Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Count your Lucky Stars.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well now, today is the day that Obama goes down into the bunker in Denver. I can’t see how he’s going to accomplish that if the white hats (snicker) blew it up. Today is also the day that none of the world leaders have anything on their schedule for the next few days, so I suppose we are allowed to wonder what could possibly be up today or for the rest of the week. It’s got to come sometimes and we are in sooner rather than later mode.

However, this is Origami and we don’t want to spend too much time talking about politicians who bend the knee to the bankers, who sold their souls for the corruptions of the temporal plane and whose wives jangle some forty thousand dollars worth of diamond bracelets around town, while the country goes down. The excess and absurdity of their mimicking the court of Louis is their affair and the proper prelude to their demise. The devil is waiting for them at home plate with a catcher’s mitt.

The signs of incipient troubles are everywhere. The conditions cannot continue as they are for very long and so they will do what they always do, when they are up against the conditions they set into motion in the first place, they will initiate some horrible event in order to take the eyes of the world off of their outrageous turpitude. As we well know, on 9/11 they had a full military press of training exercises, devoted to the very thing that actually happened and on 7/7 it was the same thing. Military exercises are going on all over the place in this period. Yes, it is very interesting. It is very interesting indeed. Here’s America’s end of the equation. Is there anywhere that this sort of thing is not happening at the moment?

Meanwhile, cluster bombs are being dropped on Libya. The gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel and Jordan has been blown up and I don’t actually have space here to list the amount of events I’ve come across in recent days, right up to people’s fruit trees being confiscated and the possession of growing things is being monitored by agencies who have nothing better to do when they’re not manufacturing and distributing anthrax and other compounds for the purpose of threatening politicians and the public.

I’m going to break it down for you in simple terms and you’re welcome to disagree with me but that is unlikely to change my perspective (grin). We get people coming around and saying the world is run by Mason’s, the illuminati, the Catholic Church and Zionist Jewry, or Jewry in general. The primary origins of secret societies goes back a long, long way, to the cult of Mithra and well before that. They haven’t always been evil and they haven’t always been good. The original intention of secret societies was for the preservation and perpetuation of the mysteries in times of darkness. These societies are only as virtuous as the times in which they exist and the men and women engaged in their operations.

People believe that these societies are the enemy of humanity and that their purpose is the subjugation of the public for the perpetuation of a ruling elite and for the profits of the same.

The fact is that humanity has an ancient enemy who is given his powers by the hand of God. I can talk more freely about all of this now since I don’t have to tailor what I say for the tastes and preferences of atheists, who suppress this sort of thing, while bemoaning the presence of censorship by everyone else. You can call this enemy the devil. He’s the one who gets changed into an angel of light at the given moment.

There’s a reason for what happens in the various ages of approximately 2200 years each. There’s a reason for allegories like The Tower of Babel, the presence of nations in opposition to each other and the proliferation of different cultures and creeds. Life is a movie set, where the varieties of human drama are played out over and over again. This was the point of Shakespeare, who articulated all of the tragedies and comedies of the human interplay. This devil, that you can call Satan or Ahriman, or any of the other names he goes by, works for the Supreme Being. He’s an employee. His job is to play upon your weaknesses and to test your mettle. He’s powerless except to the degree that you are vulnerable to him. He runs the manifest world and all whose allegiance and appetites are directed to that plane.

He sits in the minds of the world’s rulers and religious leaders and it is he that is responsible for what takes place at the hands of those who serve him. In times of darkness, his powers seem great and if you want to know why some people act the way they do, you don’t have to look further. In a time of summing up, which we are presently in, things begin to go the way they are going and secret societies, certain tribes inclined toward materialism and the various religions, are all in a state of corruption at the hands of the evil one. Sexual perversions and the seduction and debasement of the innocent are all par for the course. It’s nothing new. It’s what you see at the end of any age. It’s why new ages appear. We’re at the end and the beginning of a grand cycle of 26,000 years so it’s a deal more intense now than it usually is. Everything is breaking down in the process of being recycled into the new conditions.

When the avatar comes and he comes like clockwork, The first thing he does is to sweep the inner planes outward before him for the purpose of judgment. It is on the inner planes that the really evil centers of broadcast are resident. These are the ones who control the ones you see and they are the source of the bad behavior on the part of those you would think would know better. As the avatar pushes these entrenched and malefic souls before him they are forced to occupy the bodies of those open to their presence because they have to go somewhere. The majority of today’s politicians and religious leaders are like stolen cars. They don’t know why they do what they do. They just do it. The same is true of the judiciary and law enforcement. It’s why the police are so brutal at the moment. It’s why the media is filled with lies and superficial garbage and why trivia is exalted as the public’s most important focus, besides survival.

If you are not like this, count your lucky stars. If you are vibrating to another resonance, count your lucky stars. If you are sensing and responding to something higher within, count your lucky stars. A summing up is in operation and a great divide is also happening, as the people of the world are being routed toward the ends they have decided upon, through confusion and weakness or through clarity and strength.

Will something happen today? I don’t know. Will it happen this week? I don’t know. Is something going to happen shortly? Count on it. Personally, I can feel it. I can feel them plotting and proceeding. The people who believe they are in charge have no power over their own acts. They are possessed and it seems to them that this is what they have to do. They don’t but you can’t tell them anything. They bought their ticket and they are on the train. In the space of a blinking eye, realization will dawn on them. It’s going to dawn on every one of us.

