Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Learn to Dance The Tandava in Your Spare Time

Dog Poet Commanding.......

Used to visualize the Warner Brother's cartoon with Lord Shiva as Porky Pig, "bu bu bu bu bu u that's all folks!" dancing The Tandava. Comedy and Reality walk into a bar with this chick Tragedy and....the bartender from Cheers asks me if I'm slumming. I think that is how it starts. Yeah Comedy and Tragedy are divided by a thin line called Reality. Then Reality walks into a bar and the bartender says what happened to you? Interesting.


“I have never seen papers like these in such perfect order, of course you can cross the border as soon as you adopt our customs,” heh heh, okay visible, don’t get carried away until they carry you away and leave you behind. It’s all part of the program which we are now going to resume and join you with... already in progress.

I think I finally get it. Be yourself. I think I get that now. Part of the problem was figuring out who it was and another problem was all the versions in competition for the prize. Looking for yourself is like being lost at Mall of America. The Self has authority. Obama doesn’t have the same authority. Rothschild doesn’t have the same authority. The Queen of England doesn’t have the same authority. Elmer Fudd has about the same authority as the rest of these clowns. Where is Elmer Fudd when we need him? For awhile, Elder God looked like Elmer Fudd.

My Self has the authority to command anything. I figured that out. So I am going to start with some easy stuff. I am commanding Obama to go to Maine. I am commanding the Earth to rotate. I am commanding all heavenly bodies to stay in their courses. Check. Check. Check. Okay. Now, I am going to command that the truth about 9/11 be revealed to the world. I am commanding the greater part of the world to awaken and discover what has been taking place in the world and who is responsible, effective now.

My Self is your Self and the other guy is a projection or a personality. We’re going to use that as a lens. I command that the American people and the people of all other nations awaken to the true character of their leaders and be informed of who they think they work for, which would not be you. I command that each religion be revealed in terms of its character and operations. I command that the medical community be revealed in terms of what they are practicing. I command that the corporations be exposed in terms of what they are up to. I command the law to speak for itself and tell you what happened to it. I command every member to be a member of whatever they are a member of; gotta throw stuff like that in there now and then.

I command that all the representatives in government offices, in the judiciary and wherever they are a functionary, be exposed in terms of whatever they have doing that is not right. I command that the moneylenders and Central Banks be exposed for what they are and their power over money taken away from them. I command that the concept of Zionism be destroyed and the influence of Israel and all those associated with her in any capacity be rendered mute and powerless. I command that British Petroleum be forced to do the right thing and then ruined. I command that people in high positions of power and authority begin to be exposed in clever, startling and humorous ways, starting now. I command that the media and entertainment corporations be taken out of the hands they are in and distributed to those who will operate them fairly and honestly.

By the power of My Self, I command that all of these things begin as soon as someone reads these words. I command that the divine do that Jack in the Box thing in all the courts of power around the world and figuratively pull down the pants of world leaders. I command that the banks and governments involved in drug trafficking and who are permitting sexual enslavement and all manner of oppressions against people, be exposed and that those responsible be taken down to that room in Pulp Fiction below the pawn shop and have a gag reflex red ping pong ball put in their mouth and then they get what they’ve been giving.

I command that humor be ratcheted up in all locations where the false self thinking, high and mighty, abusers and predators, for false self pleasuring and personal gain seeking at the expense of others... I command that a lot of funny and embarrassing things start to happen to you. I command you to do in public what you conceal in private and I command that you get caught at it and let’s see how you like that. I command that that be high end entertainment. I command that all those who seduce humanity into scenarios that strip them of their dignity and honor be publicly posed and run through those very states of experience and being so that they can be informed of its value.

I command that people who love money should start eating money. I command that people who put people at hard labor for little or no reward for their own profit when they could have done it a whole lot of other ways be put at hard labor under their own hand until they beat the living shit out of themselves and realize what they have done. I command that ‘those’ bankers who abuse and use and dishonor humanity (meaning nothing racial, cultural or religious or anything but that it is that they are so disposed, inclined and eager to be this way), be this way in public without the ability to control it and be shown for what they are and develop a Tourettes Syndrome of telling the world all about themselves, right there in real time, while they are trying to do what they have been doing unto others all along.

I command you schemers, liars and all sundry variety of bad intending peoples, going about with the intent to injure or abuse others for one’s own profit to go out into the world, the streets of the cities; churches, supermarkets, parties and galas and proclaim to the world what a poor excuse for a human being you are; rub dogshit on your faces and say, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” with real enthusiasm and showing your ass like a baboon on international TV... being unable to control it, being horrified by it compounded by incontinence and all kinds of special effects, I command it now.

I command fucking Rothschild and the Queen of England and all their gladhanding, backscratching, reach around, hail fellows well met, to go down to No Neck Alabama or... any beach on The Gulf of Mexico where there is tar, oil, dead sea and air creatures and where there will be international media and press and strip off your clothes and roll in it and then get on your knees and beg with all your might that the dolphins and other creatures will forgive you and promise lifetimes upon lifetimes to serve in complete selflessness to make up for this and all the rest and I command that you feel the shame that you should feel concerning all your temporary chintz, bubblegum machine, rhinestone crowns, honors and ornaments that were more important to you than other people’s lives and those they cared for, which you not only casually dismissed but even laughed about having done. I command that you look directly right at that and that you listen to me while I am talking to you!!! You fucking beg those dolphins, whales, pelicans and other creatures and peoples to have mercy on you for that is where your mercy lies; bank on it. I command that you flashback and see yourself laughing at those times when you caused these and similar things. I command that you see the full extent of your failure at being a human being and I command myself to rub your nose in it just like I did mine.

I command that everyone and anyone who can get a clue does get a clue and sets about trying to win the good favor of those they plundered and abused in oh so many ways. I command that all the peoples of the world stop for one moment and experience the certainty that I am on my way. I command that those who actively work to get their shit together and stand up for the love of that incomparable and priceless thing within, that sets them above the angels, and who are doing it or start doing it ‘before’ you see me through your windshield, or rear view mirror, will get the mother of all boy howdy measures of grace, for doing so and you have no idea what that means. I command it.

I command that the sun and moon and all the creatures of the Earth proclaim my arrival so that there is no fucking way you can miss the fact that I might not be imaginary after all. I command that you keep right on doing what you’re doing if it means ‘that much’ to you. I command that time go all funny and that it starts to look like I let Salvador Dali loose for a little while here and there. I command that there be no way that you can miss the fact that something is happening for which you have no explanation. I command that you get a clue if you can. I command it.

Keep right on commanding.......

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Zoner said...

It has been read. Let the process unfurl into plain sight for all.

It gets harder to feel as good as this while seeing so much fear around, but that won't temper it either.

I command that all those still not in control of the comings and going within their very own mind receive the tools needed to shut the entryway that is used by the predators in our midst, that they be starved and perish.


Neko Kinoshita said...

How do you do that les?

I have said before that I don’t get the kind of total immersion connection that you seem to experience constantly. I have spent some time hearing only one thing from the divine: “Don’t fuck it up again.”

I look around and see the world, and it all seems so familiar. The details are different, but the pattern has been here before. And then I read your post, and I start thinking “What else have I been doing for the last dozen/hundred lifetimes?”

And here we are again. I have passed on the opportunity to achieve far more in a worldly sense that I have, but this time I mean to make fewer errors.

Tease me if you must, but what I am afraid of is failing to achieve a properly humble obeisance. Responsibility to the other souls in my household is sometimes weighty, when I fail to place the load properly in the hands of the divine.

As for you Les, sometimes that mirror thing you do reflects more than you think.

Watching the light show from the alley,

FromBeyondOmega said...

Hear ye hear ye hear ye! Let it be known throughout the hoi polloi's infinite & eternal field of divers adventures discoveries pleasures smiles laughters and kindnesses along with immeasurable good health to all things good where nothing evil is found that the commands of said Dog Poet above will be granted in full by nothing less or other than the Source of everything that exists upon fulfillment of all pertinent prophecies rendered of the Source of everything - So sayeth The Word of God!

m. edward godward said...

"I am going to command that the truth about 9/11 be revealed"

Just doin' my part 'as commanded':


aye!aye! captain!

grassapelli said...

I command that all Christians realize we are in the Tribulations and they missed the Rapture bus.

DaveS said...


I know you don't really care what we think... you're well beyond that. But for what it's worth, this particular post is... is awesome! in every sense of the word.

The way you played with language in the first few graphs had me bouncing around inside my head. My brain became one of those bouncing room thingys full of monkeys and mirth. I love shit like that!

At the same time you've written as damn fine a prayer/rant/spell that I've ever read. Good stuff and thanks!

Is it just me, but are these word verification codes trying to tell me something? I should start writing them down from all the sites I visit... strange shit.



Visible said...

Just think what the right commands can make happen and don't forget the Frodo finger factor. Sometimes there are costs of no consequence and sometimes there aren't even consequences, doesn't matter. Those in the position to ACTually do things already gave it all away. What are you going to take from them?

...considerations for other times when in reflection overlooking deep pools of "Hi Mom!" and so on and so forth.

Yes, my friends, as it so happens what is real actually is real. Hell, just about any nutjob yogi could have told you that. It's a funny thing about proof... it's like Love, there's never enough.... show me, tell me....
You already have more proof than you need. Probably the problem is; how does it connect to appearances?

The good news and the bad news is, "You're going to find out."

