Monday, October 18, 2004

Being Right Isn't Always Satisfying.

Of course, 'always' being right isn't possible- regardless of how many people might feel that they are.

A couple of weeks ago I said that the biggest issue of this election was really the gay issue. I was told that I was incorrect in my position; which is neither missionary nor fraught with premature ejaculation problems.

Today, the lead article at (go to the top right of the screen and click on the commercial icon for a free day pass. At the moment it is Audi) The article tells in depth what is happening across the country; those who feel that the multi-pronged putsch is simply about defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman are in for a surprise; a big surprise.

This is why the mary cheney comment had such an incomprehensible impact. At a time when the GOP is pushing hard in a number of states to pass legislation sending gays back to the Stone Age, the vice-hypocrite was revealed to have gay offspring.

As I had said previously, though cheney's daughter is out, it was very unlikely that your rank and file funide-bot knew this. Most fundie-bots don't read in areas (if they read at all) that might require them to weigh ideas against each other.

You need to read the article to get a grasp of what is on the table in the minutiae of the bills on the ballots. It's crystal.

The impression given is that this election is about a great battle between the forces of good and evil. The irony is that it's actually the side of evil that is representing itself as the side of good. In the Bible there are numerous references to the people being fooled; "even unto the elect", when false prophets appear. Notably the anti-Christ is supposed to appear as a world savior. No one ever gets that it is the people so immersed in blind faith and dogmatic reflex that are the ones most entirely deceived.

There is a passage in the Bible which reads (or used to read) "even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived." In recent times this phrase has been altered to read differently. The reason is that it had become a huge unanswerable question; whut the hayul dus that mean? Googling this phrase will show you the debates and rationale for altering the words and meaning.

The Bible also says that God sets both the light and the darkness. The implication is that, one force controls all appearances, all circumstance, and that the idea of a God and a Devil endlessly opposed to each other is bullshit. Actually there is a rim of light around the devil which is the angel who is veiled by the shadow of false appearances. The devil is the way the wicked, the deceived, the uninformed and the ignorant see God. The devil is your mind.

People who run about in fear of the devil are actually worshipping it. Most churches are halls of satanic worship- give conscious Satanists some credit; at least they are honest about it.

I haven't the space here to dissect the matter of God and The Devil. But it's not as complex as one might think. How's that for a puzzling contradiction? As I have often quoted, "what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Basically, you are free and more powerful than you can imagine. Unfortunately you are being controlled by external appearances; by the way things ‘seem’ to be to your senses. The tarot card The Devil has the letter 'Ayin' attached to it. Ayin is the eye. Appearances... what seems to be...this is how demagogues and magicians who manipulate sensation can control you. This is what 90% of religious institutions and ALL political movements are engaged in.

Whether gay is decadent and the sign of a culture in decline, a legitimate lifestyle choice, or something that ebbs and flows like sea tides is not important to me. It is here. I look at it as something people go through to learn something, like being black, or Jewish, or male or female. In the big marketplace theater of life in transition; you got it all.

But fear of homosexuals is probably less of a problem than fear of your leaders. Two men or women looking into something that is looking out of them is less of a problem than bombs bursting in air. Slavish worship of the modern Golden Calf and immersion in its cornucopia of appetites where you are the food being consumed, is far more perilous. And whether you are gay or straight, if this is your focus, you do have a problem.

Look at your basic fears, the real ones and the ones of the moment, whipping you from your radios and TV's, computer monitors, newspapers and what all. WHO is doing the whipping? Why? These are the questions you should be asking.

Someone sucking a dick, who happens to have a dick is not much different from anyone immersed in the cotton candy of material excess. Love in either regard will always burn a hole through the blanketing morass of semen or sugar. Intention and consciousness define ones position, not the act itself. If that were the case- well, you do the mind work.

Open your eyes. There are other issues being worked, but this is the big one. This is the big issue on the table.

I may have a moment to post again tomorrow and I may not. I'm in the wind in the next 24 hours and may not be online for awhile unless one of my hotels has internet and perhaps not even then. So it may be a week or more before I get back here. A lot can, and probably will, happen in that time. Good luck and may the 'living' God who lives everywhere in everything, all the time (and who is not a chittering monkey dressed in ermine and satin on a golden throne with a scepter and a mind numbing library of old books with small print) be with you.




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