Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some Words in Honor of the Passing of a Great Human Being; Piero Resta.

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We have come to the edge of it. We are on the edge and the edge is everywhere. Any strong wind will set it off. Every human being is an island of consciousness. When John Donne said, “every man's death diminishes me”, he wasn't talking about individual consciousness, although in a sense he was. What he was talking about and... I have no way of knowing if he knew this, was of the ocean of subconsciousness that connects us all. We are all inlets into this ocean and this ocean is tossing in all directions, with angry foaming waves ...because irresistible change is coming and that is what is stirring the wide waters. You might think it has to do with collective fear; desire, confusion, runaway ignorance and denial that has hardened its resistance but which cannot last against the force of the sea. These are symptoms of our dis-ease as we have departed from any sense of harmony with the great sea and this once shining Earth we inhabit. In our lassitude and indifference we have allowed the very worst of us to turn this planet into a smoldering garbage dump.

We must find the garden within and those of us seeking with the greater intensity have attracted the less than tender ministrations of the enemy of humanity. Any resistance to the force of herding and perverting that is taking place worldwide brings the attention of his minions to annoy and frustrate us in our every day. I experience this on a regular basis and I know that many readers are having a hard time of it because not a day goes by that I don't hear from one of them and I have the direct evidence of my own life. It ain't easy (grin).

I am going to step away from the usual blog posting formula to celebrate the life of a man whom I considered a good friend and who was someone I was looking forward to reuniting with when I managed to visit Maui. I would have been there already except for my assault, yet one more thing this unfortunate event has cost me- if you knew Piero, please go to the link above and say something. He deserves it. I'm guessing many people have not seen it or maybe even know. He lived as far away as you can get and most of the people who know him don't read newspapers.

I find, before even setting about the attempt to do so, that I will be unable to pay justice to this man and his remarkable life. All of us know someone who inspired us simply by being in the same room; who lit up the room when they entered it, someone who was so filled with enthusiasm and joie de vive that it proved infectious. Piero was such a man and he brought so many of us together by creating scenes where artists would gather and demonstrate their abilities and wares to one another. He was a uniquely humble soul and I cannot remember him ever spending any time promoting himself. He was all about bringing out the creativity in others. Piero always wanted to know what you were up to. He didn't spend that much time telling you what he was up to. It might come up for whatever reason now and again and be dismissed with that sincere self deprecating shrug that I remember him for.

Piero Resta

Piero Resta
Piero Resta

He was a real character. When you saw him it was obvious that he was an artist and he was an artist in the very best sense because he himself was his greatest work and he left an indelible impact on the lives of others. When I met him he was the proprietor of Piero's Garden Cafe, which he ran with his mother who was a wonderful cook. This was in the 80's when Paia was an outlaw town and you took your safety in your hands if you were to walk its streets at night We always used to make jokes about the green lasagna, which I will add here was top notch! He and his mother were fabulous cooks. Pretty much anything that Piero did, he did well.

Here is some of his art-

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

Piero Resta Art

and some shots of his location in Kaupo:

Wandael Villa

Wandael Villa

Piero put together the most dynamic environment I have ever been a part of. Performance nights were seriously memorable and there are many of us surviving today who will never forget those events and some of the outrageous spectacles that took place there. One might say that I was the source of a great deal of the outrageous side of it and I doubt that there were many places around that would have allowed someone like me to do the sort of things I did on stage. Let me just say that one of those events, a dinner and show evening with myself and Bud-the Birdman- Clifton led directly to my biggest arrest, based on the sort of much too real comedy and music we performed that night. Bud and I, along with Franklin Russell and Michael Madden were an inseparable quartet of mischief and madness there and Piero made it all possible.

Here is his website.

Like I said, I can't possibly communicate in any meaningful way just how dynamic a person Piero was, or convey a true illustration of how he touched the lives of others. That is something that will speak out of the hearts of others every time they remember him and talk about him among each other, which I am sure will happen with some amount of frequency. He is one of those people that will be sorely missed and you hear this sort of statement probably more often than is actually necessary or true because in the cases of many people they aren't sorely missed. Someone just felt compelled to say it for lack of anything better. In Piero's case it is a true statement. He will be sorely missed. He was many things but what I remember most is how much fun he was and how alive he was and how he made things happen, especially when it had to do with bringing people together in a celebratory atmosphere.

Since I am not equal to the task of accurately remembering him, let us segue back into the metaphysical for which this blog is most noted for and talk about the human characteristics that we would all be much improved by manifesting in our lives. Every day is a sterling opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others; a touch upon the shoulder, a kind word, a compassionate glance across the aisle of existence in passing, when we see the wounded hearts of others, as it looks out at us through their eyes. Besides the hurt, there is that anger and the frustration that we see in so many of the lives that pass by us. We have the chance to shine upon those lives if only in passing and if only for a moment. We have myriad opportunities every day to have an impact on life and to have an impact on that shared ocean of consciousness that connects us all. Piero did this. I watched him do this many times. He made you feel better about yourself.

I had a bad day today. It was one of those days where everything conspired to make my movements difficult. Everything stuck together or got in the way and the human side of the equation that I encountered was not helpful. In fact, I had to drive a hundred miles today through an endless repetition of highway construction zones, back and forth and it was all less pleasant and more difficult than it usually is and these days that is how it usually is (grin). The thing is that yesterday I had to do exactly the same thing and then hang out at the dentists, or in the area for some hours so that I wouldn't have to come back again but I did have to come back the very next day because he left one single word off of the prescription that he wrote me. What was the word? It was 'twenty'. When you write a prescription here you have to put the numeral in, like 20 and also spell it out. No one would honor it because one word was missing. How absurd is that? Very. What makes it more ridiculous is that this enforced stupidity is all the result of legislation put together by the biggest drug dealers on the planet; the DEA. The CIA, the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians who get paid to help all this global crime flourish and this isn't speculation on my part. You and I know it is true. It's all a part of that police state thing.

