Saturday, September 26, 2015

To Mimic the Sun in the Luminous Heart of Everyone.

Early Morning European edition;

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Of course we like to keep Origami as at least metaphysical, if not downright spiritual; downright spiritual? That sounds a little weird. Moving right along; anyway the Warner Brother's Saturday Morning Cartoon Pope had the insane hypocritical gall to caution the listener against material comfort. Say what?... as he drove away to the Vatican digs on the Upper East Side ...and... they got these and more palatial spreads in most every country in the world. How many of the immigrants that the popester is insisting that the US and the rest of the world take in is the Vatican taking in?

Meanwhile... Obama “decided to invite transgender activists Mateo Williamson and Vivian Taylor, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, Bishop Gene Robinson and Sister Simone Campbell, an activist nun who leads a group criticized by the Vatican for its silence on abortion and euthanasia.” to meet with the popester at the White House. Then the popester did this. As we have oft stated here, we could care less about what people get up to with each other in their fumbling efforts and antics, as they seek to discover themselves. All of our bumpings and grindings and flailing about in the darkness, are simply transiting phases on the way to self discovery. None of them are a portal into this mysterious land but... all of them serve as possibilities discarded at some point and so going through them is necessary somehow. Don't ask me why (grin). The true course of sexual passion is when it is channeled into spiritual aspiration and that is not for everyone, especially given the general consciousness and behavior patterns of the masses. Only a few in times of darkness are able to soldier on in this regard but... since reincarnation is a fact, no one gets lost although... there seems to be an indication in certain scriptures that some are able to make this happen through a darker passion of intransigence and of burning everything human out of themselves.

Here's something visible wrote back in the 70s and it is one of the many sterling efforts accomplished by the truly gifted Patrick Willis. Visible has not been a big fan of the papacy (that might be a past life thing) and after his kundalini experience he ran afoul of priests who popped out of the woodwork here and there. There was some kind of native antagonism at work; not understood by visible who for some reason is talking in the third person, probably because he knows that this annoys some people (grin).

Channeling the passions into the higher states of being is what inspired artists, mystics and various others, driven by some love for humanity or the divine, have done for a long, long time. Later in life it is especially important to be of such a mindset because, just as our physical body can weaken, our spiritual resolve can weaken and emotional and mental maladies can surface that were better contained in earlier times. A time comes in many people's lives when they just say, “fuck it.” and stop aspiring. In many cases this was never a feature anyway. The ravenous material world is as it is for the purpose of devouring its acolytes.

The strongest evidence that the Vatican is a habitation of demons is manifest in their sexual perversities. After that comes their sickening opulence and enormous wealth. At one point they were the largest property and landowner in the world. I don't know what present stats say. Hypocrisy is the mainstay of all established religions. They are travesties upon themselves but people need community and people seek religious associations in their communities. They want to and have to believe in something greater, given the seeming permanency of death. Some of us know that this is just the unseen side of the Mobius Strip The continuity of life goes on and on and on. It is the same life force in every living thing. It is just differently expressed. There's no telling what you might come back as, depending on what you got up to in any previous go round and that brings me to whatever it was that I was supposed to be writing about. This tends to happen in blog postings and in radio broadcasts. We start off talking about some version of current or recent, or long over events. Sometimes we are polite about it and sometimes not.

It 's hard to be polite about things that a possum should be able to see through but the human race is unable to recognize. If you will forgive me, I just spent some time I would rather have been doing other things with, trolling through fundie and conservative forums and the amount of blind and sarcastic ignorance is stunning and you can't break the surface of it because it appears that stupid is not skin deep. Like ugly, it seems to go all the way to the bone. No amount of reasonable argument or incontrovertible fact is equal to the task.

It appears that calamity is the only option for wider awakening, unless some necessary amount of grace is poured out of the celestial regions. That can't be counted out and if that is coming then all bets based on appearances would be off and as usual, it's always good to remember that appearances lie. So I am not going to let myself be sucked into the idea that gloom and doom are the only options. The power of the ineffable is greater by magnitude as a million suns would be by comparison with an ordinary flashlight. There is always the possibility that some given number of us will be in possession of an awareness that allows us to transcend in a quantum leap of consciousness, or it may be that the early birds are mere forerunners of a greater ascending mass. Whatever the case may be, let us operate with a wide compassion for all things because any higher level of awareness demands this and you will go nowhere without it.

I know that most of the people who come here are earnest about succeeding in the possession of higher consciousness. Some of us have skills in this area and some of us have game plans and some of us have only a burning need. It can be said that there are many applications that have some degree of effectiveness. I'm not going to analyze or judge the efficacy of any of them. I merely wish to submit that Love is the most certain, direct and powerful of all the antidotes for evil in any form. In the exercise of this, I fall back on a simple formula and that is to love the ineffable to the limits of my capacity and in every life circumstance that presents itself. Basically, I recognize the power of the sun in my heart and the nuclear force of it is Love. This power has a source and that source is the true self within. This self is ordinarily hindered in it's operations by the dark shield of the false self ...but with the cooperation of the soul and the necessary fiery trials provided, the true aspirant, or initiate, as you prefer; this shield of resistance is burned away. For each of us... the required steps and circumstances vary because our ability for persistence, or determination, as you prefer, varies but... each of us are capable to the end result. We CAN do this. I hate to sound like some cheerleader utilizing flowery phrases but I assure you I am dead serious and sincere in what I say and if this is all the words I have to say it in then they will have to do.

