Thursday, September 23, 2021

" He Sent His Angels with the Message that He Couldn't Come, Because He was ALREADY There."

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It is not the easiest thing for me to manage these blogs because of the areas of life that can come up; socio-political, cultural. Those are wide areas. They span The World. What it is, is that I don't care all that much what The World gets up to. It usually goes wrong after a while, and sometimes it goes terribly wrong, which is what it is threatening to do now. I've no interest in fame or fortune. I don't care about the fleshpots and entertainment, hoodoo arcades for adults. I can honestly say that I truly know how vacuous that all is. What I want is to be in the presence of God.

I want to get there in a spiritual, not a religious context, and it is a very simple thing. I only want to be in the presence of God. Since God is, de facto already within me, it is just a matter of time. I can't get excited about anything else because that is what it all is... something else. That is what appearances can say but it really is all one and that is the beauty of it for those who understand that.

It was being pursuit driven to this end that brought me into the company of Mr. Apocalypse, The Awakening, and The Avatar. One of the absolutes of The Avatar is that he brings Light with him. It radiates out of him, as well as from inside you. All of us could use more light. Light is spiritual currency and The Avatar is very generous with that. Well, he does have an endless supply.

Most people think that being that rich in a material world is a big deal. It certainly involves a lot of deals. However, if you were rich with light, you would be truly rich, and you would also never run out as long as you do what The Sun does. Everything we need to know about how to live can be read in The Living Book of Nature, keeping in mind that (your) Nature, untended always fails. That is part of why we are here. We are gardeners. There is some nursery rhyme about “how does your garden grow”. It's about that. “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is also. As is, “You are my Sunshine.”

Life can be a rollercoaster. It literally is for some people, and you have your adrenaline junkies and every kind of sensation seeker. All of it has a cost. Some of these things I know from personal experience. To say that I had a tendency to be reckless would be a very polite way of putting it. People should be less concerned about the country over which they traveled to get to where they are, and more concerned with what they are, and where 'there' is. The past is the past. Why lose sleep over it... heh heh, unless you are supposed to, if your conscience hounds you, and even if you don't have one of those, there are invisible agencies that handle that.

People who mess around and think they are oh so slick are woefully ignorant of what REALLY is. Just as you have physical police, there are also invisible police. People who do bad things to others are also doing something bad to themselves. This is why evil will NEVER prosper where there is righteousness; right-use-ness. Even as the workers of darkness seek to divide us, a Unity will come out of the disorder they intend to visit on us.

This is an apocalypse and God is present for it. He is ALWAYS present, BUT... sometimes he DIRECTLY engages. There is no way of putting this thought into language, so we will have to say, “It is out for clearance.” No question you ask of Heaven, in sincere fashion, goes unanswered. In fact, Trust plays a very big part in this. When you can rely on God, the way a child does with its parents, the questions go away. There is no reason for questions once the sense of separation is at an end.

I do not want to write about The World. I do not have a great deal good to say about its condition at the present. I would rather to focus on what is going to replace it, except in those places where it will be a perpetual... of the same. Nice syntax, visible.

This is a strange day. At least, let me say this day is not proceeding in the usual way and time is screwy. I don't know what it means. It is enough for me to be aware of it and that will accommodate anything out of the ordinary.

I take it that the reader does know these are extraordinary times, as well as times of swift and dramatic changes. Those might be the same thing, actually. Like I said, this is an unusual day. So... if you know these are extraordinary times, and whatever that other was, you know that all sorts of Big Events are taking place and will take place. There are big rustlings in the underbrush.

So far it has been a mishmash of human accidents, stupidity, cupidity, greed, and unbridled appetites, trending toward the ever more Satanic. Another force is going to be visibly demonstrating now, and it will come on several fronts like Napoleon might have done in a battle. At the same time, an invisible army; not like the one at The Gates of the Dead in Lord of the Rings, is going to appear within humanity. What we are presently seeing with cellphones and all digital media are different forms of 'touch everywhere at once' syndrome. That is the external form of it. What is coming within us is going to reveal us to ourselves and I would like to hope that that means true good for many people. It will not be the case for all, though... in the long run; who can say?

In other words, there is to be no hiding place. The Sun King is going to do his thing, once again. It's the same deal, but it ALWAYS has the flavor of originality to it. He suits up for the occasion, and in this case... we'll see. A spiritual revolution is coming. It ALWAYS does and rich and vibrant cultures are going to emerge from it. Sadly... there are many who turn away. The Good News is not good news to them. It's more of an interference or even... the end of them.

This has to be something huge because there are so many people here. All of these souls do not get gathered together on the material plane like this very often. We have no record of the last time it was so, in such a global way. Yes... many came for the promise of appetites and desires sated (which never happens). That doesn't change anything. It does mean that there are many people who believe what is wrong or believe nothing at all. Life gives ample demonstration of that. We are seeing it before us now, through all of the media, with their different postures of lying. Sometimes they tell you what you think you want to hear, and sometimes it's the reverse. It's all nonsense, pretty much.

I have no interest in nonsense. Of course, I've gotten caught up in it on my way to this moment. I've been on every ride at the county fair, and the thrill is gone. The thrill was gone before it even raised its seeking head. Sometimes you have gotten so sick of the same old shit that you bring that attitude with you into the next life. One might say that you learned something. Of course, one can enjoy themselves here. I try to do that every moment of the day. However, I don't have to leave home to find it. It could be Out There, but... it is already in here.

There is zero, zip to find after you have found God. God is the eternal wellspring of overflowing unity and Love. Woven into the living, conscious waters are all the colors of the qualities of God. What else is there? Since this is, itself, the end of all hunger, and the font of all sustenance, the ultimate sexual congress, the end of Fear and Want, and so VERY MUCH MORE; why would I look elsewhere? As scripture tells it, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” I know that this is true and that it is beyond my imagining.

