Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding the Expert or Being it Instead

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It has occurred to me that in this Origami, I might pull together a few things in consideration of the general discussion of sex and transmutation in a short and simple way according to my experience and to the degree that I have any idea what I am talking about. The problem of anything is always its complexity and usually its complexity has to do with a personal intention to understand something for the purpose of performing or manipulating it to a personal end, even if that end is to achieve union with the divine. The simple way is to find a way to get out of the way of the divine in its performance of it.

I see how people want to raise their Kundalini. I’ve seen people practicing Kundalini Yoga and engaging in practices that promise to accomplish that or eclectic variations of sitting and flailing about wildly for 15 minutes, as if what resulted could be called a Kundalini experience. I’m not in a position to judge the power or importance of anyone’s version of such an event except to say it probably isn’t one. Short bursts of released energy related to minor discharges of this force may or may not activate the main gusher but probably not. Madness of some kind is assured because it wipes out your personal being. There is only a certain type of individual who is prepared for this and they are usually seeking it out in a relentless fashion to begin with but quite often not in traditional ways.

The main purpose of awakening the Kundalini is to accomplish a kind of sexual union with one’s divinity and that involves the loss of the separated self. This is the result of more than one lifetime and though one may be in that lifetime but most likely not, the best intention is to seek the accommodation of the divine in initiating the process.

As I understand it, awakening the Kundalini and performing Tantra are not the same thing. Tantra in the general understanding involves a partner and there are a number of people around who know very little about it who will be willing to teach you all they know for a fee and then you can go out and do the same thing. Except for those who, for whatever reason, encounter a real teacher of Tantra; an extremely rare occurrence, the continued practice of it is going to take you, almost without fail, into the left hand path. You’re dealing with sex and you’re dealing with it in a time period where the astral state of sexual intercourse is in a degenerative and polluted condition.

The best of intentions are likely no match for the larger potency of the mass identification and general level of it. The primary archetype of Tantra is the Shiva/Shakti template with the feminine principle as the active part. This system has counterparts in various religions and the complexity of the possibilities is at the level of absolute insanity. I can’t imagine anyone who has some idea of what is involved actually wanting to go into it. Under the tutelage of a real tantric teacher you could be looking at decades and even more than one lifetime of study. The chances of finding a real tantric teacher are about as good as coaxing a snow leopard into your tent with a handful of beef jerky. It’s much easier to find some overly confident German, (for some reason there seem to be some number of these) a horny Indian actor or western simulation at Goa who might ask you to write your cellphone number on his thigh and learn a few surface tricks so that you can go out and do whatever he has in mind for you to someone else.

The usual result of the study of Tantra is sex magic and that’s an area not unlike the Sunderban or the jungles of Borneo. These are ancient teachings that deal with primitive force up to a certain level and very likely to wake up entities and situations that involve something as tame as a tiger, if you’re lucky, or something else.

Anyone who is serious about this sort of a thing would be most benefited by traveling around and talking to people who have been on the circuit of the ashram and new age sex and serenity tour, composed of trust funders, sleaze monkeys, sanyasin pop up gurus and the plethora of extraordinarily self involved, spiritual dilettantes who travel the world in strange entourages on the never ending dime of sycophancy and titillating promises of some hard to get mystery that they somehow got their hands on. You can ask them how long they’ve been practicing what they have been practicing and whatever was going on before that and see if you want to be what they arrived at.

Another handy teaching device is to go to any ashram or Buddhist retreat and watch the particular pecking order of the political structure that operates it. Once again you might want to know how long they have been at it and what your impression of them tells you.

I know how cynical this sounds but if you think this sounds cynical, wait until you get back from your journey and let’s see what you have to say. Don’t forget to attend a few new age seminars and retreats. There’s a great big one around Rhinebeck, N.Y, and others in various places where you can catch one teacher after another who has taken some system of bodyworking; dance, breath control, mind manipulation or psychological intimacy exchange that looks like an AA meeting without the confidentiality and has given it a new name that will solve not only every problem you have but the problems of everyone you run into if you will only attend for 3 weekends and the final 4 day intensive.

