Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clarity, Certitude and the Confusion of Opposites.

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Readers of these blogs may get the erroneous impression that the author is opposed to certain lifestyle choices that are relatively, recently emergent in the culture. The author has no real opinion on these things per se. The author reacts to the immense social and legal pressure being brought to bear by the agenda driven machinations of a small group of powerful manipulators of materialism, for the purpose of the destruction of the culture and economy of the west. What goes on behind closed doors is one thing. What goes on in public for the purpose of control and the shaping of the minds of new generations is another. One could spend days presenting the intricacies of what is taking place but the reader is advised to make their own inquires in respect of motive and intent, as well as intrinsic meaning.

One of the reasons for the presence of certain behaviors and life style choices is the arrival of the divine feminine into greater power and presence in the coming age. The tyranny of the patriarchy is passing and the divine feminine is taking her rightful place as co ruler of the consciousness of this new age. We are in a time of material darkness, so the force of the feminine is often expressing itself in physical terms. Since the force of sexual magnetism is the basic force of manifest existence, it is easy to see what is presenting itself when the higher arc of the divine feminine is not actualizing, due to the state of the times. What we get is a physical acting out of something otherwise intended but which takes the definition of its expression from the state and conditions of the world it is operating in.

The higher arc of the divine feminine possesses the powers of intuition, empathy, compassion and other virtues. When the kundalini is permitted to operate above the bottom 3 chakras you see these virtues in action. When the kundalini is trapped in the lower chakras you see it being expressed in survival paranoia, sexual engagements and the pursuit of personal power. Above these states is a whole other series of worlds. Both the above and the below meet at the Anahata heart chakra and that area is either persecuted from the states and forces below or inspired by the states and forces above.

Observe the powers of advertising and the general atmosphere of media in respect of the human condition at this time. It is all about appetites and desires and the pandering to them as if they were the true expression of what we are; a herd of feeding and rutting beasts, dressed in the garments of something higher, who have made a religion of something lower. “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

The motivation of those pressing certain states and conditions upon the rest of us, is for the general enslavement of the masses, in areas of activity where they can be most easily entrapped and devoured by the Venus flytrap plant of contemporary mores. Sexual fluid is a very powerful force and also a highway to all sorts of places. Mikhail Aivanov said, more or less, ‘if you could see who shows up to dine while you are having sex, you would be a lot more careful about what you do and how you do it (I’m paraphrasing)’. Few people have written more lucidly over recent years about so many important things.

I see all sexual modalities as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all races and religions as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of economic prosperity and desperation as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of physical well being and dis-ease as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of learning and growth as something we pass through and all of them are attended by pain because pain is a significator of growth and learning, like a child whose teeth are coming in. Cancer is growth as well, though we don’t tend to think of that as a positive development.

There are metaphysical reasons why one is born black or white, red or yellow. There are metaphysical reasons why one is born a Hindu, a Moslem, a Christian or a Jew. Certain experiences and responsibilities attend each of them for the purpose of learning and experience and so long as one is identifying with any of these as something real and enduring, one is trapped and confined by that definition in a host of ways. I’m not going to get into some of the meanings for these things because the chances are that what I say may not be complete and comprehensive in this limited format and that can prove misleading. I can say that the perception of differences, even when they seem to be conclusive and inarguable, is misleading. It’s the differences that we are meant to rise above, just like the lower chakras, which are critical to the whole interrelationship of our being but dangerous to regard as permanent, personal dwelling spaces. Each of these chakras is an entire world and some predominate depending on the times.

Our electricity is all messed up and so the polarities are out of sync. When polarities get out of sync, balance will be forced upon you, unless you are accommodating to its imperatives. Given the state of the culture and the relative compararatives of intelligence and ignorance in the general mindset, it goes without saying that delusion is the prevalent consciousness. Change, as well as wide spread destruction of temporarily pervasive illusions is inevitable. This isn’t a bad thing unless your attachment is great.

You are the Crown of Creation

"You are the Crown of Creation
and you've got no place to go.

Soon you'll attain the stability you strive for
in the only way that it's granted
in a place among the fossils of our time.

In loyalty to their kind
they cannot tolerate our minds.
In loyalty to our kind we cannot tolerate their obstruction.

Life is Change
How it differs from the rocks
I've seen their ways too often for my liking
New worlds to gain
My life is to survive
and be alive
for you.”

The tumult of the ‘60s and ‘70s was the announcement of the age as the heralds proclaimed what was to come and which was all too soon buried in the force of reaction by the temporal powers, with their death grip upon the levers and dials of our moments. All of this is a test and testing is tempering.

I want all of us to prosper and find that true expression of our being that most exemplifies the greatest good for the greatest number of people and anyone who does not see this should be the penultimate, righteous drive of any who would call themselves enlightened, does not know very much about the personality of the divine, insofar as we are permitted to know what small parts are made possible for the inner heart to intuit and realize.

