Saturday, April 18, 2020

"The Carrot and the Whip and The Golden Fleece are Not What They Appear."

Dog Poet Transmission.......

Yesterday went by and now it is gone. The parts we can still remember are in some interior location, at least the images are... but then there are all those parts we cannot remember. They are also in some interior location but we can't locate the location. If we could, we possibly could also locate those parts we cannot remember. As the days roll up behind yesterday, there are days we cannot remember at all. No part of that day comes to mind. It's not just the individual days we can no longer remember. There are weeks, months, years that we can now no longer remember so... the question arises; “Who is it that cannot remember these stretches of time?” We cannot remember who that is either. We never met them. In many cases, we do not even know who it is that can and cannot remember whatever it was that happened in that life.

Now we are in the present. The present is called NOW and here is a peculiar thing. Most of us are not in that present moment most of the time. If we were able to be in that present moment there would be no sense of Past or Future. There would only be NOW. Wherever we may be and whoever we may be, some amount of 'the idea' of the Future extends before each of us. The Future is not something we can remember. Logic tells us this is not possible because we haven't gotten there yet, so there is nothing to remember, BUT... here is another odd feature in our Adventures with Time. We have BEEN THERE BEFORE. If only in the approximate sense we have been there because the past repeats itself due to the inflexibility of Habit. This accounts, to some extent, for those sensations of Deja Vu. There is, of course, more to it than that but most people don't bother wondering about any of it. They have a carrot of some kind hanging in the air in front of them and that pulls them forward.

In many cases there is also a whip that cracks behind people and that is one of the ways that The Past announces itself and reminds us it is there. All of what I have just said is LITERALLY true. It may not be true in exactly the same way that I said or described it but it is true and if any of us were able to step outside of our own individual scenario of whips and carrots, we would be able to see just how true it is BUT... most of the time and often, at no time, are we able to set ourselves apart from what is happening around us. We are dreaming...

It has been said that if you want to wake up, you have to develop the same sense of intensity one has while being held underwater and struggling to rise to the surface for oxygen. Few of us are able to muster that level of passion unless we are in that very situation. This explains the necessity for Trauma as the agent of change in life. From a certain perspective, Trauma is undesirable. You might want to wake up but you don't want to be woken up in an unpleasant fashion. On the other end of the affair, however, there are, could have been, realizations that resulted in the whole of your life being transformed in a positive manner. This accounts for that statement in the Bible; “For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” Jesus also spoke about the pruning of grapevines.

Some of us are eager for awakening and for those, there is no finer time to be present in than an apocalypse, given that it is a time of awakening. It is also a time of revealing-revelation and uncovering, as well as exposing. There can be all kinds of results that occur out of these forces, both desirable and undesirable. It depends on what you have been up to. I hunger for awakening. Often it is because, when I look around me, I have to say to myself, “This can't be all there is, can it?” Something inside me seems to know that this is not all there is. I suspect that the thing missing is also the thing impelling me toward its discovery. I am being urged on by someone or something I cannot identify.

We are in flux. The cornerstone of life is change. There is a part of us that is mutable and a part of us that is fixed and one of them lives in the dimension of time and one of them may or may not be present in time but time has no effect on it. Most people are unable to differentiate between the two. In most cases people are unaware of the immutable part of themselves altogether. There is a part of us that is present in all of us, which is watching at all times, as the mutable part of us goes through the changes that are the basic principle of existence and these changes are all based on cause and effect. Everything we think and say and do repeats on us, like the gas which sometimes rises from our stomachs, informs us of the quality of whatever it was that we ate. Some foods are difficult to digest, so are some feelings and thoughts and the memory of things we have done. A great many of us are haunted by the things of our past and this determines a considerable amount of our following behavior.

I spent some amount of time in dangerous prisons. You develop an extrasensory awareness that many people do not have, unless they have been in combat, or employed in a dangerous profession. A certain amount of time, in any of these states, will automatically grant you this awareness, or likely you are no longer here. Children often do not pay attention and the conditions and vagaries of life force them to pay attention. This is the case with stupid people as well. In fact, it is their lack of attention that causes us to identify them as stupid.

This awareness gives you eyes in the back of your head. Other abilities come with being confined or located in perilous locations. Set me down in any urban area; on a sidewalk, or a park bench on a nice day and I will become automatically aware of any criminal activities and persona in the area. This awareness can be heightened to a remarkable degree. Certain professions demand one have this awareness in order to be effective. Telepathy can occur in people where there is a need for it and there are ALL KINDS OF OTHER POSSIBILITIES of perception that, for whatever the reason, people don't seem all that sanguine about developing. Here is what I have noticed; really good people and really bad people seem to have these abilities more than the rest. Intellect is a factor here and when intellect and good and bad intentions are brought together, for some reason, all kinds of talents and resourcefulness can appear. Consider your accomplished con artists, some of whom become quite wealthy and famous and you might not immediately associate them with the bunko and 3 card Monte aficionados, streetside. It's a matter of degree.

