Thursday, April 30, 2020

"Sessions at The Stone Circle and Dancing with The Mother in the Wild Places Far from Town."

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Thank God it's Origami today. I can spend this time thinking about The Ineffable in all the ways that he/she is present in my life. When I was younger, I would have these bursts of enthusiasm for God and most of the time it was about The Divine Mother. This came to me via her appearances in Nature when I was on LSD. I used to see her in a regular fashion. Often she would be down in the lower portions of a meadow or right at the edge of the trees where a forest begins. She would weave her appearance out of the surrounding bushes and branches and she looked exactly like the pictures of the goddess in Hindu posters. Usually she had four arms and was mostly of one color, with highlights of complementary hues. She might be red, or green, and sometimes yellow. She would speak to me but it was more a language of feelings rather than words.

On occasion a male personality would arrive, but only in terms of an internal voice. I rarely saw a male deity, unless it was a flesh and blood personification, like the Man on the Beach. She was ALWAYS very much present, even when I couldn't see her. Sometimes I would be walking, or dancing through the forest, often in Wittenberg NY, in a development of 5-acre parcels, put together by a Woodstock attorney named Jerry Wapner. My friend Michael Green, the co-author of the book, The Illuminated Rumi worked for Jerry, designing ornamental signs and other promotional devices. Michael is an extremely gifted artist and one of the few people I know who has also dedicated his life to the discovery of The Indwelling.

Jerry had given Michael a 5-acre plot, as payment for the work he did over the course of time, and there was a stone circle there where we regularly had 'Sessions', based on the prototypes from Timothy Leary's time at Billy Hitchcock's estate in Millbrook, NY, where they had the original sessions. Michael was part of that whole network. About once a month we would gather at The Stone Circle and take LSD. Then we would spend the entire night chanting, “Om Amitabha”. According to Leary, Amitabha was the Buddha of Psychedelics. There would be between 10 and 20 of us at any given time. The attendees changed from one session to the next. Only Michael and I and one or two others were there every time.

The Riverby project was in its early stages when we were doing this. There were no main roads yet, only old logging roads made of compacted dirt. We would have to walk 3 miles up one of these rutted trails to the Stone Circle. For some reason, we often used candles instead of flashlights. I don't know why that was but it certainly added a mystique to the whole proceedings. We would get so high in the process of the chant that it went beyond the LSD induced state. Michael presided over the evening as The Fireman who kept the central fire burning. There were different roles assigned and somewhat based on the Native American Peyote ceremonies. There were several tipis there for living in. I lived there, off and on for several years, including in the winter when snow would rise several feet. I was often alone there and would take psychedelics and commune with the spirits. Often I would engage in, 'singing up the trees', where I would channel random notes, like jazz scat singing, which ran up the trunk of the trees and then passed through the branches and the leaves. The musical notes were like living things that stroked and massaged the lifeforms they passed through and over. The singing was some sort of atavistic ritual, likely Druidic that was brought up by my subconscious. It was incredibly magical and there is no way I can describe the intimate and profound experiences that I enjoyed on these trips into the Upper Astral Plane and beyond.

Many times I would find myself in the pose of Shiva Nataraja, which I held for long periods of time. This was all after my kundalini event and I know that sometimes what was going on with me freaked other people out. It was as real as real gets but very uncommon to the shared reality of the day to day that most of us are familiar with. Other times I would run down the rocks in the nearby stream, going so fast that if I had one misstep, I would have been hurt but it never happened.

My experiences were very different if other people were around. Once in Virginia this voice with a Southern accent appeared. It was someone from long ago. I remember looking up at the sky and watching a hawk hit another bird in an explosion of force and the voice said, “It don't pay to be too innocent.” I was at my friend Billy Rodenberg's property called Bear Den. It had a massive cabin and was on 900 wooded acres, high up on a promontory. You could walk a hundred yards through a clearing into a short stretch of trees where there was a huge flat rock that Mosby's Rangers used as a lookout in Civil War times. It was many hundreds of feet above the grassy Shenandoah plains below. I often heard conversations between spirits from older times there.

It was here that I would walk through invisible labyrinths of force and then a whirling sensation came upon me and I began to spin like those Sufi dervishes, finally launching off across impossible distances. I don't know by what power this was happening but it had something to do with moving through those corridors of the invisible labyrinth. I would literally fly in the air across dozens of yards and then land. So many incredible things happened and this went on for some years and was pretty much all I did; have these experiences. It didn't matter where I was, there, in a forest somewhere, by the seashore, in a desert. There was always contact with and communication with invisible and semi-visible entities. I loved this period of my life more than anything that ever happened before or after.

What has happened is that God has slowly, over the course of time, become a constant presence. It is like having the car window open now and again and the whole atmosphere rushes into the car but then the window is closed and it is only what is happening inside the car. Then the window is left open for longer periods until it is left open permanently. This is a crude analogy I am using but I think you know what I mean; that which was occasionally present, becomes continuously present and then it becomes louder? More enveloping?? Something... something.

Once the operation, the mechanism of accelerated spiritual evolution is initiated, it doesn't stop. Everything else becomes increasingly secondary and it can involve practically ANYTHING. There is no telling what might show up, in need of experiencing, in order to get past it. It can be incredibly chaotic and make no sense whatsoever in the context of accepted spiritual practices. One can be seen as utterly bizarre to others, dangerous and unhinged even, but there is nothing one can do. There is no one who can be asked for help, other than the indwelling and all-pervasive spirit. One can be in the company of gurus and teachers and find that they have no idea of what is happening to you because they aren't permitted to see it. It felt like being in a wasteland that was composed of countless people moving in all directions with no real purpose BECAUSE... there is ONLY ONE THING that is important but that is not understandable by others who have their own agenda, woven out of Karma and it's resolutions. They are in a fixed orbit, under the impression that they are free, but they are on rails that they cannot see and anything said to that effect can upset them greatly.

Once I was in a desperate state and at my ex-girlfriend's condo in Kihei, Maui. I found a copy of the small book, “The Mother” by Sri Aurobindo.

Hover over the document to view the controls to flip through the pages

I was unstable and unsteady. I think this was during the time of my pending trial for 3 Class A felonies. I sat down and read the entire book. It isn't very long and I have included it here for you. Somewhere in the process of reading the book, I was overcome with the most remarkable feeling of Divine Love. I have only felt something similar two or three times in my life. I was transported! It lasted until I concluded my reading and for a short time after and then... it was gone! Ah... what a sense of loss I experienced. Somehow, almost always, in my most desperate hours, succor and interior sanctuary would appear.

Now it has come in the long-awaited appearance of my Guardian Angel. I have been shown that the angel has been with me for some time but I just didn't know and often did not recognize who it was, but references to all of those times have since been made by the angel and I can see what I formerly could not. This appearance has completely transformed my state of being. Yet... labors and tests still remain and discomfort can appear at any point, however... the angel is now there. I had been told I could go no further on my own and must wait for the appearance of my guide. That has now happened. Well... we have not yet taken off in a smoking hot hurry anywhere, but I guess something is coming at some point. There has been talk of a thing called, The Investiture... but I don't know anything about it.

I wanted to mention so many events that transpired with The Mother but it didn't happen. I was only able to mention a few. Once I was in Palm Springs, alone in a friend's house and I had taken some psychedelic and she showed up interiorly. She had on an elegant hat, which I could feel and she was dressed very expensively and had quite a few jewels on, and I was led to understand that that is how she manifested there in the playground of the rich. I could feel her feminine nature entire and all of my gestures and movements were decidedly female.