I shake my head, and more often, figuratively... I shake my head. I laugh, and sometimes it makes me sad when I look at the Human Condition. I am saddened that more people do not realize the fountain of joy, the reservoir of love that is contained in the human heart, once the usurper is evicted and the rightful queen restored to her throne. It is The Mother who rules here, and she is to be returned from where bitter and sexless tyrants have exiled her. I speak to her each evening, as The Queen of the Night. Anyone can do this. She is ALIVE and conscious. Ah... there are going to be such changes!

I suspect that bad will come in human affairs because of who the players are. Let these destinies play out in the theaters where they are performed, before the audience who has come to see them. Let us find sanctuary within and security without; see 23rd Psalm for further details. And, NO! Probably not for the last time, I am not a Christian, certainly not as that is understood to be in these times. However, I love and admire Jesus Christ and owe him a debt for what he has taught me. Of course, he told me to just go and pay someone else. It was something about the least that we do to others, we do to him.

Let me say AGAIN, and EMPHATICALLY! God is REAL. God is present and that presence CAN BE celebrated. Throw the right kind of party and he will bring his angels... or was it that he sent his angels with the message that he couldn't come because he was already there?

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 20, 2021

"Hope Springs Eternal. They Say Evil is Nocturnal; When You Don't Know What It Is in the First Place."

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I've been thinking about what people believe and how they came to believe it. Take a look at the various mindsets that proliferate in a country at different periods. Common, shared beliefs come into play and become a Life Commercial that screens in your head. It's like a commercial jingle that you can't stop hearing. It is likely, not true, but it is catchy. This results in imprinting on the consciousness. Mantras are intentional efforts to do just that. The Major Arcana of the Tarot are considered to be pictogram archetypes, but that's not the whole story.

There is an arrangement called the Tarot Tableau. Excepting The Fool, which is apart from this arrangement (but not really) you have 21 cards. The first seven can be considered to be Forces. Arranged just beneath these are the mediums, or you might say Channels that the Forces act through or process. The last seven are conditions to be rectified or created and maintained. By example, The Magician, which is the first trump, operates through the Strength card process, and that sets right the absurdity pictured by The Devil card.

One could go on and on at great length, concerning the implications of one set of cards working through another set, to bring about or to correct what is shown in the last set. We won't be doing that. The advertising and fashion worlds also work with their own Tarot. Government too has its systems, and different systems of government have different systems of thought that they employ through specific laws and customs. What you see around you comes from what you cannot see, unless your spiritual senses are activated. That happens through the practice of austerities, disciplines of one kind or another, and also through the experience of psychotropic drugs. In the last case, the results are not lasting... usually.

You hear people saying that you can do anything you want to do. You can become anyone you want to be, and that you can master ANYTHING you give consistent energy and attention to. ERRRRRT! (buzzer sounding) No... that is not necessarily true. It can be said that all of them are sometimes true, but not always. Your Karma controls the likelihood of what you may want to do. It controls, certainly, what you may become, and it controls your ability to be determined in the pursuit of the mastery of any material form of expression. Spiritually... now... that is another thing because you have help. Yes, you could say that help is available for anything, but... what does your karmic curriculum vitae say?

I read an article once about a study that was conducted about the disbursement of money. It concluded by saying, “If all the money in the world were given out in equal amounts to everyone in the world, it would all be back in the same hands in 60 days.”

I think what I am talking all around and trying to say is that one should first discover what one is disposed toward, and then to do it with all their might. Yes... that might include criminal enterprise or excessive self-indulgence, BUT... apparently, Heaven does not like it when people are lukewarm. In other words, if you are passionate and determined; let us say focused on what you are doing, if you are going in a good direction, you will get there rather quickly. If you are going in the wrong direction, you will also get there quickly, and to your dismay... BUT... then you can be redeemed and reminted as what you are essentially, which is not evil at all, though... sometimes certain people are compelled to do evil in order to discover what is good.

I am NOT promoting Evil. I am being a realist based on observation.

I am saying that the way The World, collectively (most of them anyway) sees and understands life, and itself, is well off the mark. See... we have physical bodies that must be maintained, and also... the physical body is inclined toward pleasure and material gain. It works in tag-team fashion with the heart and mind. It WILL mislead you because everything it wants is not good for you long, and even short term, depending. The World thinks through The Body, and that is how you get a marketplace of Things that have to do with The Body, whether to eat it or wear it, live in it, or drive it. There is even an entire sector of the marketplace that has to do with bodies coming together in space.

If you are following the appetites and desires of The Body, you are on your way to becoming a slave, and also vulnerable to all of the toxins of The World as well. You are bound for suffering because you chase pleasure and have an aversion to pain. Now... I KNOW there are many people who do not want to hear this, especially those with a vested interest in the marketplace, and who also may be slavers or... well... who knows? In this time of mass possession and the varieties of hysteria; due to The Avatar cleaning all of the other planes of being, you don't know who anyone might be. That is not a problem if you know who you are.

One thing we do know, and it is self-evident, people are getting crazier in a visible way. Some of this crazy is caused by people who no longer know who they are. Materialism causes a great deal of it. Fear starts to intensify and amplify, this produces the particular rage that comes from Fear. Once again, we could go into more particulars here but these posts have space constraints. Yes... I am the reason there are space constraints, so... there are space constraints.

The crazy is also generated by hopeless wanting. It is generated by terrible living conditions in the face of those with everything, and much, much more than they need. These and a litany of others are being intensified, and amplified, primarily in the Advent of The Avatar. People are waking up, and many of them are freaking out as a result, because what they see can terrify them or make them loathe themselves or others. Awakening does not mean you see ONLY beautiful things. Awakening means you see much more than you did previously, and then you don't like what you see and you begin to react without understanding. Some like it very much, and that reveals what we are inside.

