Thursday, October 07, 2004

Karl Rove's Little Piggy Tracks in the Snow.

I'm taking a little break as I wind up things in my personal life- but I couldn't resist this.

Staying away from this place has its advantages and I am enjoying them I must say. However, it's necessary for me to mention something I've been seeing lately, before someone else tumbles to it and grabs all the glory.

I expect that most of you have noted the recent news about 'democrats' storming republican campaign offices, unknown assailants shooting through windows and swastika's being burned on lawns (with weed killer) as well as the damaging of bush/cheney signs.

Remembering the serial assault on little republican children at various campaign stops over recent years; all the children of the same republican activist (and now debunked as bullshit orchestration) let us look to the hand of rove in these recent events.

Matt Sludge, the anti-gay, gay smearmeister of drudgereport is the chief reporter of these violent acts by alleged democrats. I want to link his latest claim because of the amazing absurdity that it reveals.


This is nothing more than a press release from the chairman of the Wisconsin republican party. There are no real details and no proof of what 'actually' took place. This is the same state where the swastika burnings took place. Wisconsin is a heavily contested swing state.

It's rove folks. It's also a better than even bet that this is all orchestrated for effect. It dovetails beautifully with so many previous activities by Boss Hog of Animal Farm.

My expectation is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe you are going to begin to see a flurry of similar events attributed to democrats without any real proof. This is your generic 'black bloc' activity designed to give a particular impression. This is a trademark fascist practice. The irony in the- very likely staged - swastika burnings is that they actually apply in real time to the people they are performed against- regardless of the impression of innocent victimization being given.

I'm thinking the October Surprise is no one event but rather a collection of events like this, with the addition of some one or two major fabrications for effect.

There is nothing these people will not do. There is no level to which they will not stoop. There is no lie they will not tell. There is no limit.

It is very likely that none of what is coming to the surface here is real. I just thought I'd share my take on this. We now return you to your previously scheduled reading as I return to what I was previously doing.




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