It won’t hurt to hit a few of the bookstores where you can read a couple of pages and then skim the rest and learn that it’s not only incredibly easy but permanent, no matter what it is. This is my problem with people like Eckhart Tolle. It took me about 15 minutes of listening and some short period of reading to find that he did not say a single thing I had not heard someone else say before and I am still impressed that people who should know better tell me that there’s something I’m supposed to get from him. I did notice one advantage and that was the promise of an unavoidable nap if I listened for about 15 minutes, which is what I got for listening for 15 minutes. It’s important to know that that is what you want going in or it could be like taking too much GHB.

If your intention is to discover something on your own then the road to anything begins on the road that awaits you when you step out of your front door. If you are serious about getting the entire package from the only one who completely understands it and who has the awareness of everything about you so that he knows the correct measure of everything in the universe that will benefit you and the best way to experience it, with the quickest and most lasting results, you have to go to the divine. Even if you wanted to open a bicycle shop or an ice cream store that would still be your best bet.

For simple and pedestrian requests all you have to do is ask and be certain it’s on its way. You can ask and then doubt the result and get that too. For the more valuable things like spiritual qualities and changes in awareness, as well as the removal of shortcomings and a personal meeting or the presence of the divine, it stands to reason that you would have to be relentless and sincere. In these cases the best thing to do is to act without fail in every moment as if you possessed these qualities, your awareness was changed, your shortcomings were being removed, you were on your way to see the divine no matter where you were going or that you were in the presence at all times.

Ask yourself what it would take to meet someone who was rich, powerful or famous? Should the divine be easier than that? The degree of intensity speeds up the arrival process and such things as the state of your karma and other things will surely have an effect. Since I accomplished most of these things, except for the removal of the shortcomings, inasmuch as they are necessary to be used as a personal and public service to avoid a particular misidentification and the Tantra spectrum, since I didn’t really want all that formalized approach and preferred the inner route to begin with, I can tell you it’s there to be had if you can make the decision that everything you do is related to the encounter, that you will not quit short of success and that you want it more than anything else. If this is the case it is probably better not to go looking in conventional locations unless it is your destiny to meet a true master and there are some around but not generally in conventional locations. Every one of them is the divine in some form, so that works.

I can tell you that you might not get rich or anything else that comes with having missed it. You might wind up alienated from everything else you were not alienated from before and you might have things thrown in your face constantly about the need to improve and be put in situations that are as far away from what you might have expected as you can imagine. You might find that you have abilities to do things that are astonishing and that it has no impact beyond the effect of the moment and that the very people who see them will forget at some point later on. All the highly paid and amply rewarded states of those pretending to it is where the carnival magics of charisma and spiritual pickpocking grant what one imagines they will get for the benefit of their search and one should never fool themselves into thinking they don’t want something like this. That might be one of the things you don’t forget to ask for on the way; to ask the divine to make sure you understand the value of what you are asking for compared to what the hidden part of your self was planning on.

Self deception is more inventive and calculating than we imagine and the highway to the heavens is littered with the failed ambitions of those who really didn’t want what they were asking for if they weren’t going to get some kind of vague payoff of one sort or another. I’m not saying this very well for a good reason. Of course you can have anything you want and even if you forget all about it, it is going to open like a cornucopia and bury you under more blessings than you will even be able to see or identify but no one gets there who hasn’t wiped out or had wiped out every possibility of enjoyment or pleasure in the things which cosmically forbid the acquisition of the other. Whether this gets restored later in some manner in some time or place is something else.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Which Part of this are you Reading?

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Here we are at Origami, ostensibly for something spiritual. Then again, everything is spiritual isn’t it? Well, it is and it isn’t which is why I have a problem with absolutist and relativist and any ist or ist not (grin) because nothing anyone says is exactly what it is. What is is beyond the possibility of words to define. Anyone who doesn’t know that is trapped at a certain level. Until they do so the best thing is just to accept that and adapt because sooner or later you are going to have to accept that because that’s what you find out when you realize you can’t move any further and are willing to let go of the vanity and ego of words that are used to define the world according to your personal limitations which are no different from anyone else’s in being incomplete.

The key point is not to be trapped anywhere longer than you have to. And every plane you leave leads to a more subtle plane which still contains traps almost all the way to the highest heavens. People get stuck all the time because they think they’re in control of the solution, ironic given that they are the problem. That’s the problem with intelligence and knowledge and why walking the path of the heart and seeking the presence is the only sure way and quickest way. You get everything in one shot. The other way, if you are one of the very few, through having developed the requisite qualities, who actually make it you still have to come back for the wisdom of love as you extinguish all you think you know and this can lead to some surprising scenarios in which you have to do some pretty bizarre shit in order to burn out certain things. There’s no telling.