Awakening is not unlike waking from a dream. In many cases, you simply have awakened into another dream. There are some number of dreamscapes that have to be surmounted and passed through before the sort of awakening that is demonstrated in Nirvana or Realization occurs. This means that it is not going to be all Hunky Dory everywhere. HOWEVER... you can choose what you do about it, who you associate with, what you get up to, what your aspirations are. This and much more is all in your power to accomplish. It does not take a rocket surgeon to reason out that if you are doing bad things you are headed in a bad direction and you will arrive at an unfortunate end. The WHOLE THING IS PROGRAMMED! The reverse is true as well.

How you wake up to something has a great deal to do with what follows. Yes... there are all sorts of theories about it. People explain cultural phenomena through the filter of their understanding. Hope springs eternal. They say evil is nocturnal; when you don't know what it is in the first place. They are telling you what they think they know. A great many of them are getting paid for this. Some number are given electronic podiums to expand on it, and to generate an economy because... it is all part of the marketplace. You have to step out of the marketplace (first in your heart and mind) OR... you have to be in it BUT NOT OF IT. Each of these can be handled with alacrity if you are not the one handling it.

So I have something that some might call a theory, BUT... I happen to know, via direct and repeated experiences that God is Real, AND consciously resident in all of us, whether we know it or not. When we know it... ah... yes... well then, it comes and takes over your life. There is no way to stop it. Once the kundalini is awakened, IT WILL find its way, and NOTHING can stop it. Some consciously reverse this process. They are the present source of a great deal of the world's harms. They are one of the reasons The Avatar is coming.

I know that I mention The Avatar a lot. Well... The Avatar is a world-transforming force. He can simply look at you and you will be literally in paradise if he looks at you that way. Perhaps he looks at everyone the same way, but there are a multitude of gradients in the kinds of responses we will have to him.

I just feel that there is no bigger deal than The Avatar. I'm not going to go on tour and talk about it (grin) but I will mention it here, especially at Origami.

(There is something very odd about this missing girlfriend in Utah whose boyfriend came home without her. There even seems to be a reality TV aspect. If some really bizarre resolution occurs I would wonder even more. You know a movie of the week is coming. I don't mean to diminish the event, but this is getting a kind of media coverage that can mean only one thing, either it is a distraction from something else or it is something else. Didn't make any sense, did it? That last statement. That's kind of what I mean)

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"It is SIMPLE. Aspire to a Higher Love or Make Your Bed a Tableau of what You Think You Want."

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I've always had invisible friends. All of us trail entities in our wake. They reflect the appetites and desires we engage in and radiate. It is the company we keep. Eventually, our appetites and desires shape our appearance. It is here that Metaphysical Phrenology appears as a psychic, telephoto lens to capture the life forms that feed on and through us. One would be helped in a big way by knowing what a Hungry Ghost is. The term comes out of Buddhist tradition.

Those aspects of Christian tradition are mostly expressed in art, like the writings of Dante and the paintings of Bosch. Their scriptures are woefully lacking in details, though you can find much in a study of Christian esoterica and occult treatises. Traditional Christianity is more of a paint-by-numbers, Dick and Jane effort. It's been whitewashed of specifics on the invisible worlds because brainwashing is a big part of the Christian and Muslim religions. If you want to see where they got their original schematic, you have to go to the Hindu and Buddhist lore.

Some agenda got to the Christian religion early on. Speaking with my inner teacher yesterday, I was told that none of it really matters. Those who act as shepherds and protectors of Humanity made sure that the timeless aspects of The Master's Teachings remained in The New Testament. There is enough there to follow the bread crumbs.

Even though it is all there in The Vedic Tradition, the rank and file Hindus are pretty perfunctory and routine about their rituals. There are a great many statues and ornamentation, BUT... if one knew HOW to look at it, all that is needed to understand the system are The Lingam and the Yoni Touchstone. THE REASON that the more esoteric aspects of spiritual truth are hidden from the general public is because it is ALL about SEX. The General Public is largely profane when it comes to understanding the spiritual implications of SEX. They would be outraged to hear it. Who says you can't get Irony and Hypocrisy in the same room?

You don't learn the deeper meanings of the sexual dynamic until you are prepared to hear them. You have to be beyond the potential to fall into The Dark Splendor. Sometimes one is not prepared as they should be. Sometimes it is for The Purpose of Demonstration. Often it is the Karma of those ambitious for the wrong reasons. Whatever the reason, the results are unfortunate.

The Common mind does not get the idea of one having sex with God while traveling the Inner Path. I have DIRECT experience of this. Furthermore, you see it playing hide and seek all through the scriptures. Although I could cite many examples, I will only include The Song of Solomon. It's hiding in plain sight, and you also see how badly the human actors handle this incredibly powerful force. What do you think Union means anyway? Why do the majority of all their efforts result in separation, disappointment, and regret? They are doing it WRONG.

This reminds me of a joke about 3 French boys who were surreptitiously watching a man and woman having sex. The boys were six, ten, and twelve years of age. The youngest one asked, “What are they doing?” The middle one replied, “They are making love.” Then the eldest added, “Yes... and badly.”

Everything in life is some form of sexual action, even our technology represents it in the electrical outlet and the ubiquitous plug that connect the appliance to The Power. One of the results of my Kundalini Awakening was Telepathy. In the beginning, I could hear the actual conversations going on in people's minds. It was like something out of “Lawnmower Man”, which... for the time it appeared in, was way ahead of its time. (I had dinner one night with Brett Leonard, who directed it and wrote the screenplay. I expected to be meeting some form of Nerd. He looked like he belonged to a motorcycle gang, (grin) You never know. He also did “Virtuosity.”) Well... let me not digress into something that was only used as a comparative.

