Thursday, October 21, 2004

Well damned if they didn't do it after all...

I'd had a feeling all along. I remember telling apprehensive fans to reign in their psychasthenia and calm out the twisted folds of the renegade sphincter. "You never know", I said. With uncharacteristic restraint I did not get involved in my usual minutiae about the series; I love baseball after all. I thought, if I open my mouth too much I'll queer the deal. But I knew, or I thought I knew, when Shilling brought his bleeding heel past the gates of the enchanted city on nothing but guts and fury. You can't ask more.

How strangely it parallels another contest. We here are treated daily to the quisquilious mumbo jumbo of the rent-boy haruspexs who tell us of the steaming juggernautilis of their augers. This boat won't float, that's why it's beneath the waves; polls to the right of me, polls to the far right of me, into the valley of incredulous spec we witness the procrustean omission of the credible.

Are you with me so far?

I said, if the Sox win, it's a massive shot in the arm for John Kerry. Count on it. Twin malisons now face a sweet termination. We've weathered the nefandous passage. Shall we come out into the kind light? Sweeping up the rotten detritus of noxious flood is a deal more involved than the cleaning of the stadium last night. But may I say, put your backs into it ye scum!

I recognize that many would rather I gave my attention to things non-political. I've a broken ceramic edge to my work in this black dishwater. It does reduce my occasional good work and change my better self to a shrill night-foundered objurgatrix.

My apologies in that regard; following this election- and that will include whatever reverse nikhedonia I may suffer- I am of a mind to eschew the thing entire. You may hold me to that. You may say, in that time, "You said you would talk of finer things." And so reminded, I will.

I do not aspire to be a practitioner of obtrectation (though I think it to be other than that), nor do I seek to gather you into a Noyade (albeit one of words) like the none-too-greatly lamented Monsieur Carrier. The finer side of our emerging being is oft beset by the gnawing animals of an unresolved past. We do think that if we fail to carry out our executions that the rats will own the house. It's a hard thing to make vulnerable that which was so long threatened. I will try though.

My dance with the noumenon and attendant omphalopsychitic efforts are far too important to be compromised by a vanity ballet in a rain of shit. So, bear with me if you can until the whangdoodle is stuffed and served.

Many months prior to the emergence of the eccedentesiast Barmecide I said, "here comes trouble" and so it was and is. Something in me said-I must oppose this saponaceous abderite. And so I have, winning opprobrium and losing what small respect I may have gained apace by other means.

Should the cack-handed clown of incessant malversation be returned to the baboon throne, there to prance amidst the ruins of a dying dream. Should the whole of it be delivered into the hands of mallemaroking rantipoles I will turn my attentions to those things of a more timeless nature. Surely the world has always been both Grand Central toilet and palace of temporary wonder for the lucky and the blessed. Let me aspire from here to be at least a part of the former and as much of the latter as such a forbearance may attract.

Between the tragedy and the roman-fleuve of this temporary state we do bell the cat and pay the piper. I am neither judge nor executioner. Less of the Xanthippe in the midst and more the hearts veriloquence I trust will serve me better.

We can all be taken unaware by trauma like Houdini to be put in pursuit of the numberless quacksalvers-but if we find nothing in the end, perhaps we might adjust our area of inquiry.

My prayers are with you for a swift end to your degringolade. May it come neck and neck abreast with my own newly committed galluptious peregrination into a better land within. The time comes when there is no further good to be had by continuing as a proctalgia among so much that might have been callipygian had I only had the eyes to see.

I know that some here will feel that I have been galimatian here; perhaps, perhaps not.
It is now time to reach for finer things, to weave a more enduring song from the ethers of the tathagatagarbha.

I have decided that we are all fools and having so few guns I am neither of a mind nor in a position to play Cassandra or Kublai Khan. One can do no better than to construct another world when ones real delights are not to be found in this one. Perhaps, like another baseball guy said, "If you build it they will come."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"What's puzzlin you is the nature of my game."

Yes, I refer to that line from the Rolling Stones song a lot. It is more apt when understanding the nature of the deceiver than anything else.

It's like 'vibes'; "I don't know man, I'm getting bad vibes." We've all encountered people who make us uneasy when we have no surface evidence for why. We've all been warned not to do something, not to go somewhere, not to trust someone. We may not admit to it but all of us can find more than one example- more than one occasion. And all of us can remember a time when we found out to our chagrin.

I'd say my antenna is about 90% at the very least. I base this on hindsight, which, by the way, is always perfect.

But there is something in us that likes to be fooled. We've a contrary aspect that says, "nah.", we've a false comforting risk stupidity that won't go against the lemming instinct of our fellows. "All these people can't be wrong." "If it was a conspiracy someone would blow the whistle.", "you can't cover up something like that.", "they wouldn't lie to us."

But we have all been lied to, many times. I watch people very closely. I do it peripherally as often as not. I don't do it because I am paranoid. I do it because it fascinates me. People fascinate me. They are so predictable. And yet... they will surprise you too.

I believe most people are inherently good. At the same time I believe that most people are deceived to a larger or smaller degree. I believe that the world is a con. If you know the world is a con you have a number of options. Many people work the con to personal advantage. Many people are catamites for the door to door roofing specialists and security analysts who are really casing their house. Some are cynical and bitter about the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Some find it amusing and make jokes about it, romanticize it or immortalize it in songs and paintings and books.

Desiderata comes to mind here.

I'm also a fan of the footprints in the sand. I've been as big a beneficiary of the single set of footprints as any of us. It may be that I am more likely, have had more reasons, to trust these footprints than many. Extremity will make you a believer; if you survive.

Well, I've set the stage; let's move on to a few things that I want to point out as I make my way to a point that may have something to do with the prefacing.

Maybe you have heard about presscott bush's financing of hitler. It's less likely you've heard about the profiteering from the Auschwitz slave labor. You might want to read this piece now;


Now this is just one of hundreds of references I can give. It's one of the more readable and comprehensive though. You can be sure this isn't a lie. It's not only been substantiated but Congress itself censured p. bush for his activities; although not as comprehensively as they should have.

Well, there are a great many little associations, incidents and evidences that dovetail upon the central core of this family. Maybe it's 'puzzlin you'. It isn't puzzlin me.

It would be a rare government indeed that has not conspired and killed on behalf of themselves or their peoples, that has not had its thumb in many a poison pie. Every ship of state sails on an ocean of night. The waters below are filled with all manner of sausage making and the creatures that live upon the effluvia of the process.

