Thursday, April 23, 2020

"The Invisible Hierarchy is Deeply Engaged, Find Your Core Presence."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My dear friends... far and wide you are... in many lands and on other planes... many greetings to you all. From God's heart to the hearts of his angels, to my heart, to your hearts. It is one continuous channel of Love, which we open up for, to allow its passage through, unhindered. Some amount, of course, remains with us. It flows over the borders of our contiguous selves, all of which are resting like waves upon a common sea. Our temporary lives dance on the surface, bathed in the light and then fall back upon our single-origin; fall back upon the endless presence of the singular self.

Some years ago, it was less than ten I am sure, I was put into a fugue state that lasted for about 6 weeks. I was at our rustic dwelling in the Italian countryside. I remember portions of it clearly. At odd moments I would find myself out in the olive grove, standing, my arms sweeping... each in circular motion, creating a figure 8 and I would offer a prayer or a command, then stating, “In the name of the Avatar. In the name of the Avatar. In the name of the Avatar.” and then my left hand would make several, slicing knife-like directives at the ground, saying... “make it happen, right here, right now. Right here, right now, Right here, right now!” All of the was delivered in a posture of absolute certitude in the outcome.

Other times, I would be standing in the meadow, while an invisible ceremony was taking place all around me. There was celestial music and though I was several miles from the Adriatic Sea, dolphins would appear in the air and swim in circles in front of me. There was a sense of deep and intimate love between us. In my ordinary waking state (if it can be called that), I am fond of dolphins but only peripherally. In this state we were spiritual kin and it amazed me. There was the impression of profound affection between us and I remember wondering why I did not feel this in my (if it can be called that) normal state.

I met a character called, Old God and we had a number of conversations. He presented as a small, bald old man. He wanted me to know that he still had the goods but that no one really paid attention to him anymore. He said the potency and power of a deity is based upon the numbers who worship it. He had a lot of sound advice for me and explained to me the Byzantine nature and Borgia like climate that attended the arrival of The Avatar and how a number of false-positive replicas had to be sent out at the same time, for the confusion of enemies because there were those waiting to pounce and eliminate The Avatar before he could go into action. Of course, they never reckon with the level of power that is invested in The Avatar. He always makes it, even as he also 'seems' to meet with a finality of enemy action. Ending the physical presence is one thing, ending any of the other permutations is futility. Meanwhile... an entity at the level of The Avatar can recombine the elements of his physical form at any time. Consider the example of Sri Yuktewar who wasn't even an avatar.

In the evening I would see the holographic forms of deities in the meadow from my place on the patio. There was Green Tara, Amitabha Buddha, Lord Ganesha, a Taoist sage and others of positive aspect and on the deck was the Anti-Christ and Satan. Down by the very large cactus pear plant was Vladimir Putin who never said a word. Some few statements were made by the others but most of the conversation was carried on by the Anti-Christ and Satan. Sound fantastic? Imagine what it was like being there- even if it was no more than a projection of my mind, that is pretty impressive (grin). In any case, EVERYTHING IS A PROJECTION OF THE MIND and there was more than enough evidence to prove to me that the whole thing happened but... as some wag might say, “That and several dollars will get you a cup of coffee.”

I waited for hours for this flying saucer that was coming down but it never did. It kept getting closer without getting any closer, if that makes any sense.. The degree of detail that took place over this stretch of time was extensive and would require a book to contain all of it, even if I could remember it, which I do only in parts. Magical writing would appear on the walls of the Trullo. Then there was the presence of the angel and her attendants, as well as Lord Vivasvan and others.

Certain events have taken place here recently and they were all made possible by my dislocated shoulder and the accompanying pain. Somehow this trauma broke down the last of my resistance and led to the reappearance of that angel returning. No further details on that, as that should remain sub rosa. As a result, what was formerly rare and unique occurrences have become commonplace. These are extraordinary times and the long-awaited is now making its appearance in many different ways. Certain teachings state that you can know that a certain thing has occurred when seeming coincidences take place, when names appear out of the blue, as well as objects and circumstances that are associated with particular icons and forces.

I don't tell this story today, what little of it has been presented, to convince the skeptic mind that I am delusional or possessed of too much imagination. I am long past caring what anyone thinks about the things that happen to me. The only element that is important to me is if I am convinced and the rigorous tests that I put such features to, eliminates any cause for doubt in my mind in the aftermath.

The supernatural is happening all the time. Magic of all kinds, both light and dark are taking place constantly but seldom seen because the eyes of most people are confined to the reports of the physical senses. Children see such details regularly, have imaginary friends who are not imaginary, and so forth. Puberty puts an end to that. However, the mind can be trained to view all manner of usually invisible things. Anyone who has taken a large enough amount of mushrooms and psychedelics can attest to this. Cynics tend to think of these appearances as hallucinations but... once again, a properly trained mind can easily tell the difference between a hallucination and something that is actually there. Clairvoyants see such phenomena on a regular basis. Clairaudients and Clairsentients also experience paranormal wonders.

