am direct and often people see it as reaction or my being rude or intentionally hurtful by not showing the skill with the language that they know I possess but there is no emotion in it when I say it, I just don't have the time to play ring around the rosie with people. I state my case and move on. It's not personal. I love the people that come around here and at Facebook. Often I try to come back and ameliorate my helterskelter flying right by comments. Hopefully that memo gets read and there will always come new opportunities when it gets handled better. This isn't the Offal Winfrey Show here or The Incredibly Unfunny Ellen Hour..

Life is serious business at the moment. All kinds of things are going on and though Hell might very well break out in many places, Heaven can just as well emerge somewhere else and I would like all of you to be resident in that latter location. So if I have been a bit blunt and hamhanded here sometimes, remember... much of the time this is not the case and I don't work for any corporation that pays my rent. This is a strictly by the seat of invisible pants operation and it goes on all the time with no expectation but the joy of service. Mistakes get made but they aren't personal. There is very little of that left around here anymore. Neither I nor much else is what it was. 

Recently I feel like I am on LSD all the time. It is sooooooooooo strong and I am told that there is a massive change in awareness going down that has not previously been present and it is going to get stronger and stronger and I'll tell you, that is a bit much to imagine. If one isn't somewhat firmly rooted I could see where it would be a problem and manifest in all kinds of things that one might wish to keep underfoot in order to dance through the right gates. This accounts in a large part for not posting for longer periods of time and no radio broadcasts and a whole lot of sitting quite still and well... we've moved past the verbal on that. I can only say that I really appreciate everyone who comes here and my intention is always to do better and if I ever do offend or hurt you, you must let me know so that I can either clarify that or repair it in whatever way is necessary or possible. Now... go and have yourselves a most profitable and fruitful day in all the right ways.

Monday, February 01, 2016

The Variegated Flowers and Fruits of this Divine Apocalypse.

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{I had been near finished with a nondescript Petri Dish and then stopped for some reason. I thought to complete it several times and did not and then... this evening I had a communication with the ineffable and I realize I should skip this Petri Dish and write an Origami, mostly because of the full disclosure law that prevails here and because sometimes the honest intimacy of one's communications of this order, regardless of how it reflects on me and it has reflected badly and well, more than a few times in the process of doing these postings, is sometimes of real help to the reader, just as it is for me}

Tonight I was standing outside my door and having one of my rare, American Spirit rollups (I can't do many things with the frequency I used to and it has made considerable difference to my well being to back off on certain actions) and reflecting on nothing in particular, when that familiar door opened in the back of my mind and that personal agent of the ineffable began to speak to me;

“I know Visible that I have put you through the grinder in recent years. Through uncanny episodes of seeming misfortune, I have taken all your financial backup away from you. I evicted you from your long residence in Europe, where you existed in a state of relative suspension -career wise- and ended your more or less consistent interplay with ones you loved very much. I rained misfortune down on you on a regular basis, as if that were all there was. I sent you into a series of negative environments and interactions with negative personalities and no matter how much you tried and how hard you worked, I soured your every enterprise. I broke your bones and in neither case did you, or do you, have a clue as to the why of it. I sent you somewhere you had every expectation of a positive outcome and then, through one situation or another, drained away the last of your material backup. Now I have sent you somewhere you have never been and have maintained you in a limbo of WTF, dangling lures with strange bait. You've been streaming through your days in the land of The Seven of Cups, knowing that 8 follows it and knowing, like few do... that with all your decades of study in the science and the time spent in other lives, occupied with similar research, you know very little. The problem with those who become knowledgeable at anything, is that they imagine they have acquired some amount of expertise. You know differently and that is perhaps one of your greatest accomplishments to date. If only this were true of a larger number of people, this world would be a far more pleasant and manageable environment.

“I am in agreement with you that one of the greatest losses among your kind, in these times, is the departure of manners and the coarsening of human nature. As you are well aware, this is one of the trademark certainties of the progression of Materialism through it's stages. This is incidental and more than incidental (as usual) to what I wish to speak with you about this evening and I want you to write about it. I know you will have some hesitation about repeating some of these things and that is one of the positive aspects of your personality that I appreciate. Say it all anyway. Don't concern yourself with what some may assume from any of it. These people would think ill of you regardless of what you do or do not say. It comes with the territory as you like to state now and again.

“It is perfectly understandable that you would be feeling insecure at this point. Wondering if the endless side swiping by invisible cars, on the often, barely discernible highway of life, is ever going to conclude (yes, he does talk like that sometimes and is probably the reason that I do as well, now and again.)

"Not only have you gotten it from behind and from either side, over and over, with no warning but... you've never gotten any kind of an explanation for it. The truth of it should be simple and I know you know what that is but the fact that it keeps swerving into the culvert over and over and over is something you don't get because, on the surface it makes no sense. Surely the point should have been made by now... surely. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place for the answer? You are assessing it all from the conventional perspectives; it is happening for reasons of Karma. It is happening to reduce you to an extremity where you are rendered helpless and have no choice but to rely on me without reserve. You think maybe it is just your portion of the unreasonable result of these unfortunate times. You think you are being brought to a point of utter bewilderment, where you finally come to realize that there is nothing you can do, or not do, that will make the slightest difference. You've analyzed and scrutinized and discovered nothing that can pass for any kind of acceptable answer; nothing complete and comprehensive, you sense, rightly, that something is missing but... you don't know what that is. You feel like you'll know it when you see it but you haven't seen it. By this time you wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself by the side of the road somewhere.