The switch is going to be thrown. The lever is going to be tripped and nothing will be what it was before. Rows of dominoes are going to tumble all over the world and the evil and the good will rise up across an unbridgeable abyss, to stare in wonder at each other. If you have been minding the store, according to the heart’s true desire then, count your lucky stars, although luck has precious little to do with it. It is all going to change in the twinkling of an eye. The scales will fall from our formerly clouded vision and we shall see what is what as far as we are able. One thing for sure, it’s not going to be dinner as usual for the eaters of meat. Most people aren’t watching what’s happening in that arena and I’m not passing judgment on the flesh eaters. I’m merely presenting what’s coming, according to supply and demand and the presence of those things that the animals are fed with.

I don’t know when and I don’t know how. All I know is soon. Seek out the temple of your inner strength and abide there. Open your hearts wide to the firmament because angels will attend you in your hour of trial so, once again, count your lucky stars.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't Make Me Come Down There.

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May your noses always be hoses when need be.

Well then cats and kitties, we are here in the origami once more and therefore? Let me address several things within the context of the same thing because ultimately everything is the same thing at some point, until it becomes everything else, while still being the same thing. You’ll have to check the Vedas and other scriptures for authentication of that but I think I am correct in the main.

Several different people have wanted me to read a book that purports to make possible the construction of The Philosophers Stone, presumably out of one’s own urine, as opposed to what has been evidenced in occasional historical events, such as the demonstration of Paracelsus, when he lifted off the top of a chaffing dish to expose one of his turds and then declared it to be ‘the first matter’. It’s all waste products so maybe they are good to go on both ends

Visible has perused the tomes of Thomas Vaughn, Basil Valentine, Cornelius Agrippa and many others along the way. He’s informed of the ten stages of things like dissolution and putrefaction, the latter of which might speak to the book in question and the bowel movements of Paracelsus. He considered having ‘solve et coagula’ tattooed on his forearm (but the devil had that tattoo already) in place of the blue rose decorated with ‘inshallah’, in contradiction of the rituals and routines of The Prophet and which looks like ‘inch Allan now. “Who’s Inch Allan”? “Huh”? “He’s on your arm”. Never mind.

As it so happens, the consuming passion of Frater Visible’s life is The Great Work. As far as Frater Visible has managed to understand it, this is all a result of the awakened kundalini. I don’t care if you call it The Operation of the Sun, The Great Work, The Alchemical Marriage, The Philosopher’s Stone or The Pearl of Great Price, just don’t call, me Ray-gun. Let’s look at it as The Pearl of Great Price in respect of Visible’s own efforts, even though they are all the same thing.

Let me mention, right off, that if you could just distill and process your urine into the Universal Medicine by following the instructions in a book, that book would have been out long ago and in the same easy to understand language. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s parade; heck, maybe that’s okay, you’ll just transform it into aqua vitale. If this were so then the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds wouldn’t need to see pricey Swiss doctors. That said, there is and there are many a curious thing(s) lying about and simulacrums abound.

Back to the Pearl of Great Price; this is to be considered as the grain of sand that gets into an oyster's shell and which creates an ‘irritation’ that causes the oyster to build a pearl around it, or out of it or somehow... This irritation can also be thought of as craving and would parallel those things said by Lao Tzu and Ramana Maharshi about cutting back on unnecessary and pointless craving or considering, “who am I”? Right here you have all the necessary materials for the whole ‘she’bang. Messing about with test tubes and paraphernalia is going to take you places like those specialty stores that sell the metal racks that people hang themselves from, in search of the message of The Sundance as per our Native American traditions. It goes without saying that people will go to any lengths and extremes to get it; whatever ‘it’ is; be it the orgasm of all orgasms ending in death rapture from a necktie around a closet doorknob or becoming Zanoni (Bulwer Lytton) or sitting in a place of peace and contemplating the ineffable. You want highways? We got highways and lowways too. We got up and down and back around and money in the bank.

One shouldn’t assume that I have done or thought about all of these possibilities. I am capable of learning by proxy when I observe someone jumping off of a roof or doing whatever they do and taking a lesson from it. Some things you learn by experience and some things you learn through reason and observation... or you don’t.

Frater Visible has had this irritation for a long time. He did not get this irritation in this one lifetime. It has progressed and continues to consume the host with the imperative of its importance over every other consideration. This has caused Frater Visible to not gladly tolerate fools but to allow some leeway for any and all of the rest of us that are climbing that spiral staircase because he knows it is bad form and dirty pool to piss over the railing; but you’ll just turn that into the Universal Medicine so never mind. Maybe I don’t have to be diplomatic after all. I’ll bet there are people who actually think I hate the Jews. The way I see it, any Jew in his or her right mind knows better and that’s the only opinion that would count with me in any case. And I can make a case against Arabs, Eskimos and aliens if I want to but I don’t want to. I will leave that capacity on an ice flow in the Arctic Circle for perambulating polar bears.

This irritation occurs in the mind and processes itself in the body, which is why incarnation and a human birth are so important and why the spider is so powerful as well. To break the web one needs the assistance of The Spidermeister. The primary force that makes it possible for you to even be in a position to consider making the Philosopher’s Stone or the Pearl of Great Price is the main player. You are along for the ride, just like Arjuna in Krishna’s chariot. Interestingly, MS Word couldn’t find Arjuna just now and it got red underlined. Krishna did not get the red underline. That pretty much sums it up.