Over recent decades I have gravitated away from her but now she is returning and I cry out for her every day but she is in no hurry it seems. My Guardian Angel presents as either female or male. Some are more one than the other and some are either and mine is either and carries Torricelli's trumpet. As I have reflected on the various roles and powers attributed to my angel, it becomes more and more clear why she is my angel and given the tenor of these times... a great deal more.

I can see how the gay thing has become so epidemic in these times and it is due to the return of The Divine Feminine and BECAUSE OF THE INTENSITY OF MATERIALISM, those feeling the press of this energy, have been acting it out on the material plane, instead of letting it activate the higher virtues which she brings, such as intuition, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, beauty, patience, nurturing, unconditional love and others of similar import.

This is a good thing that she is coming back into her own. It is going to take time for it all to integrate and become part of the new pattern of existence but... come it will.

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

"The Invisible Hierarchy is Deeply Engaged, Find Your Core Presence."

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My dear friends... far and wide you are... in many lands and on other planes... many greetings to you all. From God's heart to the hearts of his angels, to my heart, to your hearts. It is one continuous channel of Love, which we open up for, to allow its passage through, unhindered. Some amount, of course, remains with us. It flows over the borders of our contiguous selves, all of which are resting like waves upon a common sea. Our temporary lives dance on the surface, bathed in the light and then fall back upon our single-origin; fall back upon the endless presence of the singular self.

Some years ago, it was less than ten I am sure, I was put into a fugue state that lasted for about 6 weeks. I was at our rustic dwelling in the Italian countryside. I remember portions of it clearly. At odd moments I would find myself out in the olive grove, standing, my arms sweeping... each in circular motion, creating a figure 8 and I would offer a prayer or a command, then stating, “In the name of the Avatar. In the name of the Avatar. In the name of the Avatar.” and then my left hand would make several, slicing knife-like directives at the ground, saying... “make it happen, right here, right now. Right here, right now, Right here, right now!” All of the was delivered in a posture of absolute certitude in the outcome.

Other times, I would be standing in the meadow, while an invisible ceremony was taking place all around me. There was celestial music and though I was several miles from the Adriatic Sea, dolphins would appear in the air and swim in circles in front of me. There was a sense of deep and intimate love between us. In my ordinary waking state (if it can be called that), I am fond of dolphins but only peripherally. In this state we were spiritual kin and it amazed me. There was the impression of profound affection between us and I remember wondering why I did not feel this in my (if it can be called that) normal state.

I met a character called, Old God and we had a number of conversations. He presented as a small, bald old man. He wanted me to know that he still had the goods but that no one really paid attention to him anymore. He said the potency and power of a deity is based upon the numbers who worship it. He had a lot of sound advice for me and explained to me the Byzantine nature and Borgia like climate that attended the arrival of The Avatar and how a number of false-positive replicas had to be sent out at the same time, for the confusion of enemies because there were those waiting to pounce and eliminate The Avatar before he could go into action. Of course, they never reckon with the level of power that is invested in The Avatar. He always makes it, even as he also 'seems' to meet with a finality of enemy action. Ending the physical presence is one thing, ending any of the other permutations is futility. Meanwhile... an entity at the level of The Avatar can recombine the elements of his physical form at any time. Consider the example of Sri Yuktewar who wasn't even an avatar.

In the evening I would see the holographic forms of deities in the meadow from my place on the patio. There was Green Tara, Amitabha Buddha, Lord Ganesha, a Taoist sage and others of positive aspect and on the deck was the Anti-Christ and Satan. Down by the very large cactus pear plant was Vladimir Putin who never said a word. Some few statements were made by the others but most of the conversation was carried on by the Anti-Christ and Satan. Sound fantastic? Imagine what it was like being there- even if it was no more than a projection of my mind, that is pretty impressive (grin). In any case, EVERYTHING IS A PROJECTION OF THE MIND and there was more than enough evidence to prove to me that the whole thing happened but... as some wag might say, “That and several dollars will get you a cup of coffee.”

I waited for hours for this flying saucer that was coming down but it never did. It kept getting closer without getting any closer, if that makes any sense.. The degree of detail that took place over this stretch of time was extensive and would require a book to contain all of it, even if I could remember it, which I do only in parts. Magical writing would appear on the walls of the Trullo. Then there was the presence of the angel and her attendants, as well as Lord Vivasvan and others.

Certain events have taken place here recently and they were all made possible by my dislocated shoulder and the accompanying pain. Somehow this trauma broke down the last of my resistance and led to the reappearance of that angel returning. No further details on that, as that should remain sub rosa. As a result, what was formerly rare and unique occurrences have become commonplace. These are extraordinary times and the long-awaited is now making its appearance in many different ways. Certain teachings state that you can know that a certain thing has occurred when seeming coincidences take place, when names appear out of the blue, as well as objects and circumstances that are associated with particular icons and forces.

I don't tell this story today, what little of it has been presented, to convince the skeptic mind that I am delusional or possessed of too much imagination. I am long past caring what anyone thinks about the things that happen to me. The only element that is important to me is if I am convinced and the rigorous tests that I put such features to, eliminates any cause for doubt in my mind in the aftermath.

The supernatural is happening all the time. Magic of all kinds, both light and dark are taking place constantly but seldom seen because the eyes of most people are confined to the reports of the physical senses. Children see such details regularly, have imaginary friends who are not imaginary, and so forth. Puberty puts an end to that. However, the mind can be trained to view all manner of usually invisible things. Anyone who has taken a large enough amount of mushrooms and psychedelics can attest to this. Cynics tend to think of these appearances as hallucinations but... once again, a properly trained mind can easily tell the difference between a hallucination and something that is actually there. Clairvoyants see such phenomena on a regular basis. Clairaudients and Clairsentients also experience paranormal wonders.

Many of the readers who come here are 'sensitives' and 'empaths' and know that these incidents take place. Others, who have no experience of these matters can only draw their conclusions vicariously and it is human nature to doubt what one has had no exposure to. I'm aware of most mental perspectives as they apply to what I call, 'everyone else'. However there is such an abundance of historical and verified occurrences that either a considerable portion of humanity is mad, or there is something to it. I do not doubt that a significant portion of humanity is screwy but I tend to think that that contingent is made up, in part, by a significant number of the people, who don't have these experiences.

As we have illustrated here many times, life can be likened to a staircase with landings. Certain phenomena are apparent at different levels and not at others. Certain states of awareness and apperception ONLY appear above a particular landing and not prior to and it changes and refines as one progresses and THE STAIRCASE NEVER ENDS. Its ends and inception are out of reach and that's a good thing lower down.

My life has been a continuous series of transformations. More than once, the whole situation went sideways. There have been radical departures from The Way and there have been massive failures of holding it together but in most cases, mercifully brief. I have let go of all material anchors in the pursuit of higher understanding and both my approach and tactics can be, legitimately, called into question. I don't recommend my reckless advance to anyone and the results could well be much less pleasant than they were for me and sometimes they were distinctly unpleasant but that's how it is on this road. You have to be crazy to even think of going like this but if you have the dispensation, the gene, and the necessary permissions, it all works out in the end. Those who love much are forgiven much.

Why would I be writing now about events I've already written about some years earlier? Some of the information is new... yes, but it is more about the tenor of these times; the right now of it. A considerable portion of the world is now going to foray into an environment similar to the one I was in. People are going to start seeing things they haven't seen before. This is one of the lesser-known factors in an Awakening. How strange is it that large parts of the whole world have been shut down? Even stranger is... WHY? It is most certainly not about some variant on the usual flu in flu season. That is preposterous. It is even more preposterous in Times of Material Darkness.