It does not matter what the world outside may do or say. Greater hearts and minds than our own have been scorned by those captivated in the worldly thrall. We are expected only to do our best. We are not expected to be Milarepa or Hercules, Lord Krishna or the Amitabha Buddha, unless we are them. Hear this. There is a hidden reservoir in each of us that is capable of everything that the divine within is capable of, we simply have to be in resonance with it and that is achieved by exercising the greatest commandment and that one other commandment that the master mentioned, following his recommendation of the first commandment. I suggest we take this to heart.

I mentioned recently that I suddenly felt the reality of this in my heart and that I began practicing it, especially at night before sleeping and it logically follows that this would also begin to happen in the morning upon awakening. The degree to which this is beginning to work is suggestive of divine intercession and the dream work in the night is off the charts. Since there is a long standing resonance that exists between this writer and some number of the readers, it stands to reason that anything which is possible for me is possible for you. Take that as you wish. I remind you of all the many times that things got said here that you were just thinking about and I know that there will be 'some number' of you that will remember this happening more times than we can remember. There's a reason for that and it's got nothing to do with me. It's something to do with all of us being here and all of us playing critical roles wherever it is that we are. To the extent that each of us rises to the challenge, to that extent it becomes easier for all of the rest of us.

Love and the generation of greater and greater intensities of love, is made vastly more easy by understanding what it is we love ...and why ...and although we can never hope to understand this in anything approaching totality, once we get even a glimmer of what it is we love, that force of recognition becomes both intoxicating and overwhelming, while at the same time a 'driving' force. It imbues us with exponential amounts of those qualities that are so important to the effectiveness of our efforts; courage and fearlessness, certitude, determination, strength, endurance and others and the secure possession of any one of these brings about the emergence of others through sympathetic vibration. We are closer than we think and it is later than we know. Like the Bible says; “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” This doesn't mean we give up on anyone, what it means is that we persist in our efforts for the sake of everyone. Just as a given body in space will attract other bodies by the force of its rotation and mass, or a comet might sweep other things along in its following tail... or submit any analogies you wish for that matter... what we do affects each other and given this, what we do is very important.

We are like pearls in a strand around the neck of an unknown god. That this god exists is a certainty, just as it is a certainty that this god will remain unknown but... we ourselves? We can become known and it is love that will reveal us to ourselves. Love is the magical cord that links us to godhead and love is the magnetic force that travels along that cord and it is love that transforms itself into every necessary permutation and idea that works toward the fulfillment of the perfection of love. It's not something we do. It is something that gets done in us. Put yourself in the way of it.

"True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing. And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.

Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner. Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. What I have to tell is completed, concerning the Operation of the Sun."

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Cleansing Love in the Crucible of Transformation.

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Dog toon, Beware of the guy

The world... seen from outer space doesn't betray any sense of what is actually going on down there. When you are down here and moving around through it, oddly enough, much of it doesn't look like what it actually is either. It looks like what you think it is. Even those of us who see life more closely to what it is are still seeing it through the lens of our personality and preferences and our perspective is determined by these and more impacting forces like karma and the samskaras that attend it. If we saw life as it truly is, our lens would be colored with the iridescence of overpowering love. If we're not seeing it like this then we are seeing it based on our personal limitations and shortcomings that hamstring our love and personalize it according to our ingrained likes and dislikes and this creates the stress and strain that we are often unaware that we even carry. We carry a lot with us that we are unaware of on the surface and it is what makes us tired. It is what ages us. It is what alienates us and it is that which generates our fear and uncertainty. It is all the complexities we are not and what obscures the simplicity of what we are. It is our collaboration with and conspiracy with the world that puts us in the state we occupy.

The thing that people most often overlook, because of the separated self is that we are the source of our problems whatever they may be. We find it impossible to accept this because it just has to be other people and the world and those inexplicable things that come at us out of right field. It's us. We are the one who is responsible for everything that goes wrong. If we try to consider this there is something in our minds that resists the acceptance of it. We want our own way is what it is and all of that is patterns woven out of the past and based on someone who is as foreign to us as is our undiscovered self. We only seem familiar to ourselves because we've been at it for awhile... building, dismantling, being dismantled by the circumstances we encounter and so... though we appear static and stable we are not. We are changing all the time but we don't see it very well because we're up too close and because, like Nature it does it with that time lapse magic of the gradual and we don't see things in time lapse; most of us that is... some of us do. When our sense of time comes into true perspective and we are resident in the eternal present, all kinds of life conditions are no longer anything like what they are for most people.

Most people live in some variation of confinement; some kind of prison where they inhabit the caged self. We might think we are free but we are not. We are in harness to the subconscious patterns within us that are shaped by our planetary schematic and those other contemporary patterns that have been developed by our reactions to life, due to the planetary schematics and so... though life can look accidental and unpredictable, it is not. It looks that way because all we have in terms of understanding are the limitations of our personal self, viewing it all through that lens, influenced by our sense of time and those values we have based on the limitations of the one living within the confines of the caged self. What keeps us there? Fear of the unknown. Why do we fear the unknown? We do not trust the ineffable who is the most unknown of it all and for this reason we do not trust ourselves because that self knows in that portion of itself that it has chosen to hide from itself that it is not itself but simply a faulty construct of a self like all of the other fragmented souls who are separated as well and we wander here, collectively blinded by the false self, which is the greatest liability in this existence and the one thing we have to be made free of and there is nothing we can do about it except to let it go and that might not be enough. We need the help of the ineffable who has his own ways and means of bringing this about. The best we can do is to be open to it and to realize that the moment we are sure and certain that this is what we want more than anything else it becomes a fait accompli.

