Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Count your Lucky Stars.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well now, today is the day that Obama goes down into the bunker in Denver. I can’t see how he’s going to accomplish that if the white hats (snicker) blew it up. Today is also the day that none of the world leaders have anything on their schedule for the next few days, so I suppose we are allowed to wonder what could possibly be up today or for the rest of the week. It’s got to come sometimes and we are in sooner rather than later mode.

However, this is Origami and we don’t want to spend too much time talking about politicians who bend the knee to the bankers, who sold their souls for the corruptions of the temporal plane and whose wives jangle some forty thousand dollars worth of diamond bracelets around town, while the country goes down. The excess and absurdity of their mimicking the court of Louis is their affair and the proper prelude to their demise. The devil is waiting for them at home plate with a catcher’s mitt.

The signs of incipient troubles are everywhere. The conditions cannot continue as they are for very long and so they will do what they always do, when they are up against the conditions they set into motion in the first place, they will initiate some horrible event in order to take the eyes of the world off of their outrageous turpitude. As we well know, on 9/11 they had a full military press of training exercises, devoted to the very thing that actually happened and on 7/7 it was the same thing. Military exercises are going on all over the place in this period. Yes, it is very interesting. It is very interesting indeed. Here’s America’s end of the equation. Is there anywhere that this sort of thing is not happening at the moment?

Meanwhile, cluster bombs are being dropped on Libya. The gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel and Jordan has been blown up and I don’t actually have space here to list the amount of events I’ve come across in recent days, right up to people’s fruit trees being confiscated and the possession of growing things is being monitored by agencies who have nothing better to do when they’re not manufacturing and distributing anthrax and other compounds for the purpose of threatening politicians and the public.

I’m going to break it down for you in simple terms and you’re welcome to disagree with me but that is unlikely to change my perspective (grin). We get people coming around and saying the world is run by Mason’s, the illuminati, the Catholic Church and Zionist Jewry, or Jewry in general. The primary origins of secret societies goes back a long, long way, to the cult of Mithra and well before that. They haven’t always been evil and they haven’t always been good. The original intention of secret societies was for the preservation and perpetuation of the mysteries in times of darkness. These societies are only as virtuous as the times in which they exist and the men and women engaged in their operations.

People believe that these societies are the enemy of humanity and that their purpose is the subjugation of the public for the perpetuation of a ruling elite and for the profits of the same.

The fact is that humanity has an ancient enemy who is given his powers by the hand of God. I can talk more freely about all of this now since I don’t have to tailor what I say for the tastes and preferences of atheists, who suppress this sort of thing, while bemoaning the presence of censorship by everyone else. You can call this enemy the devil. He’s the one who gets changed into an angel of light at the given moment.

There’s a reason for what happens in the various ages of approximately 2200 years each. There’s a reason for allegories like The Tower of Babel, the presence of nations in opposition to each other and the proliferation of different cultures and creeds. Life is a movie set, where the varieties of human drama are played out over and over again. This was the point of Shakespeare, who articulated all of the tragedies and comedies of the human interplay. This devil, that you can call Satan or Ahriman, or any of the other names he goes by, works for the Supreme Being. He’s an employee. His job is to play upon your weaknesses and to test your mettle. He’s powerless except to the degree that you are vulnerable to him. He runs the manifest world and all whose allegiance and appetites are directed to that plane.

He sits in the minds of the world’s rulers and religious leaders and it is he that is responsible for what takes place at the hands of those who serve him. In times of darkness, his powers seem great and if you want to know why some people act the way they do, you don’t have to look further. In a time of summing up, which we are presently in, things begin to go the way they are going and secret societies, certain tribes inclined toward materialism and the various religions, are all in a state of corruption at the hands of the evil one. Sexual perversions and the seduction and debasement of the innocent are all par for the course. It’s nothing new. It’s what you see at the end of any age. It’s why new ages appear. We’re at the end and the beginning of a grand cycle of 26,000 years so it’s a deal more intense now than it usually is. Everything is breaking down in the process of being recycled into the new conditions.