Self-styled experts, especially those in the alternative media are making all sorts of wild predictions. If it were a musical style I would call it Cantus Bloviatus. We are in unfamiliar territory. This refers to the conditions manifesting externally and we should also consider that it means unfamiliar territory internally as well. Enforced isolation serves to bring us into greater contact with our interior. Some of us handle it better than others because some of us are a living charade lacking any meaningful depth and it's only a short step past that into very unfamiliar territory. This is why people bug out AND THAT... to me, is the most critical feature of these uncertain times; mass insanity. Materialism makes you crazy and the deeper you go into it the crazier it gets. This would apply, especially, to high-density urban locations.

There isn't a whole lot we can do to make what is going to happen not happen. It's math and it's dominoes. If we don't get a grip something else will. The best one can hope for, short of having an abiding connection to the ineffable, is to be at a great enough distance to SEE IT COMING and hopefully it works itself out before it gets to you. Nothing can get to you if you have already gotten to you. We've all been given the time to see what is important to us... to get our values in order... to understand the meaning of PRIORITIES. I'm trying to say something and... (sigh)

When you remove people's external pillars of support, conditions can get out of hand. I find it remarkable that it all seems so well managed so far. The Invisible Hierarchy is obviously fully engaged. I am going through changes that are fundamentally transforming me. What is happening is the result of a lifetime of questing in a particular direction and it is quite startling but it's all positive, IF I DON'T INTERFERE; BUT what about those people who have no real internal compass and whose persona is based on endless adaptations to a mirage? It's an unsettling thought.

FIND YOUR CORE PRESENCE. No matter how wild it gets, it's all transitory phenomena. The changeless is at a point beyond the ephemeral. Go there and let come what may.

Sorry if this creates an atmosphere of uncertainty. That was not the intent. Some things just can't be said. The consciousness of God is in everything. If that is all you are interacting with that is what you are going to get.

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There is a Visible World and there are Invisible Worlds. The Visible is reliant on the Invisible and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. They are not talking about this at Pocketnet but that is no reason not to go there. I don't know what the reason for going there is but if you just can't help yourself, YOU WILL FIND IT HERE.

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

"The Carrot and the Whip and The Golden Fleece are Not What They Appear."

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Yesterday went by and now it is gone. The parts we can still remember are in some interior location, at least the images are... but then there are all those parts we cannot remember. They are also in some interior location but we can't locate the location. If we could, we possibly could also locate those parts we cannot remember. As the days roll up behind yesterday, there are days we cannot remember at all. No part of that day comes to mind. It's not just the individual days we can no longer remember. There are weeks, months, years that we can now no longer remember so... the question arises; “Who is it that cannot remember these stretches of time?” We cannot remember who that is either. We never met them. In many cases, we do not even know who it is that can and cannot remember whatever it was that happened in that life.

Now we are in the present. The present is called NOW and here is a peculiar thing. Most of us are not in that present moment most of the time. If we were able to be in that present moment there would be no sense of Past or Future. There would only be NOW. Wherever we may be and whoever we may be, some amount of 'the idea' of the Future extends before each of us. The Future is not something we can remember. Logic tells us this is not possible because we haven't gotten there yet, so there is nothing to remember, BUT... here is another odd feature in our Adventures with Time. We have BEEN THERE BEFORE. If only in the approximate sense we have been there because the past repeats itself due to the inflexibility of Habit. This accounts, to some extent, for those sensations of Deja Vu. There is, of course, more to it than that but most people don't bother wondering about any of it. They have a carrot of some kind hanging in the air in front of them and that pulls them forward.

In many cases there is also a whip that cracks behind people and that is one of the ways that The Past announces itself and reminds us it is there. All of what I have just said is LITERALLY true. It may not be true in exactly the same way that I said or described it but it is true and if any of us were able to step outside of our own individual scenario of whips and carrots, we would be able to see just how true it is BUT... most of the time and often, at no time, are we able to set ourselves apart from what is happening around us. We are dreaming...

It has been said that if you want to wake up, you have to develop the same sense of intensity one has while being held underwater and struggling to rise to the surface for oxygen. Few of us are able to muster that level of passion unless we are in that very situation. This explains the necessity for Trauma as the agent of change in life. From a certain perspective, Trauma is undesirable. You might want to wake up but you don't want to be woken up in an unpleasant fashion. On the other end of the affair, however, there are, could have been, realizations that resulted in the whole of your life being transformed in a positive manner. This accounts for that statement in the Bible; “For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” Jesus also spoke about the pruning of grapevines.

Some of us are eager for awakening and for those, there is no finer time to be present in than an apocalypse, given that it is a time of awakening. It is also a time of revealing-revelation and uncovering, as well as exposing. There can be all kinds of results that occur out of these forces, both desirable and undesirable. It depends on what you have been up to. I hunger for awakening. Often it is because, when I look around me, I have to say to myself, “This can't be all there is, can it?” Something inside me seems to know that this is not all there is. I suspect that the thing missing is also the thing impelling me toward its discovery. I am being urged on by someone or something I cannot identify.

We are in flux. The cornerstone of life is change. There is a part of us that is mutable and a part of us that is fixed and one of them lives in the dimension of time and one of them may or may not be present in time but time has no effect on it. Most people are unable to differentiate between the two. In most cases people are unaware of the immutable part of themselves altogether. There is a part of us that is present in all of us, which is watching at all times, as the mutable part of us goes through the changes that are the basic principle of existence and these changes are all based on cause and effect. Everything we think and say and do repeats on us, like the gas which sometimes rises from our stomachs, informs us of the quality of whatever it was that we ate. Some foods are difficult to digest, so are some feelings and thoughts and the memory of things we have done. A great many of us are haunted by the things of our past and this determines a considerable amount of our following behavior.

I spent some amount of time in dangerous prisons. You develop an extrasensory awareness that many people do not have, unless they have been in combat, or employed in a dangerous profession. A certain amount of time, in any of these states, will automatically grant you this awareness, or likely you are no longer here. Children often do not pay attention and the conditions and vagaries of life force them to pay attention. This is the case with stupid people as well. In fact, it is their lack of attention that causes us to identify them as stupid.

This awareness gives you eyes in the back of your head. Other abilities come with being confined or located in perilous locations. Set me down in any urban area; on a sidewalk, or a park bench on a nice day and I will become automatically aware of any criminal activities and persona in the area. This awareness can be heightened to a remarkable degree. Certain professions demand one have this awareness in order to be effective. Telepathy can occur in people where there is a need for it and there are ALL KINDS OF OTHER POSSIBILITIES of perception that, for whatever the reason, people don't seem all that sanguine about developing. Here is what I have noticed; really good people and really bad people seem to have these abilities more than the rest. Intellect is a factor here and when intellect and good and bad intentions are brought together, for some reason, all kinds of talents and resourcefulness can appear. Consider your accomplished con artists, some of whom become quite wealthy and famous and you might not immediately associate them with the bunko and 3 card Monte aficionados, streetside. It's a matter of degree.

Given that we are creatures of habit, there comes a time in life where the habits have become chronic and spontaneity and improvisation have departed. There is no possibility of change or improvement remaining, short of Trauma and Divine Intervention. Often Death arrives so that the soul can transit to new conditions, in which the chance of growth is present again and it repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats. There are those rare souls among us who have become so woven into a state of continuous change that they do not die, in the ordinary sense. A great deal is going on outside the normal bandwidth and it is characteristic of the common mind to simply assume that none of what is REALLY going on, is going on.