It becomes a given after that and you just wait with the absolute confidence that this is so; the way I am waiting right now as I was told to do but... until this evening, I didn't know that that was what I was supposed to be waiting for. What else would it be? It's funny I suppose because as I was writing this it came more and more clearly into my mind that I was writing this for that very reason and that it was one of those jokes that the ineffable likes to play on me and that was followed by the distinct impression that it won't be long now and that was followed by the awareness that the ineffable's time and my time are not the same, except when it is and I get the sense that I wouldn't be informed about it in any case.

We tend to forget that the divine has quite a sense of humor. We tend to forget a lot of things, which is why remembering is the key. We'll be doing all kinds of remembering when our real self appears. Think of it like the approach of dawn... true dawn.

So... I stopped writing this last night because I started feeling unusual. That's really the only way to put it and then that particular agent of the divine came in and I started to tremble and he said, “So... you know it's really me.” Laughing as he said it because the trembling made it unmistakable and then I heard, “I know you have been doubting my presence in your life in recent times, wondering if when you are hearing me it is me that you are hearing and your confusion over my not warning you about dramatic events in your life but you never have more than a portion of the picture. You can't understand the totality of a life if you cannot see the totality of a life.” “Shaking it here, Boss.”

I suddenly felt waves of incredible well being, such as has not been the case in some while. I won't go into some of the other things I was told because they might not translate so well here as they did in my own mind. Let me just say it was exceedingly positive. I went and laid in my bed and felt waves of centered serenity flow over me and then it was dreams following dreams, so that when I awoke at seven I just went back to bed for more and more dreams of an order very much beyond what I have been accustomed to. Yes... I know they were just dreams and life itself is no more than that, until one awakens. Prior to my falling asleep I felt such a surging of love in my heart that I am unable to describe what it was like.

I was told to share with the reader that similar events are in store for many of you; in store for those who have been searching after it and that regardless of what is coming in a wider sense it can get very much better than it has been for some time... if ever. We are each going to be rewarded according to the manner in which we have been expressing our life and according to that which we have aspired after. It has been as difficult as it was for some of us, in order to prepare us for the blessings to come. There can be no other reason for the tests and trials than to burn away our darkness and resistance and to provoke a deeper surrender. Make no mistake, all of us carry some level of resistance in us; resistance to the will of the divine. For the most part it is just allowed to continue because the ineffable doesn't see the necessary amount of promise to attract the necessary attention. The divine consigns these souls to the long reach in the evolution of lives following lives. However, when the angels of the almighty spot a spark of sincere devotion in a particular soul, they are drawn into the crucible of transformation and all their weaknesses and shortcomings are consumed in the flames of divine love and it can be a painful journey. Quite simply, look at the lives of the founders of all of the great faiths and look at the lives of those who have been remembered for following in their footsteps. That should tell you what is asked of us.

I sit here today as the memory of last evening has faded somewhat but the calm and assurance remain. All I can say is that what really fades is the relative importance of everything else. Nothing satisfies the heart and soul so much as the indwelling presence. All other concerns become secondary. You feel no need for anything outside of the experience of the indwelling. Even these brief moments are worth all of the suffering that made them possible. And these tastes are only a faint indication of what is to come when a mighty river of love begins to flow through and out of the chambers of the heart and one's whole being is illuminated in the light of the ineffable. This is the sure and certain result of applied devotion and it is made a reality by the consistent exercise of faith, certitude and determination. I'm really looking forward to this coming evening.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some Words in Honor of the Passing of a Great Human Being; Piero Resta.

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This is not to be missed. It keeps breaking for ads so just skip them:

We have come to the edge of it. We are on the edge and the edge is everywhere. Any strong wind will set it off. Every human being is an island of consciousness. When John Donne said, “every man's death diminishes me”, he wasn't talking about individual consciousness, although in a sense he was. What he was talking about and... I have no way of knowing if he knew this, was of the ocean of subconsciousness that connects us all. We are all inlets into this ocean and this ocean is tossing in all directions, with angry foaming waves ...because irresistible change is coming and that is what is stirring the wide waters. You might think it has to do with collective fear; desire, confusion, runaway ignorance and denial that has hardened its resistance but which cannot last against the force of the sea. These are symptoms of our dis-ease as we have departed from any sense of harmony with the great sea and this once shining Earth we inhabit. In our lassitude and indifference we have allowed the very worst of us to turn this planet into a smoldering garbage dump.

We must find the garden within and those of us seeking with the greater intensity have attracted the less than tender ministrations of the enemy of humanity. Any resistance to the force of herding and perverting that is taking place worldwide brings the attention of his minions to annoy and frustrate us in our every day. I experience this on a regular basis and I know that many readers are having a hard time of it because not a day goes by that I don't hear from one of them and I have the direct evidence of my own life. It ain't easy (grin).