The whole thing is simple and only complex for those with intricate structures. Those intricate structures are real but incomplete, that’s how it is on any plane. The only place it is complete is in the consciousness that connects all of the planes. Even if you knew everything about the universe and all the planets and stars you still wouldn’t know because all of that is limited and the only thing that isn’t is what maintains them where they are. It’s the only thing that remains when they are not, in those periods when dissolution occurs before some version of the same thing comes back.

There are basic problems to life that have to be surmounted. One is the need to find cosmic explanation in complexity of any kind. The other is attachment to any sort of action that brings a reaction that results in the perpetuation of experiences similar to a dog chasing its tail. Any action not committed with love is not immune from the results that follow the motive. Any intention that doesn’t involve immersion in Love or the divine is going to result in something short of the greater understanding, even if it is useful for any period of time. I could go on with examples but those should be obvious.

People will read what is written here and their mind will tell them it is not so simple. That’s what the mind does. The mind’s business is to distract the awareness from a certain singularity and operates like a monkey. People will, ‘Yeah but’ this to death because they can’t let go of the faulty defense systems they have become familiar with using. Even when they know they are wrong, they are still familiar. They are familiar because they keep repeating. All they protect you from is not needing them.

What the Hell... let’s just make this the rest of the post as if the thing I was after wasn’t my last failure disguising itself as bad timing. You know bad timing that’s when you forgot that the whole point of convincing someone that they should get naked with you was so that you could define the conclusion.

It's all sex and either it's with some equation of time space need karma and all the things that make people think that the answer is hidden in the problem they become or you just decide to let God fuck you and then you can do everyone. Of course, you have to get his attention.

You're only fucking yourself. If you knew how to do it you'd have solved the necessity to prove that it still drives you crazy and the whole world would be horny to help you if it weren’t that getting off meant not thinking they were the vehicle.

You know what you know and you demonstrate it. As long as you're happy with it I don't care.

There are other ways to go. You just tell people that sure they can hammer you for their own pleasure if your are persist enough to make you willing to do anything just to show them that you are the thing they can’t accomplish on the thing showing them precisely because they don’t appreciate your willingness to do it and to the point that they've had a moment of triumph since someone took the opportunity to prove that they gave enough of a shit to be whatever you needed or... could ask them why they were willing to do whatever you needed just to show you that the reason love endures is because it does let you do whatever you want. It just doesn't seek you out to perform it's perfection. It's just willing to let you fuck it. Anyone who takes the trouble to understand why love would do this will learn that love always says, "Yeah, you can do that to me. Is that all you want. I don't care. But wouldn't you rather learn how to really make me want you? Wouldn't you rather learn how to make me submit? Love says fuck me or learn how to make me chase you down and get the whole town to watch what I will let you do cause you took the trouble to let me show you how to be the master. I really don't get it but then I don't hit myself over the head with a hammer every day just because it's familiar. Of course it's familiar... never mind.

The trick is to go fuck yourself and have everyone else wishing they were a part of it. Or you could let everyone fuck you but it’s no fun unless they are deceiving you into something you wouldn’t necessarily give in the first place just to see if you were willing to do something they felt was wrong in the first place. Then they’re out looking for it again. Like I said, it already wants you to not only have it dreaming of you but to go out of its way invite the whole world in to watch how it will let everyone mistreat it just because you cared enough to available to let it use you to be what anyone wants in order to show that you understand how it’s done to begin with. I guess you don’t learn that anywhere except from the force that gives you the power to represent it. One thing I do know is that all anyone has to do is to call anyone on it to see whether it shows up in defense and the reason its claimed habitations are not tested and proven is that no one wants to be thing they are presenting when they have to get out of the way in the first place.

You can’t explain this to anyone who isn’t already aware of what traps them into feeling guilty about wanting people to be free enough to practice anything because of the guilt of feeling anything wasn’t worth doing in the first place. Something’s wrong and I think it has to do with something being wrong and that is what fucked up the situation in the first place... uh...; uh huh.