I’ll close with a general version of the prayer which I offer every day, at least once;

Lord, remove the obstacles to my self realization and set no further snares upon me. Lord, remove my shortcomings and grant me possession of your qualities. Lord, grant me your presence, activate my awareness of your presence and grant me that divine intoxication which can attend it. Lord, grant me your favor and name me your friend. Lord, awaken the great love in my heart so that it may rule, motivate and inspire my every thought, word and deed. Lord, heal my sexual nature and bring the goddess kundalini to her highest point in my being; accomplish the alchemical marriage in me, complete the great work and the operation of the sun. Grant me the Pearl of Great Price and the Philosopher’s Stone. Lord, awaken the deity in each chakra in your service; awaken my super sensory powers in your service. Grant me the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel and protect me from the ignorance and injury of my kind.

There’s more to all of that but that will do for the moment. I hope I’m not asking for too much (grin).

If you do not cry out you will not be heard. The mother does not know the location and condition of the child unless it cries out. There are so many children to attend to. The mother may not want the child to run off in the pursuit of its own self interests but the mother is wise as eternity is long and knows that the child will return on its own when it is finally weary of everything the world has to offer. Then she will clean the murk away and grant what has been missing and cannot be found in the swamps and sewers of the material world that is all tarted up to look like everything it cannot provide. It’s all for a reason and it’s all under control. Time is short in this closing cycle. Wiser minds are about the important business of the moment.

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Kawther Salam re-post said...


"(19) The UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council and other appropriate organizations of international law are requested to a) immediately end all activity of the “Middle East Quartet” due to lack of purpose; b) commission and deploy for a limited time an appropriately sized military contingent to protect the Arab population of Palestine from pogroms by the resident Jewish population, to disarm all Zionist military or para-military forces and civilians, to protect the 4/5
Palestinian Arabs from further plunder and genocidal efforts by the Israelis. Such efforts shall be undertaken in consultation with representatives of the Palestinian nation elected properly and by free and popular will.

(20) The UN General Assembly is requested to instruct all its members to assist in winding up the “State of Israel”, repatriating the Jewish immigrants and their descendants to their home countries to be determined by the precept of “ius sanguini”, to cause the discovery and freezing all assets of the “State of Israel” or its representatives or their relatives, the “Palestinian Authority” or its representatives or their relatives, held in their own name or in the name of the “Palestinian Authority”, “State of Israel” or any organization or sub-units of said entities or under any other name, until such assets can be turned over to a legitimately constituted political representation of all the Palestinian people. All such assets are herewith claimed as restitution and reparations for the grave crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian nation during more than 6 decades.
Most Respectfully,

Kawther Salam
Palestinian Journalist / Political Refugee
Vienna, Austria, on 19 September 2011

UN New York / General Assembly"

Mouser said...

Thank you especially for naming the enigma and the power of the divine feminine rising.

A bomb in Turkey this morning:


Gee, I wonder who lay behind that? I wonder if Israel has a speed dial-a-bomb squad. "Yo, hit those bastards in Ankara with some C-4, and do it tomorrow morning!"

Can state sponsored terrorism get any more obvious than this?

I hope Turkey does more than just lay down and lick their wounds - but I'm not holding my breath.

It will probably take the whole world to tame this bully with a world war against Rothschild's Israel and their dogs of war - Nato.


Anonymous said...

In your face Turkey!

Occum's raisor says ISRAEL just killed 3 and wounded 15 of your citizens.

To quote Sean Connery's character in the 'Untouchables': WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Visible said...

I think this pretty much sums it up. I imagine the irony is unintentional. Bon appetite!

DaveS said...

An excellent post, and I will add, your daily prayer is about as good as it gets, thanks for sharing.

Years ago I worked at a dog sled kennel that, at times, had as many as three hundred dogs chained-up on six foot leads. Kind of cruel, but dogs are dogs and it would be hard to deal with three hundred of them running about... though some of us used to joke about freeing them all and seeing what would happen. In hindsight that might have been fun.

But what I was getting at, is in such a large, confined population, you see all the personalities an animal can possess; sad, happy, sketchy, scarred, happy, dumb, gullible... you name the behavior and I've probably seen a dog that exhibited the same behavior.

The one thing I really took note of is how many of the animals resorted to homosexual activity to satisfy their need for another dog's touch... the cruelest part of the dog kennel was the lack of physical communication between the animals. Because of how violent dogs can be (especially at feeding) the chains kept the dogs from attacking each other... but the chains also kept the dogs from having any kind of 'normal' dog pack life. For dogs, touch is an important tool to communicate, even their violent fights were just more dog 'talk' and the critters were rarely ever badly hurt during these kinds of 'discussions'.

I'd could probably write a book on all the lessons in human nature I learned from watching the ways the dogs interacted – humans and dogs have more in common than our 'civilized' self would care to admit. Our pack mentality is just one.