I am going to step away from the usual blog posting formula to celebrate the life of a man whom I considered a good friend and who was someone I was looking forward to reuniting with when I managed to visit Maui. I would have been there already except for my assault, yet one more thing this unfortunate event has cost me- if you knew Piero, please go to the link above and say something. He deserves it. I'm guessing many people have not seen it or maybe even know. He lived as far away as you can get and most of the people who know him don't read newspapers.

I find, before even setting about the attempt to do so, that I will be unable to pay justice to this man and his remarkable life. All of us know someone who inspired us simply by being in the same room; who lit up the room when they entered it, someone who was so filled with enthusiasm and joie de vive that it proved infectious. Piero was such a man and he brought so many of us together by creating scenes where artists would gather and demonstrate their abilities and wares to one another. He was a uniquely humble soul and I cannot remember him ever spending any time promoting himself. He was all about bringing out the creativity in others. Piero always wanted to know what you were up to. He didn't spend that much time telling you what he was up to. It might come up for whatever reason now and again and be dismissed with that sincere self deprecating shrug that I remember him for.

Piero Resta

Piero Resta
Piero Resta

He was a real character. When you saw him it was obvious that he was an artist and he was an artist in the very best sense because he himself was his greatest work and he left an indelible impact on the lives of others. When I met him he was the proprietor of Piero's Garden Cafe, which he ran with his mother who was a wonderful cook. This was in the 80's when Paia was an outlaw town and you took your safety in your hands if you were to walk its streets at night We always used to make jokes about the green lasagna, which I will add here was top notch! He and his mother were fabulous cooks. Pretty much anything that Piero did, he did well.

Here is some of his art-

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

and some shots of his location in Kaupo:

Wandael Villa

Wandael Villa

Piero put together the most dynamic environment I have ever been a part of. Performance nights were seriously memorable and there are many of us surviving today who will never forget those events and some of the outrageous spectacles that took place there. One might say that I was the source of a great deal of the outrageous side of it and I doubt that there were many places around that would have allowed someone like me to do the sort of things I did on stage. Let me just say that one of those events, a dinner and show evening with myself and Bud-the Birdman- Clifton led directly to my biggest arrest, based on the sort of much too real comedy and music we performed that night. Bud and I, along with Franklin Russell and Michael Madden were an inseparable quartet of mischief and madness there and Piero made it all possible.

Here is his website.

Like I said, I can't possibly communicate in any meaningful way just how dynamic a person Piero was, or convey a true illustration of how he touched the lives of others. That is something that will speak out of the hearts of others every time they remember him and talk about him among each other, which I am sure will happen with some amount of frequency. He is one of those people that will be sorely missed and you hear this sort of statement probably more often than is actually necessary or true because in the cases of many people they aren't sorely missed. Someone just felt compelled to say it for lack of anything better. In Piero's case it is a true statement. He will be sorely missed. He was many things but what I remember most is how much fun he was and how alive he was and how he made things happen, especially when it had to do with bringing people together in a celebratory atmosphere.

Since I am not equal to the task of accurately remembering him, let us segue back into the metaphysical for which this blog is most noted for and talk about the human characteristics that we would all be much improved by manifesting in our lives. Every day is a sterling opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others; a touch upon the shoulder, a kind word, a compassionate glance across the aisle of existence in passing, when we see the wounded hearts of others, as it looks out at us through their eyes. Besides the hurt, there is that anger and the frustration that we see in so many of the lives that pass by us. We have the chance to shine upon those lives if only in passing and if only for a moment. We have myriad opportunities every day to have an impact on life and to have an impact on that shared ocean of consciousness that connects us all. Piero did this. I watched him do this many times. He made you feel better about yourself.

I had a bad day today. It was one of those days where everything conspired to make my movements difficult. Everything stuck together or got in the way and the human side of the equation that I encountered was not helpful. In fact, I had to drive a hundred miles today through an endless repetition of highway construction zones, back and forth and it was all less pleasant and more difficult than it usually is and these days that is how it usually is (grin). The thing is that yesterday I had to do exactly the same thing and then hang out at the dentists, or in the area for some hours so that I wouldn't have to come back again but I did have to come back the very next day because he left one single word off of the prescription that he wrote me. What was the word? It was 'twenty'. When you write a prescription here you have to put the numeral in, like 20 and also spell it out. No one would honor it because one word was missing. How absurd is that? Very. What makes it more ridiculous is that this enforced stupidity is all the result of legislation put together by the biggest drug dealers on the planet; the DEA. The CIA, the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians who get paid to help all this global crime flourish and this isn't speculation on my part. You and I know it is true. It's all a part of that police state thing.

Piero never paid much attention to any of these things and he was the better man for it. I pay too much attention to these things. I imagine it is my job and maybe it is. Piero had his job too and that was to make the world a better place and to lift the spirits of whoever he met. No one can say that Piero wasted his life. No one can say that he didn't leave this world a better place. He did and he didn't have to make war on the armies of darkness in order to do this. He simply shared his love and spread his light and let his art speak for him and his greatest art was himself. I don't know that I've done anything better by being in conflict with the larger world in an imagined effort to shake it awake. Piero woke many hearts without any conflict whatsoever.

I expect to be at his memorial service and I expect to say things similar to this and honor him with a poem and some songs. It won't be enough but it's what I've got. Enjoy the celestial light worlds, Piero! I know this is something you will be just as good at as you were at everything else you did while you were here. Piero's death did not diminish me. His life increased me and made me a better person.

