Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary is a Little Ram Who Runs with the Wolves.

I suppose when desperation sinks in it becomes motivation. Of course, desperate motivation often abandons reason as an initial step. It doesn't do this consciously, it's a result of desperation; sort of like throwing your fellow passengers overboard when the boat is leaking.

There's been a great deal of the usual hypocritical outrage from the usual hypocritical sources concerning cheney's daughter being referenced by Kerry in the recent debate. When you take Kerry's actual words, which are available to us, you find that he did nothing wrong whatsoever. On the merits of the words themselves there's nothing. One has to nuance. One has to project. One has to add meaning in order to possess meaning in order to argue a point that doesn't actually exist.

Everything being argued is a construct based on inference. I'm not going to parse the construct in order to prove what I'm saying. Any rational mind knows already.

What happened is that the fact of cheney's lesbian daughter was mentioned to a very wide audience. Here is the implication that, although cheney's daughter is 'publicly out' and works a a lesbian on lesbian affairs it isn't okay to point it out to a large audience because this audience is usually so dumb, so clueless, so narrow in interest that they wouldn't have come across it on their own.

The more you look at it the stupider it gets. It has gotten as stupid as the assumed stupidity of the people who wouldn't have gotten it.

The GOP has set a standard of late for hypocrisy that exceeds anything in recent memory. They may well be, at this crisis point in transitional America, the most blatant and loathsome representatives of hypocrisy that America has ever seen.

Consider born again george. Born again george doesn't attend church. Yet born again george said at the debate that religion was deeply important to him. He didn't say 'spirituality', he said 'religion'. Religion= church attendance. While governor of Texas he publicly mocked a women on her way to execution; this was post born-again george. He mimicked her begging for her life and laughed- even though she hadn't begged for her life.

No sane person doubts that I could go on for hours listing examples of hypocrisy on the part of these unidentifiable life forms that are the public face of the GOP. We could explore 'compassionate conservatism' in action. We could look at how he is a 'uniter not a divider'. We could look at the lies that manifested the present Iraq situation. We could look at cheney and Haliburton, cheney and his energy meeting, cheney and just about anything.

Those caught up in manufactured outrage over Kerry's reference are responding to the sting of exposed hypocrisy and in their caterwauling only serve to further amplify their hypocrisy.

I have no concern about gay rights myself, only HUMAN RIGHTS. In so far as gays can benefit from greater human rights, that far I have an interest. There is probably not an organization anywhere in the world that doesn't dream and work for greater control, exposure, profit- whatever. I'm for the greater good of the greater number period. I'm not for the tyranny of any minority. I am for their equal representation. Like the shadow, I know what darkness lurks.

Either gay is okay or it isn't okay. But I also know you can't make people love or accept you. Tolerance is the most we can hope for. People shouldn't be obliged to accept any lifestyle that they have reservations about. They should tolerate if they expect toleration. It is on this law of reciprocity that we must measure out result. You don't deserve what you won't provide.

In so far as mary cheney can serve and support the interests of her reptilian parents, she's a bigger hypocrite than they are. Their collective hypocrisy increases when we observe that she is 'out'- PUBLICALLY 'out'...and yet we find that it can't be mentioned or sourced because it is a private family matter. How is it a private family matter? Bullshit.

The killer point is, once again, an example of numbing hypocrisy. The cheney's say they are proud of their daughter and they accept her lifestyle. Then they come forward to scream about it being mentioned as if there were something wrong with her lifestyle. They have effectively passed judgment on it as if it were wrong. Well, we know the GOP thinks it's wrong, even if they don't say it. But, of course, I can't say that or...or...why I'd be doing the same thing Kerry supposedly did when he didn't do anything.

The GOP is desperate now. This election is over. It's over big time. The Senate might well go republican too. Even The House may bring unexpected results. Having trashed the United States; having done just about every low thing, having stolen everything that wasn't nailed down and then sending out for crowbars; this administration and it's deluded Schmoo's and Beanie Baby- Tater Tot brained sycophants and consciously self-serving jackal packs deserve whatever dark and crowded corner of ignominy that awaits.

I have not the words to adequately describe the venality of the practitioners or the ignorance of the followers. The suffering generated all along is testimony to the fact that policy kills as surely as a gun. Let us remember the dead as we explain away the policy. Life in the United States has become a state funeral to the memory of a runaway appetite lying in state with a big cigar in its mouth. And there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

mary cheney can blow me, metaphorically speaking. Now what does that mean? Does that mean blowjobs are bad? Is that a demeaning thing? Is that where the enjoyment comes from? You suck my dick and I look at you as if you are a degraded life form performing a despicable act? Is that why everyone likes blowjobs?

It's the perception given that shapes the appearance of the thing. Who profits from the perceptions? When it comes to misperceptions, fear-mongering, guilt-tripping and all the rest, we need look no further than this administration as the poster child for our atavistic Cain-braining selves.

Had you any shame you would have killed yourselves a long time ago. Had you any honor you would have changed.




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