I realize (because of the kennel) how transmutable everything is, that few things are forever and that includes how we define ourself. I lived in S.F. CA long enough to know most homosexuals are pretty normal, that some humans wired to be that way, nothing anyone can do to change 'um. Mutants like homosexuals are evolution's safety net... who knows what purpose such behaviors might one day serve, it's better to keep it around than try to change something we can't. That said, I also have to admit because of my time at the kennel, I wonder how many 'homosexuals' there are because they were nurtured to be that way rather than born that way naturally?

Don't many humans live lives even worse than the dogs at the kennel? Living without human touch or love because of society's chains holding them back... I don't know... the world is fucked-up and most people don't even know they're not much better-off than a Roman's slave.

Occasionally, there would be a dog that had a look in it's eye that told us the spark of reason was alive in that particular beast... those critters were spoiled and probably had a pretty decent life, considering. Sometimes I wonder if that's what those of us visiting this spot are; dogs with an extra brain cell or whatever that keeps keeps us from being content?


A peace howl to the rest of the pack

Anonymous said...

Or...this is a bit too obvious - even for Israel. What if Rothschild ordered a third party to do the bombing knowing full well all fingers would point at Israel given the MSM bad blood between the countries recently broadcast.

Is Rothschild now sacrificing his son to Baal in order to get the third world war started with the plan to erect the NWO like a pheonix out of the ashes of what is left of the post WW3 world?

This is just TOO obvious - something is wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


siamsamantha said...

Well Mr Vis, If you are not the genuine article then I throw in the towel this time around.

It is all so 'brave new world'; marxism - Das Kapital, etcetara ...........

What a coincidence that they role out the Cher Bono - Cui Bono (girl/boy/girl)

Aussie passports to have 3rd gender ...

The gender-free British passport: UK travellers may no longer have to declare their sex ...

Visible said...

In Ton Wolfe's book, "The Pump House Gang" he has a short story called, "Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink". If you haven't read it you should, it says it all and explains how we got here in various states. You can probably find it on line somehow, if you know how. I haven't looked. Or you could get the book at the library or you could purchase or steal it.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Zbig the chair of the CFR was on his daughter Mika's MSM news show yesterday as 'The last American cowboy' saying Israel was out of control.

Has a shift at the grand round table of implementing a NWO upon us occurred?

If Nitwityahoo denies the attacks in a convincing manner, I'm going to bet against the odds and say Rothschild is indeed 'offering his son to Baal' to kick off WW3.

Rothschild and company are rumoured to be satanist sympathizers so infanticide before a battle for all the marbles is not impossible to imagine.

Pagan armies of old sacrificied their children to the god of war before a battle.

Rothschild may very well be sacrificing his child Israel to start WW3.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that there are (and have been) some wonderfully knowledgeable "masters" on this earth, shortly after the moment when we first crawled out of the primordial slime. But in the end, nearly every single one of them preaches that the True Power of the Infinite exists OUTSIDE ourselves, and we need to defer to that power (Jesus, Buddha, Ra, David Wilcock, the Reverend Jim Jones, et al), whatever its name might be. And in almost every case, these masters imply that we are nothing more than 50 cents' worth of elements and water encased in a sack of skin - but we can be more, if we're willing to stop thinking for ourselves...

Infinity dictates that all things are possible. Thought is gravity - we gravitate toward that which we think about, as that which we think about gravitates toward us. We are what we think, and we think what we are. We can't stop being machines unless we first realize that we ARE machines. Etc.

Carlos Castaneda's mentor (don Juan Matus) summed it up best, I think (I think, therefore it is - at least for me), in "Tales of Power". Here's an excerpt from that book -

"You say you've heard that the masters of Eastern esoteric doctrines demand absolute secrecy about their teachings. Perhaps those masters are just indulging in being masters. I'm not a master, I'm only a warrior. So I really don't know what a master feels like. It doesn't matter what one reveals or what one keeps to oneself. Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word uttered to us might be sufficient to change the course of our lives. But if we don't have enough personal power, the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won't make a damn bit of difference. I'm going to utter perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge anyone can voice. Let me see what you can do with it. Do you know that at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know that you can use that eternity, if you so desire? There! Eternity is there! All around! Do you know that you can extend yourself forever in any of the directions I have pointed to? Do you know that one moment can be eternity? This is not a riddle; it's a fact, but only if you mount that moment and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction. You didn't have this knowledge before, now you do. I have revealed it to you, but it doesn't make a bit of difference, because you don't have enough personal power to utilize my revelation. Yet if you did have enough power, my words alone would serve as the means for you to round up the totality of yourself and to get the crucial part of it out of the boundaries in which it is contained. Your body is the boundary I'm talking about. One can get out of it. We are a feeling, an awareness encased here. We are luminous beings and for a luminous being only personal power matters."

siamsam said...