Yes indeed. And this time it isn't FX or wishin and hopin. It, he, she, I, be here so, "How do you like that taste of the thing you never had before?" That's what a surprise is... unless.... it's just another bottle of Amaretto or some object which says, "Not only do I love you but I love you this much. Any lover worth his salt and sincere in his pursuit is going to give it all up completely at every opportunity. Tell me, what are the forces of darkness going to take from, that guy?

Oh right! They work for me too. Well, they're forces aren't they? They have a title, 'forces of darkness'?

All force derives from the same source and is applied at the whim of the one controlling.

What fucks people up is that they can't figure out why some God would allow what he does- and consider this from all quarters and that might even explain itself.

Why is not the important thing blockheads.

Where and who are what's important.

Well, as I was saying... or did I?

The cats out of the bag now.

Anonymous said...

The divine commands us Les, without words(without the command voice privite!)most of the time? But wait a sec, the divine only works though us, so whos doing the commanding again?

I have commanded men and animals around like objects, the lord doesnt. What have I gained in this?

Im not an object to be commanded about, why ask for others to bend to my will? Why ask them to bend to the divine will? They arent objects for my salvation?

The light of love commands one to their knees without objects or words but though them? Why must drama and humor be based on material struggle Les?

"Part of the problem was figuring out who it was and another problem was all the versions in competition for the prize" - Les you couldnt be more correct.

Love Your Life

agnes said...


Jackruby64 said...

I figured this would be a receptive audience to a video production I had the pleasure of participating in. Feel free to link to it.

A constant reader,

charmian said...


Amusing to the coarse.

Appalling to the refined.


I hope someone reminds you the Divine is not interested in success or failure.

And questions who or what has whispered such things. And why.

How different the world when humanity re-members into the vital nothing* behind the commanding illusions of "I think, therefore I am."

Tho' it make take a few more go-rounds before the illusionist finally figures out that s/he is an illusion too.

Until then, it is not always easy to remember that Truth is conveyed by gnosis - not words. Majestic, vast and silent.

*referring to the Void-of-Void as described by Buddha.

songtale said...

Ultimately, the massive destruction of human life on planet Earth (in what lies just ahead) may be end up being described by future historians as: THE TRIUMPH OF PSYCHOPATHY.

Happy new millennium, everybody!


Anonymous said...

oh ibbedy dibbedy do
playing bogeys in the poo
rothschilds and the crew
when they should of gone to loo
what a dirty view
I suppose they they didnt have a clue
but catapillars renew
leave the lies and go to true
I command a butterfly
with a bee buzzing by
rising from inside
past the place where it deny
the stinking dirty lie
where bum flys reside
up up into the sky
where the eagle fly.


peoples sorry about that,it sort of popped out,need to get out of stupid land again.sos neil

Dammerung said...

Interesting post, I like it.

I find that peoples' view of God is really their view of their own selves. Find someone who believes in a cruel and vengeful God and you've found a cruel and vengeful person. Find someone who is certain that there's no God and you've found someone who thinks that consciousness is just an epiphenomenon of the brain without any significance.

God is that which is conscious.

It's not over yet, let's keep moving.

tim said...

Your attention to detail is usually perfect; except it is Porky Pig that says "that's all folks". :) I'm joking. I have been taught to skip any kundalini experience and to indentfy with Consciousness prior to any experience. So I don't really know what you are experiencing from a personal level. I just hope that this time it is real and everyone knows it without any doubt.

Anonymous said...

As usual les, your words are brilliant and leave me hanging on the edge of my seat waiting eagerly for the next dose. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued service. Sincerely with love, eternusphoenix

Visible said...

Thanks Tim;

I had a feeling I was wrong but, didn't sleep much the last two nights so my peripheral is frontal.

I'll change it.

Dammerung said...

I disagree with all you people who think we should follow God's commands. For several reasons:

1) No authority I have ever perceived is trustworthy. Look at how many religions follow distinctly untrustworthy deities. Even if something is more powerful than you doesn't mean you should follow its orders.

2) Conscious beings should follow their OWN wills, not search for the most powerful thing they can find to submit to.

3) It's better to reign over oneself than to serve the world.

Anonymous said...

couple nisargadatta quotes:

Evil is the shadow of inattention. In the light of self-awareness it will wither and fall off.

There is no good and no evil. In every concrete situation, there is only the necessary and the unnecessary. The needful is right, the needless is wrong. In my world, even what you call evil is the servant of the good and therefore necessary. It is like boils and fever that clear the body of impurities. Disease is painful, even dangerous, but if dealt with rightly, it heals. In some cases death is the best cure.


paolocaruso said...

I hope I am around long enough to see some of Les' commands executed.

I would like to see the Federal Reserve have to face a tribunal and explain why the whole banking system is controlled by jewish people and how it is self-serving to that community.

BTW In addition to Mel Gibson to be under attack by the media. Mort Zuckerman is turning on Obama. Mort is the guy who lost a huge amount of money (sent to Israel)with Bernie Madoff, but claims to not know him or never have met him.

TheSparkle said...

I don't know if I posted anything about this before so....

"The Papacy in Rome was a Vedic priesthood until a haughty neo-convert Roman (Ed. British) Emperor Constantine pounced on the Vatican around 312 A.D, slew the Vedic pontiff and installed in his place a representative of the tiny Christian sect. That is how the Christian Pope came to inherit the inherent authority of the Europe-wide sacred sway of the holy hoary Vedic priest known as the Shankaracharya. The icons of Lord Shiva which the slain Vedic priest and his Vedic predecessors used to worship are still in display in the Vaticans Etruscan museum."

See a picture of the item at the Vatican

The quote above came from this online essay

wv: coucult

gurnygob said...

Let’s see, what would I like to command? I know. I command that Al Gore face the world media and tell the whole fucking world (is it all right to use bad words when commanding things?) that the title for his movie “An inconvenient truth” was a load of old bullshit and that the original title was “A very convenient lie” and that the real reason behind it was to make millions form carbon trade credits. I command that he tell the truth that he doesn’t give a shit about the environment and was only in it to make money. I command that he take the monies he has made from his deception and give it all away to the poor farmers of India and such places. I think that will do for now.

TheSparkle said...

The ball is rolling and the seams are splitting. Let's get all the puns and mixed metaphors in the mix too.

wv: supha

tim said...

I agree with everything you just said, except they are not God's commandments. They come from the Egyptian book of the Dead written 1000 years before Moses' birth. I think the Divine Reality would have included rape and slavery in that list. And Jerico, my favorite. So the joos supposedly get all these commandments from god and then kill every man, woman, child and animal in Jerico. Not much has changed for the tribe in 3000 years...Personal morality and love are far superior to any list of rules that gets thrown away every time it is convienient.

Anonymous said...

Songtale I am certainly on board with you there and I might add the Mayans and Hindus just about called it that before it happened but used the term Kali Yuga concerning the fifth world we are experiencing.

Actually there is only about 10 or 15 years difference between the Mayan and Hindu concept of the beginning of this period. Mother Shipton mentioned that rulers will talk just for talkings sake.

Various Puranas (like Bhagavata 12.2) give lists of Kali Yuga symptoms. Some of them are: Rulers will become unreasonable: they will levy taxes unfairly. Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects: they will become a danger to the world. People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and barley form the staple food source.

I don't remember who Yudhishthira was but he could definitely see the future. It is one of my favorite quotes ever.

"The events of the Mahabharata occur at the end of the third age, showing evidence of dharma’s decline. Yudhishthira has a vision of the age to come: “I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world; where puny, fearful, hard men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity; ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time”

We can't say we weren't warned thousands of years ago

Anonymous said...

hey Visible,

interesting, my take is that the first quote is directed at you and I get 'messing around with discarnate entities' as the flavor.

"Tho' it may take a few more go-rounds before the illusionist finally figures out that s/he is an illusion too."

The second is

"Until then, it is not always easy to remember that Truth is conveyed by gnosis - not words. Majestic, vast and silent. "

well visible me buko,

It really comes down to the point of whether one has the force; can access the force, the power; is the divine at hand or not?

That is the only question that needs to be answered.

How should I put this?

I hear you, just like it is one of those Bose systems but much better.

Loud and clear

and right here

right now

make it happen (smile)

right now.


abe said...

It's the turtles that get to me most. They are living dinosaurs with an understanding of this world more ancient and complete than a lifetime of meditation can grant any normal human.

They are the idolaters and we the iconoclasts. We transcend the light with which they blind and the dark with which they conceal. Their tactics grow weary even as they attempt yet more inhumanity. They cannot keep it up. They know it. They have neither chance nor fate to fall back on. They are playing for a stalemate that will not come. They are defeated, dead in soul, and dutifully awaiting the dread discovery that seals their now known fate.

To the "persons" responsible-
You are getting sleepy, very sleepy, so very sleepy. unimaginable tired. tired of it all. tired of being contingent entities. tired of reading the truth on this blog. so very tired. too tired to hate. too tired to resist the dawn. too tired to anything. too. damn. tired.and now, may you drift off in to the eternal nightmare.

I'll even bring along a storybook and glass of milk if it helps.

Anonymous said...


I feel ya on that. We can be misled by ourself too.


You can "act" out the divine and still have the self. The "world" will have nothing to do with it?

The "search" is in submitting to the self in the end, as thats the link, source, and vehical to and for the divine.

You ever stop a look at yourself eating? You have to bow the head to get food in there right? You ever talked to little kids? You have to get on your knees to hear them? Subitting yourself to your own growth and love isnt really submitting to the "world" but just looks like that?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

I recall that I have read that if I have the faith the size of a mustard seed, I will be able to command this mountain to plant itself in the sea, and it shall be done. It seems excessive, but is an indicator of the real power we all can be. These darkforcers I command to cease and desist, now. Tommy

bholanath said...

