Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"What's puzzlin you is the nature of my game."

Yes, I refer to that line from the Rolling Stones song a lot. It is more apt when understanding the nature of the deceiver than anything else.

It's like 'vibes'; "I don't know man, I'm getting bad vibes." We've all encountered people who make us uneasy when we have no surface evidence for why. We've all been warned not to do something, not to go somewhere, not to trust someone. We may not admit to it but all of us can find more than one example- more than one occasion. And all of us can remember a time when we found out to our chagrin.

I'd say my antenna is about 90% at the very least. I base this on hindsight, which, by the way, is always perfect.

But there is something in us that likes to be fooled. We've a contrary aspect that says, "nah.", we've a false comforting risk stupidity that won't go against the lemming instinct of our fellows. "All these people can't be wrong." "If it was a conspiracy someone would blow the whistle.", "you can't cover up something like that.", "they wouldn't lie to us."

But we have all been lied to, many times. I watch people very closely. I do it peripherally as often as not. I don't do it because I am paranoid. I do it because it fascinates me. People fascinate me. They are so predictable. And yet... they will surprise you too.

I believe most people are inherently good. At the same time I believe that most people are deceived to a larger or smaller degree. I believe that the world is a con. If you know the world is a con you have a number of options. Many people work the con to personal advantage. Many people are catamites for the door to door roofing specialists and security analysts who are really casing their house. Some are cynical and bitter about the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Some find it amusing and make jokes about it, romanticize it or immortalize it in songs and paintings and books.

Desiderata comes to mind here.

I'm also a fan of the footprints in the sand. I've been as big a beneficiary of the single set of footprints as any of us. It may be that I am more likely, have had more reasons, to trust these footprints than many. Extremity will make you a believer; if you survive.

Well, I've set the stage; let's move on to a few things that I want to point out as I make my way to a point that may have something to do with the prefacing.

Maybe you have heard about presscott bush's financing of hitler. It's less likely you've heard about the profiteering from the Auschwitz slave labor. You might want to read this piece now;


Now this is just one of hundreds of references I can give. It's one of the more readable and comprehensive though. You can be sure this isn't a lie. It's not only been substantiated but Congress itself censured p. bush for his activities; although not as comprehensively as they should have.

Well, there are a great many little associations, incidents and evidences that dovetail upon the central core of this family. Maybe it's 'puzzlin you'. It isn't puzzlin me.

It would be a rare government indeed that has not conspired and killed on behalf of themselves or their peoples, that has not had its thumb in many a poison pie. Every ship of state sails on an ocean of night. The waters below are filled with all manner of sausage making and the creatures that live upon the effluvia of the process.

We've heard about the 'need to know' basis. You can be sure that there are immense discoveries floating about beneath the waves like those fluorescent fish in the inky depths. If you know what you know, you can be confident that there's a lot you don't know. And what you don't know is probably worse and the effort to hide it greater.

On the surface we are given to believe that this world is ruled by the necessities of commerce and the laws of the lands as well as the international agreements made between them; let’s not forget religion when we are talking crowd control. Behind these public vehicles are collections of individuals in agreement upon process. Behind these individuals may be other individuals who work the front groups off of each other for gain and for control. Behind these individuals are forces that work the Mephistophelian aspect of the human mind for purposes of milk. I define it as 'milk' but it's not milk.

I'm convinced of this and I see the evidence every day. I'm looking for it though; most people would never entertain such a Matrix view. It's real though. And breaking out of it is your Job One. There is help. And the kicker is that the battle is already won. All that enslaves most people is the idea that the battle is still engaged.

The Buddhists speak of this treadmill as a wheel. It's been said that you can remain on this wheel for thousands of lives. I don't know about you but I'm more interested in crossing the ocean of birth and death than in traveling with the carnival.

The front men change. The game does not change. The rules and conditions can be better for the many, or better for the few. Since the game is rigged either way I always opt for the potential benefit to the many. You have democracies and you have fascist enterprises. It's a destiny of sorts that 'lands of liberty' often tend toward the fascist in the increasing need to protect the property interests of the few against the needs and desires of the many. It just works that way. And remember, they stole it fair and square.

The whole of life goes on between the experiments of government and the individual and collective appetites for gain within their controls. How rich do you want to be? How safe do you want to be?

Things are more than likely going to shift soon. What Diogene points out in his post below, along with the huge surge in new voter registration, the dissatisfaction with direction, the economic nosedive, the disparity between the super rich and the lumpen proles...yadda, yadda; if the Red Sox win tonight you can take a Kerry presidency to the bank. Just their coming back like they did is a stronger indicator than you might think. There's an ironic, invisible motivation that slipstreams around us. You might be aware, you might not.

The critical factor is; how bad do the guys who stole the thing to begin with want to keep the drivers they have? Depending on how important that is, on that depends how outrageous the effort will be.

But remember, changing horses doesn't affect them that much; they're in control either way. They sell arms to both sides and always rake the swag on the conflicts they have generated for their benefit. Africa is a good place to study this. Study what went where and who did what over the last hundred years or so. But you can see this most places.

Does this leave us in a grim circumstance or what?

Well, according to 'ageless wisdom', at this time there is moving toward us a force of great benevolence. It is coming from the 'inner planes' and it is forcing the darkness aside. Word has it that the evil intelligences that have had their way for so long are now being forced out into the open; forced into the flesh. This is one of the most powerful periods of change and opportunity in 25,000 years. This is why so many souls from so many places have opted to be born here. This is a Hell of a lot more important to you than the presidential election or whether you'll get laid this weekend.

Conversely, the forces working to distract your attention from your opportunity have never been more powerful and prevalent. Witness the sheer material excess.

Don't be puzzled. Be cool, be good and be confident-enjoy the ride. You are not the conductor; you're just one of the passengers. And if you can't be good, be careful.

NOTE; was that a left turn into the Twilight Zone or was that a left turn? If all you do is watch, and be thoughtful and trust- I expect you are in for a hallelujah, Christmas morning surprise on a day that will not end. Season’s Greetings.




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