Many of the readers who come here are 'sensitives' and 'empaths' and know that these incidents take place. Others, who have no experience of these matters can only draw their conclusions vicariously and it is human nature to doubt what one has had no exposure to. I'm aware of most mental perspectives as they apply to what I call, 'everyone else'. However there is such an abundance of historical and verified occurrences that either a considerable portion of humanity is mad, or there is something to it. I do not doubt that a significant portion of humanity is screwy but I tend to think that that contingent is made up, in part, by a significant number of the people, who don't have these experiences.

As we have illustrated here many times, life can be likened to a staircase with landings. Certain phenomena are apparent at different levels and not at others. Certain states of awareness and apperception ONLY appear above a particular landing and not prior to and it changes and refines as one progresses and THE STAIRCASE NEVER ENDS. Its ends and inception are out of reach and that's a good thing lower down.

My life has been a continuous series of transformations. More than once, the whole situation went sideways. There have been radical departures from The Way and there have been massive failures of holding it together but in most cases, mercifully brief. I have let go of all material anchors in the pursuit of higher understanding and both my approach and tactics can be, legitimately, called into question. I don't recommend my reckless advance to anyone and the results could well be much less pleasant than they were for me and sometimes they were distinctly unpleasant but that's how it is on this road. You have to be crazy to even think of going like this but if you have the dispensation, the gene, and the necessary permissions, it all works out in the end. Those who love much are forgiven much.

Why would I be writing now about events I've already written about some years earlier? Some of the information is new... yes, but it is more about the tenor of these times; the right now of it. A considerable portion of the world is now going to foray into an environment similar to the one I was in. People are going to start seeing things they haven't seen before. This is one of the lesser-known factors in an Awakening. How strange is it that large parts of the whole world have been shut down? Even stranger is... WHY? It is most certainly not about some variant on the usual flu in flu season. That is preposterous. It is even more preposterous in Times of Material Darkness.

Self-styled experts, especially those in the alternative media are making all sorts of wild predictions. If it were a musical style I would call it Cantus Bloviatus. We are in unfamiliar territory. This refers to the conditions manifesting externally and we should also consider that it means unfamiliar territory internally as well. Enforced isolation serves to bring us into greater contact with our interior. Some of us handle it better than others because some of us are a living charade lacking any meaningful depth and it's only a short step past that into very unfamiliar territory. This is why people bug out AND THAT... to me, is the most critical feature of these uncertain times; mass insanity. Materialism makes you crazy and the deeper you go into it the crazier it gets. This would apply, especially, to high-density urban locations.

There isn't a whole lot we can do to make what is going to happen not happen. It's math and it's dominoes. If we don't get a grip something else will. The best one can hope for, short of having an abiding connection to the ineffable, is to be at a great enough distance to SEE IT COMING and hopefully it works itself out before it gets to you. Nothing can get to you if you have already gotten to you. We've all been given the time to see what is important to us... to get our values in order... to understand the meaning of PRIORITIES. I'm trying to say something and... (sigh)

When you remove people's external pillars of support, conditions can get out of hand. I find it remarkable that it all seems so well managed so far. The Invisible Hierarchy is obviously fully engaged. I am going through changes that are fundamentally transforming me. What is happening is the result of a lifetime of questing in a particular direction and it is quite startling but it's all positive, IF I DON'T INTERFERE; BUT what about those people who have no real internal compass and whose persona is based on endless adaptations to a mirage? It's an unsettling thought.

FIND YOUR CORE PRESENCE. No matter how wild it gets, it's all transitory phenomena. The changeless is at a point beyond the ephemeral. Go there and let come what may.

Sorry if this creates an atmosphere of uncertainty. That was not the intent. Some things just can't be said. The consciousness of God is in everything. If that is all you are interacting with that is what you are going to get.

End Transmission.......

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A Podcast from a couple days ago (in case you've already heard it) is up now.

There is a Visible World and there are Invisible Worlds. The Visible is reliant on the Invisible and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. They are not talking about this at Pocketnet but that is no reason not to go there. I don't know what the reason for going there is but if you just can't help yourself, YOU WILL FIND IT HERE.

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robert said...

Dear Visible One,

What a joy to read your words come through cleanly from the One!

What gratification must accompany the delivery of clear water for the gratification of others!

He said the potency and power of a deity is based upon the numbers who worship it.