We should expect She-of-many-names to show up in the Tandava with Her 'Lasya' to keep things cool and in balance (grin). Last time that happened, the Devas had to call a big meetin and implore the Goddess to slip into something more 'comfortable' and put Her face on and drive over to Kailash...to, well, you know.
Beautiful, beautiful!
Definitely time to "make it so!".
Our scene here just had a shitload of piled-up 'obstacles' and 'pressures' just fucking EVAPORATE! All in about an hour. Just like that. WTF?
Got to add: comments of late, including yours, over at the Dish have been spectacular. Special big ups to Michael_A for his brilliant wack-job contributions. I'm enjoying too much (broad grin).
Can't think of any way I would alter or amend any of those 'commands' - all encompassing, and mirroring 'divine justice' exactly as my own wack mind conceives of it. What're we all on the same page or sumtin?

m_astera said...

How far could humanity have come over the past 2000 years since that teacher in Palestine/Judea laid out the new covenant, Love Your Neighbor as Your Self, if the plotters had not hijacked and corrupted that teaching into "render unto Caesar" and "turn the other cheek" and "sinners in the hands of an angry god"?

How far could we have come if every good man and woman who found their way to positions where they could make a difference had not been murdered or imprisoned and their good works stolen, corrupted, or destroyed?

How now if the wealth, the liquidity that facilitates exchange between those who find joy in producing things of beauty and value had been allowed to flow among such producers instead of being stingily shut up behind stone walls while the captors reveled in their control and the suffering they caused, all the while striving to appear superior because their image knew only its appearance?

What world would we now live in if the finest discoveries of those who selflessly reached into the divine fount of science and inspiration had not been stolen and buried and their discoverers humiliated and destroyed?

I command that all of the wealth of knowledge, of spirit, of science, of liquidity, of art and craft and sweet inspired creation be let loose, that the crude and rotting dams built of lies that have held it stagnant and cobwebbed in whited and blackened sepulchres be breached, that it may freely flood the world in a roaring tide that sweeps away the falsehoods and crude structures that have served only those who wish control over their fellows whom they know, even in their withered hearts, are greater than themselves in love and spirit.

I command that this roaring tide wash away all falsity and denial and bring forth the means to awaken a new world, a new dawn such as has never before been seen on this plane and seldom imagined: Unstoppable, undivertable, undeniable, glorious in its abundance, and that it serve to free all those who are deserving, ready or not.

I join these commands to those penned by Master Visible and Master Zoner above, and to those of wise, pure and selfless intent that may appear further on, and call them forth NOW.

From the Lord God of My Being, SO BE IT!

So it is, and so it shall be.


Visible said...

Hey Brother;

I think she was implored to slip into 'someone' more comfortable.

All systems are go.

Anonymous said...

by wing of risen star
inner outer far
the tunes of rainbow harp
rise up through the heart
up and up the way
play the inner ray
that hang upon all day
sprinkle through the wave
by sound of thunders truth
stir the ever soup
play the flower flute
back to one from over two
I command the living light
ignite the truth of ever right
sound it through the sight
charging truth with thunder strike
howling wind of forces flame
seven blows of sacred rain
down the liars who falsely claim who hold slaves in imagined chains



Visible said...

I'd like to direct your attention to the peripheral court where we will be setting Row man poles and keys.>.

Dammerung said...

Anonymous said...

Yo I liked that article, though it was too short. I dunno, it drives me to frustration that I have an ever-more-clear idea of what my "superhero self" is, but it becomes ever more clear that my physical body simply isn't a sufficiently sophisticated vehicle to make it happen...

becoming ever more cognizant of the self as divine also makes you ever more cognizant of imposed limitations.

Josey Wales said...

Your Majesty, Is that a half-digested carrot hanging out of your ass, or are you just glad to see me.

Anonymous said...

seems the ptb may have taken down kawther salams website peoples,if anyone knows how to contact her it maybe a good thing to do..neil

Anonymous said...

Everyday, Im becoming more and more convinced that we have been hijacked by a human hating alien race or we are under the spell of a human hating alien race.
It could also be a human hating alien race who has been hijacked by an alien hating demon race or vise versa? They have placed a hollographic spell on the human mind and made it easier for ignorance=choose to ignore aspect of humanity to dominate, while at the same time there are humans who are by choice or chosen to begin to lift that veil and are seeing things with allot more clarity than most. Who knows, what do I know. I know nothing. Nothing is I.
Love, Debs.

Anonymous said...

@ Dammerung

Dont know if I understand what youre saying altogether but I seems to get the "limitations" part.

Ok too simple this is, I know:

The body limits you to seeing only the divine within( you are more than a body.) We all know there is more then just body but can't see or feel without the body right?

"Limitations" are self made, as anything you can think will be in a certain time or place, sometimes not in the body yet?

Even the divine is limited too. You have to wait for a seed to grow?

Not sure what you "want" to do with the superpowers but try anyway. A great deal of understanding is in knowing what you havent done yet, not what you cant do?

Love Your Life

Dammerung said...

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm very impatient. And maybe it's too many video games but that's some of the best highs in the world. The satisfaction that came from using Shion and friends to physically beat the sh*t out of the Pope in Xenosaga II is beyond anything afforded by even the most fulfilling job order.

long john said...

I believe that Les is referring to 'The Self', not 'the self'.

"The Self" is not the same as 'the self' or ego/ahamkara (which is merely a reflection or shadow of the Real Self, in the mind)

The Self is the Real Self, the Divine. The "Self" or Divine... is the only true Will there is. The Self is the only true Power that exists. The Self is the Real. The Self is Love. The Self is the Divine.

The Self is also the innermost Heart, the inner core of each and every being. Thus, the infinite power to Command, the Will of the Divine... is The Self, which exists within, and as, every being.

So the infinite power (and authority) to command is available to all, if they would simply be a vessel or conduit of that Divine Will and Power. The Divine is the Doer. We are but dancing puppets. Everything is under the contol of the Divine. The power to command is the Power and Will of the Divine, the Power of the Self, expressing Itself as us and through us.

All that is required is for us to allow our will to be a tool of the Will and Power of the Divine, and apply it for the good of all. Then, the infinite Power to command is therby given to us, or through us, by the source, the Divine.

This is the sole purpose of our existence... to command and to manifest through each of us, the infinite Power and Intelligence and Love of the Divine.

It is in our hands, but it is the Divine who is working through us.

So when we command that the truth, the good and the right, should manifest and prevail, that command will be backed by the infinite Power and Authority of the Divine.

So as soon as you begin to rightfully command (to apply) this Power of the Divine, it will begin to manifest. Each one of us is a lens and a channel for that infinite Power.

So stop doubting, and take the wheel (or the reins), and get on with it. The Divine is waiting for us to manifest His/Her Will though us. Thats what we are here for.

So let us now apply and command this infinite Power of the Divine, to the task of cleansing our world of all those who serve the darkness of selfishness and suffering and evil doings.

Let us willingly assist the Divine as He/She appears in full force and presence, and exposes and cleanses the earth of the evil doers and their evil ways... just prior to the inauguration of the divine author's next chapter - the now closely impending golden age.

And yes indeed, "all systems are go".

PS: again, for a much deeper and more comprehensive understanding (on all levels) of what is now unfolding in our world and our corner of the universe, i strongly recommend obtaining and reading the book:

The Impending Golden Age: A Critical Analysis of the World Sickness and Its Cure - by Sanctilean

As you will no doubt find out, the information contained therein will be of unique and profound significance. but, you will not realize that, until you actually read the entire book. and don't make the mistake of assuminmg that the source of the information is mundane.

Visible said...

I can explain myself if I have to, if there is an actual 'I' at all.

Things are moving now and serpent power is hammering, gongs, bells, I don't know.

Presence is the key and words can't do that. But words are tools.

I'm very tired and off to another plane I go. Might have slept last night but up late and an early morning call put paid to that so, best I can do is to say that presence is the point.

Anonymous said...

so its the commandings of the commander,from the general point of the captain in the understanding of the understoods in the loving of the loves in the love.
which means there must be a general round here somewhere.or something
like that.
or would it be an idea to take me tin foil hat with the little tenticle things off now.

take no notice of me crazys people
I am going to try and stop being stupid for tommorrow sorry...neil

Anonymous said...

A tour de force, LV. Let it be so.

The Sparkle at 6:16:

The citation you give is by a person who is ignorant of history and of the history of languages and of human migrations.
At one point most people in Europe thought Hebrew was the mother of all languages, that God spoke in Hebrew, and a king in what's now Italy, in the middle ages, ordered that infants should not be spoken to at all in (a part of, the whole?) his kingdom, to see if the children would spontaneously start speaking in Hebrew.

Unfortunately, fanatical Hindus today, not in the middle ages, seem to believe Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and that the Gods spoke Sanskrit, ignorant about other Indo-Europen languages, and Sanskrit's development from a parent (Indo-European branch) Indo-Iranian language, which did not exist on the Indian subcontinent before 1700 BC (when the peoples who spoke that language arrived from the north-west), and ignorant that Hinduism is an amalgam of different beliefs; those brought in by the Indo-European Sanskrit speakers and of the people who were living on the subcontinent before they arrived, and who created the Indus seal with the figure sitting in a yogic position (see Eliade). Probably other cultures believed in the past that God spoke in their own language. And if they came across people speaking other languages, thought their language was the parent-language. But for a person in India in the 20th-21st C to say what he says shows only that he has little general knowledge and less scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Something important to know is that [contrary to what "some" would have us believe}orgastic release is necessary for whollistic vitality. Ascetic self flagellation was invented by sick prudes to make us all feel guilty, and unworthy of the job sitting on our plate. If necessary{if you're so horny you cant sleep} LET IT GO. Wilhelm Reich could not have said it better. Thank you very much. Chipstar...more later if you ask nice[ly]

Anonymous said...