Here's an article that mentions that location where many of these and other works got performed and all of which Piero made possible.

Maui News, Les Visible
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gazing into the Mirror of Reflecting Verisimilitude

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Another day and here we are... still... for however long remains to us. Even when we are no longer here, we will be somewhere. Where and what that somewhere is is the question. Yes... I know we suffer here. It is the nature of the location. It comes down to desire in all it's facets and features. When we are consumed with desire, even if we get what we pursue, we cannot be satisfied for two reasons. One is the intensity of our drive (the flame burns too hot) and the other is the focus of our drive. If it is not directed at the ineffable it is doomed in the long run. Here we must mention that the ineffable is the fountain from which all blessings and all good things flow. In other words, to seek the ineffable is to also be in line for anything else you might possibly want or need and all of these under the best of circumstances. There is only one enjoyer and that enjoyer is within us and active in us should we be inclined to defer to its performance of enjoyment. Otherwise, let's face it, most of the time we don't know how to enjoy what we have and get and that is why we are left so often with the taste of ashes in our mouths.

Another problem is the havoc and hurt we leave in our wake; the hearts broken and the lives ruined due to our desperate grasping at all costs.

From the Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde;

Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!
Some kill their love when they are young,
And some when they are old;
Some strangle with the hands of Lust,
Some with the hands of Gold:
The kindest use a knife, because
The dead so soon grow cold.
Some love too little, some too long,
Some sell, and others buy;
Some do the deed with many tears,
And some without a sigh:
For each man kills the thing he loves,
Yet each man does not die.”

Here is the whole poem. Oscar had a terrible time of it in prison. It was his own fault he was there. He presumed too much upon his genius and position of privilege and he paid the price. It is said that he left that place a broken man. I've read the details of his incarceration. You could definitely say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was one of our more spectacular examples of the purpose of demonstration. As a lesser luminary, I too have had ample share in the same and did more time behind bars than did Oscar. One of the things that uninformed critics of mine like to trumpet are things like; “He.. he was locked up in a maximum security ward for the criminally insane!!!” Yeah... so was Ezra Pound. In fact, we were held in the same location there. Then you hear, “He got in so much trouble here that he can't come back to the US!!!” Well... here I am. “He was locked up for drugs!!! He's a druggie!!!” The facts in both of my arrests are easily discovered if you want to pay a little money for the transcripts and truth. In both cases I was setup and entrapped because of my public performances. I even managed to prove this the second time and it has never been duplicated since. That should tell you how difficult it is.

Some of us can seek after the ineffable and have a less controversial run of it. We live in ashrams or hermitages or spend our lives engaged in good works that do not offend the authorities. Others of us must walk a more confrontational path and this is often true of artists in the various persuasions; those who live in times of darkness and seek to express the light of understanding in their work. They run afoul of the criminal juntas of their days. Many of them have been imprisoned, assassinated and executed... disappeared... slandered and... impoverished because their areas of commerce have been cut off from their efforts and enterprises. However, the ineffable is in charge in every place, whether it looks like it or not. The ineffable decides what happens to and for you.

Why does this happen? It happens to test the metal of the practitioner. It happens to refine the metal and to improve upon the creations of the artist. It happens to clarify the vision and to establish an integrity that manifests in the work, so as to make the work more enduring that it might stand the test of time and stand as an example of what is possible for those who love and serve the ineffable. It is no highway for the lazy or the cowardly. It is no place for those who are not equal to the task and this is why trial and suffering are employed to weed out the pretenders. One cannot speak with authority unless one has authority and this is... conferred. It is not seized, as is the usual manner of those in the political and economic arenas As the Bard had to say in Henry the Fourth;

“How many thousand of my poorest subjects
Are at this hour asleep! O sleep, O gentle sleep,
Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down
And steep my senses in forgetfulness?
Why rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs,
Upon uneasy pallets stretching thee
And hush'd with buzzing night-flies to thy slumber,
Than in the perfumed chambers of the great,
Under the canopies of costly state,
And lull'd with sound of sweetest melody?
O thou dull god, why liest thou with the vile
In loathsome beds, and leavest the kingly couch
A watch-case or a common 'larum-bell?
Wilt thou upon the high and giddy mast
Seal up the ship-boy's eyes, and rock his brains
In cradle of the rude imperious surge
And in the visitation of the winds,
Who take the ruffian billows by the top,
Curling their monstrous heads and hanging them
With deafening clamour in the slippery clouds,
That, with the hurly, death itself awakes?
Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose
To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude,
And in the calmest and most stillest night,
With all appliances and means to boot,
Deny it to a king? Then happy low, lie down!
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

Truly... uneasy lies the head that wears a crown... unless it is conferred by the one who possesses all authority. This is why ten different people can all say the same thing and only one of them will have lasting import in their words because they have the divine right to say these things. This is yet another reason that true seekers are put through such strenuous trials. One must be led or pressed to a state where the deeper portions of their being have been exposed and revealed. No one makes great art by accident. Everyone that makes great art (that makes great art) does so by inspiration. Inspiration is conferred on two sorts, the worthy and unworthy but it is conferred upon the unworthy to demonstrate the cost of the loss of inspiration. You can't steal or finagle inspiration. The angels that guard the route of access are wise beyond human understanding where it concerns any aspirant. They know us to the depths of our being and potential. They know what we are made of and who made us and why.