In a word:

Sliding down into the Behavioral Sink," essayist Tom Wolfe attributes the breakdown of civil society in part to overcrowding, which has been shown to cause an increase in violence, disease, sexual perversion, and child abuse among rats -- in other words, a descent into the "behavioral sink." He sees warning signs of the same kind of degeneration in the behavior of human beings when they are packed into the tunnels and cars of the New York City subway -- the pushing and shoving, the barely concealed annoyance, the failed attempts to diffuse, to create a small pocket of empty space to keep from suffocating. Humans need a certain amount of moving space and living space -- about ninety square feet per person, according to anthropologist Edward Hall -- in order to retain their sanity and civility.

est said...

'a worthy adversary'

is all i seek

Anonymous said...

est, look for a soul mate instead

Anonymous said...

I liked this essay Les, thanks.
I believe we can be imbued with the spirit of the universe (Gods spirit) to compliment our own life essence (our spirit) and that it is a gift to those worthy (how that worthiness is achieved I don't know).
Along with our life essence, God's spirit, is (within us), to varying degrees of strength/weakness and gives us the unconscious power over our own destinies. In fact my guess is that that power sustains everything.
These are the only words I had to describe what I feel (not admitting to possessing any great spirituality at all).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.

Never heard of Mikhail Aivanov, but I will definitely check him out.

The things you mention is right on par with the [url=http://www.llresearch.org/library/the_law_of_one_pdf/the_law_of_one_pdf.aspx]Ra material[/url.

Have you read it?

Jody Paulson said...

I'm glad you clarified your stance on homosexuals/transgendered people, Les. I agree with you that people are born the way they are for a reason. But if you pretend to be a dog, why can't Chastity Bono pretend to be a man? I know you believe in reincarnation. Personally, I believe that people can and are reborn in bodies of the opposite sex, different races, etc. In fact that's one of the reasons I think many of the Jews in Palenstine are being so mean -- many of them are reincarnated Nazis! If people just understood this principle, maybe we'd all treat our fellow a little bit better -- black or white, man or woman, gay or straight.

Visible said...

Well Jody, I'm all for the egalitarian but there's no getting around the ironically named Chastity as comedy fodder and since I am also fair game, I'll take what comes up in my telescopic sights. If someone wants to be born anything, they'll get the chance soon enough. They are what they are for a reason and I'm not all that hot on the wonders of science to give us what we're after. I'm opposed to the political manipulation of the whole thing for social degradation.

People who want to make a celebrity cause out of certain changes and profit from that in the most superficial ways tend to set my meters running. Obviously I've not hit the higher octaves of enlightened awareness yet so we'll have to live with the fallout of that until I do, which I will.


Nope, haven't run across the Ra material but I assume it's a channeled discoursing and I generally avoid such things; not a judgement, just an explanation of why I haven't. I'll give it a cursory look (grin).

Someone wrote me a couple of weeks ago about a dream they had in which they were told a part of my consciousness was locked in a black box at some institute, which turned out to be one of those new age correspondence course things. They said they knew nothing about me but that the dream came to them in a lucid dreaming event and they were compelled to let me know about it. I got the sense I was supposed to join this institute and they would free my trapped consciousness. This has no relation to the other, I just thought I'd mention it. Apparently they had to use a search engine to find me.

Anonymous said...

@ Jody Paulson said:

"I think many of the Jews in Palenstine are being so mean -- many of them are reincarnated Nazis!"

Palenstine? right....No, the Jews are reicarnated Jews getting back at Palestinians who were once German. Don't be so anti-semitic!!

est said...

@ 6:49 pm
thank you
for the kind advice

i was speaking to the
comment above @4:45

if you have read the
castaneda series

you would recognize
the import

Anonymous said...

"Nope, haven't run across the Ra material but I assume it's a channeled discoursing and I generally avoid such things; not a judgement, just an explanation of why I haven't. I'll give it a cursory look (grin)."

It 'is' a channelled source (yeah-yeah I know...) If you're not into that kind of thing, that's okay.

I have been reading you for a while, and started assuming you were familiar with it, due to things you say...

Anonymous said...

hmmm,,nice,nice..jefferson airplane.. nice,nice,,,,and deep explanations of things that I have been effected by,but could never put my finger fully on,I love it when that happens,.....nice nice nice......

dave I think I would of had to release them,just to see what would of happened,even if it did mean a massive fine and community service cleaning up dogs mess for the next 3 months,,,,and any dog worth his salts which I think is just about all of them would of diarrhea'd all over rothlanratvampire's lawn and soddomised his bentley.....
if I was a dog I would,well I am a dog but am trying to get past that sort of behavior,.....

I think we can probably expect some more back passage exploits from our favourite little monster rothlanratvampire and the establishment over the next few weeks.....

and I think he would definately sacrifice little old israel,without a moments notice,,,,well he has sacrificed his own before...

anyway deep respects to you lot...neil

questioning said...

Well Jesus Christ himself refers to queer people as the "eunuchs born of their mothers' wombs" in Matthew; 19:4-12 when asked about the requirements of marriage. Doesn't seem like he had a problem with them. Heck, he admonished his apostles and followers for not having the faith of the Roman Centurion for his ill male lover.