I'm getting at something here in my usual roundabout manner, full of inference and corollaries. We can't remember the majority of our lives and- in most cases- none of our former lives. What we do remember is idiosyncratic and woven from imagination and paramnesia. Much of what we believe to be true is the product of asseverations made by others, which we haven't bothered to prove out. We operate according to rumors and half-truths. Observe the way in which entire populations were reduced to a blind obedience, before a dissimulating and equivocating leadership, out of fear of a pandemic that didn't kill as many people as the common cold. Observe the panic to acquire and hoard toilet paper for reasons that remain unknown to me. I didn't buy any; I haven't needed to yet.

I remember when I was very young, asking myself why so many people chose to remain in war zones, or locations where rampant want, stress and strife were the common conditions for everyone resident. Outside of those too poor to move, a huge portion of the public stayed, for the purpose of becoming collateral damage. They didn't know who they were either and also couldn't remember or profit from the evidence of the past.

The largest portion of us are driven in whatever directions appetite, desire and temporal authority drive them in. They succeed in finding nothing lasting or meaningful and certainly nothing meaningful that lasted. Ad interim, all the while, vast treasure chests and amazing fortunes were there, all the time, to be found within and this seems to be the abiding grand mystery of life; all of the heart's desires were always present as an internal affair, traveling with them on the road of interminable disappointment and no matter how many times they were informed of this, they shrugged and bought a lottery ticket on their way to The Carrot and The Golden Fleece, hounded and driven by whips of urgency to appropriate that special something, masquerading as something else.

In the end, they wind up on a park bench, a front porch, a hospital bed, wondering about significance and meaning and never bothering to wonder who it is that was doing the wondering and wandering in pursuit of what they had all along and which could never be found anywhere else anyway. Surely there is a reason for all of this. Surely there is a point and a purpose to be found but on and on and on it goes, the living and dying and amaranthine suffering that also accompanied them and was the final product and enduring presence of every fruitless quest. And... it was there all along, closer to them than they ever were to themselves or anyone else, waiting to be discovered but I suppose the WHO should have been considered long before the WHAT.

I've been told by some of those in a position to know that some people NEVER get it. It's not what they are after, so they spin on an endless wheel of fire, coming and going. It is there to be found and the location IS- CAN BE known and there are even guides waiting to take you there. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"The Avatar is Sweeping Away with a New Broom those Powers, Principalities and Rulers of the Darkness of this Age."

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The world is spinning and tossing in a restless sleep. Brief moments of wakefulness are rising like a wave in the surface mind and then falling back, beneath the surface, as the force of the quotidian dream state pulls us down. Everything operates in a wave-like fashion. Everything is vibrating. Every few thousand years, a new feature is released into the human psyche and becomes a part of our being and acting. You might refer to each state, before and after something new is introduced, as A WAVE; a human wave, as in The Third Wave, The Fourth Wave and... like that. Each feature is a kind of awakening, a discovery, a kind of; “What is this?” or “Look what I found.”

New abilities emerge out of the subconscious and then become a part of the pattern of our times. Yesterday we talked about the different personas that appeared in consecutive decades and how they were reflected in the culture. We've been in a downward spiral for awhile, as people became more routinely stupid and self-involved. Now... something very interesting is taking place. I doubt that much attention has been given to it so far BUT... the most recent human appearances, those who are still in school and just coming into puberty or... a couple-few years beyond that are proving to be; at least to my eyes, very different from their predecessors. They're more alert, more sane and stable, more thoughtful and THANK GOD... less robotic and politically correct. This is merely my observation BUT it is what I am seeing. They are REJECTING THE PROGRAMMING! The Zeitgeist is altogether of a different order. Something 'like' the 60s is now appearing on the menu, we're hoping it will result in a Pricks Fix (inside joke).

I mentioned elsewhere that Lady Nature is showing signs of Indigestion. You can only shove so much down her throat before she reacts. She is incredibly patient BUT... every now and again she feels compelled to rock the house, SHAKE things up a little bit, or more than that. I would definitely be looking for something dramatic, along the order of Natural Phenomena. I'm not a predictor of events but this seems certain. The Awakening is reaching everywhere and prior to awakening, one tends to toss and turn as they come into being awake. Lady Nature has been dreaming too.

Yes, Mr. Apocalypse has been Exposing and Revealing the formerly concealed. It's happening all round the world, causing the good among us to get better and the bad to get worse. Given the startling changes that have been taking place, it is easy to overlook the most potent action that Mr. Apocalypse has been engaged in and that is AWAKENING. This awakening is not just a human enterprise. It is happening in every realm and it IS happening in The Natural World as well. It is also happening in the Invisible Realm. We may not be seeing that but some number of us are most certainly feeling it. I've been having to drink large amounts of Chamomile Tea and even Red Bali Kratom because of the hyper tremors taking place below my surface mind. I was warned about this previous to its happening so... I'm okay but this is not a mild development.

For some reason I am getting as many as a dozen Friend Requests a day now on Facebook. I'm not like most of Your Wokenesses. I don't categorically react to Facebook, or any of the myriad new forms of social media that have become an every day part of so many people's lives. Some very strange things have happened to me in recent times. I no longer get angry. I no longer sort the world into Good and Bad. Not that there is no Good or Bad but that the parameters are always shifting and what was previously Good is now no longer good (in some cases) and what was Bad, no longer bad. YES! Some things ARE ALWAYS wrong; timeless errors of the human estate but then... there are those lineaments that are subject to change.

So... to me... Facebook and all similar environments (can I call it an environment?) are more cyclopean in their nature. They can be, EITHER, OR, depending. It is peculiar though, that out of the blue I would be inundated with these Friend Requests, given that I haven't done anything to provoke it.

I dislocated my shoulder and that brought me several weeks of slowly diminishing agony. I couldn't figure out what the point of it was. THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS. For the first several days, my discomfort was so extreme that I didn't notice much else. It wasn't due to the state of the shoulder. That had been returned to its socket. It was due to the force exerted by the medical personnel. The result was deep bone bruises all up and down my arm. They told my friend that it took all the force they could muster to put it back; whatever the reason for that was. Anyway... as the suffering diminished, I found myself paying careful attention to all of my movements and I started thinking that simply paying more attention might be the answer and THAT LED TO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT. It occurred to me that I might apply a spiritual effort to the 'paying attention' factor and it was something I had NEVER BEFORE been able to practice with any consistency. The Inner Voice then said to me, “If you can maintain this, you will never have a repeat of that kind of thing again.”

For whatever the reason, other than the obvious motivation to avoid injury, I found myself able to do this thing that I had not been able to do before, except in times of extreme focus, when my life was on the line, or worse. It had been present right after the Kundalini Rising and for some time after but it eventually integrated back into the routine day to day. NOW... I am able to do it almost all of the time and this has been happening for a couple of weeks now so... I don't know what to think. However, thinking is a secondary issue here.

I am beginning to get a clue. Glimmers of revealing light are starting to break through the shell of my ignorance and I am thrilled at that, despite the giddiness that has become a regular feature of these times. You know how it is? You are trying with all your might BUT not all the time, still... you are giving it serious attention, however, in Sisyphean style, you find yourself merely treading water, not getting anywhere, sort of swimming in place because you are going one way and the current is going another and this is what happens when you are trying to walk in all ways contrary to the world. For whatever the reason (I'm repeating myself), you don't give up. Maybe it is the good offices of your angels, or somehow you've managed to come to the fore, despite all of the opposition that presses on you and then... one day... against all expectations and appearances, YOU BREAK THROUGH! You are suddenly on another plane of awareness and what was heavy labor, a real ordeal, has now become nothing at all. You just do it. There aren't any other options. I'm probably making a hash of explaining this so I'll move on.