All through history, bad guys have been trying to part the veils. What occurs here in the planetary sense is all dependent upon the Yuga in which it occurs. Whether we are in times of darkness or a time of light is the determinant of our status quo and degree of difficulty. The bad guys know that there is a god and they want to steal the secrets of Heaven. This is always going on more or less and it is supposed to be because life is performance and for the purpose of demonstrating itself. Conditions vary according to the degrees of light. Argue all you want, that’s how it is. People who argue against the eternal verities and conditions of all things are basically arguing for and against themselves. The self in question is the problem and that is why the self is a question that only experience can answer and it comes down to how long you can take it and how satisfied you are with where you are that determines position and movement and results. It’s all under control. If you don’t think so then you are, to some degree, out of control.

The key to the subject under discussion here is more about sex than it is waste products. I’m not saying you can’t come up with some marvelous inventions by playing with shit and piss, that’s a given. Drinking your own urine at certain times is a very effective ayurvedic remedy for general well being. What I am saying is that you will not make ‘the’ stone, or ‘the’ pearl or complete The Great Work or the Alchemical Marriage or The Operation of the Sun by meddling about in books or laboratories since you are the book and laboratory. You may come up with something interesting, one never knows but you will not accomplish these things that way cause that isn’t how it happens; that much of it I do know because I am engaged in it and have gone past that. It is the supreme passion of this life and most likely others as well.

I’ve clearly outlined various approaches to the thing at this site over the years. Make of it what you will and by all means, do your own thing. I can only report what I have discovered up to the moment and that is that I am a tool engaged in learning how to operate myself, as I was meant to be operated. Look at the world and note how the other tools are doing and whose hands they are in.

This irritation gives me no peace. It is why I write these words, they are a product of that irritation and so is my conversation and I am an irritation as the people who visit me know because just about everyone wants to talk about something else and most people think something else is something else and they all have a makeshift delivery system with variations on a theme by Monty Python. I work for The Ministry of Walks and I’m not telling you to walk this way. Shit happens. We are ‘the shit’ in every sense of the word and deep is as deep does and to each according to their intensity and talents. Don’t bury them in the ground, the ‘talents’ I mean. Because someone is going to come around and see what you did with them and they want their interest. It’s an investment after all. We are all investors in something so, what profited it that you should gain the whole world and lose your only soul?

I think that this is the last chapter of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World. I’ll leave you with a poignant and pressing expression of something that is telling on many levels if you think about it. In the meantime, me and Lenny Bruce will continue to piss in the sink and you can turn that into rapture if you want to.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clarity, Certitude and the Confusion of Opposites.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Readers of these blogs may get the erroneous impression that the author is opposed to certain lifestyle choices that are relatively, recently emergent in the culture. The author has no real opinion on these things per se. The author reacts to the immense social and legal pressure being brought to bear by the agenda driven machinations of a small group of powerful manipulators of materialism, for the purpose of the destruction of the culture and economy of the west. What goes on behind closed doors is one thing. What goes on in public for the purpose of control and the shaping of the minds of new generations is another. One could spend days presenting the intricacies of what is taking place but the reader is advised to make their own inquires in respect of motive and intent, as well as intrinsic meaning.

One of the reasons for the presence of certain behaviors and life style choices is the arrival of the divine feminine into greater power and presence in the coming age. The tyranny of the patriarchy is passing and the divine feminine is taking her rightful place as co ruler of the consciousness of this new age. We are in a time of material darkness, so the force of the feminine is often expressing itself in physical terms. Since the force of sexual magnetism is the basic force of manifest existence, it is easy to see what is presenting itself when the higher arc of the divine feminine is not actualizing, due to the state of the times. What we get is a physical acting out of something otherwise intended but which takes the definition of its expression from the state and conditions of the world it is operating in.

The higher arc of the divine feminine possesses the powers of intuition, empathy, compassion and other virtues. When the kundalini is permitted to operate above the bottom 3 chakras you see these virtues in action. When the kundalini is trapped in the lower chakras you see it being expressed in survival paranoia, sexual engagements and the pursuit of personal power. Above these states is a whole other series of worlds. Both the above and the below meet at the Anahata heart chakra and that area is either persecuted from the states and forces below or inspired by the states and forces above.

Observe the powers of advertising and the general atmosphere of media in respect of the human condition at this time. It is all about appetites and desires and the pandering to them as if they were the true expression of what we are; a herd of feeding and rutting beasts, dressed in the garments of something higher, who have made a religion of something lower. “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

The motivation of those pressing certain states and conditions upon the rest of us, is for the general enslavement of the masses, in areas of activity where they can be most easily entrapped and devoured by the Venus flytrap plant of contemporary mores. Sexual fluid is a very powerful force and also a highway to all sorts of places. Mikhail Aivanov said, more or less, ‘if you could see who shows up to dine while you are having sex, you would be a lot more careful about what you do and how you do it (I’m paraphrasing)’. Few people have written more lucidly over recent years about so many important things.

I see all sexual modalities as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all races and religions as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of economic prosperity and desperation as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of physical well being and dis-ease as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of learning and growth as something we pass through and all of them are attended by pain because pain is a significator of growth and learning, like a child whose teeth are coming in. Cancer is growth as well, though we don’t tend to think of that as a positive development.