Anonymous said...

hmmm also got me thinking about the ritual pattern of the safety net of whats acceptable when in a creative flow and whats not,in my case same pattern of poem,over and over,,,,,I suppose unless we try new things when in that flow we just cant push things higher and thats why I remain on the same level ,even though some of them poems are written in extreme states of deep hearted high,but even if that is so,it is all still contained on that particular part of the creative safety net of same old same old I suppose,,,,

so am going to try and mix them around a bit,may take a while to sort of expand and the poems may go a little bit mad for a while,,,

gratitudes and respects...neil

Anonymous said...

"here and now, boys!"

grounded in the Groundless today, you are.

the heart of the matter.

'free-willin' rob busy syndicatin',
tap, tap, tap of the 'woodpecker' fading...

just in time! thanks again to you and the gang.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be nice to be in an enviroment with bho drumming grassapelli playing that fiddle,yourself lord visibles zoner and well anyone who can embrace divinity and actually knows what is going on within that atmosphere,I bet there is a lot of people here that can,,,

I would happily sit under a tree with the mighty estaban ghana and stickman and all those other poets that turn up and well let that divinity flow....

respectabilitys to all..neil

Anonymous said...

“Carlos Castaneda's mentor (don Juan Matus) summed it up best”


De Mille also uncovered numerous instances of plagiarism. "When don Juan opens his mouth," he wrote, "the words of particular writers come out." His 1980 compilation, "The Don Juan Papers," includes a 47-page glossary of quotations from don Juan and their sources, ranging from Wittgenstein and C.S. Lewis to papers in obscure anthropology journals.

In one example, de Mille first quotes a passage by a mystic, Yogi Ramacharaka: "The Human Aura is seen by the psychic observer as a luminous cloud, egg-shaped, streaked by fine lines like stiff bristles standing out in all directions." In "A Separate Reality," a "man looks like a human egg of circulating fibers. And his arms and legs are like luminous bristles bursting out in all directions." The accumulation of such instances leads de Mille to conclude that "Carlos's adventures originated not in the Sonoran desert but in the library at UCLA."

Among anthropologists, there's no longer a debate. Professor William W. Kelly, chairman of Yale's anthropology department, told me, "I doubt you'll find an anthropologist of my generation who regards Castaneda as anything but a clever con man. It was a hoax, and surely don Juan never existed as anything like the figure of his books. Perhaps to many it is an amusing footnote to the gullibility of naive scholars, although to me it remains a disturbing and unforgivable breach of ethics."

Visible said...

Questioning; That's quite a reach.


I will give that material a look and I was sincere about not being judgmental, I just haven't had good experiences with channeled informations but that does not mean I won't. Also should point out that all enduring truth is channeled so I probably should have specified. Although accused of being new age on occasion, I avidly dislike the majority of what is defined as such but I'm still in a fog about a lot of things though I expect it to lift shortly.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of sexuality, I felt like dropping a boulder in the fish pond, just for the fun of it:


Anonymous said...

Mikhail Aivanov had some interesting things to say,
but he seems to accept property
as a given.

A truly wise person knows that nothing can be owned, only controlled through force.

Anonymous said...

su's latest over on easy idler,susie su is an angel and another proficient poet,bit like yourself but different mr visibles,she will write a whole essay and well,its a poem and will stir them heart strings deeply....


Visible said...

I think Aivanhov once said the sky was blue too but we know it isn't. Out of the hundreds of books written by and about him that one thing stuck out and I'm unable really to accept anything else he says or even take what's useful because of that one thing. I'm glad I can discriminate because that particular feature also makes it impossible for me to accept anything anyone says at any time ever.

questioning said...

No, it isn't a stretch in the slightest.


As more and more scholars have gone back over the original words and literature, they're coming up with the same conclusions.

Visible said...

questioning; that's not going to work with me. I can find spurious arguments that authenticate anything. I understand the importance of your agenda to you but you're not going to get tolerance ever by the world entire and you can't enforce it either and coming up with your own versions of scripture and time and space aren't going to legitimize any of it either. The world is a big enough place for all of us, even if it doesn't seem like it some times but altering what no one knows the truth concerning, in order to bolster what you want to make true by force or persuasion of any means or type isn't going to cut it.

Gender identity is just another prison and defining ones self according to sexual practice is a very limiting way to approach the continuous change that existence demands of us. Whether by constant surrender or by dint of many incarnations all of these superficial personality window dressings eventually fade into the meaningless void from which they emerged,according to the permissions of the time and cultures that allowed for and possibly required them.

Scholars my ass. What's a scholar? Someone that knows something because they read so many people that there are nothing but contradictions in their head besides the things they needed to prove in order to justify their position, lifestyle or behavior; crimes against others and themselves?

If it works for you then by all means put it on a license plate.

Anonymous said...

"Gender identity is just another prison and defining ones self according to sexual practice is a very limiting way to approach the continuous change that existence demands of us."

Well, I couldn't have said it better.

There's also this:


Carl Jung was a genius.