When the avatar comes and he comes like clockwork, The first thing he does is to sweep the inner planes outward before him for the purpose of judgment. It is on the inner planes that the really evil centers of broadcast are resident. These are the ones who control the ones you see and they are the source of the bad behavior on the part of those you would think would know better. As the avatar pushes these entrenched and malefic souls before him they are forced to occupy the bodies of those open to their presence because they have to go somewhere. The majority of today’s politicians and religious leaders are like stolen cars. They don’t know why they do what they do. They just do it. The same is true of the judiciary and law enforcement. It’s why the police are so brutal at the moment. It’s why the media is filled with lies and superficial garbage and why trivia is exalted as the public’s most important focus, besides survival.

If you are not like this, count your lucky stars. If you are vibrating to another resonance, count your lucky stars. If you are sensing and responding to something higher within, count your lucky stars. A summing up is in operation and a great divide is also happening, as the people of the world are being routed toward the ends they have decided upon, through confusion and weakness or through clarity and strength.

Will something happen today? I don’t know. Will it happen this week? I don’t know. Is something going to happen shortly? Count on it. Personally, I can feel it. I can feel them plotting and proceeding. The people who believe they are in charge have no power over their own acts. They are possessed and it seems to them that this is what they have to do. They don’t but you can’t tell them anything. They bought their ticket and they are on the train. In the space of a blinking eye, realization will dawn on them. It’s going to dawn on every one of us.

The switch is going to be thrown. The lever is going to be tripped and nothing will be what it was before. Rows of dominoes are going to tumble all over the world and the evil and the good will rise up across an unbridgeable abyss, to stare in wonder at each other. If you have been minding the store, according to the heart’s true desire then, count your lucky stars, although luck has precious little to do with it. It is all going to change in the twinkling of an eye. The scales will fall from our formerly clouded vision and we shall see what is what as far as we are able. One thing for sure, it’s not going to be dinner as usual for the eaters of meat. Most people aren’t watching what’s happening in that arena and I’m not passing judgment on the flesh eaters. I’m merely presenting what’s coming, according to supply and demand and the presence of those things that the animals are fed with.

I don’t know when and I don’t know how. All I know is soon. Seek out the temple of your inner strength and abide there. Open your hearts wide to the firmament because angels will attend you in your hour of trial so, once again, count your lucky stars.

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Richard said...

Time to look in the inner mirror, access the Heart and see what has bloomed?
And if the Dragon-fire makes all impurities into ashes, what will be the nature of the Phoenix?
May your prayers to the Divine, whatever the names one uses, be answered by the All-Merciful aspect of the Divine.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation

tim said...

This is an outstanding article! Thanks. I'd also like to direct your readers to Greg Bacon's excellent article "are the money changers getting nervous?" that he posted today. I know that many of you don't believe "peak oil" but dick cheney and the bilderburgs do. It's one of the reasons they destroyed the economy. Also, a writer over at VT believes that BP's Texas City refinery is the next false flag. Texas city is in Ron Paul's district.

Visible said...

Facebook is all messed up in Firefox and IE just says something is wrong. Heh? Media going wacky too and mostly can't post or comment.

Anonymous said...

the way I see,the heart contains the universal essence,it has been strangled and now sits clenched up like a fist,it wants to open but doesnt know how,this would be the problem....
I know when I woke up,my heart fully opened completely for three days I sat their and just spoke the universe with complete understanding..it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced..