Suffice to say that BIG CHANGES are taking place. That's obvious in the material sense but I am not talking about the material sense. For materialists this area of energetic expression is all they are concerned with BUT... for those of us with an oar in both worlds, these BIG CHANGES are happening in both locations. For me it means the approach of The Avatar. Mr. Apocalypse is The Herald who goes before him. When The Avatar appears, he doesn't just show up on this plane. He precipitates downward through the planes, originating from that place of the greatest intensity of concentrated conscious light and then the lesser concentrations and then to The Atmic Plane and then to The Buddic and then to The Causal and then to The Mental and then to The Astral and then to The Etheric AND THEN to this place of the least light, bringing with him the light from that point of origin and sweeping out every location with a new broom, cleansing away those powers and principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age.

As I understand it, he is coming to emerge in the human heart, in those hearts that are open to his appearance. Once having arrived, he is set to galvanize the force of Universal Brotherhood, which is the prevailing feature of The Aquarian Age and it is due to this that I KNOW a Golden Age is coming. Of course it won't show up everywhere. There are locations of human misery in search of company that will retain their present character throughout, but EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WILL BE AFFECTED nonetheless. Even the hardest hearts will not remain unmoved and Mercy and Forgiveness WILL BE on tap for those who have an interest in them.

The most advantageous act that anyone might commit at this time is to be WELCOMING of his arrival and his presence. Clear out an area in your heart and designate it as a welcome zone for The Avatar. He is simultaneously aware of everything at once so... you won't be overlooked in respect of having done so.

Yes... appearances can seem grim. This is the result of the agents of darkness polluting the mindscape with negative imagery. It's their job to bring us low and curb our enthusiasms. Don't let it happen to you. Reject these false appearances out of hand. Remember, APPEARANCES ARE A LIE. Nothing that seems to be going on in the world at this moment is anywhere nearly as important as what is going on within you if it is permitted to occur.

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

"The Missing Hours Between Crucifixion and Rising from the Dead with The Certainty of Reincarnation"

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We are in that transition zone between the cruci-fiction of Jesus Christ and his rising into the Heavens as the everlasting Son of God. There have been various theories put forward about what he did during this time. Bishop Rufinus says he went to Hell. According to the Jewish calendar, Jesus was crucified at Noon and died at 3PM. I imagine there are very few of us who knew this; that he was on the cross for only 3 hours. Of course, we've no way of knowing with complete certitude that this was the actual time span. That is simply what the record states. The Jewish clock went from dawn to dusk each day and this is how scholars got their details. None of these details hold any importance for me. Details,a surfeit of details, a paucity of details, these are the tools of the trade for those who argue about them. Those who argue do not know and this brings up an amusing (for me) detail. A friend contacted me yesterday and said, “You should see what they are saying about you over at Truthseeker.”

I seldom, if ever, read the comments at that location. The people that comment there are the Grudgebots who were given their walking papers at the blogs but... I thought, 'what the heck', let's take a brief journey over to the nosebleed seats and see what the canaille has to say. There were a lot of them and some of them were very long so I only skimmed them but I saw enough to register what their complaints were and the perspective that they were complaining from. For the most part they were Fundies of the Christian and Muslim stripe, with one virulent atheist, who has been at my heels for a long time now. They're all anonymous, as fits the profile and they were jabbering away like the callers at a livestock auction.

Their main beef (as befits a livestock auction) was about REINCARNATION and they were fairly incensed about that. There was a short mention of someone or other that I had never heard of who said REINCARNATION doesn't happen. The rest was just the usual convoluted tail swallowing, snake dance of OPINION. For some reason, the complainers seemed to get the idea that I invented the reincarnation theory all by my lonesome, rather than it being a fixed tenet of several major religions, all of which predate Christianity. Reincarnation is also a main facet of the teaching of illuminated masters across the reach of recorded history and no doubt well before that. I am far more likely to credit the positions of illuminated masters than I am to credit the positions of people with no evidence one way or the other. I generally go by my own experiences in any case and I have partial recall of other lives which I have lived and that is all the evidence I need. Many another soul also has some amount of recall.

From the case of Bridey Murphy (you will want to read THE WHOLE ARTICLE to get a grasp of the actions of debunkers and the rest) to that of Edgar Casey, there are plenty of examples or reincarnation in Western Culture. As for Eastern Culture, the examples are too numerous to mention. Then we have the cases of musical prodigies and those prodigies in other fields of enterprise. The problem, as I see it, is that no matter what facts and knowledge of traditions one might have at their disposal, people just love to argue and the more uninformed they are, the more they love to argue. Factor in that a lot of these noisome critics are just really unhappy people and they hate the concept of positive thinking and the idea that there might be more to life than they are aware of. It is human nature for people to blame their unfortunate circumstances on the world and how unfair it is. Reincarnation explains all of this and lays the blame for their unfortunate circumstances squarely upon them and THIS THEY CANNOT ABIDE.

The reality of REINCARNATION is so obvious that it is foolish to even question it but it's the same thing as the idea of God. People who don't want to believe can find all kinds of specious objections to God's existence and those who do want to believe can also find numerous proofs, as I and others like me have discovered in the course of this life. One thing I can assure you of, YOU WILL FIND OUT what is and is not true. This and much more is presented to you following your departure.

I never mind people getting hot under the collar about what I have to say. They represent a tiny demographic of the readers and exist for purposes of contrast. Eventually... everyone gets a clue. How long that may take depends on their level of resistance to The Truth. The waters of the spirit will, sooner or later, reduce that resistance to nothing at all. I'm content to wait upon that to transpire, as it most certainly will. There were times in my life, earlier on, when I foolishly contended with people on these issues. It hadn't occurred to me that many people DON'T WANT TO KNOW. They have no interest in the truth. They ONLY want to impress their will upon others and that is the prevailing condition, here in this Moshpit of Ignorance that is the blindness of material life. We ONLY get so much bandwidth via the senses. Some have more than others and that applies also to Intellect, Understanding, mental clarity and the like. What is the point of arguing about the qualities and conditions of another country that the one you are arguing with has never been to? Pointless.

I feel both sorrow and pity for those caught up in the skirmish of appetites and the striving and contending against their fellows. So many people are at war with themselves and... by extension, at war with everyone else as well. There is so much unhappiness in this present world. The hunger and longing that possesses so many people is a tragedy indeed. Then... as fate would have it, over the long haul, they get whatever it is they think they want and then they no longer want it. It is a sad affair with only regret and disappointment at the end of the road. So I well understand why certain people would be very displeased with me because I FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Of course, they could find it too. It is a simple matter of industry and persistence. It does help if you know what you are looking for to begin with BUT... even if you don't, by the process of elimination, YOU WILL eventually find it.

Jesus Christ, one of the best examples of reincarnation, rises every year at this time and all through the year, now and again, on rare occasions, he rises in someone's heart. He is the spiritual quintessence. He is the solar avatar that has come and gone many times, under many names and in many guises; “Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.” Religion is like the training wheels on a bicycle. The time 'should' come when you take them off. Until that time, you need creeds and dogma, ritual and cant. You need the one you have chosen to be THE ONLY ONE but all bonafide religions are expressions of a single deity. There is ONLY ONE GOD, though he has a myriad of expressions and personas and to each culture and language he appears in the form most appropriate to the place he appears in.