Anonymous said...

But let's face it, the media has had its hand on our collective genitals for some time. Think of "Playboy" with the emphasis on "boy" and its perpetual state of airbrushed, arrested development. Some have alleged that ol' Hef can only get it up by being hopped-up on Viagara whilst watching gay porn, vainly trying to satisfy some insatiable 24 year old bimbette. Playboy ran an article years ago which made a mockery of so-called "Christian" values in regard to sex entitled "Prayboy".
Yet Playboy comes with its own version of the "10" commandments. The airbrushed babe, with a shelf-life of a month, generally falls within the "8 - 10" range of subjective beauty, with readings conscripted to the book of "Hourglass", chapters 38 - 24 - and 36. The pretense of knocking down "conservative" values with the smug elitism of stapled, airbrushed, bimbettes is odious....childish...."play"....boys.
Fuck 'em!! :)

truthsoup said...

Very nice post today, brother. Peace.

Steve said...

Very very interesting article in particular highlighting the Chakras and the kundulini in higher expression and the higher expression then allowed to do its work in the world.

est said...

@ 11:58 pm

i would submit
that the totality
of the exercise
was a reduction
of many myths
and was as real
as any of this

perhaps more-so
[the boy didn't exist]
"journ to ixt"

questioning said...

I certainly agree that "innocent, unbiased observation and exclamations" is a myth. My apologies for pushing an agenda. It was amazing for me to actually see these passages in their most likely light with so many non-biblical sources backing them up. It just literally gobsmacked me.

heh, wv:serail "The serail in the marshes seems as another reed"

Anonymous said...

channeling. hmm ...

wherein the message is more recognizable than the messenger?

try 'Emmanuel's Book - choice for fear or love'. Pat Rodegast is the instrument.

The unmistakeable feeling of talking to your Self as you read.

or ... maybe just a flashback.

Anonymous said...

What Jung had carved on his grave stone pretty much summed it up, don't you think?

Kray Z8 said...

A nice stiff shot of V.O.; Just what I needed!

Your last few blogs and the radio show have a lot of humor used as a vehicle. It works well. Today's VO shows you also do just as well without it. Truly, a broad-based talent (grins).

Your point is well taken concerning not getting absorbed by superficialities, labels, contrived appearences, etc. In Zen they say "Don't get caught up in the phenomena". This seems to hold true on whatever plane we experience. It seems that humans insist on thinking of perceptions which are filtered through their senses and emotions as the "real truth". It is the core essence of any experience which holds the meaning, and that usually can't be accurately conveyed to the monkey mind. It is through our seeking the light of the Divine that we learn to disregard the trappings and embrace the fundamental energy. This also tends to sharpen our discernment on more mundane levels. It tunes up our bullshit meter, so to speak. In times like these, where almost everything we're exposed to is contrived in order to manipulate, it's an important gift to have. We may not ultimately know what's going to happen, but at least we can avoid some of the exploding cow-pies.

Thanks yet again for sharing your vibe, Les, and thanks to the Friends for their great posts. A howl-back at DaveS, by the way. May we live in interesting times!

Peace, Love, Dignity,


Anonymous said...

Les is more Visible,
With Momma by His Side.

Gregor Blewiseky said...

A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.

p.s. When the sky turns brown it is not, as poplogic dictates, due to shit hitting the fan (close, but no cigar) but because of pig manure impacting windmills.

Anonymous said...

"What Jung had carved on his grave stone pretty much summed it up, don't you think?"

That's true, thanks for sharing, Anonymous.


Invoked or not invoked, the god is present.


Anonymous said...

Imagine every masculine and feminine vibration harmoniously singing together in a single fleshy opera house, spiritual amphitheatre, or dark void..., lucid thought during the experience with clear intention. The orgasmic explosion could create a universe; prolly? Kind-of-a-big-bang-theory; with benefits {c;

Out of the practice my wife and I have provided each other in our 26 years together we hit the high note together at least twice and were granted 2 universes; our son and daughter. Additional universes within the existence of universes; within the existence of universes; within the existence of...

They're moving into their “Space” and God love them; we are doing our best with the perfection you gave us {c;

Even the G Spot needed a day of rest after 6 days and nights of bumping and grinding and bellyaching from the sun; besides the Ancient Ones daily break, gul gul gul hewwwsh

Jack Herer, The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Ch: 4;20

Your prayer is completely transparent for all God's creatures to read. They that must throw stones have to live in glass houses in order to remain legit.

Muchos Gracias, Hermono!

Aheeiyeh, Kaikua'ana!




Neil, the honor and pleasure would be all mine for sure; ours, if I may be presumptuous and speak for others?

Anonymous said...

"I will give that material a look and I was sincere about not being judgmental, I just haven't had good experiences with channeled informations but that does not mean I won't."

See if you like it, and if you don't, that's cool. I love it, but we are all different.

The "channeling" genre 'is' a mess, I know.