We live in an age of superficiality, where the most banal and uninspired treacle is celebrated. We live in an age where what is genuine is scorned and suppressed... reviled even. Few there are who long after the highest possible expression of themselves and eyes are upon all of us at all times. Our own eyes are used by entities that view the world and all of our actions and this is why nothing is hidden and none of us can escape the consequences of our behavior. We are convicted by our own witness.

Everything is as it is for the purpose of demonstration. It is so that we can show and be shown and powerful examples of this are on the threshold of the moment. We shall see what we are made of and we are blessed if we are successfully made beforehand. God help those who are unprepared and never sought to be prepared but rather were driven by the promise of gain or by any kind of vain ambition. Why is it called vain? It is called so because it does not have the imprimatur of the almighty.

It is a hard thing to accept that everything is in the hands of a power greater than our own. We have no power. We only think we do and we are allowed to imagine that we have status and power and ability because it serves the greater plans of the ineffable to use us as examples. Let us hope we have the necessary verisimilitude. Did we pursue this? Was this our objective? God is gracious and generous beyond anything we can imagine and most assuredly because we are not.

We are impatient. The almighty is not. The almighty is many things that we are not but which we might share in, should we be in possession of the proper humility and dedication and this is yet one more reason why we are put through the things we are put through and it is why I myself am not unduly distressed by what I have been put through. I measure my suffering the way an investment banker looks at a very good investment that is certain to provide a remarkable return. One might say the return on our own suffering is likely to be much greater than anything that might come to an investment banker. It would be of an entirely different order. They are not the same thing. One is pedestrian and temporary and one can be eternal... everlasting and not subject to the temporal judgments of time and wear. One might say, in certain cases; “All things are made new!”

Every man and woman should ask themselves 'before' they set out upon the objectives of their lives; “What am I after? What can I realize from this? Will is improve my life and the lives of others? Will is save my life or will it cost me my life?”

We need to have a serious talk with ourselves and that is why we stress Self Inquiry here. By the process of self inquiry you can find yourself ...and what is this self? It is not the self with which we are all familiar. It is the self that inhabits all of us to some degree and when one comes into possession of this self one gains; can gain... a unity and harmony with all life and the ability to speak into every heart to some level of depth in each; whatever they might be open to. If confers the ability to see into every heart what is really resident there and it grants one the abilities of the self to exercise in life's interplays. What could possibly be a more valuable tool than this, to negotiate the highways and byways of existence?

I will leave it to each of us to make our own decisions in this life, according to what is valued and what is not. Free will means that we have the freedom to surrender to the will of the ineffable or to oppose it. Both cases result in a demonstration of efficacy or the lack of it.

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There will be a radio show tomorrow, maybe... depending on how I feel about the poor responses to the trouble taken (grin).

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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Creeping Understandings from the Fathomless Pool.

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I had a wonderful visit with a Naturopathic physician from the mainland this evening who is in the islands for a wedding and a visit and who was kind enough to travel some good distance across the island just to stop in with me. It was reassuring to be in the company of a resonant mind. He's been a reader of the blogs for a good long while, He's a big hearty fellow, filled with life and that aura of health that comes from right living. It was one of those timeless excursions into thought and conversation that don't come around all that often but when they do they are welcome indeed. Thank you James for the pleasure of your company.

It's funny how the ineffable manages my life. Certainly I am not qualified to do so and the years have taught me this. In recent times I have been bouncing the ball of possibilities off of the wall of circumstance; knowing that if I return to Germany for a month or so, all of my health considerations could be managed for free. At the same time, if I am kept here then it means that somehow they will be managed here. I've come to understand that the door will open in one direction or the other and I must be content with what opportunity and mysterious destiny accord. It seems that one of my most compelling and necessary lessons which need to be learned, is to accept what the man on the beach told me; “Everything is under control” There are moments when it all comes together and I understand both the mystical and practical significance of this. Then there are other moments when the enduring and inflexible reality of this escapes me and I spin round and round until it reoccurs to me that everything is under control and I am once again caught up in the mystical and practical significance of it, like a pro on a surf board who understands the power of the wave he is riding and the dynamic that exists between his sense of balance and the fury of the water that carries him, instead of crushing him and this is always the case, seen or not. We have to come to understand that we cannot fight these forces and win. We have to use them within the context of what is possible. Bend and you need not break. Lean into it and on and so on.

Spending these months that I have spent here in this isolated location has brought benefits around that slipped under the radar of my awareness. Sometimes we are dramatically changed and are unaware of it because we don't know what to compare it against. A great deal can happen in an environ of imposed solitude. Ordinarily, according to my nature, I would have made more of an effort to interact with others and to set my attention upon certain objectives but I did not. I took it upon the authority of the inner voice to just be and wait upon what comes. Some of what has come has been surprising and... seen from any normal angle, unpleasant ...but we never know how things will turn out. Sometimes I feel as if I am in a kind of prison that is not defined by visible bars and oppressive routines. It is a confinement in consciousness, where one cannot rise above certain restrictions in awareness. Think of it like a fish in an aquarium. Though the fish and the observers outside the aquarium might think the fish is one thing and the aquarium another and that there is a kind of static existence of observable limitations that cannot be overcome... the truth is that it is all consciousness and the consciousness of the fish can impact dramatically upon the confines of the aquarium, so much so that the dimensions of the aquarium can change remarkably in relation to changes in the awareness of the fish; metaphorically speaking and I am seeing this but I can't say any more about it because I lack the skill to do so. Perhaps that will not always be the case. For the moment it is.