a day later I was consumed by my wrong doings and was in deep discomfort,,I had a feeling of death,deep pain and loss...
my heart had clenched up again it opens but never to the height of the initial experience,although sometimes in moments of deep thought or in poetic thinkings it happens again,i long to be their in that place all the time as this by my reckonings would be heaven,I think earth is heaven,but our disconnection or inability to open our hearts fully,leaves it desolate unable to experience the true beauty that it is ....
when this experience happened I swore an oath to kill the devil,or to try my hardest to remove disconnection from the peoples hearts,by opening my own heart fully again,I may be a fool but I will forever stand by what I see as my duty
even if it means physical death,to me that does not matter,

if this can happen to me I know it is also available to everybody else,I know you have also experienced this yourself lord visibles and a lot of other people have experienced this too....
I suspect this experience would be what is going to happen on a world wide scale,it seems it would be nessesary for balance and for healing

anyway respects and love to all.....neil

kikz said...

nice one les..

inre facebook.. i'm ditchin my acct at wks' end.

apparently 'it' logs everwhere/everything even if you're logged out... so i'll miss it. but, it's none of facebooks' biz where i go/do/read when i'm not on their servers.

if you want to still use it, it would be best to devote a browser to its singular use...

so @wknd, i'm deactivating my account, and all associated cookies for fb.


Anonymous said...

Speak freely... uninhibited.... that's the only way to be. I'm listening. Dog poet got the muzzle off. (c;

I could never put a muzzle on a dog. Seems like a crime against nature.

Today's another day and life is going on right now. No waiting required. I used to expect things coming and going, but later I realized I am always given anything I need. And when I need something new, it will come and find me... even if it's purpose is to set me straight.

Hey, I'm still marveling over this 'drink your own p1ss' conversation. Life is full of metaphors. Cheezut's is reputed to have said that nothing is hidden from those who can read creation.

This advice I hear too... you know... try to refrain from p1ssing over the railing of the spiral staircase you are on. So... the salient question is what one does when they gots to go? And hey, I've been p1ssed on a lot from those lower down. WTF? (c;

Life is a true comedy. I am wondering if it's only when we don't have a stake in it that we can appreciate the humor.


kikz said...

well, i could post origami.. but not the specific link to luckystars.... on fb... typical..

great post les!

Richie (Dana) said...

Perfect Les,
Of course once it begins there will be some unprecedented and exciting developments.

No more waiting and wondering what, why, and when.

God Bless


siamsam said...

It has been said that Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple Is The Driving Force Behind Events In Israel and around the world today: Apparently, once Completed, Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled.

The worrying thing, true or not, some very big players believe this stuff. If your a fan of Moses, Jesus, or Mohammed - or if you believe some guy that lives in Rome who wears a cloak and funny hat is God's latest rep. on earth never mind. It is the belief that is the issue.

Example of a big player would be one Mr Tony Blair who subscribes to the funny guy from Rome. Their is a lot of stuff which points to much bigger players that believe in the solomon's temple doodah.

Either I don't quite get the picture or we are pretty stupid as a species.

siamsam said...

@tim said

Peak oil seems more of a sane explanation of were we are today than Solomon's temple. But then again that would assume sanity.

Josey said...


I've been a meat-eater. It seems to satisfy some animal instinct.

But, is it too late to stop and switch to something more humane or have I gone too far down the road?

I would like to settle as many issues as possible before it's too late for me.

In other areas I've been working on myself and will continue.


gurnygob said...

“This devil, that you can call Satan or Ahriman, or any of the other names he goes by, works for the Supreme Being. He’s an employee. His job is to play upon your weaknesses and to test your mettle. He’s powerless except to the degree that you are vulnerable to him.”

Les would you mind explaining what you mean by “He’s an employee”

You will have to forgive me as you probably know by now I was brought up a Christian and taught that the devil is the enemy of God and our souls. So I guess what I am asking is......is he working for God or working against God in the battle for souls? Or do you mean “He’s an employee” in the sense that even though he is opposed to God and vice-versa that god makes use of this opposition to test our spirit?

Call me simple if you want but it just seems to me that the way you put it, it sounds like God and the devil are in cahoots and engaged is some sort of conspiracy at the expense of souls.