I command that I do not have "an accident with the blade..."

Anonymous said...

I command All Peoples of Earth get "PAID BACK" "REAP WHAT YOU SOWED" etc..... within 24 hours of deeds,misdeeds,actions .

think about it.
it will weed out the bad.


estebanfolsom said...

say you have a loaf of bread and a tin of water
there are two of you
what happens next
you split it down the middle

now say there are four of you
you know what happens next

now say
we are many
we have little
we are few
we have much

i think everyone here
what tune we'd
be singin'

Visible said...

Some of what you are going to see is part of the last gasp of these desperate murderers and soul slaves and they wind it up the way the male black widow spider snares the legs of the girl he is giving it to so that he can get away because she is a lot bigger than he is and she is hungry in all areas. So it goes. If you get the simple point and if is not your thing don't engage. just step aside; professionals are at work.

"Anyone got one of those yellow highway signs" "No," "we don't want the red sign yet, they should just take care."

Hmmm seems that I am on the telephone.


TheSparkle said...

To Anon 1:58 AM

I can see that my post had the desired effect. :)

Did you have a point, though?

TheSparkle said...


I got the book yesterday and am reading it now. It is very interesting, not like anything I have ever read.

TheSparkle said...


This is interesting.

Dammerung said...

This divine puppets business, I hate it! It was the single thing that most drove me from the Xian church, this "let's all be nothing but puppets for God and bury our own will." When I read Nietzsche's 'The Antichrist' it struck an immediate chord in me - I don't want to be a puppet. If that's what God wanted why should we even exist? I think the evidence is that God supports our desires and our individuation.

Give me Jung and individuation, not puppet strings not even if they're held by the most high.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a summary of the Gulf oil situation. http://northerntruthseeker.blogspot.com/2010/07/truth-about-bp-oil-disaster-in-gulf-of.html

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"So it has been written.
So let it be done."

Anonymous said...


Your body is a puppet for many things, but you arent.

Jung can help here. Jung tells of different archetypes within the human mind/soul, right? Well your body gives over these images to you and others, like a puppet for the divine?
Thats just visions of the body my friend, divine will uses much more but needs you to "agree" with it, so its might seems like youre being played but youre really doing the playing of that long song of love.
The "will" of the divine isnt moving your body, you are. The will of the divine just waits and buys it time. You listen then move. No strings here?


Love Your Life

charmian said...

anon. 9:32PM

Well said!

I have heard some describe it this way:

"the spacious natural dance of Love between itself and spirit as living yin and yang."

Brings on a smile...

charmian said...

PS to anon. 9:32PM

the dance...


Vanguard said...

"Conscious beings should follow their OWN wills..."

That sounds disturbingly analogous to: "Do what that wilt, shall be the whole of the law."

We should be careful about what or whom we attempt to command.

Anyone who subscribes to doctrines of controlling other humans who have divine sparks, or to watching dispassionately while dogs savage children, (or who teach such to others) [from a different thread] live miserable existences.

That is to say, professed inaction, is of course, nevertheless conscious action. If you could have stopped the dogs but didn't, you are complicit.

If you command someone beyond the strong guidance of your own children, or to stop some real and immediate harm, without understanding the consequences, then again you shall reap the consequences.

We must command ourselves, for "good" which includes mastery over "evil" and the equipoise (actually, one perception of it) is maintained.

Evil seeks to encourage others to ignore brutality, to accept it as karma...a given.

We must be free to act (and learn and grow), but within certain bounding (extreme) parameters.

As before, some may scream about Christianity and morals in response to anything I state definitively, but I'm talking about avoiding the abuse of others--or to stand by and allow such--as a baseline. Who will gainsay me that stance?

(And to call me names is an attempt at verbal violence, an attempt to command me to shut up or change my beliefs, whereas I am only encouraging.)

Will some tiresomely state again about moral relativity, the illusion of suffering, the justice of it, etc.? Or worse, the meaninglessness of it all?

Command yourself. Self mastery is a worthy path.

All who teach moral relativity--the lack of absolute good and evil--are deluded or working with nefarious, hidden agendas.

It's all fun and games until you are without conscience, soulless, uncaring while seeing harm committed to others, or worse, committing it your self, even reveling in it. But it will return to you manifold. Pain has a purpose, and though numbed and seared, you will at some point fully experience the consequences of your actions.

Ignore my pleas to be righteousness if you must, but none shall claim they were not warned.

And by the way, yes, you can alter you proximity reality, and perhaps further if allowed, but saying "just live your life and it doesn't matter how much pain and suffering exists in the world" is a flawed, low state of development.

Know this: evil is widespread, active and effective. Any who say it's not so, or to ignore it, serve evil purposes. Any who say evil does not exist, or is necessary, and so should be catered too, serve those same harmful agendas.

And speaking of commands, I was cowardly attacked in my sleep yet again last weekend, and had to do some lucid commanding much to the dismay of my assailant (sidling up all smiling, having taking the appearance of a beloved family member--there is nothing beyond the depraved attempts of the evil souls in these planes).

Long John said...

Sparkle, i'm glad someone took the hint. you will begin find a greater awareness gradully emerging, the more you study it.


you clearly misunderstood. and maybe even intentionally. i did NOT say (or imply) "let's all be nothing but puppets for God and bury our own will." far from it.

i didn't say that you should be a puppet. and i didn't say that God "wanted" us to be puppets.

perhaps my choice of words gave you a wrong impression.

i agree that "God supports our desires and our individuation". and what i said, is not in conflict with that.

are you familiar with the works of Aleister Crowley ??? such as...

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."


"Love is the Law, Love under Will."


"Every man and every woman is a Star."

...if so, then you would have likely better understood what i was indicating.

i think i generally understand where you are coming from, but in this case, i know that you don't understand where i'm coming from... especially in the context of what i presented.

and it appears that you seem to like to often deliberately twist what other people say, and then use it as criticism against them. i think thats rather disingenuous of you. why don't you simply ask for more clarification, before jumping to such presumptious conclusions? because i think you donlt have any idea of what i was talking about.

btw, i had a slight interest in you, in as much as i used to reside in Santa Cruz for well over a decade, and i happen to know quite a few unique people around there.

however, i really don't appreciate my comments being misinterpreted and distorted in such a critical manner. this seems to be someting that you do here quite often. so, i think you need a bit of an attitude adjustment. and you really should be a bit more careful who you mess with, and whose toes you step on. -- just a little word of advice.

Anonymous said...

@ charmian

Oh yes, just like that!!!

Thanks, big smiles!!!

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that reminder. Too true. If we turn our heads from the struggle it only prolongs it.

"Pain has a purpose, and though numbed and seared, you will at some point fully experience the consequences of your actions."
I wish more people got this point!

I agree totally with you, back be warned too, haste can be masked by love?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

get a room

it squeezes so soft like baby bottom

it is the little things that destroy us, they say but its the incremental effort of every single moment that accounts for what we are and is the measure of our integrity

sock puppets take note

I'm going to sleep now and I am reminded of a conversation I had with Susanne. It had something to do with Bholanath and why I liked him.

She said, "You know who I like the most of your commentators is Bholanath"

"Uh Huh"

"You like him too."


Lights out and then

lights on

willie nelson should be pulling up to my door any minute so I want to be asleep when he arrives.

m_astera said...

The Sparkle-

Thanks much for the Weidner/Archon link. Excellent summary of the situation, and cuts through the Sitchin obfuscation and disinfo cleanly.

I found that this part:

"One thing that is certain is that the Archons hate more than anything after love is courage. They cannot stand up to courage or a clear, articulate debate because their own premises are built entirely on falsity. It’s all false and so we can begin deconstructing history by seeing through the lies. By observing outside the box, outside the norm, you can see the tricks of the Archons. Everything they do is fake, it is not real and has no history, no veracity. It is always a parasitical living off others."

Answered this question I posed at Smoking Mirrors:

" I wonder again and again why I get the identical response from those supporting predatory capitalism and those pushing nanny-state socialism. Not an iota of difference in the responses, and, tellingly, no different than the responses I get from those who have dedicated themselves to a narrow interpretation of their favorite religious dogma."

Why? Because all of the political ideologies and all of the religions are Archon creations, falsehoods based on lies and parasitism. There always has to be a priesthood or ruling elite who produce nothing of value but are supposedly necessary and who need to be obeyed.

Those who have bought into these Archon creations have not done so in a rational manner but as an emotional commitment. The Archons, arguably, maintain these constructs in people's minds and when they are challenged, because they are not really debatable rationally, both the Archonic energy and the emotional energy of the human who has bought into the lie are mustered to defend the indefensible through violence and personal attack.

"One thing that is certain is that the Archons hate more than anything after love is courage."

This part explains the other common factor that I always encounter when trying to question blindly held beliefs: Why are people so afraid to look closely at these ideologies? They are willing to kill or die for them, but lack the courage to examine them.

So there's an important clue, sez I. Whatever one is fearful of examining or questioning is exactly what needs to be looked at.

For another take on things from an even broader perspective I found this worthwhile.

bholanath said...