“The truth is, Visible, that I have been setting you up through misdirection. Every thought that has come into your mind over this time, I've put there and everything that hasn't come into your mind, I blocked from entering. I've kept you spinning like a top because I wanted your attention everywhere but on what was really going on. All these things you have been talking about all this time, I have been doing to you, with the end result being exactly the sum of all the things you have been saying all along.

“You remember how you have said that the rewards and blessings that come to one are directly commensurate with the suffering one experiences, in the pursuit of their objective; whatever that objective might be? You remember how you have said that all anyone has to do is want something more than anything else and they are certain to acquire it? You know that the acquisition of anything is no guarantee of one's satisfaction in the possession of it.

“You have said many times that this particular period, provides opportunities for spiritual advancement, unlike anything seen in a long, long time. It is precisely because of the truth of this that so many find themselves awash in overpowering material circumstances and oppressed by ungovernable appetites for the same and that is because everything is assbackwards.

“The reality is that some number of you, a very small number, are fast tracked for enlightenment and liberation, in this very lifetime. Enlightenment and Liberation are inseparable companions. People talk about enlightenment and plenty of pundits and- so called- visionaries, speak extensively about what that means. None of them have detailed it in any way that comes close to the reality of the state. It should be also said that enlightenment has stages, levels if you will, which could be best expressed as degrees of light and qualities of light. At this time, Visible, you have one duty and that is to be absolutely optimistic at all times and deposit every hope and fear,every desire and dream, every imagined thing that you have ever considered, into the bottomless waters of everlasting forgetfulness, so that there can be absolutely no conflict with the soon to be certain presence of true remembering of your real self, which is the same as that within every living being, no matter how far any may be from an awareness of this.

“You are aware of the inexplicable resonance between the ideas presented in these sites and the hearts and minds of many of those who visit. This is the stamp of authenticity of my connection to what takes place here. I am everywhere and wherever I appear and in whatever manner I appear, I impact on that part of me that experiences whatever is said, whenever I am talking to myself, which is exactly what is taking place.

“The whole time that your mind has been occupied with the various conditions that I have placed you in, I have been sneaking up on you. I have been taking up residence in all the internal locations that I have been preparing for my residence, by ejecting whatever was formerly in those locations, through the pain and suffering I have been visiting on you. Rejoice in everything that I bring your way. See both perceived misfortune and fortune with the same eyes and an unshakable faith in the single purpose toward what both events, presently miss-perceived and misunderstood are directed.

“I told you a short time ago that from that point, a new stage of being has been entered upon by you and that everything to come would no longer be or appear as it has been, nor manifest as it has previously done. As you should have learned by now ...and I am confident that you have, my time is not your time and your understanding of the meaning of things is often delayed. That is coming to an end and to the degree that you accept the truth that I am the only influence in your life, no matter how disparate and opposite seeming any influence may appear, you are practically home free and this is precisely why I have confused you from every direction and destabilized your balance so relentlessly. No matter whom it may have seemed to be, it has always been me.

“I have said these things to you this evening because the impact of these statements on you is going to be more profound than anything that has been exchanged between us at any time before and I have asked you to write these thoughts down, because there are those who come here to whom much that has been said tonight, also applies. I determine the power that attends the words of anyone who speaks or thinks they speak on my behalf. Though I am generally unseen and unnoticed, I am here now. I am moving through the whole spectrum of human events. Like the wind that is unseen but whose effects are seen, in just that way... I am here and I AM here, so all that have previously been in doubt and sorely tried, should take enormous comfort in what is being said. Faster than lightning, I can change anything into anything and I fully intend to do so to dramatic effect, though not as randomly as the statement may seem to indicate but rather, surgically precise.

“For reasons that may not be clear to you at this moment, Visible, you have cause to be supremely confident and unflappable as well. I have engineered you to a point that a simple adjustment can radically transform you beyond anything you have previously experienced and the same applies to everyone who is being touched by what is being said, exactly to the degree that they feel touched and who is open to the possibilities of the promise that is extant and implied all of what has been said so far.

"No matter how dark is might have seemed in various moments, leading to this moment we find ourselves in, it is all brimming with light and pregnant with irrevocable victory of the highest order. Birth is attended by pain ...but once labor is at an end and birth has been accomplished, the pain disappears and joy is the resultant condition in the aftermath. It has been a long and difficult labor, as all of us here are giving birth to that which we have carried within us. This is the fruit of the apocalypse and all the testimony and evidence of what we are is demonstrated in our offspring. This is the uncovering and revealing of all the formerly secret intentions of our hearts and minds. In some cases there will be no surprise. In other cases surprise will be the most powerful effect. There will be no recall of the product of our enterprise. May you be blessed, Visible... or let it be more accurately stated, may you come to see how blessed you are and may all who have experienced a positive uplifting at what they have read and felt, experience the same. Bless you all, both the willing and unwilling. May love awaken and shine brighter than the sun in every heart that resonates around this world and on every plane where it is possible to occur. Let all doubt be swallowed up and burnt to ash in the unquenchable fire of your collective faith. May love illuminate and exponentially manifest the hidden reservoir of the ineffable that has lived so long unseen and unknown within you. I am here awaiting your sure and certain awareness that I AM here and waiting."

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