I probably didn’t ask this question in the way I meant to but I’m hoping you can unravel it for me.

The rest of your words are clear as day and on time considering the times we are living through.


Nayon said...

I am counting my lucky stars and you are definitly one of them. Thank you for your light, brilliance and tone, for being a true channel from Source.

I Love you all

Visible said...

siamsiam Iam looking right at it on this warm september day.

Terrance said...

Nayon ...I also concur with your thoughts...Love lives on....

siamkatt said...

Hey Bardus Canis
Well done, again
Yes Auld Nick has been on the payroll for awhile, employee #666
direct deposit into the Rothschild Bank. Thanks for giving the Devil his due, reported to be a decent fiddle player and has been known to skirl out a wee tune on the bagpipes (och the de'ils own instrument)
Picture an electric battery without the negative post, not much action there eh
I remember years ago when I was studying all thinks Occult and mystical I was called, by a member of the religious community, a 'devil-worshipper' Pissed me off for awhile but I got over it. You make a comfortable bed for Him and he's gonna lie in you (or on you) and NOT for me. Glad you can mention the Divine now Les without apology.I guess it is time for SHTF, and in our foxholes we have to decide who are our allies. I'm siding with the Big Guy (positive battery post)

Anonymous said...

Les - Please define what you mean by "sexual perversion". Perhaps it may be most instructive if you define what it is not. Thanks

Visible said...

Gee, I don't know, kinky is when you use a feather but perverted is when you use the whole chicken but that's not what you were after when yhou asked was it? Look pilgrim, everyone's bisexual to a degree and the degrees are determined by the times. You can't build a civilization with a left handed skyhook and basic order is basic order or things don't work and there are degrees of that too.

I operate according to the cosmic schematic as much as I am able to and I have engaged in everything and generally it wasn't cause I wanted to but I'm here for you. I'm not here for myself. I've been what people wanted me to be but I prefer to be who I am and it isn't over yet and you would think it would be but, it's never over. It is what it is. A sane person will accommodate himself to the times for ease of passage but sanity does not reside in the marketplace and Lady Nature is a goddess. I'm not fond of whores.

Everything in this world is an adaptation or perversion of sex and we see the effects.

If you need corrective glasses. They have shops for that. It changes the perceptions of the passage of the planets but the planets continue in their course. Sometimes it is like this and somstimes it is like that. The important feature is, what are you?

kikz said...

silly assed fb.. it had posted origami no less than 5 times.. i had to clean that mess up.. sigh....

ah well.. the facebook posting farts seem to've resolved themselves for now...

Alpha Silex said...

Great, great post, Les. Thank you and God bless to all.

Anonymous said...

There is a fable told in African mythology.

One day the Sun and the Wind were at odds with one another. The Wind kept boasting to the Sun he was far stronger than the Sun. The Sun in his wisdom said to the Wind: ‘let us have a competition. You see that man walking through the fields. The one who gets the man to take his coat off is the winner.’ The Wind agreed to the competition and said he would go first. The Wind blew and blew upon the man however the man fastened his coat tighter struggling against the Wind that was on his path. All the little animals in the fields cowered and hid; flowers stalks were bent and the beautiful petals were blown off. The Wind blew stronger and stronger on the man and the man cursed the Wind and clung tightly to his coat. The Wind eventually exhausted and out of breath said to the Sun: ‘I give up, your turn now.’ The Sun smiled and just in his smile the Sun shone brightly; the field changed into a beautiful sunny day, the little animals came out and started to play and the flowers faced the Sun in a glorious display of colour. The man smiled and feeling the warmth and calmness of the day took off his coat and carried on with his journey whistling merrily on his path. The Wind never again challenged the Sun after that day because he understood the wisdom of strength is in gentleness and kindness.