I hope Willie shows up with a herd of wild mustangs at your door. He's been doing good work on their behalf - certain psychos/archonic agents are trying to set them up for slaughter.
Come to think of it, I may have to add some 'commands' after all, but, later. [bachelor for a week, trouble begins (grin)]
dude, I sure love it when you get into storytime mode, hawaii and all.
didn't mean to scare ya w/ the samoans, heh heh, reminded me of Hunter T. and his samoan 'attorney'...

bholanath said...

My bro is back from the Amazon (for his 'medical treatments'). Troublesome fun has already commenced.
Anyway, some of his jungly friends, he relates, are a family of parents and 11 kids. They construct whole houses and lodges, whatever, for days - wordlessly. He was greatly impressed.
So,..is that how it will go, 'post-shiftie'? Fine-tuned to the micro-shruti?
That'll be a relief!

I think I'll have to send you a short video of this bro's work with bodies-of-water and whales. Chicken-skin stuff.

TheSparkle said...

I don't own 'my' dogs, but I serve them humbly. How did 5 become 9 then 14? And 2, brought for me to babysit turned out to be permanent and pregnant? ;) Now 8 puppies plus the 14. 22. I have my favorites, but I still hope that I love them all equally, the same.


*LongJohn, that book is a firecracker. I read about half of it at work today, not ignoring my duties. ;) Do you have any idea what happened to the Sanctilean organization? I'm trying to find other references, but by its very nature it's so esoteric that I don't know so I will just keep googling.

Anonymous said...

@Long John

I searched for the book you recommended, and read some pages from it - what I was allowed to read anyway, due to copyright - and while I know that gives me an incomplete picture of its contents and message, there are some points which confuse me a little. I was wondering if you (or anyone else here who knows his/her stuff) would be kind enough to help me out with it?

Actually, when I wrote "some points", I was exaggerating, as there's really only one thing that bugs me and my ego-tripping adolescent spirit: From the very beginning, the book hails chastity and nonresistance to evil as two of the main virtues we strive for. However, I catch myself doubting the value of these. Now, I've probably been "programmed" with a twisted definition of the word 'chastity', and realize that with regards to the book it probably just means that you shouldn't whore yourself, but having read some of Les' writing about the intricate connection between the Divine and sexuality, it feels like something's off there.

Considering the other virtue, of nonresistance to evil, what pops into my mind then is complacency, turning the other cheek, letting the evil of the word happen without trying to stop it, only repairing the destruction left in its wake. I know I'm probably taking it a few strides too far, but if a robber breaks into my house, beats me up and steals whatever he/she/it wants, then I should just let it go and not defend myself? How about the same thing on a mental level? If I seem silly then so be it, these things do confuse me and I need that confusion drowned with knowledge before I can justify the purchase of another book - even though I know it might be earth-shattering, so to speak. Thanks!

A. (wv: wercula - what the hell is that?)

estebanfolsom said...

here's your visit
enjoy your coffee/tea


willie nelson doing 'satan'
your kingdom
must come down


Anonymous said...

True power is found in self surrender and Grace not through demands and cries of the lower self.
Visible...wails of protest and cries of pain resound from dualistic earth...they will unable to stop that which comes!
This wretched civilsation is coming down and your voice is one amongst billions...
This is a time to put all under ones feet and truly seek the real...

estebanfolsom said...

did someone say
round table ?

i would suggest
what we have here
is a spherical table

where every knight
sits equidistant
from the other

as each speaks
his words are heard
with equal volume

the only weight given
is to the truth
of his expression

in this way
is formed

and a course of
action is laid

did someone say
cubical table ?

Anonymous said...

gulf gails
with oil pails
and curried snails
dead sea shells
the earth wails
for evil hails
the demon smells
and tells false tales
but where the truth dwells
the rainbow spells
carpenter tales
rings hells bells
then inhails
with iron nails
where peace dwells
with wild celts
by sign of one
bee in hum
take demon tongue
with nail that spun
do the done
hammer nail through tongue
an iron one
thunder come
with living light
evil strike
raw through sight
for its spite
remove its pig
back to hell give
so people live
in truth give


Anonymous said...

down and up and one
in and out upon the tongue
flowing peace a hum
color string a strung
flower flow of flute
flow in color root
weavings of the use
sun shine of a fruit
dont know the evers why
the ups electrify
rising flew inside
the butter flutter by
the butter of the bee
by flower of the tree
upon the freedom breeze
acrooss the ancient sea.


Visible said...

Bwak! Bwak!

Anonymous said...

flutter butter bee
in the breeze of color tree
rumble shake on bee
wishing fly on free
love in wish on truth
fruit of spinning flute
joining where of root
connecting stream computes
connect the in of all the sides
ever all in wishing signs
on simple river rhymes
symbols of sublimes
higher nature of the kind
sun on inner shine
electrifying signs
connect of all one mind


Zoner said...

I'm pretty sure that Kirk and Spock dealt with the Archons some time ago, but maybe they continue on here.

Bones was, unfortunately, absorbed into "The Body", but once the computer system that ran the whole scam was located and destroyed all was well.

I didn't much care for the "Red Hour", however.

Live long and prosper.


TheSparkle said...



[@Anon 3:11AM

You have outlined my main 'questions' regarding the book also.

'Chastity' and 'nonresistance to evil' can be interpreted and defined in different ways.]

I have no 'answer' yet.

TheSparkle said...


I keep waiting for the word verification characters to spell out something in Hra Maic. :)

Anonymous said...

Its the little things that matter too? Been thinkin lately that if I could just move up about 2 inchs to the left, Id be in a whole new world.

A bit late, timing is not a skill of mine.

Hank, love ya man! Your words are carried by many, thanks

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Les, I am but a babe in the woods on matters such as this but my understanding as far as the crucifixion is concerned is that it was essential that a ‘god’ as in the Son of God, The Christ, would have to experience death as the human being experiences death through the physical body of the Son of Man, Jesus. Since death itself can be experienced only on the temporal plane it was essential for a god to incarnate into the body of a man & so experience death in order to overcome it. Or something to that effect…?

presence said...

"Man chanting for the explosion of your technological lie" -Midnite


wv: lesting

Boulderdash said...

Bwak! Bwak!

We hope that is a good sign. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

high and low
round we go
up above
down below
cosmic beams
through in dreams
sewing streams
on mother earth
forces work
evers fly
out the dirt
true work
must be done
spinning peace
weaving run
simple sums
stringing strums
flutter hum
all is one
inner flow
seed to grow
flower rose
sun shine of
inner grow


Neko Kinoshita said...

Hey Zoner,

The episode was called "Return of the Archons."
They were trying to find out what happened to the USS Archon.
At one point a "native" asked Kirk "Are you Archons?"
Later Kirk yells out "We are the Archons!"

Just wanted to clarify....

Neko Kinoshita said...

Oh wait, sorry....

Peace and long life,

Anonymous said...

Bwak, Bwak ...... hmmm, is it time for the chickens to come home to roost?

Anonymous said...

Non-resistance to evil, for me, means not to get caught up in the energy of anger and/or revenge over it.

I've been having to practice this with the state of the Gulf. I live on the TX coast, and we are now starting to get the oil on our beaches. I have been avoiding the articles and pictures of the death and destruction of all of life due to BP's evil ways. I've been praying h'oponopono daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I've been practicing the Ascension atitudes along with it. It's keeping me in the space of being in Oneness.

There's a difference in the energy of being non-resistant and being resigned to evil. When I am non-resistant to evil, I am automatically called into prayer - either in words, thoughts, loving kindness - it's a natural, peaceful feeling and at the same time, I'm taking action on the matter at hand. If I resign myself to what is happening and not wanting to get angry, my energy is used to suppress the emotions of anger towards the evil destruction of life. I'm focused on not having or holding onto the thoughts of anger.

It's a balancing act. However, the more I don't "go there" with anger, the more I am drawn into Oneness and it gets deeper and richer every time.

Les' words of seeking the Divine with every ounce of our Being every minute of the day is ringing very clearly with me.

m_astera said...

This is the underlying meaning of unconditional love: to experience life in all its manifestations as a single, unified intelligence that responds perfectly to the projected image of the human instrument......the feeling of gratitude coupled with the mental concept of appreciation is expressed like an invisible message in all directions and at all times.....every breath, every word, every touch, every thought, every thing is centered on expressing this sense of gratitude.

Works for me.


Anonymous said...

I command, that, if the world is set on fire again, (for the third time, through an unprovoked attack on Iran) by the zionists and their Wall Streeters, politicians, and media types, that these instigators of unspeakable madness realize they will be hunted down and terminated by a very angry citizenry.

FromBeyondOmega said...

Actualities to understand produce a future grand to consider:

The current manifestation of a physicalized reality produces from continuous re-enfusing of two fundamentally distinct / intimately correlated gametes - one of which is primal source of every other thing that exists whilst the other is first-born of the former; the two of which - via the simplicity of sexually recombining with each other - are the parents of our currently physicalized state of living existence. C'est la vie!

Many of human kinds' constituency find themselves referring to the at times absolute singularity which is primal source of existence as the "divine", the "Divine", or "God", "GOD", "the God of life", or "The Great Spirit".

The perspective from beyond omega sees The Great Spirit as being the best linguistic description for that out of which everything else comes into existence - in that spirit is linguistically akin to what is alive and thus teems with feelings, energy, power, radiance, beauty, serenity, drama, grace, gentleness, immediacy, sense of self, imagination, understanding and infinite potential, all of which reflect GOD's intrinsic periodically arising eventual distaste for any given current status quo produced of a keen intrinsic taste for continuous motion and change.

There are no doubt myriad other qualities attributable to The infinitely potentialed undiversified Great Spirit, too, but for the moment none of them come quickly to mind. Which re-Minds!