We've heard about the 'need to know' basis. You can be sure that there are immense discoveries floating about beneath the waves like those fluorescent fish in the inky depths. If you know what you know, you can be confident that there's a lot you don't know. And what you don't know is probably worse and the effort to hide it greater.

On the surface we are given to believe that this world is ruled by the necessities of commerce and the laws of the lands as well as the international agreements made between them; let’s not forget religion when we are talking crowd control. Behind these public vehicles are collections of individuals in agreement upon process. Behind these individuals may be other individuals who work the front groups off of each other for gain and for control. Behind these individuals are forces that work the Mephistophelian aspect of the human mind for purposes of milk. I define it as 'milk' but it's not milk.

I'm convinced of this and I see the evidence every day. I'm looking for it though; most people would never entertain such a Matrix view. It's real though. And breaking out of it is your Job One. There is help. And the kicker is that the battle is already won. All that enslaves most people is the idea that the battle is still engaged.

The Buddhists speak of this treadmill as a wheel. It's been said that you can remain on this wheel for thousands of lives. I don't know about you but I'm more interested in crossing the ocean of birth and death than in traveling with the carnival.

The front men change. The game does not change. The rules and conditions can be better for the many, or better for the few. Since the game is rigged either way I always opt for the potential benefit to the many. You have democracies and you have fascist enterprises. It's a destiny of sorts that 'lands of liberty' often tend toward the fascist in the increasing need to protect the property interests of the few against the needs and desires of the many. It just works that way. And remember, they stole it fair and square.

The whole of life goes on between the experiments of government and the individual and collective appetites for gain within their controls. How rich do you want to be? How safe do you want to be?

Things are more than likely going to shift soon. What Diogene points out in his post below, along with the huge surge in new voter registration, the dissatisfaction with direction, the economic nosedive, the disparity between the super rich and the lumpen proles...yadda, yadda; if the Red Sox win tonight you can take a Kerry presidency to the bank. Just their coming back like they did is a stronger indicator than you might think. There's an ironic, invisible motivation that slipstreams around us. You might be aware, you might not.

The critical factor is; how bad do the guys who stole the thing to begin with want to keep the drivers they have? Depending on how important that is, on that depends how outrageous the effort will be.

But remember, changing horses doesn't affect them that much; they're in control either way. They sell arms to both sides and always rake the swag on the conflicts they have generated for their benefit. Africa is a good place to study this. Study what went where and who did what over the last hundred years or so. But you can see this most places.

Does this leave us in a grim circumstance or what?

Well, according to 'ageless wisdom', at this time there is moving toward us a force of great benevolence. It is coming from the 'inner planes' and it is forcing the darkness aside. Word has it that the evil intelligences that have had their way for so long are now being forced out into the open; forced into the flesh. This is one of the most powerful periods of change and opportunity in 25,000 years. This is why so many souls from so many places have opted to be born here. This is a Hell of a lot more important to you than the presidential election or whether you'll get laid this weekend.

Conversely, the forces working to distract your attention from your opportunity have never been more powerful and prevalent. Witness the sheer material excess.

Don't be puzzled. Be cool, be good and be confident-enjoy the ride. You are not the conductor; you're just one of the passengers. And if you can't be good, be careful.

NOTE; was that a left turn into the Twilight Zone or was that a left turn? If all you do is watch, and be thoughtful and trust- I expect you are in for a hallelujah, Christmas morning surprise on a day that will not end. Season’s Greetings.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Live Boy or a Dead Girl?

There is a thing I’ve learned. I don’t know where I learned it. I don’t know if it’s a good way to live your life. You could get in a lot of trouble with it but you can get out of trouble with it too. You may wind up a lifetime undecided in the game of life. You might not get anything done. There may be no certain conclusion to your efforts. Still, I wonder if anyone can say that they succeeded one way or another regardless of their methodology.

What I learned, though in a deeper sense than I can convey in this medium, is that there is always something beyond the conclusions you arrive at. I’ve found that you can begin to inquire into something and have the thing you are studying cease to be what it appeared to be originally. I’ve found that if you take two opposing poles they will create a third pole which will...and so on. I’ve found that unraveling a mystery often leaves you with nothing. Mystery is just a curtain moving in the wind. You still don’t know anything.

Paracelsus once announced that he was going to reveal ‘the first matter’. A collection of noted scientists, would be alchemists and sundry showed up. On the table was a silver food cover. With his usual drama, Paracelsus removed the cover to display a turd. His audience was not amused. Paracelsus was not lying however. His audience was just unable to make the connection.

Like I said, it’s my tendency to continue past the point where I think I have discovered what I was pursuing. Things are not what they seem. If there is one point that is certain it is that. And the tendency of people to accept things at face value is the source of considerable suffering on their part.

One of the strangest things I have witnessed over the last four years is how many seemingly rational people are behaving irrationally. I see journalists, public figures and the general public accepting the most absurd explanations for transparent horseshit. So I go looking for why. There’s a cost here. Being an apologist for bad behavior, constructing arguments in defense of the indefensible, agreeing to what you know is wrong, at the very least costs you your credibility, possibly your honor and your self respect as well. Possibly these things don’t possess the value they once did.

Take ralph nader. Please. Now, I’m familiar with ralph nader. I’ve met ralph nader. I’ve listened to him talk. Yes, he’s got quite a few facts and he’s articulate. But, as I’ve said, I keep looking. He says that both political parties are corrupt. Well that’s a newsflash and a half. He says he can bring change to a compromised system. I’ve seen better and brighter minds try that. Life as we know it is the price of doing business. You have to make a decision how involved you want to be. And you can change some things. But when you start adding up Golden Ages in relation to bad hair days well...

ralph’s not a factor this time around so it doesn’t matter to me what he’s up to. But one thing I notice is that ralph’s main adversary is the Democrats. ralph also is accepting money from republicans whose only interest it to siphon support away from the Democrats. When you confront him on it he just shrugs his shoulders and says, “they have a right to spend their money.” He’s very slick at not confronting a number of things that demand an explanation. I’ve watched him do it. What is it ralph, a live boy or a dead girl? ...Because nothing else makes any sense. Let’s be realistic. ralph could go to the Democrats and demand a high profile cabinet job, a czar position, a free range- at large position, attorney general. He can have any of that and he could do more from some of those positions than he could achieve as president which he will NEVER be. Is he stupid? I don’t think so. So what is it?

What is it that causes certain highly credentialed journalists to smear shit on their faces and smile before the world like they were bringing down the house at Carnegie Hall? What is it that motivates huge news organs, radio and television stations to blatantly lie about what is patently obvious? Why would they do this?