Abbas’s speech is like the Sun’s impulse whereas Netanyahu’s speech is like the struggling wind puff duh puff duh. His time on the platform will go down in history as the act of the Theater of the Absurd. What a pity Obama and Clinton where not there in the front row seats to take a bow – or were they behind the scenes squirming with embarrassment?

It is a shame some politicians take the direction of the Wind without learning the lesson of the Sun.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

According to the same exalted ones who mean mouth the Devil for a living, wasn't the Devil once the First Mate, the right hand man, the fair haired boy, the twinkle in God's eye?

Does that imply some truly outstanding qualities?
Imply super potency, big medicine, the right stuff?

Isn't what this formerly big big demigod, the Devil, favorite of the Boss did, to be thrown out of seventh or however high a heaven, the same thing we also did?

Is this the same reason we're also here?

Did the Devil (and us) try to play God, usurp God and deny credit to God and instead assume credit, praise and reward all for himself (ourselves)?

Is this what happened?

Anonymous said...

Taking a bit of an internet break from some pretty heavy duty landscaping work involving removing boulders and stones embedded in a melange of clay and sand. During the digging a Monarch butterfly fluttered by around and around me several times and ultimately alit on my left forefinger, remaining there for perhaps three full minutes and imbibing of small particles of moisture i had never previously noted to be on a finger. Salt content in sweat, i presume.

It is a very warm (77 F. at around 3;30 P.M. here in the northwoods. Well above normal. Today is the 129th anniversary of the birth of my beloved grandmother who lived in this house for a few years back around '49 to '51. To me the butterfly was a sign. During the whole while my entire being was enveloped in a feeling of great love.

Synchronicities and serrendipities are increasing almost exponentially. So is precognition and other interdimensional manifestations. We are deep into the cusp of Ascension.


Anonymous said...

Hey there cousin Les!

Looks like the apocalypse just gob smacked the BBC. Good stuff.



Visible said...

It's all part of the story and the reason there is a story.

Anonymous said...

Did you copy this from By Jim Kirwan's article? Proper procedure is to cite who you get your stuff from. I can't stand it when others post articles written by someone else and do not have the sense to let people know. It's is called plagiarism.

the dave said...

For what its worth, it was said that that the Dulce underground base on the border of NM and Colorado was the one blown up out there. Obama is probably heading for the Denver Airport underground base.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The Yuga angst is getting so intense you can almost cut it with a knife.

All sensitives and anybody under fifteen will tell you that it’s just around the corner. The soul’s angular acceleration has me squirming on the edge, much like the first three days after giving up my cigar addiction. Just a tad on the twitchy side and unlike the relief from tobacco, this just keeps getting more intense.

In the auric field it’s in the band about 2 ft out from the body core. Golden age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and now WoW! back all the way into the Golden age.

Transitions to successive lower Yuga levels are not that big a deal, but to go from that deepest darkest of control domination suppression deviancy soul constricted vibes at the tail end of the iron age, and then to spin across that galactic plane from the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere on Dec 21, 2011 into the expansive dawn of the new Golden Age where love light and harmony is all of a sudden the tendency of the space, WoW!

You know it that every notable entity in humanity’s reincarnation history has shown up for this, the Kali Yuga cosmic freaker’s ball.
Just to be in that cosmic stream, letting the sun’s fire burn off the soul dross, getting lighter by the minute, ready to gently slip into the golden healing waters of the age we all have memories of.

If I remember correctly, we may even have recall of our long forgotten levitation skills. Mind your cosmic north ontological horizon cardinal point. What a ride, what a show! Get it on!


siamsam said...

@ Abe

Apparantley that trader guys is not quite that. He is I have been informed a known 'yes man' or better put one of the 'yes men'.

What he says is (pun alert) 'on the money' - but he is one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

via Homer...

Well it's one Helluva story.

I read somewhere, heard tell a person, a demon, a fill in the blank can get to seventh heaven or even further via the act of forcibly cursing God nonstop with all his/her/its might for as long as he/she/it shall live and breathe!