In its occasional state as an absolute singularity, The Great Spirit is essentially also a complete void, imprisoned by Its own unmanifested mere infinite potential; hence the need of periodically unleashing that infinite potential. Thus, simply (for The Great Spirit, that is) through giving birth to the inevitable (for The Great Spirit, that is) succeeding gamete of Its Self (which gamete is intimately akin to The Great Spirit while also being fundamentally distinct from It), GOD (remember: aka "The Great Spirit") birthed out of GOD's own SELF a bit of full-blown consciousness of GOD's own SELF, which GOD-consciousness is - Bingo! - the Mind of GOD. Hey, pretty nifty! (As well as being the way it is.)

So it is that the mere Mind of GOD was so utterly pleased to have been suddenly popped into existence out of GOD to be GOD's Mind, that nothing seemed one bit grander to GOD's Mind than (as has been suggested by at least one other poster here at Visible Origami) to get it on with GOD The Great Spirit and Big Bang! a physicalized living reality into existence!

Obviously, having gotten such a thing started by merely Spiritually & Mentally fucking around like SHE & He did gave GOD and GOD's Mind plenty to raise up and care for since that tantalizingly infamous day.

And so here we are, putting it all together with human kind words so we can optimally benefit ourselves therefrom the divine (aka Divine) impulses and thoughts The Great Spirit and Its Mind are continuously giving us.

Anonymous said...

to m astera
yep I totaly agree michael,do you reckon that could be the base line of everything,it would be lovely if everyone lived from their.
I suppose we either take our selves up or take our selves down from that little spot,effecting our emotional levels,and them old lumanitatas want us down and all we want is to go up
back to that place where there is no fear or worry.loves to all neil

Anonymous said...


It is a long story but here is where I think all the children end up.

estebanfolsom said...

"we are all

berliners' "

estebanfolsom said...


are we actually
going to sit on our asses
and let

destroy yet another ancient civilization
for no cause at all ?
shame on all of us

do what you can
to stop this stupidity
you won't regret it
mark 'my' words

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

<a href="http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/2010/07/The Polanski Gambit and the Old World Order.></a>

m_astera said...


I think that practicing gratitude with every breath is its own reward, as anyone who tries it soon discovers. I also think it leads to much grander things.

For instance, what do you ask of your son? Do you wish him to worship you even to the point of calling himself a worthless sinner who would always be less than you? Do you wish him to strive only to become your puppet, or to give up his own unique individuality and be "re-absorbed" back into his parent?

Absurd, no? What sane mind would want that?

What we wish from our children is that they make the most of what we have been able to give them, that they become their own unique beings, even greater than their parents if possible, to make us proud. Is it not so? And what do we ask in recompense for our effort in raising them? Respect, love, appreciation, and gratitude, that's all we ask. As above, so below.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Bholanath is the best commentator here. It is simple because he is honest. Any links also provided by Bho I always make a point to check out.

Michael the Weidner site is good, but it doesn't rule out Stitchin and it is hard to take anyone seriously who is trying to write off the Enuma Elish and the oldest clay tablets in the world. They are our history. That is not to say Stitchin interpreted and translated it correctly in all instances or made no errors but I think over all he did a decent job.

That is also the history of the world Astera that is taught in pretty much every temple in the east. I am giving you a gigantic fail on this one.

Of course there are those who read one of those books and automatically become an expert and the main point becomes all of the Sumerians were reptilians designed to destroy us. That is bullshit to.

Japhet is the tribe that survived the flood and they are reptilian.

Anonymous said...

michael astera
with my son I dont think of myself as his father as such,I see myself more as his guide,I know he has got to go through his mistakes in life as we all do to learn who we are,and out in the world it is a cold dark place,so he needs a place where he can come and feel loved as I tell him everyday on a number of occasions.
when I was young I was constantly told off even for the things I didnt do as I was the eldest son and I had a very mischievious brother who still is to this day.
with my son I have tried to bring him up as an equal based on respect,which seems to be working,he completely respects me he is naughty sometimes I
ask him how he feels about what he has done without shouting and causing some emotional outburst also have the respect of his friends aswell as they all know I am here to help them,his mother now lives in finland,he see's her every six months and this year he is going to see his family in the seychelles.a very mysterious place
a paradise and some very good people in.
you see
when I was young I felt I could never tell my parents anything as they just told me off even for things I hadnt done
which led to a lot of heart ache and bad behavior from me,I dont blame them as they are just living according to how they were brought up as most of us do with out thinking about it,myself I see it all as part of the system that controls us and exploits whatever particular character that we are,my son at the age of fifteen
has the ability to watch his thoughts and is aware of the ups and downs,although he has been infected by materialism to a degree
I think he will find it quite easy to move away from this when his time comes for doing this.
and above all,he knows he is loved.

peace neil

Anonymous said...

also m astera,I tell him he is a king
and he has come to me to be taught to be a king to think thoughts of the king as they are full of greatness..

peace neil

Anonymous said...

It might seem trivial but it's not.
It's hard to take anyone seriously who mis-spells SITCHIN'S name time and time again. It is not STITCHIN.

Once or twice is a mistake, an error, a hurried lack of awareness.
Over and over and over again is absurd, undisciplined and ignorant.

Even this Jewish fraud (what a shocker, another Jewish based fantasy) should have his name spelled correctly.

Not to mention "Enuma Elish and the oldest clay tablets in the world"


Anonymous said...

It is hard for me to take anonymous posts seriously especially the dumb ones. Hats off to the spelling police. That is much more orginal than wrong link dude or your meds wore off.

You might like the Kolbrin version better. Then again probably not, go back to picking your nose.
You may go now.


bow wow from behind the tool shed

Anonymous said...


This page will define the activity, and help with early recognition; once acknowledged, trolls can take up residence, and, like athlete's foot, can be difficult to shift. And when you've finished here, I recommend this fairly comprehensive guide to managing sad thirteen year olds loose on Mom's computer.

I believe that most trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful.

Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too.

For trolls, any response is 'recognition'; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response.

Trolls, rather surprisingly, dispute this, claiming that it's a game or joke; this merely confirms the diagnosis; how sad do you have to be to find such mind-numbingly trivial timewasting to be funny?

Remember that trolls are cowards; they'll usually post just enough to get an argument going, then sit back and count the responses (Yes, that's what they do!).

Troll - Angler or Underbridge Dweller?

Anonymous said...


The minister of mishmash has spoken.

A stitchin time saves nine..
(or does it?)

m_astera said...

Sr Mick-

I read Sitchin's first book when it first came out; read Velikovsky back then too. Later, in the late 1980s, I carefully read Sitchin's first three books as they had been recommended to me. The opinion I formed at that time has not changed: Poorly written, sloppy, and with a lot of unwarranted conclusions.

If one is going to set one's self up as an authority on a subject, I would expect them to cover all the bases. As Sitchin omits the parasitic and interdimensional aspects of the controllers, he gets a less than honest grade, as do the other Zionist tools who elide around things such as the holohoax.

Just because I read Sitchin, The Nag Hammadi Scrolls, and the Dead Sea Scrolls transcripts twenty or more years ago would not make me informed if I had stopped there, as many have. My appetite for and intake of useful information and viewpoints has seldom lessened. If any of this info is newer to you, imagine if you can what your perspective will be with another twenty or so years of study.

There is no website or author whom I accept as holding the whole truth. I thought that one interview on Jay Weidner's site was worthwhile, along with his expose' of the techniques Kubrick used to fake the moon landing photos. What I saw of the rest of the site was not particularly valuable or accurate. So spare me any conclusions you may jump to about what I do or don't believe from any one source. I thought about 10% of the Red Elk interview was useful; the rest, no. And that's how I deal with everything I come across.

BTW, I'm well aware of the origin of the mispronunciation of Sitchin's name that led to its misspelling. Are you?

m_astera said...


I think I understand perfectly what you mean about teaching your son that he is a king, with the privileges and especially the responsibilities of royalty.

Much better than the usual, teaching children how to be a good slave.

Anonymous said...

"As Sitchin omits the parasitic and interdimensional aspects of the controllers"

To my knowledge the tablets don't say anything about such interdimensional controllers. You are really asking someone to insert personal opinion into a translation if you insist on this. The clay tablets are not a sci fi thriller, they are what they are.

Could you point out exactly what you disagree with concerning the knowledge inscribed on the tablets and how it is incorrect? I be interested to know.

Most of the subject in the books I found to be well documented such as the fact the Sumerians had diagram of the planets and there positions and the west thought the world was flat two hundred years ago. There are quite a few photographs of the tablets themselves also.

m_astera said...


I'm not doubting the existence of any Sumerian tablets, but before discussing it any further, please take a few minutes to scan through this site, written by a pretty interesting fellow who is a scholar of both ancient Hebrew and Sumerian.

Visible said...

a new petri dish is up.

Zionazis time fugues and other anomalies

Anonymous said...

Strangely I ran into that site by Michael Heiser sometime ago and kept on walking. He is not much of a Hebrew scholar, just another clown trying to discredit the earth chronicles and draw attention to himself in the long run.

Anyone who has read the books will realize immediately this guy has no idea what he is talking about. Attempting to attack the rocket angle is reason enough without considering the other blatant silliness.

I wouldn't look for too much credibility coming from most universities today. It is mostly about succumbing to peer pressure and stipends.

m_astera said...

Well Mick, watching the last few debates you have had on these blogs, and participating in one with you, has shown one thing clearly: you don't do your homework. What you have accepted on an emotional level you will defend against all facts, logic and reason, and you will not make the slightest effort to examine any evidence to the contrary.