“Listen up Buddy, you rotten heretic! My God is the only God and you're going to die and go to Hell.” This being said by someone who is already a resident there. One has to learn to be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove and not to cast precious wisdom carelessly before spiritually adolescent minds, lest they turn again and rend you.

My attitude wasn't always what it is now. I injured a number of the tender feelings of others. I spoke without thinking. I was reckless in my disregard, on occasion, but that is all foolishness to me now. I found what I was looking for, or it found me; probably a bit of both and I am content now to let this grow in me from one moment to the next. The shining face of eternity smiles at me and beckons me to continue on my way to The Kingdom. What do I care about the endless contentious arguments of this temporary world?

Jesus Christ was and is an emissary of God Almighty. He was, is, God almighty and what he said was living truth. We should take the things he said to heart and live them, rather than splitting hairs over torpid dogmas and making rules for others that we don't live by ourselves. It makes me laugh to see the pedants who have read a few books and attended a few classes and who have set themselves up as experts on the matter and whose main contribution to the discourse is to tell YOU THAT YOU ARE WRONG, cause it says it right here in Chapter 32, verse 8 that 'therefore he went unto the Jibbermacher and did frimbolense upon the Dobadad and then spoke he of these Baboozaleiums which were given him in lieu of rent, where he did make a fricassee gumbo of Lent.'

What utter nonsense! Study the beautiful simplicity of the words of Jesus Christ and LIVE THEM! Stop being a self-inflated prat, lumbering about in your own personal darkness. Live this joyous simplicity and THEN... perhaps... those teachings reserved for Disciples will be given to you, upon proof of your sincerity and humble bearing. God knows very well what is taking place in every heart. He is RIGHT THERE witnessing it. Prove yourself worthy and see what happens.

I suspect that Jesus did descend into Hell and grant salvation here and there in his passage. I suspect he communed with his angels and with The Father and then, of course, he appeared again and what passed between him and Thomas says all I need to know. He will rise again with The Sun tomorrow and perhaps in your own heart as well. It is far better to celebrate the splendor and majesty of The Risen God than it is to spend your time talking over the voices of others in a contentious display of Nimrodism. The rising of The Sun is the proof positive evidence, every day, of The Spiritual Sun that resides above it and a testimony to the light of Almighty God, as demonstrated by his primary emanation of Jesus Christ;

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

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As there is a supernal world, there is also the Middle World in which people bandy about terrestrial commentaries and concerns. You can find some great amount of that at Pocketnet.

Here is something by Swami Vivekananda about Reincarnation that just so happened to show up, in the regular sequence, as my reading matter to open my morning with. It's not the most lyrically profound among his statements but I include it because it did show up previous to this posting which was already intended to include reincarnation so... maybe it is serendipity and maybe it is coincidence but whatever the case, here it is;

“Here comes a very interesting question, that question which is generally known as the reincarnation of the soul. Sometimes people get frightened at the idea, and superstition is so strong that thinking men even believe that they are the outcome of nothing, and then, with the grandest logic, try to deduce the theory that although they have come out of zero, they will be eternal ever afterwards. Those that come out of zero will certainly have to go back to zero.

Neither you, nor I nor anyone present, has come out of zero, nor will go back to zero. We have been existing eternally, and will exist, and there is no power under the sun or above the sun which can undo your or my existence or send us back to zero. Now this idea of reincarnation is not only not a frightening idea, but is most essential for the moral well-being of the human race. It is the only logical conclusion that thoughtful men can arrive at. If you are going to exist in eternity hereafter, it must be that you have existed through eternity in the past: it cannot be otherwise. I will try to answer a few objections that are generally brought against the theory. Although many of you will think they are very silly objections, still we have to answer them, for sometimes we find that the most thoughtful men are ready to advance the silliest ideas.

Well has it been said that there never was an idea so absurd that it did not find philosophers to defend it. The first objection is, why do we not remember our past? Do we remember all our past in this life? How many of you remember what you did when you were babies? None of you remember your early childhood, and if upon memory depends your existence, then this argument proves that you did not exist as babies, because you do not remember your babyhood. It is simply unmitigated nonsense to say that our existence depends on our remembering it.

Why should we remember the past? That brain is gone, broken into pieces, and a new brain has been manufactured. What has come to this brain is the resultant, the sum total of the impressions acquired in our past, with which the mind has come to inhabit the new body. I, as I stand here, am the effect, the result, of all the infinite past which is tacked on to me. And why is it necessary for me to remember all the past? When a great ancient sage, a seer, or a prophet of old, who came face to face with the truth, says something, these modern men stand up and say, "Oh, he was a fool!" But just use another name, "Huxley says it, or Tyndall"; then it must be true, and they take it for granted. In place of ancient superstitions they have erected modern superstitions, in place of the old Popes of religion they have installed modern Popes of science.

So we see that this objection as to memory is not valid, and that is about the only serious objection that is raised against this theory. Although we have seen that it is not necessary for the theory that there shall be the memory of past lives, yet at the same time, we are in a position to assert that there are instances which show that this memory does come, and that each one of us will get back this memory in that life in which he will become free. Then alone you will find that this world is but a dream; then alone you will realise in the soul of your soul that you are but actors and the world is a stage; then alone will the idea of non-attachment come to you with the power of thunder; then all this thirst for enjoyment, this clinging on to life and this world will vanish for ever; then the mind will see dearly as daylight how many times all these existed for you, how many millions of times you had fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, relatives and friends, wealth and power. They came and went.

How many times you were on the topmost crest of the wave, and how many times you were down at the bottom of despair! When memory will bring all these to you, then alone will you stand as a hero and smile when the world frowns upon you. Then alone will you stand up and say. "I care not for thee even, O Death, what terrors hast thou for me?" This will come to all. Are there any arguments, any rational proofs for this reincarnation of the soul? So far we have been giving the negative side, showing that the opposite arguments to disprove it are not valid. Are there any positive proofs? There are; and most valid ones, too.

No other theory except that of reincarnation accounts for the wide divergence that we find between man and man in their powers to acquire knowledge. First, let us consider the process by means of which knowledge is acquired. Suppose I go into the street and see a dog. How do I know it is a dog? I refer it to my mind, and in my mind are groups of all my past experiences, arranged and pigeon-holed, as it were. As soon as a new impression comes, I take it up and refer it to some of the old pigeon-holes, and as soon as I find a group of the same impressions already existing, I place it in that group, and I am satisfied. I know it is a dog, because it coincides with the impressions already there. When I do not find the cognates of this new experience inside, I become dissatisfied. When, not finding the cognates of an impression, we become dissatisfied, this state of the mind is called "ignorance"; but, when, finding the cognates of an impression already existing, we become satisfied, this is called "knowledge".

When one apple fell, men became dissatisfied. Then gradually they found out the group. What was the group they found? That all apples fell, so they called it "gravitation". Now we see that without a fund of already existing experience, any new experience would be impossible, for there would be nothing to which to refer the new impression. So, if, as some of the European philosophers think, a child came into the world with what they call tabula rasa, such a child would never attain to any degree of intellectual power, because he would have nothing to which to refer his new experiences. We see that the power of acquiring knowledge varies in each individual, and this shows that each one of us has come with his own fund of knowledge.