If it is possible to make money, gain notoriety, or have fun from perpetrating a hoax, then someone usually does it...not to mention all the "fun" some unseen denizens have had at the expense of gullible people.

kikz said...

lovely post....

interesting guy... Aivanhov . i could listen to his bulgarian accented french all day :)

i however got a 'nose crinkle' over the wording of 'all must'... as in 'all must adopt the universal religion'. featured somewhere on the bro'hood's website...

i understand the usage/context...

but, like your reference of 'blue sky' it gives one pause. ;)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Grantig Army in the Fata Morgana of Paradise Veiled.

Visible said...

A lot of the time commentary is added by followers. I simply find Aivanhov to be very clear in his writings. he's not for everyone and I only read a certain amount of his work and don't read him anymore but I don't read anyone anymore most of the time. I am going to be doing more reading now for a little while since I just paid to become a member of this ebook website.


heh heh, I knew someone was going to come along and define blue sky and with some nice tongue in cheek as well.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

"... What's a scholar? Someone that knows something because they read so many people that there are nothing but contradictions in their head ..." -- Les Visible @ l:02:00 AM

I'm not a scholar but I get those contradictions too. There's a whole lot of razzle, dazzle and frazzle going on these days. It's like strands of hair which I try to keep combed and tidy but they always find a way to get tangled. This site is the "comb" I need to keep the contradictions somewhat under control ... as best can be that is.

Visible said...


I just wanted to point out something you might be unaware of and which is the driving impetus behind my critique of the organized gay movement. Look at the board of directors of every large gay organization and you will see that the majority of them are jewish and in some cases, entirely jewish. This says more than anyone needs to know about the intent and integrity of the the political side of the movement.

grassapelli said...

About "the divine feminine is taking her rightful place as co ruler of the consciousness of this new age."

Here's a story from a reliable source, I believe.

Ramakrishna told his spiritual teacher, Totapuri, that when he went within, he was prevented from further ascension by the Divine Mother. No matter his intention, she remained in front of him.

His teacher touched the part of his forehead with something sharp and said, "Cut her in two with the sword of discrimination."

One point is that, no matter her part in the balanced operation of the materium, the Divine Mother has no part to play in spiritual liberation.

One possible hit on the deal.

Anonymous said...

That's bc Jews are inbred, and most of them hate women. I guess if you really look at them, you can tell they are mostly gay and effeminate. Now, they want to come out of the closet. the Jewish women are going to be hard pressed to find a breeder among them, bc pretty soon, if you are not gay, you won't be considered cool by the Jewish controlled entertainment industry.
I'm not signing my name on this one bc I am more afraid of the gay lobby than the ADL, JDL AIPAC or even ZOG, bc they crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

grassapelli masculine feminines and stuff can get mixed up and probably everybody has their own understandings upon which is which,i like padmasambhava's teaching...
the mother the material plane,
father the awareness...I suppose divinity the moment of balance between the two and a rush of vitality or energy a union felt deeply in the heart
my learnings of hindu culture are very small,I just love the texts,I dont try to work them out,I try to let the understandings work me out in their own time,have found in the past trying to push at ancient texts can leave a subdued feeling....although I am deeply nourished by those things that are what I would call divine sacred or what ever words that would fit that desciption.....

I am not very good at explaining things and I am sorry for that.....

respects ..neil

Anonymous said...

There is a slight discrepancy in your arguments. If the Jews are so powerful, and they pretty much control the US Senate and Congress, and they are apparently so "pro-gay", why is it that gays in the US can't get gay marriage approved?

Why is it that in every fascist regime in history, homosexuals were persecuted?

Don't let your hatred for Jews blind you to reality.

And don't lump all jews under the category of Zionists. I want justice for Palestine as much as the next guy, and I know many jews that share my sentiments.

This place is turning into a jew witch hunt. Focus on the culprits. As from today, I hate all Americans, because of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. etc.

No hang on a minute, most Americans were opposing those wars. Doesn't matter, they're all from the same filth.

See my point?

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of black and white thinking going on here, regarding the Jewish issue.


Anonymous said...

so the divine mother is the sphere where liberation takes place...?


Anonymous said...

"I just wanted to point out something you might be unaware of and which is the driving impetus behind my critique of the organized gay movement. Look at the board of directors of every large gay organization and you will see that the majority of them are jewish and in some cases, entirely jewish."

Facts please, Les. Can you provide us with proof? Examples and so on...

"This says more than anyone needs to know about the intent and integrity of the the political side of the movement."

Les, how else must gays in the US (and elsewhere) get equal rights, unless they go the political route?

The very nature of the problem IS political.

And why would anyone get all hot and bothered about who someone else chooses to love? Such a person has control issues, amongst other serious issues.

Love is ALWAYS a beautiful thing, whether it's between people of the opposite sex or people of the same sex.

(By the way, I'm heterosexual)

Anonymous said...

once again sorry...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel.

Visible said...

Neil, your comment is perfectly valid. I will remove it though if you ask me again.