So you looked at the site I linked to a while back and kept on walking? And this fellow, despite knowing the languages, can be dismissed because, let me guess, you just spent another thirty seconds there looking for something to discount, rather than reading and perhaps learning?

Not that I think you are a bad person, don't get me wrong, just that one who can't get beyond their ego is not to be relied upon in the present situation.

Unlike some, I don't swallow all of everything and then defend it to the death. Can't even see the attraction there. I take what appears worthwhile and test it out; usually that doesn't end up being much, but there are a few gems found in the strangest places.

In case you forgot, my criticism of this latest infallible oracle of yours was that he wasn't telling people who these Annunaki really were. Here's one important sentence from the site you can't find time to look at because it doesn't support your emotional conviction:

"Sitchin's confusion of the sons of God and the nephilim - and evidence from his own book, Stairway to Heaven, that he cannot distinguish between Hebrew and Aramaic! My suspicion behind this apparent blunder is that Sitchin wants to distance the Annunaki from the evil Watchers of ancient Jewish literature (Hebrew Bible, Enoch, and some Dead Sea Scrolls)."

The evil watchers? That would be the Archons, the parasites, who are not interplanetary but interdimensional. That's a pretty major obfuscation, I think. If true, and deliberate, what could be the motive?

Anonymous said...

You say I don't do my homework but I have read some twelve of Sitchin's books and the Kolbrin and you have read one of Sitchin's books and a drive by piece from a Jewish professor in 'Wisconsin and you say I don't do my homework? That is the problem here Michael in this particular topic anyway, I have done my homework and know bullshit when I see it. I suggest Heiser write a few books on the subject and see how they are received on the open market.

Just as an observation it appears to me that Heiser is just some academic with and axe to grind because Sitchin did not totally rely on Jewish accounts and language in the series. The fact is the semitic tribes are given pretty short shrift in the series as a whole and it probably didn't sit to well with Heiser as he expects them to be front and center in every discussion. His tortured reasoning that Elohim is not plural is just one example. How and the hell can a group create 12 tribes with their own DNA if there is not more than one? He splits hairs over the definition of "that which rises straight or conical object" is indeed a rocket ship, splitting hairs like the typical ivory tower. He admits himself that Shamu has many meanings in Akkadian.

Pictographs of astronauts in rockets have been found in native carvings all around the world and are indeed discussed in almost every ancient culture and even appear in European paintings. We have the Nazca lines in Peru which certainly look like a landing field from the sky.

Apart from Sitchin the Mahabharata of India does indeed go into great detail concerning the Sumerians and has a complete diagram of a space ship including graphical mechanical detail and indeed points to Ninurta as the pilot just as Sitchin describes.

Native American oral history is emphatic they are the descendants of ancient Gods who came from the stars in spaceships. In fact Navajo language is pure Sumerian. That is why they were used as code breakers. in world war II.

There is no evidence the Nefilim were evil watchers as you suggest either. It is something cooked up by orthodox religion and most intel agencies around the world in my opinion. These "evil watchers" Sumerians/Annunaki introduced, farming, grains, agriculture, mathmatics and the sciences to primitive man and it is well documented evolution took a giant leap when they appeared. If these "evil watchers" wanted to destroy man they would have done it long ago. The evil ones it appears managed to make it to dry land on Noah"s ark and they were and are called Japheth. These are the ones I suggest you watch out for, the same ones who Enlil took a distinct dislike for and wanted to eradicate when he notice they had managed to survive.

You are suggesting I think Sitchin is an "infallible oracle." That is simply your opinion which is carrying less weight with me as time goes along. I base my opinion on some of the great writings of antiquity also and more so on very knowledgeable people who are aware of exactly what history is recognized in various temples of the east and among native Americans. Sitchin does have the male/female roles reversed regarding Antu and Anu and there is some debate over the quest for gold being used to seed the sky of Niburu. As a whole however he strings together a very articulate translation of the ancient past. Heiser could never do this as he is quibbling over definitons concerning the main body of the history itself. Debates are great but you should stick to subjects you know something about.

Most intel agencies are not fond of the discussions concerning the 12th planet or Sumeria, they paint Chavez as the anti-Christ and discredit Dave McGowan. You seem to resonate with them on all three accounts.

Anonymous said...


One of the problems in choosing a landing site for a vertical-lift aircraft is the dust and dirt generated by the exhaust. Before pyramids were built this problem was apparently minimized by landing on large rock outcrops.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, a text found inscribed on clay tablets, actually describes how Gilgamesh witnessed a rocketship being launched from the Landing Place. A later Phoenician coin depicted such a rocket standing on a launching pad (below image).

"For Ninurta's temple at Lagash Gudea was given elaborate and continuous instructions by the ..... A reference to flying gods in the Mahabharata: “The gods, in cloud-borne .... I do not think there is a better description of Ezekiel's “spaceship”

- When flying Quetzalcoatl appeared to the ancient Mexicans as a feathered serpent:
“…first it flies, quite high up, well up it goes, and it just descends…”.
And when it flies or descends a great wind blows. Wherever it goes, it flies”
(Baldwin, 1998).

- Von Daniken (1982) states that the “fiery heavenly chariots”, described by Enoch and Elijah are also found in Buddhist (Padmasambhava) and Hindu (Ardjuna) mythology. Apparently every child in India is well aware of ancient flying gods and their aircraft, which they called Vimanas.

Probably the most familiar description of the AA’s aircraft (possibly spacecraft) is in the biblical book of Ezekiel. It is a very convincing description by a very astute observer. From this description former NASA engineer J. F. Blumrich designed and patented his impression of the vehicle (Blumrich, 1974) (Fig 7-1).
A small cockpit, where Ezekiel observed the "Lord", rested atop the body of the vehicle.

Not so well known, and more interesting in my opinion, is the tale of the “Divine Throne-Chariot” from the Dead Sea Scrolls (Vermes, 1962). The introduction to the piece reads:

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Von Daniken even claims that ancient astronauts complete with helmets were carved on stelae at the Mayan city of Copan.



... .. ...At Rajasthan in India, radioactive ash covers three square miles not far from Jodhpur.
This is an area of high rates of cancer and birth defects and it was cordoned off by the Indian government when radiation readings soared astonishingly high.

An ancient city was unearthed which, the evidence indicates, was destroyed by an atomic explosion some 8,000 to 12,000 years ago.

In Secrets of the Lost Races, Rene Noorbergen discusses the evidence for a cataclysmic war in the remote past that included the use of airships and weapons that vitrified stone cities.


The Mayan Popol Vuh, states, "Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth's round surface."

Apparently the Mayans did not view the plumed serpent as an evil reptilian. They can't wait for him to get back. I can't blame anybody for not giving Heisner the time of day. There are about a zillion opinions floating around on the web about the "evil reptilians" and most of them are not worth a hill of beans. If Jesus himself floated down on the empire state building most of them would no doubt claim him to be an evil reptilian. The ones inside the building wearing suits would fit the bill much better.

m_astera said...

No, Mick. Read what I wrote. I read The 12th Planet when it first came out, and later in the late eighties spent a couple of weeks carefully studying Sitchin's first three books. I thought then that he was a piss-poor writer who jumped to a lot of unfounded conclusions that the reader was supposed to take on faith and that opinion hasn't changed.

Is the point of your recent posts to demonstrate to me that there is evidence for flying ships and possible interplanetary travel in the past? No duh. There is nothing you listed that I haven't read or heard before, except that the Navajos speak pure Sumerian, and that I would like to see evidence for. Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

Please tell me where Sitchin informs readers about the interdimensional parasites who feed off of our negative emotions and suffering? That was my beginning point in an earlier post about Weidner. You decided I was casting doubt on your beloved Sitchin, who I don't give a damn about.

And yes, of course, if I dare to disagree with the Jew propaganda you have bought into, I must be CIA. Didn't I already predict that? On another site I'm presently accused of being a paid tool of Chemical Agriculture because I disagree with part of someone's faith-based farming system. On another site I'm a communist. On others I'm a pagan and going to hell.

Always the same thing, over and over. The points I make are not addressed or intelligently investigated nor disproved. All I get is more versions of quoting the bible to prove the bible, and then I'm called names. Any idea how boring that gets?

As a side note, do you have any conception just how crude rocket ships are? And you surmise that such a glorified firecracker was used for interplanetary or interstellar travel?

Anonymous said...

The professor you use to refute Sitchin is of the opinion the tablets are referring to bricks and mortar, not rockets. This may be Hebrew propaganda as well. They are both apparently Hebrews.

As I asked before what is it about the earth chronicles you disagree with? How about some specific facts rather than a general blanket statement that they are bullshit and propaganda. That should be be a good starting point.

It is easy drum up one link from google from an obscure professor in Wisconsin and attempt to use it to discredit some 15 books. What is it you disagree with? Sitchin is pretty close in his writing to theories produced by Rene Noorbergen, Von Daniken, the Mahabharata, Baldwin and others.

If you are going to blanket call research this extensive bs, give me some examples. Where is the beef?

Anonymous said...

Can't find a real good link on that right now.


Yes, and this, too, is thoroughly unscientific. Have a look at Sumerian -- it doesn't have anything in common with Turkish except for having an agglutinative grammar, but so does, say, Quechua. If you look a little bit closer at Sumerian grammar, BTW, it looks more like Navajo than like Turkish.

"Sumerian Cuneiform is the oldest known written language in human history and was not .... was understood by fewer than 30 non-Navajo's at the time of WWII. ..."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Falling into The Pit with Ben Stein and The Tribe.