Given that we are creatures of habit, there comes a time in life where the habits have become chronic and spontaneity and improvisation have departed. There is no possibility of change or improvement remaining, short of Trauma and Divine Intervention. Often Death arrives so that the soul can transit to new conditions, in which the chance of growth is present again and it repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats. There are those rare souls among us who have become so woven into a state of continuous change that they do not die, in the ordinary sense. A great deal is going on outside the normal bandwidth and it is characteristic of the common mind to simply assume that none of what is REALLY going on, is going on.

I'm getting at something here in my usual roundabout manner, full of inference and corollaries. We can't remember the majority of our lives and- in most cases- none of our former lives. What we do remember is idiosyncratic and woven from imagination and paramnesia. Much of what we believe to be true is the product of asseverations made by others, which we haven't bothered to prove out. We operate according to rumors and half-truths. Observe the way in which entire populations were reduced to a blind obedience, before a dissimulating and equivocating leadership, out of fear of a pandemic that didn't kill as many people as the common cold. Observe the panic to acquire and hoard toilet paper for reasons that remain unknown to me. I didn't buy any; I haven't needed to yet.

I remember when I was very young, asking myself why so many people chose to remain in war zones, or locations where rampant want, stress and strife were the common conditions for everyone resident. Outside of those too poor to move, a huge portion of the public stayed, for the purpose of becoming collateral damage. They didn't know who they were either and also couldn't remember or profit from the evidence of the past.

The largest portion of us are driven in whatever directions appetite, desire and temporal authority drive them in. They succeed in finding nothing lasting or meaningful and certainly nothing meaningful that lasted. Ad interim, all the while, vast treasure chests and amazing fortunes were there, all the time, to be found within and this seems to be the abiding grand mystery of life; all of the heart's desires were always present as an internal affair, traveling with them on the road of interminable disappointment and no matter how many times they were informed of this, they shrugged and bought a lottery ticket on their way to The Carrot and The Golden Fleece, hounded and driven by whips of urgency to appropriate that special something, masquerading as something else.

In the end, they wind up on a park bench, a front porch, a hospital bed, wondering about significance and meaning and never bothering to wonder who it is that was doing the wondering and wandering in pursuit of what they had all along and which could never be found anywhere else anyway. Surely there is a reason for all of this. Surely there is a point and a purpose to be found but on and on and on it goes, the living and dying and amaranthine suffering that also accompanied them and was the final product and enduring presence of every fruitless quest. And... it was there all along, closer to them than they ever were to themselves or anyone else, waiting to be discovered but I suppose the WHO should have been considered long before the WHAT.

I've been told by some of those in a position to know that some people NEVER get it. It's not what they are after, so they spin on an endless wheel of fire, coming and going. It is there to be found and the location IS- CAN BE known and there are even guides waiting to take you there. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Cheerful Love Grizzly Bearhug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ah yes! The eternal pissers on electric fences that just can't seem to break the habit. . .until. . .

Be there, done that, bought not only the T-shirt but the whole damn factory. I think I gave it away, but I'm not totally sure. Given the wrong circumstances, I might do it again.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the last few columns. Appreciated. I read them, but was too busy to meaningfully comment...

Vis: "Some of us are eager for awakening and for those, there is no finer time to be present in than an apocalypse, given that it is a time of awakening."

Indeed. And that is not only on earth-plane. Various forms of trauma over the eons have knocked many higher beings into a state akin to catatonia. They cannot be killed, but they can be 'neutralized'. This exists on many levels. Now, various Helpers are forcing the traumas to be felt-through or directly healed. The beings come out of their 'trance' and often move to help others in turn. There is much 'new' going-on in the Unseen...
Vis: "Set me down in any urban area; on a sidewalk, or a park bench on a nice day and I will become automatically aware of any criminal activities and persona in the area."

My version of that is to be aware of any higher entity or higher energy within a fair radius. It is automatic. In a way, it is beneficial in itself: This 'sense' pops me out of the day-to-day trance which group consciousness imposes on us. It is like the scales drop away, and I am more alive...
Vis: "I've been told by some of those in a position to know that some people NEVER get it. It's not what they are after..."

My sense of that is some people are still filling-up their Experience Bank. To become more conscious and Awaken would simply require them to come back and fill-in the incomplete slots. It would be counterproductive, in the larger sense. Some have to touch the stove burner, rather than just be told it is hot. Check-out their stance, say a prayer, and walk-on...

(What you can do is help them work-down their background pain. High pain-level usually means a highly-dramatic fill-in of a slot; low pain-level usually means a just-enough fill-in of a slot. The former can lead to a new lifetime; the latter allows for recovery.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

It's only a dream
I'd love to tell somebody about this dream..
(Jimi Hendrix)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: It's only a dream:

A philosophical consideration. After you are on the Otherside, will any of this matter in the Cosmic Scheme of things? Me thinks not. No9t to me, anyway. I wanna move forward, and not dwell on the cesspit.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Prophecy Fulfillment in a Time of Apocalypse and the Company of Angels.



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