I’ve my doubts about Kerry. But if I were to choose between Kerry and bush it would be like choosing whether to have a King Snake or a Gaboon Viper in my house. It would be like deciding whether to leave my infant home with the family dog or my pet ferret. This administration has outright lied about every single thing they have done or intended. This administration has not followed through on a single thing they promised. They have bankrupted the economy. They have turned the world into a biker bar. Meanwhile, the American people and those who speak for and to the American people are lining up and saying, “can I have another one Sir!”

Alqaeda isn’t Alqaeda. Terror isn’t an army on the border. Meanwhile the administration is beating the bushes, crying from the rooftops, outright enlisting every disenfranchised crazy across the globe to sign up with the opposition. They’re wacking at hornets nest and telling you it’s the key to cold fusion. How can anyone in their right mind buy into this?

The sheer laundry list of failures and bad decisions dwarfs anything this country has ever seen. It makes no kind of rational sense, no kind of business savvy; no kind of any kind of logic do I see.

Alright, people are afraid, people have a religious virus, people fear cultural change that includes gays and people have things on their mind...but ...but... I am perplexed. I’ve seen slick operators. I’ve watched people get had. But how stupid are you? It doesn’t make sense. What’s worse, two guys having sex or global mass murder? What’s worse, the Wicca clan outside Winchester or the loss of your personal freedom as the cost of a promise to remove them that won’t even be carried out?

Some great cloud of strange gas seems to be blanketing the land. Is it the voices from the conning towers? Is it a spontaneous snake dance of overpowering estrus? Howdy Doody is shitting on Ritz crackers and passing them around and you’re eating it. I feel like I am from another planet walking among millions of hypnotized robots. There’s no mystery here about what is happening to you and you can’t be enjoying it so... why? Why are seemingly intelligent people telling you that what you see is something else? Is it just the money? Is it fear of Dixie Chick syndrome? Is it darkness within responding to the call of darkness without? Do hundreds and hundreds of people have a live boy or a dead girl in their bed? Something is making more or less rational people behave irrationally. Is something in your water? ...your food?

People, I don’t know if you’re just bone stupid or pathologically selfish. I don’t know if aliens have taken up housekeeping in your head. I’m still looking and I have some thoughts which I will hold for the moment, but... I want to tell you, you are headed in the wrong direction. I’m not at all confused about this. You are absolutely headed in the wrong direction. I know you don’t like to ask, you got that alpha male thing. I know you don’t want to look like a fool but I assure you that’s already an incontrovertible fact. Now before you really, really fuck up. Before you hit that highway abutment and the state police find you with the dead transvestite in your lap, before they sell the photos to the National Enquirer and show the video to your kids, before that... stop the car and go back.

Don’t wake up hating yourself in the morning... ...And if they did catch you with a live boy or a dead girl? Make some lemonade.

I picked the wrong time to quit sniffing glue.

that's one of my favorite lines from a movie. But it looms real at the moment.


I'll be living very close to Albufeira and my goodness, would that I had found it earlier. Insert laughter.

When I first started getting high, all of my experiences were intensely spiritual, as was my lifestyle. I would fast before a trip. I would often chant throughout, or read The Way of Life all through; thinking I was imprinting the words upon the very fiber of my being.

Moving on to Woodstock, N.Y. I had a macrobiotic restaurant and lived in a teepee for two years through every season. It got to where I and my friend Michael Green would go down and bathe in the stream naked in the winter morning, walking there barefoot in the snow.

I often walked 5 or 6 miles toward work before someone picked me up. I didn't drive then. It was 3 miles through the woods in Riverby Estates, Wittenberg just to get to the highway. And all down the highway and upon the forest floor my feet would strike the ground while my chant to Amitabha continued. I believed I was changing the Earth beneath; resonating to it's coming Edenic transformation. Mostly what was being changed was me. I didn't know that though.

Later I got a spiritual/occult bookstore in tandem with the restaurant. It was cater-corner to it on Tinker Street. Then I got a house and my friend Peter turned me on to coke. I went from being a saddhu to a dancing sanyasin in Krishna's bountiful garden; if you catch my Gopi allusion. Of course you drink when you snort.

We don't notice things that happen to us on a slow grade. You don't have the beginning yesterday as reference to the attrition of falling tomorrows. It's like aging, or a plant coming out of the Earth. Lines don't suddenly appear on the face, but eventually you see them. One day the plant is taller than you are. When your nature grows coarse it doesn't set off flashing lights. Of course your companions and environment change to accommodate your behavior.

Oh, I don't doubt I went on too long. The things I used to do with an arcane solemnity turned to a recreational repetition. You don't know you're going down the toilet bowl as you circle the rim. Just one day something happens that never happened before. Further on down the road that event has become commonplace. Then another thing happens that never happened before and that becomes commonplace. You can't figure out why your luck changed. But it wasn't your luck that changed, it was you.

You change your environment instead of your behavior. Sooner or later you're gonna crash and burn; maybe you do The Phoenix, maybe you don't.

You come out of it and you stay away for a good while. But somehow you find your way back. You're not having spiritual experiences anymore though, but at least they are strange enough to accommodate your hungry imagination. You crash and burn again, but not like before. This scenario repeats itself until...even more strangely, now you can take it or leave it and the bad shit doesn't happen. You know this is rare. You've been told that.

But the enjoyment just isn't in it. You've gotten to this place where you can actually watch it work inside you and pull the leash. But the thrill is gone. And one thing hasn't changed. It still takes awhile to get back to the place you were when you were meditating and the morning woke smiling and you could hear the good voice that went away as soon as you got high. you realized you weren't getting high. You were repressing the best portion of yourself to avoid a higher destiny. You certainly weren't the Lone Ranger.

Finally, you tell yourself that there's really no point to it if you are getting higher straight than you've ever been when you were high. You're getting these trembling surges and shaker-like jolts of ecstasy, real ecstasy. And you know it's going to get better. You've even started pounding on the ground like you used to; you're doing the same chant- only you've learned a few tricks about that. And life just runs like the river of milk across the land of honey.

The best part of it is that all of the dreams and ambitions you once had don't mean anything now. You wonder why you ever thought it would be a good idea to have a cloud of mosquito-people buzzing around your head. You've found Cold Mountain, just where Gary Snyder said it would be- even if he was only translating- and you found you could sleep by the creek and purify your ears.