There are metaphysical reasons why one is born black or white, red or yellow. There are metaphysical reasons why one is born a Hindu, a Moslem, a Christian or a Jew. Certain experiences and responsibilities attend each of them for the purpose of learning and experience and so long as one is identifying with any of these as something real and enduring, one is trapped and confined by that definition in a host of ways. I’m not going to get into some of the meanings for these things because the chances are that what I say may not be complete and comprehensive in this limited format and that can prove misleading. I can say that the perception of differences, even when they seem to be conclusive and inarguable, is misleading. It’s the differences that we are meant to rise above, just like the lower chakras, which are critical to the whole interrelationship of our being but dangerous to regard as permanent, personal dwelling spaces. Each of these chakras is an entire world and some predominate depending on the times.

Our electricity is all messed up and so the polarities are out of sync. When polarities get out of sync, balance will be forced upon you, unless you are accommodating to its imperatives. Given the state of the culture and the relative compararatives of intelligence and ignorance in the general mindset, it goes without saying that delusion is the prevalent consciousness. Change, as well as wide spread destruction of temporarily pervasive illusions is inevitable. This isn’t a bad thing unless your attachment is great.

You are the Crown of Creation

"You are the Crown of Creation
and you've got no place to go.

Soon you'll attain the stability you strive for
in the only way that it's granted
in a place among the fossils of our time.

In loyalty to their kind
they cannot tolerate our minds.
In loyalty to our kind we cannot tolerate their obstruction.

Life is Change
How it differs from the rocks
I've seen their ways too often for my liking
New worlds to gain
My life is to survive
and be alive
for you.”

The tumult of the ‘60s and ‘70s was the announcement of the age as the heralds proclaimed what was to come and which was all too soon buried in the force of reaction by the temporal powers, with their death grip upon the levers and dials of our moments. All of this is a test and testing is tempering.

I want all of us to prosper and find that true expression of our being that most exemplifies the greatest good for the greatest number of people and anyone who does not see this should be the penultimate, righteous drive of any who would call themselves enlightened, does not know very much about the personality of the divine, insofar as we are permitted to know what small parts are made possible for the inner heart to intuit and realize.

I’ll close with a general version of the prayer which I offer every day, at least once;

Lord, remove the obstacles to my self realization and set no further snares upon me. Lord, remove my shortcomings and grant me possession of your qualities. Lord, grant me your presence, activate my awareness of your presence and grant me that divine intoxication which can attend it. Lord, grant me your favor and name me your friend. Lord, awaken the great love in my heart so that it may rule, motivate and inspire my every thought, word and deed. Lord, heal my sexual nature and bring the goddess kundalini to her highest point in my being; accomplish the alchemical marriage in me, complete the great work and the operation of the sun. Grant me the Pearl of Great Price and the Philosopher’s Stone. Lord, awaken the deity in each chakra in your service; awaken my super sensory powers in your service. Grant me the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel and protect me from the ignorance and injury of my kind.

There’s more to all of that but that will do for the moment. I hope I’m not asking for too much (grin).

If you do not cry out you will not be heard. The mother does not know the location and condition of the child unless it cries out. There are so many children to attend to. The mother may not want the child to run off in the pursuit of its own self interests but the mother is wise as eternity is long and knows that the child will return on its own when it is finally weary of everything the world has to offer. Then she will clean the murk away and grant what has been missing and cannot be found in the swamps and sewers of the material world that is all tarted up to look like everything it cannot provide. It’s all for a reason and it’s all under control. Time is short in this closing cycle. Wiser minds are about the important business of the moment.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

When in the Course of Human Events...

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When in the course of human events (I have heard that before) it becomes necessary; seems like a good place to start. This is Origami in real time and also the blog that started it all; makes sense to me, hopefully that proliferates.

I get my news from few places. Coincidentally some of them publish my work. When I say few, you only have to look around the place here to see what I like because there isn’t much of it. I am talking about alternative news; for the mainstream, I use a Squeegee.

I have a, very few, long time, internet friendships and they have been more or less consistent and have brought me many readers, on the way, some have gone by the wayside. I tried to interact with IntelHub and Before it’s News but something went fugazy with their infrastructure and the table settings didn’t jibe with my nouvelle cuisine. I have been a chef and a ref and I have been in the ring with hard guys and you know what happens then ...and I could kill you with a fountain pen in a dual use sort of a way but I am not into that in the first place. There was a nice Norwegian guy from The People’s voice who used to print my work and we fell out over some odd dynamic where he got the impression that I was teaching people magic of the wrong flavor or simply wrong by way of revelation. I don't know where he went, I actually liked that guy.

There was a man named Harold at a place called JustGetThere and that was a fun experience and some chapters of the forthcoming book was published there, as were many other articles over time. I feel like that is still there somewhere but I guess we lost touch and I had to put a lot of time into making things appear there when I thought I was short on time, my fault. Then there was Uruknet and the lady there got annoyed at me for a couple of predictions I made about an attack on Iran that didn’t happen and wouldn’t post me anymore, which is too bad because that readership was a good link into the hinterlands of kindred spirits. That was my fault. Then there was SOTT and I still don’t know what’s going on over there and there are no hard feelings on my part because I can only operate on what I know and remember and since I was there, I have my own take on the matter, which differs from theirs, I guess. In their defense, one has to consider that I am combustible. This is why very few people invite me to speak anywhere because I am unpredictable and uncontrollable concerning the truth as those people near Luzerne discovered and that does not imply that I didn’t carry a load of my own bullshit.

