Thursday, October 14, 2004

I've Been Out so Long it Looks Inside to Me.

They call him the 'the closer' and I understand why. I've said on occasion here that I "don't like Kerry's looks". I understand what I meant now, even if I didn't then. It's that, 'to the manor born thing'. Three of my very best friends are 'to the manor born'.

I moved among these people when my friends and I were teenagers in Washington D.C. and taking acid in DuPont Circle, P Street and Montrose Park; the streets of Georgetown and on The Mall. Many of them had that thing with their mouths like Kerry does; the drawn lips over the teeth, the invisible pull of the nose upward. It's a class thing. By association I got to see through this with my friends. Over time, as I went on to interact with the many classes that compose America I guess I de-familiarized myself with it. Except for my friends- and my friends didn't have it- it annoyed me. But it was really analogous to the false assumption many people make about shy people being arrogant. Never judge the surface, measure the actions; compare the actions and the words.

I'm beginning to see through the lifetime that has formed Kerry's appearance to the man underneath and I like what I see. We've all got our affectations and an affectation does not a character reveal. It's in the heart of a person that character is forged.

I was wrong to let superficial mannerisms cause me to doubt a man's inner worth. I'll try to be slower in this regard come the next opportunity.

I cannot say that I know Kerry's mettle or what he will do. But I am obliged to give him the chance to show me. It is interesting to note that Kerry also looks every inch a statesman in the mold of the country's early founders.

As each new event follows the next in this strangest of political seasons I am more and more convinced of something I have been saying here for some time; 'Life is a movie'. It is uncanny how this progression unfolds from the mind of the unseen director. I've said also that there is an unseen hand that guides our destinies. Call it God, call it the collective heart of humanity, call it what you will. It's there.

bush, with that ever present fleck of white foam at the corner of his mouth, looked like nixon with Kennedy. His smirking disingenuousity was frightening to see. It was a movie. bush has lost this election within the realm of normal events. What remains now is the degree to which his puppet masters will go. There is no telling.

It seemed at times as if bush himself knew the game was over. It seemed as if he wouldn't even mind. Karen Hughes was scary. She was so manic that her face became an ugly welt. It was a Gollum moment.

The convincing proof was shown to me in the fifteen minutes of wrap-up I saw following the debate. Listening closely to the moderators and those interviewed it was clear that CNN had made a subtle alteration in the way they spun the news. And you can see this happening everywhere. It's been coming apace and growing. bush has lost in the court of human opinion and now he has lost in the most critical place of all, in the minds of those who work to shape that opinion.

Seeing the 24 people from Ohio who claimed to be undecided was another wakeup. Do most Americans look like this? If I were lost in the woods with these people, a day away from civilization and safety, I doubt half of them would make it out. These people were asleep, confused and they were unhealthy. They seemed like badly raised children. I better understand now the Wal-Mart’s, the Burger King’s, the Larry King's and the Brittany Spear's.

I'm not sanguine about the idea of health care for a people who don't care. Bad health has a cause; you can't expect a doctor to fix it every time it goes South when you are driving South. I suspect not Kerry, not anyone, can fix what ills America. Appetite has become a lifestyle. The good life is not the good life. More is not better. Ease and comfort are not strength and security. bush and the terrorists are not the enemy itself but rather a reflection of the enemy within that is assaulting the corpus populi.

Diabetes is raging out of control. Go read up on why. There's no need to spend that time in this post. This isn't a mystery.

Someone needs to capture the bully pulpit of common sense. A nation becomes enslaved when it ceases to be its own master; the same goes for the body your ride.

Barring the successful result of the absolutely certain efforts of karl rove and co., Kerry is your new president. And, should God be smiling upon you, this is a very good thing; a very good thing. The nation as a whole will be on the march toward a better day. But a sick people can only march so far.

You have become a victim of your own success at invention in the service of comfort and appetite. Life is not for the purpose of processing products through the tube of your flesh. Please consider the final product of that process. The body is like the planet. You cannot make your body into a mosquito filled swamp and expect a glorious meadow dotted with wildflowers. Many things live in swamps and none of them like you, except as food. You do become what you eat and the mind has it's own digestion system as does the heart.

In the occult tradition and in Christian parallel there is the idea of 'innocence regained', 'regenerated innocence'; to regain your childhood, or to become senile? They resemble each other but they are not the same. One might draw a parallel here between the speakers of the night past as well but-

John Kerry can't fix your real problems. Money can't fix your problems. All the medicine in the world can't heal a sick lifestyle. Here, it seems to me is where the real concern should be. A nation, a people, a single body strong within cannot fall victim to an enemy from without. See to your real defenses. Time remains for the revolution from within.


Anonymous said...

Excellently put!!!

It's so good to see you back on your post!

~ Greenvajra



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