That if the last thing on his/her/its mind and lips is the rip snortingest nastiest profane and mean as Ananta Shesa's worst nightmare curse of the Lord as death comes a callin' this is truly a transcendental feat of the highest order resulting in; well, I'd be remiss to spoil the ending for anyone or anything!

Imagine that!

I do, sometimes..

tim said...

Actually, they are related. Thanks for responding. The oil industry is 100% neo-con and "dominionists" are everywhere. They believe that God will puniish the US if we don't support israel in everything they do. The oil industry is controlled out of Houston by the john hagee croud. I don't care what the label is; "Christian zionist", "fundamentalist jew" whatever - they take the old testament literally. And always remember that israel would be overrun in a week without a modern navy and air force that is completely dependent on oil. Oil and israeli security go hand in hand. The PNAC group showed this is absolutely true. Their plan was to control the Mid-East oil so the American (and isreali) millitary would remain the only superpower.

One said...

Why is this article a copy and paste from Kirwins titled Seeking and Thinking?

Posted at Rense on the same day.

Anonymous said...

And I digress....

As above, so below.

you created this people, enjoy.

Lee said...

Les, I like your reference to the ticket one buys for the train wreck.

I wrote a poem/song about this same observation and I think we have much in common. I see family members here where I'm living, in major denial. I go as far to say, they have one foot in hell. They are riding on a train that goes ever fast and faster towards that unmovable mountain like the one in Yosemite, California, known as Half Dome.

What I see here is just an example of what is going on with America. Denial, self absorbed personalities, self righteousness, materialism, shallowness, arrogance, false pride, and religious hypocracy. (hope the spelling was right)

I was inspired by your last few articles and I made no comments since they were too complex and heady for me.

I went for a walk last week and found a green crystal stone. I tried to polish it as best I could and keep in my pocket to ward off the daily onslaught of evil.

Well, it seems to be working and it also is my favorite color (green) which has always had a mystical affect on me even as a child.

So, what ever it is that is coming our way, I just hope and pray for peace for myself and all of us here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, Anon by Deception, Down in NM
and wantin' to answer GurnyGob....
"The Great Controversy" by Ellen G. White.
Our entire Lives are a Battle between Christ
and Satan to win our souls.
He's the Deceiver. Satan, that is.
Ellen White goes into the Horrible
Horrible Vatican usurpation of a Divine
Authority. They FALSELY Claim to be
The Church, and the Pope as Vicar of God.
The Red Mass, bizarre that our entire
Congress participates, is a memorial to:
:Red Mass refers to a Mass celebrated annually in the Roman Catholic ... Later, Thomas More had William Tydale burned at the stake for heresy.
...and then Martin Shenn and the NBC West Wing
TV show wrote it into the script....Sheen, as the
President, on the way to the RED MASS, says
aw, ya just go along, Big Deal.
Good old Ignant Roman Follower Sheen.
GurnyGob....many times the Bible speaks of
the small-g god of THIS WORLD, referring to
the deceiver. Do Not be OF this World.
Thanks. Yeshua died for all our sins!
wv: emarkle....a fine expostulation!

Anonymous said...

I have had the great pleasure of meeting a man who died in Vietnam. I have been in a different state of mind, because the man was dead, verified dead for over 20 minutes put in a chopper that held coffins, and then.....he came back alive. He was never dead really. He crossed the stream and met god. His story is so fascinating that I can't stop writing, however I like to stop in and read your enuendo off the cuff gut feelings.
He came to me and said, "it's time to write the book."

Mind you this happened in 1967 and he had newspaper articles and doctor's reports, and 17 eyewitnesses that seen him get blown up by a bouncing betty.

Everything happens for a reason. He came to me to tell his story. He wants it published now. The newspaper articles and paperwork, even his telegram home to his mother, telling her he's dead are in my room.