You realize how funny it is that the whole thing took place inside your head. You realize you could indeed be a butterfly dreaming that you are a man. All that, first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is stuff turned out to be true. Imagine that. Are sure as you always thought you were you weren't entirely sure.

Stuff just goes on around you, outside you, but you could be anywhere. You don't have an age anymore or a particular point of arrival but you do notice that the trail inside is going around tighter corners; not that you can see corners when there are no edges.

What happens then? What happens at the point where you are obliged to stand still because you have turned around inside the moment and you can't proceed any further. Some say it expands outward from you into the limitless. Some say that a pressure now forces you up a column of light. Whatever it is it will be personal, not business.

Then you find out you are going to be living in the most drug liberal environment this side of Amsterdam. Surely it figures. But the thing is, no one really stops anything until they really want to. Sometimes there just isn't anymore energy left for it. As long as the fire has to long as it takes to burn away the appetite to act out on the telepathic invasion of your defenseless youth; well, that's how long it takes.

I haven't any idea of why I wrote this. I saw that article while I was researching driving restrictions across France, Spain and Portugal. I've got my new Touran and there were factors to consider. It turned out I couldn't go with my friend Chris and the whole trip was changed. Now Susanne and I will drive down together and then she'll fly back to finish up things.

It's odd. Chris has long hair and just got busted by the Swiss for 40 kilos of buds. He'd have stood out physically. Susanne stands out physically but in a far more charming way.

About ten times in the last two weeks I found myself in a position to wonder about what I would do about something I had to do something about. Every time a voice came into my head and said, "why not let me handle it." The first two times some very remarkable things occurred. And each time it got handled near immediately after, better than I might ever have done. None of them were crisis decisions, just life process. But it has been uncanny nonetheless.

So it's not a surprise now; wasn't a surprise when somehow I knew I wouldn't be going with Chris. It wasn't a surprise to find I'd be leaving a few days later than 'I' had planned. I just said, "Sure".

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Cheese Does Not Stink Alone.

I post regularly at Best of the Fray at and this is a reprint of a recent post. It seemed relevant to something. I'll be traveling for the next week or so; likely I won't be writing here during that time. Avast!

Probably it is an un-necessary exercise on my part to do this. But if it only makes me feel better then maybe that is enough. Every now and then it's a good thing to define ourselves a little more directly than what can be inferentially drawn.

You can perhaps move through this life without making enemies. I doubt you would be a very interesting person. We'll exempt Lao Tzu and similar rare entities we have this gift of colorless water. They are 'gate... gate... paragate...' I am not.

Since we cannot move without being opposed, even if it be at a distance, in a glance; whether it be the result of our clothes, our nose or our eyes; it behooves us to choose who our enemies will be. I use 'enemies' loosely. Some respect is possible between opposing perspectives. Mild dislike is not the same as homicidal fury.

Some see bush and cheney and organisms like them as practical politicians. Some view them with regard or respect, with fear, with a reflexive, subconscious, authority genuflection or with an attraction to the life. Some see them as evil, heartless, manipulative, mislead or misleading, or just a couple of God's chillun.

Everybody you can think of is here. BOTF runs the gamut from some of the most pristine intellects to some of the densest protozoa among us. We got cold, emotionless reptiles and we got verge o' tears hystericals. We have both comedians and clowns and there is a difference.

I haven't seen a single poster here who has maintained, without exception, that equillibrium which is the secret of the Great Work. A very few possiblities come to mind and you know who they are.

This is the playground at recess and it is the sidewalk in front of the drugstore. It's a bunch of people with sticks and varying degrees of skill. As virtual as this place is, people do get hurt, offended and sometimes make an ass of themselves. I've been on both sides of all of it. I'm more skilled than I was but far less skilled than I ought to be. All of you, the good, the bad and the ugly have done me a great service in the process. I have served you too.

You grow here and you can't grow without pain.

I want to take this opportunity to explain why I think as I do. We all reason differently. We arrive at different conclusions. For myself, I make connections. If someone does something in New York, I am likely to travel with it to its final destination. I believe you can say something in Saddle River and have it heard in Cairo the next week. For me it's like a stone thrown into a lake. The ripples eventually encompass the lake. A stone thrown into the lake and an airplane crashing into the lake will have a degree of difference. Some of us have more power in the phenomenal, more power for harm.

When I see a dead body I trace backward. Sometimes the bullet or the bomb originated thousands of miles away and was fired from a fountain pen. When people starve you can blame them for poor location or whatever you do when it is your nature to give the victim the blame. Or you can think this or that is the reason.

When I count the dead in The Congo I think of merchants in Belgium and other locations. I think of the people who wear finery. I think of lifestyles. When I think of oil I think of the supression of technologies to the contrary. When I think of weapons manufacturers I think of the need for use, the need for increased sales, the need to generate conflicts for use and replacement. I think of the arguments in the minds of everyone of us and the hotspots in the world which they travel to across the astral transmission lines that circumnavigate the globe. It IS all connected.

So I look at bush and I see bloodstaned hands. I see a mass murderer. Whenever diplomacy might have served and was not used I look for another motive. Wherever threat might have served in the place of action, wherever food might have served in the place of words, wherever the joined hands of a collective industry might have helped and instead a crushing enslavement of debt was applied; I see men in suits in offices working on the bottom line.

As I have said elsewhere, mary cheney is like the person who drives the getaway car at a bank job. Her hands are bloody too, she supports killers. Many journalists and media types kill with the use of robot hands at a distance. It serves many an industry to initiate conflict. Death is a business.

I cannot change this world. I don't like this world. I wish I were elsewhere. I take little pleasure in this place. Although, I'm certain, I'm happier than most anyone I meet. The secret is not wanting anything. I've learned to swim against the tide without running into the fish passing me in the other direction. I no longer throw my body in front of cars. However, my life is not as important as all the lives ripped apart by unfeeling psychopaths at the wheel of power.

I oppose these people. I would stop them if I could. I can only hope that the greater portion of the world might rise up alongside... but they are distracted by life and silk-screened into pleasure-lands, dream dens, upon bar stools, before entertainments and tables and bedrooms of scented bodys by the minds fireplace. We all dream.

So whether I am right or wrong is not the issue. I've only my words and my thoughts to counter injustice and to no great effect. But I will fight these evil fucks till my last breath. Of course it is Quixotic and I am confused on occasion. Good and evil melt into something beyond the ken of our divided minds. It's all under control and it is more wonderful than terrible. It's better in the long run than we can even know.

But not to fight the good fight is to be a coward and a slave. Not to cry out against injustice is to give it your support.