The telepathy remained with me at that level of intensity for a period of time. Finally, it came under control and I only hear what I need to hear. In the beginning, I was astounded by the pervasiveness of Sex. Some studies state that the average man thinks about Sex every seven seconds. I don't pay attention to studies that are conducted by people who USUALLY don't know what they are doing, and who set out to prove whatever it is they want to believe in the first place. Whatever the truth of the matter might be, people think about SEX more than anything else, except... in some cases, Food, which is how they sublimate it.

Bhagavan Rajneesh knew about this and it accounts for the 55-gallon drums that were burning night and day at the community to dispose of the condoms that were used. I have eye witness accounts of this from trusted sources. Most of the cults that come and go have this central to their theme; NXIVM, Crowley and his Abbey of Thelema, and MANY more. What is a Svengali?

In The East, you have the Dakini and the Houri. Oh, there are plenty more. It is sex in some fashion all the way up the ladder to Divine Union. One might say that the main difference between Heaven and Hell is the presence or absence of Unity. Those who are well informed on this matter are very careful who they talk to about it. Profane minds don't grasp it at all, but they chase it and chase it until they run out of steam and become Hungry Ghosts.

It is VERY simple, but most of us do not want it to be. We need it to be a convoluted mystery in order to justify what we get up to. WHO... and WHAT do you love? Therein you can find your destiny writ large. Most people want a man or a woman, though these days there is no telling what people might want. They want to find the fulfillment of all they lack in another person. VERY, very seldom does it work out that way. Love God, sincerely and consistently and EVERYTHING is taken care of, including that other person. Loving God, I have NEVER lacked for the other. When you can see The Divine in another, you have solved the problem. This does not mean you should have sex with them. ALL sex has offspring, and they follow you around too, as long as you FEED them. If they get big enough they will eat you. Count on it. This is the result of ALL addictions, except the addiction to Higher Love. Oops! No that eats you too.

You have a limited amount of sexual force. If you spend it all profligately you are truly bankrupt. The same sexual force that results in release and offspring, and everything else that comes with it, is the same force that is used to ascend to the Heavenly Spheres (spheres? Planets... as above so below) and will also take you to Hell. It takes 40 drops of blood to make a drop of semen, and then 40 drops to make a drop of Ojas (spiritual fluid). One goes out of you and one runs up the spinal column to Godhead. It is pressure that causes it to run out of you, and pressure to propel it upwards.

The World... all of it, it the result of one sex act or another. The reverse is true as well if you are headed... elsewhere. When you pray, meditate, yearn and aspire to Higher Love, you convert the sexual fluid and then, depending on your Karma, for the time frame, the final result is inevitable, unless you get off on a lower floor, confused about where you are or what you were supposed to find there.

Tantra Yoga is the system that directly addresses it. All yogic paths also address it in their fashion. The difficulties and intricacies of Tantra are far more extensive than the others, and nothing to play around with in Times of Material Darkness, where ONLY Bhakti is a sure thing. At most times, and especially in these times, there would be less than a handful of people who have some idea of how the procedures work, maybe even less.

The whole of this posting is another Dick and Jane treatise because most of it can't be talked about anyway. It's like stilling a glob of Mercury on a mirror. The only reason for bringing it up is to point out that SEX is central to nearly all of the world's problems. It's all a downhill slide into depravity UNLESS you are in search of a Higher Love. That is the essence of Tantra and all you need to know about it anyway. It's said that a little knowledge is dangerous. What about a lot of knowledge without an operator's license?

It is SIMPLE. Aspire to a Higher Love or make your bed a tableau of what you think you want. If you wonder why you have such difficulty in life, be aware that the whole of existence is on fire with desire. Maybe you can't see it but it is so.

I don't care how The World looks to you at the moment or what terrible premonitions you may have. There is a new dawn of Ageless Wisdom coming. Long hidden or suppressed teachings are on the horizon and so too is a Golden Age where we might appreciate them. Once the clutter of the apocalypse is cleared away, you are going to have a new world to play in. For some, due to their personal choices, there will be no Golden Age. They wouldn't have it on a platter. It is not WHAT THEY WANT. They WILL, eventually, get what they want. Everyone does.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 10, 2021

"We are Surrounded by Evidence of Eternal Life but the Temporary Senses do not Report on It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can see from the reactions to Biden's (well, it's not him; he's complicit but a Tool) sweeping vaccine mandate...

...AND the state of common life in Australia that one could understand grim fatalism setting in here and there. Meanwhile, the dawn is breaking somewhere else. There is something we have to get our head around, and that is that everything is scripted and directed, even when it looks like outright chaos. The World IS being set in order, REGARDLESS of how it looks.

It seems more and more certain with each passing day that False Flag Season is upon us. Yesterday I got a comment at Smoking Mirrors. I am including it here because of how very odd it is. It's like something Mother Shipton would say if she were using Hip-hop to communicate; are you familiar with Mother Shipton?

“I was thinking twenty years back when CongaLeisha Rice told Willie in Kalifornia to 'keep his ass offa planes next week'. I try to warn my homies in Chicago, but they wont listen. There are three zioholydays next week or so and the Great Reset is looming larger in the rearview diabolic mirror.

BlackRock sits on top of $9 Trillion in assets. It is run by tribesmen Laurence Fink & Robert Kaputo, inventors of mortgage backed securities. They think nothing of building 40,000 rental homes in a shitload of subdivisions...enuff to create a national lumber shortage on its own. Most important, BlackRock owns Sears Tower, er, Willis Tower, home to a slew of big name anchor tenants, like United Airlines & a score more.

My polak potato head brain having a magnetic anomaly like some kind of Coronal Mass Ejaculation, but moreover a different CME. Me feeling it to be the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Dr. Klaus Evil, sitting in his goofy black winged Star Trek tunic gets to thinking... hmmm why not work with the BlackRock boys in taking down Willis? Best place for the cascade to start.