I know why people want to do certain things to begin with. I just don’t understand why they think their own confidence in making a bad performance is the best you can get. I can personally show you that is not so but no one is going to chance the fact that God actually performs this stuff if you go to the trouble to get his attention so that he uses you as the vehicle of whatever. Apply this to anything. No one has any problem making themselves cum but it’s more fun when it happens with other people. Well. Why would you presume that you could make someone experience something they would have no trouble performing if you just let them do it in your presence?

It doesn’t matter what it is. Any problem has to do with the perpetuation of something that left people abasing themselves in the pursuit of what was okay to begin with so long as it was just a matter of allowing people to celebrate their freedom because you were more important than it happening.

There isn’t anything that isn’t easily solved by not making it a problem to begin with. Think of the industries that are based on things going wrong and which thrive on new permutations.

Tell me how you want to do it and how much it has to give way to prove to you that its okay to want it and I’ll show you what it is that gets out of your way and which you should have been following to begin with. This isn’t what it’s about. This is why it is what it is when what it is isn’t doomed to be something else just cause you changed the way you fucked up. I’m still waiting for all those people curious enough to get my attention so that I break through their shyness and guilt and say... you want that? Let me help you find it. Why the hell would you want to attract someone’s attention if you didn’t want them to help you find something they thought you were by being willing to understand the need to actually enjoy what you’re looking for. I guess I could go on saying the same thing. It appears that I do.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Learn to Dance The Tandava in Your Spare Time

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Used to visualize the Warner Brother's cartoon with Lord Shiva as Porky Pig, "bu bu bu bu bu u that's all folks!" dancing The Tandava. Comedy and Reality walk into a bar with this chick Tragedy and....the bartender from Cheers asks me if I'm slumming. I think that is how it starts. Yeah Comedy and Tragedy are divided by a thin line called Reality. Then Reality walks into a bar and the bartender says what happened to you? Interesting.


“I have never seen papers like these in such perfect order, of course you can cross the border as soon as you adopt our customs,” heh heh, okay visible, don’t get carried away until they carry you away and leave you behind. It’s all part of the program which we are now going to resume and join you with... already in progress.

I think I finally get it. Be yourself. I think I get that now. Part of the problem was figuring out who it was and another problem was all the versions in competition for the prize. Looking for yourself is like being lost at Mall of America. The Self has authority. Obama doesn’t have the same authority. Rothschild doesn’t have the same authority. The Queen of England doesn’t have the same authority. Elmer Fudd has about the same authority as the rest of these clowns. Where is Elmer Fudd when we need him? For awhile, Elder God looked like Elmer Fudd.

My Self has the authority to command anything. I figured that out. So I am going to start with some easy stuff. I am commanding Obama to go to Maine. I am commanding the Earth to rotate. I am commanding all heavenly bodies to stay in their courses. Check. Check. Check. Okay. Now, I am going to command that the truth about 9/11 be revealed to the world. I am commanding the greater part of the world to awaken and discover what has been taking place in the world and who is responsible, effective now.

My Self is your Self and the other guy is a projection or a personality. We’re going to use that as a lens. I command that the American people and the people of all other nations awaken to the true character of their leaders and be informed of who they think they work for, which would not be you. I command that each religion be revealed in terms of its character and operations. I command that the medical community be revealed in terms of what they are practicing. I command that the corporations be exposed in terms of what they are up to. I command the law to speak for itself and tell you what happened to it. I command every member to be a member of whatever they are a member of; gotta throw stuff like that in there now and then.

I command that all the representatives in government offices, in the judiciary and wherever they are a functionary, be exposed in terms of whatever they have doing that is not right. I command that the moneylenders and Central Banks be exposed for what they are and their power over money taken away from them. I command that the concept of Zionism be destroyed and the influence of Israel and all those associated with her in any capacity be rendered mute and powerless. I command that British Petroleum be forced to do the right thing and then ruined. I command that people in high positions of power and authority begin to be exposed in clever, startling and humorous ways, starting now. I command that the media and entertainment corporations be taken out of the hands they are in and distributed to those who will operate them fairly and honestly.