I’m one of those people that Warren Zevon was talking about in the song, my shit’s fucked up. I think he wrote that song when he found out he was going to die of cancer after having lived a reckless highway punctuated by not even being able to show up and then clean himself up and write and sing and play like the tiger that he is and then he dies.

He was a good influence on me. I like his work. No, I’m not scheduled to check out soon, I don’t think and I don’t know. Hey! That rhymes with Rivero, which brings me to the two Rivero’s. One of them is the consummate shit sommelier and the other is the guerdon for the righteous and you can catch some of the flavor over here.

There was another Christian guy who had me on the radio. I liked him and I thought he liked me. I know the audience enjoyed our talk. Then one fell upon another and I went into the comments section, ignorantly assuming that I could make peace and now that's gone too. All kinds of things come and go or never arrive or will show up one day but in the meantime there are a few people who post my work that I rely on and count on. It goes without saying that I would do what I do regardless of presence or pervasiveness.

I am writing this in the one blog that usually doesn’t show up at Michael’s site because I no longer send him my work and I don’t blame Michael for that, I blame myself. I found that I was cutting corners in the way I said things so that Michael would post my work. The other people who post me don’t have this problem. Michael is an atheist and I am the diametrical opposite. He is what he is and I am what I am. He’s a powerful force for good in so many ways. He is the only guy I know who comes from The Tribe and delivers the sort of things that god told the Jews they should do, which, given that it generally comes with the persona, they ignore. That is the biggest conspiracy.

Being born a Jew is an event because you get the keys to certain toys and tricks that is the summation of that circumstance that we are coming upon a conundrum that cannot endure. Probably Michael and I should wife swap because my consort is the same way as he is. We live in interesting times. We do indeed. My only problem with Michael is that you can’t cock block god. The question is religion and it has killed as many people as money, greed and lust has killed, relativity speaking,

The cycling of reincarnation shows us that when the blind lead the blind on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth we will have a lot of blind dead guys gumming each other to death in total darkness; not the best idea for a sensory deprivation chamber is it?

I wish people could sort their laundry beforehand. The reason that they don’t is the cause of their being taken to the showers in the first place with the make believe gas and the lice did not get the punchline. We had Photoshop way before there was photoshop and there is no we in we but, yes, there is.

Rivero is a unique and rare comestible and we share the same reckless disregard for the tools who think they run the place. It’s a shame about our wives (grin). However, I have to make the declaration that Michael Rivero does believe in god and profoundly so. Otherwise he would not have the stones, the currency or the courage to do what he does so... maybe it is just a contradiction of terms, a baby and the bathwater thing Any fool can see that there is a power that inspires and interferes to the point that well, either they left the lights on and no one is home or it’s dark and crowded. I don’t know which.

There’s something funny going on somewhere because you can’t hit all the right notes and then miss the root tone. He say’s “ah” and I say “om”? So why am I saying this? Because I am a ‘head them off at the pass’ kind of a guy. I like to be on the other side of the bridge when it burns. I’m just not going to tailor my work according to certain guidelines. I’m doing my own apocalypse on myself and there ain’t nobody else.

I could see where this might blow up into an international incident but I am heading it off at the pass. I’ll just write what I write, god willing (grin).

The thing about god is that I met him in person. He was Krishna, Buddha, Christ, I don’t know. You can be sure when it is the man himself in the brimming fullness of his being and as it so happens there are witnesses. Life went on along the supernatural train tracks of my life. A few months later former congressman John Hall, from NY. Along with some other musicians went off to a house in the woods in Virginia owned by a Col. Jones, whose son Terry ran off to Canada to become a folk singer, when my kundalini rose and it was never the same between us after that. He told his parents that I was wanted by the police and they came and took me from his home with spotlights and drawn guns. Coincidentally, Douglas Hume, brother of Brit Hume, went all the way from D.C. to Big Sur to confirm that I had met the man on the beach that day. It was at Lime Kiln Creek, summer ’67. He ran into a man named Donovan who wanted to string a bell across the valley and he corroborated the meeting but all of these details are explained in earlier postings.

I’m a pretty interesting conspiracy myself, Michael. I know this post is brief with no backup but that’s why I have God as my excuse, catchall and solution. It’s all explained in Tom Wait’s “Step Right Up

I’m sure this will amuse dismay and fascinate a handful. I just hope I didn’t piss anybody off.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On the Cusp of the Moment in the Tightening Vise.

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

Today is Wednesday, the 14th of September and Tuesday coming, is the the 20th of September. In the 6 days of approach to the 20th, we may likely see some surprising, terrible and transformative actions on the part of those who presume to be running the show. One certain motivation, is the certain recognition of the Palestinian state, according to borders not acceptable to the nation of Rothschildlandia, which was illegally created and situated in a place where it has no historical precedent for existence. The arguments for it are all based on false and fabricated history.

Another motivation is that those who presume to be running the show have messed things up beyond all recognition and need an escape valve to cover their tracks, as they seek to make their getaway or go into a fortress mentality, as they endeavor to wipe out significant portions of the populace. This latter is already in operation in many locations but hasn’t come to the kind of massive, genocidal outrages they have in mind for the dénouement.

If there were ever a time that one could make a safe prediction, concerning possible trends, this would be that period. If the world is not rattled and shaken on its foundations in the next few days, it can only be attributed to the hand of the cosmos as the factor of restraint in play.