He is a witness before men and god, and none can deny it. That is the beauty of this story.

Thought I'd share that with you.

Timing is everything. Even though time does not really exist.
Something is in the air...

Anonymous said...

"Gee, I don't know, kinky is when you use a feather but perverted is when you use the whole chicken but that's not what you were after when you asked was it?"

Thanks Les. I spewed Jack D.all over my laptop. Pictures like that should not be running loose an a persons head.

LOL- Ben

Visible said...

plagerism, Jesus! Of all the things I have been accused of that's the first time I've ever run into that and the one crime I would never committ, given that i.... ah, never mind. Jim likes my work and there was probably a wiggle with attribution; not that I give a shit (grin). Nah, whatever you read started here. Apology accepted

Anonymous said...

Neal W;

Dulce, yes or no?

Aheeiyeh, Kaikua'ana


Anaughty Mouser said...

Greetings Visible and fellow travelling starship caravanners.

Peace, Mouser

P.S. Someone said 'fences make good neighbours' - so I'm building one; 1.0 meter high with white paint. Cue: 'If I were a carpenter...'

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


No way was I going to touch the chickken bomb thing. Anti-semetic or what? :)

Anonymous said...

One said... Wednesday, September 28, 2011 3:04:00 AM
If you would pay attention Mr/Ms One, Kirwin copies tracts of Les' writing in 'his' article and references same (1) at end.
He also references a video (2) of federaljack.
If you are an American - you are forgiven as you are an ignorant piece of shit, if you are from the rest of the western world WAKE THE F**K UP, if you are illiterate - that's how things are done in the literary world, if you are by any chance jewish – go away and if you are from israel – go home, leave Palestine for the Palestinians.


Anonymous said...

Why is this article a copy and paste from Kirwins titled Seeking and Thinking?

Posted at Rense on the same day.


For fak sake dude, scroll to the end of the article and you see this;

1) Count Your Lucky Stars

Assclowns and whores

gurnygob said...

Anonymous thank you for the heads-up on the book.

Electrolux said...

Great article. Let's face it. There are 7 billion or so of "us" and a tiny fraction of that number of "them". Logic dictates that we have participated somewhat in the carnage.

New Age or not we are all going to die someday and leave the baubles behind. Why not generate a kind mind, kind speech and kind actions now. No one can take that away from us and I believe the world will develop around the energy. If 7 billion of us actually done this we might have a good time here. That's my aspiration anyway. Somehow I know that it will happen someday. Thanx.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps a bit off-topic but I'm curious if you've ever had a to get rid of a tulpa.

Maybe the zioborg are just that--tulpas writ large. Keep feeding them and they won't leave. And they become more angular and pernicious the longer they'er allowed to stick around.


Visible said...

Smoking Mirrors is up-

Nick Cage is a Vampire and I am the Wizard of It.

Visible said...

The only thing I ever had to get rid of was me.

Anonymous said...

'always after me lucky sperms!'

Sexual perversions? personally, whenever I've knowingly compromised myself and therefore my partner to get the sex that I thought I "needed" to be the man that I thought that I wasn't. While I've always loved the women I've been with (you can count them on one and a half hands) deeply....Yet like Hermann Hesse's 'Harry Haller' in Steppenwolfe there was an ineffable quality which was absent from our unions.

There was a good reason why Paramahansa Yogananda's parents slept in separate beds and "came" together exclusively for procreation. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that is what it means to me. Respect, if not AWE for the life force. The ability to create another human being....IN LOVE. Trivial, passe, repressed.....? No, it's the Playboys in the Penthouse and all their bastard children which have done their best to convince us of the virtues of Olympic Sport-Fucking as a life-model. And often a hOle-hearted disrespect for innocence, and children are on their list.

Collective perversions are coercion, rape, torture, any lack of consent, along with their subsequent re-enactment on TV and films. Regarding children, it's a foregone conclusion that OUR minds are not as debased and trivialized as some of the Playboys and Gayboys would like to believe.