Yes, we must be sure that "in the pursuit of monsters we do not become one." But I'm not about social reformation but rather about the channeling of appetite into the formation of another world. We build that place there with our efforts here. Here and there are the same except that we perceive them with diferent tools. Heaven begins where our feet touch the Earth. We are building our coming world both here and there.

There has to be more to being here than acquiring things you can't travel with. There has to be more than a thousand and one nights. There has to be more and I suspect we are that more in becoming or not becoming, over straight or very convoluted roads.

I'd rather I had had less Lovelace and more Eliot- but that's just the mind always eyeing another pasture. We are always most real between our personal extremes- that is our peace. But we are more often in transit between.

I don't care how many curtains they erect, how many carnival lights there are, how many girls wink at me and move their hips, how many car horns, radios, TV sets and rest stops there are on this highway. I can see the machinery behind it. However long you stop and stay, you always have to get back on and head on out. And behind these constructs are just the supporting two by fours that hold up the mock town on a Hollywood set. I looked.

I can't imagine and haven't found more than a few things worth living or dying for. Love is one, Justice is another; most importantly is to meet the one who has authored it all and to be led away unseen to the hidden kingdom. Since this is what I have found to this point it is all I have. In the process people will object, oppose, not understand, or what have you. But it won't make any difference until I find a better way.

Being Right Isn't Always Satisfying.

Of course, 'always' being right isn't possible- regardless of how many people might feel that they are.

A couple of weeks ago I said that the biggest issue of this election was really the gay issue. I was told that I was incorrect in my position; which is neither missionary nor fraught with premature ejaculation problems.

Today, the lead article at (go to the top right of the screen and click on the commercial icon for a free day pass. At the moment it is Audi) The article tells in depth what is happening across the country; those who feel that the multi-pronged putsch is simply about defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman are in for a surprise; a big surprise.

This is why the mary cheney comment had such an incomprehensible impact. At a time when the GOP is pushing hard in a number of states to pass legislation sending gays back to the Stone Age, the vice-hypocrite was revealed to have gay offspring.

As I had said previously, though cheney's daughter is out, it was very unlikely that your rank and file funide-bot knew this. Most fundie-bots don't read in areas (if they read at all) that might require them to weigh ideas against each other.

You need to read the article to get a grasp of what is on the table in the minutiae of the bills on the ballots. It's crystal.

The impression given is that this election is about a great battle between the forces of good and evil. The irony is that it's actually the side of evil that is representing itself as the side of good. In the Bible there are numerous references to the people being fooled; "even unto the elect", when false prophets appear. Notably the anti-Christ is supposed to appear as a world savior. No one ever gets that it is the people so immersed in blind faith and dogmatic reflex that are the ones most entirely deceived.

There is a passage in the Bible which reads (or used to read) "even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived." In recent times this phrase has been altered to read differently. The reason is that it had become a huge unanswerable question; whut the hayul dus that mean? Googling this phrase will show you the debates and rationale for altering the words and meaning.

The Bible also says that God sets both the light and the darkness. The implication is that, one force controls all appearances, all circumstance, and that the idea of a God and a Devil endlessly opposed to each other is bullshit. Actually there is a rim of light around the devil which is the angel who is veiled by the shadow of false appearances. The devil is the way the wicked, the deceived, the uninformed and the ignorant see God. The devil is your mind.

People who run about in fear of the devil are actually worshipping it. Most churches are halls of satanic worship- give conscious Satanists some credit; at least they are honest about it.

I haven't the space here to dissect the matter of God and The Devil. But it's not as complex as one might think. How's that for a puzzling contradiction? As I have often quoted, "what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Basically, you are free and more powerful than you can imagine. Unfortunately you are being controlled by external appearances; by the way things ‘seem’ to be to your senses. The tarot card The Devil has the letter 'Ayin' attached to it. Ayin is the eye. Appearances... what seems to be...this is how demagogues and magicians who manipulate sensation can control you. This is what 90% of religious institutions and ALL political movements are engaged in.

Whether gay is decadent and the sign of a culture in decline, a legitimate lifestyle choice, or something that ebbs and flows like sea tides is not important to me. It is here. I look at it as something people go through to learn something, like being black, or Jewish, or male or female. In the big marketplace theater of life in transition; you got it all.

But fear of homosexuals is probably less of a problem than fear of your leaders. Two men or women looking into something that is looking out of them is less of a problem than bombs bursting in air. Slavish worship of the modern Golden Calf and immersion in its cornucopia of appetites where you are the food being consumed, is far more perilous. And whether you are gay or straight, if this is your focus, you do have a problem.

Look at your basic fears, the real ones and the ones of the moment, whipping you from your radios and TV's, computer monitors, newspapers and what all. WHO is doing the whipping? Why? These are the questions you should be asking.

Someone sucking a dick, who happens to have a dick is not much different from anyone immersed in the cotton candy of material excess. Love in either regard will always burn a hole through the blanketing morass of semen or sugar. Intention and consciousness define ones position, not the act itself. If that were the case- well, you do the mind work.

Open your eyes. There are other issues being worked, but this is the big one. This is the big issue on the table.

I may have a moment to post again tomorrow and I may not. I'm in the wind in the next 24 hours and may not be online for awhile unless one of my hotels has internet and perhaps not even then. So it may be a week or more before I get back here. A lot can, and probably will, happen in that time. Good luck and may the 'living' God who lives everywhere in everything, all the time (and who is not a chittering monkey dressed in ermine and satin on a golden throne with a scepter and a mind numbing library of old books with small print) be with you.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Nation of False Sacrifice to the Wrong Gods.

Usually in a time of war a nation is called upon to sacrifice. Never in a time of war, at least in America, have gratuitous tax breaks and refunds been given to the super rich; they usually make out like bandits anyway off of whatever war is feeding their investments.

It's a non-arguable no-brainer that at the base level, the war was about oil. Neither Iran nor North Korea have anything like Iraq's oil and only a real moron considers them an equal threat. The real facts are none of them are threats. They just want parity and a little R-e-s-p-e-c-t ("when I come home at night!"). And they don't want your culture grafted on to their culture. What I mean here is the stroking nuance of diplomacy.

Sure, the head of N.K. is a megalomaniacal cowboy like bush; but at least he's an equal opportunity oppressor.

I'll bet a lot of people don't like that last paragraph but it's not what it seems on your screen.