As for giving proof of who is running these gay organizations, I am not your research assistant, go and look, it's all publicly posted. Why are people so lazy and at the same time profess that they want to know something?

As for whatever else I said, I stand behind it one hundred percent and gay marriage is the last thing on my mind as having any importance whatsoever. Sorry if I appear a Luddite but I have my reasons. As for the cause of most of the gay phenomenon, look to overcrowding and alienation from basic Nature as well as the ubiquitous use of plastics for consumables. I could go into much greater detail but I don't argue, I state, take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

no sir lord visibles,its just I really dont want to confuse anybody,as a lot of people are already confused enough,you know the teachings inside out,,,and can explain with supreme wit,as soon as I start thinking of the teachings I end up all over the place,I suspect others have the same problem and I dont want to add to their confusion,,,,,so will concentrate on the energy as this feels like a natural place to me......

thankyou lord visibles...respects neil

Anonymous said...

also anyone pushing gayhood on other people especially soldiers,who already have enough trauma to deal with,,will only amplify their own trauma....

once again,to all real gay people out their...respects to you lot....
I am not gay I have a natural attraction towards women....


Anonymous said...

"As for the cause of most of the gay phenomenon, look to overcrowding and alienation from basic Nature as well as the ubiquitous use of plastics for consumables."

Also look to majority previous incarnations in the opposite sex.

It's 'your' blog, Les, and here you can say whatever you want.

If you see the advocating of acceptance and tolerance as "an agenda" however....oh well...what is there to say?

I'm also not arguing :)

It's a pointless exercize. One of my hard earned lessons:

"They will never see it from your point of view."

Go well, Les.

Visible said...

I have no idea what that means about it being my blog. I have no idea what incarnations others have had as the opposite sex and I'd be real skeptical of those who claim to.

The descent of planetary forces and the raising of certain vibrations along with the definite female pulse coming in with the new age is largely responsible for the acting out on levels that are not long term intended by the cosmos.

Gay, like anything, is a temporary state and irrelevant to our essential being and so is any other form of attraction in this temporary world.

I'm real clear on my reasons for seeing things a certain way and I've been clear about them. Anyone seeking to muddy the waters about why I would think or say something needs only revisit my comments on the agenda driven nature of the phenomenon and who is behind it and for what reasons, such as the destruction of the culture, the war on Christianity and the ruin of western civilization for the purpose of profit.

This isn't to say Christianity doesn't make war on whoever it chooses either, or to say that being attracted to a member of one's own sex is bad or evil. I have no opinion on that and no judgement as to how people live their lives and I've never criticized it to them except to say it's a temporary thing.

I physically defended the gay people gathered in Dupont Circle, DC years ago and have probably socialized and hung out with gay people more than most, including taking care of someone who was dying of aids and leaving my good job and surroundings to go back and be of service. I'm not here to tout my generosity of being or my general tolerance of any and all lifestyles that don't directly intend harm upon others. I've been very clear about what I do object to. Anyone who can't see it, doesn't want to.

The attachment of people to their pathetic identities, their nauseating vanities, their pursuit of self interest as a vocation, their indifference to others. these things and others drive me into the hermetic existence I live in. I know it's a long haul and I know people can only be and behave according to the level of their understanding but that makes it no more appetizing to me than it is.

People prance around in their made up selves, demanding the fealty of society to their unique and sparsely populated tastes. They demand an equality that neither Nature or the cosmos grants them in their state. They worship the demands of the personality as if it were some kind of God on Earth and all it is just a Halloween mask.

The whole world is filled with people celebrating their differences when their differences are the source of their conflicts in the first place. I'm tired of whining spoiled brats who, due to having been born in a culture of excess expect a largesse of acceptance of anything no matter what it is as long as they deem it meaningful and important. it's not important but they are so self indulgent in their demands while half of the world has other concerns like food and shelter on a survival level. I've got no sympathy for the decadent trappings of a terminal society or the various identities that infallibly show up at these times as examples of the decay and command that it be viewed as a virtue and perfectly natural and something kindergarten kids need to be force fed as well as indoctrinated into. I know what's going on, nobody is fooling me about any of it. It's all part and parcel of an intended police state and the fortress existence of the privileged rich. Well, that's all going to change and whether one can get married and play Ozzie and Harriet in a make believe Formica paneled plastic Disneyland is going to be the least of people's concerns.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Us eremites know one another whether we meet or not.

Which is located long about maybe someday, who knows, and never.

But these too are ok.

Alpha Silex said...


neal said...

Vis 4:10 pm, thank you. Resisting that flux is selfish, and endangers others. Moving about before the invitation, same thing. Selfish, and reversing the thing itself, regardless of any internal logic. I don't want to add fire to this situation, but all these bits and pieces that are not ready, and useful in the wrong way, are inviting some kind of judgement that must be resisted.

They are waiting for a massage, but don't understand the reboot that is coming. That's free will, sort of, and I will do what I can do, but it won't be pretty.



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