By the power of My Self, I command that all of these things begin as soon as someone reads these words. I command that the divine do that Jack in the Box thing in all the courts of power around the world and figuratively pull down the pants of world leaders. I command that the banks and governments involved in drug trafficking and who are permitting sexual enslavement and all manner of oppressions against people, be exposed and that those responsible be taken down to that room in Pulp Fiction below the pawn shop and have a gag reflex red ping pong ball put in their mouth and then they get what they’ve been giving.

I command that humor be ratcheted up in all locations where the false self thinking, high and mighty, abusers and predators, for false self pleasuring and personal gain seeking at the expense of others... I command that a lot of funny and embarrassing things start to happen to you. I command you to do in public what you conceal in private and I command that you get caught at it and let’s see how you like that. I command that that be high end entertainment. I command that all those who seduce humanity into scenarios that strip them of their dignity and honor be publicly posed and run through those very states of experience and being so that they can be informed of its value.

I command that people who love money should start eating money. I command that people who put people at hard labor for little or no reward for their own profit when they could have done it a whole lot of other ways be put at hard labor under their own hand until they beat the living shit out of themselves and realize what they have done. I command that ‘those’ bankers who abuse and use and dishonor humanity (meaning nothing racial, cultural or religious or anything but that it is that they are so disposed, inclined and eager to be this way), be this way in public without the ability to control it and be shown for what they are and develop a Tourettes Syndrome of telling the world all about themselves, right there in real time, while they are trying to do what they have been doing unto others all along.

I command you schemers, liars and all sundry variety of bad intending peoples, going about with the intent to injure or abuse others for one’s own profit to go out into the world, the streets of the cities; churches, supermarkets, parties and galas and proclaim to the world what a poor excuse for a human being you are; rub dogshit on your faces and say, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” with real enthusiasm and showing your ass like a baboon on international TV... being unable to control it, being horrified by it compounded by incontinence and all kinds of special effects, I command it now.

I command fucking Rothschild and the Queen of England and all their gladhanding, backscratching, reach around, hail fellows well met, to go down to No Neck Alabama or... any beach on The Gulf of Mexico where there is tar, oil, dead sea and air creatures and where there will be international media and press and strip off your clothes and roll in it and then get on your knees and beg with all your might that the dolphins and other creatures will forgive you and promise lifetimes upon lifetimes to serve in complete selflessness to make up for this and all the rest and I command that you feel the shame that you should feel concerning all your temporary chintz, bubblegum machine, rhinestone crowns, honors and ornaments that were more important to you than other people’s lives and those they cared for, which you not only casually dismissed but even laughed about having done. I command that you look directly right at that and that you listen to me while I am talking to you!!! You fucking beg those dolphins, whales, pelicans and other creatures and peoples to have mercy on you for that is where your mercy lies; bank on it. I command that you flashback and see yourself laughing at those times when you caused these and similar things. I command that you see the full extent of your failure at being a human being and I command myself to rub your nose in it just like I did mine.

I command that everyone and anyone who can get a clue does get a clue and sets about trying to win the good favor of those they plundered and abused in oh so many ways. I command that all the peoples of the world stop for one moment and experience the certainty that I am on my way. I command that those who actively work to get their shit together and stand up for the love of that incomparable and priceless thing within, that sets them above the angels, and who are doing it or start doing it ‘before’ you see me through your windshield, or rear view mirror, will get the mother of all boy howdy measures of grace, for doing so and you have no idea what that means. I command it.

I command that the sun and moon and all the creatures of the Earth proclaim my arrival so that there is no fucking way you can miss the fact that I might not be imaginary after all. I command that you keep right on doing what you’re doing if it means ‘that much’ to you. I command that time go all funny and that it starts to look like I let Salvador Dali loose for a little while here and there. I command that there be no way that you can miss the fact that something is happening for which you have no explanation. I command that you get a clue if you can. I command it.

Keep right on commanding.......

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Getting it on with The Great Beyond

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There was a reason that I mentioned sex on the last radio show and not because it sells newspapers (grin). It’s the same reason that I’ve mentioned it several times in tales concerning some of the strange adventures of my recent times and by allusion. All of what I discussed was quite real. I didn’t bring it up to shock people or drive them away, even though it’s not a bad idea to weed the place out on occasion because... all the things the darkside is capable of, came about by theft of the secrets of the light and then a perversion of the light. You might think it silly of me to talk about keeping something secret while talking about it in a public forum. That’s not the point. You can think about what the point is.