I don’t need to now itemize and list all of the conditions and features that are also attendant in respect of the tightening vise of the times. The reader is familiar with these things. Most of us have known for some time that, sooner or later, there would be that moment where the global excrescence hit the whirling mechanism in a really big way.

I close my eyes and seek to penetrate the surrounding darkness with the bookending lights of my reasoning intellect and intuition. I can’t see anything and I don’t feel anything either, outside of the usual heavy weather that has been the hallmark of recent years. A student of physics knows that you can only apply so much pressure in a confined space before something happens, either to the contents within or to that which contains them. This is true in the world without, just as it is true in the personal worlds of those who deal with increasing stress until something has to give.

We know that the stress and pressure are being intentionally generated by those in control of the political and economic spheres. They want to create a situation that will compel a reaction and then they can apply their solution, according to the principles of the Hegelian dialectic. Most readers know, or believe that there is a guiding consciousness that permeates all time, space and circumstance. We may not understand it but we know it is there. For my part, I know it is also in charge of all things at all times and always will be. I could spend some time discussing the ways in which this control operates but often seems to be hands off, however, that is a short run perspective. It is also true that we don’t recognize divine control because it often runs counter to our ambitions and desires. When things are not what we want them to be and don’t go in the direction we want them to, we fault the cosmos, or just assume it is indifferent or absent in any involved way.

The key to discovering higher truth, or the actual nature of an archetype, lies in having no presumptions or preconceptions about what they are or what they do. You have to approach them on their terms, not yours. This is where most people run afoul of reality. For most people, reality has to fit their dimensions of it and in a certain way it does, right up until it encounters reality.

One approaching these things and all related cosmic principles must also- forever keep in mind- the limitations of the mind in respect of complete comprehension. We don’t know very much and we never will know very much and any idea to the contrary is an unfortunate state of being that will encounter the truth of this at some point. People get out of wack in the act of knowing. We don’t know. If we are in fortunate aspect to the divine then we are permitted to know what we need to know, for as long as we need to know it, or until it is changed into something else. One should think in terms of two poles that presuppose a third pole that presupposes a forth pole and so on and so on. The deeper you go, the more you see things that are not present on the surface, even if the depths and the surface are the same after a fashion. You’ll have to read your Lao Tzu to see what he says about that. He’s the authority on these things, at least according to me. There are any numbers of real authorities and one can get some kind of understanding from any of them but I opt for simplicity and clarity doesn’t hurt either, even when it isn’t entirely clear and never will be; not while you are mortal and not while you are human.

People toil and suffer and engage in endless conflict on all planes of existence, due to ignorance and desire. Absent these motivators, one exists in another state entirely. It doesn’t much matter what the conditions of the world are at any time, so long as you are being operated and motivated by ignorance and desire. People seeking to understand themselves and the world around them need look no further than ignorance and desire and remember the maxim of The Buddha who said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire”. I think most people don’t separate ignorance and desire from the maxim when they hear it but that might make it more understandable if they did, or maybe not (grin).

If you want out of this fix then you must attend to the pressures of ignorance and desire within, if you hope to militate against their effect on you without. This has to be accomplished in tandem with aspiration and surrender. Aspiration is important because it lifts you toward that which is not acting from ignorance or desire. Surrender is important because it allows for you to come into the mind of the one who is in a state of liberation from these twin deficits. In a time of darkness, only devotion is going to work expediently. All the other rituals and routines are compromised and often perverted by the darkness of the times, unless you have personal access to the unpolluted springs from which they come. These are present in the secret places of Nature and yourself. Finding them is an art that is seldom (if ever) accomplished on your own.

In times of more light and less darkness, these springs are not so hidden and these rituals and routines have a greater force and authenticity. In times of greater darkness, our own minds are in conflict with our capacity to see and interpret. This is why devotion, or the path of Bhakti, is recommended and also more attended by those who provide assistance.

Those who have no solid base or contact with the primary mover are going to become increasingly aware of this. Those who have some degree of base or contact are also going to be made increasingly aware of this. Whatever you may experience or be put through is part and parcel of your awakening. There is a big difference between dancing with and working against or resisting this. As the quote (often used humorously) goes, “resistance is futile”.

Wherever you find yourself is an expression of whom and what you are in respect of what truly is. What truly is is a liberating force. Its whole intent is to free you from wherever you find yourself so that you can actually find yourself. Working contrary to this, such as locking your arms through the bars of your cell, or holding on to some large piece of furniture or any anchor of any sort is counterproductive to your own best interests. It’s unfortunate that so many of us cannot see what our own best interests are.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

To Divine, to Intuit and to Comprehend

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

In the week after I went to Italy a few years ago, everything went bad for me in a consistent and relentless way. Interestingly, I had a protracted visit with Lord Ayahuasca in that period, in which I heard all sorts of reassuring things. Usually when some aspect of the deity shows up to give me a pep talk, it means bad things are going to happen (grin). They did. Each time I went to Italy, it got worse, finally culminating in a two month long journey into worlds heretofore unseen and then extending into a series of health problems that went on for the most part of a year. None of them were major but all of them were painful and troubling.

Earlier this year all of that went away but the punishing internal setbacks and bouts of depression have come and gone for short periods. One of them just departed a couple of days ago and for the last couple of days, I have awakened each morning with a profound sense of peace and communion with the divine that hadn’t been accessible for about a month. Not only did I awaken in a blissful and tranquil state but I have been high, as if I had taken something.