Most of this crap comes down to Israel and Israel's awful human rights actions and hegemonic attitude. A real president TELLS Israel what it has to do to be our friend; because Israel's behavior is the cause of most of OUR problems over there. Then we have the head of Iran and N.K. to tea. We talk it out. We tell them what they get and what we want. We use diplomacy and strength. We carrot and stick them. We talk with their neighbors. We are the big dog. But any big dog can be dragged down by a pack.

We use our fucking heads.

Back to the oil. We tell the car manufacturers what we want in MPG...or we hit them in the pocket book. We force industry into fuel efficient compliance. We accelerate alternative fuel options; instead of suppressing them so that oil can bank the lot.

Ooooh, government interference in the marketplace. Yes, that's right. We do the right thing. period, no ifs ands or buts.Have any idea what a steak would cost if it weren't for the government subsidizing the water? $125.00

If people ate 10% less meat and that land was turned over to soybeans we could feed the world. Science is at a point that soy products could replicate meat given a short period of accelerated research.Luddite attitudes toward lifestyle is the biggest problem we have. And the industries that cater to "the way it's always been" mentalities are the cause of massive waste and environmental deterioration. In a few short years we could transform the world. I know this.

Many conflicts in this world are engineered solely to test weapons systems and to 'steal' resources. As long as you have the good life and they don't there is going to be trouble. You can lead people with dreams a lot easier than with debt and whips. Appeal to a persons best interests and you will win every time.

The 'haves' are often selfish pigs. The 'have nots' are angry and sullen combatants. These are not the complete solutions. These are basic ideas. A strong leader has to tell special interest that it isn't so special. Get a clue= look at the difference in earning between the very rich and the poor. Look at the percentage change over the last two decades. No way should any of these people be able to keep any more than half of what they make and if they think so they should be publicly whipped.

It's the disparity that is the chief cause of all resentments. A number of countries in the world are quite peaceful- take a look at their parity relationship among the rich and poor.SUV's and the new monster trucks and humvees manufactured for Onan Voyeurs (good name for a vehicle) and dick-length challenged grabitalls are obscene. The waste is spectacular. People should die because you have a right to waste? You should be wasted.

The secret of the game is to extend the possibility of parity. The secret of the game is to make the dream possible. The secret of the game comes down to fair laws equally applied. It comes down to honesty and fairplay; ANY argument against this is a neon sign on you saying "I'm not honest and I can't play fair." Until we address the worlds problems as a global need rather than a one sided football match we deserve to get our buildings blown up.

I'm not saying you don't deal directly and immediately with threat. You do. But given that you operate fairly and honestly it's a clear mandate to do what you have to.You are a nation composed of criminals profiteering on the greater public and the world at large. How can you stop the criminals when they control the application and creation of the laws?

I'll leave this where it is. I'm clear on the complexity that exists. I'm clear on the problems that occur when you attempt to do the right thing. Others in power who have tried before have gotten shot. If you don't reign in the corporations and do something about the couch potato vicarious living through television- fascism is a fait accompli.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary is a Little Ram Who Runs with the Wolves.

I suppose when desperation sinks in it becomes motivation. Of course, desperate motivation often abandons reason as an initial step. It doesn't do this consciously, it's a result of desperation; sort of like throwing your fellow passengers overboard when the boat is leaking.

There's been a great deal of the usual hypocritical outrage from the usual hypocritical sources concerning cheney's daughter being referenced by Kerry in the recent debate. When you take Kerry's actual words, which are available to us, you find that he did nothing wrong whatsoever. On the merits of the words themselves there's nothing. One has to nuance. One has to project. One has to add meaning in order to possess meaning in order to argue a point that doesn't actually exist.

Everything being argued is a construct based on inference. I'm not going to parse the construct in order to prove what I'm saying. Any rational mind knows already.

What happened is that the fact of cheney's lesbian daughter was mentioned to a very wide audience. Here is the implication that, although cheney's daughter is 'publicly out' and works a a lesbian on lesbian affairs it isn't okay to point it out to a large audience because this audience is usually so dumb, so clueless, so narrow in interest that they wouldn't have come across it on their own.

The more you look at it the stupider it gets. It has gotten as stupid as the assumed stupidity of the people who wouldn't have gotten it.

The GOP has set a standard of late for hypocrisy that exceeds anything in recent memory. They may well be, at this crisis point in transitional America, the most blatant and loathsome representatives of hypocrisy that America has ever seen.

Consider born again george. Born again george doesn't attend church. Yet born again george said at the debate that religion was deeply important to him. He didn't say 'spirituality', he said 'religion'. Religion= church attendance. While governor of Texas he publicly mocked a women on her way to execution; this was post born-again george. He mimicked her begging for her life and laughed- even though she hadn't begged for her life.

No sane person doubts that I could go on for hours listing examples of hypocrisy on the part of these unidentifiable life forms that are the public face of the GOP. We could explore 'compassionate conservatism' in action. We could look at how he is a 'uniter not a divider'. We could look at the lies that manifested the present Iraq situation. We could look at cheney and Haliburton, cheney and his energy meeting, cheney and just about anything.

Those caught up in manufactured outrage over Kerry's reference are responding to the sting of exposed hypocrisy and in their caterwauling only serve to further amplify their hypocrisy.

I have no concern about gay rights myself, only HUMAN RIGHTS. In so far as gays can benefit from greater human rights, that far I have an interest. There is probably not an organization anywhere in the world that doesn't dream and work for greater control, exposure, profit- whatever. I'm for the greater good of the greater number period. I'm not for the tyranny of any minority. I am for their equal representation. Like the shadow, I know what darkness lurks.

Either gay is okay or it isn't okay. But I also know you can't make people love or accept you. Tolerance is the most we can hope for. People shouldn't be obliged to accept any lifestyle that they have reservations about. They should tolerate if they expect toleration. It is on this law of reciprocity that we must measure out result. You don't deserve what you won't provide.

In so far as mary cheney can serve and support the interests of her reptilian parents, she's a bigger hypocrite than they are. Their collective hypocrisy increases when we observe that she is 'out'- PUBLICALLY 'out'...and yet we find that it can't be mentioned or sourced because it is a private family matter. How is it a private family matter? Bullshit.

The killer point is, once again, an example of numbing hypocrisy. The cheney's say they are proud of their daughter and they accept her lifestyle. Then they come forward to scream about it being mentioned as if there were something wrong with her lifestyle. They have effectively passed judgment on it as if it were wrong. Well, we know the GOP thinks it's wrong, even if they don't say it. But, of course, I can't say that or...or...why I'd be doing the same thing Kerry supposedly did when he didn't do anything.