The reason that the dark side got a lot of information is through the weakness of those entrusted with certain things. It’s not just weakness, its ignorance too, because... whatever they sold it out for, the light would have given them without the suffering that attended their giving it to those whose intentions were not good. Of course, this is all part of the drama. The divine lets this happen and sometimes encourages it too because it makes for great entertainment. Anyone who thinks the divine is not entertained by our follies has not yet grasped certain fundamental points. I should also add that we are watched the same way people watch a TV show, by all sorts of beings, high and low. As that great teacher, Mikhail Aivanov once said- not verbatim- If people only knew who shows up for lunch while they are having sex they would be more careful about it.

I can only tell you about the things I discovered while involved in all the things I did. Some of them will never find their way into a public forum but that’s just how it goes. Usually, if I am talking about something, it is either based on my own experiences or something I have been told by the divine. Anyone who doesn’t think that the divine speaks directly to those who have put themselves in the position to hear also has not grasped certain fundamental points.

The divine is intimately involved in everything we do. If we are eating; sleeping, walking, talking, thinking, defecating, urinating, dancing, drinking, insufflating or making love, as love, or as a four letter word, the divine is involved. People seeking the divine are okay with portions of this but not with all of it. This is why I have been bringing it up. The times in which we live are drenched with the advertisement of and the suggestions for our appetites. If you are engaging the divine in some of the things you do, that is good. If you are not engaging the divine in everything you do, that is not good; if you are seeking the divine... because... the things you are doing with the divine- attract and the things you are not doing with the divine- repel. So, you are treading water, running in place, wasting time? Go ahead find your own definition for it.

I know that some people think I am off my rocker. Ask me if I care. Do I care about you? Yes I do. It’s why I give myself away pretty much all the time for free. This is not to present myself as an exceptional person or a fool. It is because there really is no other way to celebrate the things I know to be true. It isn’t a matter of it being splendid or foolish to do this. It is a matter of; “why isn’t everyone doing it”? Before you can freely give yourself away, you have to have gone past the place where celebrity and all of the other enticements of the world of personal vanity have been neutralized. This isn’t all that hard to do if you know who you are really performing for. Who are you performing for?

Last week’s radio show generated a couple of complaints from people who, quite frankly, are uptight about certain things and that probably reflects in their performance of them (grin). On the other hand, it generated many more supportive comments in emails and to the radio station. Interestingly, complaints always carry more weight. I know that the majority of you would rather get the essence of what is being communicated, even if it goes through strange landscapes, rather than my skirting these areas out of unnecessary decorum. I think the proper response to that is, “fuck that noise” (grin).

What I discovered in my travels to the presence of the divine was that I was doing some things where my attention was on the divine and some that were not. However it happened, I started engaging the divine in all of them and... good grief, what a difference. This is the essence of Tantra and, I’ll tell you a little secret. All of those complicated breathing rituals and enormously intricate accessories of behavior are unnecessary, unless that’s what is required to show your sincerity and dedication. Otherwise, the divine knows all of that and engineers it without you having to think about it, once you have encountered the divine, one way or another.

Sex (and survival) is our most powerful drive. Fear is our most longstanding atavistic companion. It stands to reason that as soon as you feel sexual in any way; you should direct it to the divine. Since the divine can be either male or female, this grants you comprehensive options. You should remember though that everyone is female to the divine and that that is the key to a remarkable secret that doesn’t need to be a secret but happens to hide in plain sight.

After my Kundalini rose, my hands and arms would move all by themselves and I noticed a current coming from my two middle fingers, which were drawn down toward the palm, and another current coming through the two outside fingers. People get confused about the mudras. They see what looks like the devil’s horns and don’t make the connection that there is only one force, expressed two different ways, for two different types of purpose, generated by two different types of motive. You might call them ‘selfless’ and ‘selfish’. I should point out here that although some degree of the powers of the light have been perverted over the ages by those who were deluded and did not possess a purified will, certain knowledge and powers have never been obtained and perverted and these can neutralize every power below them instantly. If people knew how pervasive and all controlling the divine is they would not spend their time looking for anything else.