Over the course of previous events, I have been contacted by or in contact with various astrologers who seem to have appeared for the purpose of giving me insight into what has been happening and the majority of them have been mostly right, most of the time. I’ve been told that for the duration of the year, things would progress in a positive fashion and it would all involve work. It would be steady and certain but it would be slow. Once the New Year came in, a new dynamic was coming, which would remove all former barriers and everything would be effortless; not only that but I would be free in ways I hadn’t imagined possible before.

I like the science and system of astrology. In the right hands it can be an impressive revelation. It will always be a limited and partial view of possibilities because astrologers, like all of us, have a confined perspective in all but the rarest cases. There is, no doubt, only a small handful in this category. I remember the example of Cheiro, after whom chiromancy is named. He was a palm reader whose life occurred in the last half of the 19th century into a portion of the second half of the 20th and he really knew his stuff, like the misunderstood Count Cagliostro and the elusive Count St. Germain. If you are not familiar with these individuals you can look them up; there’s plenty to see.

I’ve never been one to seek out those who are employed in areas of divination. I figured I would know what I needed to know when I needed to know it because, after all, according to my teacher, everything is under control. However, astrologers started appearing at a certain time and that led to further engagements that came about different ways. What I found interesting was, regardless of whether they were employing sidereal or tropical astrology, they were all saying the same thing and they weren’t interacting with each other.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time, like Houdini, looking to debunk or prove the existence of things that I am already convinced of but... I admit to the shared and common fascination that we all have in hearing things that have to do with us. This kind of thing can be a comfort in times of distress, at least if the news and prognosis is good (grin). I’m a fan of the quote, “a wise man rules the stars”. Now if we could only become wise then all would be well and good.

I wasn’t so confident about any number of things over the last month. Sometimes a short period of time can encapsulate a confined perspective that leaves us doubting the promise and integrity of what we might have been used to outside those confines. The interesting thing is, when I haven’t had a visit from the divine for awhile, I tend to fall back into too great an awareness of my failings and shortcomings, which make me doubt the approach of any good thing. Then the divine will drop in and tell me all kinds of reassuring and positive things.

Students of metaphysics know that the ‘still and small inner voice’ is known for chastising us and providing important criticisms. It seldom praises or pats us on the head. This was the case for me earlier on but I don’t get much of that anymore. It’s usually of the nature of things I find it impossible to believe and time continues to go by and strengthen my tendency to doubt, even though I don’t doubt, not really. As is ever the case, when talking about things like this, words show their inherent limitation to be clear and precise. It’s an even more difficult effort when one wants to make it relevant to the reader because that should be the only reason one ever talks about themselves; to present parallels for a resonant identification, to the end of a greater trust and faith in what we cannot see and do not understand.

Looking at the world through my internet window, as well as via the medium of my vibrationary senses, the conditions do not look good from any perspective, unless one is Dr. Pangloss or Pollyanna. Life has gone from satire to the truly absurd. The article I linked in the last Petri Dish is still echoing in my consciousness. For some reason I am very optimistic and I have been optimistic even in degrees of extremis and with no justifiable supporting evidence. Things look dire and unless there is direct cosmic interference, they are going to get much, much worse shortly. Still, I have this unshakeable optimism. Where does that come from? I don’t know.

From where I sit, the global transformations, that have been threatening to take place for such a long time, are now on the doorstep. From where I sit, it could be any moment and the chaos of random killings all over America are a pressing indication of corollary argument for it. When things break down in a larger sense, they seem to do it over a longer period of time. However, a time finally comes when the structure begins to collapse at a previously not experienced speed. One day things are pretty much what they’ve been, except for ominous signs, the next day it has changed dramatically like the sudden appearance of a tropical storm. I get the feeling that that is where we are now.

So many large forces are pushing against each other in a climate of pending ruin. So many larger agendas are finalizing their plots and all of the motives are divergent. Such a massive collection of souls, are caught in the time-lapse moment of final impact, when these forces and agendas come up against each other and push comes to shove. A significant number of those operating the heavy machinery are certifiably insane. Some of them threaten to take the whole house down with them. They might be inclined that way but I also suspect they are cowards too and that threats and bluster are the currency of their passage, except when they can manipulate appearances in the process of serial, horrible acts.

It could be that the world entire has had enough of them and suddenly acts in concert to rid the planet of their presence, assisted by invisible agency. I read a strange and frightening description of possibilities yesterday that is unlike anything I’d encountered before. I’d been unaware that much of this could occur or had been in place waiting to occur all along. I did say at Petri Dish; “as well as whatever strategic initiatives they have up their sleeve, should an attack come. We have to remember that this threat has been on the table for a long time.” It appears that the person responsible for this posting believes that far more than anything I suspected is already in place.

I do not know what to think and I don’t wish to be alarming either; as if I could possibly be more alarming than the portents and events we are already witnessing. I leave it to the reader to formulate their own conclusions. We have to remember that the bad guys are up against the time sensitive crumbling of their entire infrastructure, as well as a world awakening in respect of what they have been up to. They literally have to do something and that something is guaranteed to be bad because, because they are bad guys.

As I have stated, I am an optimist and given the state I’ve awakened in the last couple of days, not much troubled by the many indications of terrible possibility. I’ll leave you with that for the moment and the sincere hope that I have every reason to be optimistic, no matter how things may look.