Knowledge can only be got in one way, the way of experience; there is no other way to know. If we have not experienced it in this life, we must have experienced it in other lives. How is it that the fear of death is everywhere? A little chicken is just out of an egg and an eagle comes, and the chicken flies in fear to its mother. There is an old explanation (I should hardly dignify it by such a name). It is called instinct. What makes that little chicken just out of the egg afraid to die? How is it that as soon as a duckling hatched by a hen comes near water, it jumps into it and swims? It never swam before, nor saw anything swim. People call it instinct. It is a big word, but it leaves us where we were before. Let us study this phenomenon of instinct. A child begins to play on the piano. At first she must pay attention to every key she is fingering, and as she goes on and on for months and years, the playing becomes almost involuntary, instinctive.

What was first done with conscious will does not require later on an effort of the will. This is not yet a complete proof. One half remains, and that is that almost all the actions which are now instinctive can be brought under the control of the will. Each muscle of the body can be brought under control. This is perfectly well known. So the proof is complete by this double method, that what we now call instinct is degeneration of voluntary actions; therefore, if the analogy applies to the whole of creation, if all nature is uniform, then what is instinct in lower animals, as well as in men, must be the degeneration of will. Applying the law we dwelt upon under macrocosm that each involution presupposes an evolution, and each evolution an involution, we see that instinct is involved reason. What we call instinct in men or animals must therefore be involved, degenerated, voluntary actions, and voluntary actions are impossible without experience.

Experience started that knowledge, and that knowledge is there. The fear of death, the duckling taking to the water and all involuntary actions in the human being which have become instinctive, are the results of past experiences. So far we have proceeded very clearly, and so far the latest science is with us. But here comes one more difficulty. The latest scientific men are coming back to the ancient sages, and as far as they have done so, there is perfect agreement. They admit that each man and each animal is born with a fund of experience, and that all these actions in the mind are the result of past experience. "But what," they ask, "is the use of saying that that experience belongs to the soul? Why not say it belongs to the body, and the body alone? Why not say it is hereditary transmission?" This is the last question. Why not say that all the experience with which I am born is the resultant effect of all the past experience of my ancestors? The sum total of the experience from the little protoplasm up to the highest human being is in me, but it has come from body to body in the course of hereditary transmission. Where will the difficulty be? This question is very nice, and we admit some part of this hereditary transmission. How far? As far as furnishing the material.

We, by our past actions, conform ourselves to a certain birth in a certain body, and the only suitable material for that body comes from the parents who have made themselves fit to have that soul as their offspring. The simple hereditary theory takes for granted the most astonishing proposition without any proof, that mental experience can be recorded in matters, that mental experience can be involved in matter. When I look at you in the lake of my mind there is a wave. That wave subsides, but it remains in fine form, as an impression. We understand a physical impression remaining in the body. But what proof is there for assuming that the mental impression can remain in the body, since the body goes to pieces? What carries it?

Even granting it were possible for each mental impression to remain in the body, that every impression, beginning from the first man down to my father, was in my father's body, how could it be transmitted to me? Through the bioplasmic cell? How could that be? Because the father's body does not come to the child in toto. The same parents may have a number of children; then, from this theory of hereditary transmission, where the impression and the impressed (that is to say, material) are one, it rigorously follows that by the birth of every child the parents must lose a part of their own impressions, or, if the parents should transmit the whole of their impressions, then, after the birth of the first child, their minds would be a vacuum.

Again, if in the bioplasmic cell the infinite amount of impressions from all time has entered, where and how is it? This is a most impossible position, and until these physiologists can prove how and where those impressions live in that cell, and what they mean by a mental impression sleeping in the physical cell, their position cannot be taken for granted. So far it is clear then, that this impression is in the mind, that the mind comes to take its birth and rebirth, and uses the material which is most proper for it, and that the mind which has made itself fit for only a particular kind of body will have to wait until it gets that material. This we understand. The theory then comes to this, that there is hereditary transmission so far as furnishing the material to the soul is concerned. But the soul migrates and manufactures body after body, and each thought we think, and each deed we do, is stored in it in fine forms, ready to spring up again and take a new shape. When I look at you a wave rises in my mind. It dives down, as it were, and becomes finer and finer, but it does not die. It is ready to start up again as a wave in the shape of memory.

So all these impressions are in my mind, and when I die the resultant force of them will be upon me. A ball is here, and each one of us takes a mallet in his hands and strikes the ball from all sides; the ball goes from point to point in the room, and when it reaches the door it flies out. What does it carry out with it? The resultant of all these blows. That will give it its direction. So, what directs the soul when the body dies? The resultant, the sum total of all the works it has done, of the thoughts it has thought. If the resultant is such that it has to manufacture a new body for further experience, it will go to those parents who are ready to supply it with suitable material for that body.

Thus, from body to body it will go, sometimes to a heaven, and back again to earth, becoming man, or some lower animal. This way it will go on until it has finished its experience, and completed the circle. It then knows its own nature, knows what it is, and ignorance vanishes, its powers become manifest, it becomes perfect; no more is there any necessity for the soul to work through physical bodies, nor is there any necessity for it to work through finer, or mental bodies. It shines in its own light, and is free, no more to be born, no more to die. We will not go now into the particulars of this. But I will bring before you one more point with regard to this theory of reincarnation. It is the theory that advances the freedom of the human soul. It is the one theory that does not lay the blame of all our weakness upon somebody else, which is a common human fallacy.

We do not look at our own faults; the eyes do not see themselves, they see the eyes of everybody else. We human beings are very slow to recognise our own weakness, our own faults, so long as we can lay the blame upon somebody else. Men in general lay all the blame of life on their fellow-men, or, failing that, on God, or they conjure up a ghost, and say it is fate. Where is fate, and who is fate? We reap what we sow. We are the makers of our own fate. None else has the blame, none has the praise. The wind is blowing; those vessels whose sails are unfurled catch it, and go forward on their way, but those which have their sails furled do not catch the wind. Is that the fault of the wind? Is it the fault of the merciful Father, whose wind of mercy is blowing without ceasing, day and night, whose mercy knows no decay, is it His fault that some of us are happy and some unhappy?

We make our own destiny. His sun shines for the weak as well as for the strong. His wind blows for saint and sinner alike. He is the Lord of all, the Father of all, merciful, and impartial. Do you mean to say that He, the Lord of creation, looks upon the petty things of our life in the same light as we do? What a degenerate idea of God that would be! We are like little puppies, making life-and-death struggles here, and foolishly thinking that even God Himself will take it as seriously as we do. He knows what the puppies' play means.

Our attempts to lay the blame on Him, making Him the punisher, and the rewarder, are only foolish. He neither punishes, nor rewards any. His infinite mercy is open to every one, at all times, in all places, under all conditions, unfailing, unswerving. Upon us depends how we use it. Upon us depends how we utilise it. Blame neither man, nor God, nor anyone in the world. When you find yourselves suffering, blame yourselves, and try to do better. This is the only solution of the problem. Those that blame others — and, alas! the number of them is increasing every day — are generally miserable with helpless brains; they have brought themselves to that pass through their own mistakes and blame others, but this does not alter their position. It does not serve them in any way. This attempt to throw the blame upon others only weakens them the more. Therefore, blame none for your own faults, stand upon your own feet, and take the whole responsibility upon yourselves. Say, "This misery that I am suffering is of my own doing, and that very thing proves that it will have to be undone by me alone." That which I created, I can demolish; that which is created by some one else I shall never be able to destroy. Therefore, stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny.