I am starting to see a very subtle magic that abounds in existence but which is elusive to the perceptions. As one's awareness shifts, those colors that sympathetically vibrate to the colors we are familiar with begin to come in to view. They were always there but they were vibrating at a speed that made them difficult to perceive until one's capacity increased to the point that they could be seen. I am beginning to realize certain things that I already knew a long time ago but they were not viscerally embedded into my being. It is funny how any number of things can mean something all through your tenure in a certain state of awareness and then there comes this shift in consciousness and everything has a new meaning and the old meaning hasn't changed. It is still there but now it has highlights and accents and a new atmosphere of wonder that is communicating something so much deeper than what was there before. It is as if you have moved from black and white to color and then found there was another dynamic above that.

Pardon me as I shift into something more pedestrian but I do not want to forget to mention it. As the reader should know by now, I am usually watching some kind of video along with my writing activities. Besides the functional employment of this as a distraction, it keeps me abreast of what the mind control vipers are up to and over the course of recent months, after exposure to hundreds of examples, it is clear to me now that there is an intention at work that crosses every ocean and every variation in the mediums and it involves certain cultural mores and psychological programming that is set up to wrap it all in a framework of normalcy as if it had always been this way and it hasn't. I remember watching it happen for awhile and it is only lately that I see every example, as it is slipped into the video at different points, in the form of characters or plot mechanisms or conversation and events. It doesn't matter who produces or directs it or who acts in it. These insertions are like commercials for lifestyles as well as weather reports on the moral climate where we are indoctrinated into which weather condition we are expected to enjoy or prefer over another and no matter what, like clockwork, people are having sex and inhaling booze and drugs as well. Though I have known all along that I was being exposed to formulas, I have never seen it quite like I do now because my state of detachment has never been what it is now. It's as if those changes in my being which I have struggled so hard for and aspired after as if it were the very oxygen that I breathe and been stymied, over and over, in my efforts to acquire them are finally beginning to happen. I had nearly despaired of this ever coming about.

Due to the incredible degree of disappointments I have experienced in a lifetime of being put through my paces, I am not willing to leap forth in joy and excitement over these indications of transformation, as powerful as they seem to be. I heard a bird calling my name earlier and I just kind of noticed it and went on to the kitchen for my tea. I didn't head over to the breadfruit tree where it was sitting and I didn't take the trouble to see what it looked like. I just went my way and it wasn't one of those events where it kind of sounded like it was calling my name. It was VERY CLEARLY calling my name; "visibal! visibal!". The same thing happened to me in India one morning and maybe it happened once at my home in Germany but that would be the sum of it. It's been rare. What I am saying is that this happened and these other things are happening and I'm mostly detached. I don't know what it means and supernatural episodes have come and gone more times than memory can recall. I used to get worked up about them like a kid on Christmas morning. Maybe that was the problem.

I am seriously considering now that perhaps the greatest and most fundamentally transformative experiences in our lives often come upon us without our really noticing. It is only later that it dawns on us that something marvelous has happened. The magic of Nature is like that. We don't see a plant break the Earth and one day it's sprouted up all over the place. Years afterwards we look back and there are singular memories that are always there and there was nothing astounding happening at the time and we don't remember anything significant about them but for some reason we remember them. Of course we remember the startling and life changing events but I am talking about those memories that don't possess anything especially singular about them but something about them is memorable. Perhaps we shall yet discover what that was. I am of the opinion that sometimes the ineffable is resident and that is what makes it remarkable. We just haven't made that association.

I have no longing for companionship or some new development of that ever reoccurring cycle of life repeating itself in some new stage set with new characters. This isn't to say it won't come about. This is to say I won't be having anything to do with bringing it about. After all... everything is under control.

That experience with the bird was very profound. It was so clearly saying my name. It lasted for only a few minutes and then it was gone. I do not know what to make of it but I expect more events of this nature for some reason. You could say that my ears are perked and attentive, much like the RCA dog, Nipper (that was his name).

Why not leave you with just a little evidence of some of the mysteries they don't allow you to publicly talk about in our controlled societies. I've come across many another curiosity besides these in my comings and goings, like those viaducts with a laser tolerance, surgically round, monster balls in Peru. This article comes courtesy of Rixon Stewart

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Maybe it isn't April. Maybe September is the Cruelest Month.

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I suppose it is time to talk about this month we are in and all of the vain predictions being made by those who consider themselves informed. Here we have a whole barrel full of hogwash that is based on Chosen People Syndrome that was created by agents of the Self Chosen people, who created all kinds of religious history that backs up everything BEING ABOUT THEM. The wackness in this comes with the fantasy that they are the preferred offspring of the almighty when... the god they serve is most certainly a demonic entity and this should be easily observable even to borderline intellects. Here is a whole lot of prediction and projection based on false history and false prophecies put together by those who manipulate western religious traditions for their own material profit.