One of the key reasons that people do not seek the divine with more fervor is that they think the divine frowns on all these earthly experiences. Think about it. Doesn’t that sound irrational and even ridiculous? This is why I have been stressing certain things about the divine... not because I’m all messed up and off my rocker. Of course I’m off my rocker. You have to be. Putting it more concisely, I am on my rocker but actually rocking.

When my hands and arms moved of their own accord, I saw that there was a particular thing they might do on occasion and it disturbed me at first. My left hand would be drawn down to my genital region and the two inner fingers would direct their current there. As was the case for awhile, discovering these things, I would think I might be possessed, which is just what I thought when the Kundalini rising first happened to me. As it turns out, everything makes sense if you have the courage to go beyond what suppresses your freedom, which is ‘fear’. I found my other hand would go to my heart or higher and that the sexual current would be drawn up into those places; marvelously simple and beautiful, n’est pas?

The Kundalini is a female energy and it is her that dances in the body of the one dancing. One’s mind has to be able to accept certain things or you won’t get very far. This is very scary for people who are not comfortable with their female nature. You’re not going to make much progress toward the alchemical marriage until you do. Now, it’s possible to go in the wrong direction with all of this but that leads to the divine too, depending on what is held in the mind and heart at the time. I’ll stress here that, though relative right and wrong and relative good and evil do have their meanings and applications, up to a certain point, once one has made real contact with the divine, they no longer apply at all, period. And there is no telling what the divine will put you through either.

It’s all about establishing trust which makes the miraculous possible and which is what the divine wants for you. If you can involve the divine in everything you do, as if the divine were doing it (which the divine is), you would find that you are already in that room I was talking about where you do nothing else but call out for the divine. Ah! No kidding? And a lot easier too.

I do regret that I lost some readers on the way and that any number of people who know all about it already and are put off by the fact that my ideas do not match up with their own, have also departed but... that’s show business and it’s all show business, one way or another. It’s not the most comfortable thing to look batshit crazy to people you are trying to communicate with but sometimes there is no other way.

The divine is putting more attention into getting our attention, at all times, than we are. We have got to stop separating our functions from the divine. We have got to engage at all levels at all times. We have got to give our hearts... and our minds... and our ass (grin) to the divine and the divine will illuminate the first two and save the other; in a certain manner of speaking. If parts of you seem bad or evil, it is because you are performing it apart from the divine. If what you actually, naturally desire seems at odds with your spiritual intentions, then what does that mean? It’s the simplest thing and for some reason, one of the most difficult things to get.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

No Matter what, it's going to Happen.

Right around every two thousand years things get all fucked up. I struggled to find a better and less offensive word but there isn’t any, especially since the problem has to do with sex anyway. You might wonder about that but that is the primary force of action in the manifest world. The only differences are in its expressions as it moves up the ladder of transformation through fundamental arts into those of inspiration and then to its ultimate expression in the highest forms of love, which mirror the original creative force which made the universe. The divine mind sits in reflection and has a desire to experience itself in a multiplicity of forms. It’s a kind of cosmic hide and seek.

I hear people say there is no God and no intelligent design and all the other excuses they have for making themselves into God which is a pretty dumb thing to do. Or they’re pissed off at religions, as if that had anything to do with it. It doesn’t matter to me, except that I have to live with a majority of people who are motivated by self interest and appetites. This makes most people dull and dangerous but, so it goes.

Every two thousand years or so things get really out of balance and the divine takes a human form to demonstrate how it should be and to explain why people suffer and to show the way. The visit is so impressive that for a little while the whole world knows that there is a single controlling force. Still, after about a hundred years, the memory fades and fellowships are formed to carry the truth in symbols and rituals. A little while later religions emerge and over time it becomes a business enterprise and finally you get to where we are today where they are having sex with children or prostitutes in defiance of the teachings which have to do with suppressing the sexual force.

Along the way they have turned the benevolent divine into a severe and disapproving old man who makes stupid rules and doesn’t believe in having fun, which is the antithesis of what the divine really is; the supreme enjoyer who has created the world for his own pleasure and entertainment. The single self originally divides itself into two polarities of male and female and at different times and in different places, one predominates over the other.

I had been looking for this living consciousness for a long time. I don’t know how long except what it took in this life. For the first seventeen years it pounded me so hard that I had no sense of self. All I knew was that it was terrifying and bad. Little did I know what a good thing it was. Having no sense of self made it possible to accept things that most people can’t.