Be well everyone!

neal said...

Ghana, don't know about Dulce. There is one good place in the Pecos Mountains where you could view one of the main entrances, on the side of the mountain, to see if it was compromised- unless cloaked.

You would probably need to cozy up to one of the magpies, they might gossip a bit if coaxed properly.

Unless the protocols for the underground stuff have changed, any seismic or radiological effects detected would be from psychic warfare, not nuclear.

James Bond on the surface and Dr. Strange past a certain point up or down.

At least that's how the game was played in Omaha, Washington DC, and Giza. It's not as physical deep down as most people think. That is coming to the surface, too- from below and above.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Visible said...

"The only thing I ever had to get rid of was me."

Ha! Ha! Holy cow!
That one sentence could be (and is) an "Origami" all by its lonesome.

Anonymous said...

And so, the human race continues to dumb itself into extinction.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Humans have the same transformer gene as does the catipilar which enables him to transform into a butterfly.

Unlike our moaning and groaning bitching and whining the catipilar does his tranformation process with a poise dignity and grace.

Remember how it feels to fly...


Anonymous said...

Yes this is a good question, does the devil works for god?
I think the devil is the energy emmited by negative ions, and the christian god the positive ions, We are and everything made of matter are the results from their interaction, without negative no matter, and so life cannot exist without the co-existence of the two.
Like from the most stinky pile of crap eventually the most beautiful flower will bloom, we are arrived in an age where negative has surpass, and this cannot be, like in cycle, balance will be restored by naturals mean, on and on.
This is karma of matter...

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm counting my lucky stars. I feel that nonsupport of them will speed their demise. Patiently waiting. Peace to all, from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the action of karma imply an intelligent control?

A plan of action.

Doesn't a plan of action imply a personal touch?

How can impersonal matter decide AND implement who gets the boot and who gets the ice cream cone?

When someone dies and you see the material body laying in the casket do you say "there he is" or do you say "he's gone?"

I'm thinking "he's gone" but who is gone? There he is. Right there.
Wake up!
Get up!
Laugh and cry!


And it isn't because his battery ran down..

Cassandra of Troy said...

Anon 3:47 "I think the devil is the energy emmited by negative ions, and the christian god the positive ions..."

Er, do you not realize that negative ions are healing, helping and soothing? Do a web search and you will find plenty on this matter. :)

onething said...

Dear Gurnygob,

What, and you never thought Christian theology itself makes of God and the devil two wicked cohorts, both conspiring to keep as many people out of heaven as possible?

What's more important than who he works for, is to understand the horridness of the deception, a sociopath named Jehovah masquerading as God while in every way OPENLY showing his true colors! How, O humanity, have you been so easily duped?

Oh yes perhaps Les is right and he's doing his job because we humans need to fall for this ridiculous, this slap stick deception until we finally slap our foreheads and say, How can I have been such a fool?

The Old Testament is almost entirely a tedious, relentlessly negative screed of rapaciousness and anger but there is the occasional gem scattered here and there, to wit:

"Woe to those who call darkness light, and light darkness, who take bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, who call evil good and good evil."

And who are "those"? Why nearly every one. Jesus clearly lays out the character of the Good God - but the Christian churches have rejected it and taught Jehovah instead. Oh, how he is laughing, slandering God in his character and erasing Jesus' true teaching.

All the gobbldygook theology, salvation theology, and what did Jesus really say?

He said God is good. And what did James say? Every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights. And, he said, God never varies.

Is war of the light? Is anger and revenge sweet? Is it good to require a death in order to forgive?
All these are actions of Jehovah, the Great Impostor, and perhaps, just perhaps we somehow deserve this level of deception because you know, we probably need to be confined here until we are ready to break out, and when we are ready we see through ridiculous nonsense like a theology which has two deities, both evil.



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