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Les Visible, Lord Buckley and Whatever.

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I think most readers know that I prefer the truth, even if it comes back on me and I defy anyone who has evidence otherwise to prove me wrong; given that I don’t care what people think, even if they are people I care about and I am sure we could find evidence of that. Let me depart from the usual expectations and allow me to indulge myself. I suppose most people know that I prefer a metaphysical expletive to a street level curse; given that no one really knows anything to begin with but... I have my druthers. So, take an excursion with me through the things that formed me and get an eye-peek into what I found relevant and memorable over what I didn’t and won’t mention.

As you know, I prefer a spiritual explanation over an empirical box containment and that is why one of the first people I appreciated was this man and if that isn’t enough, well, I have many an example by the same. You know me as someone who has an opinion of politics but I get my take on that from the same place as well.

You know me as a person who is generous with my time regardless of the response and I also get that from similar places but these examples don’t tell the half of what has influenced me.

There are exposures that have encouraged my growth all the way from the early holy books, to Fawlty Towers and Deadwood and the living doubles on every level to the heroines of movies like this that I lived with, in the process of going through what it took and maybe I just don’t want to mention what is really true because it may prove an embarrassment to the people involved who can no longer get work in the industry because of me.

When I watch movies or listen to music, there is always a personal angle because I lived a lot of it and a great deal more that the screen does not possess the technology to render into a form recognizable to the technology of the mind, or the emotions to translate. In other words, if you haven’t been there then there is no point in describing it to you and most of the time, people like me and the people I learned it from, have no recourse but to talk around things and that is the reason certain literary devices were created for in the first place. That is where jazz came from and where all of the mystics and crazies who found the ultimate came from because we don’t fit into the holes created for the molds they tried to make of us.

I’ve never had much money, because it has run through my hands to where “I thought” it was needed, which doesn’t mean I disrespect its value or don’t know how to manage it, I do and have. I was given a couple of things to ease my passage; certain gifts having to do with dealing with human interaction, both positive and negative and the company of the goddess in her most beautiful aspects and both of those are provable at any time; on the one hand by witnesses and on the other hand by witnesses and the present tense itself, so it’s not worth arguing about and a lot more easily present and past than any of the lying histories I am exposed to every day.

Well, you have your alternatives, don't you?

I’m not a product of this world and neither are you; not if you are reading these words, in any case. If you came here to begin with then you know the river runs through it (pun intended). I’ve made it a point not to claim to be able to do or ever have been what is not provable to the extent that it would never wind up in court. The fact that that gets overlooked by those arguing to the contrary makes my case better than I ever could and the fact that I am past the age where any of this should apply and still does makes it even more concrete.

Think of me as someone picked up hitchhiking by the goddess of all things who is infinitely concerned with taking me home and attending to my every need, while being desired by everyone who comes into contact with me at any point in time. This is an easily observed and proven fact but for some reason it escapes those who would seek to diminish this real condition. That force I am speaking of has serially moved me from one state to the other into states of extremity of varying periods of short duration to make this point and still the point is not made.

I would have had this done by the original author but this is a better copy, seeking out the author you get the story behind it.

People ask and inquire of me and people who have met me, “How can he say the things he says and not even get bad words, much less actual contact” and it goes on and on and still doesn’t happen. One would think I had heaven and earth at my beck and call but the truth is that I do and so do you, if you would only get a clue about what it takes.

I have tried my damndest to get certain points across but have been unsuccessful. I’ve moved in and out of certain worlds and, in my own small way, influenced products and events in the same way that you see phrases and ideas from these blogs appear all over the place in the most unrelated locations and I’ve got no part in the actualization of these things because I am only just passing through and anything that works from me was just something passing through.

Given what is coming up now and I mean, very shortly, this is probably the best time to try to make a point that will be as routinely ignored as all of the rest of them. You get out of everything what you put into it and that is above as so below. I speak with authority on certain matters only because I actually possess it but only for the commission of the work under consideration.

It would please me no end if you would join me but your faith is not up to the task, or in some cases, perhaps it is; irrespective of that, what is required is more than people care to invest and certainly less, given that, that they have hope of reaping.

Every time I have ventured into the pits and predicaments of existence I have stepped back out of them with nary a scratch on my veneer. The real wounds are below the surface. If I thought there was a point to the ongoing demonstration on my part it would be gladly given but the truth of that, in my own experience has been slim and none. I know we have heard that these are the times that try our souls but that got said long before the time in which we presently find ourselves and still, even provable demonstrations of which I have given several today, have gone wanting because they defy the minds capacity to assimilate.

Some time ago certain powers and states of awareness were given to me and I never thought much about it and that is probably why I got them and as most of my visitors can attest, I have amply proven this but even those who believe do not actually believe which would make me tear my hair if I had any but maybe I will if that’s what it takes.

Anyway, if you can read between the lines and if you are paying attention and if you already know from your experiences here how uncanny this whole scene is and in your own lives, how unheimlich it has been, regardless of your presence here then maybe you know why I am saying this at this time.

Some part of me wants to really start telling you some tales now, especially given what happens when seeming truth comes up against actual truth and some part of me just wants to pull my lawn chair out on the furthest reaches of that new mown lawn at the periphery of whatever is about to show up on stage. We’ll see what direction that takes and soon.

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