The GOP is desperate now. This election is over. It's over big time. The Senate might well go republican too. Even The House may bring unexpected results. Having trashed the United States; having done just about every low thing, having stolen everything that wasn't nailed down and then sending out for crowbars; this administration and it's deluded Schmoo's and Beanie Baby- Tater Tot brained sycophants and consciously self-serving jackal packs deserve whatever dark and crowded corner of ignominy that awaits.

I have not the words to adequately describe the venality of the practitioners or the ignorance of the followers. The suffering generated all along is testimony to the fact that policy kills as surely as a gun. Let us remember the dead as we explain away the policy. Life in the United States has become a state funeral to the memory of a runaway appetite lying in state with a big cigar in its mouth. And there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

mary cheney can blow me, metaphorically speaking. Now what does that mean? Does that mean blowjobs are bad? Is that a demeaning thing? Is that where the enjoyment comes from? You suck my dick and I look at you as if you are a degraded life form performing a despicable act? Is that why everyone likes blowjobs?

It's the perception given that shapes the appearance of the thing. Who profits from the perceptions? When it comes to misperceptions, fear-mongering, guilt-tripping and all the rest, we need look no further than this administration as the poster child for our atavistic Cain-braining selves.

Had you any shame you would have killed yourselves a long time ago. Had you any honor you would have changed.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I've Been Out so Long it Looks Inside to Me.

They call him the 'the closer' and I understand why. I've said on occasion here that I "don't like Kerry's looks". I understand what I meant now, even if I didn't then. It's that, 'to the manor born thing'. Three of my very best friends are 'to the manor born'.

I moved among these people when my friends and I were teenagers in Washington D.C. and taking acid in DuPont Circle, P Street and Montrose Park; the streets of Georgetown and on The Mall. Many of them had that thing with their mouths like Kerry does; the drawn lips over the teeth, the invisible pull of the nose upward. It's a class thing. By association I got to see through this with my friends. Over time, as I went on to interact with the many classes that compose America I guess I de-familiarized myself with it. Except for my friends- and my friends didn't have it- it annoyed me. But it was really analogous to the false assumption many people make about shy people being arrogant. Never judge the surface, measure the actions; compare the actions and the words.

I'm beginning to see through the lifetime that has formed Kerry's appearance to the man underneath and I like what I see. We've all got our affectations and an affectation does not a character reveal. It's in the heart of a person that character is forged.

I was wrong to let superficial mannerisms cause me to doubt a man's inner worth. I'll try to be slower in this regard come the next opportunity.

I cannot say that I know Kerry's mettle or what he will do. But I am obliged to give him the chance to show me. It is interesting to note that Kerry also looks every inch a statesman in the mold of the country's early founders.

As each new event follows the next in this strangest of political seasons I am more and more convinced of something I have been saying here for some time; 'Life is a movie'. It is uncanny how this progression unfolds from the mind of the unseen director. I've said also that there is an unseen hand that guides our destinies. Call it God, call it the collective heart of humanity, call it what you will. It's there.

bush, with that ever present fleck of white foam at the corner of his mouth, looked like nixon with Kennedy. His smirking disingenuousity was frightening to see. It was a movie. bush has lost this election within the realm of normal events. What remains now is the degree to which his puppet masters will go. There is no telling.

It seemed at times as if bush himself knew the game was over. It seemed as if he wouldn't even mind. Karen Hughes was scary. She was so manic that her face became an ugly welt. It was a Gollum moment.

The convincing proof was shown to me in the fifteen minutes of wrap-up I saw following the debate. Listening closely to the moderators and those interviewed it was clear that CNN had made a subtle alteration in the way they spun the news. And you can see this happening everywhere. It's been coming apace and growing. bush has lost in the court of human opinion and now he has lost in the most critical place of all, in the minds of those who work to shape that opinion.

Seeing the 24 people from Ohio who claimed to be undecided was another wakeup. Do most Americans look like this? If I were lost in the woods with these people, a day away from civilization and safety, I doubt half of them would make it out. These people were asleep, confused and they were unhealthy. They seemed like badly raised children. I better understand now the Wal-Mart’s, the Burger King’s, the Larry King's and the Brittany Spear's.

I'm not sanguine about the idea of health care for a people who don't care. Bad health has a cause; you can't expect a doctor to fix it every time it goes South when you are driving South. I suspect not Kerry, not anyone, can fix what ills America. Appetite has become a lifestyle. The good life is not the good life. More is not better. Ease and comfort are not strength and security. bush and the terrorists are not the enemy itself but rather a reflection of the enemy within that is assaulting the corpus populi.

Diabetes is raging out of control. Go read up on why. There's no need to spend that time in this post. This isn't a mystery.

Someone needs to capture the bully pulpit of common sense. A nation becomes enslaved when it ceases to be its own master; the same goes for the body your ride.

Barring the successful result of the absolutely certain efforts of karl rove and co., Kerry is your new president. And, should God be smiling upon you, this is a very good thing; a very good thing. The nation as a whole will be on the march toward a better day. But a sick people can only march so far.

You have become a victim of your own success at invention in the service of comfort and appetite. Life is not for the purpose of processing products through the tube of your flesh. Please consider the final product of that process. The body is like the planet. You cannot make your body into a mosquito filled swamp and expect a glorious meadow dotted with wildflowers. Many things live in swamps and none of them like you, except as food. You do become what you eat and the mind has it's own digestion system as does the heart.

In the occult tradition and in Christian parallel there is the idea of 'innocence regained', 'regenerated innocence'; to regain your childhood, or to become senile? They resemble each other but they are not the same. One might draw a parallel here between the speakers of the night past as well but-

John Kerry can't fix your real problems. Money can't fix your problems. All the medicine in the world can't heal a sick lifestyle. Here, it seems to me is where the real concern should be. A nation, a people, a single body strong within cannot fall victim to an enemy from without. See to your real defenses. Time remains for the revolution from within.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Karl Rove's Little Piggy Tracks in the Snow.

I'm taking a little break as I wind up things in my personal life- but I couldn't resist this.

Staying away from this place has its advantages and I am enjoying them I must say. However, it's necessary for me to mention something I've been seeing lately, before someone else tumbles to it and grabs all the glory.

I expect that most of you have noted the recent news about 'democrats' storming republican campaign offices, unknown assailants shooting through windows and swastika's being burned on lawns (with weed killer) as well as the damaging of bush/cheney signs.

Remembering the serial assault on little republican children at various campaign stops over recent years; all the children of the same republican activist (and now debunked as bullshit orchestration) let us look to the hand of rove in these recent events.