But hey, dont just pancake da muffa, thats so Y2K. Why not do a lumberjack thing. When somebody is good with a chainsaw they can drop a huge tree between buildings. So set the cutter charges so it topples on the CME where trillions in derivatives, futures, puts & calls can be trashed faster than the Pentagon's $2.4 trillion & all the bean counters that were getting subpoenaed next day. And dont stop there either. Let the mayhem roll down LaSalle Street Canyon until it does a Pompei to the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. Yeah, thats the ticket, all the bullion gets vaporized, yeah, yeah.

First New York, now Chicago. Its its the the Second City!!!”

It was sent in by someone called, bigloner. I'm not convinced of the events depicted. I just thought it VERY eerie. It struck me. As you know, I rarely... in fact let us say, almost never, include comments. They are already in The Comments Section.

I watch trends and patterns, in events and in general human life as I observe it in the process of inevitable change. Sometimes it weaves precariously to The Left, like now. Then it swings precariously to The Right, like what is to follow, and sometimes it goes right off the road (which WILL happen in places), and sometimes, it rights itself and all is better than well; which WILL happen.

From watching trends, I see the near-hysterical, global press to inoculate The World with a vaccine that IS NOT A VACCINE! I see that it is not going to work. The Courts won't even let it work. It's a bluff to intimidate the uncertain; don't be uncertain. HOWEVER... because THEY will not be denied, they are going to have to come at it from another angle. Because they are DRIVEN, and POSSESSED, they could not stop themselves if they wanted to, and some of them do. Given their situation, they are also desperate, They need enough people to be dead so that the peasants can't storm Dracula's castle. It sure has all the indications of a False Flag Season. By means of deception.

Biden's reputation is through the floor and into the sub-basement. THEY KNOW they will have to do something fairly soon. I wonder what interstellar screw-up they intend for The World, AND what Mr. Apocalypse will do with it? Yeah... see, here's the thing; Mr. Apocalypse is moving more and more into Direct Action. He is incrementally more present and more powerful now, as his scope of enterprise widens. He's also on The Inside of us as well as on the Outside. This is what I meant by, DRIVEN and POSSESSED. God directs ALL traffic to its Appointed Ends. The end result is resident within the intention of The Actor. We are ALL actors.

About Chicago ♫ a Hell of a town ♫ You recall that Mr. Cool and Slinky came out of there and became president. You recall that Rahm Emmanuel, one of the 9/11 players was the mayor there. Now they have Mayor Leadfoot, and crime in prime time. A False Flag would fit in that equation, amply nourished by endemic corruption through the whole of its government, but then... so would Seattle and Portland.

I do not consider myself a soothsayer who sees into the future. That IS NOT my department. I speculate, of course, everyone does. Mine is the fruit of watching trends and patterns and drinking at the underground springs of The Intuition. We KNOW that something dramatic, and even spectacular WILL HAPPEN because it ALWAYS does in times like these.

We are moving at the speed of thought into the Age of Aquarius; The Age of Brotherhood. That certainly sounds like the foundation for a Golden Age. It could still take a while to get there because the other parts of ourselves have to catch up with The Mind. Let me again state that there is ONLY one mind. We tell ourselves otherwise, and that is part of why we broke away from The One Mind; shattered mirrors. Becoming aligned with The One Mind is the key to telepathy and all the other supersensory abilities.

You don't get these at Walmart, and they aren't handed out to just anyone. You have to earn them through Grace, Austerities, and the like. This means they can be in the possession of both good and bad actors. Unfortunately for the bad actors, the viewing screen is distorted, so they don't see what they see as it really is. Also unfortunately for the bad actors, this is a specific time of sorting out, of judgment, and resolution. Resolution follows Resolve. Also... and this applies to all actors; this is an apocalypse. All bets are off in an apocalypse. In an apocalypse, it is what it is. Other times, the prevailing dream currents inspire the daily, walkabout life. In an apocalypse, you wake up. You don't turn over and go back to sleep.

The anniversary of the Israeli False Flag on America is coming up on Saturday. The Kalifornia recall election takes place on Tuesday. That election is a great deal more important to The Underlords than one might think. It is a REALLY big deal. Then there was the Texas abortion law, also brewing in other states. The election reforms are coming far and wide across the land. You see two different dynamics at work simultaneously. You can't stop The Future. The Past and The Present have both signed off on it.

There are a few (maybe more than a few) things I seek to avoid. One of them is Fearmongering. I don't want to wind up at Natural News. At the same time, I see what small part of it all is revealed to me. I think a person should be aware and prepared within. Be watchful.

I don't know how it will all sort out. What I do know is that it WILL BE sorted. How that impacts on you has to do with where your treasures are, and whether or not you are attached to the fruits of action. The whole of it is very clearly explained in scripture if you know where to look. There's nothing new about any of this. It's come and gone many times. Usually, people destroy themselves, no matter what they blame it on later. All death is suicide, actually, brought about by Karma fashioned to that end. If one could change endlessly and effortlessly, they would not die, they would simply change.

Behind all change is the changeless. Resting in that which does not change, one manages what changes by ADAPTATION. There really are people who have been alive for centuries. They do not appear on The Offal Winfrey Show. We are surrounded by evidence of Eternal Life but the Temporary Senses do not report on it.

What is it that Michael Tyson said? “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Be watchful. Be watchful. Be watchful. Scripture in all bonafide traditions tells us this. Pay attention! It is the difference between Life and Death. You could say, “but I thought it was all Karma?” Yeah? The propensity not to pay attention is Karma. Happening to be where you are, and doing what you are doing; that's Karma too, and not paying attention to what you are doing is also Karma.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

"The World CANNOT Come Under the Control of Any Particular Person, Group or Agenda."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There was an article linked at Revolver and it went to Salon. It's an uptown, liberal, propaganda-magazine website. The article was about how The Satanic Temple might be a big help to the abortion crowd. They are asking for a RELIGIOUS exemption for the taking of abortion pills in their ceremonies. What is really happening is that The Satanic Movement is positioning itself for a more mainstream profile. If you look at the Baphomet statue that Satan Org uses as a trademark, the way any corporation has its logo, you will see a very interesting feature. You will probably only notice if you are already informed, BUT... the pentagram which is traditionally REVERSED in all previous imagery of the icon, is now RIGHT-SIDE UP.