I am not suggesting that every member of this demographic is a malign and psychopathic entity, or that some of them aren't actually spiritually engaged and possibly even illuminated because there are individuals from every system of faith who are. What I am suggesting is that the evidence tells us that a good portion of these individuals are skilled liars and the most glaring evidence of that is their rank and file support of The Holocaust Myth. Let us consider how intelligent they are in certain areas of enterprise and then let us determine that they cannot be universally stupid concerning this non event, even if they have been as programmed as the rest of the population, there is no way that a serious number of them have not seen through it and let us keep in mind the alarmingly large numbers that show up on demand, talking about their personal experiences in concentration camps that never happened. How can it be that I can't even come up with a single one of them, off the bat, who is noted for poking holes in this huge monstrosity of a very, very profitable lie. All I can come up with is that Tribe member who went and did that video tour of Auschwitz and exposed the gas chambers/crematorium fabrication. How many investigative journalists are Tribe members who are employed on the left? How many of them are being truthful about this? When thousands of them were warned through Odigo on 9/11, how many of them came out about this? There is something uniformly wrong about these people.

Here's another link about September. Here they are telling us that any comet over 100 meters large could destroy the world. Somehow that seems mathematically insane to me. A hundred meter rock hits a planet that is 28,000 miles in circumference and destroys all life on the planet? Maybe this is why I am a poet and not a mathematician. It doesn't add up to me. If it were a mile wide and hit the planet it wouldn't make sense to me. If I had a ball in my hand and was looking at an enormous scale model of the Earth by comparison and I had that ball fired at the scale Earth, somehow I don't get the sensation that the mass would even notice, except locally but... that's just me.

Here's some more money lender based prophecies. Okay people. I know something is coming and I know that no one who has been doing any public speaking about it has any idea of what it is. Any number of the arguments being made in all of these links is off the wall. Some of them, being merely speculative are... well... merely speculative. And wait a minute, haven't I been saying we should be aware of September? Yes, I have- but to me, everything is spiritual. The effects may be material but they are of a spiritual origin because everything that is seen is driven by the unseen; be it celestial or infernal.

Yes... I have been mentioning September for awhile now but it isn't like I know anything and sometimes I say things in the hope that because I said them they won't happen and that is always operating in the background of my mind. Sometimes just because you say something it doesn't happen. I am under no illusions that my tiny footprint on world consciousness has any great impact but... you never know. It has been proven in many times and places that saying something can often ward against it.

It's all right here-

Few of us understand this in its most profound sense and that is specifically because you cannot understand it (in any practical sense), unless you are permitted to because it contains an incredibly powerful key to the mysteries of the universe and at that level the secrets are protected by archetypal forces. Yes... the reverse Kabala Boys can get their hands on all kind of rituals and information but there are levels that cannot be hijacked. At no time are the higher levels of the mysteries available in written form or in any form that can be acquired by the dark side. They are given enough to get themselves into trouble but to penetrate into the inner sanctum you have to be invited in by agents of cosmic force who know more about you than you ever will, outside the gateway to the sanctum.

“Some velvet morning when I'm straight
I'm gonna open up your gate
And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra
and how she gave me life
and how she made it in.”

That's apropos of nothing... maybe. Let us keep in mind the degree of pollution that this time zone presently wallows in. Let's further keep in mind that if you look at the state of the world from a spiritual perspective, the amount of corruption and wrongness across the board, makes it ripe for judgment and it is just going to get worse, considering present trends, UNLESS there is divine intervention.

For some reason I just can't process the idea that the divine is going to blow the whole thing up, without there being more of a preface to the whole thing. I expect stages yet and I expect events of a transformative nature to spark waves of awakening and awareness around the globe that work toward the separation of types; toward the routing of various types, to various portals that reflect egress for those tapped for particular dimensional shifts. I do not see this as a good guys go that way and the bad guys go this way. I think there are going to be more than two simple options. I believe there are many mansions, both above and below and we are headed toward Slot Car City, each after our own fashion.

Perhaps in three weeks this world will have changed dramatically. It could be any one thing significantly important enough to cause this or it could be a series of events in different sectors that domino their way through all sorts of related events where the hip bone is connected to the knee bone and by that process, every bone in the body.

I don't know. That is what I do know. For whatever the reason I can't shake my optimism. I feel like it's all going to work out. I do not feel like it is all going to work out in positive fashion but I feel that it will for the genuinely positive among us and that it will all work out in some fashion in every situation though very likely not the way that a lot of people hope it will.

In the following, it is the use and intent of the terms that I am calling out, not the essential truth that may exist there in certain instances. I especially oppose the bastardization of the language in order to suit the smallest demongraphics on the planet.

Gender Fluid strikes me very much like phlegm caught in the throat of reverse engineered social progress.

Or vomit, only if it behaves like vomit and the key here is that vomit is vomit and the product of an unsettled stomach that ate something wrong. Some things can't be forced down the throat of the cosmos just cause you want it to be. There are rules and when you break the rules things happen. I'm not talking about manufactured rules that are created to serve an agenda. I am talking about real rules that always react a certain way, unless, like an airplane you can get around them by generating the design and force necessary to what is required. This doesn't mean that in every case there is a solution, especially when your solution goes contrary to the laws of Nature. You can do all kinds of things in a limited time format. Sometimes it can take awhile for laws to go into action but you can count on this. They will.

So... what's going to happen? I don't know. I've got about 35 pounds of brown rice and a few other things. I'll be good for a bit, I think... if... that turns out to be the actual problem cause it could always be something else.

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