Matt Sludge, the anti-gay, gay smearmeister of drudgereport is the chief reporter of these violent acts by alleged democrats. I want to link his latest claim because of the amazing absurdity that it reveals.


This is nothing more than a press release from the chairman of the Wisconsin republican party. There are no real details and no proof of what 'actually' took place. This is the same state where the swastika burnings took place. Wisconsin is a heavily contested swing state.

It's rove folks. It's also a better than even bet that this is all orchestrated for effect. It dovetails beautifully with so many previous activities by Boss Hog of Animal Farm.

My expectation is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe you are going to begin to see a flurry of similar events attributed to democrats without any real proof. This is your generic 'black bloc' activity designed to give a particular impression. This is a trademark fascist practice. The irony in the- very likely staged - swastika burnings is that they actually apply in real time to the people they are performed against- regardless of the impression of innocent victimization being given.

I'm thinking the October Surprise is no one event but rather a collection of events like this, with the addition of some one or two major fabrications for effect.

There is nothing these people will not do. There is no level to which they will not stoop. There is no lie they will not tell. There is no limit.

It is very likely that none of what is coming to the surface here is real. I just thought I'd share my take on this. We now return you to your previously scheduled reading as I return to what I was previously doing.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Musing on the Corporate Serpent with Tale in Mouth.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

The Ref Would Have Stopped The Fight.

Last night we saw the face of the world of the moment. All the unnecessary confusion and uproar of the times moved like storm clouds across the presidents eyes. It can well be assumed that these clouds originated somewhere in the presidents brain; an excess of humidity, two different weather fronts meeting; precipitation is expected.

This morning I watched the spin. The odious Tom Curry over at is cartoon like in denial. I've been all over the map in the last couple of hours and it's like watching smiley faces standing outside their demolished house. "oh, it's nothing, we're just going to stay the course."

I have a strong suspicion that the administration will find some way now to back out of the next two debates. bush is not a come from behind kind of a guy. He needs a bigger support team than Tom Cruise going on vacation. But when you're all alone on stage, competing against a challenger, your record and your own inability to articulate... you’re in trouble deep; if you're gwb. Clinton would turn this to his advantage. bush is no Clinton.

bush put food on the nation's family several times last night; leashing daughters on dog chains, gonna change his tactics too, it's hard work, it's hard work bwak! You bet it's hard work when you don't know what you're doing. Hidden behind numerous sycophants and an army of spin apologists bush manages to lumber through in the day to day, but all on his lonesome he looks like what he is, confused, uninformed and forcefully clumsy where grace is life or death.

This was bush's strongest shot with his strongest suit. It's all downhill from here. Next week he faces independent voters and their questions about... who knows what? Following that he has to confront the economy. That won't be pretty. He doesn't need a kick me sign on his ass to encourage what he'll have to face.

If Gore's one sigh was a serious body blow what are we to make of bush's face dancing? Not all the kings’ horses, nor all the kings’ men can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Kerry looked presidential. bush looked like someone dropped a sack of loser dust on his head. No bro, that ain't dandruff.

I found myself actually feeling sorry for this clueless ill made man. Then my focus quickly shifted to the damage he has done.

bush lost Ohio last night, mark my words. It is interesting too that the hurricanes in Florida may have dealt a death blow to bush's chances there. I read a terrific story yesterday, about how voter locations in bush-heavy areas are going to be unusable and how many bush supporters won't even be in the state for the election.

Last night, the American voter saw, in convincing fashion, what their choices are. You can't retouch this photo. In millions of living rooms across the country the American public saw a wan, dispirited and confused dummy reach for that missing something and come up empty.

Oh, they'll gear up the war of incremental attrition again. They'll pound the same familiar sand over and over through the days. But the facade has cracked. The weakness and lack of vision were all too painfully clear. The momentum has shifted. The image of presidential comparison was glaring. Kerry was measured, focused, sharp. bush looked like an amateur fry cook in a busy diner; someone who had lied about his experience and who drank a little too much the night before. The waitresses know and the customers are not happy.

The thing with going it alone is that you often wind up alone. You should never march too far ahead of the supply wagons. You should never over extend yourself. bush has done too many of the wrong things in too many theaters of operation. He rushed to war. He bullied through tax cut after tax cut. He alienated too many allies. He lied and he lied and he lied. His unfounded overconfidence was not met with a responding lover’s faith. In the end, the numbers don't add up.

I submit that last night, possibly for the first time, he saw and felt that indeed he had been wrong. I think it overwhelmed him. The comment about 'changing tactics' said it all.

Yes, this was a bad day at Black Rock but the real problems have just begun., because bush now has to spin himself. He's down, he's hurt. Now he needs to come forth with an articulation he can't manage, with a vision he doesn't possess, with a calm and purposeful persona. But his whole game thus far has been to repeat himself over and over; he has no extemporaneous abilities. He has no capacity to reach inside for that extra something cause there's nothing left inside. As a result, he's left with just more repetition. He has to go back out and do the same thing he was doing and he's going to look febrile as a result.

It just may be that things are about to stop going bush's way and start going the right way... they're not the same thing.

Dear God...

I don't know if you read my blog but tonight's special. A moment of great opportunity is present. It is a moment that can be translated into huge relief and a renewal of hope for the human race.

For four years a sad, twisted misanthrope; a manipulated killer and pimp for his Satanic Majesties request has been spreading disorder abroad and and dissension and chaos at home. In all of American history Lord there has never been a more clueless, more dishonest, more incompetent leader in America than this gallionic, pecksniffian parvenu.

Lord, America doesn't deserve this. As stupid as a large portion of them have become and as deserving of a major cuff to the reinforced concrete of their collective head they may be, no one deserves this wallydraigle badmash.

If you could see your way to it, and speaking on behalf of the collective human race, I ask that you strike him with Tourette's, take away bowel and bladder control and make his nose itch like a poison ivy fiesta. Cross his eyes Lord, make him fall down. Make him call somebody a motherfucker (excuse my language) ...Lord, something, any of these. You're the original creative guy.

I'm not asking for myself. I'm asking for those who don't know any better. I'm asking for all the moments to come so that things can at least resume the appearance of normality. You and I know the world is always going to have it's problems but this is one we can surely do without.

Make me laugh Lord, make me proud, smite this caitiffic,saprogenic taphophile with an ultimate Kodak moment and then let history stick him where the sun don't shine.I would surely appreciate it.

Thanking you in advance.