I could go ahead and lay out what happened along the way to now but I’ve already done that and I talk about some of it in last night’s radio show. I suppose there are all sorts of things to say but I am reminded of how much difference it made to tell people how to find this divine and develop a personal relationship. Since I mentioned how it can be done; go into a room or into nature and do nothing but reach with unflagging intensity for this force within... over the course of some number of days well, since I first said that, several years have passed. I have received a lot of letters from people asking me how to do this or telling me about the trouble they are passing through and not one single person has done what I suggested.

The divine is now here- has always been here- but is now here in human form. It might be more than one this time. I don’t know those details. The good news is that the effort required is less than at any other time. The bad news is that people are less disciplined and there are more distractions than at any other time. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me for people to ask for an answer and not take advantage of it.

I, like others, walk around every day and see the situation and tell people in every way what is going on but, nobody listens. This is why force has to be applied. This is why there are wars and terrible conditions and natural calamities. The worst part of it is that people actually think that temporal force must be feared and obeyed. I’ve seen some of the worst that temporal force can do and it couldn’t do much if you are connected to the supreme force.

I was talking with someone yesterday who was explaining how the world works. I’ve heard a lot of versions. He wasn’t making any sense and I asked him if he ever just banged his head into wall for a long time. He said “no”. I looked at him and said, “Are you sure?” He didn’t get it. Either something works or it doesn’t. Either something is real or it isn’t. There’s no point to anything in anything that people do if they haven’t made contact with what is real.

What I am going to tell you is the unchanging truth. You can look right at it and you can watch yourself reject it and maybe even wonder why. The forces that appear to control the external world run a crooked gaming table. Just about everyone works inside the mechanism. There’s sex and drugs and rock and roll and there is alcohol and guilt. There are all the things people think they want and all the things they have to do in secret because they think they are wrong. There’s all the magic and freedom of love and the confinement that follows when you seek to bind it to yourself. There is disappointment, loss, physical suffering and death. For some it’s a cakewalk of temporary good karma and for some it is Hell on Earth.

The force that seems to run this planet gets all of its force from the primary force. The whole thing is set up to torment you and push your buttons until you are driven to find the one real thing. The one real thing wants to find itself so... that’s just how it goes. If you find the real thing, it gives you all of the things you go through so much trouble to get from the world on your own. You also get the capacity to really enjoy these things in ways that are unknown to most. I know this to be true because I experience it every day.

The divine is not an uptight, high school principle with a bad case of piles. The divine is not a sexless prude. The divine can and does have wild sex, take drugs and smoke cigarettes and dance all night. That is not all it does but just one of the things it can do.

Everyone who encounters the divine experiences it differently. They were created differently for that purpose. It’s not the things you do that are wrong. It’s the way you do them. Guilt over the things you do is one of the things that separate you from the divine. A lot of this is explained in the tale of the Garden of Eden, if people could read what it says as it is meant to be understood.

Most of you are facing a lot of unpleasant things now. You just keep going through it without seeking the author, which is the purpose of all the unpleasant things. It’s got nothing to do with governments or religions or anything else. It’s got to do with you trying to work it out by yourself or making half hearted efforts to contact your maker who is not impressed by that.

I don’t really know how to say it more clearly. Make your entire life about finding the real presence behind the illusion and you will get a big surprise. There’s no point to all these words. There’s no point to all the analysis. There’s no point to anything that doesn’t tell you this clearly and directly. It’s a pretty simple thing. Most people think it’s too hard. I suggest they look at where they wind up or look at where everyone else winds up if they think a little industry and effort on their own behalf is too much to engage in.

I’ve had to deal with various things in this process but I would have to say its all been worth it and there is no alternative. Does it matter what kind of things you get thrown into if the divine is a personal friend of yours? People could have the divine as a friend and a companion. There’s no good and evil there. There is no right and wrong. There’s just you and the divine and whatever you are doing. Is this real? It certainly is.

Since I tend to get things ahead of time, I will have to say that if present time is any indication it is going to get really strange. I suppose it would be okay to just sit here and write about cosmic things and maintain a stable composure but that is just not the way it is. None of this or anything else makes any difference if you haven’t contacted the divine or are not seeking to. Nothing else makes any difference at all.