Piero never paid much attention to any of these things and he was the better man for it. I pay too much attention to these things. I imagine it is my job and maybe it is. Piero had his job too and that was to make the world a better place and to lift the spirits of whoever he met. No one can say that Piero wasted his life. No one can say that he didn't leave this world a better place. He did and he didn't have to make war on the armies of darkness in order to do this. He simply shared his love and spread his light and let his art speak for him and his greatest art was himself. I don't know that I've done anything better by being in conflict with the larger world in an imagined effort to shake it awake. Piero woke many hearts without any conflict whatsoever.

I expect to be at his memorial service and I expect to say things similar to this and honor him with a poem and some songs. It won't be enough but it's what I've got. Enjoy the celestial light worlds, Piero! I know this is something you will be just as good at as you were at everything else you did while you were here. Piero's death did not diminish me. His life increased me and made me a better person.

Here's an article that mentions that location where many of these and other works got performed and all of which Piero made possible.

Maui News, Les Visible
Click on image for expanded view

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Visible said...

Susanne just sent me this!!! Good grief!!!

Visible said...

It keeps breaking for ads so just skip them.

Anonymous said...

Mercury went retro today (Sept. 17th).

Buckle your seat belts...

missingarib said...

Vis, how fortunate you are to have had the joy of sharing ideas, visions, reflections in the cut facets of such a jewel. Like rare orchids onced discovered the colors of it's flowers never leave us and so it is.

I hesitate to use these lyrics from a dylan tune but it was the first thing to pop in my mind .

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet ?
We sit here stranded, though we're all doin our best to deny it
And Louise holds a handfull of rain, tempting you to defy it
Lights flicker from the opposite loft
In this room the heat pipes just cough
The country music station plays soft
But there's nothing really nothing to turn off
And these visions of Johanna that conquer my mind.

Your work is a testament to your friend. life is richer for having come across your work
"We have myriad opportunities every day to have an impact on life and to have an impact on that shared ocean of consciousness that connects us all. Piero did this. "

Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.


live long

Thomas said...

Sounds like a nice man. May he be at peace wherever he has gone.

I think you've made my world better by your writings, Visible, and by pointing to the masters. Thank you :)

Ray B. said...

Vis, the love and caring that you had for your friend clearly show through. Thanks for sharing that. It is also nice that such people were/are in the world. Blessings.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great sense of what is good about life and of the people who should be revered for the qualities they radiate that make life good. It is and they are: Good Quality (or, great quality). I look for these things too and I admire people who possess that unique ability to carry on with their lives as if nothing else even matters, they are just good and they don't even think about it and they don't have to. Complications don't upset them and they keep things simple, so problems rarely overwhelm them, or if they do, they still stay in simplicity. I must admit, it makes me a little envious, because it's never been that way for me either, Mr. Visible. I don't know about you, but, i have to apply so much effort when dealing with all the heavy burdens of living to not complicate them further with my shitty attitudes and presumptions.

As i get older, i can recall from back then, to now, how much i feel i've improved in some areas of emotional and logical reasoning and sound judgement, but still have work to do.

We'll get there eventually.

Thank you for introducing us to your friend. It gave me some light for my days, and truly inspiring. I can see why he will be missed.

Of course she sent you that link. Must be synchronicity. Sublime.


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible, a heartfelt blessing for ever new bliss was sent to your friend's soul from me. Thank you for sharing this. I love his artwork and loved the newspaper column too.

The dog vid was truly amazing. Brought me to tears.

Love and Gratitude, Peaches

dirtykid© said...

It's hard to imagine waking people without all the piss and vinegar... But this is a bias taken from my own vantage point... I suppose there is much to learn by your friends demonstration. My condolences.


Anonymous said...

pierre said.

bark fugue in D sharp.
if they had hands and a voice box it would be planet of the dogs before sundown.
maybe I should ditch the piano and take up bone burying and licking my balls instead.
lassie for president, NO , that one is for Amegeddon, you can't fool me Mr Adviser.
THIS one is for peace and harmony,( cue Mr Roberts) now hear this, now hear this
though the cynic might say it's a shape shifting reptile in a dogs suit though the body language and eye contact doesn't indicate it.
good art, RIP or flow freely, Piero Resta
"artistic justice in the Axis"... still(cue Paul Simon) waiting after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Are you ambidextrous when playing guitar?

Visible said...

Yeah... me and Hendrix (grin). I was waiting to see if someone would catch that. No... I am sure I am holding it right handed. It's something done with photography I suspect; don't know why that is like that. I do happen to be left handed though and probably should have started that way cause it does affect my play.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Ugliness of War and the International Bankers who are Behind It.

Visible said...

James won't be doing the show this week and so we're up super early. Here is your latest radio transmission.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The great video of the dogs showcasing their intelligence and empathy for their master and her approval, and indeed their own enjoyment, also showcases why killing and eating them and their many relatives is akin to cannibalism of small children..

What philosophy is there to be gained from someone who doesn't even know how to behave around other living beings?

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up now-

Nailing the Nobel Piece of Ass Prize in Bat Shit County.



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