Anonymous said...

The Light of Right will prevail over the precepts of darkness.

The Light of Righteous indignation over the self-perceived dark lords and ladies from the underworld, your challenge for power is not well received, as you were once cast aside, you will once again be remembered as the myth that never was, for that is the only right to what is My Creation that you will ever have, for you are positively disgusting to have thought otherwise. For in wisdom you do not prevail, indeed in existence you no longer hold any meaning as we, who are right minded and winged move forward into untold realms without you and your lost bloodlines. You incestuous fools from the Vatican down will collapse under the weight of your collective lies and deceit, for your reign upon this Earth is at its end.

The madness you have forever visited upon others is now visited upon you and your brethren. You are now witness to your own contempt, your vileness toward others is now visited upon you and yours, it has been a long time in its becoming, but you asked for it and I can do nothing more than grant you your wish. Enjoy the hell of your own creation and leave the real creating to Me. Step aside squirts, as if you ever matter at all, which you didn't, of course. Out of My way you mischief makers, its as if you thought you mattered in the scheme of things and I'm here to tell ya that NOPE you didn't matter at all, as a matter of fact, you matter nothing to Me. Get out of My way you indignant sons of bitches, you want some of what you dish out well here ya go, what do you think of them just deserts, lap it up you sons and daughters of bitches and bastards, lap it up.

How dare you think your miserable architecture and numerologies would hold a candle to the Mightiness of Creation and the Universal and Cosmic Keys that guard its gates. It was from these gates that you were once cast and you will be cast yet again. How dare you, in your feeblest attempt, to hold sway the power of My Loving Force. Get out of My way you unrighteous bastards and bitches from incestuous bloodlines. Time to lap up what you have for so long dished out, lap it up you warlocks and whores, your own misery I now visit upon you and yours. How dare you attempt to suffocate the Light of Creation using the dark magic of your meaningless ways, the ways of which are visited upon you now. In this I could not wait a moment longer.

continued (Tim)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your own misery as you have no one but yourselves to blame, but blame you will, you'll point the finger and give the finger and blame away, but the finger will be forever pointed right back at you and yours. Enjoy your smorgasbord of misery, you deserve what you have served, here's to a heaping plateful. You lose at the expense of so many innocents, but you lose, you good for nothing scoundrels, YOU LOSE. SCRAM you devils SCRAM, get out of My way you be knighted demons and demonesses, SCRAM and be forever gone and forgotten as a new chapter of Creation unfolds for us all here in this Most Wholly Moment of Now.

We must therefore cast you aside you self-perceived free masons of scorn and ridicule, your devious ways are this day brought full circle in and upon you, drink of your own elixir of death and good riddance you unscrupulous souls. All that is good has passed you by and you are left in the wake of the Cosmic and Creative Wave, the Boat only knows one direction, so sorry that you have lost your grasp and although I hate to see you flounder I must for the sake of Goodness Herself.

There was and is so much more if only you'd taken heed, but instead you chose to attempt to enslave my Creation in the swaddling clothes of your mythologies and legends while you in your own paranoid and delusional ways attempted to keep My children from discovering the True Essence of Their Collective Being, that which is the utilization of the Body Human as a tool for the Soul capable of utilizing its mobility and its senses to enjoy the wonderment of its own creative ways. All of what you perceive before your eyes, your ears, your nose and your lips and indeed your feet and your hands was put here for your amazement, your wonderment, your joy and most of all for your adventure into the depths of the unknown, the unseen, the unfounded, that is to say your discovery of yourselves as the Grand Cosmic Beings of your own design. The Truth has set us finally and forever free, thank God Almighty free at last!!!

A Gift given, a Gift acknowledged, a Gift of Infinite Knowledge and Understanding past down through the Aeons, but a Gift that can only be understood and unraveled in this the Most Wholly Moment of Now!


Erik said...

Thanks for a crystal clear message Tim,

I can almost hear the One rapping this TuPac style ;)

Anonymous said...


Wow. I hope you don't mind if I copy and read daily (or not) until I forget about it, only to find it later and realize I have become one with it.....feels like B12 for the soul, thank you


Anonymous said...

Here is an article on Archons....


TheSparkle said...

M. Astera and Mick: You guys shouldn't quarrel. Sitchin is a neat little old guy trying to make a living by writing books. You have to sift out what you need from his material, just as with anyone else's works.

I don't read any ancient languages, though.

It is interesting that WebBot Architect and High Priest, Clif High, has the opinion that Sitchin is just wrong on his translations.

These challenge in interpretation always remind me of the story of the finger pointing at the moon and the finger not being the moon but showing the way, something like that.

TheSparkle said...

Regarding Sitchin, Sumeria etc.

I know I heard Clif High mention that a more accurate interpretation of the Anunnaki/Nephilim/whatever is provided by Lawrence Austine Waddell who wrote extensively in the early 20th century after decades of research and study. He also linked this thought to recent work by Jay Weidner regarding the Arians. I have most of Waddell's books, and he is definitely worth studying. I am not sure which specific book or books has the information referenced above regarding 'them', though. If I remember correctly, L.A. Waddell had no knowledge of ancient languages and failing to find assistance from established academics, he labored a decade or two to learn the ancient languages himself....FWIW.

TheSparkle said...

I can't believe I haven't read the Kolbrin. I'm going to have to get to work on that lol.

Anonymous said...

I will be honest with you I don't put much stock in Waddell but it is interesting reading. He was of the Royal Anthropological institute and there is your first tip off. He views the Sumer area from what I would call a white man's burden perspective also. His theory is the the nordics came down from the north basically to institute great things. Sitchin on the other hand indicates all 12 tribes were first introduced in the Sumer and area and the "fair ones" were told to go north. This stands to reason as they were light skinned.

Waddell also makes some wild assumptions such as the Arians/I assume he means Aryans were crossed with the reptilians who made up Lemuria and Atlantis. I would like to see the codice for that one. Every society could not have been reptilians or that is all we would see upon the face of the earth today.

He is correct the Scythians or Irish culture in Ireland was similar to Sumer but they left Sumer and arrived in Ireland. Most would agree with this.

I personally put a lot of stock in what Edgar Cayce says and he says the largest ethnic group on Atantis was what we know as the American Indian today. But I can't prove this.

The symbol of the dragon was not just among nordics either, it is well established in the east also as China is symbolized by the Red Dragon. Waddell seems to leave this out.

The story of King Sargon's mother floating him down the river in a reed basket was later co-opted by the Hebrews when the old testament was formed and became Moses. It is was taken from the Sumerian religion of sun worship.

Also the idea that the present Royal lines have maintained their reptilian blood lines since time begin is a bit spurious. There have been a lot of murders and palace coups along the way to account for them holding power at present. Just because they know all the symbols and practice the rituals doesn't mean they are the real deal by the way.

But I would recommend reading all the writers in this area if anyone is interested in it. There is interesting information coming from each but Sitchin is still my favorite in this area and some of his conclusions are a stretch also at least in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


Nobody need take my word for it. This is Sitchin's site and you can order all the books you want and decide for yourself.

I can tell you they are selling like hot cakes and in many languages these days.

TheSparkle said...

Mick. Waddell traces the origins of the Aryans/Phoenecians/British to Sumeria, not some northland. I promise. :)

I'm not saying he is correct, but coincidentally the origins of 'civilization', 'money', and EVIL seem to have some connection to the land between the rivers, the birthplace of the abomination called civilization.

And Mick: I need to get you a picture of the beaded necklace I made a few months back before I adopted this pseudonym. I am certain that I inadvertently made some type of orgone device or whatever you want to call it.

wv: reescal :)

TheSparkle said...


I am reading the Kolbrin and listening to Rush right now. I might drink a beer too.

I have Sitchin's latest book, hot off the presses too, but I haven't read it yet, 'There Were Giants Upon the Earth' something like that, 2010.

TheSparkle said...

LongJohn and Les: What's up about that book? I love it, but I can't find any references to its teachings specifically though it seems to make sense and coordinate in some ways with other teachings. When I search on many of the terms in the book I come up only with the scant references to the book itself. It's either 'extremely esoteric' or something else, and I don't know what it is. But, as I said I really like it.

Anonymous said...

Don't get fascinated by the Crowleyan crap shown by
If you compare, you'll see this is a lot of "Morals and
Dogma" by Pike, and/or "Rosicrucian Manual" stuff,
lots of "Degrees" of initiation, "Masters" and invented
pun-based "ancient" terminology.
LongJohn then gives a warning, we better watch whose toes we're stepping on.
You Half-wit AntiChrist wannabe intellectuals are
tragically ridiculous.
Crowley was famous for seeing how far he could
lead rich "devotees" into ever-more freeky activities, just for fun, apparently.
The story goes that a pair of particularly intense
students demanded to advance beyond their class
as they were impatient, and felt they were quicker and sharper than the rest of the group.
Knowing these were rich boys, he gathered them in close, with his powerful eyes and dramatic bearing,
and told them, "For Ten Thousand Pounds, each, I
will Reveal the Ultimate Mystery Secret!!!"....
The Rich Boys got the money,
handed it over to old Aleister, and breathlessly awaited this crucial information:
"There's a Sucker Born Every Minute!"
And of course, this time, Crowley told the ultimate
TRUTH of "Magick"!

Anonymous said...

Sparkle I have a Navajo eight strand necklace I wear all the time. It is has a lot of stone in it and quartz plus some red coral.

Anonymous said...

"There's a Sucker Born Every Minute!"
(And two to take him)

"Never give a sucker an even break."
(or smarten up a chump)



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