They are homogenizing Satanism for mass consumption. This incorporates all the trans-humanist movements and certain areas of New Age Think. It will be billed as a practical and modern religion for a modern age. They are not about evil anymore. It's really no more than looking out for yourself. Hey! Anyone can understand that, right?

They do have all the powers of The World at hand... if they happened to know what they were doing, which few if any of them do. They are mere carnival barkers for The Real Thing, which is... itself, not real to begin with. The Satanic Church is mostly composed of sexual deviants and anarchistic Antifa types. Behind the scenes, you can be sure, is heavy money.

It is very difficult to reach people who do not believe in The Real Thing because they can't see it. It is nearly impossible to explain anything to them, should you happen to know anything to begin with. There are some who do. That is why they use parables and allegory to clothe the ideas.

Carnal Minds, and the perspectives of Materialism are unable to view The Eternal because they are immersed in The Temporary. The Temporary is what is visible to mortal sight. The Eternal is not. This is why the eye has been associated with The Devil for such a long time across the span of Occult History, and even occasionally in fabricated and revisionist history. In more recent times, Tolkien brought us The Lidless Eye of Sauron.

The World deceives through Appearances. Appearances are a lie and The Devil is The Father of Lies. We could go deeper into this but it would make it needlessly dense. It's easy to see if you are not deceived, and it is appetite and desire that deceive you. It is WANTING. When you don't want anything you are incorruptible. For various reasons, it can take a long time to find out that all you have been wanting is not worth having. The World makes it look exciting. It drapes a model across a car. It puts beautiful pictures of beautiful people in faraway locales. It beads the perspiration on a bottle of beer in the hands of a girl in a swimsuit, whose callipygian posterior also has beads shimmering on it, ♫ HOT fun in The Summertime ♫

In this unruly and topsy turvy world of the moment, many mighty engines have been loosed in pursuit of the control of The World. The World CANNOT come under the control of any particular person, group, or agenda. The Earth is a Living Thing. Everything is alive in some way, even a rock. You might say that rocks are deeply sleeping without dreams. When plants break them up, then they dream in the plant. When animals eat the plants, and other animals eat the animals that eat the plants, another order of dreaming comes about, and so on up the ladder to Awakening, also called Realization, and Liberation as well.

We have different terms to describe The Same Thing. We've got; The Operation of The Sun, The Great Work= or The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel, The Pearl of Great Price, The Philosopher's Stone, The Cintamani, and there are a number of others. For Avatars we have; Kalki, Maitreya, The Mahdi, and... the Second Coming of Christ. Variation is an endless theme here. Now purists will insist that the first series are not at all The Same Thing. My perspective is NOT to argue about something, but to go on out (or in) and find it. I cannot figure out why people stand around and argue about these things. They get titles before, and degrees after their names, and become Professional Arguers. They become Self Important and a drag to be around.

God spare me from Intellectuals who are literally pounding sand; countless grains of sand that run through their minds in search of meaning. The ONLY real meaning is what exists prior to the sand. They might think about that for a moment and The Sandman Returns and it's Dream Time again. The First Matter is The Aether out of which Everything Else proceeds through vibration and precipitation.

Whatever it is that you believe is what you have talked yourself into. Unless you have DIRECTLY experienced it, you are engaged in mere speculation. Immediately following that, the mercantile gene goes active and someone sets out to sell it to you. Other mercantile minds see this and whip up their own version. Next thing you know you have a marketplace of The Same Thing, designed to look differently in different packaging. Religions are like this. The cash register is never far off, ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness.

The Truth CANNOT be sold. The moment ANYONE sets out to sell it, even if they had some glimmer of it the moment before, it's gone. ALL of the higher virtues are like this. They will not lodge in profane hearts and minds. This is controlled from The Devic-Angelic realm. It's actually controlled deeper in than that, but they are the administrators of Supernal policy. Angels are direct xpressions of The Divine. They embody principles and powers. Their classes of angels are even called by those names, along with Dominions and Thrones, and Santa has his reindeer, Snow White has her dwarves. Interesting segue there, Visible.

On the other end, across an impassable gulf from the angels are the gangsters and their posses, the cabals, the revolutionaries and social reformers, the blood-oath bandits, and sundry. They each have their zones of enterprise. Depending on which plane of action you find yourself on, due to your Desire Body, there you will find the simulacrum that you seek. You don't have to worry about the specters of Armageddon, catastrophe, and devastation UNLESS IT APPLIES TO YOU. Like many, you could be ♫ looking for love in all the wrong place ♫

Surely this Plandemic of some common virus in a Halloween outfit has taught us a little something about Humanity. Quite a few of us have been convinced, coerced, threatened or whathaveyou into getting a vaccine that is not a vaccine for a garden variety virus. Some of us knew, right off the bat that THEY were lying, because... THEY are ALWAYS lying.

THEY work for the present permutation of The Lidless Eye. THEY want Civil War. They want to take over even more than they have taken over, and they can FEEL their control slipping away, and they can HEAR the chilling voice of The Darkness before The Light breaks.

Surely, you have noticed that the enforcement of masks and behavioral protocols is proving much more effective in the 'former' Crown Colonies of The UK, Canada and Australia. Why do you think that is? It is due to gun control. They did not have our Second Amendment, therefore our government still fears the people. For them, the best effort is to turn us upon each other. This they are working with Sexual Diversity, the vaxxed and unvaxxed, Black against White, and many other constructs, including the destruction of The Family Unit. They instigated the homeless problem so as to make the streets unpredictable. Here you see actual street scenes in Filthydelphia.