All the strength and succour you want is within yourselves. Therefore, make your own future. "Let the dead past bury its dead." The infinite future is before you, and you must always remember that each word, thought, and deed, lays up a store for you and that as the bad thoughts and bad works are ready to spring upon you like tigers, so also there is the inspiring hope that the good thoughts and good deeds are ready with the power of a hundred thousand angels to defend you always and for ever.”

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Sunday, April 05, 2020

"Love is a Magic Ship that Will Sail you to Any Destination The Imagination is Capable of Imagining."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have seen CRAZY, materializing in time-lapse increments. It's like a Nataraja shadow, trying to pull itself out of a somnambulist. It's like being in a dream and trying to wake up but your limbs won't move so... the shadow tries to separate from the sleeping form. CRAZY is nearly always a lunge for freedom in the wrong direction. Freedom is 'never an arrived at state'. It is always free and every effort in pursuit of it only results in bondage. It's backwards trying to go sideways. So it is that you get what you now have and all the acting out is unconscious reflex actions in reaction to The Awakening.

It's coming in hard and what better way to experience The Awakening is there that can rival this state of enforced seclusion? Those who have imagined themselves in control for all this time are very much aware of this Awakening. This entire Coronavirus shutdown is all about their trying to gain a little breathing space. It's ironic when you think about how Coronavirus affects the respiratory system. Because their methods of control have always been about regulating the movements of humanity, they assume that the levers and switches for The Awakening can be located in a material sense. No... they cannot. The levers and switches are immaterial. Those of us who are sensitive, due to the possession of an awareness, that is not a commonly shared experience, are having the worst of it. This is because the force necessary to awaken the masses is very powerful, given their level of torpidity.

So... if you are starting to feel an intensifying of The Jitters, this is why. This skittish and fidgety state is being caused by a cosmic churning of the collective unconscious. You may not actually need this to happen, being already partially awakened. It can be unsettling to be sure. What do you do? It's good to be aware of the fact that our emotional state is controlled by our breathing patterns. One has to generate a state of calm.

If you are generally more perspicacious than those around you, you have probably noticed that the regulations being instituted by The Authorities are likely to have the opposite effect from what they are trying to establish. People are being given an opportunity to think. At the same time, there are invisible agencies that are at work in the human mind, trying to bring certain considerations to the attention of the human mind. If you were one of the few who see the hand of God in everything, you can probably take some reassurance from all of this.

At this time AND in an Apocalypse, every action performed by those of evil intent is meant to work to their detriment, regardless of any appearance otherwise. This is, of course, to confound and confuse them. They are also being 'driven' by an impetus to expose themselves and to put themselves front row center on the stage of existence, where their actions, their speech and their intentions, can be made clear to the eyes of the world. “All things work for good for those who love the Lord.”

Once again let me post Lord Krishna's words from the long ago;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

We are in such a time now and it BEHOOVES every conscious and caring soul to pay attention to the reality of the circumstances in which we find ourselves... or hope to find ourselves.

Do not be alarmed or dismayed by the inexplicable state... the strange conditions that have arisen under the various pretenses given to us. Nothing that THEY intend or do is going to turn out the way they imagine it shall. You must imprint one specific certitude upon your mind, as often as needed until it resonates in your consciousness like that stream by your house, which we mentioned in an earlier posting. You must utterly convince yourself that God Almighty is FIRMLY IN CONTROL of EVERYTHING... always has been and always will be. You must utterly convince yourself of the TRUTH that there is no force ANYWHERE in this entire universe that can be set against the Divine Presence, which interpenetrates all space and substance and which is the origin and master of Time, Space and Causation.

The weapon the adversary uses against you is YOUR FEAR. Love Displaces Fear. They CANNOT OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE AT THE SAME TIME. Some of you may find that you have exercised your fear to a greater extent than your love. This might even come as a shock and a surprise but it shouldn't, because this material world is more a place of Fear than it is a place of Love. On a positive note, it needs be said, that Love is a MUCH MORE POWERFUL FORCE than Fear. You might make the comparison of Sunlight to Shadow in this respect.

Fear has all sorts of attendants that serve it and seek to awaken it in you at every opportune moment. Think of them as Fear's press corps and public relations firm. Fear is a growth industry and it has been around a very long time. Look at the size of the Insurance Industry, The Military Industrial Complex, The Media and other similar concerns who operate through the agency of Fear.

We are in a time of singular transformation and it can be said, that though ultimately we are all headed in the same direction, we are, quite obviously going in different directions at the moment. Large groups of us are pointed toward very different objectives and ends. This requires careful consideration. In what direction are you headed? Quo Vadis?

Loving God is not something that benefits God. God does not NEED your Love, or ANYTHING ELSE. God is autonomous and eternally independent of needs from anyone. Loving God benefits you. A thoughtful consideration of why this is will not go amiss. Love is nearly as inexplicable and incomprehensible as is its primary author. No one has EVER plumbed to reach of Love and no one EVER WILL. The power of Love is greater than the aggregate power of all other sources of power put together. It should be said here also that God is the source of ALL POWER, no matter in whatever fashion that power may be employed.

You are, in reality, much better off than you think you are. It is a matter of exercising the appropriate value system. What matters to you? What has meaning? This is an area of concern that should be of the greatest importance but people often do not address it. They allow their appetites and desires to set the courses of their interests and affections. In all clarity... this is suicidal and STUPID. It is one of the most unfortunate truths in life that one cannot usually tell anyone anything; most especially if it requires them to consider the costs of their adventures. They don't want to hear it. Even if they listen to you politely they don't want to hear it, because it gets in the way of their pedestrian hungers. Hunger does not only consume the object of its attention. It also consumes the one experiencing it. This is why so many people who have reached a certain age look burned out and bent over because of the consistency of a particular force, being expressed in the 'solar' plexus and adjacent areas. In times of Material Darkness, all of the attractions of life are enjoyed in those locations.

It is because people do not want to hear and do not want to see that The Awakening has made its appearance. You don't want to wake up? Too bad. It can be exhilarating and exciting, or it can be frightening. This depends entirely upon your being 'willing' or 'unwilling'. It is going to happen regardless. What posture do you think a sane person should assume under these circumstances?

God cannot be known under any circumstances but to the extent that God can be known, he can be known through Love. This makes Love a MAGICAL AGENT and... since Love is the MOST POWERFUL FORCE OF ALL FORCES, it ultimately and inevitably transforms everything else, NO MATTER WHAT IT MAY BE... into itself. It reduces everything into itself through the Law of Vibration. The most powerful vibration ALWAYS causes any other thing, to vibrate in resonance with it and thereby it inescapably changes every other thing, emotion, state of being, into itself.

You have the keys to existence at hand, albeit they may be presently in disguise but KEEP IN MIND that Love also REVEALS the true nature of everything else. Think of it as a cosmic touchstone, or a spiritual Midas Touch. Love is also a light in dark places, a magic lantern that leads by the power of its inherent awareness of whatever demands may be made upon it. I AM NOT talking about romantic love.

Instead of seeing present conditions as a climate of trial and tribulation, simply change the glasses or filter you view it through and see it as a climate of limitless, positive opportunity. Everything is taking place in your mind. You are at the command deck of the Starship (insert your name here). By the Law of Attraction, your ship can be drawn to any destination of which your imagination is capable.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

"If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn't have so much trouble later in the day."

And... there is always Pocketnet, in case you need to feel good about yourself. In that case, all you have to do is go to Pocketnet and you, very quickly, should realize how fortunate you are by comparison.

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