In this free will experiment, it follows that our human attention placed upon the reflection of reality, instead of its Source, severely limits what the Creator most earnestly desires to do to restore earth to heavenly perfection.

No limit on the power of the One here but what WE place on it, just to continue our dreaming in the twlight zone.

What a blessing to process experience such that it eliminates any cause for doubt in my mind!

Nothing can get to you if you have already gotten to you

"Know thyself", not the superficial noodling self but the Self behind the facade.

Getting to that "You" is the entire game set and match!

Thank you from the bottom of this heart for sharing!

Before reading your beautiful post this morning, I felt moved by a dark night riding old retreads of doubt to post the following to the babylon sister of PocketNet:

What does “pray without ceasing” mean?

What does “pray without ceasing” mean?

Keeping the mind in a state of separation , pleading from a dependent, disempowered perspective?

Does that work for anyone to deliver them from their strong delusion?

What about continually growing in realization that the laws of creation respect no persons and are IMPERVIOUS to assault by emotional energy?

What about continuously endeavoring to stay in the center of the storm, the timeless neutral center where we meet the Mind of the creator, feeling serene and detached while communing constantly with the Creator, praising as the day unfolds EXACTLY as the Perfect Being intends?

What about positively believing that we can learn to SEE the ways of creation work in their perfection, as long as we rest in the Love, staying positively in communication with the spirit of the Christ, the Word, the Child of the One?

Staying centered and calm no matter what!

Feeling the Love throughout our day!

Seeing the timeless manifestation work through human affairs with inexorable power!

Speaking words of love, praise and joy in our hearts all day long in response to being patiently schooled by the only One who Loves Perfectly!

When we can stay connected to the true inner sanctum and unattached to anything from the reflected world, we are praying without ceasing.

As more human beings with souls intact join this inner internet connecting all life, the external projected phenomenal world will return to alignment with the ideal, the Original Idea, the holistic Whole which shines ceaselessly from the Center of Creation.

Anonymous said...

Visible, You will probably disregard this but I’ll say it anyway. I find it very brave that you lay bare your soul so frequently for your readers. Oft times you are met with degrees of ridicule and contempt and even that doesn’t deter you from coming back day after day with more to give. You exhibit such substance! For those readers who see the method to your madness (smile), may I speak for all and say “thank you for making us THINK!” about God, Creation, and the mystery of our perfect existence.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I say, what ever. Change is inevitable, and I have a feeling there's only one way to go. Well, after the idiots who think they rule the world destroy themselves. But hey! How long can the nightmare aspect last?

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'phenomenal' column!

Vis: "Certain events have taken place here recently and they were all made possible by my dislocated shoulder and the accompanying pain. Somehow this trauma broke down the last of my resistance and led to the reappearance of that angel returning."

My thought is that the pain may have driven you out of your body. I have seen this 'state' in some others over the years. Their etheric body is literally 'hanging' away from their physical body - usually back and up. Once the dislocated shoulder was taken care of, you may not have returned fully to your body. This would make 'contact' easier - in the same way that Near Death Experiencers (Hi, LtPtB!) often later report increased ability to contact the Otherwhere. Thoughts on that?
Vis: "Children see such details regularly, have imaginary friends who are not imaginary, and so forth."

I found a conversation between a mother and her 6-year-old daughter which dramatized this, including warping the child's perception.
Vis: "...the mind can be trained to view all manner of usually invisible things.'

An experience I had at Glastonbury Abbey in southern England.

We are so much more than bags of meat...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly core essence to me.

"At the top, Krsna teaches the science of Bhagavad-gita to Vivasvan, the sun-god. Below Vivasvan teaches his son, Manu, and in the circle at the right, Manu teaches his son Iksvaku."

Visible said...

Thank you!!! That's a great illustration.

Thomas said...

Who is to say what is real, and what is not?

The Buddha said to only believe what one had oneself proven. I guess the corollary must be, to only disbelieve what one has oneself disproven. And for the rest, say, "I don't know". How many people do that?

This I know: that God is Real!

A true mystery it is - how can One have such a multitude of faces, expressions?

Visible said...

Alright my friends, here is "Dog Poet Transmitting Podcast 4-24-20" now published for your listening.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Finding Your Way Out of the Land of Perpetuating Doubt and The Antipode Will of The Enemy."

Visible said...

A new Dog Poet Transmitting podcast is up now. It was technically difficult to pull off and an important part was not included and that is a reading from the works of Swami Yogananda. I will be reading that in a new podcast, this evening I hope so that at least context will be served. Sorry about the glitches. I'm like to say it feels like something is messing with me but it could be my own shortcomings in the particular technology. You can find the episode here.

Visible said...

Alright my friends, here is the second part of today's podcast This one went much better. Thank you for your patience



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