THEY are ruthless criminals who have convinced themselves of their own supremacy over other life forms. THEY are working hard to bestialize humanity and their living spaces. I, perhaps, should not say, THEY, as if I am setting them apart from the rest of life that is ALL interconnected on a shimmering web that cannot be seen by mortal eyes. It is THEY who have set themselves apart and us against one another. One of the key secrets to getting along in this world is to not hinder another in their pursuit of self-destruction. The key is to be in harmony with all life. Our job is NOT to set The World in order. The World is self-adjusting. God takes care of The Details. Our job is to align ourselves with The Divine, to be in resonance with Heaven.

If you can maintain a resonance with Heaven in any consistent manner, you can bring The Kingdom of Heaven into residence within you. This is not something you learn about or accomplish over the course of 3 weekends and a 4 day intensive at the end. It comes to the sincere, disciplined, and determined heart, once the hosting mechanism has been properly prepared, and not messed with by The Hosting Mechanism itself.

The Freak Circus is going to be going up a few notches very shortly. The Bad Guys know what they are up against, otherwise, it is dawning on them now and they are at various degrees of URGENCY about it. This is going to make for VERY Interesting Theater. What is happening has not happened before in a very long time. Why else do you think so many people have incarnated here at this time? It's going to be ♫ a hot time in the old town tonight ♫ Something once got said about, The Fire Next Time”; I am referring to the scriptural sources; not water but the fire next time. Fasten your seatbelts!

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 01, 2021

"♫ Love, Oh Love, Oh Selfless Love, and Higher Worlds for You ♫ "

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I thought today I would share with you the words of those far wiser than I, and from whence I draw upon all that inspires me for my own less than stellar efforts at it. There are a few basic and ruthless enemies that assault us all and they come from invisible sources that motivate us in selfish enterprises. One of these enemies is Selfishness; an expression of The Personality in a separated mind. I'm not going to list the whole of the Negative Qualities that are common to the human state. Surely, you already know about them.

Most people, for reasons that escape me, are puzzled by the idea of Selfless Service. It doesn't make sense to a carnal mind. It doesn't make sense in a Material Culture. It makes you look like a fool and an idiot to the proud and arrogant, driven by appetite and selfish desire. I CAN explain this so that it puzzles you no more. Being able to forget yourself in service to others, brings a Joy and Serenity that nothing else can equal. Your separated self IS your burden and your cross. It is The Personality that is at the root of your suffering, and that suffering WILL NOT END until The Personality is sublimated and harnessed. You are either a servant of The Higher Mind or you are a slave of The Lower Nature.

No activities that I know about can equal the sense of freedom that comes with selfless service. ANYONE who has been so engaged KNOWS how wonderful it is to FORGET YOURSELF in what you do; to give yourself away. That is freedom and it is what God does and it is what ALL who serve God also do. This might not apply to you but it certainly applies to me; knowing it I have no choice.

I will now include the Chapter, “Selfless Service” from The Bhagavad Gita=


“O Krishna, you have said that knowledge is greater

than action; why then do you ask me to wage this

terrible war? Your advice seems inconsistent. Give

me one path to follow to the supreme good.”


“At the beginning of time I declared two

paths for the pure heart: jnana yoga, the

contemplative path of spiritual wisdom, and

karma yoga, the active path of selfless service.

One who shirks action does not attain freedom; no

one can gain perfection by abstaining from work.

Indeed, there is no one who rests for even an instant;

all creatures are driven to action by their own nature.

Those who abstain from action while allowing

the mind to dwell on sensual pleasure cannot

be called sincere spiritual aspirants. But they

excel who control their senses through the

mind, using them for selfless service.

Fulfill all your duties; action is better than inaction.

Even to maintain your body, Arjuna, you are obliged

to act. Selfish action imprisons the world. Act

selflessly, without any thought of personal profit.

At the beginning, mankind and the obligation

of selfless service were created together.

“Through selfless service, you will always

be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your

desires”: this is the promise of the Creator.

Honor and cherish the devas as they honor and

cherish you; through this honor and love you will

attain the supreme good. All human desires are

fulfilled by the devas, who are pleased by selfless

service. But anyone who enjoys the things given by the

devas without offering selfless acts in return is a thief.

The spiritually minded, who eat in the spirit of

service, are freed from all their sins; but the selfish,

who prepare food for their own satisfaction, eat sin.

Living creatures are nourished by food, and food

is nourished by rain; rain itself is the water of life,

which comes from selfless worship and service.

Every selfless act, Arjuna, is born from Brahman,

the eternal, infinite Godhead. Brahman is present

in every act of service. All life turns on this law,

O Arjuna. Those who violate it, indulging the

senses for their own pleasure and ignoring the

to act. Selfish action imprisons the world. Act

who realize the Self are always satisfied. Having

found the source of joy and fulfillment, they no

longer seek happiness from the external world.

They have nothing to gain or lose by any action;

neither people nor things can affect their security.

Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the

world; by devotion to selfless work one attains

the supreme goal of life. Do your work with

the welfare of others always in mind. It was

by such work that Janaka attained perfection;

others too have followed this path.

What the outstanding person does, others will

try to do. The standards such people create will be

followed by the whole world. There is nothing in

the three worlds for me to gain, Arjuna, nor is there

anything I do not have; I continue to act, but I am not

driven by any need of my own. If I ever refrained

from continuous work, everyone would immediately

follow my example. If I stopped working I would

be the cause of cosmic chaos, and finally of the

destruction of this world and these people.

The ignorant work for their own profit, Arjuna;

the wise work for the welfare of the world,

without thought for themselves. By abstaining

from work you will confuse the ignorant,

who are engrossed in their actions. Perform

all work carefully, guided by compassion.

All actions are performed by the gunas of Prakriti.

Deluded by identification with the ego, a person

thinks, “I am the doer.” But the illumined man or

woman understands the domain of the gunas and is

not attached. Such people know that the gunas interact

with each other; they do not claim to be the doer.

Those who are deluded by the operation of

the gunas become attached to the results of

their action. Those who understand these truths

should not unsettle the ignorant. Performing

all actions for my sake, completely absorbed

in the Self, and without expectations, fight!

-but stay free from the fever of the ego.

Those who live in accordance with these divine

laws without complaining, firmly established in

faith, are released from karma. Those who violate

these laws, criticizing and complaining, are utterly

-deluded, and are the cause of their own suffering.

Even the wise act within the limitations of their

own nature. Every creature is subject to Prakriti;

what is the use of repression? The senses have

been conditioned by attraction to the pleasant

and aversion to the unpleasant. Do not be ruled

by them; they are obstacles in your path.

It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to

succeed in the dharma of another. Nothing is ever

lost in following one’s own dharma, but competition

in another’s dharma breeds fear and insecurity.”


“What is the force that binds us to selfish

deeds, O Krishna? What power moves us,

even against our will, as if forcing us?”


“It is selfish desire and anger, arising from

the guna of rajas; these are the appetites and

evils which threaten a person in this life.

Just as a fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is

obscured by dust, just as the embryo rests deep within

the womb, knowledge is hidden by selfish desire

–hidden, Arjuna, by this unquenchable fire for

self-satisfaction, the inveterate enemy of the wise.

Selfish desire is found in the senses, mind,

and intellect, misleading them and burying

the understanding in delusion. Fight

with all your strength, Arjuna! Controlling

your senses, conquer your enemy, the

destroyer of knowledge and realization.

The senses are higher than the body, the mind

higher than the senses; above the mind is the

intellect, and above the intellect is the Atman.

Thus, knowing that which is supreme, let the

Atman rule the ego. Use your mighty arms to

slay the fierce enemy that is selfish desire.”

I believe that should CLARIFY Karma also.

I did not realize that the chapter was as long as it is. I will save what I had from Master Aivanhov for another posting. What you have read just now is one of the major influencers of my thought and action. There are a few other sources that I subscribe to, though most of what I do is drawn from The Intuition. Very little that I contemplate is of recent vintage, simply because The Truth is TIMELESS, to begin with.

The New Age and the teachings of The New Age has come up from several quarters recently. My PROBLEM with The New Age Marketplace is that it is USUALLY just that; a marketplace, filled with paraphernalia on display. You cannot SELL The Truth. It MUST be given away, and that brings us back to Selfless Service.

Furthermore, I have yet to encounter anything from new-age lecterns that was not taken from ancient and arcane texts from long ago, and then refurbished and reconstituted and offered as something new. NONE OF IT IS. Not once, in decades, have I seen ANYTHING from New Age sources that I had not read before in the original that they kyped it from.

I have seen this from so-called masters too. I owned a spiritual and arcane bookstore for a few years when I was very young. What led me there was a passion to read the deep thinkers, spiritual teachers, and mystics of former, and even present times. Surely, I read over a thousand books during this time. It was there that I encountered Bhagavan Rajneesh. I read his early works (they were still early works then) and was surprised to see to what an extent he had taken from Lao Tzu and others, sometimes almost word for word. I told myself I didn't need to read any more from this man because I was already informed by the people he was taking his thoughts from.

I have worked with literature for my whole life. First reading widely and voluminously, and then writing my own thoughts. Along the way, I encountered a distinct subsection of work called The New Age. Somehow it always seemed about the money. Then I found out that A Curse of Miracles was constructed by intelligence services in the employ of The Prince of Darkness. I found massive evidence that the CIA and others were deep into this area of enterprise. That explains people like Marianne Williamson, Benjamin Creme, Elizabeth Claire Prophet (with her .50 cal machinegun turrets), and MANY ANOTHER. I learned about Hay House Publishing, and Louise B Hay.

The same way I learned about the Rap Music Agenda, I had learned about New Age principles. I will not criticize others who find help and succor there. It's different strokes for different folks, and just not my stroke. I've been around the New Age scene. I lived on Maui for 20 years. I know what's going on there. I saw the MMDA-Ecstasy orgies and met, or encountered some number of the New Age luminaries. I have a wealth of experiences from that area and I WANT NO PART OF IT. It is for each of us to make up our own minds about the course of our lives, though that is mostly done by KARMA.

I am also somewhat versed in the early days of the New Age Movement, such as The Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust, the Golden Dawn, and The O.T.O. I have been far and wide with all of it and round the bend as well. There are good and bad to be found. I found what I was looking for and no longer need to look. Readers can make up their own minds about that. I was present when events happened to me, and certainly a more credible witness than people who operate from projection and hearsay, concerning what they were NOT PRESENT FOR.

All I can say is that we shall soon see the metal and integrity (if there be any) of ALL movements and those associated. We shall soon see what are the lies and what is the truth. Many think that The Apocalypse and the Coming of the Avatar are matters of intellectual speculation and points of moronic contention, instead of REAL conditions and events. I don't know if it is next week, next month or next year. I do know that the whole world is going to turn upside down, or right-side up, depending on what your perspective is.

There is something here for everyone; the Doom and Gloom Merchants, the Merchants of Fear, the sales-goblins of the material camouflage that hides The Truth, to begin with. Conversely, those who seek Redemption and Love, will find it. Those seeking a portal to higher worlds will find it. You will eventually find everything you were looking for. It makes good sense to be looking for what is real, and not Temporary, because wherever your love is you will find what you treasure; to paraphrase scripture. Common Sense should prevail in these matters because they are so very Self Evident. It is an enduring mystery that more people do not see this.

End Transmission.......

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